by Dan Winter
Jan 15, 2010

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"Avatar The Movie, Morgellons and the Global Warming Controversy" ( )




Watching Avatar in 3D - impatiently waiting for ecstasy moments... with the other billion or so humans deeply engaged in democratically yearning for the perfect movie - there was a critical mass of eureka moments.


Sigorney Weaver embedded in her almost scientifically authentic instruments (see LA Times - "Inventing the Plants of Avatar" - excerpted - Appendix ONE below) - announces prophetically that the tree roots HAVE FOUND A WAY TO COMMUNICATE. You almost had the feeling she might understand HOW trees were communicating. We read that the scientific consultant they hired for the movie advised them not to say the trees were communicating just chemically.


Yet - being almost spiritual they were clear that some form of evolving collective intelligence had created sustainability in the Pandora "field".

Let's celebrate this movied (kind of like being 'moved' except it involves being 'movied') occasion of so much global attention being paid to how biology gets its waves into the branches of democracy. In that honor, being something of a specialist in the field of tree communicating - mostly in the mechanism of my profession: electrical engineering, I would like to tell you one or two of my favorite "Phil Callahan" stories - about tree communicating.


(There is significant danger this could trigger a higher statistical probability here that you too could become one of those ubiquitous tree huggers).

It may have been about 20 years ago we went to Gainesville Florida - to make a 3 hour documentary film with Dr Phil Callahan - called "Antenna's of Nature". During the filming he took us into his back yard and showed us how he measures which of his trees are healthy.


He hangs a small piece of hemp fibre (really happy DNA makes good biologic capacitors) - in the branches of the tree. Then he used his liquid crystal Fluke oscilloscope to look at the weak voltage wave coming from the bundle of fibre - listening to the weak electric heartbeat of the tree. The hemp or jute fibres had been giving a soak and sun dry with enzyme live sea water or human sweat - the result was one of biology's more sensitive voltage pick up devices ('transducer').

Then by looking at the shape of this lo frequency (voltage) wave form on his little scope - he would MENTALLY perform a kind of frequency analysis and decide how many of the frequencies of the SCHUMANN RESONANCE RADIO were reaching the tree. If the tree had only one or so frequencies ringing in it's electric aura - it was sick.


If the harmonics of the SCHUMANN RESONANCE - which cascaded up the scale were INCLUSIVE in a caducceus looking cascade of frequencies - in the weak electric field of the tree - then he knew the tree was VITAL.

Later I learned to use an actual spectrum analyzer to look at this - literally the EEG of trees - (graphics etc Appendix 2 - bottom of page) to make this process replicable for science.


"Effect of LOVE on Trees": Notice in our measurements that the really good tree huggers (sometimes the sacro-cranial practitioners were best cause they knew how to 'feel' the long wave) - entrained and cascaded the harmonics in the trees weak ringing electric field.


The correct term for this principle of harmonic INCLUSIVENESS in trees (just like the term doctors use for- inclusive heart harmonics - called Heart Rate Variability - which prove immune heath) - is FRACTALITY. It is similar for the way "Bioacoustic Habitat Theory" heals a sick forest by replacing missing sound harmonics - except this is electrical (voltage couples to sound in helical slinky structures like DNA & quartz - through something called 'piezoelectricity').

In bioacoustics (Bernie Krause "Gorillas in the Mix") - they learned that the SOUND of a bulldozer alone is enough to punch a bleeding hole in the immune system membrane of a forest. Forests work hard to make the membrane of sonics - their skin - into FRACTAL - harmonic inclusiveness.


This is the same way - biology - in living cells get membranes that have immune health - by making the folded surface of that membrane FRACTAL (aka Bruce Lipton, Fractal Evolution - fractality and membrane mediated biology).


The fractality of foldedness that makes a membrane into a brain - is precisely harmonic inclusiveness (perfect inclusion of short waves and everything in between up to long waves). This is a beautiful introduction to how all systems get the privilege of making the move from chaos into self organization precisely if they get fractal.


At we present the physics evidence that this FRACTALITY among waves of charge - (harmonic inclusiveness perfected is called 'phase conjugation') is the electric cause and mechanism of -gravity, -life force, -color, -consciousness and perception.


And we show how that fractal field theory creates revolution in the science and technology of sustainability.

