Part IV


by Eric Julien

MAY 11, 2006

from SaveLivesInMay Website


I must first of all offer my apologies to all those I have not yet been able to answer, either by e-mail or through some other channel. If you have not yet received an answer, please do not hold it against me. I have literally been assailed with letters asking me which zone the tsunami would strike, or which measures one needed to take to prepare oneself. I answer these questions in this article, inasmuch as my current knowledge and information permits.


I thank all of those who have shared with me their visions and their dreams. I have really been surprised to see so many people carrying this same visionary load. To give you an idea of the volume of e-mails, one week after its startup, the site had received more than one million hits.

I thank all those who are concerned to know what will become of me on May 25, 2006, if nothing happens. This solicitude is touching; I am but one man, but I am not alone. What do I weigh in comparison to several tens of millions of potential victims? I must admit that this excess of “compassion” for my person, when millions of others are on the other side of the scale, fills me with dread and incomprehension. My articles have only the aim to calm the mind and to call to the intelligence of the heart, that which saves lives.

I do not bring fear but a mirror. That is the reason the numerous mails I receive stretch from one extreme of human feeling to the other, from hate to gratitude, from apathy to constructive action. This entirely real alert only exacerbates what we are in our innermost being. Some ask me what they can do to save their skins, others what they can do to save that of others. I tend to only reply to the latter, for I receive a great number of emails. Time is the fundamental given of the next few days and hours.

Beginning with the moment when you will have finished reading this fourth and last article on May 25 2006, the countdown will be merciless. Every minute lost not warning others will bring about thousands of deaths. Would these not be as many crimes? Are we not dealing here with crimes against humanity? The time might come to pass when we might have to bring suit against those legally at fault.

Every alert and every cautionary measure will be so many lives saved, so many future smiles that our worldwide solidarity will have created. Every life spared will give birth to a loving and luminous spirit. The coming ordeal is that of the entire human fraternity. You will see more fear, selfishness and violence than ever before. But you will also see more bravery, solidarity and goodness than ever before. The old world will pass, for the common man, through his courage, will engender more awakened beings than an entire generation of “spiritualists”.

Some have proposed bets, others addressed insults. Some have suddenly discovered mediumistic talents with the Christ, others with the highest interstellar powers. But beyond this swamp of opportunism and false spirituality, I have met human beings who are gifted with… humanity. And this was my greatest joy. Some have alerted the media which then invited me, others prepare concretely for evacuations. Many take enormous initiatives and have, fortunately, no need for my advice to face the danger and help their loved ones or their fellow citizens.

What will happen afterwards? The world will know an emotional and economic shock of unprecedented amplitude. Other earthquakes, other volcanic eruptions will occur. Other disasters will come to pass, but we will remain alive. Certainties are going to crumble like a stack of cards, the false prophets will multiply, the carrion eaters as well. It will be hard to keep a cool head and face with dignity the reconstruction of hearts and cities. All will be clamoring for help, be it psychological, medical or logistical. Yet does wisdom not say: “God helps those who help themselves”?

Many will dispense this help with intelligence and love, defying the Diasporas. Heroes are going to be born on every street in less than a month. They are already the True Elect of which so many religions speak. To my mind, spirituality is not belief, nor self-satisfaction, but an act of good will. I salute these future great and lucid men and women with a profound respect. The world already owes them gratitude. But martial law could “settle in” to deal with the ambient disorder. Then men will maybe go to war to “conjure” their fate, which was due in the first place, to their warlike attitude. Many will obey the orders, others will flee and hide. Yet the only attitude to hold will be that of peace between us “those above”, which the ancient civilizations termed the “Gods”.

You do not believe in extraterrestrials? Be re-assured, it is only a matter of apprenticeship and not one of belief. The title of this last article, “Apocalypse May 25 2006” is both provocative and irreverent. Yet it describes exactly what is going to happen. Etymologically, according to the online collective dictionary Wikipedia[1], the Apocalypse is the transcription of a Greek term, itself translated from the Hebrew word “nigla”, which means “made naked", “discovered by ear” or “revelation”. The term signifies Revelation, for the Apocalypse, 66th and last book of the Christian bible, wants itself to be a revelation on the end of the world and on the coming of the kingdom of God. A strong connotation of destruction therefore weighs on this term.

