by Wes Penre
June 15, 2012
from WesPenre Website

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1. The Great Architect of the Universe and the Purpose of Different Creator Gods

By now, the reader understands a little bit in what direction this is going.


The Great Architect of the Universe, which Freemasonry equals to God, is not a masculine entity, but a feminine. Of course, the heads of secret societies like Freemasonry and others know very well that this is the case, but hide it from the members, because they need to have people conform to the Patriarchal Regime, the 'fathership' rather than the 'mothership' of the energies of existence.


Exactly why certain beings from other star systems and higher dimensions are so determined to make us believe in a masculine existence will be evident enough as we go on, but we've been living in a dichotomy for hundreds of thousands of years. Incredibly enough, there are forces who want to overthrow the Goddess from the Throne of Creation.


This may sound very strange to some readers, but in time I will show how this can be (and is) possible and planned as we speak and has been the goal of a certain star race for a long, long time, perhaps a million years or more. This also indicates that the Goddess, The Great Architect of the Universe, can manifest as a being in a universe of her creation; she can and she does!

Once beings and star races have evolved past a certain point, they may become overseers of their own universe and will be responsible for what is created therein. They become what I call 'Builders', where they start creating in a universe which the Goddess has already given energies to and built the basic structure around.


In the beginning, the Builders and the Goddess apparently create and seed life together with each other, but at one point, the Builders 'take over'. Then, once the Builders are appointed to lead the development of their own universe, the Goddess pretty much leaves it alone for the Builders to do their own thing, because the more variety, the more the Mother Goddess can learn about herself. However, it allegedly happens every now and then that she manifests in the universes she structured and still helps with the seeding part.


Because each universe has their own Builders, each universe is unique, based on goals set by the Mother Goddess and the Builders. Only the imagination of the Builders then sets the limits to what they themselves, the Founders [def] and other Creator Gods can create.


The Founders are the ones who initially seed plant, insect, and animal life on a young, non-inhabited planet, and eventually also more intelligent life, fit for interdimensional travel.

Here below I will list the variety of Creator Gods and their purposes as I see it, albeit the cataloguing is my own for the purpose of these papers. Other researcher may catalogue them differently, still meaning the same thing.

We also need to keep in mind that 'evolving' in the way described below is a choice. A being or a star race may stop anywhere in their evolvement and not go any further if they so choose. They can instead expand on the level which they are at and not evolve to the next levels explained here. So, it's all by choice and is not being enforced on anybody.


However, most star races evolve in this order.


So, these ten steps of development should be pretty accurate:


  1. Players

    Star races who have not yet evolved enough to become multidimensional or 'Creator Gods'. You and I would be considered 'Players', although there are scientists of the human race who would be considered 'genetic engineers', or semi-engineers, perhaps.


  2. Genetic Engineers (or creator gods [with small letters] if evolved enough within this category)

    A being, or a species, who have evolved on a planet to a degree that they are starting to experiment with genetic engineering, cloning, and genetic manipulation. At this stage, the species may still not have evolved enough to reach the stars or become multidimensional.


    This is an experimental stage. Humankind (or more accurately, our scientists) is in this stage of development, where they are playing around with genetics.


  3. The Founders (Creator Gods with capital letters)

    Also called Kadištu, are two names for the same beings, but I will mostly call the Founders. The Founders/Kadištu were initially, in the beginning of the Universe, beings created by the Builders to help them seed the Universe with basic life forms, such as plant and animal life.


    They always leave their signature in what they create; a butterfly may have a physical outlook similar to the Founder who created it and a praying mantis may be a small version of the Founder who created this particular insect.


    Now, when the Universe we live in is older, the original Founders have evolved further and new Founders are assigned constantly by the Goddess and the Builders, as intelligent beings created by Kadištu have evolved to a point where they can become Founders, in order to assist towards the common goal set by the Goddess and the original Builders.

    The Kadištu/Founders are also the ones who choose which species is going to evolve on a certain planet to such a level that they can reach the stars and become multidimensional in nature and learn and understand the Multiverse they live in so that they themselves can become creator gods, and eventually Founders and Builders. Their urge to reach the stars will be embedded in the DNA of this young species.


    This is why animals don't have this urge; they were never designed to. Sometimes, there is more than one species on the same planet, designed to become multi-d and evolve to higher levels.


  4. Stars

    Becoming a star is the next level of evolvement. A star is a sentient, very evolved being, or more often a composite of beings, who create their own solar system by 'giving birth' to planets and moons, who become their 'children', whom they will be responsible for.


    Stars are also like portals, because they are directly connected with each other; some more directly than others. And they are in communication with each other and often evolve together, as they 'interact'. Creator Gods on this level and above are always feminine in nature.


    A being automatically turns feminine in this stage of development. This is way we call the Sun and the Earth 'she', without really knowing why; it just feels natural. In fact, it is a heritage from ancient times, when the early, higher evolved humans knew these 'secrets' and called beings by their appropriate gender.


  5. Planets

    One would think that a planet is 'lower' on the scale of evolvement than stars, but in reality they evolve together with their star (or stars, if it is a multiple star system), in unison. Planets are intelligent beings, just like the stars (suns), and are 'hosts' to different life forms, seeded through panspermia [def] by the Founders.


    The life forms developing on a certain planet become the 'children' of that planet, and the life forms and the planet herself are hopefully working together to evolve to a higher level, as they are closely connected to each other. This is why it's so important for us humans to stay grounded in nature to be able to evolve.


  6. Nebulae

    A nebula is a cosmic 'cloud', and the birth center of stars. So when a star has accomplished its goals, she evolves into a nebula (not necessarily at the same location as she had lived her incarnation as a star, however) and gives birth to new stars of which she becomes responsible.


    These stars will be like sisters to each other and will be inhabited by Founders and Kadištu who have evolved to a stage where they are ready to become a newborn star in that cluster, created by the nebula.


  7. Galaxies

    The next step would be to inhabit a whole newly formed galaxy with your consciousness. You are now responsible for the evolvement of that same galaxy, with all the nebulae, stars, planets, Founders, Kadištu, creator gods, and players.


  8. The Builders

    They are evolved beings who are ready to operate in a universe which the Goddess may have recently created.


    The Builders are responsible to create initial life and assign their own creator gods, who can help them seed the newborn universe and help it work on accomplishing the goals that are set up for this particular universe and which is embedded in the DNA of all races. If the goals are not met (which sometimes happens, because beings have free will in many universes), the universe 'fails' and may die prematurely.


    This is just a part of the 'game', and a new, revised and improved attempt will be made through the creation of a new universe, or the goal will be considered not achievable and abandoned.

