by Dan Winter

from ReptilianResearchArchives Website



We now know that Typon is Tiphon, a name used for the home star of the political representative from Draco who met with Ike and fooled the feds into a treaty with the wrong ETís.


It is their "comet" death star, Hale-Bobb which approaches, after at least 3 course corrections, loaded with cryogenic Draconians. This is confirmed by the Andromedan, Alex Collier info, and the "Fingerprints of the Gods" comet prediction from Graham Hancock.


Also see the comet orb interpretation of the crop circles predicting Hale Bobb in Robert Morningsky "Prophecy". Also, the Apocalyptic "Anti-Christ" was mistranslated from the bible, what it really said "Anti-Krishna", which is "false star": Hale-Bopp.

Typon was the "soul-eating" "God" of the Egyptians. The black hole near Orion (The political bosses of the Dracoís) is where the soul force magnetic wormhole must make the right sling shot turn, in order to navigate the death bardo to the central memory core of our galactic neighborhood. Soul Eating is a term for using the spin density of a connection from well braided DNA to itís superluminal info core.


(See our DNA graphics to understand how PHI based braided genetic "lightening" accelerates thru the light speed & time barrier, by the constructive infinite cascade interference which the Golden Mean permits. And how recursive harmonic geometry of EKG during compassion produces that braid which also selects which codons go active.)


It is key to see that the Dracoís et al needed our DNA because the galactic sector here, slipping through the NEXUS Black Hole, would only allow superluminal "ensouled" DNA to take memory through the wormhole.


That means genepools without souls die in the unshareability of that test of symmetry at spin density. In other words, it was no mistake for them to try to hack up our DNA to get a soul, without that their genepool is doomed. What we need to understand is that braided spin density from coherent emotion and ensouled DNA is food.

The Andromedan Council in armada around Earth, with the Tau Ceti, Procyon, Pleadian... have been trying to slap the pattyís of the Warrior Dracoís as pawns of the Orion Queens & their Sirian puppet government.


(Having left a trail of destruction against remnant humanoids from Pleiades to Procyon to Tau Ceti... this sounds like Star Wars in the Empire for good reason kids: IT'S WORSE THAN TRUE!)

  • Dracoís have two hearts

  • 15 to 22 feet tall

  • the strength of 8 to 16 men

  • they are hard to kill

  • their psychic and technology skills in battle are thousands of years ahead of ours

  • they have no conscience remorse or compassion

  • they particularly like eating human children (tens of thousands taken from NY alone)

  • and now they have taken mind control over enough of our government leaders to pretend that martial law is necessary to remove all our defenses (to their tightly controlled excuse for "harvesting" Earth and humans as a "natural resource": black helicopter New World Order, UN)

The feds THOUGHT they were our allies!

The real insight of Maya, is spiral recursion in time or spin measure. Doorway to implosion, the ultimate connectivity device... EKG Spectrum Analysis Shows Onset Fractal Recursion of Harmonics at The Moment of Compassion/Love. Fractal Attractive Embeddedness bends light, creates gravity, dilates time.


PHI Based Recursive Braidednes which measureably increases in DNA in the presence of coherent EKG, launches wave lengths and velocities by PHI heterodyne thru light and time barriers.

This soul wormhole connection based on love is the only surviving memory as this galactic sector passes thru nexus/black hole event horizon, which is why ETís want our DNA.

Where there is flame, waves have agreed..