That WAY a forest gets fractal- is to arrange that the songs (sounds) of all its species get nested 'inclusively' in a way that fills each possible sonic spectral niche. This 'harmonic inclusiveness by measurement' is what is called Bioacoustic Habitat Theory - and is behind how we can diagnose a forest medically - the same way we can diagnose you for disease by taking a harmonic analysis of your voice. ("Biosonica,, Signature Sound Works").

The essence of the principle is that the wave form or bubble of the forest.. (plasma ball or 'orb' - see why they are dodeca
...) by getting its harmonics in a fractal (or 'phase conjugate' ) cascade- gets CENTRIPEDAL. This means that this IS WHAT HOLDS IT TOGETHER. Later as we study things like orbs - we learn that there is one certain kind of standing wave symmetry- which allows living things to get centripedal in their plasma.


That shape is dodeca-icosa- because the inPHIknit stellation of the pent dodeca-icosa- produces perfect 3D fractality - AND Golden Ratio everywhere! This is why DNA, Earth Grid, Zodiac, and the Universe itself are generally modeled as a dodecadron. It makes them able to self organize by centripedally imploding 'plasmically'. So this dodeca pent shape (behind most every living protein) is at the heart of fractality.

This may sound a bit esoteric to you, but now we can get back to Professor Callahan, and very much to the fun of this story. The WAY the dear professor had learned about how biology gets happy when it is inclusive harmonically (fractal) - was back in his World War II days. He was a radar operator on the Wales coast.


He had observed one particular village - where most everyone appeared to live to be over 100 years old. Intensely aware of antenna design- as a radio operator, he noticed that in this particular village - which seemed to have some kind of secret immortality recipe- that as you went into the little thatched houses you always felt as if your hair was about to stand up.


He started measuring the unusual energy of these homes, and found how to attach the little hemp fibres to the amplifiers he used for radio.

It is while investigating how these homes made the strong capacitive field- which made everyone live to be older than normal- that we later invented the deep SCIENCE of biologic architecture. We now sponsor conferences globally on Biologic Architecture - Mexico, Wales, etc: also at the link you can enjoy the famous film with Prof. Ron Eglash: "Fractality in African Architecture"

The ability to make a house into a 'fractal' capacitor that prevents aging, very much the definition of living architecture- is very similar to the reason agriculture got reinvented when ancient peoples learned that building StoneHenge like structures- made an electric field effect which created a revolution in seed germination (See the book "Seeds of Knowledge" with our science film updates: ).

The mechanism as Dr Callahan discovered it in Wales, might make some pot smokers decide to live in their weed instead of inhaling it. Actually - hemp is not the only fibre that works, but it is one of the best. In homes built of BIOLOGIC MATERIALS the electric field generated is more FRACTAL - because every time a molecule joins the highly SHAREABLE and well distributed 'club' called LIFE - it gets arranged into a geometry which is more FRACTAL.


The result is living materials are better at making electric fields that compress well - this property of perfected electric field compressibility - called FRACTALITY - in field theory is called PHASE CONJUGATE DIELECTRIC. You know - how when you get married you have CONJUGAL relations. This means that you share DNA and find out which waves propagate (make kids well).


The same happens for waves of charge when they nest well. (voltage waves- in a 'dielectric' - like the quality of the insulator between the plates of a capacitor). If the pattern the waves experience going through the insulator is conjugate or fractal- THEN LIFE HAPPENS.

To understand the conjugation or perfected fusion of the phases of waves - visual waves in a CADDUCEUS - the symbol of Hermes, DNA and healing. This pattern, perfected by Golden RATIO - in physics is sometimes called perfect 'damping' ( meaning perfected FUSION by compression - the key to alchemy ).


Phase conjugation - at the heart of fractality - is inherently broad spectral in the same way golden ration by being the only way phases can conjugate - is the only way - harmonics can live together in a spectrum of maximum diversity - just like the critters and the trees in Pandora!

It is important to make the point here, that essentially what the fractal or phase conjugate dielectric field IS- that creates life: is defined by CHARGE DISTRIBUTION EFFICIENCY. (100+ scientific papers on why phase conjugate dielectric fields are bioactive:


It is helpful to understand the origin of the word SPIRIT- meaning that (fractal) charge which is able to SPIRAL. Implosive or phase conjugate / fractal fields are inherently broad spectral- this physics speaks to and IS the divine. Well distributed charge defines, life, God, the collective mind, your ancestors voices- and your intuition.


