by Wes Penre
October 21, 2012

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1. Abstract. Walking Down the Darkest of Paths

"I cannot teach you violence, as I do not myself believe in it. I can only teach you not to bow your heads before anyone even at the cost of your life."

Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948)

"But this war in heaven was very terrible and very real. While displaying none of the barbarities so characteristic of physical warfare on the immature worlds, this conflict was far more deadly; material life is in jeopardy in material combat, but the war in heaven was fought in terms of life eternal."

Urantia Book (606.3) 53:5.7 [1]

This paper, in many ways, is probably the most important of all the papers in the 'Second Level of Learning', and probably the most important paper I have ever written.


I urge the reader to view and review it very carefully, perhaps take a break and ponder, and then come back to it.


Read it more than once if necessary, because this has to do directly with the survival of mankind as a species, as well as individuals, but it is also about our own personal responsibilities.

It is my absolute conviction that we all need to grasp this. Some of the information herein may seem very strange to some readers, and to others perhaps even impossible and not likely. A third category of readers may find it mind-blowing and quite scary at the same time.


Whatever the reaction may be, we need to know what our options are. The vast majority of mankind have no idea what the Sirians got in mind for them. So I ask you to partake in this information with a very open mind.


The following famous quote comes to mind:

"Condemnation without investigation

is the height of ignorance"

Albert Einstein

Unfortunately, I have to take the reader down a path that in some ways is very dark before I can go to my favorite section, which is all about soulutions.


But before we move on, there are a few things I'd like to bring up.


First thing is that I want to make sure that we all understand that although these papers have mainly talked about negative extraterrestrials, these are in minority out there.


For the most part, star beings and star races are friendly and peaceful, but it's the negative ones who stand out, unfortunately, and we have had the misfortune of having to deal with some of the darkest ones.

The Universe in general is actually quite a friendly place - I really want to emphasize this one more time, because it's easy to get the wrong impression. Those who know about us humans (more star races than we may think) are very excited to meet us and make friends with us.


However, many of them are quite concerned about the path the majority of mankind is going down; a path that can be very threatening to the survival for both them and us. In spite of this, they have no intentions to be violent with us or treat us badly.


Most of the star races do whatever is in their power to assist, but must attend to the laws and rules of the Universe.


The basic ones, such as Free Will and Non-Interference, are not something a Council somewhere made up because they didn't have anything else to do.


These stipulations are physical and metaphysical laws which support how energies naturally flow. If these agreements are broken, there are consequences that not only affect single beings, but sometimes whole star systems - even whole galaxies.

The way things are today here on Earth prevents all these benevolent star races from making contact with us. So (and I can't stress this enough), it's really up to us what we make out of this, but we don't have all the time in the world!


Almost all of us know that something is quite wrong with this world, but we are hoping someone else will take care of it, and that one morning we will read in the papers that everything has changed to the better and there are no more wars, disasters, famines, and diseases! Well, it's not going to happen that way.

Of course, there are good and bad individual in all societies and amongst all star races, something I've tried to point out as well. But to avoid to make things too complex, I have addressed a whole species (such as the Sirians) as if they all have one common brain, like in a hive society. In reality, this is not the case; the same thing applies regardless if we talk about Sirians, Aryans, or any other star race out there.


Still, I concluded that it's probably better if we think of these star races as archetypes when we discuss their interaction with us humans, and therefore I have generalized them as if they are all united in their efforts. They are not.


There are those who do not support what is being done to humans here on Earth and choose not to participate. I just want to make this absolutely clear to the reader: the star races are presented in an archetypical manner, and their behavior, good or bad, is not representative for each and every individual of the particular specie.


But I also want to say that if I would meet a Sirian on the street, I would not assume that he or she is friendly.

With that said, let us go ahead and discuss the last few things relating to the Sirian Warlords and their interaction with mankind. This information is about you, it is about me, and it is about mankind as a species and our survival potential as a soul group.


We, who live on this planet right now, are the ones who have to make the choices and hard decisions on behalf of future generations.


Thank you for listening!




2. Lifting the Veil

We have a chance in perhaps a million years.


Logically it would be one chance in 26,000 years, but because of the time loop we've been sitting in for I don't know how long, each cycle is not going to be this intense. Next time we are probably not going to have as much help as we do now, and perhaps there won't be a next time, either, because of the shape we're going to be in by then. So this is really it!

The Earth is quarantined in more than one way.

  • The Grid is locked by the Sirians (although there are holes in it)

  • The stargates are closed (although some of them have been opened, and not necessarily by the Warlords)

  • We're sitting in a time loop (although many of us may break out this time)

The Earth herself is vibrating on a frequency which is 'false' and therefore very hard to find by other extraterrestrials (although many have now found their way here).


As the reader can see, things are starting to happen in our favor, and the Sirians are losing ground. This is not the kind of arrival the 'Incoming' had expected after their long 'nap'.

So, the breakdown of the Sirian entrapment system is happening, but are we humans the one who have solely managed to accomplish this? The answer is no, we have had help.

We have discussed that the Sirians want the numbers, but the numbers benefit us, too.


The 7 billion people on the planet is a ceiling and we will not exceed that amount of people, or if we do, it's not going to be with much. The truth of the matter seems to be that since the baby boom after World War II and up until now, millions of star beings have broken through the Grid and taken bodies here on Earth. Not as walk-ins, but they have come in the traditional way through the birth canal, entered baby bodies, and have grown up here.


The difference between them and the common human is that they were born without amnesia, and they normally have no past lives here on Earth.

Why did they come? To fight the Sirians? No, these beings do not come to fight; they are only here to help increasing the frequency so we can break the time loop and raise the vibration of the planet, so she can go through her own transition.


This has been successful, apparently, because the potential future versions of Earth that were just probable realities earlier, and not yet energized, are now energized and have become true versions of our planet in the future, so I've learned!

What does this mean, exactly?


It means that if a certain probability of a future has been solidified, there are enough people who have put their energy into that future probability and made it into a possibility. Now we have several different versions of a future Earth that are getting occupied as we speak, and the Multiverse has adjusted to these new parallel realities!


This apparently happened earlier this year, or by the end of 2011.


These futures that are branching out are only the beginning, however. In a way, we are all creating our own future with our own version of a future Earth. Still, there are going to be versions of Earth that stay similar to how she is now, but there are also going to be a lot of branching off into parallel worlds, vibrating on higher frequencies.

Many non-physicals have seen how hard many humans work to break free. There are more people doing it behind the scenes than we know. All we can see are those who post on the Internet or write books, but there are millions of people who are not showing up in public, who are quite human, working extremely hard to advance spiritually and raise their frequency.


This has been noted by those not from here, and they decided to help us push through by incarnating here.

There are also beings of a Higher Order (although not in an authoritarian way) who love the Living Library and have invested a lot in it. If it is being destroyed now, it's not going to be replaced, because then the vibration of this planet has sunk to such a low level that the Library can no longer manifest and sustain itself here.


There will be versions of Earth that are going to experience these lower energies and worse, and in these versions of Earth, there will no longer be a Living Library.


These Higher Order Beings (some would say they come from the Angelic Realm) don't look kindly upon what has been done to Earth and the Library thus far. And it truly breaks my heart when I read about, like I did yesterday, how they are destroying Mother Earth's lungs by cutting down the Amazon rainforests, and it's done for profit.


How can someone participate in such a crime? It is unbelievable!


They are killing our host, the one and only planet which can host us humans. There is no other planet in the Universe which is adapted to hosting humans - this is our world; we were born from nature, and Mother Earth is our Mother in a direct sense! It's not only suicide, but also a tremendous crime against the planet itself, and the misuse of energy in this capacity has enormous consequences, as it ripples out across the Universe.

The benevolent star beings who are here now are really helping us solidify those parallel versions of Earth that exist in higher dimensions/densities, and thus we are hopefully going to have versions of the Living Library still intact.


By our minds and our intentions we are drawn into realities that are now already existing, tuned into our values and our moral standards. And most interestingly, according to the Pleiadians, many beings that have been incarnated on Earth in the past have now returned.


This is also why we see old time magicians show up, repeating and continuing the magick they practiced in ancient times.


Time in itself, as viewed upon from our 3D perspective, is collapsing and imploding, and all timelines are coming together. This is how we heal along the lines of time, and all issues we are working on now, in this particular lifetime, are issues spanning from half a million years back up until now. Now we're going to learn how to complete all our lifetimes and reunite with our Higher Selves (our Oversouls) and become whole again from an Earth perspective.


When this is done (which it will be when this current life is over), each being is free to explore the Multiverse while still staying grounded on a parallel version of Earth if they wish. Or they can move on and leave the Earth experience behind (more on this later on).

The reason why many probably will choose to stay here and build the New Earth is because, for one, this planet is absolutely beautiful! Look around you right now - what a variety of species, plants, rocks!


It is very hard to find a planet out there with so much variety.


To do that, you would need to find another Living Library, similar to this one, and there is supposedly only one more in this galaxy, and it's located on the opposite side of the Central Sun, in another spiral arm.


It's not that there aren't beautiful planets out there, but not with the tremendous variety we have here on Earth.



3. Leave me Alone and Let Someone Else do my Thinking!

It has been brought to my attention that there are star beings, aside from the Sirians, attracted to war and feeding off of it, who have slipped in through the holes in the Grid and taken baby bodies here, and if we lift ourselves up and look at Planet Earth from above, we can see and feel an enormous amount of energy being released, so there are big dramas being played out here on Earth right now.


This stir of energy is attracting many off-world beings.


But, as things are now, everything seems to contribute towards lifting the Quarantine and set those free who are willing to break their chains. Those who still want them on may be able to see the door that leads to freedom being wide open before them, but all they will do is to run towards it and close it as fast as they can.


Yes, some people like their chains, because they are afraid to take the responsibility that's needed in order to break them.

The small window we have had (1987-2012) is soon closed, and it will be harder to absorb new information as time is slowing down and the current bombardment of gamma rays eventually diminishes.


Then it's time to reap what we have sown, and it's of course important that we have something to reap. We all have to question the 'System' - all of it - and start doing our own thinking, and we need to inspire others to do the same and give our attention to those who respond positively to our efforts. The System rewards you when you do as you've been told and punishes you when you're not. This is exactly why people have such a hard time letting go.


They don't realize that they have to let go off it all to be free; they just want to let go off some of it.

We have no choice but to start doing our own thinking, or we'll end up having to give our obedience to machines in a not-so-far-away Machine Society, where people will move from away from urban areas and into big metropolitans, thinking that there is where their only convenient future lies. This migration has already started.


