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A portion of the Draco soul group ’fell to Earth’ in the DACian origins of Rumania. Uru /serpent -RU-m’an ia...
Is This a Key to the Genetic and Snake Like Root of our "FALL"?


True History for Cosmic Serpent by Jeremy Narby / - Paperback - 257 pages / April 1999

.." suggests that DNA, and the life it codes for at the cellular level, are "minded."

Quote from Wingmakers -

"Your planet is of interest to an extraterrestrial species that you are not aware of at this time. It is a species more advanced and more dangerous than your average citizen can imagine. If humankind is destined to be the stewards of this genetic library called earth, which we so carefully cultivated and exported to this galaxy, then it will need to defend itself from this predator race."

(wingmakers - book 1)


Korinna’s Story:

(Korinna Muller)

.... felt her German roots more powerful than her Rumanian birth. Fluent in German, Hungarian, Rumanian, Italian, English and Spanish. She hosts international events in Sacred Geometry and Ananda’s Diamond Light Body training. She connects much of Europe with her facility with language and tradition. Her husband died being irradiated by the ’secret societies’ for revealing the true Rumanian history also of World War II. The book was: "Antonescu", (he was ghost writer for the signer Dragan European Foundation)- and also he wrote "The Origins of the Rumanian Language, Literature and Nation".


It includes photos - and suggests the DACian and ’Traci ’- Tracian origins of Rumanian. (See Morningsky on the Orion queen origin of Mag vs Tak - MagzDak.. see TAK=ORION below) - Traci / Dragi - Rumanian (including Transylvanian - Hungarian) were the closest to pure Draco language of this planet. See Korinna’s book editing: "History of Romanian Literature". (by G.Calinescu, Nagard Publishers pres. J.C.Dragan, limited edition, English 1988) Particularly helpful here are the sections tracing the real roots of St. Germain’s Dracul family blood in Transylvania.

(Her husband was TRAIAN FILIP, author also of "Falsifier of Images" largely dealing with George Calinescu - original source of ’History of Romanian Literature’.)

Drag = DR-AG., M-AG, becomes AMYGdala, meaning ’to tower’, being the mouth of the reptilian brain stem where the juices of kundalini, tantra, testasterone and bliss are regurgitated feeding the high bird brain. (URU feeds IBI - serpent feeds eagle, Quetzlcoatel / SUN-God returns. )

AG= AG-ni. (Source of AGNI / FIRE)

"Uru-An-ia"? - Ro-man, Ru-man-ia...

Sumer / An / Uru’s came for Gold. Then the Romans, the Turk’s, AND the Russian’s ALL came to Rumania for gold.

The uRu-An’s came to RU-M’ANia because of gold deposits. Drag / MAG’s needed to follow the Gold. The gold magnetic lines were fractality food for their wounded soul. After the Templar MAG - Then the Roman’s conquered Dacia (today ’Rumania’) looking for gold. (Rumania was at that time called DACIA , DACia comes from DAC, as in MAG z TAK. Tak = Orion as in AlniTAK, MinTAKa, etc.). Their king was DECebal, (DAC?) was fighting with Roman emperor Traian. Aryan/ Tryon is the name of the town in Carolina settled by Daniel Peyseur of King Louis of France MAG fortune initiating the Rockefellers, ref: Pandora’s Box, book. Traian - last name of Korinna’s husband, whose life purpose involved telling the story of Russian Jew’s parasitic effect on Rumania during and after WW II. In his last novel called "Thalassa" (TALaban, TALtos, TAL.. see also PTAH-TAAL.. ) ancient name of Mediterranean, \ was in part the story of early Korinna’s childhood memories - saving the pregnant VIPER - who gave birth in her hands. She petted the pregnant snake - massaging it’s envelope unto birth. Like heart sound peristalsically pumping the snake juice of the spine to give birth to the Amygdala juices of bliss. When the serpent feeds the Eagle....

According to the good Antwerp Doctor, the Mongolian’s (An’s) were the source of Ashkanazi, and later Bank of England. We wrote about the MAG Templar origins of Insurance and Banking (usu-ally similar to the industries of FEAR - piracy / extortion / parasites) as the ET Drac way of harvesting genepools - on many planets before and after EA’s Earth.