It is the origin of our word SCION and in SCIENce, and deVINE, even the ion in John, etc.. it is all about the perfect branching (fractally) which makes charge waves - AND YOUR MEMORY - immortal (sustainable by entering into perfect distribution: an ion, John - is a [fractal] 'chip off the old block'). This is sort of like the plasma of the ancestors of the Hopi might not be well distributed enough to continue speaking to them piezoelectrically in their bloods ringing - if the US government is stupid enough insist on criss-crossing the plateau of Old Oribe - with poisonously non-phase conjugate metal sewage pipes.


It's all about the physics of perfecting charge distribution. For you chemists- the REASON that redox potential measures ability - of any liquid to support life - IS that it measures charge distribution efficiency (as Pat Flanagan and I have concluded redox - electron availability to react IS fractality in liquid).


Once you understand this - you can see why measuring the parallel principle FRACTALITY IN AIR ( see GDV in air pics: measures not just whether any space is SACRED - but also whether in that space - you can have bliss, talk to your ancestors, and germinate seeds better. In that fractal air- then charge distribution is sacred- so you call it 'temple'.


(Incidentally you may be interested to know that fractality in air is essentially a requirement for the existence of rainbows and the green flash!, because the same fractal compression/ phase conjugation is the reason that color exists - and therefore why rainbows happen).

SO... back to our hero - Prof. Callahan found out- the straw or hemp buildings in this village in Wales, were not only made of exclusively BIOLOGIC or living materials- but they also had another benefit. The straw was regularly misted by the nearby sea spray.


The result was repeated coatings of trace mineral- living sea water- then baked in the Sun. The collective result of the biologic materials, coated with living minerals from the sea- was a fabulous biologic capacitor. The result was houses - where walking inside - was so invigorating - it made your hair stand up - AND everyone in town seemed to live to be over 100 years old!


It was like a rejuvenator. (Sound like Pandora to you?).

So - it turns out you can define the 'sacred space' inside a temple - by its ability to make the electric field to make biology grow better. And it is call measurable. Then measurement device is called GDV - and it measured the life force in air - by measuring the fractality - (perfected charge distribution) in the air.


This is how - Dr Korotkov - measures the sacred space where shamans make phone calls to their ancestors...



Imagine if we could measure the air in the center of the cavity between the roots of the tree in Pandora in Avatar? Do you think we would find the electrical harmonics of good charge distribution (fractality)?

The deep science 'roots' of the principle of biologic democracy - are contained in the electricity of a pine cone. Pine cones are actually biologic imploders; each of the seeds on the surface is a capacitor. When each of the pine cones seeds are arranged in their classic 'fractal' pattern- which is to say looking like a rose - the electric field in the center 'conjugates' its phases.


This means the little bits of voltage start to create fusion and implosion, because their wave lengths and speeds both create perfect constructive wave interference. This fusion principle - for biologic plasma - is the key to life force, alchemy, DNA radio, the collective mind.. and all that magic stuff.

Rudolf Steiner's school - analyzes the deep science of the pine cone, calling it 'etheric formative force' and ' projective geometry'.


The classic book by Lawrence Edwards - measuring how pine cones make life magic, is called 'Vortex of Life' (originally "Fields of Form"). The seeds on the pine cones surface - like a magic imploder screw, actually measurably unfold and fold open and close, like a rose, during the seasons. It is a self adjusting generator modulating the amount of voltage - called LIFE ITSELF - the imploder cone is extracting from gravity - according to its need.

Steiner's famous terms 'etheric formative force' refer the implosive self organization of conjugating electric lines (phase conjugate dielectric capacitance- if you like). His term - 'projective geometry' referred to the condition - when the lines of force - became implosive, fractal, and created fusion - then the plasma or 'polis' became PROJECTIVE.


The reasons the electric field starts to project outward - after implosion (in roses, and ferns and onions... all biologic fractals)... is because the golden ratio principle of living capacitors- adds and multiplies constructively not just the wave lengths (the beginning of constructive compression) - but also the speed or velocity of the wave fronts heterodynes or wave interferes, constructively.


Eventually this means that a portion of the compression of charge becomes acceleration. This is the electric reason for example - that the hydrogen atom is held together , and is able to make gravity (

The electric field that connects to these faster than light wave velocities becomes a fractal tree like network - (superluminal plasma cocoon) sometimes called ' the collective unconscious' or we like to say : DNA radio. The thing is - this biologic radio works perfectly inside the tree roots center in Pandora.. but it gets all messed up and fractionated inside things like metal buildings, and electrosmog.