Do you believe for a single instant that the promised Revelation has any relation whatsoever with what has been promised and transmitted to the profane for centuries? In that case, why would it be a Revelation? Do you think for a single moment that God, Unfathomable inasmuch as He is everywhere, in everything and especially around us in the visible and invisible universe, and in the billions of other inhabited worlds, moves around “in person” on the grain of sand which is the Earth? What is so special about us that we might merit this? This takes nothing away from the idea of God, on the contrary. This glorifies Him a bit more and simply puts us back in our humble place in the evolutionary hierarchy. Darwin was perhaps right on one point: only survive those who adapt. But survive what?

The Revelation – hence the Apocalypse – is, I believe, as much the News (and the New) as it is about Destruction. It’s the same News which brings Destruction! The evolved extraterrestrials who visit us, sometimes under the form of a UFO when they are visible to the naked eye, have known for thousands of years that death does not exist. Death is only another state of being. They are indeed immortal and have the faculty of incarnating at will, whence their furtive apparitions. It’s the very basis of their technology. But here is the rub: the use of nuclear weapons has nefarious consequences in the parallel universes which surround us and intersect us.

The anti-nuclear petitions, such as those which scientists recently addressed to the Bush administration (below insert) to stop the possible use of atomic weapons in the upcoming conflict with Iran, have been around for decades.



Titles, addresses and contact information of authors:

  • Philip W. Anderson: Joseph Henry Professor of Physics, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ 08544. Tel: 609-258-5850, Email:

  • Michael E. Fisher: Distinguished University Professor and Regents Professor, Institute for Physical Science and Technology, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742-2431. Tel: 301-405-4819, Fax: (301) 314-9404, Email:

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  • Edward Witten: Charles Simonyi Professor of Mathematical Physics, Institute for Advanced Study, School of Natural Sciences, Princeton, NJ 08540. Tel: 609-734-8000, Email:


The extra-terrestrials themselves have never ceased to warn the governments by visiting strategic nuclear sites, by neutralizing some of these, by contacting humans who have become “messengers” and have been mocked by all, and even by meeting physically with world leaders. All this led to nothing. The extraterrestrials ask for nothing but that we leave the universe in peace, that we not export our bellicose spirit outside of our own space-time dimension.

My article « Are we a menace for the extraterrestrials? » has caused a lot of curiosity, a lot of interest, but also much sarcasm. “If the ETs are really evolved, they can neutralize everything”, is something which I have heard here and there. This type of argument comes, as you suspect, from people who have never met extraterrestrials.

  • How do you neutralize close to 15,000 warheads?

  • Hundreds of production sites?

  • Hundreds of thousands of people who participate in their manufacture?

  • How?

  • With a lightning strike, sending thousands of vessels that deploy a colossal energy and risking considerable losses?

  • Or by sending a message in a comet, clear, unique and “convincing”?

  • That of May 25 2006?

  • How do we know that the comet fragment comes from the darkside Et’s?

  • But who was it who announced the event in advance, the reason as well as the date, against the advice of the “experts”?

From our materialistic point of view, we consider this act by the ETs to be aggressive and murderous. But having only very little access to other realities, we have a limited mind. We still think of ourselves as the center of the universe. Nothing has really changed since the Earth became round and started waltzing around the sun. For the ET’s, life continues after death. They therefore want to proceed to a transfer of souls. What we call DEATH is, for them, conditional FREEDOM.

We are unaware of the consequences of our acts here below in the planes of existence, consequences which we are now ourselves, once again, going to experience! In a certain way, these ET’s will put us in their place! Is this not what many have dreamt? But it is to be feared that we will only obtain the measure of what we have given since we live the world which we have created in the past.

Let’s make a small digression. In matters of creative thought, the ego of certain “spiritualists” is so great that they think themselves able to represent the thinking of 99% of the world’s population, to the point of putting their heads in the sand, and ignoring the surroundings, when the danger suddenly appears. Wisdom requires that we should prepare for what is “possible”. It’s the reason for the emergency drills, be they for tsunamis or earthquakes, for example, which are carried out in numerous regions or municipalities. It is wise, intelligent, reasonable and… human. We call this civic responsibility. End of digression.

The alternate solution is the total and unconditional end of nuclear weapons on a global scale. May it be said clearly: I take no sides. Human stupidity is equally spread out across the surface of the Earth and among nations. Likewise, goodwill and intelligence have neither skin color nor language nor passport nor… race. By changing scales, we change paradigms.

Those who affirm that the USA must be punished are as ignorant as those who want the destruction of Israel or Iran, or God knows what else. The alert that I have given in the name of the friendly ETs who desire a positive jump-start of humanity has for goal as much to save lives in concrete terms as to understand that we are not alone in the multi-dimensional universe. But to present ourselves before this multi-universe, to make a request for admission as an evolved civilization, we must come in peace and in good conscience.