The town I am living in (which is relatively small) is starting to look like a ghost town. Businesses are shutting down because they no longer can stand up against the competition from merging mega companies that become bigger and bigger, and either buy out the smaller businesses, or put them out of business.


This is what merging of businesses is all about. It's called Oligarchy or Plutocracy.


(def: Oligarchy is the form of government where a small group has the power to govern or rule. Aristotle had coined the term oligarchy as synonym for rule by the rich (which is known as plutocracy), where oligarchy now simply refers to rule of the privileged few. Even if the wealthy had military backing that was strong, they were able to rule over a nation.) [2]


It's a preparation for the Machine World, where only a few businesses run the corporate world, and these few businesses will all move to the metropolitans.


Smaller cities will be abandoned, because the System will not support their survival.

The well-informed reader may realize that when it's gone that far, the government owns all land in the country (they actually already do, but they don't tell you), and they won't allow people to build their own cities and villages on government land (which is any land), in an effort to stop any movements that refuse to follow the system.


This will be a dilemma in the beginning, but enough people need to do it anyway, and in the beginning we may have to live like gypsies sometime do; moving from place to place, but so be it. After a while the government will give us 'reservations' like they did with the American Indians, but so be it! It's not where we live that is important - not in the beginning. It's what we're doing with our minds that is important.


Not even the Sirians understand what we are able to do with our biominds! We create our own realities, and when we strongly wish for something, we manifest it. This is how we create (or vibrate into) the New Earth!


But first we need to break out of the suppressive system which keeps us in chains. Then we use what we've learnt from becoming Multidimensional, and we change the Multiverse to fit into the reality we want.


Eventually, the Sirians and their Machine World will no longer vibrate within the same frequency range as we do, and they cease to exist in our reality, although they will still be alive and well in another.


If this sounds like science fiction to some people, they'd better think again, because this is real - more real than any of the illusions and delusions most people call reality.




4. Concerned Star Races Watch Us Deplete Other Parts of the Universe from Energy

How Long Will They Let Us?

In 'Level I' I was talking about misuse of energy, and explained it as the 'Balloon Syndrome'.


Although there is seemingly an abundance of energy in the Universe, when we are using energy excessively, we have to borrow it from somewhere. It works like a balloon; you blow air into it in one end and it expands in the other.


If we all the time borrow energy and use it negatively without giving anything positive back to the Universe, we are letting that energy destroy not only or own surroundings, but also other parts of the galaxy from where the energy we are using comes from.


We humans are not even aware of where the energy we 'borrow' originates from.


ETs have informed humans they have been in contact with that due to what we have done, we have literally destroyed other solar systems, light-years away from our own! And that also includes the life forms that were living there!

Star races from near and far are watching our development here on Earth and they see how we start evolving. Albeit, some of them actually want to stop us from reaching the stars, due to our stunning ignorance and immaturity.


They don't want us to bring this insanity out in the Universe; they rather see the Sirians keep us in check. Not because they agree to that evolving races like us should be trapped and treated horribly, but because things are what they are.


Humanity has not managed to break out of their destructive belief systems, be they religious or social/political, and these star races are rather thinking in terms of the greatest good for everybody involved rather than just thinking of our wellbeing.


If they let us join them in the stars the way we are, we are not going to contribute to a positive expansion of consciousness in the Universe, but instead it would be like opening an asylum and let the inmates out, untreated.


They don't want that, so either we shape up, or they will try to stop us from leaving the surface of this planet, and we will be left to destroy ourselves.


On the other hand, they would love to have us join them, once we've grown up! The concern they have, however, is that they don't see that happen. And this may even affect those of us humans who may be more mature than others.


Can the aliens trust us? Will we fall back into old patterns?


There are those out there who have doubts about our whole species, and those beings are sitting in important Councils, voting against letting us loose in the Universe.

I am going to do the best I can to explain the consequences of what we're doing. The person who does it best of all researchers I've encountered is George LoBuono, who wrote the brilliant must-read book, 'Alien Mind'.


This book is not channeled, but is mostly written from first hand experiences.


LoBuono has met quite a few aliens, mind to mind, and face to face, mostly using an advanced remote viewing technique, quite similar to LPG-C's ENS (Extra Neuro Sensor). He is using his avatar (light-body) to travel the Universe, and thus can do so both through space/time and time/space.


Hence, there are few limits to where in location and when in time he can go. This has showed to be extremely helpful, and he has written down the conclusions from his experiences in his book, which he gives away for free as a gift to mankind.


A most generous gift, I must say.


4.1. Zero-Point Energy, or so-called 'Negative Energy'

Many readers have probably heard the term 'zero-point energy', 'electrogravity', or 'negative energy' some time on their journey.


If nowhere else, probably through Dr. Steven Greer's work. I am not going to go into any esoteric teachings and hard-to-comprehend science about this here, but I need to touch this subject because it's very important (the more reasons to keep it simple).

The first thing to understand is that when we talk about negative energy in these terms, we are not talking about electrically charged energy; this is something totally different.

  • Normal energy (such as light) curves and bends outwards, in waves, into space


  • Negative energy (such as gravity or an atom's nucleus) pulls and cycles inwardly, so we call it 'negative' as opposed to normal, 'positive' energy (and again, it's not about electrical charge)

Dr. Greer points out that zero-point energy is something star races use quite frequently, not only when they travel through micro-cosmos, but also when they communicate with each other over distances, as it seems.


So, it's not the use of it that's wrong, it's how we use it.

I will make the allegory with the balloon once more. These are not easy concepts to grasp, and I'm sure the majority of the readers have forgotten this principle by the time they read this.


So, imagine you are blowing up a balloon. When it's full of air, take a black marker pen and make dots on the other end of the balloon, relatively close to each other. Then, with a couple of fingers, squeeze the balloon in the middle and watch the dots. The distance between them will now increase.

What does this mean?


Well, pretend that the balloon is the Universe filled with energy (the air in the balloon), and when you squeeze it is when you borrow energy from the Universe, i.e. for space travel or experiments with negative energy in general. The dots on the balloon signify time speeding up. So when you borrow or steal energy from one part of the Universe, you are going to speed time up in another part.


The consequences of this will be that if we now pertain this to another solar system, the sun and the planets and everything else in that solar system will age much faster and speed towards its demise.

To the authorities on our own planet, this may feel so abstract and far away that they don't care, but in fact, misuse or overuse of negative energy (electrogravity/zero-point energy; it's all the same thing) can also have catastrophic effects much closer to home; it may shorten the lifespan of our own Sun!

Electrogravity isn't 'free'. If we overuse or misuse it, it speeds the flow of time.


A reckless overuse would shorten the Sun's lifespan considerably and therefore put our whole civilization in great danger. The use of negative energy needs to be globally monitored and regulated. According to LoBuono, aliens do this to avoid overuse, and if someone in their own society misuses it, they counter-stream such energy into the offender's circuitry to deactivate it, if necessary.


We must do the same thing, he says.

The concern aliens have with us humans starting to use negative energy (and we already have), is that they know our mentality, and they don't like what they see. They can see how we are beginning to use this kind of energy in the weapon industry, and that is a no-no. Many star races are very aggressive at making sure that this doesn't happen and go out of their way to condemn use of negative energy for weapon purposes. [3]


Something they don't like the least is when immature races start messing with these kind of energies without taking any responsibility for it.


In our case it's mainly done under alien supervision (the Sirians are the instigators), but the weapon industries are not only run by aliens; the majority of people who are working there (same with other workplaces and facilities) are of course human, who either agree with the policies of the industry their working in, or simply don't care about the consequences of these policies and just see it as a job.


This can show to be very dangerous thinking, because it could have severe consequences if more advanced aliens interfere. No one is going to intentionally destroy the whole human race because of this, but other actions will be taken, which will have the weapons back-fire.

Also, severe efforts may be made so that humankind will not put their foot out in interstellar space. We will end up living in a quarantine within a quarantine within a quarantine. Yes, that's how dangerous many star races think we are in present time.


We have a lot to learn as a species, and it will not come easy. Ultimately, of course, any interference with building a weapon industry in the fashion they wish will of course trigger the Sirians, who consider themselves the owners of this planet. If so, these weapons using negative energy may be used against interfering, but well-intended star races, and we may have a new space war going. There is so much at stake.


The problem is that aliens have looked at probable futures from a multidimensional viewpoint, and they can see a probable future, with kind some energy built towards it, where mankind destroys itself because of misuse of energy.

Electrogravity is not a negative thing per se (no pun intended), because its use, when done moderately, can have lots of benefits. Although it speeds things up in the environment, it also slows down things in the immediate proximity to where it's used.


E.g., it could be of great use in the medical field as it could freeze cancer, shorten the half-life of radioactive waste with a purpose to make them harmless, etc.


The problem is that here on Earth, if something can be used for ill purposes, it's a guarantee it will. This is a very sad, but quite true. It doesn't mean it's not going to be used for more benevolent purposes as well, but the military will grab everything which can be used to build advanced weapons and aircraft to increase their negative power.


Due to our arrogance, we are also facing an additional problem in all this, which is that because of our warlike behavior, advanced star races refuse to teach us the secrets of electrogravity.

When we look at it, it looks like a one-way street. How much negative energy can we use without severely affecting the lifespan of our solar system, and not to affect other solar systems, light-years, or even galaxies away, the way universal energy works?


The truth is that we don't know, and the more star races teach us, the more we will absorb the knowledge and use it in the weapon industry.

  • But don't the Sirians know the limits?

  • Oh, sure they do, but do they really care?

  • Does it bother them if the Sun is dying due to the misuse?

  • Do they have a bad conscience if star systems somewhere else suffer from what we and they are doing here and in other places?

Well, we already are quite familiar with their mentality, so the answer is obvious.


And unfortunately, humanity as a whole is not even aware of electrogravity, and while it is being more and more misused as time goes by, the rest of mankind is sitting in their couches with their legs on the table watching reality shows and football games, giving up their own energy in favor of the Sirians, who suck it up the more excited the person gets before the TV screen.


Again, it's pretty sad.

George LoBuono says:

"To humans, Tom Bearden's assertion that use of electrogravity speeds the flow of time seems like a one-way ride, as though when we use electrogravity we simply run the clock like a vector in that part of virtual space-time.


However, hyperversals [def] can converge multiple categories of gravitics in order to minimize the local running of the clock on quanta. This allows for finer, counterbalanced uses of gravitic technologies.


Over billions of years time such methods have been refined, allowing hyperversal technology to be multiply horizoned, so to speak.


As a result, it’s safer but like all gravitic technology, it deducts from the total duration of a universe cycle. Hyperversals go out of their way to demonstrate how precise their technology can actually be.


