"In 1408... the Dragon Court was formally reconstituted as a sovereign body at a time of wars and general political turmoil. The Court's reemergence was instigated by Sigismund von Luxembourg, king of Hungary, a descendant of the Lusignan Dragon Kings of Jerusalem.

Having inherited the legacy in 1397 he drew up a pact with twenty-three nobles who swore to observe 'true and pure fraternity' within

the Societas Draconis (later called Ordo Draconis),

Hungarian: Sarkany Rend.

The founding document... stated that members of the Court might wear the insignia of a dragon incurved into a circle, with a red cross - the very emblem of the original Rosicrucis which had identified the Grail succession from before 3000 B.C."

Laurence Gardner




 -  About Nicholas de Vere



 -  Blood Rites - Defining the Difference between a Parasite and Empowerment


 -  Blood Victory - Hope for the Future of Our Race and Civilization


 -  Descended From The Royal House of de Vere von Drakenberg


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The Dragon Descent of The Royal Elven House of Vere


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 -  Angiers Descent


 -  Avallon Descent


 -  Blackwood Descent


 -  Llewelyn Descent


 -  Natalie Hopgood Descent


 -  Plantagenet Descent



Additional Information



 -  Abducción Extraterrestre, Posesión Demoníaca, y La Leyenda del Vampiro


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