Unfortunately, the reality of war is catching up with us. According to the latest news, based on confidential information, the American aircraft carrier USS Enterprise left its home port in Virginia with 7500 men on board (instead of the usual 4000), in other words in its maximum combat configuration. Officially, the war has not yet started. But did the messenger create this situation?

A reminder concerning the basic facts


Yes, I know, NASA has said that… and since the beginning of my articles, I state that NASA would be saying that… everything is “normal”. Officially, there is no danger. The fragments of the main body of the comet SW3 will pass very far from Earth. I have said this over and over for several weeks. Starting with the second page of my first article I had indicated this.

  • Does this therefore mean all is well?

  • Where did fragment S of the NASA tablets go?

  • Did it volatilize?

  • What about the fragments which we do not yet see?

  • And those which are forming incessantly, in a way which is surprising to the astronomers?

As a reminder, the Earth has not crossed the Tau Herculides comet swarm, which is tied to SW3, since… 1930, three-quarters of a century ago!

The astronomer Paul Wiegert of the University of Western Ontario, author of the May 2005 study [2] on the link between the SW3 comet and the Tau Herculides meteor swarm, declared[3]:

“We believe that the cloud is spreading too slowly to reach the Earth only eleven years after the fragmentation, but this depends on what caused the comet to break up.


The most common explanation is a thermal stress, with the frozen core splitting like an ice cube in hot soup: the comet broke up as it approached the sun after a long stay in the ice-cold outer reaches of the solar system. If that is really what is happening, then the cloud of fragments should spread slowly, and there will not be a strong shower of meteorites.

On the other hand, what if the come was broken up by the impact of a small interplanetary rock? A violent collision would eject faster debris which could reach the Earth in 2006. (…)

The ongoing fragmenting of the comet, means that new meteorites are sent in new directions, hence a strong shower of meteorites from 73P remains a real possibility”.


(translator’s note: the above was translated from the French.)

I will not return to the question of the probabilities of collision, outside the asteroid belt, of an asteroid with a comet. On an Internet forum[4], regarding fragment SW3-BD, which I spoke of in my preceding article (on the anomaly of data), a member quoted the following e-mail:

“no new datum has been given for 73P-BD. The minimal distance derives from the uncertainty of 1,9 UA in the solution of the semi-major axis, due to the arc of 6 days. The uncertainties are so great, they cover a large part of the interior solar system, as described above. Earth can’t do anything about this, but is part of this zone. The dynamic of the 73P complex is known, this isn’t anything new.”


Navigation & Mission Design Section Senior Analyst - Solar System Dynamics Group. - Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

(translator’s note: the above was translated from the French version.)

Can the dynamic be known when the “uncertainties are so high”? What does this mean? Among American cartoonists, NASA stands for: Never A Straight Answer. But while some play with numbers, others play with lives.

I had planned on summing up the statistical chances of an impact of a comet on Earth during the course of history to show how much this event is relatively commonplace – particularly for fragments in the tens of meters – and how unfortunately deadly. I could quote dozens of recent and real examples (in the last thirty years), shed light on cases of mysterious comet explosions, among which Tunguska in Russia in 1908, but time is sorely lacking to cover all the technical and scientific subjects which would demonstrate the existence of these famous zones of uncertainty. Only yesterday, I was watching a report on History Channel which indicated that we have not yet identified at least 40% of the objects which might present a risk to the Earth.

Many think that such an impact will happen in thousands of years. Yet meteor showers fall every month[5] and the danger of an impact of large fragments, according to these same statistics, is more imminent today than ever. I have received dozens and dozens of Internet links each one more interesting than the previous which attest to this. But to inform you efficiently and quickly I have had to abandon my hope of going into detail[6]. Others around you will take up the torch on forums or on websites, on the radio or television.

Here are therefore some images taken from a website[7] (they speak volumes):


An event announced by synchronicities

I – Movies

1) Release of the movie Poseidon [8] May 12 2006, involving a giant wave in the Atlantic sinking a very large ocean liner named “Poseidon”. May 12 is the date of the nearest approach to Earth of the first large fragments of SW3. The movie puts out a MAYDAY on May 12, 2006!

My vision involved an ocean liner sailing in the Atlantic and it is from an ocean liner that I see the increasing upwelling on the surface of the water.

The giant wave is a veritable wall of water, much as in my vision. This wave will certainly arrive at night on the East Atlantic shores.

2) The movie Deep Impact, whose scenario is the most plausible among that genre, contains many similarities with reality. It was released in the USA in 1997, after the breakup of SW3 (1995), but it came out in France end of May 1998 (a Frenchman announces a deep impact for end of May).