I’ve experienced a variety of their subtle demonstrations of various micro-phenomena (commentary included) plus the ability of some hyperversals to hint at certain events before they happened." [4]

So, what this is indicating is that we, with the beginning of the New Era, are hypothetically able to reach the stars at any time, and there are those willing to help us with the mechanics around it.


There is, however, two huge barriers that we've put on ourselves, which prevents us from immediately taking advantage of this situation, and they are,

  1. the Sirians domination on the planet

  2. we humans, who agree to be manipulated by this alien group

We humans are born here on Earth, and this is our planet, or ours together with those who once created us in the first place.


And these Ancient Ones are the ones to decide when we can have the planet to ourselves, not the Sirians, or likewise, any other impostors and invaders. The Ancient Ones would set us free here the exact minute we shook off the parasites from our beings and our planet.

However (and there always seems to be a however), those who are willing to give us technology once we can prove ourselves being peaceful and not a threat to the rest of the star races out there, are basically offering us energy that is free and doesn't destroy our planet, as long as we are not using it for building weapons in the so-called Defense Industry.


So far, so good. Now, this technology, or most of it, already exists on this planet, thanks to a certain giant man (literally and figuratively) called Nikola Tesla.


We all know the story how his inventions, which could bring us free energy, was hijacked by the PTB [def] and used within the Military Industrial Complex (MIC)

instead. [5]

But here is the crux. These concerned star beings say they want to teach us how to travel in space. What can they teach us? To use technology to go through stargates, black holes, and perhaps if they are really hostile, wormholes? Well, we don't need to know that, because we can nano-travel.

So this makes us think, what are the intentions with these star beings who say they can help us reaching the stars?


This help is supposedly coming from very advanced hyperversals (ontoenergetics), and they are saying that this is the way they travel through space. First of all, if they are ontoenergetics, they travel in their thoughts - think about a destination and you're there, and they don't use stargates.


Now, those who still are occupying physical bodies do use stargates etc., but none of them, whether they are ontoenergetics or occupy bodies, can nano-travel, because they don't possess the Divine Fire, like we humans do (exactly how this works in details I will explain in the beginning of the "Third Level of Learning").

So are we facing a deception again here?


I find it interesting, by the way, that Dr. Steven Greer is calling his both main projects 'The Orion Project' and 'The Sirius Project'. Why those two stars? I have tried to find out the answer to that, but no one can (or is willing to) give me an explanation. At best, they call it 'coincidence'. In these circles, there is no such thing.


Those who understand what I'm getting at here may think Dr. Greer is deceived, and they may be right, but then again, he is receiving big funds from at least one Rockefeller. This has been pointed out to him over and over, but he claims there are 'good' Rockefellers, too.


Well, if so, I don't think that the main branch of the family would let them finance projects like those of Dr. Greer's without intervening, in case these same projects are as benevolent as Dr. Greer says.

Anyhow, I would strongly suggest that the reader reads LoBuono's book, because it's a wealth of information in it, and it changes your way of thinking regarding aliens, no matter what way of thinking you had before. Very interesting! You see, it doesn't matter if the aliens LoBuono's been in contact with are pulling our legs, you still learn a lot from them.


Now, I don't think they all do, and LoBuono is pretty smart, but in certain terms, there seem to be ETs mentioned in the book who are doing their best to lead us off track. LoBuono knows this and points it out, and he thinks he knows how they do it and why, but does he really?


He nano-travels, albeit with help from technology, by using ENS, but he doesn't seem to have any core knowledge of that his soul is made up by fragments of fires. If he doesn't have this knowledge, the aliens can easily manipulate him (and us).

But is there is real threat? Are there star races out there who are actually going to destroy us if we don't change our ways? No, they aren't.


Apparently, there are some (the same ones who want to present electrogravity [?]) who suggest this is the case, but I have well informed sources, not from this planet, who have explained the laws of the Universe for me, and there is no star race out there who would destroy mankind or the Living Library again and get away with it.


Not unless they have our agreement to destroy us, but the way things are now, there are Higher Orders of beings who would interfere before that would happen.

It is true, however, that benevolent star beings in the past tried to present real solutions to the world governments, but were turned down. Instead the governments decided to make treaties with star races who had the most destructive technology; or technology that could be used destructively. The benevolent beings who were here were the Pleiadians, according to themselves. [6]


When they realized that the governments of the world are not interested in solutions that can help the people and the planet, they decided to talk to the common people instead and chose a human vessel to do so. That vessel is Barbara Marciniak.

So, let's become spectators for a while and not buy into all these fantastic offers that are presented to mankind at this time, Dr. Greer included. There is more to the picture than meets the eye.


And as a 'by the way', I read an old article by Richard Dolan, from 2001, shortly after Dr. Greer's 'Disclosure Project' had aired. [7]


He, too, was quite suspicious at the whole 'friendly aliens' agenda.


Dolan had seen the same thing I had, namely that Greer and his team were laughing off the idea that there could be malevolent aliens around as well. The explanation they had for opposing this idea was that we are still breathing the air of Planet Earth (meaning we are still here). If 'bad aliens' were here, we would all be either invaded or dead.


For coming from such an intelligent man, it's quite a stunning statement.

  • How about if the aliens have been here all the time and never left?

  • Could that be the reason for our present enslavement?

  • Why doesn't Greer mention this as an option, or at least try to debunk it?

Not credible for coming from such a brilliant man. His staff are parroting him whenever they get a chance and are either laughing at researchers like me, or get overly aggressive, like in my case.

What is true, though, is that we are a threat to both ourselves and aliens out there by our misuse of energy, including negative energy. The effects negative energy has on our Sun and other solar systems out there has been scientifically proven.


4.2. Another, Even More Serious Misuse of Energy

One would think that the misuse of negative energy, and the potential acceleration of this misuse, is what bothers the many star races out there the most when comes to universal overall danger, but I am not so sure that is the case.


I agree that this is a biggie, but there is another misuse that is also affecting everybody in the Universe on an even more serious scale, and that is the misuse of female energy; the misuse of Female Fire!

I have already earlier talked a lot about how women have been suppressed by Males in Power. I have talked about an ongoing war (up until this day) between the genders; something that has been going on as long as anyone can remember - it was a problem early on in the history of this Universe.

Women have something men don't have to the same extent, and that is the full extent of the Fire.


I know that there have been pieces missing in my information on this subject, and the reason is because I wanted to wait with explaining the rest until in this paper, because there were these other things the reader needed to know first.

First, to review a little bit, this is a feminine universe; no doubt about it. And in this feminine universe, the real Fire belongs to the female. The males just don't have it to the same degree, except on very rare occasions.


There is a reason for this, which I will go into in a moment.

The Sirians keep us captured here for several reasons, where the most important ones are,

  1. they need obedient Super Soldiers for their future space army in order to defeat the Divine Feminine

  2. they need more time to explore what it is that makes the females so different from these Males in Power

  3. they want the female Fire so they can unlock the doors to the inner sanctuary of the Goddess Universe and become Kings of the 100% Universe

So they have kept us in a time loop for who knows how long in order to figure this out, thinking they have all the time in the world, for really, who could stop them?


That's what they thought. It's different now, however, which I will talk more about soon.


But now, when they understand that with some outside assistance, humankind is for the first time able to break the time loop and jump to the next layer of the Grid, they need to be more aggressive. The alien/military abductions are increasing in numbers, and baby girls are bred outside of society and are never registered.


These babies, especially when they have become a few years of age, are used by the Sirians to extract their Fire. The same thing often happens when a human man and a human woman have sex and have not protected themselves first by putting intentions there what their orgasms are going to be used for.


Non-physicals of the Sirians Alliance are either present during the sexual act and steal the Fire from the female orgasmic explosion, or they can hover in the ether above Earth and see from 'above' when women on Earth have orgasms, because they register like powerful firework shooting up through the atmosphere and eventually leave this 4% Universe.


Needless to say, this 'firework' gets stolen.

The energy/Fire that the Sirian Overlords are able to collect for themselves are then used to increase their own power. This whole process, if looked at from the viewpoint of other star races, is enormous misuse of sexual energy. Most star races know by now that humans are made special, with the women inhabiting the Fire of the Goddess herself to an extent that has never before happened in this Universe, or even beyond, from what I understand.

But why is this so serious when comes to other star races, who are not even involved in these evil deeds?


Well, it's serious because these star races can't do much about it as long as we humans are in agreement with the Sirians. Whether it's wittingly or unwittingly is irrelevant. The Sirians are using the Fire to boost their own power to conquer the Universe, and many star races see this happen and feel quite powerless until we humans decide we've had enough.


The observing star races could hypothetically go to war against the Sirians and challenge their power, and I have the feeling that one day they will join together in an effort to do so, but they still want to give humanity a last chance to wake up and repent.


That could, more or less in an instant, reduce the Sirian power remarkably, and the rest of the star races could more easily win a gigantic war like that. The problem is, humans would be destroyed in a war like that - we wouldn't be able to withstand that kind of energy.

This whole thing has gone too far. The Sirian Warlords have gained a lot of strength and power since they took over this planet; this being their most important outpost at this point in time, because the females here are invaluable for them.


To go to war against the Sirians now would certainly destroy both the Living Library and all human life on this planet, and the star races out there think both twice and three times before they'll do that. Besides, the beings of Higher Order are against it.


This, too, is giving the star races hope. If these beings of Higher Order are telling them to hold back, it must mean there is still a chance that humankind will make it, at least that's what they may think.


But I'm sure they won't wait forever...



5. The Real Reason Females Possess More Fire Than Males!

I wonder how many of my readers have followed Robert Morning Sky's audio session on this new websites at and


If you haven't listened to his mp3 files, you really ought to. I know, it's a lot to go through, but the information in there is extremely powerful. Robert Morning Sky (RMS) is telling his readers/listeners over and over to be skeptical (within reason) and put him on top of the list.


I would suggest you do that (just like you should do with me) and come to conclusions about RMS' intentions. I am not saying they are not pure (they may very well be). Still, come to your own conclusions.

The reason I'm bringing this up, and why RMS is coming back as a reference in my own research, is that his and my paths tend to cross quite a bit. What I am going to suggest here may be shocking and too incredible for many to accept, but the only thing I ask from the reader is to have a very open mind here and consider it very deeply before you discard it (and hopefully you won't).


This is extremely important information; perhaps the most important in this whole series of papers, because it explains the whole reason why the Sirian Overlords treat us like they do. I will outline the overall concept here, but for deep details and real proof (yes, I mean proof), go to Morning Sky's two websites.


You will find it there - guaranteed.