    LPG-C, in their new report, 'Idiomaterial Physics - A Life Physics of a Bicausal Universe/UNUM' [1] bring up the subject of previous universes as well. There was a Big Bang around 13.7 billion years ago where the Universe began from one single point and has been expanding ever since.


    They then point out that the Standard Model of science does not explain what happened before that. However, The authors say, there are traces of a previous Universe existing in the current Universe! [2]


    This has been suggested by researchers from Penn State University, they say. They have come to the conclusion that there was a previous, contracting Universe before this one, with a similar space/time geometry as our expanding Universe. The previous universe collapsed and then 'bounced' as the Big Bang. These researchers could show that "in place of a classical Big Bang there is in fact a quantum Bounce." [2.1]


    They claim that the Big Bang Bounce scenario is robust. LPG-C comments that it's quite similar to rebooting a computer "set to specific performance parameter already containing an operating system set to interact and interface with its subsystems and subtotalities... both gnosive [using ENS [def]] and present-day physical evidence suggest it has not happened just once, but several times." [2.2]


  9. Overseers

    Beings who have evolved to such high level that they are assigned their own universe, or a 'pond' of universes, to oversee and be responsible for (will be further explained later in this paper).


    They now, together with overseers of other universes, who may step down from their positions, become the Builders, whom by the Goddess are told, Go out and create! and the Builders, to some extent in conjunction with the Goddess, seed the first life in the young Universe. The Builders become her 'senior Helpers'.


  10. Mother Goddess

    All That Is, the Creator of all universes; the Void or the KHAA.

So, universes are created, with galaxies, nebulae, stars, and planets.


All this is intelligent energy which is aware on a very high level; much more so than you and I in our current stage of evolvement. When souls advance to certain levels they become planets, stars, nebulae, and galaxies. For example, when you're a star/sun and have created your own solar system, other Creator Gods, such as the Founders, arrive and ask for permission to create on your planets, and thus life is expanding.

To understand this vast concept of how a being can create a whole universe, we have to use allegories and metaphors. The best way to explain it is with the expression, 'as above, so below' [def].


If something happens in our world, we can be almost certain it also happens on a grander scale, and on a smaller scale, too. You can picture a film producer sitting in a couch, watching a movie he created on the big screen. There are characters in the movie who are doing all sorts of things and he watches how the actors perform.


Now, picture the Goddess sitting in the middle of the Universe, which she herself created, watching how we, and everybody else in this Universe perform, but perhaps not in 3D but from all dimensions. Just like the film producer, the Goddess watches carefully to see what goes per the plan and what goes wrong.


She is not judgmental; it's not like she is just destroying her creation left and right if she doesn't like what she sees; it's more like she wants the players to correct themselves, still within the guidelines of free will.


She is a very compassionate being and doesn't like suffering, but knows that it's always up to the Builders, all the way down to the Player, to decide in which directions they want to go, or the purpose of creation gets lost. If free will is not allowed, the outcome is predictable, and this is of course very clear to the Goddess.


Predictability is not what she wants, because that would destroy the purpose with the whole Creation and there would be nothing of much value to learn for her or anybody else, except that everything is predictable (more or less predestined universes, I'm assuming, have existed).

What about the outcome? There is always a goal coming with the creation of a universe, and the Goddess comes up with the idea of a goal, discusses it with the Overseer and the Builders, whom she then assign to help her form a universe as we know it, and these Builders make the universe teem with life in all shapes and forms. All these created intelligences then set the stage and start to create their own realities. So there are endless probabilities for the outcome of a universe; it mostly depends on the Helpers and the players (the actors in the game, such as you and I).

As humans, our curiosity leads us to ask questions that may be irrelevant on a grander scale, but feel important for us.


One of these questions may be, how do these Builders who create universes look like; are they just pure energy? This is a very difficult question to answer, because with our limited 5 senses, it's hard to grasp these big concepts.


We know there are microcosms and macrocosms, and the saying, as above, so below is a very appropriate way to describe it. A virus or a bacteria can't even start imagining how a human would look like with their limited consciousness, because in comparison with them, if they would have consciousness to be self-aware, they may see themselves as living in a macrocosm and we would be some super macrocosm to them.


Seen from that perspective, the Goddess and the overseers of universes would be a super macrocosms to us, but at the same time they would be the microcosm. They would most certainly be both.


They are composite Fires on a microcosmic level, but can show themselves off on a macrocosmic level as giants too, if they like.


A hint of what we're talking about may be found in Barbara Marciniak's book, Family of Light:

"'The Builders of Universes are not vague, nebulous beings; they are composite intelligences, unified in their understanding of the universal energies." [3]

As we shall see when we get into a later section of this paper, a soul on a higher level than 3-D, who has learned how to do it, can take on any shape and form it wants, so in a way, how an ET looks like becomes on some level nebulous, but it seems like Founders who seed planets with life look at themselves in some kind of physical manner.


The Pleiadians (themselves a composite intelligence) tell us that many of the original Founders who visited Earth when she was in her infancy looked like a combination of humans and animals, like I hinted at above:

"...they all put their imprints on the fauna on Earth. Each creator god has their animal represented as their imprint. Also, people look like animals and thus have different amount of DNA from different creator gods and took on their image - 'we are created in the image(s) of the gods'.


These animals keep in touch with their creator gods to see what's going on here on Earth while they are elsewhere)." [4]

This is particularly interesting in the perspective of what I presented in 'Level I' and in The Myth of Supriem David Rockefeller, [4.1] where I said I had noticed in people that they sometimes look like a humanized form of particular animals.


This is in no way to ridicule people, because it can be very aesthetic and attractive. Some people have the imprint of looking like birds, other like horses, buffalos, hippos, bears, wolves, dogs, cats etc. Other people just look 'human', with no visible animal imprint. So, when you mingle in a crowd next time, or even when you go to work, just stand back and observe and you will eventually see what I mean.


You may even want to look yourself in the mirror and see if you have an imprint yourself. If you do, congratulations!


There is a hint how your Founder may have looked like. And now I'm talking about our DNA imprints from many millions of years ago; not the imprint of the Sirian Lords, who came to Earth later, hijacked the planet and started messing with our DNA.

The Pleiadians further tell us that the Gods were even putting out "chronometers" here on Earth (and presumably on other planets too), to measure the stage of consciousness and how it changes. [5]



2. A New Way of Looking at the Structure of the Omniverse from an Interdimensional Perspective

Science is giving us a model of the Universe, and rogue scientists are giving us a slightly different one. I think they are both correct in their own sense, but not complete.

Lately, I have looked into this subject to perhaps get a better perspective of it, because I have come to understand that we live in a holographic version of a holographic Universe; in other words, a hologram within a hologram (and there may be many more levels of holograms as well).