The similarities of this prophetic movie are numerous:

- Film: we are dealing with a fragmented comet of which the smallest piece falls into the Atlantic.

Reality: the comet SW3 is fragmented and one of the smallest pieces is to fall to Earth.

- Film: the biggest comet turns into a meteor shower.

Reality: we will experience the Herculides Tau meteor shower.

- Film: the comet has a double name, Wolf-Biedermann.

Reality: the comet has a double name, Schwassmann-Wachmann.

- Film: the two names, Wolf-Biedermann, are German-sounding.

Reality: the names Schwassmann and Wachmann are German-sounding. The W of Wolf is found in both names.

- Film: one of the two names ends in “mann”. This name is pronounced “Bi-der-mann”, meaning twice (bi) the (der) German man (mann), in other words two men coming from Germany. Friedrich Carl Arnold Schwassmann and Arno Arthur Wachmann were German.

- Film: one of the discoverers of the comet (Biedermann) and of its danger does not belong to the scientific community.

Reality: I do not belong to the scientific community.

- Film: before the comet impact a man close to the American president resigns (the Treasury Secretary) for obscure reasons.

Reality: the director of the CIA, Porter Goss, recently resigned (May 6, 2006) and himself qualified his resignation as “mysterious”.[9]
ADDENDUM: on May 26th, the Washington Post reported that Treasury Secretary John Snow had informed the White House of his decision to resign and that he had asked the White House to make the announcement by early June. According to the Post, this information had begun leaking out on May 25th and had first been carried by the Dow Jones News Service.[10]

- Film: a certain number of individuals are selected to benefit from military shelters.

Reality: one of my contacts (?) informed me very recently that the American government had just activated the military shelters on the East Coast of the U.S., stocking them up with supplies. For whom?

- Film: it is not the end of the world for there are numerous survivors.

Reality: this will not be the end of the world and the majority of humans will be left standing.

3) Release of the movie Omen 666 on June 6, 2006.

II – Personal Considerations.

May 25, 2006 is in fact June 6, 2006 – once converted into the Julian calendar. This is the case on the symbolic level. When one carries out a simple conversion of May 25, 2006 from the Julian Calendar (laid out by the emperor Julius Caesar), which calendar came into use in 46 B.C., this gives May 12, 2006, date of the earliest close approach of the SW3 comet fragments.

It is in fact between the 12th and the 15th of May 2006 that the closest approach will occur of the SW3 comet fragments. But no one has used the Julian calendar since 1582 in France (later in some countries; since 1917 in Russia, for example). It’s in fact what makes for the difficulty of the conversion. This is why it is logical to choose a space of 12 days (instead of 13) between the Julian and actual Gregorian calendar if one wishes to reason on a global scale as is called for by the nature of the event which is announced here.

Hence, the 6/6/6 is virtually May 25th, 2006 of the Julian calendar, name of the “messenger of the Apocalypse”, and May 13, 2006 is the sign in the sky. This sign will actually be multiple, as we will have the full moon and Jupiter at its closest point to Earth. This giant planet, which rules Sagittarians, will be at its closest during the entire month of May, bringing about symbolically, more than by its force of gravity, a great mutation on the Earth. On May 11th, Jupiter and the moon will be side by side. [11]

Note that the comet SW3 (its principal fragments) will reach perihelion – the point closest to the sun – on June 6, 2006 (6/6/6)! Knowing that its closest approach to Earth will be May 13, 2006, the 25th of May is exactly halfway between these two symbolic dates. For most people, 666, the number of the Beast which announces the Apocalypse has a very negative connotation, even diabolical (as if God had invented Evil with his calculator).

For real initiates, it is a spiritual number of regeneration of the human soul by way of the ordeal. You will understand that I do not reveal this type of “detail” just for the pleasure of it. However, this “detail” will convince you, I hope, to save your life by getting away from the coasts and/or getting up on high ground.

The Hebrews read their texts from right to left. 666 is in fact 999. Now, the number 9 is the last number. It designates therefore the end of a world (of selfishness, of brutality and of ignorance to which so many people seem to be attached). One writer on the web (Bruno Mosa[12]) has remarked that,

“in the mystical Kabala, 6 is represented by the vav (or Waw), in other words the v (or the w). Hence, 666 is written www which is the mark of the “beast” (World Wide Web), that is to say a server or servant of the world”.

And the alert regarding the giant tsunami started and spread on the Internet for the sake of safeguarding human life.


