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Algunos datos básicos sobre el Universo...

-Velocidad de la luz
-Un año luz

-Distancia Tierra-Sol

-Diámetro de nuestra galaxia

-Diámetro supuesto del universo

-Distancia media entre las galaxias

-Número de estrellas en nuestra galaxia

-Número de humanos habiendo vivido sobre la Tierra desde que existe la humanidad

-Número de células en el cuerpo humano

-Partículas elementales en el ser humano

-Número de átomos en una célula

-Número de quarks en un cm3 de agua

-Número de neuronas en nuestro cerebro

-Conexiones potenciales por neuronas

-Conexiones potenciales en un cerebro

300.000 Km./segundo

10.000 mil millones de Km.

8 minutos luz

80.000 años luz

15 mil millones de años luz

1 millón de años luz

mil millones

100 mil millones


100.000 billones

30 mil millones de billones

1000 mil millones

2 millones de billones de billones

30 mil millones (al nacer)

10.000 conexiones (o sinapsis)

200.000 billones

Distancia de las estrellas mas cerca de nosotros

en años-luz


Rigel Kent


Barnard's star

















 -  A Diamond Bigger Than Earth? - New Planet Discovered


 -  A Diamond Planet? - The Diamond Fields of The Mind


 -  A "Double" of The Milky Way



 -  A Galactic Fairy Ring



 -  A Galaxy With its Tail in A Knot


 -  Agua Mas Allá de La Tierra - Main File


 -  Agujeros Negros en Nuestra Galaxia - Main File


 -  'Alien' Planet Detected Circling Dying Star


 -  Alien Planet May Have Come From Another Galaxy


 -  Alpha Centauri - Nearest Star System to The Sun


 -  A Possible Carbon-Rich Interior in Super-Earth '55 Cancri-e'



 -  Asteroids, Comets and Meteorites - Main File



 -  Astro-Metrics of Undiscovered Planets


 -  A Strong Magnetic Field Around the Supermassive Black Hole at The Centre of The Galaxy


 -  Astronomers Find Enormous Hole in The Universe


 -  Astrosciences - Exploring The Mysteries Of The Universe


 -  Awesome New Image of Horsehead Nebula in Infrared


 -  Biocosm - The New Scientific Theory of Evolution - Intelligent Life is the Architect of the Universe


 -  Binary Stars - Does Our Sun Have a Dark Companion?


 -  Black Holes in Our Galaxy - Main File



 -  Brown Dwarfs - Main File



 -  Cambios Dramáticos en Nuestro Sol - Main File


 -  Canciones del Lejano Universo - El Sonido de una Explosión de Rayos-Gama Fermi


 -  Carl Sagan - Main File


 -  Cassini Images - Bizarre Hexagon on Saturn


 -  Cassini-Solstice Titan Flyby


 -  Ceres - The Smallest and Closest Dwarf Planet


 -  CFBDSIR2149-0403 - A 4-7 Jupiter-Mass Free-Floating Planet in The Young Moving Group AB Doradus?


 -  Científicos Encuentran un Universo Anterior al Nuestro


 -  Cinturon de Fotones - Main File


 -  Collapse of The Universe is Closer than Ever Before


 -  Cometary Impact on Neptune


 -  Concentric Circles in WMAP Data May Provide Evidence of Violent pre-Big-Bang Activity


 -  Cosmic Blobs



 -  Dark Matter - Darkness Cannot Drive Out Darkness



 -  Dark Satellites



 -  Daughters of Pleione


 -  David Bohm and The Holographic Paradigm - Main File


 -  David Bohm y El Paradigma Holografico - Main File



 -  Dead Star Crashes May Spark Mysterious Cosmic Explosions - A Kilonova



 -  Dead Stars 'Polluted' With Planetary Debris - Signs of Earth-Like Planets Found