If so, the Universe we depict when we look up in the night sky or study star maps, how correct are they? Are they just a hologram and a distorted picture of the 'known universe', as LPG-C calls it?

I think it is - to a large degree. So I studied other ways of looking at the Universe, the Multiverse, and the Omniverse, which includes all currently existing universes and the Goddess Universe as well.

Here follows an analogy of how many star beings apparently look upon the Universe from a multidimensional perspective, and it also includes a look at things from an omnidimensional viewpoint.


I have been comparing notes from many different sources here, but I come back to the following model, which makes sense to me if presented in such a simple fashion that it becomes comprehensible for the human nervous system.


Figure 2-1

Water-lily pond

Imagine the Goddess dropping a pebble into the pond and it creates ripples. Each ripple is a line, or a thread, very much like a sound wave (the Universe is built from sound/music).


Then think of galaxies as water lilies with lotuses spreading out all over the pond.


Figure 2-2

Multiple universes, connected like a spider web.

Then think of these ripples becoming webs, almost like spider webs, and the Goddess is the spider in the middle, spinning the webs.


These 'webs' eventually become round, like planets, and each ripple/web is equivalent to a universe, and each living universe has an 'overseer'.

The Pleiadians are one of the sources who described the Universe as a web in an energy exercise from one of Barbara Marciniak's books, Earth - Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library:

"...Imagine a fine spiderlike web that makes up your cosmos. As you pull energy through that web, it begins to buzz and sing and inform all parts of itself." [22]

Barbara Hand Clow's Pleiadians are on the same page and go on to further explain:

"The original pathways out of the vortexes were spun out by Spider Grandmother in the beginning of time and then woven together.


The vortexes were generated exactly where the pathways cross, and out of these crossings and lines, species were created. The storytellers told the stories of Spider Grandmother, and animals and plants were formed.

We Pleiadians call this the Web of Life. Now the Web has become the Net that blocks travel by stellar intelligences in the pathways. The Web has tightened and has almost closed due to the lies the Anunnaki layered over the original stories, especially since Zero Point" [23]

This last part may seem cryptic to the reader at this point, but we will come back to that, and we are going to find that the Pleiadians here are very accurate.


Hand Clow's Pleiadians continue:

"As the Anunnaki suck you to get Gaia's energy and plot to keep you under their thumbs, they twist the records of activations by great beings, thus keeping you away from Earth vortexes as much as possible.


They are heavily invested in keeping you from discovering the real connective powers of sacred places as well as the active powers of gold, uranium, crystals, and plants.


Such powers can activate the Earth and awaken your deep memories, triggering connections with galactic intelligence. Power places have often been revealed to you by the unexpected appearance of illuminated beings."

"Often temples are built where great beings were seen, and many of you can genuinely feel this energy of place. The Anunnaki believe they own you.


They've diverted you away from these power places, preventing the great beings from reaching you. Lately, even they are bored with their own limited games, and they are impulsed to seek these great beings.


The dynamic is shifting fast because they know these power vortexes are their only access to these powers." [24]

Now, to expand on the 'pond allegory', we said that in a pond there are webs which are becoming round, like planets, and every 'round web' becomes a universe. Each pond consists of 12 universes.


Then, there are other ponds, almost infinite in numbers, which are all consisting of 12 universes each. The Goddess has placed a part of herself in the middle of each universe in any given pond

Before life can develop on any planet, it has to come from somewhere. We know from our history books and geology lessons that there was a lot of thunder and lightning in the beginning of Earth's history and eventually our atmosphere was formed. The rains started and they didn't stop until eons later and filled our world with water which became the oceans. In our term, 'abnormal weather conditions' continued on the planet for a very long time.


Also, asteroids kept bombarding the planet from north to south, from east to west, and vice versa. These asteroids, meteors, and meteoroids came of course from outer space and landed on our world - and they still do, albeit not in the quantity they used to.


However, this is very important to keep in mind, as we shall see now.

First of all, lightning contains a high level of energy - life energy. Scientists of today understand that this may have something to do with creating life, which is very true. Nowadays, they are also starting to grasp the idea of panspermia, which means that life on Earth may have started elsewhere, namely in outer space.


One of the many versions of panspermia is called Directed Panspermia. This means that someone from outer space seeded asteroids etc with life and literally directed these space rocks intentionally to hit our planet so that life could start developing. In my mind, based on my own research, there is no doubt whatsoever that Directed Panspermia is a reality and the life-bringing viruses and bacteria were directed mainly by the so-called Founders.


These asteroids, meteors, and meteoroids also carried the DNA, the basic building blocks, when they fell into the oceans and on land.


Thus, primitive life forms started developing. More heavenly bodies were directed our way as time went by and more and more developed life forms began to show up on Earth.


The theory that life started in the oceans and fish evolved to a stage where they grew legs and became land beings is not necessarily correct. More likely, rocks from space which hit land contained DNA which would, when hit the ground, start developing plants and land animals etc on land as well as it had done, eons earlier, in the oceans.

This is how life started on Earth, and this is how life starts on any planet in the Universe; it doesn't start by itself in a random fashion; it is being seeded by extraterrestrial, highly evolved beings! And now think about this; meteors and other rocks from space are still landing on our planet.


Are they carrying DNA which will develop into totally new species that will start showing up in the future? If we look back in time, new types of plants and new species of animals have 'developed' on our planet in the past and still are. It's an interesting thought.

When a new intelligent race is created, many Founders contribute to its creation. Then this race evolves until it reaches a state of 'Creator Godship', after have learned as much as it possibly can about themselves and the universe they live in. While doing this, each individual contributes to the overall expansion of consciousness in that universe and other universes, too (as they are all connected in the web), and ultimately, the Goddess is learning more about herself.


Normally, a species evolves together and is reaching the state of Creator Godship as a group, in unison, although there are exceptions from the rule. Planet Earth is one of these exceptions as we shall see later on.


Here on Earth we are trapped in a veil of amnesia, so it's extremely hard to evolve on a planet such as ours. But even here on Earth, although it's done more on an individual basis at the moment, each individual who evolves and raises his/her consciousness affects others to do the same, and it still becomes a group thing and eventually affects the whole human soul group in one way of the other.


We will discuss our specific condition as a 'human soul group' in later papers, but for now we only need to know that our conditions are not a natural process in the development of a species.

After have passed a stage in their development when they have become multidimensional, are able to space travel, and understand the science of genetic engineering, a species normally becomes 'life designers' or Founders, which means they go out in the Universe and seed new life on young planets.


