-  About James Lovelock


 -  Detailed Biography of James Lovelock


 -  Earth Chakras - The 7 Key Energy Vortices of Mother Earth


 -  Entrevista con el Padre de la Teoría Gaia, James Lovelock


 - ¿Es la Tierra una Diosa y Somos Nosotros parte del Gran Espíritu?


 -  For The Love of Gaia


 -  Gaia in Ancient Greek History



 -  Gaia - Salvemos Nuestra Vida Marina



 -  Gaia's Dance - A Vision of Wholeness



 -  Gaia Thoughts - Is Gaia Here?



 -  Introduction to The Gaia Hypothesis



 -  James Lovelock and The Gaia Hypothesis - Main File



 -  La Tierra es un Organismo Vivo y Sentiente - Es Hora de Dejar de Vivir en La Tierra y Empezar a Cohabitar...


 -  Philosophical Implications of The Gaia Theory


 -  Por el Amor de Gaia


 -  Science of The Living Earth - The Gaia Theory



 -  The Breathing of The Earth - Dr. Vladislav Lugovenko



 -  The Earth is a Sentient Living Organism - It's Time to Stop Living on The Earth and Start Cohabitating...


 -  The Gaia Hypothesis



 -  The Global Brain Awakens - Excerpts



 -  The Origin of The Gaia Hypothesis



 -  The Perceptual Implications of Gaia



 - ¿Volveremos a Ser Hijos de La Tierra?



Additional Information



 -  About the Oklo Natural Uranium Reactor in Gabon


 -  Against Nature - The Television Program


 -  A Giant Breach in Earth's Magnetic Field


 -  Ancient Trees - Woman Spends 14 Years Photographing World's Oldest Trees


 -  'Antes de la Tierra' - Un Mito Planetario de los Misterios Paganos

 -  A Safe Operating Space for Humanity


 -  A Timely Fix for a Grand Theory of Nature


 -  Atmospheric 'Phenomena'? - Main File


 -  At The Earth's Core - The Geophysics of Planetary Evolution


 -  A Vast Reserve of Pristine Brazilian Amazon Rainforest has Just Been Saved from Mining Operations

 -  Butterflies and Plants - A Study in Coevolution


 -  Campo de Fuerza de  Cuarentena de la Tierra Descubierto por la NASA

 -  Cetacean Beachings Correlate with Geomagnetic Disturbances in Earth’s Magnetosphere - An Example of...


 -  Científicos Descubren un Escudo Invisible Rodeando la Tierra - Están Desconcertados sobre Cómo se...


 -  Científicos Rusos Refutaron la Teoría Estadounidense sobre la Estructura Interna de la Tierra


 -  Climate Changes - Main File



 -  Coco de Mer - The Triple World System 'Sophia' Originally Intended to Emanate


 -  Collapsing Cities - The First Wave of World’s Collapsing Cities



 -  Cómo Crear un Desierto en Medio Siglo - La Trágica Historia del Mar de Aral


 -  Cómo el Cambio Orbital de la Tierra dio forma al Sahara


 -  Cómo el Polvo del Sahara fertiliza la Amazonía - Vídeo de la NASA


 -  Corporate Greed, Intellectual Property Laws and The Destruction of Human Civilization


 - ¿Cuáles son los Beneficios de los Volcanes?



 -  Death of a Planet


 -  Deepest Water found 1000 Km Down - A Third of Way to Earth's Core

 -  Deep Fracture Fluids Isolated in The Crust since the Precambrian Era


 -  Deep Green Resistance - Strategy to Save The Planet



 -  Deforestación - Hechos, Causas y Efectos

 -  Dehydration Melting at the Top of the Lower Mantle


 -  Dejando Ir a un Mundo en Colapso - La Conversación que Tenemos Demasiado Miedo de Hacer


 -  Destruction of the Environment - Gold Mining in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest Surges 400%


 -  Did the Birth of the Himalayas Destroy an Entire Continent?


 -  Does One-Third of The Human Race Have to Die to Have a Sustainable Earth?


 -  Earth as a Dynamic Body - Electrically and Electromagnetically



 -  Earth Changes - Main File


 -  Earth Has a Secret Reservoir of Water - SayScientists


 -  Earth's Groundwater Basins are Running Out of Water


 -  Earth's Hum Sounds More Mysterious Than Ever


 -  Earth's Quarantine Force Field Discovered by NASA?