 -  Descarga Desde El Núcleo de Una Galaxia Activa



 -  Descubren Una Galaxia Inmutable Desde Hace Dos Mil Millones de Años



 -  Discharge From The Core of Active Galaxy - Criss-Cross Bulge



 -  Discovered Earth-Size Alien Planet at Alpha Centauri is Closest Ever Seen


 -  Dramatic Changes in Our Sun - Main File


 -  Earth Changes - Main File


 -  Earth Must Have Another Moon - Say Astronomers


 -  Earth's Gold Came from Colliding Dead Stars


 -  Electric Helix - Helix Nebula and Its Electrical Structure


 -  Electric Spheres - Globular Clusters Around The Milky Way


 -  Electric Universe - Main File


 -  El Paso del Cambio - ¿Qué Está Pasando y Qué Va A Pasar?


 -  El Sistema Solar Entra en Un Calentamiento Global


 -  El Universo Devela su Mas Profundo Secreto


 -  Estado Planetofisico de La Tierra y La Vida


 -  Estrellas Amarillas


 -  Far Distance Run Around - Redshift Theory Inhibits New Research Into The Age and Size of The Universe


 -  First-Ever Model Simulation of The Structuring of The Observable Universe


 -  Forces of The Universe - Main File


 -  Fotografían Impacto de Cometa en Neptuno


 -  Fuerzas del Universo - Main File


 -  Galactic Center Survey - Chandra Takes In The Bright Lights, Big City of The Milky Way


 -  Galactic Federations and Councils - Main File


 -  Galactic Umbilicus - The Milky Way Is Connected to The Rest of The Universe


 -  Galaxy Is Rich In Small, Earth-Like Planets


 -  Galaxy Map Hints at Fractal Universe


 -  Gamma Rays from Galactic Center Could Be Evidence of Dark Matter


 -  Giant Stealth Planet May Explain Rain of Comets from Solar System's Edge


 -  Globular Clusters on A Plane


 -  Have We Found the Universe that Existed Before the Big Bang?


 -  Holographic Universe - Main File


 -  Hyperdimensions - Main File


 -  Iapetus - Moon with a View


 -  Just Four Percent of Galaxies Have Neighbors Like The Milky Way


 -  La Estructura del Universo


 -  La Teoria de Gaia - Main File


 -  La Tierra en El Sistema Solar


 -  La Voyager 1 Alcanza Una Sorprendente Frontera de Tranquilidad en El Espacio Interestelar


 -  Life in The Universe - Main File


 -  Lost in Space - Rogue Planet Spotted?


 -  Luna - Main File


 -  Marte - Main File


 -  Meet The Solar System's Dwarf Planets


 -  Mercury Update - Data from The MESSENGER Probe



 -  Missing Matter Caught in Tangled Cosmic Webs


 -  Moons of Our Solar System - Main File


 -  Mysterious Spot on Uranus - Something Has Exploded In a Spectacular Fashion


 -  New Planet Found in Our Solar System?


 -  New Universes - Main File


 -  Nibiru - El Planeta X - Main File


 -  Nox Aeterna - Do So-Called "Accretion Disks" Around Presumptive Black Holes Generate Gamma-Rays?


 -  Nuevos Universos - Main File


 -  Odd Star Reveals Magnetic Field Around Milky Way's Monster Black Hole


 -  Open Cluster


 -  Our Busy Solar System - What is NASA Hiding? - Get Ready for What's Coming!


 -  Our Milky Way Galaxy On Collision Course with Huge Gas Cloud - 40 Million Years from Now...


 -  Our Universe May Exist in a Multiverse - Cosmic Inflation Discovery Suggests


 -  Phaethon Confirmed as Rock-Comet by STEREO Vision


 -  PHOBOS - A Strange "Thing"... - Main File


 -  Planetophysical State of The Earth and Life


 -  Planets As Consciousness Unit Formations



 -  Planets Can Survive a Star's Supernova by 'Being Flung Out to Roam The Galaxy'


 -  Plasma Physics, Space Research and The Origin of The Solar System



 -  Pleiades and Stardust



 -  Puzzling X-Rays from Jupiter


 - ¿Qué Significa la Inflación del Universo?