III – Prophetic Warnings

We will deal largely with information gleaned from the Internet for today this is where most of the media goes to find most of its raw material. A first piece of information:

“The solar eclipse of March 29, 2006 took place in the second sidereal decan of Pisces. The great Hindu astronomer/astrologer Varahmihira wrote that an eclipse in this decan causes tsunamis and inundations.”

As a reminder, this eclipse of March 29th took place over the middle of the Atlantic.

The prophecies of the « End Times » are innumerous. They exist in all cultures and converge tightly on the current period. But most of the prophecies are particularly miserly about precise dates. In building my case, I have preferred not to develop on all of what most of the writings, be they “holy” or not, furnish to researchers. Most sources too often deal in metaphor, ellipsis or allegory. I hence limited myself to an approach which is as factual as possible.

Allow me first to recommend to you the following article: “Comet Impact Prediction” by Dr Barry Warmkessel.[13]

I am not necessarily in agreement with all of the materials he presents, but we are dealing with a documented and in depth analysis carried out by an academic. One of the interesting details is that Newton, himself a reference so dear to dogmatic science, established the “end times” as being a few years after year 2000.

The prophecies of Nostradamus (1503-1566) and of Mother Shipton (1488-1561) are the principal early modern sources evoking one or more impacts of comets upon the Earth.

It is difficult to resist to the famous quatrain X.72 of Nostradamus:

L'an mil neuf cent nonante neuf sept mois,
Du ciel viendra un grand roy d'effrayeur :
Ressusciter le grand Roy d'Angolmois,
Avant apres Mars regner par bonheur.

The year one thousand nine hundred ninety nine seven months,
From the sky will come a great King of Fear:
Resuscitate the great King of Angolmois,
Before after Mars reign by happiness (literally ‘good hour’).

Much has been written about this quatrain. Nothing which happened in 1999 corresponds to what is described here. Yet the prediction that I have made conforms to this quatrain. Nostradamus, a great lover of enigmas to be decrypted, is not speaking of 1999 but of 2006, for one must add 7 to 1999 (=2006). The word “months” in the first line only comes in here to scramble the deck for the profane, and above all it rhymes with “Angolmois”.


One must read in fact “the year 1999 and 7, May”. Linguistically, the Old French “oi” has in many cases been transformed into “ai”. The “great king of fear” is the comet SW3 which passes nearest in May. The fear comes from the fact that the impact is announced publicly to the world. The “great King of Angolmois” refers to the Duke of Anglois, who invented a type of burning pitch, a sort of viscous burning substance much like the lava of volcanoes.


The name “Angolmois” visibly has a fault – the ending “mois” – which echoes the fault in the first line of which we spoke (“mois” or month). Nostradamus is pointing out the trap with a wink of the eye. The comet therefore comes to wake up a volcano, exactly as in my vision. Finally, Mars represents war. The impact of the fragment follows the Irak war, but precedes the one in Iran which follows close behind (“par bonne heure” or “in good time”). Here is another important quatrain:

La grand êtoille par sept jours brullera,
Nuage fera deux soleils apparoir:
Le gros mastif toute nuit hurlera,
Quand grand pontîfe changera de terrain.

The great star seven days will burn,
A cloud will make two suns appear:
The big mastiff all (every) night will howl,
When the great Pontiff will change ground.

The fragmented comet will effectively be visible for one week. Thanks to its fragmentation forming a luminous cloud, it will give the impression that there are two suns as it will also be visible in daylight to the naked eye. What is striking is that the position of the comet in relation to the Earth (between it and the sun) beginning in mid-May, corresponds to this description of a daylight visibility. A large fragment will hit the earth at nightfall and will produce a deafening explosion. The event will force the White House (“the great pontiff”) to remove itself from the East Coast of the United States.

In his article, Doctor Barry Warmkessel analyses minutely the prophecies of Mother Shipton, born in England at the end of the 15th Century.

Her 31 prophecies are classified depending on their degree of historical legibility. This classification goes from letter A for the most identifiable, to the letter F for the most obscure. It is striking to observe how much her predictions are close to those of the Bible codes (see below). I have only retained here the principal aspects which interest us for MAY 25th, 2006, among the enormous mass of available information. All are in category A (great legibility). Only what is in red is from yours truly.


The rest comes from Mother Shipton.

  • The Impact is anticipated : that is the case with my prediction.

  • The comet mass is visible : that is the case with SW3.

    • The first comet mass appears : recently in January 2006 for SW3.

    • It has been seen 6 times before : that is the case of SW3 since 1930.

    • The event is visible for 7 days : that is again the case for SW3.

  • The first comet impact takes place : that’s my prediction. Note the similarities.