From Hancock’s book: "Heaven’s Mirror"

Korinna went to be near the Draco star map at Ankor complex in Cambodia with Anana. There Mantak Chia (m-AN -from- TAK means ANunaki from Orion / TAK - Snaking Tantra thru the spinal orbit work), directed her to the ritual of drinking King Cobra live snake blood then it’s gall bladder. With this she was able to see the vision and memory of the snake line. The reptile there is close to the universal shape shifter skill of what makes DNA able to ’worm’ itself into any shape. (Book: ShuffleBrain, also - Cosmic Serpent by Jeremy Narby)

We were trying to see why the portion of the DRAGON blood line ’fell’, became Draco / Sumerian, and became NEPHILIM (to fall). In the process suffering such indignities as being the "God’s" behind the scenes eating the live human glands sacrificed in the Central American - Teotihaucan - Pyramid of the Sun , etc.

The origin hi Dragon lineage, were the MAG’s of the Orion queens. They were the power DNA of the Orion sector. She saw that the Draco warriors became over zealous in their war on the chalk planet. My interpretation is that a green beam emerged from a nuclear like blast they caused which put an ARROW thru a portion of the Draco soul group. She saw this chalk like planet which had been the source of the green beam splitting the brain and heart of the wounded Draco. This rang of the "Green Stone" book in the MAGdalen story, and the Green Stone made of Jade used by Mayan.

What Korinna saw was that a small portion of the fierce Dragon family blood line, was wounded in some rather permanent way by an arrow which split both the brain and heart hemispheres. She saw a green beam emitting from a conflict they over-did. I speculated the conflict may have been nuclear, like the Enlil AN blast ’pillar of salt’ they (the An’s), blew up & made desert of Sinai (Sodom and Gomorrah).

She said the portion of the Dragon soul group which broke off, became DRACO - fractionated, and un-ensouled, and ’fallen’, and became our genetic ancestors (Sumer), was only a tiny part of the Dragon line, but enough to become the chief parasites of our planet for millennia. And as John Fox said, you learn most about a body by studying it’s parasites. She said the Dragon Queen’s leadership of the majority of their soul group, regarded those fallen DRACO as terribly sad, and not-retrievable. Reminding me of how many times Max the Drac healer in Hawaii had to attempt successful near death experience. (The geometry of successful memory thru death requires accurate braid compression in DNA worm - a sequence of recursively superposeable symmetry turns - well mapped by those who drew the steering they saw during dying.).

I had long believed that this the process of becoming NEPHILIM or FALLEN among this Dragon remnant DRACO bloodline, was a loss of skill to make the glandular passion fire or implosion in the recursion steering it takes to make DNA self entwine / braid (worm) enough to implode.& ensoul. (ref: ../superDNA , and ../magneticx ). This story was critical because it explained what destructive URges those URU brought here (SUM-UR-IA , SUMER means dragon in Celtic ). It explained the parasitic side of the moment of conception of our genepool. Those UR or AN Dragon’s (morph animation to Sumerian Goddess from Draco at ../lion path ), needed Gold powder to shore up their loss of implosion (AGni fire) in the DNA - literally blood ignition. (Adam and EVE, ISIS and OSIRIS were borg’s they made crossing our ancestral DNA to make gold mining slaves).

Korinna’s story helped me see WHY the DRACO’s highly telepathic wholesale slaughter of our best NAVY Seal’s at DULCE was by those WHO HAD 2 HEARTS each. When a heart is split, it no longer can implode, turn inside out, and produce FIRE / IMPLOSION / perfect COMPRESSION / COMPASSION. ("Charlie" the head DRAC running Montauk bumps into what prevents his own DNA from steering the deca-delta time chair like the EMPATH of a simple human teenager. Empathy being the implosion making symmetry of FUSION in the EKG.)

She said that there was one hope for them : the Drac queens our ancestral EVE / Mother. She felt their racial sadness with intense grief. She said a beam of purest fusion energy held in love, from the HEART OF THE SUN - would be hope and healing for their broken soul pod. She said the great women of the Solar Shaman’s had the capability to steer that great healing SOLAR beam at the source of our own collective egg, to heal them. And in this process, we might do the soul retrieval for our own primal racial re-mothering. ../solarshamans

I had thought the fallen Nephite Drac’s would be toasted genetically by the Sun’s fire during Solar maxima, like all vampires DNA heats during compression. Instead, how rich it is that Solar maxima steered by our racial awakening into pure fractal feminine re-fuse-ing receptive love, could turn that rapt-or into rapt-ure.