 -  Revelaciones y Reveladores del Gran Secreto del Cosmos - Main File


 -  Saturn’s Storm, Earth’s Unrest... and Science’s Silence


 -  Second Solar System Like Ours Discovered


 -  Sirius - La Estrella Azul - Main File


 -  SOHO Project - Main File


 -  Solaria Binaria - Origins and History of The Solar System


 -  Solar System's Milky Way Neighborhood Upgraded


 -  Solar System Weather Report


 -  Songs from A Distant Universe - The Sound of a Fermi Gamma-ray Burst


 - "Son of Marduk" - Mercury's Tail Looks Like a Filamentary Structure


 -  Son of Zeus - Messenger Spacecraft's Scientific Mission on Mercury


 -  Space Cloud Ripped Apart by Milky Way's Giant Black Hole


 -  Spherical Energy Structures in The Cosmos


 -  Stargates - Main File


 -  Stars That Bend Time


 -  Star Systems


 -  Stellar Metamorphosis - An Alternative for the Star Sciences


 -  Stellar Shedding - Some Stars Shed Their Atmospheres at A Furious Rate


 -  Terraforming and Planetary Engineering - Main File



 -  The Antennae Galaxies - Tuning in A New Signal



 -  The Chilbolton 'Arecibo Message' - Main File


 -  The Collision Between The Milky Way And Andromeda


 -  The Cygnus Mystery - Main File



 -  The Dragon's Den



 -  The Dragon's Den - Saturn's Atmosphere Erupts in Spectacular Fashion



 -  The Dust of Creeds Outworn - Collapsed Stars, Exploding Stars, Windy Stars, and Dusty Stars Call for Missing Element: Electricity


 -  The Electrical Etching of Mercury



 -  The Electric Sun - Main File



 -  The Energetic Transformation of The Solar System


 -  The First Kepler Seven Planet Candidate System - Planet Hunters VI

 -  The Globular Cluster System of The Milky Way - Accretion in A Cosmological Context


 -  The Many Faces of Venus


 -  The Message of The Pulsars - Main File


 -  The "Milky Way" and Our Galactic Neighborhood


 -  The Minimum-Mass Extrasolar Nebula - In-Situ Formation of Close-In Super-Earths


 -  The Passage of Change - What is Happening and What is Going to Happen?


 -  The Photon Belt - Main File


 -  The Shape-Shifting Southern Vortex of Venus


 -  The Space Phenomenon of The Great Ribbon


 -  The 'Spiral Galaxy' at Saturn's Pole


 -  The Theory of Gaia - Main File


 -  The Unconventional Views of James M. McCanney - Main File


 -  The Universal Heartbeat


 -  The Universe Gives Up Its Deepest Secret


 -  The Whole Solar System is Undergoing Global Warming


 -  Un 'Doble' de La Vía Láctea


 -  Un Nuevo Planeta Desafía Los Modelos de Formación Planetaria


 -  Venus Isn't Our Twin!


 -  Venus Will Transit The Sun


 -  Vida en El Universo - Main File


 -  Voyager 1 Reaches Surprisingly Calm Boundary of Interstellar Space


 -  Water Beyond Earth - Main File


 -  Windy Galaxies


 -  WISE Telescope Confirms Nibiru a Rogue Planet Outside of Neptune


 -  Wheels Within Wheels - Celestial Bodies


 -  X-Rays From A Reborn Planetary Nebula



Additional Information


 -  A Distant System of Planets in Proximity to One Another Challenges Current Theories - A Mystifying Menagerie

 -  A Gas Cloud on Its Way Towards The Super-Massive Black Hole in The Galactic Centre


 -  Agujeros Negros y Pequeños Universos


 -  A Most Hyperdimensional Eclipse and Final Venus Transit


 -  A New Look at Saturn’s Northern Hexagon


 -  A Planetary System as The Origin of Structure in Fomalhaut’s Dust Belt  


 -  Apollo 10 Gets Glimpse of an Extraterrestrial Monolith in Space  


 -  Are We Really All Made of Stars?