The Patriarchal Regime, who took over this planet about 500,000 years ago from those who whole-heartedly supported and were sent out by the Divine Feminine, who fought a war in space with the Matriarchs, drove them away, and won this territory, has taught us that man is superior to woman.


You can read about that in most religious (altered) texts, and the Bible says that Eve seduced Adam, and that she is the cause to the First Sin from which we are still affected. What RMS has managed to prove is that in the beginning of the Universe there were only females. Males did not exist!


So how did those females reproduce? Well, they reproduced by cloning themselves, creating exact copies of themselves to the smallest cell. They didn't need any males. Males were not even thought of at that time.

To make a long story short, over time the Universe became populated by feminine star beings only. However, in the Universe there were also viruses, and some of these viruses were quite powerful and resistant. Due to that all females were copies of each other, these viruses found ways to overpower the female body.


Once they'd learned how to do this, and female bodies stopped functioning and died, all beings in the Universe were threatened.


This is when the idea of a male species came up. The idea was that if the females reproduced sexually with a male, the offspring would look different and have a different setup of DNA.


The offspring were no longer clones of the mother. So each individual now was different from every other individual and life survived in the Universe, because the viruses could not manifest successfully in all beings.

So far, so good, but perhaps the reader is asking him- or herself, how was the male created? Out of the woman's rib? After all, everything in the Bible seems reversed.

No, as a matter of fact, it was done by adding a chromosome. The Greater Creator Gods (Founders, or perhaps it was even the Builders) created the the Y chromosome, and thus the male species was created. I say species, because in the beginning, males were looked at as a different species. [8]


But here is the kicker:

even today amongst the human species, the male is always an altered female!

If not an enormous amount of testosterone is added to the birth process, the fetus will turn out to be a female 100% of the time. And the female egg, interestingly enough, is 4000 times bigger than the male sperm.

This is very interesting, because the old charlatan doctors and philosophers, such a Plato and Hippocrates (the Father of Medicine) taught their students that females were no more than animals and their successors taught that the female womb was nothing else but an altered male scrotum, and if the woman didn't have enough sex, the womb started wandering inside the body and ended up driving the woman either to hysteria, severe illness, and even death.


A great way of saying that women need to have sex as often as possible to satisfy the male or she'll get very sick.

What I am trying to say here and what is really my point is that we are all females, and we 'men' are simply 'altered females'. For those who doubt this and think that I'm finally losing it, I strongly suggest you go through RMS' audios, one by one, and listen to his overwhelming evidence of this (yes, scientifically proven evidence) and much, much more that has to do with the Divine Feminine.


Robert has worked extremely hard for many, many years to gather this information, and has had help from a tribe, who supposedly descend from an ancient society of women, who have lived underground for thousands of years, to stay out of sight from the Males in Power, and who now have decided it's time to release this information, so I do not want to blow it for him by presenting all his evidence here.


Therefore, I strongly suggest the reader goes to his sites and educate yourself on the subject he has to offer. What he is presenting are not empty statements or opinions; he is proving every single thing he is saying, quite remarkably.


If the reader decides to check him out after have read the rest of my papers, please in the meantime keep at least an open mind about what I've just stated, because future will show that I am correct!


If there would be a hidden agenda in Morning Sky's information, these facts that I've presented here still remain.

But what are the implications of all this? Well, it means that the reason women have more Fire burning inside of them than men have is because of this simple fact: males are altered females! By being altered from the 'original' in order to be able to have sex with a woman, we don't possess the same abilities, but a weaker form of it.


The female is the original being of the Feminine Universe, which is natural, if the Universe itself is feminine. Males came into the picture to assist the female, who is possessing the real power of the 96%.

With time, however, males became jealous of women's power and wanted to possess it themselves. So the War of the Genders began. It was a Universal War, starting billions of years ago and continues up to this very day. Males through history have treated women horribly by torturing, raping and killing them in frustration and raving madness.


The females soon started fighting back, furiously, because they were often much better warriors than men, possessing the Fire of the Goddess. This began an evil cycle were both males and females are guilty of treating each other quite terribly.

Sometime during this seemingly endless war, the Goddess descended to Earth and seeded an androgynous race who possessed a great amount of her own Goddess energy. She did not create any males. In a great lake up in the Siberian Mountains, she created the Namlú'u, who had this enormous Fire inside of them, and could communicate directly with the Goddess at any time.


They could access the Heart of the Goddess Universe, which we call dark energy and dark matter, consisting of 96% of the Universe.


This was the Mother Goddess' Great Experiment in the middle of a raging war. Our planet became the great oasis in the outskirt of the Galaxy, sitting in the middle of PESH-METEN, the Galactic Highway the Goddess at this time was in total control over.


Putting the Experiment here was probably intentional in the sense that by having access to this important star lane, the Namlú'u could travel directly to the Goddess through the giant black hole in Orion's Belt.

Not until the Males of Power came were there males on Earth. The rest is, like they say, history. Today, in the 21st Century, we still have the blood and the Fire of the Goddess inside of us, which is our inheritance from the ancient Namlú'u, who no longer dwell in our dimension.


But one day we may once again meet with our great ancestors - the Goddess' Sacred Experiment, which was destroyed by the Sirian Warlords. But not totally; we are still here as a living legacy of the beings of the Golden Age.

And it's this blood, and this Fire that the Warlords want so badly but still, to their great frustration, can only get in fractions. Nevertheless, with only being able to do that, they have increased their power in the Universe exponentially.


Only we can stop them from expanding even more, and perhaps we can do more than that?


However, although the Warlords don't want to admit it even to themselves, they are draining out our females, and their Fire will not burn forever...



6. The Debt Now Must Be Paid in Full!

The most serious misuse of energy on this planet and the most devious thing the Sirians have done towards the Mother Goddess is probably when they went back on their promise to pay on the 'Debt'.


Which debt, you may ask? Well, this one indeed has to do with misused energy, because if this is not misused energy, I don't know what is.


I'll explain...

In this Universe, the purpose of all things is that they are supposed to evolve; intelligent beings more so, even. The Builders and the original Founders decided that all so-called intelligent beings in this Universe, who started out on a material world, in order to evolve and learn the childhood lessons, have to have one thing built into their DNA, namely the urge to evolve as a species and a longing for the stars.


This doesn't mean that all species in the Universe decide to become star travelers, because at one point it's their own choice, but it was built into their DNA to begin with.

The same thing applies to Homo sapiens. Even if a devious star race is creating a new race by manipulating their DNA, this thing was built into the original being, but also needs to be made sure is built into the manipulated ones.

So, when EA and the Sirians experimented with the humans, they still had to make sure that they make progress. And if a star race works as Administrators on a certain world, they need to make sure they don't interfere with the evolving race in such a manner they can't evolve.


The Sirians are blunt enough to call themselves the new Administrators of Earth, taking over after the Titans. We can say that they indeed are interfering, but they get away with it, because they have our consent, even if it was given to them through manipulation.

The Warlords then 'shut the doors' to our planet, so to speak, by closing the stargates and the Grid system, and also quarantined the planet and changed its frequency so that it trapped the beings who were still here.


Other star beings from outer space could no longer find Earth where it's supposed to be, and other star beings and star races who were here when it happened got trapped here on Earth together with Homo sapiens. Many of them still live underground or in very remote areas. Others have blended in with the human population.


They eventually got caught up in the recycling system as well and implanted with amnesia. Since then, they don't even know they are not Homo sapiens to begin with.

Humans, per Universal Laws, still needed a chance to evolve, and the Sirians knew it. If they didn't let us evolve, or give us the chance to, they would be in deep trouble for breaking such a law. The Overlords implemented Free Will to the extreme here on this planet so they could work more freely with us humans and had us agree with them by creating belief systems which the Sirians could control, for one.


But they had to think long and hard to come up with a solution to how they could let humans evolve at the same time as they kept them stagnant. That was a serious contradiction.


After all, they had to prove to the Queen of the Stars that humankind, in spite of the Sirian Administration, evolved.

Due to the Law of Free Will, a planet can get new owners during its lifetime. Sometimes it happens through war (one star race kicks another one out), or a star race bargains with the current owner about ownership (like we humans bargain about ownership of real estate).


The reasons for change of ownership are many, but if there is an evolving race on the planet when it happens, that evolving race needs space to evolve. The Sirians knew they broke this law and had to solve this problem.

So, what they did was that every once in a while, they let a few souls fall through the crack and escape out in the Universe instead of going through the Tunnel of Light and be recycled. Sirian 'spirit guides', after these people had died, showed them the way to freedom and let them escape without any further recycling. The ones who were allowed to escape were the so-called 'evolved' ones.


The Sirian now felt that they had met their obligations.

In reality, what they did was to choose a soul which had been so depleted of energy after been recycled over and over on Earth that she was more of less useless. Most of the souls they sent back to Orion were more dead than alive, and had to be rescued, like an exhausted swimmer lost as sea, being picked up by sailors when he is almost drowning from exhaustion.


These souls were more or less the only ones the Queen of the Stars got back to pay off the 'Debt', meaning the Sirians had to show that humans actually evolved. So, by doing this every now and then, the Warlords thought they'd obeyed the law and all was fine, and life went on as usual.

The Queen of the Stars was very annoyed. She understood what the Sirians were trying to do.


The souls they no longer had any use for, because they had depleted them of all their energy from slave labor, torture, warfare, or whatever it could be, they sent through the Grid and were made free. This was also the Sirians showing their disagreement with the Queen, because in the beginning, humans were supposed to develop independently on Earth in one go, without death and amnesia, possessing the Fire of the Goddess, and then when they had finished business, they could leave if they wanted with no strings attached.


Being sarcastic, the Sirians threw at her the souls that were almost dead, covertly telling the Queen that this is the best humans can do; this is where they are as far as evolvement goes!


And if someone would protest, the Sirians said,

"What are you talking about? We are doing nothing wrong. The humans do what they're doing out of free will. We never forced them to do anything!"

And so they refer to that they have an 'agreement' with humans to treat them the way they do.


(They don't mention that it happened through manipulation, but even if they did, it wouldn't have mattered much. It's a Universe of Free Will, and if we decide to be manipulated, it's our choice, and only if we break the manipulation will the Sirians stop controlling us. Only because they must, according to Universal Laws. If they don't, they will be removed by force, or there will be a space war).

The Queen wouldn't have any of it.


She was furious at what the Sirians had done with her soul group, and decided a long time ago to do something about it. She went so far that she wanted the Debt paid off in full, meaning she wanted all the souls on Earth back! No more recycling or controlling of human beings. The whole quantity of souls she wanted to be returned to Orion!


She must have made this decision quite recently, perhaps in the 1930s-1940s when we dropped the atom bomb and made holes in the Grid so star beings could enter in huge quantities, and others could observe as spectators on a distance.

