by Dan Winter

March 2004

Assembled and published by IMPLOSION GROUP

from Zayra Website


Winter’s general urging has been that the continued insistence of Western historians to put their immature religion drugged ostrich heads in the sand rather than look at the ET origins of their DNA engineered genepool, is LIFE THREATENING to all here, if it continues.


The main index of Winter’s articles on Galactic Genetic History & ET Origins of DNA is at - Galactic Context/Genetic History & ET Origins of Religion -Thematic Index.

Thematically summarized and embodied in story format in Winter’s 3rd book Return of Enki -

When steering your starship - the guild navigator -’time lord’ - ’tron’ - ’timecop’ knows that the slightest change in the center of gravity - means a major change in course direction. The fabrication of that center of gravity with the most responsive delicacy to properly STEER - is ultimately something ONLY biology can do. We understand how the fresh egg- and your heart’s EKG are fabricating voltage from gravity at the moment of implosion / bliss. This perfected compression is identical with the gravity making attractive electrical suction we call COMPASSION.


See the self- similarity in the di-VINE (heart of GOLDen ratio) branching algorhyrhmn of the fractal nervous fibers where the heart is electrified. We constantly get closer to defining conscious as the perfection of non-destructive charge distribution (the origin of the SCION - in SCI-ence: meaning to BRANCH well).


Applying this to economics defines abundance: perfected distribution=no storage. This is something only fractality can RAPTurously lock into symmetry.

Once the EKG produces the PHI Golden cascade - the gravity this produces is only consciously STEERable if the muscles which shape the pericardium around the heart can flex shape the rocket nozzle around the thrust source. This conscious control of the heart’s power spectra (Heart harmonics measurable in the HearTuner) is evidence that awareness can reach into that shaping of the heart’s resonance as a ringing bell shaped in an electrical sacred cave.


This is called COHERENCE EMOTION - and emotional intelligence.

The SHAPE of the shadow on the wall of this cave - is called Alphabet of the Heart. The shape of the cave - is the PERICARDIUM around the heart. Shaping this consciously is how your heart can become the STAR NAVIGATOR. This is why the PERICARDIUM became the SHAPE of the HAT OF OSIRIS. Your auric bubble / charge cocoon coherence / KA (boat to the inner world) - is shaped from your heart steering the charge above your crown.


Many pages of ’TWO THIRDS’ book by David Mayers / David Percy (Aulis Press - London) are devoted to explaining why so many crop circles were dedicated to teaching us about conscious control of our pericardium-HAT of OSIRIS.

There is only one way our Earth community genepool can retain it’s identity as our Extra-Terrestrial (Draco/ANunnanki) grandparents return - many of them as confused as our own grandparents are now. The culture they represented were trading houses from (Dune) Arrakeis - a star in Alpha Draconis. The only reason they could conceive of for planting a forest (our genepool) - was to later cut it down and sell it. Most of our grandparents also felt this way.


The idea of planting a forest for the privilege of setting it free and thus perhaps to LEARN from it, occurred only to us the grandchildren of those same Draco Nephilim. Harvesting indigenous genepools this way - in the way of the parasite - has been the way of the Drac Reptilian empire for millennia (insurance and banking installed in hundreds of Draco planets before the Templars ever learned it from the Mags on Ea’s Earth).


Yet our DNA would not learn the resilience of it’s own FIRE making power without parasites to inform us when we eat a dead idea. Plus much of the gutsy fire in our blood - and my kundalini - is only possible because of part Dragon ancestry.

Lawrence Gardner is saying this Dragon line - has a license to be here ..we have a lesson to learn from each other. These same ancestors according to Collier, were in front of the Andromeda counsel - claiming they had a right to harvest our DNA, since the seeds were theirs. Yet - we the children can be the greatest karmic reward they have - if we show the fire in their blood - the way back into stars. We must stay in the center - we must not react.. only act.

The fallen Drac’s (DNA not on Fire from bliss) can only be taught by the one thing they are not. They are not a source of gravity. They cannot steer the wind of magnetism into the PHIre of time. Charge thru light speed screws into time’s ’SPIRAL CALENDAR’. Time lords only inhabit fractals in time - the only fabric where synchronicity is born.