 -  Arguments for the Presence of a Distant Large Undiscovered Solar System Planet


 -  A Scientific Blueprint for Ascension


 -  At The Earth's Core - The Geophysics of Planetary Evolution


 -  Before the Big Bang, There Was..., What?


 -  Bob Lazar, Element 115, Massive Stars and Heavy Metals



 -  Comienza en Chile La Búsqueda de La Energía Oscura



 -  Consciousness And The Conscious Universe - Main File


 -  Constatan La Existencia de Una 'Música de Las Galaxias'


 -  Cosa Sappiamo del Nostro Sistema Solare? - Quasi Nulla


 -  Cosmic Explorers - Scientific Remote Viewing, Extraterrestrials, and a Message for Mankind


 -  Cosmic Voyage - A Scientific Discovery of Extraterrestrials Visiting Earth


 -  Dark Energy Survey Launches



 - ¿De Qué Está Hecho el Universo? - De Matemáticas, dice Científico


 -  Detection of The Galactic Haze With Planck - Planck intermediate results - IX



 -  Di Cosa è fatto l'Universo? - Di Matematica, dice uno Scienziato



 -  Divine Cosmos



 -  Do "Outside Forces" Affect Our Planet?


 -  Earth-Size Planet to Be Found in Outer Solar System?



 -  El Mundo Artificial en Que Vivimos


 -  El Universo Físico es Un Sistema de Información


 -  Escape From the Universe


 - ¿Es el Gran Aumento de "Burbujas en El Espacio" Una Prueba del Cambio Energético?


 - ¿Estará La NASA Rastreando El Cambio Cósmico? - El Cinturón de Fotones


 -  Exotic Atoms Hold Clues to Unsolved Physics Puzzle at The Dawn of The Universe


 -  Exponiendo Los Hechos - 2012 - El Verdadero Cambio Climático


 -  Galactic-Bursts Signatures in Antarctica - 10Be Spectra Reveal Cosmogenesis of Climate Switching


 -  Galactic Geysers Fuelled by Star Stuff - International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research


 -  Gamma-Ray Detectives Close In on 30-Year-Old Mystery


 -  Geoengineering, Chemtrails, HAARP, World Orders, Time Lines and Ascension


 -  Geoingeniería, Estelas Químicas, HAARP, Ordenes Mundiales, Líneas del Tiempo y Ascensión

 -  Giant Magnetized Outflows from The Centre of The Milky Way


 -  Giant Propellers Discovered In Saturn's Rings


 -  Global Warming - An Official Pseudoscience... - Main File


 -  Hollow Planets - Main File


 -  Huge Solar Storms to Impact Earth


 -  Interlocking Resonance Patterns in Galaxy Discs


 -  International Beam Team' Solves Martian Meteorite-Age Puzzle


 -  Is NASA Tracking The Cosmic Shift? - The Photon Belt


 -  Jupiter's New Red Spot


 -  La Colonización del Cosmos Es un Paso Necesario para La Humanidad - dice Daniel Estulin


 -  La NASA Anuncia Resultados de Un Épico Experimento Espacio-Tiempo


 -  La NASA Está Desconcertada por Enorme Campo Magnético


 -  La Perturbación de Sagitario - La Falsa Supernova y La Búsqueda de Nibiru


 -  La Teoría del Universo Biocéntrico - La Vida Crea el Tiempo, el Espacio y el Propio Cosmos


 -  Left Guessing - Left-Handed Molecules Among The Building Blocks of Life



 -  Life in The Universe - Stephen Hawking


 -  Metastudy of The Spiral Structure of Our Galaxy


 -  Minisolar System Coming to Us - Disturbing Information from Astrophysicist Jim McCanney


