-  About Dan Winter


 -  A Blissful Interview with Dan Winter


 -  Alchemy's Darker Moments - Excerpts from 'Gold Powder vs. Heart'


 -  Blood Rites - Defining the Difference between a Parasite and Empowerment


 -  Communion of Saints and the Forgiveness/Embedding of Sinners


 -  Emotion Swept Galactic Neighborhood


 -  Fractality - Electrical Path for Taking Memory Thru Death


 -  Goddess Mystery - A New Look at the Science of what Puts a SOUL In an Egg


 -  Honey Of The Queens


 -  Integrating Consciousness and Gravity As Wave Attractors in a New Unified Field Model


 -  Join The Collective - Is it really such "A Privilege to be Assimilated"?


 -  La Ciencia de Dan Winter


 -  La Emoción Arrasó la Vecindad Galáctica


 -  Los Momentos Más Oscuros de la Alquimia - Citas de 'Polvo de Oro vs. Corazón'


 -  Magdala’s Green Stone


 -  Magnetic Wind of the Sun


 -  Planetary Invasion Force - A Reason for Ecstasy?


 -  Ports of Gaol - "Eggs Files" for Dragons Feeling for Europe's Navigators


 - ¿Que Es La Vida? - Necesitamos una Respuesta Eléctrica Simple - Para Poder Enseñar a Nuestros Niños!


 -  Remembering Who We Are, By Remembering Who We Were!...


 -  See the Movie "They Live"


 -  Solar Wars and Amenti's Halls


 -  The Avatar Fractality Effect - From Deep Science in The Avatar Movie or How Biology Finds Shareable Waves


 -  The Draconians Strike



 -  The Formula for Surviving Death - Gilgamesh, Annunaki, Gold, Merkabbahs, & the Incunabula


 -  The Imploder - Water Energizer



 -  The Implosion Phenomenon



 -  The Orion Queens


 -  The Return of Enki - Kids Become Stars


 -  Thoth Identity Links Annunaki to Orion and Rigel


 -  Was Judaism's 'Hierarchy' designed for Enlil's Ghost Hunger?


 -  Was That The Papal We? - Was Judaism's 'Hierarchy' Designed for Enlil's Ghost Hunger?


 -  Why Life Force Whispering in DNA Does Not Want to be Called


Additional Information


 -  Aether Vibrations - A Wave-Based Universe


 -  Blue Blood, True Blood - Conflict and Creation - Selected Excerpts


 -  Fractal Field Theory - Applied Quantum Fractal Field Theory


 -  Implosion - Rethinking The Basis Of Technology


 -  Implosive Water Treatment



 -  The Global Bee Death



 -  Vibraciones del Éter - Un Universo Basado en Ondas





 - Gran Atractor de Implosión - Geometría Sagrada y Emoción Coherente - por Dan Winter:


Parte 1

Parte 2

Parte 3

Parte 4

Parte 5


 -  Implosions’ Grand Attractor - Sacred Geometry & Coherent Emotion



 -  Binomiales y Dan Winter - desde El Centro de Conferencias Caixa, Barcelona, España

 -  Brain Coherence Measured with Dan Winter


 -  Brain Coherence - With Dataset Upload


 -  Fractal Field Technology - Dan Winter in Occult Science Radio

 -  Fractalidad - La Ciencia Profunda de La Fuerza de Vida en El Agua

 -  Fractality - The New Science of Life


 -  Magnetism - The Wind on Which Love Travels!


 -  Purpose of DNA - Dan Winter


 -  The Imploder Videos - The Imploder - Water Energizer

 -  Using The True ET History of DNA - Ending Religion Wars


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