    • God’s messenger brings violent storms.

    • The impact makes a great noise.

    • Old countries die, new ones are born.

    • The impact of the comet produces tsunamis.

    • The impact awakens volcanoes.

    • The impact produces earthquakes.

    • Huge floods occur after the ocean impact.

  • Humanity fights to survive : this is fairly predictable if the economy collapses.

    • The survivors hide and fight among themselves.

    • Food is hidden, jealously guarded and fought over.

    • Fights among the survivors feed a global hatred.

    • The first comet fragments disappear.

The commentary from Doctor Barry Warmkessel is explicit. The even must happen in 2006 or 2007! Note that Mother Shipton states that after the event, extraterrestrials arrive on terms favorable to humanity.

The confirmations do not stop there. They are extremely precise. It is even a “festival of coincidences”. Let us note first of all that in the Hebrew calendar, largely still in use in the Jewish religion of today, the year 5766 started on October 4th, 2005 and will end on September 16th, 2006. This number 5766 can be interpreted as the number of the beast, 666, for between the 5 and the 7 is the 6 (5<6<7). Between the day of the publication of this article and September 16th, 2006 (end of the year 5766), there only remain four months during which everything which is announced below should occur.

May-Mai 2006   Iyyar-Iyar 5766 / Sivan 5766

















Yom Ha'Atzmaut



























Pesah sheni












Lag B'Omer






























Yom Yerushalayim



















In the above calendar we see a remarkable thing: May 23, 2006 of the Gregorian calendar (our current calendar) IS May 25th (lyyar) of the Hebrew calendar. This last designates the current year as being that of the Beast (see above: 666).


On the Exodus 2006 website, (to which I will return) there can be found several decodings of the Bible based on the remarkable decoding of Michael Drosnin, author of the Bible Code. Accredited mathematicians showed that the Bible codes, written in Hebrew, are real and they published their results in an academic journal (the first article was published in Statistical Science, Vol 9, No. 3 by Witzum, Rips and Rosenburg).

One of the more surprising transcriptions does not hesitate when it comes to a precise warning of remarkable clarity:

Man is for him, and the heart of the 25 lyyar 5766 (May 23, 2006); My Laws. - God to the demon in him, and the destructive naiveté in him. My Sign, we are living waters, God is here.[14]

I leave up to you to interpret who “man” is, what “demon” means, “naiveté” or even what “we” refers to. I had announced in my very first article that the event would take place AROUND MAY 25, 2006, give or take two days. Or yet:[15]

On May 23, 2006, He judged!

The transcription is carried out by generating nearby lines in a given body of text. Statistical laws forbid that chance be the cause of such a perfect run of letters laid out horizontally, vertically and sometimes diagonally. For the rest of the transcriptions described below, I send you back to the site


Here is an example of a decoding grid.

Other transcriptions of the hidden Bible codes speak for themselves for the event which interests us:

Impact in the Ocean
Atlantic Ocean – the repercussion of the impact will make a great noise
Impact in the sea – Year 5766 (2006)
In the Atlantic hill
Mid-Atlantic ridge?
Burden of the comet
What it drags along with it: meteorites?
In 2006, as his bitterness – big stones – They will fall in the open fields
Stones are in the plural. Hence we have here a rain of meteorites.
A rough and bitter stone in 2006
Bitterness often returns in these phrases. It can be taken as a metaphor, but also literally: salt water is bitter.
Man of heart ; Damn this bitter year 2006 for us, please !
The exile ends, the Master will come
The fire will come – in 2006 – the People ; It will expiate. The fire is for it.
The impact in 2006 arrives and occurs.
In the Hebrew calendar, there only remain four months in « 2006 ».
2006 for suffering
They return in 2006

Who returns in 2006, if not the comet fragments ? The extraterrestrials?

God in 2006, shoots
Obviously, it is not God Himself who shoots, but those one terms « The Gods ».
I let you guess who the witness is.
Deep Impact, I will quantify. Who destroyed?
The question appears to be « capital ».
The devil of the crop circles – of the heavens and the army

This appears clear: the « Missing Earth » crop circle comes from the malevolent and war-like ETs.

Al Sutton[16], one of the main decoders of the Bible on the website I have mentioned, states:

“something important that involves comet and meteor may be in our near future (…)

AD 2006 could be one of the most interesting years for astronomers ever. Al Sutton suspected in 2004 the existence of a comet for the year 2006 in order to open the 6th seal of the Book of Revelation (Rev. 6:12). The first fragments of SW3 reappeared in January 2006.