 -  Multiverse - Main File



 -  Mysterious and Well-Preserved Oort Cloud Object Heading Into Our Solar System


 -  Mysterious Charged Particles in Our Galaxy - Objects at The Edge of The Electromagnetic Spectrum


 -  Mystery of the Cosmic Thunderbolt - Main File


 -  NASA Announces Results of Epic Space-Time Experiment


 -  NASA Mystified by Enormous Energy Field


 -  Neutrinos and 2012


 -  NGC1277 - A Massive Compact Relic Galaxy in the Nearby Universe


 - ¿Nibiru, Júpiter o La Luna? - Fotografías del 27 de Diciembre de 2009 en Madrid a Las 12:00 Horas

 -  Observations of Gamma-Ray Bursts of Cosmic Origin


 -  On The States of Physical Space


 -  Origen de la Vida y del Hombre - Main File


 -  Princeton University Astrobiology Certificate Explores Potential for Extraterrestrial Life


 -  Project LUCAS - Borderland Sciences SETI Project


 - ¿Qué Es Lo Que Sabemos Acerca de Nuestro Sistema Solar? - Casi Nada…


 -  Ragnarok - The Age of Fire and Gravel


 -  Richard C. Hoagland - Main File


 -  Russia Orders Missile Alert After Mysterious 'Vortex' Slams Into Germany


 -  Search for The Mind of 'God'


 -  Sedna - A Clue to Nibiru


 -  Sedna - Astronomers Discover 'New Planet'


 -  Sedna Photo Gallery dated 15 March 2004


 -  Severe Space Weather Events - Understanding Societal and Economic Impacts


 -  Smoking Gun or Smoldering Embers? A Possible r-process Kilonova Associated with the Short-Hard GRB 130603B


 -  Solar Storms and Earth's Electric Grid - Main File



 -  Space Farming - The Final Frontier


 -  Spacequakes Rumble Near Earth



 -  Super-Massive Black Hole Will 'Eat' Gas Cloud


 -  Supernovae - Vehicle of Ascension?


 -  The Bar and Spiral Structure Legacy (BeSSeL) Survey - Mapping the Milky Way with VLBI Astrometry


 -  The Biocentric Universe Theory - Life Creates Time, Space, and the Cosmos Itself

 -  The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction - Why and How the World Economic Order Will Collapse in 2011


 -  The Exploded Planet Hypothesis – 2000


 -  The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction


 -  The Dark Star Theory - La Teoria del Planeta Oscuro - Main File


 -  The Doubling Theory - Corrects The Titius-Bode Law and Defines The Fine Structure Constant in The Solar System


 -  The Great Comet Venus



 -  The Harmonic Conquest of Space


 -  The Lucifer Project - Galileo and Cassini Space Probes makers of...  - Main File


 -  The Multiverse  - Main File


 -  The Origin of The Elements


 -  The Peculiar Photometric Properties of 2010 WG9 - A Slowly-Rotating Trans-Neptunian Object from the Oort Cloud


 -  The Physical Universe Is An Information System


 -  The Population of Natural Earth Satellites


 -  The Sombrero Galaxy


 -  The Truth


 -  The Tunguska Event - Main File


 -  The Universal Law - The General Theory of Physics and Cosmology


 - “The Universe is Obsolete - A Gallery of Multiverse Theories



 -  Twisted Pairs - Remote Galaxy Host Two Black Holes


 -  Un Misterioso Objeto de La Nube de Oort se Dirige al Sistema Solar


 -  Un Oggetto Misterioso della Nube di Oort si Dirige verso il Sistema Solare


 -  Un Patrón Científico Para la Ascensión


 -  Vast Increase in "Space Bubbles" Proof of Energetic Change?


 -  Voyager Hace Un Descubrimiento Interestelar


 -  What Do We Know About Our Solar System? Next to Nothing...