They become genetic engineers who can create life by using DNA of their own life form and, if they like, mix it with other races, to create something new to develop on the new world.


But first, if they are ethical and follow the laws of non-interference, they ask for permission from the Creator God who has already become the star/sun of that solar system in which the Founders and the Kadištu want to create. The star, as a Creator God, first created the planets of its own solar system.


These planets are meant to be seeded with life by younger Creator Gods who have still not evolved to become stars. The Ra collective in the Ra Material tell us that you become a sun/star when you reach what they term the 8th Density.

After have become stars and planets, we normally do so as a species, or a collective of Founders who have evolved, as described in the RA Material. By being stars, we are now the overhead owners of the 'real estate' we call a solar system, where a planet is the living host of the species dwelling on it.

The star, as the Mother of its solar system, is a nurturer of all life which is evolving in her system, just like a human mother would nurture her children. A planet is doing the same thing with the life she hosts so that it can develop under the best imaginable conditions available to her.


This is an example of unconditional love, because no matter what the life that's evolving in the solar system is doing, Mother Sun and Mother Earth continue sending them both light and unconditional love; none of them is judgmental. Then it is up to the species themselves to take advantage of this incredible nurturing.


This can be compared to human children when they grow up, hopefully giving back to their parents what the parents gave them, and are passing the best of it on to their children. In this manner, a species will give back to the host what they are using of her resources so balance can be maintained. If a species can learn this, they will be good Creator Gods in the future, because they know how to nurture and love.


Hence, their own creations when they become Founders will receive the love and light they need to evolve peacefully. It's often when imbalanced Founders go out and create that their 'children' (their creations) become imbalanced as well.


We know how this goes from watching our own human parenting. It's nothing different on a higher level of consciousness. We can be aware and conscious on a level high enough to become Creator Gods, but if we are not addressing our own imbalances before that, we will not be good Creator Gods/parents.

Normally, the Founders who seed the planet will usually be called the 'overseers' of their creations, as they are helping the newborn species with their baby steps towards adolescence and adulthood, when needed. They follow their development on a distance without their creation being aware of it, or they sometimes give their creation the 'tools' they need to evolve, and then leave them on their own, only checking back on occasion.

Here on Earth, in ancient times (and still today within native tribes and other evolved people) we could see the tribes thanking the Earth and the Sun for what they were receiving from them. They had a much better understanding of whom they were in relation to the planet they lived on and the heavenly bodies.


If there is too much imbalance (like on Earth, currently) it affects the planet, the Sun, the whole solar system, and in the worst case scenario, other parts of the Universe. Planets and stars, as we now understand, are sentient beings, and they are affected by imbalance, just like you and I, and react to it by becoming 'sick' and do abnormal things.


We see that a lot in our own solar system today.

Planets, no different from ourselves, are electromagnetic beings, and they influence us. The Sun is doing everything she can to help us evolve, and although we need to do the work ourselves, the Sun, which can be seen as a common 'oversoul' for our species, helps us by feeding us encoded light within the electromagnetic spectra - especially powerful in the gamma spectrum and above (yes, there is an 'above').


Examples of this are the solar flares and the 11 years sun spot cycles. They both carry packages of information which trigger parts of our DNA that is dormant, and we start seeing things from a different, slightly more evolved perspective, although each individual on the planet decodes this light-encoded information differently, which is the whole purpose.


After all, we are created as individuals. So, it's not the Sun going crazy, erupting and sending out flares that may be harmful for us; it's quite the opposite. It's necessary for the evolution of a species and something all suns do to help life evolve on their planets.

The Pleiadians say there is intelligent life on all planets in our solar system, in one form or the other. [6]


This doesn't mean that we can take a space shuttle and go to Jupiter and find little green men there, but if the Pleiadians are correct, life in other dimensions exist on these planets. This is why it's so ludicrous when CETI and others are sending out radio signals into space, hoping to find life. Life is all around us and has been for millions of years, perhaps billions. Beings who would potentially pick up these radio signals would totally ignore them.


They already know about Earth, and if they wanted to reply, they would already have done so.

Even if there is life on all planets in our solar system, does this mean there is life on all planets in the universe? My research has led me to believe that the answer is no.


Our system is still relatively young, so it's teeming with life, but there are older systems out there where planets have fulfilled their duty of hosting a species, and the species have left. In these cases, the Goddess and the Builders let these planets have a resting period before they are potentially allowing them to be seeded again.

Interestingly enough, the Pleiadians tell us that civilizations in themselves are seeded, and after a specific civilization either fails or moves on, there is a lag before the next 'installment', pretty much like there is a lag between sequels when you are making a movie with a part 1, 2, and 3.


They suggest that on our planet, civilizations are layered one on top of the other, and they are all connected.


Then they say something very interesting. In the time of the awakening (which is now), the old cultures, who are no longer living on Earth, and whom we have no contact with in present time, will come alive again and operate simultaneously (together with us), because their blueprints will be recalled and magnetized into this opening multidimensional plane. [8]


This has to do with timeline merging, something I explained in 'Level I'.

If everything goes well, the star and its solar system live its cycle, turns into a supernova, then a white dwarf and eventually a black hole. In that process, the star as a collective of Creator Gods is normally ready to become a nebula which creates its own hosts; clusters of stars to be inhabited by consciousness.


The consciousness which inhabits the 'shell', which is the visible star itself, is of course that of Founder collectives who are prepared to evolve to their next phase of development; to become a star. These stars, inhabited by Kadištu/Founder consciousness, are the children of the nebula.

Normally, when the stars in the star cluster, which the nebula created, have accomplished their goals, or are well into the process, the nebula evolves into a galactic consciousness, where all nebulae, stars, planets, Creator Gods, players, animals and plants will be her children. The centers of the galaxies, if the reader recalls, are the 'Wombs of the Mother', where the Goddess leaves her imprints in each universe that contains galaxies.


The Creator God, who evolved from a nebula to a galaxy, will 'surround' the galaxy, just like a soul/information cloud [def].


Fire is thought of as 'surrounding' our body. However, in the middle of each galaxy there is a giant black hole, signified as the Womb of the Mother Goddess, where her presence is flooding into the galaxy and fires every corner of it, and every single cell in it. The nebula who is evolving is more of an 'overseer' of the progress of the entire galaxy.

When a galaxy has reached its goal(s), it will slowly integrate with the Goddess Universe (the 96%) again. Although the Fire of the Goddess can never die or stop burning from a 4% Universe perspective, this is still what it looks like it's doing.


However, what is actually happening is that instead of suns and a whole galaxy 'burning out' and its light fading, it evolves into becoming 'dark matter' and 'dark energy'. In other words, it becomes 'pure spirit' and everything therein merges with the Goddess.

