Part I



by Eric Julien

April 11, 2006

from ExopoliticsInstitute Website


What will occur on May 25, 2006? Perhaps a planetary catastrophe originating from the Atlantic Ocean due to a medium size impact event. On this assumption, a series of giant waves, including one méga-tsunami almost two hundred meters in height, will be born from a succession of underwater eruptions. These watery giants, decreasing with distance, will touch the majority of the Atlantic coasts; in particular, those most at risk lie between the equator and the tropic of Cancer. The victims of May 25 2006 will be tens of millions.


The devastated survivors will be more numerous still. The economic losses will be enormous, well beyond the scales of destruction hitherto tested by our civilization. North America and Europe will not be saved, but will be affected in less dramatic proportions. By extension, other remote countries will be also affected.

A heavenly object, hardly larger than a truck, but animated by an enormous kinetic energy - its speed will be approximately 40 kilometers/second - will strike the Earth after having crossed the thick atmosphere of 80 kilometers, then the oceanic depths of 1500 meters at this place, to reach and shake the zone of the dorsal the mid-Atlantic rift crossing from North to the South on the Atlantic ocean floor.


Currently, tens of underwater volcanoes lie largely dormant, ejecting very small quantities of magma emerging from gigantic chambers. They will break out, heating the sea water to a boiling point. It is the vision that I had approximately three years ago.1


It happened again on April 7 2006 at 10 pm while I meditated on the shores of the Pacific with two other people. I received information supplementing this vision: the date, MAY 25, 2006!

The size of this space object will be too small for our telescopes since it will be a small lagging fragment of a comet. Scientists will be surprised by this object, having little time to see it coming, hardly a few dozen hours. This fragment will result most probably from the comet 73P Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 2 currently designed to pass closest to the Earth on May 14, 2006; a little more than ten million kilometers according to the simulation carried out by NASA..3


That is 25 times the distance separating the Earth from the moon.4 We see below the position of the comet when it is closest to the Earth according to different angles provided by the NASA simulation.

The last time that this comet passed so close to the Earth by crossing the ecliptic plane was on MAY 25, 1947! It is year zero of the UFO era with the famous observations of Kenneth Arnold and the Roswell crash. This comet, which spends five years in a plane orbiting the Earth, moves at its maximum to a distance of 900 million kilometers (more than six times the distance from the Earth to the sun) started to split up for unexplainable reasons in 1995.

Imagine a heavenly object stable for centuries, even for millennia, which mysteriously explodes apart by chance a few months after the launching of the American Star Wars program, intended for an enemy originating from space. This heavenly object [the comet] transforms itself then into a POTENTIAL PLANETARY WEAPON.

Imagine a crop circle showing the solar system, MISSING the EARTH 5 which does not appear on its proper orbit, a few weeks after this fragmentation. Imagine that this crop circle shows the position of the planets corresponding to the date May 14, 2006; the date of the closest approach of the comet, with the planet Mars slightly later, to show that the best date is after May 14 contrary to expectations. Imagine another crop circle a few weeks later indicating the date of September 6, 2003; the date on which was received the extraterrestrial world message “Do you wish us to Show Up?” A message spread in several languages around the world, inviting the people of the Earth to peace with extraterrestrials by accepting a public demonstration of their presence.

Imagine that the individual that received this ‘World message’, as well as the date of MAY 25, 2006, also received a scientific solution to the UFO mystery and of the fundamental motivation of the extraterrestrial visitors. Two impenetrable enigmas until the present.

You will then have an idea of what is at stake with this article.

Above is the 1995 crop circle called “Missing Earth”. It shows the solar system out to the asteroid belt. The Earth is missing in its orbit which, as is illustrated here, is suggesting the extinction of human civilization.


The message here cannot be more clear!

Moving now to the date of the planetary simulation for May 14, 2006; for centuries the comet Schwassmann-Wachmann has made hundreds of revolutions around the sun while remaining whole. Since the beginning of its fragmentation in 1995, it has made two elliptic revolutions around the sun.


This is why the fragments have had time to deviate from/to each other as the photograph below shows. At the time of its passage in 2001, at the same place on the ecliptic, the Earth was almost contrary to its current position. This year 2006, on the other hand, the Earth and the comet coincide in their orbits perfectly. The figures are based on NASA space simulations in this article only show us the largest of the fragments, fragment B, the current count of the known fragments goes to the letter N.

