by Dan Winter
update May 1996
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The Andromedan's (Alex Collier) confirm our life wave arrived from a symmetry set dimension which makes us "royalty" genetically.


When we compare their perspective with the Thoth/Tehuti Overview of Galactic History, certain very dramatic confirmations emerge:

  • the Adam & Eve genetic experiments we attribute to Elohim/Yahweh/Anunnaki are clearly Orion/Draconian & Reptilian. Noah was upset when his sons saw the scales on his chest


  • what Thoth calls a "quarantine" for Earth's isolation from Galactic contact, has become a major vortex for the wars sweeping the Galaxy between Orion/Draconian vs. Pleiadian/Andromedan civilizations

The major issue at hand seems to "revolve" around the extreme power which glandular emotions can leverage to magnetically quite literally bend galaxies.


When DNA's recursive braid embeds enough fractal spin, the morphic resonance produces what Thoth calls: "a galactically resonant" individual. He has given this as a reason to lift the Federation quarantine against the fear and aggression radiating from Earth.

So, we suggest you read the Compendium from Andromeda. Evidence suggests that many government officials are relying on this same source for their local galactic news.


The question we suggest you ask yourself as you read this, is why is such a big chunk of the galaxies intelligent population willing to risk their lives to see that Earth gets to evolve?


It may be a bit more than an interesting petri dish for DNA here. Apparently, most of the many ET's who messed with the cooking up of our planet's DNA, did so for very self-serving reasons. They were looking to get the braid right so that the magnetic spin launched from the short cellular microwave lept Madalenically right up the tower to trans light time travel.


The physics of this is that in pent based, PHI Golden Mean optimized braid recursion, piezoelectric helicity extends wave spin leverage coupling across potentially infinite distances between wave lengths and velocities.


Note: In other words, re-pent and be saved, means interfere with infinite constructivity in Golden Mean pentagonal symmetry so that length and velocity wave multiples can reach through the light horizon time event wormhole, only the pent/dodec/wratchet into DNA can achieve this biologically - in a pent symmetry the wave interference adds and multiplies infinitely constructively in PHI ratio, permitting not just wave length but wave velocity modes to carry pattern memory through light speed event and recursion horizons. This is why all biological life EL EYE PHI symmetry is Pentagonal.

"Pent" in 3D is dodec/icos/dodec infinite fractal nest = Zodiac 12 faced, earth grid dodec/DNA dodec wratchet:

In OTHER words, properly braided DNA is the ONLY way to get biological memories squeezed up in coherent velocities and spin densities sufficient for galactic time travel and black hole penetration.


Now if our whole galactic sector were about to go through a NEXUS vortex requiring spin density translation requiring such a coherence penetration through a light barrier event horizon, guess WHO would get to survive through the wormhole?


Only those who had learned to fabricate their species in a DNA geometry with enough braid coherence could get their memories through this zero point, or "near death" harmonic concrescence time recursion event.

In "spiritual" parlance, this is known as "get a soul"... (sorry Grays, abduction gene splicing doesn't quite...)

So, here on Earth, having a soul means having enough magnetic spin harmonic cascades around recursive DNA, to keep biological memories wormholed to some connective... sort of like having a Draconian crystal implant to a central automiton computer, only LOTS different/better.


Better, specifically because spin paths up and down this ladder of life recursion braid, are all only tests based on the simple sharebility of spin memory. In other words pure intention is the only survivor through traffic jams of spin pressure.

Now the storal to this memory was that DNA appears to get its greatest how to braid info from the EKG at the moment of compassion, so...

Are we going to make it worth the galactic core communities major hassle to keep us DNA worms in a petri dish growing, by learning to...

A practical initial clue to this power embedded in human emotion, is the rush we feel at the moment of compassion. At my suggestion this onset EKG coherence has been measured programming DNA's helical wrap (Heart Math/Glen Rein), and also which we have repeatedly measured entraining trees. Clearly, the heart/brain plexi learn the skill to fabricate an electrical fractal drawing the threads of all magnetic fronts in invitingly.


This then is love's leverage to bend light by creating the ultimate centering force. Recursion (infinite data compression), permits the concentric domain (donut) alignment "zero point". This permission to implode as a G Ray of Vita, Genesi of Fiveness, wind BETWEEN frequencies, we label gravity.


But Gravity is a bloodstream of wormholes experienced lovingly (lo-phi-ingly) from DNA to Stars.


The spin path to this zero point, is the Golden Mean perfect damping, perfect heterodyning. As we have measured the breath, the heartbeat, and the Earth Grid discovering which harmonics embed this way of recursion, we are now aware exactly when wave systems become self-aware. (Enough focus, and even the stock market becomes Phibonacci self-aware, El's wave... Elliott Wave).


The skill to choose compassion like the threads of a dream catcher around the heart, is emotion making gravity, (a test at the doorway out of kindergarten).