Anyway, those other star races who were observing what was happening here on Earth, after the planet had been rediscovered, asked the Queen of the Stars to wait with interfering. They wanted to give us humans a last chance to resolve the situation we were in; to break out of the Prison Planet.


After all, why should humans have special treatment? they asked. Other star races had have to solve their own problems per the law of Non-Interference. Why not humans?

The Queen of the Stars had to back off, seeing the logic in what those star races proposed. This is a Universe of Free Will and Non-Interference after all, so they were right. She noticed she had a soft spot for mankind; so much that she wanted to break her own laws. It was a dilemma, but all she could do was to observe to see if the Sirians made a mistake so she could interfere. She needed them to break a law or two.


And knowing them, they probably would, sooner or later...

And sure enough, they did! At one point very recently the Sirians became more careless. It's my own assumption that this was during the nano-second when time sped up exponentially and the Overlords started losing control.


The Warlords have made a lot of mistakes during the nano-second, resulting in that some of their heavy crimes have been exposed and scapegoats have been thrown to the wolves (us), but their biggest mistake was one we humans never noticed.


They stopped sending souls to Orion to pay off the Debt! Hence, they broke the agreement and one of the basic Universal Laws.

The Queen of the Stars acted immediately! She did no longer need to listen to other star races and what they thought in the matter; it was now crystal clear. The Sirians had broken one of her most important laws and stopped sending 'evolved' souls for graduation.

The King of Kings must have fell off the chair when he got the message from the Queen of Orion. It said that now the Debt had to be repaid in full. In other words, the Queen wants her soul group back!

This has created a lot of stress amongst the Sirian Overlords lately, and they are not sure what to do. If they obey, they will lose mankind and can't use us for their future purposes.


They thought they had all the time in the world to create their army of Super Soldier and fulfill their own prophecies, but now they are out of time, and they don't have a Plan B!


This is another reason why we see so much desperation amongst the Global Elite at this time, and so many insane decisions being made at top level, affecting us common people on the ground level. We here on the ground are just scratching our heads, thinking new policies and rules coming down on us from the top managements are not making sense.


This is because they don't make sense; they are just temporary solutions to what they hope are temporary problems, until they get a chance to solve them.

But what does this mean for us? Well, I can't tell for sure, because it depends on how things will progress from hereon. If the Sirians give up without a fight (which I doubt), they will leave and give the Earth to us, and the Queen of the Stars will probably let them go.


The Global Elite will either leave with the Sirians or be thrown to the wolves (us) after the Sirian entities have left their bodies and the person who originally possesses the body is left on his/her own. This planet will in that case be left to us in a matter of days, while the intruders leave and go back to their home planets.


Chaos and confusion, anarchy and other undesirable effects will hit us in the beginning when our controllers disappear, but we will hopefully eventually get our act together.

A second option is that the Sirians choose to fight. They will use their military forces from other parts of the Galaxy and occupy Earth space, waiting for the liberators to come and drive them away. There will possibly be a space war somewhere in our own solar system, just like has happened before, with devastating effects.

A third option would be that the Sirians do nothing, just seeing it as an empty threat. They 'know' that the Aryans will not come here full force, or they will create the same effect the Sirians would if they live out the plan Utu revealed to me, which was that the Sirians come back full force to 'take care of their own' but promise not to kill any humans.


The Aryans and their allies would be seen as invaders by us humans and we would fight the wrong enemy.

There may be other options, of course, not thought of at this time, neither by us or the Sirians, but I think number one is out of the question; the Sirians will not give up Earth without a fight. Number two is plausible, but still not. I think the Sirians know they are still too weak to fight Orion and would only do so if they were totally pushed against the wall.


So what remains is number three, which I think is what they will do. Although this is a wild card which will most certainly continue making them nervous, with an Aryan invasion potentially around the corner, it's the alternative which, if chosen, is the one that has the greatest possibility to succeed.

I have done some research on this, and discussed the whole thing before I published it here, and it is doubtful that we will see an Aryan armada in the sky or on the radar, indicating that they are sitting close to Earth.


We wouldn't be able to see it, anyway, with our human technology, because the armada would come from the nano-world, from a totally different dimension.


But the implications of a space war would affect the solar system on a cellular level and shake and rumble all planets therein, creating earthquakes, polar shifts, explosions of planets and what have we. None of this is likely to happen, and if the Aryan space armada would show up on the Sirians' 'interdimensional radar', all the Warlords had to do would be to hide on Earth, even if it would trap them here.


The Aryans will not destroy the Living Library.

So, in summary, I would think that Orion will stick to the ultimatum that this soul group (humankind) should be set free, but we will not notice any real effects from this right now, unless the Sirians surprise us and are ready to give up Earth after all. But don't hold your breath. And all I've said so far is still valid; we need to work on our own sovereignty and development, soul-wise and as a biokind.


The Sirians have even more reasons now to develop the Machine World, or perhaps the Orion threat is actually the reason they are building it in the first place, and I am wrong about the time frame.


Perhaps the Queen gave the Sirian the ultimatum a few hundred years ago, and the Overlords have worked on building the Machine World ever since. I don't know, but I do know that a Machine World, built on nano-technology, is under development, and we can already see the evidence all around us.

As a last note on this; here above, I said that there were star races who wanted to hold off on terminating this Experiment, to give us humans a chance to resolve our problem with the Sirians ourselves, but there are also others who agree with the Queen that the Human Experiment should be terminated due to that they don't want us out in the Universe the way we behave, so terminating the Experiment and start from scratch would be a good idea, they think.


So, however we look at it, we live on borrowed time, literally, and we can't stay asleep forever as a species, or we'll be forever lost. More so than we may think.


I will tell the reader what I mean by that here below.



7. The Destruction of Souls

Keep in mind that everything is energy - everything, even the most solid of all matter. And we know from our physics classes in school that things can be depleted of energy.


We often compare our human body with a battery; when the battery is out of energy, we either throw it away, calling it a 'dead' battery, or we recharge it (if is is a rechargeable battery) and we have a fully working battery again.


However, we can't go on recharging the same battery over and over forever, because sooner or later even the rechargeable battery is going to go 'dead' and we throw it away.

Bodies are functioning in a similar way. By the end of the day, when we come home from a long work day and have been up a certain amount of hours, the body is depleted of energy and needs to be recharged. If we didn't have a chance to sleep every now and then, our body would much sooner than later die from lack of energy.


Fortunately, we can recharge our batteries every night and wake up after a certain amount of hours, feeling much fresher than when we went to bed. But just like with a battery, the body ages, and eventually it doesn't matter how much you recharge it, it still won't work satisfactory, and the body will die.

But what about the soul? Don't the same laws of energy apply to souls? Well, we hear over and over that the soul never dies; it lives on after body death and is basically indestructible. In other words, souls can't die! Ever!


Is this really true?

Well, it depends on how we look at it. Although the energy in the Universe is not unlimited, it's still abundant. It's all around us, and the Universe is supposedly at least 14-17 billion light-years across (although I would say it's spherical, or, as I've come to suspect lately, a gigantic spiral), and there is an unimaginable amount of energy in this vastness.


It should be enough to feed the soul at all times, shouldn't it?


But wait a minute! A soul is not made of energy, it lives 'outside' of the physical universe, doesn't it? Outside space and time???

Yes, this is basically correct, but there is more to it. In fact, there is more than one type of soul, and the souls of ETs are not necessarily the same as that of humans.


We have already mentioned some of this, but now it's time to connect the dots.

7.1 The Power of the Human Template

Now, please recall what we have said that a human soul is composed of.


We have mentioned the avatar, which is the light-body surrounding our physical body. As long as our physical body has a certain shape, the avatar follows that shape and forms itself around it.


When the body dies, the avatar lives on in the ether, where it is getting trapped by the Sirians. Here, the avatar can shapeshift into anything it likes, and normally it manifests itself in a way its recently deceased body looked like when it was in its prime. The avatar is the 'vessel' or 'vehicle' the Fires use when traveling the dimensions.


So, the avatar/light-body is of the physical universe and made up of energy created by the soul; energy that exists in what we call the physical universe.

Now, let's look at this from a perspective when the human soul, body, and mind are not trapped in the Sirian control system:

The human soul is a collection of many millions of super-tiny orbs, or fires, attached to the avatar.


They are very tiny and exist on a subquantum level, which is sub-cellular. All these fires together form one soul, or at least, that's how we perceive it; all these tiny fires make up one 'big' fire, which becomes the fire, or the soul.


Now, there are two major things that are pretty unique with humanity:

  • they have a soul made up of those tiny fires

  • they also have a very special, divine human body template, simply put made of a physical body and a mind complex

Although ENKI and the Sirians altered the original human template, which was the Namlú'u, our body is still a 'watered-down' version of the primordial man.


This template is divine, because it was originally designed by the Goddess to fill a certain function, and ENKI and the Sirians made sure that this template kept its uniqueness enough for it to work the way it was meant to.

The uniqueness of mankind is that as fires we are the direct children of the Mother Goddess, which is different from other star races, as we shall see. Thus, we are Royal and Divine.


You, as a fire, has the unique ability to use the human mind to nano-travel across the Universe wherever you want to, instantly! There is no need for you to use stargates, Einstein-Rosen Bridges, black holes, or anything else for that matter. And no technology needed; no spaceships or any tools whatsoever!


You travel with your thoughts, using the mind of the human template.


You send a portion/fragment of your fire, 'riding the avatar', to whatever your destination may be, but at the same time you are doing this, you are staying put in your physical body here on Earth and can return to it whenever you want to.


So for you as a human being, the physical and the spiritual becomes one!

If you are a Star Trek fan, you know who 'Q' is.


He is a being who is able to manifest himself anywhere, at any time, taking on whatever shape he wants. He often appears on the starship 'Voyager', manifesting himself as a human, playing tricks on the starship crew. Q can also create worlds with his mind, worlds that not necessarily exist anywhere else than in his mind.


However, he can project a world, a star system, galaxies, or whatever he wishes to the crew so it becomes just as real for them as it appears for Q. Then, whenever he wishes, he 'disappears' and returns to his home, wherever that is.

You, as a human being, when you're not trapped in this 3D control system, can do exactly the same thing. Gene Roddenberry, who created Star Trek, knew what he was doing. Much of the plot in this science fiction series, and the movies as well, were based on channeled material. This is well known.

So, as a divine being and a direct child of the Goddess, you can travel to Orion, Sirius, Andromeda, the farthest away galaxy, or wherever you want in space and time once you have evolved enough as a part of the human species.


Many humans now have reached the point when they are evolved enough, and their neurology is ready for nano-travel.


