by Dan Winter
 from ReptilianResearchArchives Website

The Dracoís by representing the returning element of where our Reptilian, hive mind brain came from, do us a service. We realize where our glandular sting goes (undisciplined sex) if we do not sting ourselves. (kundalini and tantra) .


Hitler burnt the skulls to hide gland eating, the Aztec fed the Dracoís with human sacrifice.


Their antics of eating the live glands of our kids wholesale, and body snatching our weaker willed senators and military leaders, is a follow up on planet parasitizing they have accomplished on dozens of other planets (cf Andromedan info from Alex Collier.) In every case they have used their genetically manipulated Grays as their stool pidgeons. Unfortunately for them they have encountered here at EAís EArth a certain new kind of sting.


The imploding of the local sun, and the potential compassion implosion of local heartís, means that ALL non-ensouled or braided DNA (like theirs) locally becomes toast. This is convenient for us remnant bird tribes, because it sweeps the local galactic coordinates of all low grade DNA, at the same time it squirts the successful genetic memories through the SUN into time traveling Angelic incarnation.


(This is a description of an OPHANIC agenda, another example of which is the Templar project to repair the fabric of time and prevent those same angels from bleeding, by arranging the cathedrals into a pent recursive fractal of Virgo, etc.. cf. William Buehler, Crestone.)

The down side is all structureís which are not SCALE INVARIANT generate self destructive heat during Solar orgasms. Genes, architecture, and land magnetic lines, must all be arranged embedably or PHI cyclically (perfected compressibility or scale invariance) or die.


Major planetary melt-downs accompany sun-bursts. The el-dorado principle is the gold valence which is fractal. At those Doorways into Gold, places where Earthís magnetic lines cross fractally or implosive (where gold forms in veins), there is also the place where genepool remnants can gather to survive when the Sunís flux density tests for the shareable among Earthís structures.


The up side is those magnetic structures which do achieve this "grail" shape which allows non-destructive nesting, get squirted thru the speed of light, thru the heart of the Sun into the wormholes between stars. This is alternately labeled becoming an angel, becoming a time lord, bardo navigating, lucid dreaming, etc. This is the product of human genetic evolution tested as to who gets to inhabit (embed magnetically) into stars.


This makes Star Births more magnetically sustainable by investing the recursion centering force which self awareness brings to the wind of magnetism. This is why self aware star births have a particular PHI based recursion spiral geometry.

So, as Al Bielek suggested, there are some simple ways to sweep for low grade Draco infestation of your friends and senators etc. Originally they implanted thousands with chips for hive mind (Borg status). These would show up on X-rays and were removed wholesale by Darryl Sims, SABER RESEARCH INSTITUTE, PO 0944, Houston, TX 77205.

The Borg technology brought to you by your local Draco evolves quickly with the help of abducted senators and generals, to implants which do not show up on X-rays. This is where the cosmic shamanic cowboys come in who can boot them out. You can look a shaman, or you can learn how to do it yourself.


Consider the insidious role of Candida in weakening the immune system. It is too easy to manipulate whole population regions by generating High Frequency fields which trigger explosive growth of Candida. This conveniently weakens whole areas of peopleís immune systems.


The attack on our genepool is via respiration.


The tubercular diseases are how we prevent the inhalation of the fire of O-xy-gene. These shaman tell us that the vast majority of people in major population centers have multiple biological "Borg wiring" implants, which are sapping their strength, and preventing individual thinking. Visualize your inner magnetic body as a bright translucent blue.


You will see in your inner eye almond shaped red blotches on the inner landscape of blue, where your implants are. You can consult your inner deep bird tribe spirit guides, claim your I AM presence and boot them out. Get implosionís rush in your heart, and the magnetic whoosh spins out dirty DNA like the spin cycle of a wash machine. Only what can stay shareably at the center of spin survives.

So although over 80% of the people in our major population centers may already be literally walking borgs by virtue of the epidemic of implanting, at another level, we may see a service here.


As the mageto flux on Earth implodes in the Sun orgasm, the clean sweep of DNA not implosive and ensouled will be guaranteed by the parasitic Draco implants. This is because the same physics which permits centered/imploding hearts and DNA thru the Sun into time inhabiting, is the physics which determines who is able to resists and clear implanting.

Try consistent living in hi treeíd oxygen rich environments where magnetism is not dizzy for starters.

One key principle is that unbraided DNA does not ultraviolet burst, so the blue fire UV is clairvoyantly absent for DNA not ensouled.

Remember the Borg feel it is a privilege for us to allow ourselves to be assimilated. They only forgot that if you induce total hive mind (new world order), your eliminate the possibility of the impactful feeling of individuation WHICH IS A PREREQUISITE TO FIRST ONSET OF COMPASSION.


And without your own internal magnetic TURN INSIDE OUT compassion, you have no chance of initiating your own DNA braid into the recursion implosion we call getting a soul. (Embedability) The convenience of permitting this cattle consciousness makes it easy to choose assimilation. (Let me install my cable net into your children says the Draco controlled media...) It will be easy when the scannerís can check your ID with this implant... Ask yourself why the TOTAL telepathy of the BORG queen completely eliminated all compassion in her hive... (Star Wars).


Practically, the shadows of the Prime Directive, meant that the Andromedan Council and their alliance of non-interventionist could not intervene in the Orion sector agenda here, unless a certain critical mass of us WERE TO CHOOSE TO STOP BECOMING BORGS.


When you tell most people our governments are being parasitized wholesale by the borg Draco Orionist (and their puppet Grayís) (Collier, Branton, Bill Cooper, Phil Schneider.. - Schneider built Randís deep underground military -, Michael Ash...), the most common current response socially is,

"itís probably true but I donít want to know, so donít bring it to my attention again.."

This situation serves the Orion sector Dracoís.

Another situation which serves the Orion interventionist and their Reptilian allies, is the depletion of oxygen here.


They used to have to stay in their caves, because their metabolism cannot handle higher oxygen contents. So our senators they had body snatched voted carefully against restoring our atmosphere. This happened years ago when Tesla could have replaced internal combustion, by tapping the electromagnetic implosion phenomena called Gravity. See the Scalar literature, sadly and inappropriately called "free energy".


(Earthís gravity recursion magnetosphere is the result of a heavy investment life force and emotion, and bleeding it is certainly not FREE, as any planet will tell you who feels her gravity resonances passed into interplanetary EROTIC play.)

So they saw the choking cloudís over LA years before it happened.


But there was no will among the infesting ETís to restore the fire here (oxygen) because their metabolism wanted low oxygen anyway. The original wry joke among those in the know was that you could sort out which senators and generals had been body snatched and implanted completely by low end Draco, by reducing the oxygen content past normal life support in the senate, and the survivors would be proven Draco.

In the useful film, "They Live" about the classic body snatching problem they developed glasses (cobalt blue filter) where it was possible to see the absence of ultraviolet ensoulment about the body of the snatched. The story is that when Kodak developed a film which could do this, they were paid millions to remove it from the market.

Our friend says that careful inspection for vertical slits in the eyes, when their lenses are out can reveal this also, even on video.

Al inspired me to suggest a simpler solution. Before any military or political decision is made the participants should prove they can survive in a room whose oxygen content is higher than approximate 20-25%. The same process cures AIDS.


The delicacy is that combustion risks have to be managed, but this is a clear way to sort for native DNA among our implanted and parasitized decision makers.