The heart of the sun - and hydrogen is the heart of the matter: the musical recipe for fusion. This PHI based harmonic recipe informs us when we have found a shareable wave in our heart. Pure intention is an idea in physics whose TIME has come: compression perfected is the only place where all paths and errands meet - and only the shareable survive. The oxygen which cures cancer does so by using compression to sort. Apply that to the O-x y in the gene braid that sorts (by who has blue fire in the aura) which human thrives among parasites.

The re-arriving of our ancient blood creators is a potent reminder to focus on this BLISS fire making skill in the heart. Neither Oedipus nor Elektra - we need not murder our parents - if we learn the story ’in time’.

From Hex - the flag of Alpha Draconis & Isreal & Shape of their Craft - to PENT - The shape of the fire in Blood and PEND-DRAGON...
URU to IBI to merging of Both - When the Serpent Feeds the Eagle - the SUN Gods Return...

This is another look at an even bigger picture of Extra Terrestrial Recent History of DNA - noting how dramatically IN AGREEMENT - radically different sources are. Stewart Swerdlow comes back from Montauk with memories which overall - almost perfectly fit so many other sources - AND add dramatic new pieces. All of this (internal coherence between sources) suggests that these sources should not be ignored.


Global events climaxing into chaos as triggered environmental magnetic storm - underscore the seriousness of the Earth situation: a critical turning phase of a Galactic Battle of sorts - with the naive (stupid?) Earth humans completely in denial about their role in a truly important Galactic evolution moment.

Images above and below by Stuart Swerdlow

his book excerpted HERE

To explain why they lied about the date of the Draco comet arrival: They were CREATED by the Rigelians .. whose Drac copper blue blood (Khem / black / nubian / black madonna - ran in Enki/RA/abRAham/Lucifer/EA/EArths) veins! ...

The Rigelians were the cold hearted Engineer Dracs behind Montauk. Thoth / Hermes - Enki’s kin announced clearly his Rigelian blood.. Please take the time to read... how Enki’s Nephilic brother Enlil YALWEH /Michael- (the JEWs) designed his religion as a permanent black hole to eat human bliss juice - out of his own immortality frustrated inability to MAKE bliss - specifically out of his anger at Enki’s Rigelian winged Drac mother.


See WAS THAT THE PAPAL WE? article. Enlil/Yalweh created a permanent storage tunnel to eat all the bliss of those unfortunate enough to sucked in (to the Jews - & his parallel religions Hurtak / Levites / etc. - designed to prevent DNA from getting Implosively free and gravity making enough to defeat the machine Ashtar ’hierarchy’ empire. - Alternative? BE a WingMaker.. )

We have made this also a convenient place to summarize the documentation on the Pope’s role in making and selling the Nazi’s cyanide for WWII, plus the latest updates on the George Bush body counts


(The Bush whose new ’license’ reads: I killed Iraqi’s because of ’flawed data’ - makes compelling ’realing’ for those who vote in the upcoming American: "Can Bush $100million ad budget cover enough lies? election".)

"Zeta Reticuli I type

- They are approximately four feet tall. These grey aliens were created by the Rigelians to monitor humans on Earth. They are a mixture of human and Rigelian genetics. Similar to a human fetus, they have four fingers and cloven feet. Famous for abducting humans for hormonal fluids and genetic experiments, they have a group mind and hive-like behavior. Their basic emotions are anger, confusion, fear, and surprise.

Given a barren home world in the Zeta Reticuli I star system, they asked for and received asylum on Earth by the United States government. The Rigelians are angry at them. They have also angered the United States government by lying to them. Now a divided group, they have pragmatic alliances. Due to their genetic/hormonal deficiencies, they are rapidly dying out. By abducting others they are trying to create a hybrid prototype to save themselves and their culture."

Intro from Winter:

- Those followers of the science of implosion work - who find all conversation of Extra Terrestrials - unpleasant or worse - are invited to press delete now. For the others who consider the overall unified field of consciousness - we suggest there is an important POLITICAL reason to learn about the ET origins of DNA - AND - IMPLOSION. All the sources we have communicated with who understand both terrestrial and ET - PARASITES - both digestive, blood related, and astral - have all agreed that a blissful - imploding - heart - and way of being - is an absolute way to expel all parasites from your body.