 -  El Bosque Indio de 19.000 Metros Cuadrados formado por Un Solo Árbol


 -  El Campo Magnético de la Tierra y la Conciencia


 -  El Extraño Enigma del 'Zumbido' de La Tierra



 -  El Mapa Oculto de La Tierra - Main File


 -  El Origen del Agua en la Tierra


 -  El Ozono y los CFC - Crónica de Una Infamia


 -  El Petróleo, La Sangre de La Tierra - Los U'wa y Su Lucha Contra Las Petroleras - Cosmovisión Chamánica


 -  El Puente Arcoiris Circumpolar


 -  El Sistema de Alerta Crítica de la Naturaleza


 -  Environmental Defenders Being Killed in Record Numbers Globally - New Research Reveals


 -  Estado Planetofisico de La Tierra y La Vida


 -  Esta Vez Estamos Cargándonos con Nosotros Al Planeta Entero


 -  Evidence for H²O-bearing fluids in the lower mantle from diamond inclusion

 -  Generic Indicators for Loss of Resilience Before a Tipping Point Leading to Population Collapse


 -  Genetically Engineered Organisms - Foods and Others - Main File



 -  Global Warming - An Official Pseudoscience - Main File


 -  How a Tiny Central American Country is Getting Richer and Saving the Environment


 -  How Earth's Magnetic Fields and 'Human Aura' carry Biological Information connecting All Living

 -  How Earth's Orbital Shift Shaped the Sahara


 -  How the Media Prevents Meaningful Discussion About the Condition of Our Environment

 -  Human Domination of the Biosphere - Rapid Discharge of the Earth-Space Battery Foretells the Future of...


 -  Inside the Garbage of the World


 -  James Lovelock - El Profeta del Cambio Climático


 -  James Lovelock - The Prophet of Climate Change


 -  La Capa de Ozono


 -  La Evolución y el Campo Eléctrico de la Tierra


 -  La Sombra que la Tierra Proyecta sobre la Atmósfera - Cómo contemplar el Segmento Oscuro


 -  Las Ondas Shumann - Main File


 -  La Tierra en El Sistema Solar


 -  La Tierra se Rebela


 -  Letting Go of a World in Collapse - The Conversation We're Too Afraid to Have


 -  Los Hopi - Main File


 -  Los Indios Navajos - Main File


 -  Maps - Past, Present and Eventual Futures - Main File


 -  Marine Litter Distribution and Density in European Seas, from the Shelves to Deep Basins


 -  Massive 'Ocean' Discovered Towards Earth's Core


 -  Mega-Canyon Discovered Beneath Greenland Ice


 -  Microbios - Lo Último en Desintegración de Realidades


 -  Much of Earth's Water is Older than The Sun


 -  Nature's Critical Warning System


 -  On this Earth Day let's Remind Ourselves that We are the Most Destructive Species on Earth


 -  Open Season on Predators


 -  Order of Magnitude Increase in Subducted H²O due to Hydrated Normal Faults within the Wadati-Benioff...


 - "Or Ever the Earth Was" - A Planetary Myth from the Pagan Mysteries


 -  Our Oceans' Changing Electromagnetic Environment


 -  Pistis Sophia


 -  Planet Earth - We Have a Problem - Feedback Dynamics and the Acceleration of Climate change


 -  Planetophysical State of The Earth and Life


 -  Porqué Marte Importa… o cómo el 'Homo Martis' puede Evolucionar para Cuidar la Tierra de una forma...


 -  Rapa Nui - Donde se Vivió la Agonía de la Vida - ¿Es lo que le Espera a Nuestra Biosfera Terrestre?


 -  Researchers Discover an Ocean 644 km Below the Surface of Our Planet


 -  Respect Nature - Don't Bite the Hand That Feeds


 -  Scientists Discover an Invisible Shield Surrounding Earth - Baffled at How it Formed


 -  Scientists Find Huge Underground River Below Amazon


 -  Scientists Observe First Signs of Healing in the Antarctic Ozone Layer


 -  Scientists Recommend Having Earth Put Down


 -  Schumann Resonances - Main File



 -  Signs that The West Coast is Being Absolutely Fried with Nuclear Radiation from Fukushima


 -  Smarty Plants - Inside The World's Only Plant-Intelligence Lab


 -  Sonidos Extraños Del Cielo Reportados en Todo el Mundo


 -  Sophia-Christ Consciousness Creating Global Transformation


 -  Stunning Photos Capture Devastating Worldwide E-Waste Problem

 -  Sulfur Isotope Variability of Oceanic DMSP Generation and its Contributions to Marine Biogenic Sulfur...