 -  What is Ascension? Is It Real? If So, Am I Gonna Make It?



 -  What's The Total Energy in The Universe?



 -  What's the Universe Made Of? - Mathematics, Says Scientist


 -  White and Grey Holes in Astrophysics



Brown Dwarfs - Enanas Marrones


 -  Astronomers Announce First Clear Evidence of a Brown Dwarf


 -  Bright X-Rays - Dim Dwarfs



 -  Brown Dwarfs



 -  Enanas Marrones



 -  Mysterious Planet-like Object Challenges Simple Definition - Reveals Its Surprising Identity

 -  Supportive Evidence for a Brown Dwarf Solar Companion - by John J. Matese


 -  The Nemesis Theory - Main File


 -  Wide Binary Brown Dwarfs Reveal Their Secrets



Exoplanets and Habitable Planets


 -  60 Billion Alien Planets Could Support Life - Study Suggests


 -  Alien Life on Earth-Like Planets 'Far More Widespread than Previously Believed


 -  Another Earth Just 12 Light-Years Away?


 -  Circumstellar Habitable Zones for Deep Terrestrial Biospheres

 -  Does the Rapid Appearance of Life on Earth Suggest that Life is Common in The Universe?


 -  Earth-Like Planets Are Right Next Door


 -  Exoplanet Habitability


 -  Extragalactic Exoplanet Found Hiding Out in Milky Way


 -  First Direct Photos of Exoplanets - In an Astronomy First, Researchers Image Exoplanets Orbiting Two Stars


 -  First Potential Habitable Exoplanet in a Six-Planet Star System


 -  Gliese 163C - Newfound Alien Planet in Habitable Zone Might Be Able to Support Life


 -  Global Risks 2013 and X Factor - The Disturbing Report by The World Economic Forum

 -  Habitable-Zone Super-Earth Candidate in A Six-Planet System Around The K2.5V Star HD 40307


 -  Has NASA Discovered Extraterrestrial Life?


 -  Is This The New Earth? - Astronomers Discover Planet Just 20 Light Years Away


 -  Jupiter's Europa Moon 'Likeliest to Have Life'


 -  Kepler Confirms First Exoplanet in Habitable Region - The Exopolitical Impact


 -  Kepler Spies Water Worlds - Pair of Exoplanets Sit in Habitable Zone of Star Far Beyond The Solar System


 -  More Evidence That Gliese 581 Has Planets in The Habitable Zone


 -  NASA Confirms 768 New Exoplanets Making Extraterrestrial Life More Likely


 -  NASA's Kepler Space Telescope Spots Distant Planets Well Placed for Life


 -  NASA Telescope Confirms Alien Planet in Habitable Zone


 -  New Kepler Data Could Change our Odds of Meeting Aliens


 -  New Study Claims ET Life Can Exist Inside Planets with Inhospitable Surfaces


 -  Odds of Finding Alien Life Boosted by Billions of Habitable Worlds


 -  Red Dwarf Stars May Be Best Chance for Habitable Alien Planets


 -  Riesgos Globales 2013 y Factores X - El Inquietante Informe del Foro Económico Mundial


 -  Scientists Discover a Nearly Earth-Sized Planet


 -  Search for E.T. Should Extend Beyond 'Alien Earths' - Astronomer Says


 -  Super-Earth Detected in Star's Habitable Zone


 -  Tau Ceti e - Another Interstellar Target?


