by Eric Julien

June 25, 2006

from SaveLivesInMay Website

Exactly one month ago, occurred the most incredible exopolitical operation ever undertaken on Earth: an extraterrestrial threat led to a pullback on the part of human beings! Thanks to men of good will, millions of lives were spared.

“The giant tsunami did not occur. Eric Julien was wrong.” Other than narrow minds whose language denotes, at the very least, a crying lack of intellectual honesty, many rushed to conclusion on the morrow of May 25, while simply forgetting the content of my writings. This was not a prophecy, nor a prediction, but an alert. The giant tsunami did not occur because the the alert was heard!

If I did use the term prediction, it was only after explaining that it was conditional. At the end of my first article[1] entitled “May 25 2006 – The Day After!” posted on April 11 2006, the following is clearly mentioned:

What is delirious, actually, is the blanket of silence and misinformation which has prevailed for sixty years on the extraterrestrial subject. What is delirious is the nuclear war that certain leaders, or advisors to leaders, prepare for us in the name of peace! We are coldly informed of a preventive war using nuclear weapons, these having been trivialized and reduced to the rank of conventional weapons, in the fight against nuclear weapons!

Consequently, a preventive attack seems to have been the option chosen by certain extraterrestrials, using a celestial object, mysteriously broken up in 1995 to minimize its effects. It should strike the earth around May 25, 2006, as a warning shot. Unless, naturally, the leaders reverse course. This will depend enormously on you and of the actions you will undertake to convince them!

Yet precisely on May 25, 2006, «Divine Strake», which had been presented as the American test of a “conventional” weapon with a resulting mushroom cloud (nuclear perhaps?), was put off indefinitely[2]! The initial test had been set for June 2nd, 2006; then on May 10th it was postponed until June 23 at the earliest[3]. Finally, it was “cancelled” on May 25th, 2006 (put off indefinitely). It is useful to read the comment given last March by James Tegnelia, director of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, who indicated that it would be,

“the first time in Nevada that you’ll see a mushroom cloud over Las Vegas since we stopped testing nuclear weapons”.

The Reuters story noted that the last U.S. atmospheric test took place in 1962.

Several questions arise. Why did a committee of protestors, among whom a Democratic senator (Harry Reid) and the activist leader Pete Litster, come together to denounce the test which involved 700 tons of ammonium nitrate and diesel oil, these components duly declared by the National Nuclear Security Administration?


Why is a “nuclearadministration handling conventional weapons?

Brought up was the possible radioactive fallout from old tests sites which are located… eight kilometers away from the planned test site u16B! One hour’s hike. Is that so close?


Why not then simply choose a conventional weapons test site?


These are not lacking in the U.S.! Is all this straightforward, or is there, behind these negotiations with civilians, a more troubling reality? See below for a map of the test site. There is no one for miles around.

Darwin Morgan, spokesperson for the National Nuclear Security Administration, announced clearly and without any ambiguity the purpose of this test:

“the initial goal of the test is to evaluate the shockwave effects on deeply buried tunnel structures (…) Pentagon leaders have expressed concerns regarding potential enemies building either deeply buried bunkers containing chemical, biological or nuclear weapons or command structures which are difficult to destroy with current weapons.”

In the run-up to the test, all eyes were on Iran. One need not be a great scholar to guess that this test was meant to finalize the preparations for an attack against the country which has been accused, for months, of secretly developing nuclear weapons in its underground installations.


A short animation [4] created by the Union of Concerned Scientists, clearly explains that the Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator (RNEP) is the indispensable type of weapon for efficiently destroying deep bunkers. The scientists state it clearly, only a nuclear weapon can destroy deep bunkers, and this under the best of conditions…

In any event, Divine Strake is a curious name. A strake is a piece of metal or wood which is used to channel the flux of air or water in the direction of travel of an aircraft or vessel. In what way could it be divine? Is this not simply an echo to Divine Strike, the name that the “terrorist” Al-Zarqawi[5], head of Al-Qaeda, gave to hurricane Katrina to define “God’s avenging hand” over the USA?

Happenstance had it that the Union of Concerned Scientists published an article[6] on this type of weapon (RNEP) in May 2005. Here is the introduction:

“The Bush Administration has again requested funding from Congress to research a new type of nuclear bomb. The Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator (RNEP) is a nuclear weapon that would burrow a few meters into rock or concrete before exploding and thus generating a powerful underground shock wave. Its hypothetical targets are deeply buried command bunkers or underground storage sites containing chemical or biological agents.”