In the below, we might ask ourselves - how is this ability to ’shape shift’ the waves - a snake like skill.

Intro note from Dan here regarding WHY perception / focus steers waves: Waves will always be directed or bent toward the center of what is fractal or recursive or self embedding. Human perception as focus requires wave alignment and thus establishes recursion/embedding geometrically among the waves in order for them to converge or phase align non-destructively - Which is to say: bringing waves into focus for perception8520/ is identical with the process of making them recursive / fractal / implosive.

Corollary to: ’only love bends the light, therefore only love creates’, we have: ’only perception embeds the waves, so only focus steers the light’.

(ref: How does INTENT steer waves? , and ref: URi Geller work proving human focus measurably reduces radioactive half life (radioactivity in essence is loss of the bond of self-reference/embedding ).


GNN: Conscousness Field Affects

Thoton Universe, Consciosness Unifies All Fields

Simply Looking At Something Affects It: Quantum Theory Demonstrated , From The Weizmann Institute (An IBI-URU institution?)
by Ananda

February 2001


February 26, 1998

--One of the most bizarre premises of quantum theory, which has long fascinated philosophers and physicists alike, states that by the very act of watching, the observer affects the observed reality. In a study reported in the February 26 issue of Nature (Vol. 391, pp. 871-874), researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science have now conducted a highly controlled experiment demonstrating how a beam of electrons is affected by the act of being observed. The experiment revealed that the greater the amount of "watching," the greater the observer’s influence on what actually takes place.

The research team headed by Prof. Mordehai Heiblum, included Ph.D. student Eyal Buks, Dr. Ralph Schuster, Dr. Diana Mahalu and Dr. Vladimir Umansky. The scientists, members of the Condensed Matter Physics Department, work at the Institute’s Joseph H. and Belle R. Braun Center for Submicron Research. When a quantum "observer" is watching Quantum mechanics states that particles can also behave as waves. This can be true for electrons at the submicron level, i.e., at distances measuring less than one micron, or one thousandth of a millimeter. When behaving as waves, they can simultaneously pass through several openings in a barrier and then meet again at the other side of the barrier. This "meeting" is known as interference. Strange as it may sound, interference can only occur when no one is watching. Once an observer begins to watch the particles going through the openings, the picture changes dramatically: if a particle can be seen going through one opening, then it’s clear it didn’t go through another. In other words, when under observation, electrons are being "forced" to behave like particles and not like waves. Thus the mere act of observation affects the experimental findings. To demonstrate this, Weizmann Institute researchers built a tiny device measuring less than one micron in size, which had a barrier with two openings. They then sent a current of electrons towards the barrier. The "observer" in this experiment wasn’t human. Institute scientists used for this purpose a tiny but sophisticated electronic detector that can spot passing electrons. The quantum "observer’s" capacity to detect electrons could be altered by changing its electrical conductivity, or the strength of the current passing through it.

Apart from "observing," or detecting, the electrons, the detector had no effect on the current. Yet the scientists found that the very presence of the detector-"observer" near one of the openings caused changes in the interference pattern of the electron waves passing through the openings of the barrier. In fact, this effect was dependent on the "amount" of the observation: when the "observer’s" capacity to detect electrons increased, in other words, when the level of the observation went up, the interference weakened; in contrast, when its capacity to detect electrons was reduced, in other words, when the observation slackened, the interference increased.

Thus, by controlling the properties of the quantum observer the scientists managed to control the extent of its influence on the electrons’ behavior. The theoretical basis for this phenomenon was developed several years ago by a number of physicists, including Dr. Adi Stern and Prof. Yoseph Imry of the Weizmann Institute of Science, together with Prof. Yakir Aharonov of Tel Aviv University. The new experimental work was initiated following discussions with Weizmann Institute’s Prof. Shmuel Gurvitz, and its results have already attracted the interest of theoretical physicists around the world and are being studied, among others, by Prof. Yehoshua Levinson of the Weizmann Institute.

Tomorrow’s Technology

The experiment’s finding that observation tends to kill interference may be used in tomorrow’s technology to ensure the secrecy of information transfer. This can be accomplished if information is encoded in such a way that the interference of multiple electron paths is needed to decipher it.