We have often used the example that if you eat dead food - you must be thankful and learn the lesson from the parasites this invites to your stomach. And if you eat a dead idea - like GOD IS OUTSIDE YOU - you must be thankful and learn the lesson from the PARASITES (priests and Draco’s) this invites to your aura.

So - unlike the obsolete, Pasteur approach (heated milk is dead milk - just like all biologic and paramagnetic "orgone" capacitors lose the life giving ’organic’ charge breathing fractality of molecular symmetry called LIFE - when heated) - the focus is NOT, to SHOOT the parasite.

With this in mind - we would suggest - another look at the big picture - politically. It would be well to point out several basics here:

1. the word POLITICS - is derived from and MEANS - the BODY POLIS. A body has a POLIS ( a magnetic POLE that rises) when it’s electrical field (capacitive charge field once crudely labeled ’SPIRIT’ ) COHERES enough to RISE! This means that if the charge aura around your body or your nations body or your BEE HIVE, gets coherent, then it can be navigated. Otherwise (without COHERENT EMOTION / LUCID DREAMING ) you do not HAVE a body POLIS.


This is the origin of the word SHEM (highward fire stone - or altar- for raising the shem) as in SHEM-AN, and the origin of words like RAISING THE DJED - and DJEDAI - and SWORD FROM THE STONE.

This all gets UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL, when Professor Korotkov measures the charge field of your aura (effectively for COHERENCE) to determine if you are going to take your memory (the shape of your biologic charge) thru death. Nothing mysterious about surviving death: assemble the capacitance shape of all your memories into the wave discipline of what is SHAREABLE (coherence limit form: COMPRESSIBILITY), THEN your DNA can do its job at death and (by Golden Ratio) turns COMPRESSION (the final squeeze) in to ACCELERATION - inside your genes - at death.


Squirting you (your "KA" charge envelope / vehicle of light) up the implosive zipper/tornado in your DNA’s coeur thru the speed of light, into the necessary gravity making and star inhabiting, required to survive this solar compression (rapture). Otherwise, without the skill to sort for what is shareable among DNA’s holy communion making charge discipline, death IS final (and fractionating).

Several interesting wrinkles on the overall colorful bio-game to get immortal, are currently impressing us. Which brings us to the second basic we would like to bring up.

2. All sources seem to agree the fallen Seraphim called NEPHALIM (Draco’s half family - who have lost glandular BLISS - implosion and charge radiance in their DNA ) have a blood problem which prevents them from SURVIVING a thing like a solar maximum (Christian RAPTURE). The REASON that vampires die when exposed to sun is that non-implosive DNA is toasted in the charge presence of implosion/fusion. This then reflects our basic hypothesis that, getting BLISS (igniting DNA), wipes out parasites.

Examples we have used is the often repeated story that MARS atmosphere loss (Total Recall) was triggered when the Dracs using Mars as the usual staging area - in their fearful need to duck solar wind - misused a near comet pass, and WIPED OUR MARTIAN ATMOSPHERE. We could generally assume those same fallen Dracs reincarnated today (and some - shape shifted in) in the U.S. congress, voted for HAARP, which pretty much promises to do the same thing for Earth atmosphere.

Tal - originally of - pointed out as he mapped underground military bases, that preparing the underground for a solar maxima was a primary reptilian agenda.

The more ensouled indigenous peoples advice that only a DREAMSPELL, has the capability to keep the Earth from being blown away in the solar wind, probably is based on better physics. The coherence of the charge field of the collective DNA (sometimes called the collective unconscious or racial soul) - is the only biological source capable of making the gravity necessary to steer the SUN and therefore Earth, during this genepool turning point necessary compression sorting planetary test. Read more about the stupid scientists who by failing to even recognize the role of DNA implosion in making gravity - create genetic philosophy which dooms Earth’s genepool.

Measurements are clear - that the weight loss at death’s moment, the reduction in radioactivity caused by focused attention, the bliss meditator floating under a gold dome, even the solar flares damped by a million children singing together, all evidence the role of biology (particularly DNA) in fabricating our gravity bubble. This is the centering force created by human bliss that gives us a better (than Draco) chance at survival (compression became acceleration) as the Sun orgasms (Rapture).