This is because - the charge or plasma field of perfect living biologic democracy- has to breath and be distributed perfectly - continuously. This is beautifully easy in Pandora, that is to say - cities which look like pine cones, but virtually impossible in modern human metal cities - full of the wrong metals and electrosmog.

At the center of the pine cone, and the rose, and the fern, and your DNA, and IN THE ROOTS OF PANDORA'S MAGIC TREE- the plasma electric field biologically implodes and fuses waves of charge... called spirit.


The way gravity waves (caused by fractality) and biologic democracy works- is thru the continual testing of which waves can fit the discipline and grandeur of perfect SHAREABILITY- called fractality. In effect, the waves that CAN fit the nest- must all contain some pattern or symmetry which add to the central library of useful survival information. This is called PURE INTENTION, and corresponds electrically to the perfection of wave COHERENCE called FRACTAL.

This is the reason, using my cepstrum mathematics- when I invented the word HEART COHERENCE- can measure like a lie detector- pure intention (coherence) in your EKG harmonics (


That voltage coherence starting with your heart's fractal COHERENCE, is also the physics and measure of kinesiology - the voltage which determines muscle strength. It is simply the laser like determinant IF YOUR WAVE IS SHAREABLE... perfectly... It is also why you only fall in love with pure intention: because you can only sustainably embed with a perfectly (immortally) distributable wave.

The fusion of charge waves into this (bioKHEMistry's EKG and DNA) faster than light - black hole - is the key of alchemy, KHEM (black hole making)-istry - and as we now know - the serious physics of black hole making corresponds precisely to the construction of every proton (Nassim:

For a really fun story - read how Shakespeare learned real gold making- alchemy physics from JohnDee007 just before he wrote his plays on the psychology of Alchemy - the fusion of many into ONE: - (film & academic historic evidence at link) and then he created the Tempest storm using the fusion of angelic plasma physics (Ophanic)... to take out the Spanish Armada. The solar storm is coming - if someone steers - we'll make it!

This is more than just pretty physics, you can do experiments which are great fun. Not only can you take a pine cone, or a living egg, and measure the voltage difference end to end ( the actual 'proof of life')... but you can use them for DNA radio! One day - it was just a little misty out.


I happened to pick up a really healthy looking pine cone, I held it between my hands and felt the burning tingle of its central spot of compression (sacred core). As I was enjoying the little tingling presence - I was feeling in the heart of the pine cone, it suddenly began to rain. My partner Valerie thought this was pretty cool.

At first- this seems like ceremonial magic. But actually it is simple physics. I have been noticing for years that when the feelings called kundalini - get intense - that it often begins to rain (


What persuades water vapor molecules to touch and share space - to get into the envelope called a droplet- is precisely a little centripedal electric charge field- called phase conjugate or fractal. This is how the orgone people make rain. The correct term is phase conjugate dielectric - or fractal field.

Getting back to our movie - remember - when the hero's would connect to other beings? They would connect the braided end of their hair (like the braided tails of DNA) - into the threads of the other being (they needed to telepathically connect to). One important origin for the word KUNDALINI - is derived from the word for hair - or the KUNDA-LINE (when the knot does not implode - then it is called - as in Gurdjieff - the KUNDA-BUFFER, located near the tailbone - the pelvic tilt unfurls the knot).


Hair is a wave-guide for the measurable microwave and RF frequencies guided on a river of longer waves of sound- during bliss and kundalini.

Did you notice that just as the threads braiding from their hair were weaving into the threads of the being (like the flying pteradactyl) - that just for a moment - the pattern they made as they fused their lines - was like a PINE CONE.

In physics - this perfect approach of waves from opposite directions into a center of FUSION is called PHASE CONJUGATION (as in optics). The pattern where the lines fuse together perfectly looks like a pine cone (not just for laser optics but also true in pine cones and living capacitors - called 'phase conjugate dielectrics, read: - and it is here that physics first discovered APPARENT SELF ORGANIZATION.


The path that light lines - or electric lines- or magnetic lines - follow when they 'phase conjugate' looks precisely like TWO PINE CONES - which have figured out how to SCREW (embed) into each other TIP to TIP. This produces an implosive adding and multiplying ("heterodyne") of plasma phase velocities in their conjugate core - which is the cause of gravity, color, perception, life and all (centripedal) self organization.