I recommend reading the site with regards to bunker-busting weapons[7]. One discovers, for example, a map of the risks of radioactive fallout. The countries in light gray are severely affected 48 hours after an explosion on the Esfahan site. (click below image)

According to numerous recent studies, the RNEP is not always efficient in destroying numerous existing underground sites, but it would certainly bring about the death of millions of people. This is not all. A March 2004 document[8] outlines a five year budget of 485 million dollars for this type of weapon, to start in 2005.

Is the Divine Strake test tied to the RNEP? The website [9] gives a clear response:

“The DIVINE STRAKE full scale test is planned to be a large-yield, buried burst detonated at the Nevada Test Site. Divine Strake would appear to be associated with the Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator RNEP, or possibly the B61-11 Earth-Penetrating Weapon, a fact that is obscured in most press coverage.”

Knowledgeable parties will say that the Divine Strake test is announced as being a non-nuclear simulation (using an ANFO emulsion) of the mechanical effects (shock wave) of a nuclear weapon adapted to bunkers. Despite the fact that 700 tons of ammonium nitrate and fuel oil cannot be transported (or dropped) by any aircraft known on Earth, some confusion has been sown. For example, a Boeing 747-400 (the biggest civil aircraft in use) weighs a bit more than 400 tons fully loaded, of which only 115 tons is payload. How many trucks (or helicopters) are needed to bring together 700 tons on an inaccessible mountain top (see one of the above illustrations)? This is why many believe that Divine Strake is in fact an atomic bomb.

In addition, site u16B (zone 16 of the tunnel network of the former nuclear test site) was chosen for its geological (and radioactive?) characteristics. However, affirms that u16B was chosen among a large number of other U.S. government sites. Nothing therefore prevents the selection of another location, apart from technical “details”… or (perhaps) the nuclear character of the test itself.

The common factor in all this is the planned use of nuclear weapons. Divine Strake is the cornerstone of the attack preparations against Iran, for the current arsenal of bunker busters is not sufficient to penetrate to the depth of the Iranian nuclear installations. What the former Nevada nuclear test site and the nuclear Iranian bunkers have in common is the radioactivity which can subsequently be ascribed to them following a powerful explosion; this in spite of the “harmless” use of a weapon seen as “conventional”, associated with a likewise “conventional” test which uses an ANFO emulsion.

Imagine for a moment the loathsome effect which the use of a nuclear weapon would have on worldwide public opinion, especially in the wake of the scandalous absence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Imagine that the world’s policeman becomes the world’s terrorist, and you can measure the stake involved in media dissimulation of the Divine Strake test, which even involves a budgetary review benefiting from certain advantageous arrangements. One should remember that the U.S. stopped testing bunker-busting weapons fourteen years ago![10]

The balance between the great world powers is in the hot seat. The immediacy of the U.S. menace with regards to Iran (the media of course pretend the opposite) can be overlaid on the increasing preoccupation with nuclear politics in the U.S. A March 2006 article[11] by Keir A. Lieber and Daryl G. Press entitled “The rise of U.S. Nuclear Primacy” says a lot regarding America’s will to dominate other nuclear nations, something which could render the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty null and void. Various national defense experts[12] are quite conscious of this trend.

It is curious to note that on the National Nuclear Security Administration website, the post of administrator in charge of non-proliferation is left vacant![13]]


NNSA Leadership

See the “NNSA Leadership” box at top right of the home page or box HERE


MAD, or Mutual Assured Destruction is said to be losing more and more of its pertinence. The Russian atomic arsenal is reputed to be aging, while that of China remains minuscule. Hence, in place of this equilibrium of terror would succeed American primacy. The authors of the article “The Rise of U.S. Nuclear Primacy” declare that,

"the ability to destroy all of an adversary's nuclear forces, eliminating the possibility of a retaliatory strike, is known as a first-strike capability,

or nuclear primacy.”

Accordingly, nuclear weapons would figure no longer in a logic of mutual neutralization and a strategy of dissuasion, but rather in a logic of domination made effective by their use in theaters of operation. Divine Strake is actually the tree which hides the forest. Given that the majority of the world’s nuclear installations are in underground shelters, on may understand that a new weapon apt to destroy deep bunkers is of a nature likely to increase international tension, something which Divine Strake[14] did not fail to do.