It would be logical to think that the Creator God who was 'overseeing' this particular galaxy now may turn into a dark cosmic cloud and then create clusters of galaxies which she oversees. However, this is most unlikely, because my research has made me conclude that the galaxies are created by the Mother Goddess herself so her imprint can be found in everything there is in each universe as well as in each galaxy and all the way 'down' to the smallest of particles.


So the clusters of galaxies scientists have seen being formed are solely the creation of Goddess herself, in a distant past. It is my understanding that no more galaxies are created at this time, because of the imbalance in our universe as a whole. Not until the great misuse of energy is resolved will new galaxies be created.


The ones the scientists have discovered were created billions and billions of years ago, as they are looking back in time when they explore phenomena at a far distance. The more light years away, the further back in time they look.

It's much more likely that the being who oversaw a galaxy and now is ready to evolve is assigned its own 'ripple' or 'web', which corresponds to an entire universe. This former galactic consciousness, now transformed into something else, will be the overseer of its own universe, while the Goddess is the overseer of them all.

As we can see from our discussion so far, there is no such thing as Darwinism and an 'evolution of species' through natural selection and random creation. Everything on a planet is seeded by Creator Gods outside of the planet, by what we here would call highly developed extraterrestrials.


Each species then evolves in its own pace over time.


And we also see that there is a God (or in fact a Goddess) who oversees all creation.



3. The Founders - Life Designers of the Multiverse

The Pleiadians call them The Game Masters; other names for them are,

  • the Life Designers

  • the Founders

  • the Kadištu

  • the Original Planners,

...and many, many more.


As we already discussed, I have chosen, and stuck to, certain terms for certain types of Creator Gods to make it less confusing. In Sumerian language, and if we trace it back even further, Aryan language, they are called the Kadištu, a word we decomposed in the previous paper, and which is used frequently in Anton Parks' trilogy, The Chronicles of the Gírků. [9]


I will mostly call them Founders, however, because this is a word more commonly used in these modern times.


I am aware of that some call them the Elohim as well, equivalent to Sitchin's 'Anunnaki', or Sirians, which is who they really are, and Elohim is the term designated to them in the Bible as well.


However, I want to make sure the reader understands that the Elohim are only one race of Founders, and not exchangeable with the term Founder or Kadištu itself. Therefore, I am very reluctant to using the term Elohim.

The Pleiadians, in Marciniak's book, 'Earth - Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library' are in accordance with LPG-C when speaking about ontoenergetics [def], that the Founders are formless (soul-like), but can overlay and infuse themselves in many shapes and forms, and they are boundless shapeshifters, moving beyond sound and geometry (as we shall see later on, shapeshifting is as common in the Multiverse as eating is for us; not a big deal.


We humans can do it easily when we understand how to).


The Founders first create in their minds the entire blueprint for the entire evolution of a targeted planet and then seeding starts by directing meteors and other heavenly bodies containing seeds of life in form of bacteria and viruses etc. towards the planet, and the desired evolution will begin, all in simple terms.


Then, let's say they are creating one or more intelligent life forms on that particular planet and cultures and civilizations arise and fall, they then can, if they so wish, open up portals to literally insert cultures into the planes of the targeted planet. [10] But not only that; when a blueprint of a civilization or culture is made, Founders can manifest variations of this blueprint in different realities.


In the book, the Pleiadians make up an analogy with capes. It's like when someone makes a blueprint of a cape, it is then manifested in 'reality' in that particular shape and form. But then the creator of these capes notices that there is a demand of variations of that cape, so he or she creates those variations and manifests them, too.


So when the Kadištu creates one culture, variations of that cultures, including variations of its languages, are also inserted and anchored into other realms.

The Founders seed planets with intelligent life forms for a reason. Each civilization has a certain purpose, which is imprinted in their DNA; a purpose which is often unique for that species. But there is also a bigger, common purpose we, as a created species have with other races in the Multiverse, and that is to 'grow up', learn about creation, and share our experiences with the cosmos, to make it expand in consciousness and intelligence, and then to become Creator Gods ourselves, if we so wish.


I explained earlier in this chapter that the Kadištu are often the 'overseers' of the cultures they have created and help in their development, or leave them the tools they need to be able to evolve on their own. However, sometimes like in the case of humanity, that doesn't happen the way it is supposed to.


The Pleiadians were not Founders in its true meaning, but some of them were their helpers, who eventually messed up and left their mess behind them.


The major reason they are here now, channeling through Barbara Marciniak, is because for themselves to be able to grow any further, they must make sure that all forms of life that they have helped create or maintain and set into motion have as much freedom as they themselves wish to have. They know, and express it well in their book, [11] that the Goddess will not take them in before they have done this.


So the Golden Rule, "do unto others..." very much applies to all beings in the Multiverse, as it seems.


This also applies very much to humanity as well. It's easy to point fingers at aliens who did this and others who did that, but the problems we're sitting in right now are our problems in the sense that we are the only ones who can solve them.


And it doesn't matter if they were created by us in the first place or not.



4. The Manifestation of the Creator in the Physical Universe

In many religions on Earth we learn that God is a Being, sometimes seemingly of flesh and blood.


In metaphysics we tend to think about God as the All That Is, whom embraces everything and everybody around us, ourselves included. But we don't usually think of God as manifest; neither as a Being of flesh and blood, nor as a Spirit of a kind like that of you and I, but something grander and almost incomprehensible.

However, new research I've done suggests that the Goddess can actually manifest in the physical. The Goddess created the web of the Multiverse with 'grids' and 'holes', metaphorically speaking. The 'holes' are the 'Goddess Manifest' and corresponds with dark matter and dark energy.


Her creation is not yet finished, and she can 'spin more webs' as she sees fit, and let appointed Creator Gods come in and create. Anonymous sources are telling me that she is also able to take on a physical form so beings can see her, and she is apparently always manifesting herself in a fashion which is appealing to the beholder; something the observer is familiar with and can refer to.

Barbara Hand Clow is telling us a similar thing.


Both Marciniak's Pleiadians and those of Hand Clow acknowledge the Divine Feminine.


Here is a first quote from a channeled session by Hand Clow:

"As you enter Aquarius, the women as daughters of Earth will be the first players on the stage as Pleiadian storytellers. This has already begun.


We Pleiadians do not express ourselves via sexual gender, but we are the guardians of the Goddess and we have a very feminine vibration. As we speak of 'woman,' we speak of Gaia in each one of you.


Your male and female selves are both goddess and god, and as Earth has witnessed an overabundance of male energy, we Pleiadians are here to help all of you awaken the Goddess within.