The thrust of some articles on the current ET politic (Draco ancestors returning to invade) is to note how logical and consistent is the advice of so many sources on this: Stewart Swerlow’s extensive Montauk inspired galactic history, Letters from Andromeda (Alex Collier), The WingMakers, etc. (and while these sources fit the picture from Sitchin, Gardner - even David Icke - these do not offer real advice). They all have virtually perfect internal consistency. They all have virtually identical primary advice.


There is no chance of weaponry to repel the return of our own part genetic ancestor-Draco. Our technology is child's’ play compared to their millennia older, and Sirian inspired weaponry. Combine this with their millennia old strong-unmutating-DNA, and absolute battlefield telepathy, and you give up on conventional weapons. (as Phil Schneider and friends found as the best Navy Seals died like flies under Dulce.)

All the source say however that the human genetic has the capability to make a charge field that under conditions of emotional coherence (the physics of the time traveling lucid dream) and THIS is something for which the Draco has absolutely NO MATCH.


At WingMakers they correctly describe this only hope against the parasite ET’s as Blank State Technology (BST). They describe this basically as functional dynamic interactive time travel. This is something for which non-implosive (Nephilim) and un-ignited DNA have no response. Sadly Wingmakers fails to see this issue as an EMOTIONAL COHERENCE technology (ref 1, ref 2), a bit more advanced than a circuit design problem. If Johnny Von Neumann, had understand this he might not have had to sacrifice his sanity at Montauk.

So again - all sources agree - as soon as we discover that ignited (blissful) hearts and blood, create gravity and release from time freezing death below the speed of light. We also then must take responsibility for the role of that fire in the aura in the great galactic survival game. It is appropriate that those who choose NOT to ignite their hearts and blood with bliss, should become food for parasites because that is DNA testing for sustainability. Only DNA which can suck in charge (implode) can steer like a jellyfish (learning to suck).


If DNA is not set free, does not learn the harmonic inclusive, genetic diversity, implosion trick, then that DNA gets dizzy and does not steer well at the moment of death or bliss or dream. IT IS PRECISELY THAT ABILITY TO GET BLOOD DNA SELF STEERING THAT THE DRACO LOST.

So, for sustainability sake, only that skill is worth keeping over the millennia older survival skills of our friendly pet part ancestors: the Draco.

Try to understand the diplomatic WHY, as you read HERE how the galactic council specifically decided to include THEIR (Draco) DNA ( famous for being absolutely predatory) in the cookbook for Sumerian ADAM and EVE. (apparently when Enki/Ra/AbRAham used his own sperm in his part drac half sister - with a raped Cro Magnon egg inside - to make the first fertile Eve, he was serving a bigger agenda).


Even at a time when humanoid remnants like ours were generally LOSING in the Sirian v. Orion wars around the galaxy. How else could you get a vaccine for an Orion War plague much older than Solar history?

This means in practice some simple things:

  • better that you should not read or learn of the return of these ancestors if you respond with fear. (because that is the spin killer)

  • expect that continued residence in Draco controlled cities (particularly US) will wipe out your immune system, because implosion of your blood (immune bliss) is the only possible stall to the Draco agenda. Fast Food - Angry DNA - chemTrails - electrosmog - lo oxygen - hi frequency bombardment - these are all perfect tools to squash your bliss and thereby your only hope.

  • circulate the demand that all government leaders vote ONLY counts while they are breathing over 20% oxygen. This would immediately kill such shapeshifters inside Dick Cheney, not to mention those who took over the bodies of most military and media leaders (like Murdock, and Raylynn Russbachers mate). The Orion wars were called the oxygen wars with good reason. Sorting the shape-shifters from your governments using loss of aura ultra violet, or videoing vertical slit eyeballs when they shape shift, is not so simple. (Military leaders they needed to control who were not weak willed enough to be shape shifted out, committed curious ’suicides’ like Admiral Boorda, Secretary of the US NAVY last government agency to meaningfully resist).

  • become invisible to your government

  • stop eating angry DNA (all food that has touched metal, monoculture, or brought to you with fear) because this is how the borg advance.

  • embark on the HYGIENE FOR BLISS