(Accessing/making the 'black hole' defining the KHEM in alKHEMY and KHEMistry - Nassim's Schwarzield definition showing black hole making is how protons and EVERYTHING in physics is made - using Golden Ratio- see appendix: ).


This fractal field solution is in fact - THE way out of chaos! Maybe it feels like our planet needs a way out of chaos to you? Pandora's physics is a very good clue to the fractal principle.

In fact it is easier than it sounds. Here is how you do it - you check the magnetic (and electric map) of your bed and your house and your town and your bioregion ( and your DNA and your heart and your planet). This is sometimes called dowsing, but song line dreaming track - magnetic lines can be measured by physics - they are called a phase conjugate dielectric- and they are where your dreaming and your dying and your water can flow.

Next step is to gently begin to rearrange those lines (around bed and your house and your garden and your town and your...) so they start to look like a ROSE! (this is called: 'get fractal or get dead'). During the solar compression waves called THE RAPTURE - everything which IS fractal will convert compression into acceleration (biologic fusion into awareness). Everything which is not fractal will experience heat.


Fundamentalists call structures which are not fractal during solar climax: "THE LEFT BEHIND".


The important Pandora physics is that only golden ratio fractality invites constructive compression. AND perfect compression IS the key to fusion, spirituality - and especially to biologic democracy. Democracy is defined as the perfect way for waves and ideas and information and spirit - to get SHAREABLE. Do you see how roselike fractality is key to solving this compression problem.


It is why the sitting dancers in AVATAR arranged themselves into a pine cone- rose like fractal when they called their ancestors voices - to survive.


You see where we are going with this- our enthusiasm to be part of Pandora - translates actually into a SCIENCE of how powerful life force is generated in space. That science is implied in the movie - if we would just look a little further to begin seeing the pure principles..

For more on the MEASURING THE BIOELECTRONICS OF TREE COMMUNICATION - see the appendix below. Essentially we took the transducer - hemp fibres Dr Callahan recommended and used my EEG biofeedback invention (BlissTuner - now ) - and measured how trees talk to each other! (by weak harmonics of capacitively coupled electric charge waves... which learn how to share and branch perfectly!).

Next- to really get the subtle new SCIENCE of BIOLOGIC DEMOCRACY- from the AVATAR movie - lets talk about UNOBTAINIUM.

In the film - at one point they show you a small rock sized piece of their prized mineral they were mining called UNOBTAINIUM.

In the film - the actual piece of the material is shown apparently FLOATING IN SPACE - as if it contained some magical ability to defeat gravity. I would like to strongly suggest here that there is a class of materials in physics - to which this directly refers. In science - there is a group of materials which have unique (and fractal?) electrical properties - called PGM or Platinum Group Metals: namely - gold, palladium and platinum.


Collectively they are known for what is called a HIGH SPIN STATE.

The most famous of these is the white powder made of this gold, called ORMES, or THE SPICE, - which is supposedly the origin of holy communion.


Laurence Gardner goes so far in his book SACRED ARK - on the physics behind white gold powder (the ARK of the Covenant - is the necessary fractal or phase conjugate dielectric generator to make it) - as to suggest the HIGH SPIN STATE FIELD - very broadly distributed orbital electron planes - around the white gold powder - is the origin of the Jewish terms PLANES OF SHARON (roughly translated- meaning HEAVEN, or where the BREATH or HE of charge, takes FLIGHT - 'ave').


Is this sounding even slightly Pandora like to you?

Very interestingly, another well known property of the white gold mono-atom, is that after it turns inside out like popcorn - in the fractal field - and it changes mass and solubility - (eat the white gold powder and you live forever is what they say) - is that often IT STARTS TO FLOAT - apparently becoming weightless!


Is sounding a bit un-obtainably UNOBTAINIUM to you?

Another less famous property of the white gold and its deposits and residue - is that it tends to crystallize and be deposited in the soil - where energy lines electrically cross - in a fractal- like under the SACRED TREE IN PANDORA! Just where in the movie- was the best deposit of UNOBTANIUM.

The reason that gold veins occur in planets where magnetic lines cross more fractally - is a good introduction to the study of high spin state materials- and to how the Hopi's and Aboriginal Australian - inhabited their land with FEELING. That could be another good book.