During this most recent journey through the Galactic Night, you became highly self-reflective and your brains are getting very activated. You've developed yourselves magnificently so that you would be ready to challenge forces that control your reality at the Cosmic Party.


We Pleiadians like to refer to these forces as the World Management Team, first named through channel Barbara Marciniak, and as far as I, Satya, can ascertain as I read your vibrations, these forces are directed on Earth by the Anunnaki..." [11.1]

But can the Goddess really manifest in the Universe, just like the biblical alleged 'God' did?


According to some sources, the answer is yes. And not only can she do so; she does, ever so often, allegedly. So when a Christian, or non-Christian person, prays to God, he or she is praying to the Mother Goddess, and the prayers are heard. The Goddess, in her manifestation, is a very compassionate being, and if help is asked for, help is usually coming, in one form or another.

People who pray for something specific often expect that specific thing to manifest, and when it doesn't manifest exactly the way the person expects it to, they don't think the prayer is heard. This is often not the case, and I'll make an example. John is praying that he will be better at doing his job, because he feels like his coworkers are better than he is.


Believing in prayers, he is hoping his wish will come true. Still, the day after he makes a couple of terrible mistakes at work which will draw attention from his coworkers. He goes home in the evening, very discouraged, and thinks prayers probably don't help.


But he tells himself to give it another chance, and he prays again for the same thing. The next day, he is making a few similar mistakes as the day before and is even more discouraged and decides that prayers don't work and stops praying.

If John instead would have looked at what kind of mistakes he made these two days, he would perhaps have noticed that they were exactly the things he needed to improve on to be able to be as good as his coworkers. If he had taken that into consideration and developed his skills in these particular areas, he would perhaps have had a good chance to succeed.


So instead of 'magically' improve at work, the Goddess pointed out in which area he needed to do his own work, so the prayer was actually heard.


This is often how prayers are manifested; help is coming, but the person who asks for it still has to do the job. Help is often coming in form of tools, so that the person can learn on their own.

Individual souls, whom on their own merit, or groups of beings who have evolved together to create a composite, can on occasion have direct encounters with the Goddess, and if ready, the Goddess may appoint these individuals to become Creator Gods as she and they see fit.


When the evolution of an intelligent species is not interfered with and manipulated by external forces in any major way, a whole species, or the majority of them, can evolve together and be appointed Creator Gods by the Goddess herself and become a 'collective consciousness' of Creator Gods. This I see can happen when the members of the species are open to each other and share their experiences so that they all can learn both individually and as a group. If no secrets are held, the species after some time becomes a collective consciousness.


Those who don't grasp this concept sometimes call a star race like this a 'hive community' and refer to it as a community with one authority whom the rest of the species follow without questioning.


Although I'm sure there are such cultures, this is not what I am referring to here. Then, on occasion, there are individuals, or groups of individuals, who become creator gods without have been appointed by the Goddess, and do so by means of technology, and with a purpose of gaining power over others and 'cheat' their way up to godhood rather than doing it to contribute to the greatest good of all involved.


Part of humanity is about to do just that.


By infiltration and manipulation by off-world forces, mankind has fallen into the shadowlands of reality, and a lot of secrets are held in a hierarchal structure, and it works its way down to separate every-day people, who follow the same examples to lie, cheat and hold secrets from each other.


It's a very dangerous path and needs to be broken as any ethical and moral reader can see, or these beings will do harm to the universal creation as a whole, and eventually to themselves as well; more harm than they can imagine at this point in time.


But I will blow it up to an extent that I hope people will understand the dilemma we are in and what needs to be done.

It can be hard for us to understand this process of being appointed, perhaps by a manifestation of the Goddess herself, in physical or in spirit, but our nervous system while still stuck in 3-D reality is very limited, and it requires of us to think outside the box a lot to expand our consciousness.


5. Creation as the Perfect Symphony

As mentioned in the beginning of this paper, music and sound are both a huge part of creation. It is now pretty clear to the reader that I am not a supporter of the 'Big Bang Theory' as it has been portrayed by the majority of mainstream science.


Nothing, and I mean nothing at all, in the creation of this universe or others, was random and coincidental. It is a little amusing that so many cosmologists and other scientists still hang on the the Big Bang Theory of randomness, and that life on Earth happened by mistake. These people are supposedly the top brains on this planet, and they count on our stupidity in trusting everything they say, because of course, most of them know better.


The reason they still hang on to a sinking ship is because they need their funding. If those who fund them (the Powers That Be [PTB] [def] to keep it simple) want old paradigms still be promoted to the public, and the scientists who want to keep their paychecks and be rewarded for 'job well done' better adjust to what the Money Masters say.


However, lately we've started seeing a change in this. We now hear that they have found Earth-like planets out there in other solar systems which can be life bearing, but this is old news and they only release what they absolutely need to in order to keep up with the growing increase of consciousness on the planet. They don't want to look like fools, either.


Still, they know so much more than they let us know - so much more.

As we shall see in the next paper, I am not discarding the idea of a Big Bang itself. Solid evidence shows that this universe was created from a sudden Big Bang, but the difference is that mainstream science are telling us that Big Bang was the beginning of everything, when it was just the beginning of a new cycle in a seemingly endless recycling of universes.

It has actually been proven by scientists (but still not accepted in mainstream), starting with a Swiss scientist in the 1960s, Dr. Hans Jenny, that sound and music form matter.


It's called 'Cymatics'. In a video series on YouTube, the reader can clearly see how vibration creates form. [12]


First we see random particles spread out all over, and when sound is played, the particles come together and create amazing geometrical, and other patterns. When the sound changes, so do the pattern. The Universe is formed and comes together by sound. DNA activation in an individual or group is primarily happening because of sound.


This is why the people who run the WingMakers website, and other groups as well, promote music as DNA activators (a word of warning here! It's up to the individual to sign up for different DNA activation programs or not, but personally I would pass on all of them. This is something that happens naturally and is a part of the development of a species, so always question the intention of those who present such programs before you accept them).

Earth resonates at a frequency of 7.8 Hertz, and when a human body is able to vibrate at that same rate, there is an incredible psychic opening and increase in awareness. Sounds can even stimulate deterioration or regeneration of organs in the body. [13]


Some say that rock music of low vibrations, such as tuned down guitars played with maximal distortion, still is uplifting to the body and mind, and at least certainly doesn't do any harm. I have heard this from skilled musicians who are also very spiritually aware.


When I point out that we can clearly see the effects from those who listen to that kind of music a lot, and it's not uplifting, the spokesmen blame this on the lyrics. Yes, I agree that the lyrics can, and do, work to program your brain, but the low frequency music does the main job, albeit, often the two work together.