A massive and surprise attack, carried out “preventively” by the U.S. against multiple targets could then eliminate the entire nuclear arsenal of other nations in just a few hours. Let us not forget that “preventive strikes” are at the heart of a new official doctrine aiming to protect U.S. interests abroad. Nuclear weapons to eliminate the nuclear weapons…belonging to others? Terrifying, but strategically and militarily ideal.

In addition to elaborating new doctrines, the United States are also pursuing technological improvements. The Los Angeles Times published an article[15] last June 13th on the rivalry of American laboratories in their race towards developing a more “reliable” nuclear weapon! The author of the article, Ralph Vartabedian, notes that the recycling of nuclear warheads, while contributing to the reduction in the number of warheads, also increases significantly the “quality” of the bombs, namely their destructive power. This program was approved by the American Congress in 2005. The alternative, given the obsolescence of nuclear fuel, would be a definite abandonment of the power of the U.S. within the next fifteen years. This is unthinkable for many.

However, Sidney Drell, former director of the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center and former advisor of the Department of Energy, remarked,

"if anybody thinks we are going to be designing new warheads and not doing testing, I don't know what they are smoking".

For his part, Philip Coyle, former Assistant Secretary of Defense and former director of the Lawrence Livermore Labs, affirms in the same article that if the U.S. were to break the moratorium on nuclear tests, then Russia, China, India and Pakistan, to say nothing of Great Britain and France, would also follow suit.

It is easy to understand that the initiatives of the United States in nuclear matters might lead to a new arms race, with improved efficiency in massive destruction as a bonus. Divine Strake is more than a symbol; it is the turning point of human destiny. The extraterrestrials have shown for decades their preoccupation with the use of nuclear weapons, not because these constitute a danger to us, but rather, to them.

For the extraterrestrials affected by the space-time collateral damage of nuclear weapons, the threat is enormous! The military know this only too well. For nearly sixty years, they have had overflights and neutralizations of nuclear sites by UFO’s. Case studies on the matter abound in UFO literature. But one essential scientific key was missing to understand this obsessive behavior: Absolute Relativity (see The Science of the Extraterrestrials).

A new arms race will provoke more than just waves of UFOs, but instead will bring about an open and terrible conflict for humanity. The warning of May 25th has been heard. It was timely and temporary. What will be the true nature of upcoming political decisions? While affirming that the U.S. remain far ahead of other nuclear powers, Steve Henry, nuclear arms advisor to U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, offers this curious commentary:

“it is hard to say what kind of a threat we will face in the future”.

It is in fact difficult to admit it…

What can be done to counter this announced escalation? What can be done to avoid our being received as brutal and nihilistic adolescents in the family of cosmic civilizations?

It is not uninteresting to learn that 40% of Americans believe that a sequence of events leading up to the End Times is already underway[16]. When one knows that the human power of visualization in itself causes events, no one should be surprised that these might occur in a near future. To those 40% of Americans, add all the others across the world – Jews, Moslems, Christians and other beliefs – convinced that their Messiah will arrive within the next two years to combat the “enemy”. But perhaps they do not imagine the real nature of this Messiah. Could it be extraterrestrial?

In a forthcoming article, I will develop the details of this saga of May 25th 2006. Certain truths will be re-established. We will understand what really took place (alert of the authorities, comet fragments, giant waves in the Atlantic) and how the extraterrestrials intervened, hence demonstrating the relation laid out here between ET’s and nuclear matters. The essential in this article is to remember that there are two principal groups of extraterrestrials: hostile and benevolent.

It is our own bellicose behavior which leads the hostile ET’s to combat us. Because we persist in remaining a danger for them, because the media remains indifferent to both ET’s and, worse yet, to the danger which our nuclear weapons pose to their realms, the threat of a “natural” catastrophe grows daily. Before the end of the 2006 summer, perhaps within a few days, earthquakes, volcanoes and giant tsunamis will be at the crossroads of history. You have just had the evidence of a genuine exopolitical action. Yet we can, once again, avoid the worst.

Spread this article around. You will then be participating in a global reassessment for cosmic peace. From now on, to keep one’s feet on the ground, it is best to turn to the Heavens!


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