For now- think about the deep racial memories - all of this invokes. If you believe as I do - that one of the turning point groups of our ancestors were the Sumerian Anunnaki, who came here and messed with our DNA - out of their addictive need for the GOLD MINING OPERATION HERE... (see The Rest of The Story, particularly with Anton Parks)

We begin to see how primal and deep seated are our racial memories of being abused indigenous peoples stuck in a messy mining operation!

..." looking for a heart of gold and growing old..."

More links on the spiritual trauma of gold powder mining: Gold Powder vs. Heart... Alchemy's Darker Moments

It is important to know that - our Draconian Anunnaki - 'Uru' ancestors were not as Sitchin suggests - just using the vaporized gold to repair their home planet atmosphere (we know the physics now) - but also they were eating it. It was often served in a round white wafer - which later was called 'holy communion' - but the original cakes were shaped like pine cones (as we see in the carvings at Renne Le Chateau.)


Plasma fusion in the blood was triggered by this 'manna' immortality food. But there were addictive problems- having to do with loss of self empowerment.

It is good that we consider this problem now- because loss of self empowerment- is precisely the danger we face if we mechanize our democracy without its biologic roots.


The essential difference between a machine collecting the votes for a borg (machine based) empire, versus humans assembling for bliss fusion at the heart of Pandora's pine cone shaped tree roots... is:

In the center of the machine there is no plasma fusion - no implosion - no communication with all of DNA radio. In the center of biology there is!


This misunderstanding created the loss of soul - of the ancient "Nephalim" or fallen Draco Anunnaki culture. In that culture (read Anton Parks: Chronicles of Girku - the Girku was Enki's Iphone!) the only legal way to replicate was cloning!


The sin of cloning is the fact that it prevents the soul making implosion of bioplasma of DNA radio. In the same way that Wilhelm Reich completely missed the function tantra, kundalini, and human bliss - when he wrote that the 'Function of the Orgasm' was to release charge to prevent cancer.

You make this mistake when you put your children in soul bleeding metal buildings with electrosmog and artificial air and light.


The waves of charge and light there do not get fractal and conjugate. Eventually their DNA stops imploding - and lacks access to bliss. Then - with none of their own private radio in to DNA's fusion furnace - they become essentially electric parasites.


They are like a jelly fish or medusa - who having lost the ability to suck can no longer self navigate. DNA that loses its ability to implode and attract charge- loses access to BLISS and the fire goes out! Here is the root of self organization in biologic democracy.


Living fractal information structures (perfect almost instant biofeedback makes the perfect roselike network) - self organize into self awareness only in this way.


Now for the climax of this particular little part of our story- I would like to talk about what we have learned about the pure roots of democracy in its essence.

Whether we are speaking of a weak wave of charge propagating around a human synapse- looking to discover if it got sustainable (immortal) by becoming SHAREABLE - ...or whether it is a weak electric field wave from a tree's roots- checking to see if the radio to the whole forest is working (shades of not just AVATAR.. but "Secret Life of Plants")..

the essential principle is the same:

IF the wave has found a way to be perfectly distributed THEN that electrical wave will propagate biologic memory sustainable (immortalizing the memory). The point here is the roots of biologic democracy.

The essential way in which one wave becomes part of a collective 'mind' - a self organizing (and fractally centripedal) field - is a good lesson in the design of democracy.

When one wave emerges from a synapse (

if it find a path to propagate such that it can circulate/rotate - that is called an ENGRAM - and is the beginning of memory. Creating that path is a symmetry problem ( see the solution: symmetry origin of alphabet: )


Perhaps this will reinvent the consulting which went behind creating the original language used in Avatar: USC Professor creates alien language for Avatar - in LA Times...

When charge finds enough symmetry to allow it to rotate without interference- that is the origin of quantum mechanics, and creation, and the reason geometry exists.

Golden Ratio - perfected - fractality is the ultimate solution to allow charge to rotate perfectly, because it is the solution to wave interference and therefore the solution to compression (the problem that stumped Einstein).


Fractal fields - like in Gold Powder, and PGM and high spin states - like PANDORA... are the key to life to similar reasons. Perfectly distributed waves of charge - make (wave) democracy perfect - because it makes wave systems (like Democratic parties) become electrically self organizing and emerge from chaos (because the waves and votes become centripedal around central principle of perfect wave AGREEMENT).

Basically - sustainability and immortality - among waves and charge and people- is limited by the ability to get rotation into fractality - to create perfect distribution.