The Sirian Alliance have been waiting a long time for that moment when we are evolved enough to visit the stars. Then we are 'ripe' in their terms and 'ready to be harvested'.

Besides being harvested and trapped into the 3D reality, this is what the Human Experiment is all about. Prince EA was trained by the Mother Goddess how to genetically compose the human divine template, using his own divine genes mixed with genes of other star races as well. Still, the template had to have the correct genetics to be able to host the Divine Fire of the Goddess.

But what is the difference between humanity and other star races? Why are they jealous of us?


Well, they are jealous because they have to make a choice that we don't; they either evolve into ontoenergetics (non-physicals) and are then able to nano-travel, or they remain in the physical realm and have to use technology to travel between the stars.


As ontoenergetics they can ride their avatar just like humans do, but won't have a physical body. Those who remain in matter, on the other hand, have a series of different problems they need to solve to be able to travel through space, long distance.

First of all, bodies that evolve on any planet are created specifically for the condition on that particular world, and they can't stand the harsh conditions in outer space or on some other planet in space and time.


Planetary bodies are not made for space travel and would be destroyed if they tried. However, there are a few exceptions! There are certain body types that are more suited for space travel than others.


Two such body types are the Grays and the Reptilians.


On planets where such star races evolve, they can usually use their bodies with just a few minor genetic adjustments, use technology to transfer the soul to the modified hybrid, and use that body to travel through space via stargates and star lanes, while the original bodies stay at home, so to speak.


This is why people say they see Grays and Reptilians.


Although there may also be a few Grays and Reptilians stuck within the Grid, living underground, being either early human genetic experiments, or star travelers of old times, most of these beings that have been spotted on this planet are hybrid 'space bodies' that some space faring races use as 'space suits' when traveling interdimensionally.

If the original planetary star race has a 'weaker' body type, they need to become skilled genetic engineers to be able to create hybrids that can withstand the challenges with star travel. They would need to clone these bodies and use them as 'space suits' when they travel to other star systems. Again, they need technology (both space craft and machines that can transfer soul energy to the cloned bodies) to be able to cruise the universe.

Humans on the other hand don't need any technology at all and can go anywhere in no-time. Their destiny is only a thought away, and the physical bodies are still waiting for them home on Earth!

Although other star races possess the Fire as well, the special Divine Fire is required to run the human body in a multidimensional way.


Any star being can incarnate in a human body, but still can't nano-travel with it if she doesn't have the "Divine Spark" of the Mother Goddess. The only way a star being can use a body to nano-travel is if the Grid is lifted and the soul of the star being does a 'walk-in' [def] while the human Fires are still in the body, unbeknownst of what happened.


The star being can then, hypothetically, control the Fire so that the Fire starts nano-travel. The walk-in themselves can not nano-travel, or they'll lose the human body in the attempt. They do not have the 'silver cord' which holds them grounded in the human template.


One could argue that a walk-in could use a human body to explore sex and the physical world, nano-travel and get rid of the body, and then when coming back, walk into another body.


This is hypothetically doable, but on the other hand, if the Grid is lifted, the human Fire would not be as naive as she is today.


7.2. Can the Fire Burn out? The Difference Between the Real Heaven and Hell and What does 'Guardians of the Living Library' Really Means?

Now the reader understands why the Sirians can't just clone human bodies and start using them and with that being able to cross the Universe while still being able to stay in the dimensions of Matter.


They don't inhabit the Divine Fire. So they need to count on us to help them get access to the Orion Empire and the heart of the Mother in order to become the Kings of the Universe. Lord EA had no problem with transferring the Fires from the Mother Universe and down the dimensions, because he too has the Divine Fire, being the direct son of the Mother Goddess.


But the Sirians are not divine. This makes Lord EA our brother by default, on a soul level.

Now, let us look at what would happen if the gates to the KHAA, the Orion Empire, and the connection with the Mother Universe were closed on us. Here I need to add something Robert Morning Sky included in one of his audio tapes, 'The Hidden Pearl'. [9]


He said that some beings of the 96% Dark Universe are seriously thinking about forbidding humans from having access to their Universe because of the way we behave; they don't want us there. What they are talking about is that they would rather have us live under the illusion that the 4% Universe is all there is and not letting us get free and explore the rest.


So, this is another reason why we have to change our ways very quickly, because if we don't, we lose our support!

Humankind has a destiny, as it seems, and this destiny is as divine as can be, so let's not lose it. It looks like we were not only meant to be emissaries of the Goddess, but also the Guardians of the Living Library. We will be the library cards to this new Living Library. Through us, when we have gained our abilities, star beings can get access to the Living Library and learn something new, but only on the level which they can responsibly handle the information!


So, ultimately, when a star being comes to Earth and gets access through us, they can learn through nature what they need to learn; we can help them evolve through matter, even if they themselves can't enjoy it in the same way we do. Isn't that a Divine mission, if anything?


Unfortunately, as things are now, the Sirian Alliance are banned from Orion, so the Living Library won't help them in that regard. Therefore, they have little respect for all living here on Earth, and has taught their minions, the Global Elite, the same disgusting manners.

So, should the Sirians get another chance to come to the Orion Empire and get access to the ANGAL, the Goddess' upper dimensions?


The Sirians indeed want access to the Heavens, but on their terms! They have become so proud that they refuse to acknowledge the Goddess as the Prime Creator, because that would not only put them 'second', but equal to all other star races, once they get to 'Heaven'. This is unacceptable to them, seeing themselves as heirs of the Universe.


They want to be the Gods of all other star races in the Universe, who then will get down on their knees and obey them and do as they are told. This, of course, is why they say that God is masculine; they have already postulated that in the future this will be true, and they want to put out the idea that it already is so to solidify the thought.


And as we know; if we put enough energy and intention in a certain direction, it's bound to come true, unless someone else put an equal or bigger quantity of counter-intentions towards that goal, or better yet, set another goal that nullifies the original goal.


This is actually is being done, and is a major part of the Wars in Heaven.

  • Who is going to get control over the Universe?

  • Can we really blame the inhabitants of the 96% if they don't want us in the Heavens the way we are acting out right now?

  • It makes more sense now, doesn't it?

The archenemy of the Goddess (the Sirians) are Fire Riders; they will ride our Fire right into the ANGAL and together we pollute it!

If Heaven's Gate closes and humanity we can no longer access these realms. For an individual to get past the Gate, they must prove that they are 'pure' from Sirian influence, and by behavior show that they are not going to pollute the divine realms of the Goddess. It gets harder and harder to get in.

But back to question number two.


The Goddess did send out her angels to teach both mankind and other star races trapped in the Sirian 4% Universe how to get to Heaven, but were also meant to work for all being in the Universe. Just because beings are not trapped by star races like the Sirians, it doesn't mean they know everything.


Just like us, they are in different stages of development; physically and spiritually.


However, the plan didn't work as expected. Just like here on Earth, enlightened beings have been rejected and attacked, and their message has been twisted and distorted. This led to a change in plans.


The new Divine Plan is to have twelve Living Libraries activated in the Universe, so that those who are willing to learn look for the answers themselves instead of having angelic beings giving it to them, or giving them hints.


This way, the responsibility to evolve to the Heavens comes on the individuals themselves. A brilliant idea!

However, the 12 Libraries are interconnected in the sense that they all must work in unison to accomplish their goal. It is too much for one species (such as mankind) to hold the vibrations necessary to guard all the information.


Hence, we have help from other beings on 11 other worlds across the Universe (there is apparently one more Living Library in this galaxy, and one in the Andromeda Galaxy, about 2.2 million light-years away. Where the rest are, I have no idea at this time).


Star beings, living in the 4% dimensions can still learn how to get access to the VOID, but it's much harder without the Living Libraries.


We, as human beings, have a responsibility to get this Library working by raising our frequency enough to hold the position as Library Cards. Now you also see why star beings who are watching us find it extremely important to keep the Living Library intact and prevent Earth from being destroyed.

The good news is that due to how the Multiverse works (we create our own reality), individuals can break out of an ingrown pattern and create a different reality by changing their belief systems and their thought patterns. The Multiverse will adjust to all our changing paradigms.


This way, if enough individuals start vibrating on a higher frequency, we create a New Earth, which does not allow the lower frequencies, emitted by the Sirians and their technology, to coexist with us.


This way, we can still be the Card Holders, without having all humanity following the same path. But it doesn't come easy; this is why the most important thing we can do is to work on ourselves! I can't stress this enough: if you work on yourself, you also work for the benefit of humanity and the rest of the 100% Universe, because you bring others up there with you by their matching your frequency and your intentions.


When your frequency vibrates in alignment with Truth, other people who have the ability to feel it, will tune in and start having epiphanies.

This galaxy, our own Milky Way, has two major portals; one is in the Galactic Center (the Womb of the Mother, where stars were - and still are - born) and one is in Orion. There are a lot of other ones, like in Ursa Major, but the Galactic Center and Orion's Belt are the two important ones.


When NEKH.TT (the Queen) noticed that this infamous, and much feared, wolfen/reptilian race from Sirius in their quest to conquer the Universe came close to Orion, and more importantly, PESH-METEN, the 9th Passageway, she had to act.


This is why the contract between Orion and and Sirian King of Kings had to be written and the business-marriage between the two needed to be done. By doing so, the Queen, from her position in the physical universe, could keep an eye on the Overlords.


This didn't work as planned, because her 'husband', the King of Kings of Sirius, in secret used his son, Lord ENLIL, to invade Earth, and his Aryan wife had apparently been manipulated by him, and did not report back to the Queen.


So one could say the takeover of Earth happened due to a conspiracy between ENKI, NIN-HUR-SAG, ENLIL, and NINLIL, ENLIL's Aryan consort.

Then, what is Hell? Is this a real place?


First of all, if we really believe something to be real, we can manifest it. A Christian who strongly believes in the biblical Heaven and Hell can manifest both through their belief system. That doesn't necessarily make it real, but more like the worlds that Q is manifesting in our example above from Star Trek.


The discarnate Fire may experience either or, depending on where they think they deserve to go, but eventually the illusion will shatter, and the Fire will realize that it was not true.

However, there is another Hell that is definitely real, and although you don't burn in an eternal fire, it is almost as devastating. This Hell is not yet created, but is more or less in the making.


After the splitting of the worlds, those who will follow the Sirians downhill into the tyrannical machine society and beyond will cause so much havoc that the Mother and decent star beings in general will create a 'Hell Dimension' for the Sirians to live in, where they can play out their power game without involving and affecting anybody else except those who agree with them.


Those humans who continue to wittingly or unwittingly agree with their Alliance will end up there as well.