"The presence of an eavesdropper, who is an observer, although an unwanted one, would kill the interference," says Prof. Heiblum. "This would let the recipient know that the message has been intercepted."

On a broader scale, the Weizmann Institute experiment is an important contribution to the scientific community’s efforts aimed at developing quantum electronic machines, which may become a reality in the next century. This radically new type of electronic equipment may exploit both the particle and wave nature of electrons at the same time and a greater understanding of the interplay between these two characteristics are needed for the development of this equipment. Such future technology may, for example, open the way to the development of new computers whose capacity will vastly exceed that of today’s most advanced machines.

This research was funded in part by the Minerva Foundation, Munich, Germany. Prof. Imry holds the Max Planck Chair of Quantum Physics and heads the Albert Einstein Minerva Center for Theoretical Physics. The Weizmann Institute of Science, in Rehovot, Israel, is one of the world’s foremost centers of scientific research and graduate study. Its 2,400 scientists, students, technicians, and engineers pursue basic research in the quest for knowledge and the enhancement of the human condition. New ways of fighting disease and hunger, protecting the environment, and harnessing alternative sources of energy are high priorities.

Magnetic Components of Brain Activity
From: Ken MacLean

27 Mar 2001

Dear Dan:

Got this while reading an interesting, but sometimes bizarre paper on the internet, from some group called the
"Chicago Research Institute Group." Well you know how that goes! But there is an interesting bit I copied that
you may have an interest in. I have added my own emphasis in larger type. I can tell you one thing, I sure would like to get hold of that 6-minute video!
-- Ken MacLean

From Chicago Research Institute Group:
Magnetic Components of Brain Activity

Let me continue. I already discussed the importance of the magnetic component of brain activity in studying and monitoring brain processes and functions accurately and precisely. Further research by our Russian colleagues has also shown that with proper parallel computing algorithms, one can plot three-dimensionally the magnetic field configuration and spatio-temporal time-varying fields of the midbrain’s thalamus, hypothalamus, hippocampus, amygdala, pituitary and pineal functions in real time!

This is unprecedented, because it shows that, as we all here have learned in our Hermetic Gnostic Order’s teachings, the so-called "Cave of Brahma", Dr. N’s favorite "hang-out" (laughter), is indeed the magnetic and acoustic resonance chamber, its shape being a topological complex analogue of an ellipsoidal, prolate spheroid and a torus. In American lingo, I think that is called, a doughnut inside an egg? (Laughter) May I have the cine film strip please? Thank you. (Short film showing computer graphics is shown).

This shows a real-time plot of the nested magnetic fields around my own head. This piece of research was a little favor from a British colleague that likes to work nights. They call it the "Dracula Shift" (laughter). The white lines of the overall contour, the green the Hypothalamus plus Thalamus field, the red the Hippocampus plus Amygdala cycloid-shaped field (semi-circular), and the dumb-bell shaped blue is the Epyphisis (Pineal) and Hypophysis (Pituitary) combined fields. I wrote this algorithm myself with the help of Professor Penrose -- another unofficial favor - to map the magnetic fields using both the SQUID sensor helmets and a special helmet designed by Dr. Z having Delta-T and Delta-Wye transforms, having specially designed magnetic coils and sensors. This way we could pick up Pico and Nanogauss fields (billionth of a Gauss). The combined information is displayed here in three-dimensional coloured graphics. Notice the external white-lined shape is like an egg. Inside, almost at the centre, is the toroidal shape of the Hippocampus-Amygdala combined fields, the red contours. The central tube-like "sausage with trumpet-like open ends" looks like what? Anyone? (Chorus: "An Einstein-Rosen Bridge!") Right! (This is probably the tube that runs through the toroid, and its exit points grow out in the shape of a trumpet. This can also be seen by looking at the FOL pattern. Also, Dan Winter has a great graphic of this on his website.)

The blue-green combined field of the Thalamus-Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Pineal glands forms a sausage, like a mini hyperspace tunnel, about 7cm long. The screen image is magnified, but the actual side is about 7cm, (reflecting) the normal brain size.

Let me pause as minute. Can we replay that part? Thanks. Notice how the overall geometry is an ellipsoidal prolate spheroidal cavity containing a sub-space of a toroid traversed by a hyperbolic, non-linear Einstein-Rosen bridge. Again, in America n lingo, "an egg-shaped cavity containing a doughnut crossed by a sausage". What do these nested fields look like to you, dear friends? (Cross talk and comments). A topological analogue of a relativistic, locally curved space-time locus around a solar system. Of course! What else? A space-time torus with an Einstein-Rosen bridge connecting its median points!