Now - all this is more than a theoretical solution to a (wave) democratic problem.

Here is how it stacks up politically. First it is helpful to note - that the origin of our word POLITICS - is the word POLIS - which actually refers to whether or not a biologic plasma body becomes electrically projective with its plasma field- its' POLIS. So for example - a bee hive won't swarm or attempt to project part of itself - unless there is royal blood to steer the plasma.


Similarly - a group of people - actually have a body polis- when their aura (or plasma or charge field body) overflows and becomes projective. (Look for 'orbs' in the photos of your leaders). So actually the process (human bliss for example) which allows a group of people to absorb lots of charge is therefore how you GET a body POLIS.


So - we infer from this physics (in our book IMPLOSION-SECRET SCIENCE OF ECSTASY AND IMMORTALITY) - that human BLISS is the purpose and function of having POLITICS and GOVERNMENT (a scientific fact that may have escaped George Bush's attention).

And there is an even more immediate and practical application: to re-inventing democracy.

Remember the movie LAWNMOWER MAN - where the faster was the feedback rate- the more enlightened became the consciousness? The principle is rather simple- as the rate at which you provide feedback (to a wave or a person) - moves toward infinite - so too does the growth of self awareness. The old Vedic saying that the ability to become self aware is the ability to self refer - gets more and more profound.


We find - as designers of biofeedback, that the more immediate the feedback for a decision you just made is, the faster you can learn subtle control of a complex system.

Imagine you were steering a boat to a tricky dock. If you could only move the wheel once, then look out the window - once every hour, you probably would have a lot of trouble getting that boat steered up to a tricky mooring- or dock. Now - if every second you move the wheel slightly and see the effect (in a feedback loop) -  on how your last move affected the position of the boat - then you can steer better.


The point is - that if you could take samples infinitely fast of how your choices - affected your system - you could theoretically get control of almost infinitely complex systems. In other words - the RATE OF FEEDBACK - determines the RATE at which (self) awareness grows!

This is more than just theoretical. Imagine the American people. They get to vote on a president once every four years. It took them almost eight years before they realized how seriously they screwed up when they elected George Bush (pretty much cost them everything!).


Now imagine instead- that they met once every time they checked their email online - and 200 million people voted dozens of times a day - easier than going to the bathroom - AND EACH TIME THEY GOT FEEDBACK TO SEE IF THEIR COLLECTIVE DECISION WAS CORRECT - almost immediately!


Do you suppose America would have escaped the George Bush stupidity? I think so!

The feedback RATE- determines the awareness increase. Simple physics.

This CAN - translate into a real rebirth of grass roots democracy. True democracy is actually - the immediate self organizing feedback of almost total in 'almost' immediate group (wave) communication.

Yesterday - this would have been hard (translate: expensive). Today - with the internet - actual group mind by feedback IS possible. Instant voting - and absolute collective agreement

Start by look at how Byron's and move beautifully in this direction. By increasing the speed and rate - at which the collective mind is consulted... you increase the speed and rate AT WHICH YOU GET A COLLECTIVE (and self organizing - emerges from chaos) MIND!












Inventing the Plants of "Avatar"
The Los Angeles Times




A plant physiologist from UC Riverside helped create the exotic flora seen in the movie. 'What botanist would not want to "discover" new plants and name them?' she says.



The plant life on the world of Pandora is key to the plot of "Avatar."

Plant expert Jodie Holt suggested scientifically credible ideas about how plants

might communicate, drawing on a growing area of research called signal transduction. (20th Century Fox)
By Lori Kozlowski, January 2, 2010,



James Cameron's science-fiction blockbuster "Avatar" takes place in 2154 on the lush moon Pandora.


To help make the set believable, Jodie Holt, chairwoman of the department of botany and plant sciences at UC Riverside, was approached to consult on the film's plant life, as well as how a botanist would study such flora.

Holt, a plant physiologist, talked about her involvement in the film and the "Pandorapedia," a detailed catalog of the moon's features, including its many plants.

How did you become involved in the film?
I was called by Nicole Pitesa, [producer] Jon Landau's assistant, in early 2007; she asked if I would be interested in advising an A-list actress in "Avatar" on how to be a credible botanist. The movie was in preproduction at that time.


I later learned that Nicole had searched local universities for botany departments and found us at UC Riverside.