It's not a 'Hell Dimension' per se, but a locked in dimension from where there is no escape. Hell is something the Sirians and those who dwell there will just simply create for themselves.


Another sober reason why it's not a good idea to stay asleep and just 'go with the (Sirian) flow'...


7.3. The 4% Universe + The 96% Universe = The 100% Universe

So what is our first step here to get out of the trap?


The first thing is to raise our own vibrations, and part of being able to do that is to start disagreeing with the Sirians and their System, which is nothing but a control system from beginning to end. We all are part of the System from when we wake up in the morning until we go to sleep in the evening; 365 days a year.


All that has to go, so we need to claim our own sovereignty and become multidimensional, which ultimately means multidimensional in the KHAA, but we automatically also become multi-d in the 4%, now being able to perceive 100% of the Universe.

The DNA exists as a 'blueprint' inside the millions of fires that make up the soul (the 'Big Fire').


The Divine human template is reproduced through sex, but the Fire waiting to inhabit the fetus has the ability to shape the fetus relatively freely by manipulating its DNA. Normally the baby grows up, looking somehow like its parents, but in many ways it doesn't as well. So we can see how the Fire to a certain degree, both before the fetus was born, and throughout the lifetime shapes and reshapes the body.


If we had the knowledge, we could basically reshape the body at any time to look how we would want it to look. Today, without this knowledge, our bodies normally are just a reflection of how we feel, emotionally. A happy person has a healthy, often attractive body, while a deeply depressed person transmutes some of these emotions on the body.


This is also often how we create our own diseases.

However, the Sirians have limited us significantly, so we rarely know what we are doing, and why. We are so heavily manipulated that black almost literally has become white and vice-versa. They feed us with opposites and tell us that those are the truths. It's very clever, because if someone starts seeing through it and teacher the truth and it's the opposite from what the majority have been taught, almost no one is bound to believe him.

There are million examples of this, but the most serious one is the myth about the 4% Universe. The Sirians tell you through their minions, the physicist, astronomers, and astrophysicists, that the Universe we see in the telescopes is all there is. There are certain galaxies out there with stars and planets etc., and in between there is a large amount of 'empty space'.


We say that this empty space is the majority of the Universe and creates enormous distances between the stars. In fact, the Sirians have turned off our DNA to such an extent that we can more or less only perceive 5 senses, which is the 3rd Dimension. The rest of the DNA is dormant.

If we only see 4% of the Universe, where is the other 96%? Yes, we call it 'dark matter' and 'dark energy', but is it really dark? No, only with our perceptions it is.


Think of it like this: you stand in a room full of furniture, paintings, TVs and a lot of other things. You can see it all very clearly. Then you turn off the light in the room and everything turns dark.


Then you lighten up 4% of the furniture and material things in the room but let the rest remain dark. Does that mean that the other 96% of the furniture in the room don't exist anymore?


Of course not, it's just that you can't see them with your eyes, which only perceives darkness except with the 4% of the room which were lit up.

This is exactly what the 96% and the 4% of the Universe are about. In reality, all 100% of the Universe is there if you could only perceive it. The 96% looks just like the 4% and they blend together into 100%. Then you can imagine the vastness of the Universe! But the Sirians wanted to create this mystery and this darkness to create the illusion that we are extremely isolated, and there is not much hope to reach the stars.


This has helped keeping us trapped here.

Once we realize this and the Grid and the Quarantine are removed, and the Sirians' mind control is losing its grip over us, we will see the Universe the way it really looks. If we think it's vast now, it's nothing compared to how it really is. And the distance between star systems are not huge at all.


However, because of the vastness of the whole Universe, stargates or nano-travel are required to travel long distances.

People have asked me if souls can die, and what happens with them when a universe has completed its cycle. According to my knowledge, souls can't die, or more correctly, Fires cannot burn out.


And there is no space weapon which can kill the soul and terminate it forever. However, there are weapons which can paralyze the soul and make it unconscious for some time, but the Fire can't be destroyed once it's created.

Still, there is one case scenario that we want to avoid to the best of our abilities. Space wars - both those who existed in the past and those who still exist - are more often than not fought in other dimensions. Sometimes the space soldiers have hybrid bodies they use in the combats, and sometimes the wars are fought between ontoenergetics, or a mix of them both.


To kill a hybrid body is not considered a big deal; when a star race has evolved to this point where they can participate in space wars, losing their 'space suit' is not a big deal, and losing a spaceship is 'collateral damage'.

However, in serious wars, the weapons used are not particularly aiming primarily at the spaceships or the hybrid bodies but at a person's avatar. If the avatar/light-body is shot to pieces, the fires that make up the Big Fire (the soul) dissolve as well and start floating in space without any vehicle to hang on to.


Apparently, regardless if the Fire is an ontoenergetic or inhabiting a physical body, she needs the avatar to navigate the Universe.


So, if no one is picking up the Fire who's lost her avatar, this Fire is going to keep floating in space, potentially forever, and eventually the millions of super-tiny orbs will dissolve, and the being loses her personality and returns to becoming ONE with the Universe.

If, on the other hand, the Fire is being 'picked up', I am sure there are ways to create a new avatar. It was once created by the Founders, so technically, it could be done. Still, I'm only guessing this, albeit it's the most logical thing to consider.

The chances that the Sirians will use us as space soldiers in the future if we continue working with them are great. And the chances we will end up having our avatars destroyed are also considerable.

Doesn't sound very inviting to me. Still, this is most probably what awaits us if we choose the Sirian Machine World before our personal freedom. The choice is ours. The reader may think it's an easy choice when all cards are on the table, but it's not as easy as it seems.


A person can be all determined not to choose the Machine World, but so far, almost all of us do, don't we? We buy our cell phones, computers, TVs, ipods, and all other electronic devices we can think of.


One individual may not buy all of the above, but even if we buy and use one or two of them, and use them as a part of being members of the System, or for personal joy, we are choosing the Machine World without thinking about it.


See how easy it is to just slide into it, without even thinking, and then we sit there pondering,

"Hmmm, I wonder when the Machine World is going to take over? I haven't noticed any of it, so it's probably not going to happen", when in fact it's already happening.

Look at all the kids on the street, texting along on their little devices. I see a lot of adults acting the same way.


The Sirians are already here, and the invasion has already begun. The more I research, and the more I understand, the way they want us to believe that prophecies are going to play out may all be mis- and disinformation.


I'll explain what I mean...



8. The 'Second Coming' is Happening NOW!

We keep our minds busy, researching and waiting on Project Blue Beam, spaceships in the sky, the Battle of Armageddon, demonic (alien) invasion, the Anti-Christ and the Second Coming.


How about if much of that has already happened, and the rest is happening right now, and we don't even notice?

Don't we see tons of reports from people seeing UFOs (Project Blue Beam and its interplaying projects); the Battle of Armageddon may be a metaphor for the war on human consciousness and increasing awareness, which is fought by giving us disinformation, where channeled entities are telling us what to think, although they make very sure that the listeners must make up their own minds and they are really just here to 'inform' and 'help'.


Well, if we think about it, no matter how nice they are and how much sense they make, it doesn't matter even if they tell us to make up our own minds.


Many of them are convincing enough that we will believe what they are saying, only because they are master manipulators - even of emotions! Isn't that true of most channeled information? And what do we recognize in that? That's right! Sirian mentality!


These are the alien/demonic forces the prophecies are talking about, and Armageddon may be just the War on Consciousness and not a physical war!

So, according to the Bible, the 'satanic' forces will win the Battle of Armageddon, and only the righteous will be selected to go to Heaven.


This could mean two things, and both would be correct:

  1. the Sirians will 'harvest' those whom they think will be a threat to the New World Order; and they will be both Christians (to show people that the prophecies are reliable they sacrifice the Christians in a fake rapture, which has been the plan all along) and New Agers, who believe in the Harvest and in being beamed up to higher densities, or taken off planet in spaceships (which may very well happen to some, although it will be a trap and these people will be killed, or manipulated and used in the most horrific plan)

  2. those who see through all these lies will still have access to the KHAA (Heaven) and once again become the Guardians of the Living Library, or return home (to the KHAA dimensions) and stay there, if they so prefer.

What about the alien invasion?


Surely, we haven't been invaded yet, right? Wrong! I think we have.


Just as I've said throughout all these papers in Level II, aliens travel both in the physical and in the nano-world, and so do the Sirians. Some of them travel without bodies, and others with. What about if the invasion is happening by Sirians coming in masses, occupying selected bodies here on Earth?


Some of these bodies have been prepared since long by keeping the Nephilim (Pleiadian/Sirian bloodline) pure, other human bodies have been manipulated over the millennia from have been abducted by everything from fairies and gnomes (in the past) to Gray aliens, Reptilians, Nordics and the military (in the present), taken to spaceships or down into underground facilities, to have their DNA manipulated and tampered with in order for the Sirian consciousness (their energies are stronger than ours so far) to be able to enter without frying the host (the human body).


One way of detecting such manipulation seems to be to check the CK levels in the blood. If these are sky-high - in actuality high enough to kill a horse - and the person still lives and breathes normally on an everyday basis, the person is most certainly a hybrid.


We see this in particular in the 'Michael Lee Hill Case'. [10]


I am not bluntly suggesting that all these hybrids are going to be used by dark forces, but the majority certainly are, of that I'm quite sure. These manipulated humans will then be hosts for beings of the Sirian Alliance.


Like I said, some of these hosts have been prepared for ages, and many of them have been possessed by Sirians for the same amount of time, but also people who are not of the Nephilim bloodline have been abducted and manipulated so that it can become a generational thing.


If a person was abducted in the 1700s, his or her descendants, all the way up to present time, are probably still pure enough to be used, and by reproduction, more and more people are born to become hosts for these entities (I'm sure they are kept close track of).

It is my suspicion that the invasion is now, in present time, an ongoing thing, but is yet to be completed. It looks to me that we are now either living through the Tribulation (and the Harvest will be later), or we are still in pre-Tribulation. According to scripture, the Tribulation will last for 7 years, and the AntiChrist will reign the last 3 1/2 or these 7 years.


So this means that the AntiChrist is still to show up, in whatever shape and form that will be (it doesn't necessarily have to be a person). Perhaps the passing of Ša.AM.e/Nibiru this time around (if such a body is actually existing as described by Sitchin and others) is solidifying the beginning of the Tribulation, and the effects of the Incoming will last for 7 years.


Either way, I start to seriously believe that the Second Coming is the second coming of the Sirians; only this time it is silent and they are not letting us know like they were in ancient times, when they were worshipped as Gods.


The King of Kings, who will rule this world in peace for a thousand years may be Nannar, but more likely, he will choose someone else to be the King of Kings here on Earth; perhaps Utu or another close relative.