 -  The Habitability of Our Earth and Other Earths - Astrophysical, Geochemical, Geophysical, Biological Limits on Planet Habitability

 -  The Occurrence Rate of Small Planets Around Small Stars


 -  Two Planets Identified As Most Similar to Earth - Both Orbit The Same Star, 20 Light-Years From Earth, Called Gliese 581

 -  Validation of Kepler’s Multiple Planet Candidates - III - Light Curve Analysis & Announcement of Hundreds of New Multi-planet Systems


 -  Alien Earths and Worlds


 -  Mundos Extraterretres



Space Odyssey



 -  2001 - A Space Odyssey - Complementary Information



 -  2010 - The Year We Make Contact




 -  2001 - A Space Odyssey - by Arthur C. Clarke


 -  2010 - Odyssey Two - by Arthur C. Clarke




 -  2001 - A Space Odyssey


 -  2010 - The Year We Make Contact





 - "Cosmos" by Carl Sagan



 -  El Desarrollo De La Luz - por Rodney Collin



 -  El Universo En Una Cáscara de Nuez - por Stephen Hawking


 -  The Forbidden Universe - by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince



 -  The Ringmakers of Saturn - by Norman R. Bergrun





 -  2001 - A Space Odyssey


 -  2010 - The Year We Make Contact


 -  A Big Bang Some 14 Billion Years Ago? - What Happened Before That?


 -  Aliens - Into The Universe With Stephen Hawking


 -  Asteroid Collision Video


 -  Celestial Demo


 -  Conspiracy of Science - Earth is In Fact Growing


 -  Cosmic and Earth Changes - LaViolette's Theory of Galactic Superwave - Earth Under Fire

 -  Cosmos


 -  Cosmos - A Personal Voyage - Carl Sagan


 - "Cosmos" - de Carl Sagan


 -  Electricity Hiding Behind 'Dark Matter'?


 -  El Universo a Través el Hubble


 -  Ese Pequeño Punto Azul Palido - The Pale Blue Dot - Carl Sagan


 -  Everything and Nothing - The True Size and Shape of The Universe


 -  First Animal to Survive in Space


 -  Frontiers of Deep Space - Hubble's Greatest Snaps


 -  Galaxies Across Space and Time


 -  Génesis - La Aparición de La Vida en La Tierra


 -  Giant Stars


 -  How Large is The Universe? - Cosmic Journeys


 -  Hubble - 15 Years of Discovery


 -  Hyperdimensional Hexagon - Richard Hoagland on Coast To Coast Show


 -  Hyperdimensional Plasma Ship


 -  Jaw-Dropping Talk on Our Bizarre Universe - Richard Dawkins


 -  Journey to The Edge of The Universe


 -  Jupiter's Electromagnetic Voices - 528 Hz and Alpha Brainwaves


 -  Known Universe - The Biggest and Smallest


 -  Known Universe - The Fastest


 -  Macro-Micro Cosmos - El Universo Humano


 -  MicroCosmos


 -  Mission to Mars


 -  Mysterious Objects at The Edge of The Electromagnetic Spectrum


 -  New Model of the Universe:


Mars - 1

Mars - 2

Mars - 3



The Moon


 -  Planet From Another Galaxy Discovered


 -  Reclaiming Dominion - Santos Bonacci


 -  Sedna Presentation 1


 -  Sedna Presentation 2


 -  Seeing Stars - Extreme Astronomy


 -  Solar System Shift


 -  Sonidos del Universo


 -  Space-Time and Cosmology - Nassim Haramein - Coast to Coast AM - February 3, 2010

 -  Spiral Galaxy - The Milky Way Unraveled


 -  Symbols of An Alien Sky


 -  The Elegant Universe - The Theory of Everything - Einstein's Dream


 -  The Fabric of The Cosmos


 -  The Known Universe


 -  The Largest Galaxy in The Universe - IC 1101


 -  The Planets


 -  The Search for Earthlike Planets


 -  The Story of Everything - Into The Universe With Stephen Hawking


 -  The Universe through The Hubble Ultra Deep Field in 3D


 -  Through The Wormhole - The Matrix


 -  The Sun as Art


 -  Venus - Death of A Planet


 -  Voyage to Pandora - First Interstellar Space Flight


 -  Weirdest Planets


 -  WISE Telescope Confirms Nibiru a Rogue Planet Outside of Neptune


 -  Wonders of The Universe



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