I would go as far as to say that not only does it degrade the listener, but can also make them sick, even terminally ill.


Figure 2-3

Burt Ovrut, Physicist

David Icke, in his book, Human Race Get Off Your Knees - The Lion Sleeps No More talks about the same thing regarding creation and music. In fact, string theory in mainstream science is based on something similar. Particles are indeed invisible vibrating 'strings'.


Icke quotes the American theoretical physicist, Burt Ovrut, as follows:

"You can think of it as a violin string or a guitar string. If you pluck it in a certain way you get a certain frequency, but it you pluck it a different way you can get more frequencies on this string and in fact you have different notes.


Nature is made of all the little notes, the musical notes, that are played on these super-strings." [14]

Icke goes on, showing a picture of a complex pattern, and underneath the picture he writes:

"This pattern has been created, and is held together, by particles reacting to a blueprint communicated through sound. When the sound changes the pattern changes and when the sound stops the particles return to a random state.


This is how 'worlds' are created out of the still and silent All Possibility." [15]

I agree totally with Icke and the point he wants to make.


The 'symphony' of a galaxy, for example, is what keeps everything within that galaxy within a certain frequency band, which perhaps corresponds to the purposes and goals of that particular galaxy. Same goes for stars and planets and so on.


These things are all sentient beings, and music I think will become a greater and greater part of a being's awareness as they evolve, and not only to have something to listen to - it's embedded in the DNA. Each person has their own 'song', and although most of we humans can't 'hear' those songs, they are still there and are our signatures.


The song changes slightly with our mood and when we get more evolved, we will hear not only our own songs, but the songs of the Universe itself. No worries, though, this doesn't mean each person is going to walk around hearing a billion songs at the time, but we can tune in and tune out just like we do with all the sounds constantly going on around us.


Then, when we become Founders, stars, galaxies etc., we're going to set the tune for our own creations, so we'd better have a good song to begin with. Unfortunately, that's not always the case.


Not all Creator Gods have a good song to share.



6. The Pyramid Builders

Sound is extremely powerful. If it's made to create universes, it can of course be 'tamed' and used on smaller scales.


All the great pyramids, for example, they stand there as monuments from past civilizations about whom we know next to nothing. It's a mystery, and the creation of these wonders of the world has puzzled mankind for thousands of years.


How come we can't even slide a credit card between the cracks of many of these stones that build a pyramid?


Many explanations have been suggested, both in mainstream and by alternative thinkers and researchers; one more ridiculous than the other. The theory that the pharaohs were using slave labor to transport these huge stones and put them up where they should go is widespread.


This theory falls on its own merit due to that there often is not even a location nearby where these stones could have been transported from, and no less could human slave labor put stones so perfectly together.


These civilizations are supposed to be very primitive compared to ours, so did the slaves use hackers and hammers to make them this perfect? It is amazing sometimes what they want people to believe, counting on that humans are extraordinary stupid, or stupefied.


Sadly enough, many people accept such ludicrous theories without thinking twice about them.


Figure 2-4
The Giza Pyramids

The pyramids were, in fact, created by the 'gods' with sound technology, which becomes quite obvious when we understand how sound can form and format matter, as explained above.


The Pleiadians further tell us that the pyramids in Egypt were used as sound devices to communicate with the heavens. [16]


But not only that; they were used for many things, and one of these things were as weights to 'balance electromagnetic forces and actually to create an acupuncture point of energy into the Earth grid'. [17]


They further explain that the Great Pyramid does not only exist above the ground. Below the ground the structure pierces the earth so energy from the cosmos can be transmitted and grounded from one age to another.


The Great Pyramid in Giza has been around far longer than historians and archeologist have postulated and has a greater purpose than any of our history books lets us know.



7. The Ethereal Composite and the DRAP (Death-Recycling-Amnesia-Trap)

"Have you ever considered the definition of your Self? What is it that defines you? If you look in the mirror and peel away the masks, the pretensions, the deceptions, the fears, the thoughts, the feelings; what remains?


For most they would answer their soul or spirit. And if I told you that the soul - as most define it - does not truly exist apart from the mind, what would you say?"

James of the WingMakers [19]

Now, how is that possible if we reincarnate over and over again on this planet, and all time is simultaneous and we live all these lives at the same 'time', from a multidimensional perspective? Don't we in that case have different minds in different lifetimes?

Well, not really! Read again what James is saying in the above quote. He says, "the soul - as most define it - does not truly exist apart from the mind..." (my emphasis). And how do most of us define soul?

I think LPG-C explains it pretty well when they tell us what the 'soul' in fact is. They call the soul the 'information cloud' [def], which is pretty much what it is.

So, let us go a little more in details about what a soul is. Let us also explain the concept of Oversoul.

The soul/information cloud is the part of Self which gathers information from each lifetime. The information cloud is surrounding, and tightly connected with, and indexed to, the mind and the body on a specific planet (the soul is in its turn composed of a light body, or an 'avatar' [def], and the mind is connected with an emotional body). All of them (including the soul/information cloud) are electrical components.


The three components - information cloud, mind, and body - are like one unit working together, as long as the biological body is alive. During that lifetime, the body and the mind are experiencing things in the physical universe and the information cloud is collecting the experiences. The mind is therefore the personality.


Then, when that particular lifetime has come to an end, the information cloud, the mind, a light body, which I will call the avatar from hereon, and an emotional body, tightly connected to the mind, separate themselves from the body and are supposed to report back to the 'oversoul', which is the 'bigger' part of you - the 'mega information cloud', if you will (I am saying 'supposed to' for a reason, which will be clearer soon).


The information cloud, the avatar, and the emotional body/mind (which I will call the 'Ethereal Composite' [def], or EC [def]), all in one piece move from the physical body into the astral plane, the 'between lives area' (BLA [def]).


This astral plane is a designated time/space where the EC can rest between incarnations, often with full recall of previous lifetimes. In the 'between lives area' (BLA), the EC can think up an environment with friends, relatives, and soul groups etc., and set goals for the next lifetime, as explained in 'Level I', with the between life information based on Dr. Michael Newton's research, and from channeling.


Dr. Newton has put more than 7,000 people in regression therapy, where they all are telling him very similar stories of what happens between incarnations.

Now, in order to understand what I am going to explain we have to think of the Multiverse as being very fluid; nothing is 'set in stone'. Everything can be changed, relived, and healed - even events that have already happened!


This is what the so-called 'nano-second' from 1987-2012 is all about.

When the Founders want to create an intelligent species, who has the capacity built into their DNA to reach the stars once they are evolved enough, they can either invite non-physical ontoenergetics to descend into a body to run it, or literally create new souls from the ether.