At this point in time, the King may not even tell us he is not human, and when his body grows old, the same being will continue reigning in a new body, perhaps as the son to the previous King. We humans may think it's a father-son thing, when in fact, it's the same person inside a new body. Then, when the thousand years cycle is over (a thousand years is nothing for the Sirians), it may be time to invade Orion.

We think that peace will bring happiness to the world and that peace is what we all want and need.


Well, it shouldn't be, because peace is not what we want if a hidden tyrant is sitting on the world throne. I am not saying we want war either, but peace is what the Sirians wants, because if we, the masses, are 'at peace', that means we are not rebelling or opposing; we are obedient, peaceful slaves.


Thus, the meaning of the King of Kings bringing thousand years of peace to the world may just as well mean that a tyrant is creating a peaceful world, where everybody is peacefully obedient. This gives another meaning to the word 'peace', doesn't it?

The Machine World is starting to rise out of the ashes from the Bird Phoenix, which perhaps died in 2008, with the recession and the financial meltdown.


Or perhaps we are still waiting for a 'Unifying Event' and a 'Primary Event', which will anchor the New World Order in time and space. If so, surely the meltdown was not enough to do so. It remains to be seen.


What we've discussed here above is one version of what could be going on behind the scenes, and overall, it seems to me quite plausible.





9. Breaking the Endless Cycle of Reincarnation

We can just as well face it; we are all going to die one day, and our life force will leave the body.

  • So how do we carry the information with us and remember it the next time we reincarnate?


  • What is the use in learning all these things if we are to forget it in the amnesia implant station?

We'll see if we can answer these questions to some extent in this section.

In the New Age and 'Spiritual Movement', people often think we need to reincarnate to eventually evolve to the 'next level', i.e. the next density or dimension. They believe that we have a lesson or two to learn each lifetime, and it builds up and we become wiser and wiser.


The 'Between Lives Area' (BLA) then becomes a resort where you rest in between incarnation, and mingle and have a happy reunion with dead relatives.

Although there seems to be some truth in this, it's not at all the purpose with reincarnation and the BLA. It's all set up to trap us, like we have discussed in these papers. We don't even necessarily get wiser by accumulating life events that carry over. Because we usually don't remember them, instead they become unresolved and unfinished business which build up ridges of energy around our light-body, just to transfer over to the next physical body, which in its turn carries genetic memories from the bloodline, including unresolved issues as well.


This creates inner conflicts in individuals, who find themselves having issues in the present lifetime which they can't explain where they come from.


Of course, resolved problems and carried over completed learning lessons can be relatively helpful and in a sense helps the person evolve under the circumstances of our earthly existences.


But overall, reincarnation is severely halting the evolution of a being, who could, if amnesia hadn't been implemented on them, had learned their lesson many times faster.

But aside from these arguments, it's all a trap and can't be beneficial for any of us. However, the only reason the Sirians can keep us trapped in their System (which does not only include the earthly System, but expands out to include the Afterlife as well) is because we are ignorant of what they're doing. Once we are aware, their System falls apart and can no longer be sustained.


And they can't keep us trapped here, either, if we refuse to do what they want us to do.

When we die, one of several things, or a mix of them, can happen to an individual. One scenario is that the deceased is being helped with the crossover by their so-called 'spirit guide' (or guides), who lead them to the tunnel, which sucks them into the Light.


The deceased often feels joy and increased awareness during this process, relieved from not having the physical body with all its programming to carry around anymore. On the other side of the tunnel awaits them either deceased friends and relatives, or 'Jesus', who will carry them further to 'Heaven'.


Others, on rare occasion, have told a darker story about going to 'Hell', seeing demons and dark spirits. It seems pretty much that people go where their belief system take them. If they have very strong religious beliefs, for example, they may go to a place that corresponds to that. In part, they make it up themselves, but there are versions of the Afterlife which already corresponds with Jesus, the Devil, Mother Mary, or whatever it may be.


Still, it's only make believe, and the person ends up being recycled anyway.

Although exactly where people go after body death may differ, they all have one thing in common - the Tunnel, leading to a bright light on the other side. The Sirians want everybody to go through the Tunnel. Whatever people want to be or do, and whom they want to meet, can to a certain degree be arranged, but the common denominator is the Tunnel.


Few are those, of all humans who have died over and over again, who escaped the Tunnel.


Even if no spirit guide is there to greet them and they are all alone, they almost always find their way to the Tunnel. Only times I know of that they don't is when they don't realize they are dead and hover around the Earth plane in the astral, confused and lonely. Others don't want to leave because they hang on to something, be it friends, relatives, or material things; they don't want to let go.


But in the end, whether it takes a week (in our terms) or a thousand years, the spirit sooner or later finds her way to the Tunnel and is absorbed by the Light.

Why is that? How come even lonely spirits, without guides are drawn to the Tunnel? I think the answer is relatively simple. First of all, the Tunnel may have an electromagnetic pull to it, which pulls the spirit in, but also, if a spirit is lost and confused, finding out that they actually are dead, they want to go somewhere. When everything is dark around them (or hazy at best), a tunnel with a bright light may seem like a good idea.


The alternative seems less attractive. And when the spirit gets closer, she is sucked in like into a vacuum cleaner (which it basically is - a gigantic mega vacuum cleaner), and the rest goes by itself and the spirit can only go along with the ride.

The Tunnel with the Light is how the Sirians keep us trapped through the afterlife, until a new body is found that we can get recycled into.


They know that if they can only get us to enter the Tunnel, they have us for yet another ride; there is no way back! Once in there, we are at their mercy; there is very little we can do; it's like being blown into a balloon, where after somebody ties the string around the opening.


Whatever is in there stays in there until the Sirians, with help from technology, shoots us down into a new body.


The existence in the afterlife, if we are to believe the 7,000+ witnesses in Michael Norton's books, who from regression therapy were able to tell a similar story of what happens from when we die until we get recycled, is not necessarily negative.


The great majority of case studies show that people have quite a good time seeing old familiar 'faces' and having a chance to rest and feel healthy, and at ease.


If so, all is fine and dandy thus far, but those who take this route are definitely going to be recycled again, although there allegedly are those who stay in the afterlife for quite some time (or so they think, because time is different there).

Now, from knowing what we know, we have three choices as I see it. The first one we have already discussed, but here they are, all three of them:

  1. We go towards the Light and into the Tunnel and get trapped in the recycling process once more.

  2. We avoid the Light and the Tunnel all together and take a new body without going through the Sirian implant station in the BLA.

  3. We turn our 'back' to the Light and hurry up heading in the opposite direction; out through a hole in the Grid and escape out into the Universe.

We covered number one, so let's take a look at number two.


This option is of course available to us, and if a Sirian spirit guide is coming to guide us, we tell them we don't want to be part of their entrapment system anymore. The guide may be nice about it and try to manipulate us for a while (and with all this knowledge, we will think it's pretty transparent, I'm sure), but we persist.


The guide will leave us alone, because they can't go against the Law of Free Will or they'll be in deep trouble.


They will let us go. Then, at our convenience, we take a new body and reincarnate again, this time with full memory of our past life (although not necessarily the ones before that, as these are hidden under veils of amnesia from previous visitation to the Implant Station).


When we're born into baby bodies, memories will not return until we reach a certain age (I would think around 2-5 years old. Some suggest 12 years old, or during adolescence). The reason, perhaps, that we want to take this route is because we want to stay on Earth and be part of creating the New Earth and become Guardians of the Living Library again.

Things to look out for! First of all, when we choose to take a new body, we most probably have to fight off non-physical beings, who want the same body we do - bodies are a scarcity, in spite of 7 billion of them on Earth. There are many non-physicals, who for different reasons want to experience the material worlds. When we go through the Tunnel, we get 'help' from the Sirians to make sure we get the body we are supposed to be shot into.


Other aspirants are fought off beforehand. Now, when we're not within the System anymore, we have to do the job ourselves.


Another thing to be aware of is that our new parents may not welcome our ability to remember our past existence and wave it off as fantasies. As we grow older, our friends, and the school System are going to do the same thing.


In an environment where we are constantly invalidated for our past life memories and our relatively extraordinary knowledge, we may think we are the ones who are crazy and start believing what they're saying and begin to suppress our memories. This is a serious threat to ourselves, because if that happens, we may once again become trapped in the System.


Most likely, however, if we are born without amnesia implants, sooner or later in life we are going to realize that what we are remembering is actually real, because we're going to be drawn towards information which helps us revalidate who we are.

Lastly, we have the option to find a hole in the Grid and just disappear. No one is likely going to stop you, but if they do, it will most possibly again be in form of spirit guides, or even dead relatives, who are going to tell you how wonderful it is in the Afterlife.


Just because it comes from someone we have loved, and still love, it could be hard to resist, but then we need to keep in mind what we know.


Once we are outside the Grid, we are going to see the Universe in a new light, free to explore the different dimensions, and now we're talking about perceiving 100% of the Universe, not only 4%.


By just thinking a thought, we can move from one place, or dimension, to another.

Things to look out for!


The only problem I know of when choosing this option is when we run into other star beings. At a first glance, it may be hard to know if they are benevolent or not, although they all have a signature to them which will tell us if we're perceptive enough (which we should be when out of the trap system, I would think).


They may be convincing and act friendly when in fact they are anything but. Best way to find out is to ask if they are of the Light and if they endorse the Divine Feminine. If they say yes, we should be relatively safe. If we're still uncertain, we can either ask them more questions, or just say we want to be left alone, until a new opportunity shows up when meeting other star beings.


We have to remember to respect other civilizations, so if we explore a planet, we need to leave the beings there alone so they can evolve undisrupted, and if the civilization is more advanced, ask for permission to get to know them. If they're friendly, this should not be much of a problem. Time is irrelevant when we travel the stars, so we are not limited by 'lifetimes'.


We can browse as long as we want, until we find a place that can be our new home and settle down there.

These two last options are the ones I see can help us to get out of the Sirian control system after we have experienced body death. In the meantime, while still in a body here on Earth, and to help raising the vibrations of self and others, a good idea is to disagree being part of the System as much as possible, and perhaps join others who are like minded.

Keep in mind that the soulutions are often simple - so simple that we haven't thought about them. Isn't that how life is, after all?


What I have suggested here doesn't require more than a decision and an action on our part and we will be our own masters. It's just a matter of taking the step and do it! All it takes is courage, and the realization that nothing bad will happen if we break our patterns.


After all, it's the System which has taught us that it's dangerous to think and act on our own. We just need to understand that it's all a lie in order to keep us trapped.


It's called 'mind games'.




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