There, ladies and gentlemen... there is the scientific proof that the motto of our Order, the dictum of the ancient sages, "As Above, So Below ... As Within, So Without" is scientifically and neurophysiologically correct and precisely so! These shapes, which you all recognize as hyperspatial four-dimensional plots, are indeed magnetic-acoustical resonance chambers. Notice that these amazing geometries are the synergistic effect of the magnetic fields of these six organs surrounded by the ventricles, under the roof of the choroid plexus and corpus callosum. Notice what happens if I subtract the field of even a single organ, let’s say the pineal gland. See how it changes the entire structure? And, if I add the contribution of the mamillary body, it only widens the tube, right? And if we add the field from the reticular formation, the master circuit network, relay and switchboard of the brain where all waves are originated, what do we get? Next frame, please? We get a tunnel merging with the main ellipsoid al field. In the screen, it is the orange coloured grid.

To summarize, what is our Mid-Brain or Inner Cavity? It is a relativistic spatio-temporal cavity with local enfolded hyperspatial bridges that undergoes harmonic resonances to magnetic and acoustical stimuli. The implications are almost astronomical, if I may use the term, because a model and mechanism based on this novel scientific information implies that our human brain is in reality none other than a biological space-time energy transducer. As such, it creates not only space, but also time. Our ancient Chinese ancestors maintained that "the Tao was in our head", in other words, all the Universe was in our head! My own inference from this study is that space and time are essentially biologically modulated, perhaps even formulated, for my equations show that possibility. Should this intuitive scientific insight be correct, then it would demolish physics, biology, philosophy and theology in a single, clean blow.

Incidentally, I showed this filmstrip and discussed my theory and equations with Professor Penrose, who seemed interested at first, but very politely declined any further comment or association with me thereafter. I think he realized the impact of this novel theory. He is still convinced that quantum mechanics is the answer to explain brain functions and consciousness. I disagree. I think it is General Relativity and Unified Field a la Einstein, pure and simple. Quantum phenomena is not the cause, but merely the effect, and creation is not statistical. It is wholeheartedly deterministic, not left to chance, but to precisely formulated potentials, not fields. The potentials are the cause, the fields are the effects. In simple terms, pure magnetism and sound are the potentials. Electricity is the field. Magnetism and sound do not "travel" as such, for they are inherently enfolded in space and are everywhere. It is the disturbance that travels. On the other hand, electrical charge, hence electricity, does travel, because it needs a physical medium. It is obvious that we still don’t understand either magnetism or the true nature of sound. (Emphasis mine).

Addend from Dan:

Here, clearly what is needed to complete the above model for getting the brain’s MAGnetic worms thru light speed, multiply connected, and time penetrating - is simply the now proven understanding (Greg Hodowanec, Bill Ramsey) that waves of resulting capacitance or charge (gravity - see below) DO travel faster than light speed. And that this push thru the super-luminal is precisely triggered by embedding them in a PHI recursive pine cone. /pineal / pining.

....consider "the possible gravitational effects of charged electrical capacitors after studying the work of the great Michael Faraday the so called father of electricity. It is a little known fact that Faraday made the following profound statement as far back as the late Victorian age : ’Electrical capacity is to gravity as inductance is to magnetism’. .....If Faraday is correct then the energy stored in the capacitor is in the form of a GRAVITATIONAL field much like the magnetic field of an inductor....... Townsend Brown also found that the force generated by charged capacitors was directed towards the positive plate; that is to say weight reduction only occurs when the positive plate is upside to the negative plate. .... If the negative plate is above then the device increases in weight. ...... the ’Biefeld-Brown effect’ in the general study of electrogravitics."


"ParaSETI- ET Contact via Subtle Energies" by Gavin Dingley

Nexus Magazine Dec 2000

Note from Dan:

If only they had realized that it is the arrangement of the capacitive fields into concave vortex like array WHICH OPTIMIZE RECURSION OR EMBEDDING BY PHI RATIO - which FOCUSes THE GRAVITY EFFECT OF CAPACITANCE. "Gravity is capacitance gone fractal".