 -  Teoria de La Tierra Hueca - Main File



 -  Terra Non Firma - Earth - Main File


 -  The Apollo-Gaia Project


 -  The Biggest Attack on the Amazon in 50 Years - Has Just Begun in Brazil


 -  The Coming Water Wars - Searching for a Way Out


 -  The Curious Case of Earth's Leaking Atmosphere


 -  The Earth Charter and The Ark of The Gaia Covenant


 -  The Earth's Magnetic Field and Consciousness


 -  The Evolving Story of Our Evolving Earth - For the Foundation for The Future Workshop on How Evolution...


 -  The Global Warming Scare


 -  The Great Pacific Garbage Patch - We are Literally Filling Up the Pacific Ocean with Plastic


 -  The Hamza - A Subterranean River to Rival The Amazon - 6,000 Km Long, 4,000 m Down


 -  The Hopi - Main File


 -  The Hum - A Legacy from Nikola Tesla


 -  The Lately Tortured Earth - Exoterrestrial Forces and Quantavolutions in The Earth Sciences


 -  The Myth of Planetary Overpopulation


 -  The Relationship Between Trees and Human Health


 -  There May Be an Ancient Earth Inside Earth - Say Harvard Scientists


 -  The Size of Our World


 -  The Terma of Gaia Awakening in Practice - A Mystico-Ludic Experiment in Nine Parts


 -  The Theory of The Hollow Earth - Main File


 -  This Infographic Shows How Much of the Ocean We Don't See


 -  This Time We're Taking The Whole Planet With Us


 -  Three Times as Much Water as All of Earth's Oceans Found Trapped Underground


 -  Una Solución Oportuna para una Gran Teoría de la Naturaleza


 -  U.S. Addicted to Oil - An Ominous Drilling Sign for The Truth


 -  U.S. Navy Attacking Earth’s Life Frequency - Destroying Dolphins and Whales


 -  Various 'Thought Provoking Images' Show what Humans are Really Doing to the Planet


 -  Weather Warfare - Main File



 -  What are the Benefits of Volcanoes?



 -  What is an Equinox? - Some Need-to-Know Facts


 -  What is the Terma of Gaia Awakening? - Overview of A Mystico-Ludic Experiment


 -  What's to Blame for Our Dying Planet?


 -  When We Grow Up, We Will Fall in Love with Earth


 -  Why Mars Matters, or how "Homo Martis" may evolve to Care for Earth in a way "homo sapiens" Never Have 


 -  Wisdom of The Elders


 -  World's Biggest Trove of Gold Built by Ancient 'Secret Agents'


 -  Zealandia - Study confirms Earth has Hidden Continent





 -  'Avatar' Also Story of Deep DNA Within Many Americans


 -  Avatar - American Terrorists Invade a New World


 - "Avatar" - Delivers a Powerful Message of Connectedness With Mother Nature


 -  Avatar - La Cosmovisión Psicodélica y la Experiencia de la Visión en 3D


 -  Avatar - Terroristas Estadounidenses Invaden un Nuevo Mundo


 - "Take Back The Planet" - A Review of James Cameron's Avatar (2009)


 -  The Avatar Fractality Effect - From Deep Science in The Avatar Movie or How Biology Finds Shareable...



 -  Alex Jones Reviews "Avatar"


 -  Real Life Avatar



Caves and Crystals


 -  Conquering an Infinite Cave - Vietnam's Hang Son Doong Cave


 -  Crystal Time Travel


 -  Earth... A Crystal Planet?


 -  Earth's Grids and Portals


 - "Escalera de Nubes" - Una Cueva tan Grande que Tiene su Propio Clima


 - ¿Está la Ciencia Finalmente Actualizándose al Conocimiento que los Antiguos Tenían de los Cristales?


 -  Is Science Finally Catching Up to what The Ancients Knew About Crystals?


 -  La Tierra… ¿Un Planeta de Cristal?