We find today the comet, eleven years after this incomprehensible fragmentation, in an unverifiable state of dispersion. We do not know the exact number of fragments. They are furthermore of variable sizes. The closer the fragmented comet approaches the Earth, there will be more fragments. You can note the distance that separated the two fragments, B and C, February 6, 2006 in the photo below.6

click image to enlarge


In the same way, eleven days after the closest approach on May 14, 2006, the comet, or rather fragment B, will cross the ecliptic plane exactly on MAY 25, 2006! But the comet travels faster than the Earth, and because it follows a parallel trajectory, any danger will seem isolated. It should be up to seventeen million kilometers in front of the Earth when it crosses the ecliptic path of our planet around the sun.


It is a little like a bullet train that overtakes us as we travel parallel to it on the road. Our ways will cross, but not having the same speed, the train will be far in front of us at the time when we get to the level crossing. But - there is a big ‘but’ here – all the train coaches will perhaps not have passed on May 25, 2006.


The characteristic of this comet is the low luminous magnitude of its fragments, barely that of faint stars. The alarm notice is thus likely to be three days, even only a few hours. The images below show, according to two different angles, the position of the comet compared to the Earth at the date, MAY 25, 2006. One sees in the second image, the comet perfectly on the ecliptic plane of the Earth.

We see above that the fragment B of the comet will be in the field of the ecliptic exactly on MAY 25, 2005, up to 17 million kilometers in front. But imagine a lagging fragment attracted by terrestrial gravity and according to a trajectory deviated by the energy of the original bursting apart by several tens of million kilometers, i.e. there are two revolutions around the sun by the comet. Impossible?

The scientific community will affirm that there is no danger. Really none. It is what it has announced to us already.7 Thus, for the scientific community, nothing will occur on MAY 25, 2006. In the current state of the data available, it is right! It is my wish that it is so, since the contrary case will be dramatic, really dramatic. But then why pose a problem which “does not exist”? I am aware of the heavy responsibility which this article implies.


At best, I am wrong and I will pass for a bird of ill omen. In the worst case, the world opinion will be deeply upset, not only by the physical effects and psychological devastators that such an event will involve, but also, and especially, for the reasons which I call upon here. In truth, as we will understand it, the heavy responsibility for this possible event falls on each one! You need to know that up to recently, before I discovered what you have just read on this fragmented comet, I received on April 7, 2006 a telepathic message from extraterrestrial friends.


According to them, a méga-tsunami in the Atlantic Ocean I had experienced in a lucid dream three years ago, would occur around MAY 25, 2006. Perhaps two or three days before or after. I have two witnesses who will confirm the chronology of the facts that I describe here, but especially tens of readers on Internet and a deposit of copyright concerning my lucid dream three years earlier.


Then only a few hours after receiving this telepathic reception giving the date of May 25, 2006; an individual informed me on a forum 8 the existence of the comet 73P Schwassmann-Wachmann 3, and of its characteristics. Imagine my surprise and my astonishment when I discovered that a comet was really going to pass close to the Earth in May 2006; and more astonishing still, that it would cross the plane of the ecliptic of the Earth at the date of MAY 25, 2006, the date received by telepathy! Knowing that, what would you have done in my place? You can conceal this because there is nothing one can do to change destiny? Or to take your responsibility to inform others? I chose to speak as you would have done. Read now why.

For sixty years the world ufological community has raised many questions about mysterious Unidentified Flying Objects, or UFOs. Thousands of people throughout the world, and among them scientists of great reputation, have studied and reflected on the nature and the origin of these UFOs, observed by hundreds of thousands of witnesses. If modern science readily accepts the very strong probability of the existence of extraterrestrial forms of life in the universe, and even from highly developed civilizations; it dismisses more easily the idea that they are able to come to us, in the name of dogmatic scientific principles only one hundred years of age.


But beyond the “false” scientific obstacles to such visitation, arises the difficulty of discerning the motivation of these extraterrestrial visitors which seem to not want to come into contact with us, while violating our airspace on board their vessels. It is not now at all a question of belief, but of data giving extensive detailed reports, that demonstrate certainty in the UFO phenomena.