Along the same lines, the rabbi and noted Kabalist Yitzchak Kaduri was considered the dean of the Hebrew Kabalistic elite. Last January, 300,000 people came to pay respect at his funeral after his death at the canonical age of 105.

Yitzckak Kaduri put out a world-wide appeal to the whole of the worldwide Jewish diaspora to return to the Land of Israel to be spared the natural disasters which threaten to hit the Earth. The Rabbi explained the meaning of the year 5766 (2005/2006) which was going to begin three weeks later.

“It will be a year of secret and of revelation” he said.

Might one imagine that what is secret for some also is the revelation brought by the articles on this site ( Let us note that Rabbi Kaduri had predicted the Sumatra tsunami two weeks before it occurred.[17] He declared for 2006:

“everything that people are certain will not happen is likely to happen, and everything which we are sure will happen may disappoint us. But in the end, there will be peace in the world.”

See below several prophetic elements drawn from a Christian website[18]. I will not get involved in a religious debate, having myself had contact experiences of a particular kind. What interests me is to share with you the details of certain prophecies. Reference is sometimes made to “three asteroids/comets”.


Let us remember that SW3 was divided into three in 1995, and that it is the third of the (double) name Schwassmann-Wachmann! But it is very possible that there not be one single fragment but several (namely three). Of course, these will not necessarily be the same size.

1) “This event will be the first event: it will be the beginning of suffering (…)”

– Virginia Boldea

2) “The event of the three asteroids/comet will happen before the earthquake in the Midwest that will create a great lake which will divide the USA, as have already prophesized Timothy Snodgrass and Stephen L. Bening”

–Ann Peterson

4) “This event of three asteroids/comet will be announced by a final warning which will start simultaneously with identical warning dreams which will be received by many”

–Bob Neumann, Stephen L. Bening, Megan M. Bening.

Note: I have received a great number of reports of dreams about tsunamis in the Atlantic in the same period as my vision.

5) “North Carolina will be flooded to the West all the way to Morganton, 200 miles inland and to an altitude of 1160 feet. “

–Bob Neumann.

6) “The ocean will invade the land all the way to Gwinnett County in Georgia (just southeast of Atlanta) to an altitude of 1080 feet (330m), and a distance of 225 miles (360 km) inland”.

– Ruby Golden

7) “Florida will be covered by waves higher than the roofs “

–Billie London.

8) “Key West, in Florida, will be destroyed by a tsunami “

–Dan Bohler

9) “The population will be alerted at 6 p.m. The first warning will be given by CNN. The next one will come from the Pentagon. The evacuation area will be announced as stretching from Key West, Florida, to Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts.”

– Bob Neumann

10) “The impact of the three asteroids will happen at 22:00 Hrs.”

–Bob Neumann

11) “Two asteroids/comets will plunge into the Atlantic; a third will fall in the Gulf of Mexico. For the Atlantic impacts, one will be at the height of North Carolina, the other will come down across from the east coast of Florida”

– Bob Neumann, Ann Perterson, Gloria Lopez

12) “This event will set off martial law, with deployment of the military in all the United States”

– John Lallier.

13) “This event will happen in relation to the arrival of a large brown asteroid in the solar system “.

– John Lallier.

Note : it is strange to know that a large asteroid (2006 GY2) 1000 meters wide will pass closest to the earth on May 16, 2006 at a short distance. It could have hit a fragment of SW3.

14) “Several prophets say that this event is set, and that it will happen with certainty and will not be canceled in the name of pity alone”.

– Billie London, John Lallier.

15) "There will only be two warnings: the prophetic alert and the simultaneous dreams (…) 20 hours before impact. “

–Bob Neumann, Ann Peterson

16) “Those who wait to see the asteroids with their physical eyes will perish if they live in the zones of destruction. The prophecies and dreams must be taken into account in order to flee.”

–Bob Neumann, John Lallier, Ann Peterson, Stephen L. Bening.

Here is a small sampling of the experiences or dreams of those writing me, received these last few weeks.

“I would like to tell you that I have also had a vision of an impact in the ocean occurring during the year. I also had a vision of millions of dead caused by the tsunami which followed. And I, as you, see that it is only the beginning of the destructions.

My contacts with evolved beings coming from other dimensions are due to the enormous transformation taking place on the planet”.

B.M. (Germany).

“My name is F.C. from Malaysia. In this mail I wished to share the lucid dream that I had in the first week of January 2006. It was at dawn, very early. (…)

I was standing with a colleague on the beach and suddenly saw two asteroids piercing the clouds and hurtling towards the ground for an imminent impact. The asteroid was enormous. Due to the effect of the shock wave, I lost my vision. Before regaining normal consciousness, I broke the nail of my little finger and started to bleed.