What type of advice did you lend them?
After being briefed on the plot and being shown early images of the plants on Pandora by Jon Landau, I met with Sigourney Weaver [who plays botanist Grace Augustine] and set designers to talk about how a field botanist would study and sample plants to learn about their physiology and biochemistry.


We also talked about the idea of communication among plants, and between plants and the Na'vi, and how that might be explained. Subsequently, I worked with a set designer to ensure that his designs for the field and lab equipment were credible.

Can you give specific examples about the set?
I did not work on all the scientific sets and props by any means. What we talked about was the concept of plant communication, which is integral to the movie, and how this could be studied by Grace.

Since life on Pandora was intended to adhere to our known laws of physics and biology, it was not credible to me to suggest that the plants had any kind of nervous system. Instead, I suggested that communication among the plants could credibly be explained by signal transduction, an area of research that deals with how plants perceive a signal and respond to it.


Since this process is still not well understood but is under active investigation, it made sense to use it as an explanation for Grace's more futuristic understanding of plants.


Subsequently, the set designer and I exchanged many e-mails about how Grace might sample plants and study this process.

In the actual movie, which I've now seen four times, I studied the equipment and labs - and everything looks just fine and quite credible.


The only real sample one sees Grace take is with a syringe, which is a reasonable thing to do. As far as field equipment goes, we agreed that 150 years in the future the equipment would likely be much smaller and more efficient, hence the small packs the scientists carried.

Overall I thought the science in the movie was fantastic! However, several of my colleagues noted, as I did, that the fact that Grace smoked could be a problem in the lab. The tobacco mosaic virus is common on cigarette tobacco and can easily be transmitted from a smoker's hands to biological samples and contaminate them. I was never consulted about the smoking, as this was a part of Grace's character separate from the science. Only biologists in the audience who work with molecular samples would think of this, however.

Later, in the fall of 2008, Jon Landau called to ask if I would be interested in writing descriptions of the plants, including fabricating Latin names, to be included in the games and book that were planned.


The result was a set of Pandorapedia entries, completed in early 2009.

What were some of the names in the Pandorapedia?
In mid-December, a book was published called "Avatar: An Activist Survival Guide."


The plant descriptions I wrote are in Chapter 4. These include taxonomy (Latin names I made up using the correct rules of nomenclature), a description of each plant, and information about ecology and ethnobotany. Since some of the plants looked like Earth plants, while others were quite fantastic, and others resembled each other, I started by grouping them by somewhat similar appearance to develop a crude taxonomy.

For plants that resembled Earth plants, I gave them similar names, such as Pseudocycas altissima for a plant that looks like a tall Earth cycad. Others I named for their appearance, such as Obesus rotundus for the puffball tree.

This project was very challenging but also a lot of fun. What botanist would not want to "discover" new plants and name them herself?

I understand that some of these Pandorapedia entries are also contained in the games that were released. However, my husband and I have not yet achieved much proficiency at the video game, so we have not been able to explore Pandora and learn about the plants that way.


Hopefully, we can get my young nephew to help us.

Did the film challenge you to think about what plants will look like in the future?
No, the movie is only about 150 years into the future, which is not a lot of time for major evolutionary advances.


The real question I dealt with in working on both the movie and the Pandorapedia was how the environment on Pandora would have selected the many unusual, bizarre plants found there, as well as some that look very much like plants currently found on Earth.

I wrote an essay on this, which is also in the "Avatar Survival Guide." The information on the environment of Pandora -- including the atmosphere, soil, gravity, etc. -- was provided by James Cameron, and I had to piece it together to create a credible explanation for how this environment would have selected the many strange plants on Pandora with their unusual adaptations.

For example, the atmosphere is thicker than on Earth, with higher concentrations of carbon dioxide, as well as xenon and hydrogen sulfide. Gravity is weaker. And there is a strong magnetic field.


Given the role of the environment in plant evolution, one would therefore expect to see gigantism, less of a gravity response (which makes stems grow up and roots grow down), and possibly a response to magnetic fields, which I named "magnetotropism."

Are there specific plants that you are most familiar with? Did this background aid the film in some way?
At UC Riverside, I study weedy and invasive plants. However, all my degrees are in botany and I have taught general botany for 12 years. In this class, I routinely challenge students to analyze plant morphology and anatomy to explain plant adaptations to the environment.


These experiences teaching botany were incredibly useful to me in working on the movie.