If, according to fixed opinion, you do not believe the UFO data, it is simply because you were not informed, or did not take time to be; please take it that “Somebody” did not do his/her work. You are, like many of us, largely under-informed, or even dis-informed well beyond your imagination. The evidence of this assertion is supported by many thousands of cases.
In 60 years, the scientific question over the motivation of extraterrestrials was never studied by the ufological community. One of the principal reasons is the role played by those which withdrew the evidence of the existence of extraterrestrials from the sight of all. These ‘shadowy’ men today are highly structured and powerful.


They are some of the most powerful on Earth. This network bears a name: the international military-industrial complex. What apparently faces this “monster” without face?

In 1995, the year of the mysterious fragmentation of the comet 73P Schwassmann-Wachmann 3, whose break up I clearly attribute to malevolent extraterrestrials, a crop circle, appeared in Tichborne, England. It represented the configuration of interior planets of the solar system at the date of September 6, 2003,9 that is to say 8 years later.

What was the meaning of this orbital configuration registered in the corn and distributed on a worldwide scale through the Internet? The crop circle and scientific specialists did not have any answer. So while certain crop circles are the result of jokers or artists, an appreciable number of crop circles are clearly of unknown origin. Indeed, the scientific experts of the question of origins conclude them to have characteristics impossible to reproduce together: bursting or swelling of the cereal nodes, microwave radiation, speed of execution, crossing of the stems, nausea, insects or animals dying, speed of growth of the germs, and even presence of moving balls of light.


But the pin pointing of this date of September 6, 2003 by means of the representation of the solar system in corn is not what is the challenge; but how to connect this crop circle indicating September 6, 2003 with what is being announced in this article.

An invaluable marker speaks for itself in the crop circle. We see that there is an intruder beside Venus. This planet does not have the moon as we have one. What is remarkable is the EXACT POSITION of the intruder, which is waiting in ambush to cross our planet on its orbit. We see clearly that the point is slightly inside the circle, just like will be the time the comet crosses the plane of the ecliptic on MAY 25, 2006. Thus, the crop circle registered that the carrier of information on the danger of comet would be the same one as that of the world message of September 6, 2003.


The simulation of the orbits of the simulator of NASA confirms the perfect correlation of this date of September 6, 2003 drawn from the site

Did the crop circle have any significance for September 6, 2003? Nothing! Nothing occurred on September 6, 2003, except for the reception of the message of the extraterrestrial world referendum “Do you wish us to Show Up?” which circulated around the world in more than fifteen languages and more than one hundred countries.11


Hundreds of thousands of people answered in the silence of their interior this planetary call. Hundreds of Internet sites relayed this message of eleven pages translated spontaneously by unknown individuals. From where did this message come? I received this telepathic message under conditions which I present in my second book “Children of Stars”.12


I describe there my contact experiments with extraterrestrial visitors13 and the major motivation which animated our celestial neighbors when they appeared in mass at the end of the 1940s, namely the nuclear weapon!

In a recent article,14 I show the close link which exist between the use of the nuclear weapons during the atomic tests - nearly 2500 between 1945 and 1998 - and the physical appearance of UFO, confirmed by the radars and sightings of air controllers and pilots, who occupied positions in civilian or military aviation.


This relation is also confirmed by the reports of accidents of UFO reported by various sources.15 This correlation is explained scientifically in my first book “The Science of Extraterrestrial.”16

This book describes in layman’s terms the reasons from our fundamental scientific errors and proposes a new paradigm – fractal time - upsetting in-depth our comprehension of reality. The theory of Absolute Relativity solves, not only all of the UFO phenomena and of paranormal events, such as the formation of the crop circles referred to above, but also the great scientific, as well macroscopic and microscopic enigmas.


Whereas I am not a scientist, what I have written comes from many personal reflections and the information delivered by a group of extraterrestrial that I call the “blue beings”. They are not the source of the fragmentation of the comet Schwassmann-Wachmann. They are small, long limbed and graceful. They have a large brain, very large dark eyes and remarkable blue skin.


Of their body, as their eyes, emanates a strange light, as if a sun lived inside their body and that their skin was perforated by a myriad of shining lights. Their movements are slow and very flexible. They are logical, generous and joyful beings. The drawing17 below gives an idea of their appearance.

But this allied extraterrestrial race is far from being the only one to visit us, and to supervise us like neurotic children. There are other benevolent races but also malevolent races. The difficulty of comprehension comes from the fact that these races are, for the majority, immaterial (luminous or invisible); except when atomic weapon detonate upon Earth, thereby materializing their vessels, and destroying the spirits of Nature existing in another reality.