 -  Portales y Rejillas de La Tierra



 -  Psychotronic Crystals



 -  The Crystal Cave - Naica - Main File


 -  The Metal Library and The Cueva de Los Tayos - Main File



 -  The Mighty Crystal



 -  The Mysterious Crystal Skulls



 -  These Unbelievable Images of Iceland's Ice Caves will Leave you Breathless




 -  Vietnam Mammoth Cave - Hang Son Doong Cave


 -  Worlds Biggest Cave



The Consciousness of Nature


 -  Architecture of the Wood-Wide Web - Rhizopogon spp. Genets link Multiple Douglas-fir Cohorts


 -  Are Fungi The Earth's Natural Internet?


 -  Assessing Nature's Contributions to People


 -  Disturbing Aerial Photos Show what Killing Billions of Animals for Meat is Doing to The Environment

 -  How Forests Attract Rain - An Examination of a New Hypothesis


 -  Humanity is Waking Up to the Intelligence of Nature


 -  La Ciencia Redefine el Concepto de Relación con la Naturaleza


 -  La Conciencia de las Plantas


 -  La Humanidad está Despertando a La Inteligencia de La Naturaleza


 -  La Inteligencia (...¿y la Conciencia?) de Las Plantas


 -  La Memoria del Agua - Main File


 -  Networks of Power and Influence - The Role of Mycorrhizal Mycelium in Controlling Plant Communities...

 -  Mineral Evolution


 -  Plant Consciousness


 -  Plants 'Talk' to Each Other Using Nanoscale Sound Waves to Help Them Grow - Study Suggests


 -  Rainforests May Pump Winds Worldwide


 -  Rocks Evolve Too - Geologists Claim

 -  The Dignity of Living Beings with Regard to Plants


 -  The Health of Trees and The Natural World is Closely Linked to Our Own State of Health


 -  The Intelligence (...and Consciousness?) of Plants


 -  The Memory of Water - Main File


 -  The Relationship Between Trees and Human Health


 -  The Whispering World of Plants - "The Wood Wide Web"

 -  They're All Part Fungus - Grass Blades, Coffee or Cacao Leaves… Probably All Plants


 -  Why the Modern Day View of Wild Animals is Wrong



 -  How Trees Communicate - Mother Trees Connect the Forest


 -  Mind of Plants


 -  The Secret Life of Plants


 -  What Plants Talk About





 -  Cycles - The Mysterious Forces That Trigger Events - by Edward R. Dewey with Og Mandino


 -  Efecto Esmeralda - por Pedro Pozas Terrados


 -  Gaia - Una Nueva Visión de La Vida Sobre La Tierra - por James Lovelock


 -  Las Edades de GAIA - Una Biografía de Nuestro Planeta Vivo - por James Lovelock

 -  Sacred Economics - by Charles Eisenstein





 -  Agua Dulce - La Tierra Vista Desde El Cielo


 -  Apollo-Gaia Project


 -  Biblioteca Viviente - Nuestra Tierra


 -  Blue Planet - Seas of Life


 -  'Call of Life' - Facing the Mass Extinction


 -  Chamán Pequeña Abuela - Kiesha Crowther


 -  Dirt! The Movie


 -  Drain The Ocean


 -  Earth Is In Fact Growing - Conspiracy of Science


 -  Geoengineering and The Dying of The Trees


 -  Graveyards of Trash in Ocean Ridges and Canyons


 - "Home" - Todos Nosotros Tenemos Una Cita Con El Planeta!

 - "Home" - We All Have a Date With The Planet!


 -  La Belle Verte - Verde Hermoso - The Green Beautiful


 -  Macro-Micro Cosmos - El Universo Humano


 -  Nature Is Speaking - Conservation International


 -  Planeta Azul - ¡Una Visión del Mundo Sin Igual!


 -  Resonance - Beings of Frequency


 -  Sea The Truth - In 2048 the Oceans Will Be Empty! - Overfishing and More...

 -  Stephen Harding, Author of Animate Earth, with Gaia Theory

 -  'Strange Sounds' Heard Worldwide - What Is It?!


 -  The Birds of Paradise


 -  The Core - The Center of The Earth


 -  The Equator 12,500 Years Ago?


 -  The Living Planet


 -  The Mountain of Mystery


 -  The Rainbow Warriors


 -  The Song of The Earth


 -  The Superior Human? - Animal Rights and Speciesism

 -  This Has the Capacity to Tremendously Alter Life on Earth


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 -  Other Lovelock Links



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