I was very shaken by this experience. (…) I wondered why my colleague was with me in this dream. Until I read your article. Recently, my colleague gave notice. His last day at work is May 25th, 2006. I couldn’t believe my eyes. In my entire life, it’s the first time I have a lucid dream and that I wake up having broken a nail and bled.(…)”

F.C. (Malaysia).

“These last few years, I have had more recurring dreams than normal. I recently had the following dream:

I was outside and was looking at the blue sky and saw a meteor fragment falling to earth. It seemed long, very hot and had a big crater and several other small marks when it passed in front of me (I live in Texas). I saw with horror that it was taking off towards the horizon. The dream ended.

I don’t know whether this fragment is like the one you have described, but in the same way, the dream is a warning of what must come in a short time”

C.L. (Texas, USA).


“How do you know that this will really happen end of May? I am a psychic and know that both sides of the Atlantic are going to experience major tsunamis, but I have no date and I have not received anything regarding this date.”

N. (USA).

“I think that something will happen May 25th. (…) Towards 1989, I had a dream where I was sitting all the way up on top of my house… I was calm and in peace. I saw an enormous wall of water coming toward me and which splashed me. I fought to stay on top of it, but failed. What seemed very curious was that the wall of water was coming from the East. I would have expected it to come from the South, since that is where the Gulf is (note: the Gulf of Mexico). However, the Atlantic is to the East.


Years later, I had a very vivid dream. An ex-boyfriend rushed towards me and asked me to take off with him… he was frantic. This ex-boyfriend works at NASA right now.

These two events may only be dreams… but those two really left a mark on me. I never forgot them.”

M. (Southern Alabama, USA)



“I remember a dream I had about two years ago. I had several dreams in which I saw the Earth through a little window. I saw to the East what I perceived to be a meteorite hitting the Earth and an explosion. I was not able to see where the impact took place. (…) I live in the Midwest but it seemed to me that it was far away in the East.”

E.M. (Minnesota, USA).

“I have had visions of huge waves and a tsunami in my head but I have never talked about them. Regardless, I wanted to share my experience. I too think that this will involve a swarm of meteorites.”

R.F. (USA).

“I am a member of a Pentecostal assembly, and during Sunday service, a sister prophesized that a destructive wave would come to Guadeloupe, without mentioning the date. The Holy Spirit asks the faithful to pray that the angels of God deliver them from the cataclysm. It was only afterwards that I discovered your site. During this month of May I will go to service to see if there are more details. God Bless You.”

C. (French Caribbean)

“I have been surprised and terrified by the parallels between your own meetings with extraterrestrials and my own. (…) Most of the parallel events happened fairly recently. In those last two weeks, I have had recurring dreams of enormous tsunamis breaking on large populated areas; the most memorable of these areas was Miami, which was, in my dreams, literally swept away by the waters.”

S.M. (USA)

I cannot compile here all the accounts I have received for it would become fastidious. Know that there are dozens of them. Far or near, these lucid dream experiences evoke an object which falls from the sky, hits the Atlantic, provokes a giant Tsunami which comes to devastate the Atlantic coasts, in particular end of May 2006.

People have lost confidence in the data presented by official organizations, in particular since one has learned, for example, that pictures were “touched up” by NASA to hide the presence of unidentified objects. Among those who have lost faith in the Administration, here is what one person announces on a forum[19]:

“I moved my family from Florida to Tennessee and I am now writing from the hotel. Now I can write. THE “OP” IS RIGHT (note: this isn’t me). Why has NASA not updated all its data? The obvious and logical reason is that there will be an impact or several impacts. Yesterday’s projections show the South Atlantic with total devastation of Florida and the East coast. Expect a large wave of 200 to 400 feet. NASA will only sound a warning 20 hours ahead of time.

The second part of this article will be available in a very short time (translator’s note: it has already been published as Zones at risk). It will cover the zones which should preferably be evacuated. The difficulty comes from the fact that there are numerous parameters to evaluate in order to determine the danger zones.


For those who will not have the leisure or time to read this second part, better be at least 100 miles (150km) from the Atlantic coasts if the area is flat, or at least a thousand feet (330m) in elevation. These values are, I believe, maximum ones and are not valid everywhere. However, I prefer being cautious. Take care of yourself!
















[14]  Man is for him, and the heart of 25 Iyyar 5766 (23 May 2006); My Laws. - God to the demon in him, and the destructive naivity in him. My Sign, we are living waters, God is here.