According to any probability, the majority will cease reading this text starting from this line. My reflections will seem to you to be delirious. If I announce to you that the military industrial complex directs your country under one form or another, and that this same complex is covertly influenced by malevolent extraterrestrial that seek total domination of humanity after having partially destroyed it, that will seem to be a conspiracy theory from some cheap tabloid.

What is delirious, actually, is the cover up of silence and misinformation that has prevailed for sixty years on the extraterrestrial subject. What is delirious is the nuclear war that certain leaders, or advisers of leaders, prepare us for, in the name of peace! One coldly announces a preventive war with the atomic weapon to us, by standardizing this one with the row of conventional weapons, to fight against the spread of atomic weapons!

Consequently, the preventive attack seems to be the option chosen by certain extraterrestrials by means of a heavenly object, mysteriously burst asunder in 1995, to minimize its own devastating effects on Earth. Schwassmann-Wachmann should strike the Earth around MAY 25, 2006 as a public warning. Except if, of course, the leaders go into reverse. That enormously will depend on you, of the actions that you will take to convince them of their folly!

What occurred for extraterrestrials, as I suspect it, to transform in 1995 a comet into a weapon of massive super destruction? 1994 is the year that saw an upsurge of interest in the UFO Roswell crash, but also, to choke this, there was a hoaxed film of an alien autopsy; importantly, the United States of America decides behind the scenes to implement the National Missile Defense, i.e. the Star Wars program! This program cannot objectively be intended for a terrestrial potential enemy as claimed by the government. The enemy was extraterrestrial!

We see here that the government secrecy policy combined with the aggressive behavior of the military were enough for some extraterrestrials to prepare a preemptive shot at the Earth. In the next few days, we are precisely facing important strategic decisions for the fate of the world.

Consequently, vis-a-vis the nuclear armada created by humanity, vis-a-vis the laser program of directed energy weapons, certain ‘star visitors’ have taken “convincing” measures and decided on the use of a first public warning for MAY 25, 2006, a few weeks before the launching of the nuclear offensive against Iran, involving an escalating potential for planetary atomic war which, I point out it, would destroy whole or part of the planes of existence, invisible in our eyes, where the ‘star visitors’ live. Events accelerate but the consciousness of individuals remain deadened. We are in the ignorance of the danger that the scientists and the soldiers, the politicians and the religious orders have consciously created here for nearly sixty years. They knew of this connection between UFOs and nuclear weapons.


If it were not so, they would not have manufactured 4000 times the nuclear capacity needed for the destruction of two sub-continents. The danger is imminent today because, for the first time in human history, a war with destructive atomic weapons is marked on the calendar for 2006. This war - as any other in the history - constitutes a real danger to our extraterrestrial neighbors. Failing to take these remarks seriously, they will let us brutally know it. But we can react while letting our extraterrestrial allies know that we understand what’s at stake. By circulating as widely as possible, even on a purely anonymous basis, the World ReferendumDo you wish us to Show Up?”, perhaps we will increase the chances of a peaceful resolution of the extraterrestrial question. The era of human fraternity would become thus a reality.

The enemies of humanity are human and extraterrestrial, just as extraterrestrials are also humanity’s allies. Our remaining time is but a few days. If we alert our leaders and our fellow-citizens by widely diffusing the extraterrestrial message18 and this article that each one is free to translate and make known, the worst should be avoided. The comet fragment, probably still invisible for our measuring instruments, would then be destroyed by the extraterrestrial ones which can protect its trajectory, as has already occurred in the past.

Sooner or later, one always meets one more extreme than oneself. Better it is then to build peace within our civilization, before it takes-off into space.

After this possible public warning of MAY 25, 2006, the next projectile could be much larger and infinitely more destructive to the point of eliminating the human race from the surface of the Earth as suggested in the crop circle “Missing Earth”. The logic of the highest bidder is extremely likely to took us towards the worst outcome. It is thus now, I believe, we should choose to act! Perhaps you can personally save a few million lives...



3  41 AU = 1 Astronomical Unit = 149 597 871  kilometers
12 Enfants des Etoiles, Désirez-vous nous voir apparaître ?, éditions JMG, avril 2006
15 Ryan Wood, Majic Eyes Only: Earth’s Encounters with Extraterrestrial Technology (Wood Enterprises 2005).
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17 Drawing by Elaine Thompson.