So here we sit, somewhat folded in the higher cortex wrapped around a reptilian stem. If we succeed, in overcoming the knee jerk reptilian emotion fear/anger and aggression, then the galaxy will have succeeded in putting Reptilian DNA broad spectrum & high leverage emotion into the service of love and compassion.


The perfect geometry of compassion which permits waves to touch then stabilizes the spirals of galaxies into the perfect embedded flame of life.. el-eye-phi (El turn into Eye focus of Phi recursion). Reptor, Raptor, Rapture, Wrapped.

Fear in the breath or the touch is a sharp discontinuous jerky and somewhat shallow inrush of pressure.


The geometry of that wave cracking down the whip into DNA is resistance to spin: a mind killer. Love in the breath or the touch is a wave which onsets gently and deeply cresting at the Phi, .618 moment into the length of the wave.


The geometry of that wave sailing down the spiral into DNA, embeds and enfolds everything into the path of it's spin, free of resistance. Nothing is untouched by love.

And/or thank you andromeda!!!!!! you (or your friends) are here:

Summary of latest Andromedan news

May 11, 1996

During the first half of May 1996, Alex Collier has again been experiencing physical communication with the Andromedans, who released the following data:

Approximately two months ago (March 1996), a large mothership was found by the Andromedans to have parked itself just outside our solar system. Current reconnaissance (May 1996) has revealed a large number of reptilian soldiers in cryogenic stasis on board.


While the exact number of these humanoids and their intent is not known at this time, the Andromedans have stated that the origin of the craft is the Ursa Minor system.



Hale-Bopp Update


The Andromedans state that what appears to be the Hale-Bopp comet is in fact a very large craft made to appear as a comet, with other craft in tow within its extremely long tale.


In addition, a second comet-shaped ship has been detected and is heading towards our solar system, apparently originating from an area in the constellation of Cancer.

According to Alex, Visseus has been busy traveling throughout the galaxy with others performing ambassadorial functions to head off a possible Galactic War by negotiating some type of treaty or truce. The intended goal is to keep any conflict from expanding out beyond as few system as possible.


Groups from the Pleaides, Procyon and Tau Ceti have been having confrontations with those from both the Orion system and the Draconians within the outskirts of our solar system. The action is designed to maintain the quarantine in our solar system. It was reported that loss of life has occurred on both sides of the conflict.

Furthermore, seven ships are currently parked in Earth's atmosphere with the purpose of creating a blockade defense system for Earth. The blockade consists of two Andromedan, two Pleaidian and three Procyon ships. Procyon humanoids have recently become strong partners in the effort to quarantine Earth so that we are given a chance to evolve on a natural basis.


The Procyon humanoids have been liberated from the Dows (Greys), so they are every supportive and compassionate regarding the position of the population on Earth.

A large armada of ships have been found amassing in the Sirius B system. Early information points to a possible conflict between the humanoids from the Sirius B system and humanoids from the Orion system over the quadrant in which Earth is located.


Facts do however seem to support the existence of a shaky alliance between the two groups that is maintained because of a common interest in the population of the Earth. Although events in the continuum can change, at present it is believed that the armada is due to come to this sector between 2003 and 2005.


The Andromedan Council recently participated in a conference at an undisclosed location, which included representatives from Sirius B and the Orion Empire. No Dows (Greys) or Draconians (Reptilians) were evidently present at this meeting. The discussion apparently revolved around the subject of territorial rights and quadrant title to certain parts of our Galaxy by those from the two groups.


The Andromedans spoke on behalf of those from this sector, and asked that Earth be left alone so that we could be allowed to evolve. They further stated that their whole race was prepared to support the cause of Earth.


The humanoids from Sirius B became very upset at this prospect and promptly left the conference after this statement by the Andromedans, although the humanoid representatives from the Orion system remained. The final results of the conference are not known at this time.

Alex asked Morenae if the Andromedan race was capable of taking on the entire Orion Empire on their own, and Morenae replied that the Andromedans are not alone in their support of the evolution of the sector in which Earth is located.



Andromedan Advisories for the Near Future


  • March 1996

    Severe food shortages in the month of July and August 1996


  • April 1996

    As Texas gets closer to seceding from the United States, the dangers of biological warfare that will be waged against the population will increase.


    This warfare will be indiscriminate and will cross the border from Mexico. The "Mad Cow" disease will manifest itself here in the U.S. The new outbreaks of human disease will be new forms of incurable TB and Anthrax.


    There will be no cure for these, and this trend will begin in June and July of 1996.


  • April 1996

    The next major event on the planet by the NWO will be in the area of Jerusalem.


    There will be news involving extraterrestrial contact, and it will be stated that "they are here to help us" and that they are from the Pleiadian system, but this will not be the truth. They will be lying.


    The alien group will be aligned with the Orion group, and this will begin the process of the introduction of the being posing as Maitreya, a "false Christ". This will be an NWO trump card, and will occur no later than October 1996.


    This event causes problems with the global economy, creates confusion before the general election in the United States, and affects the structure of religious belief systems and mass consciousness.