These latter souls will be created from the 'ocean of consciousness' all around us (the 96% of Spirit/Goddess, which is dark matter and dark energy) to operate in the physical universe, and will become separate individuals instead of just part of the 'ocean'. In other words, they will gain separate consciousness and become self aware here in the 4%; they are so-called 'newborn souls' and hence they are very naive in the beginning until they learn; we've all been in this newborn stage.


I am aware of that many channeled sources have a different view on this, saying that all souls are equally old, i.e. as old as the physical universe.


This is, from what I have come to understand, not correct. From a multidimensional standpoint, the soul is ageless, because all time is simultaneous, and in addition, the soul originates from outside of time as we know it; it originates in the Goddess Universe.


When an individual soul is 'born' to explore the physical universe and its dimensions, in order to have individual experiences here in the 4%, at that point became individually aware. This soul can then split up in different factions to explore many realities at once, as explained in Level I [def].


Then, as these soul fragments, all of the same soul entity, are experiencing things, they are creating a 'storage' for their own experiences, which becomes the 'Oversoul'. The more experiences a soul has, lifetime after lifetime here in the 4%, the 'bigger' the Oversoul grows, restoring all the wisdom of the different soul fragments.


This Oversoul exists outside of time as we know it, dwelling in the 96%, and is thus also reporting back to the Goddess, who is learning about herself from the fragments of souls operating in the 4%.


The purpose of our whole existence is to experience and learn so that the Goddess can learn more about herself by letting fragments of herself operate randomly without any set outcome.

Normally, as explained by Dr. Michael Newton in his excellent books, these newborn souls will train on special test worlds which are not 'real', but computer generated (holograms) for the young souls to practice in before they are 'let loose' in the 'real' 4% Universe. It's an interesting concept, which gives a hint of the hologramic nature of the Matrix.

Next, the Founders are attaching the soul/information cloud together with its avatar and emotional body onto a biokind [def] (biological body). (The Founders are also attaching information clouds in certain ways to animals, plants, and rocks etc, and put their imprints on them). The newborn EC now has its own biokind to use in 3D to explore the new world and evolve under the laws of free will [def] and non-interference [def] (hopefully).


The goals for the species are already programmed into the DNA, but can be changed by the individuals, and the species as a whole as they evolve, if they choose a different path - anything is possible.

With time, a species will learn how to use their multidimensional abilities and will reach out to the stars, and eventually they may not need to stay on their planet anymore and simply move on. The planet gets a resting period and may then become host for a new experiment by the same, or other Founders.

So, the above is what is supposed to happen, and we can see that the soul and the mind go together, just like James said in the beginning of this section. However, this is not what is happening on Earth. It all started out with the best of intentions, and in fact, the early humans were created as a very special species with very special and honorable goals, and the Fires were already inserted into these highly multidimensional androgynous bodies.


However, once upon a time, humankind was, as explained in the previous paper, 'hi-jacked' by an alien race, which Sitchin called the 'Anunnaki', basically originating from the Sirius star system.

What this Invader Force did in a nutshell on a metaphysical level was that when a body died and the EC went to the BLA, an invader force was waiting there.


Ever heard of the 'Tunnel of Light'?


The individual was still allowed to create new goals after they had reviewed their previous lifetime (and perhaps a few before that), and could enjoy moments of peace and joy. However, these goals were checked against a Council to see if they were 'innocent' enough to be approved.


If so, the person got a go-ahead. If not, 'false goals' were implanted into the being on top of the real goal by using fast moving pictures on a screen while the victim was glued to a metaphysical chair.


These fast moving pictures went right into the subconscious mind and were there processed in high speed as if they were the person's real goals. They were repeated until the soul believed this was their real goal. Let's say the person had as his goal to become a foreman in the gold mines.


This was a goal the Sirians loved and highly supported if there was a vacant foreman spot anticipated, but if a person's goal was to escape from the mines, of course they changed his goal before he reincarnated.

Then, when the EC was shot down into a body, they were forced into a 'veil of amnesia', which made them forget all their previous lives while down on the planet. The veil of amnesia was programmed into the human body's DNA, so as soon as the spirit entered the body, they started forgetting who they were and what they were doing there, and a state of confusion hit the recently entered EC.


And the EC was getting constantly recycled (reincarnated) instead of living their lives fully at all times, with total recall.


I write this in 'past tense', but it's still going on today. However, there seems to be more freedom now regarding what goals we can choose and what not. Much more on this later.

By doing this, the Sirians and their cohorts had full control over us, because we no longer knew who we were and where we came from. We started thinking that being slaves to this invader force was a normal condition for us. And this is how it still is today! Only difference is that we are waking up and start remembering.


This, to a large degree has to do with solar flares, sun spots, and gamma rays, which bombard the Earth from both our own Sun, the Central Sun (Alcyone) and the Galactic Center, which we now are aligning with. Gamma rays carry tons of information and trigger our DNA and help us decode encoded strands, which we call 'junk DNA', but is none of the sort.


There is a very special reason, beyond any other reasons, why the Pleiadians want us to stay grounded in our bodies while we are reaching out to the stars.


The bodies are being decoded by the electrical impulses from the electrical Sun and the Galactic Center. This means that our 'junk DNA' is now being reactivated, and we can once again become what we were before the invaders came. So hold out; things will get better for us!

The problem we have now with the personality issue after we've been enslaved is that we forget who we are when we move into the next incarnation. This means that our personality changes, and can change drastically, when we compare different lives.


We can be the sweetest person in one life, but when we are born into another genetic bloodline next time, we are pretty much subjected to the memories embedded in the DNA of that bloodline, plus what our parents teach us, plus our experiences while we grow up etc (environmental issues).


This doesn't mean we lose our basic personality that is the real 'us', but it does mean that we can be each other's opposite from lifetime to lifetime until many of us one day soon will wake up totally to whom we are on a soul level and can regain our basic, loving personality.

Most people, throughout time, don't even know that they live again and again, but now we start realizing that we do.


Due to the 'veil of amnesia', we can no longer easily access our previous lives, and we have to relearn everything we already know on a soul level every single lifetime, and this is the whole purpose, because then the Powers That Be can reprogram us via their 'Educational System' to teach us only enough to become the perfect slaves, and how to pay our taxes, how to make the rich richer, and how to remain poor but still think we are free.


It's the perfect trap - almost - if it wasn't for the fact that we are waking up from our sleep state; more rapidly now than ever before. The question is, are we waking up fast enough?

I told you to keep in mind that the Multiverse is fluid. Now I will explain why that is so important to understand.


First of all, all time is simultaneous, so on a higher, multidimensional level, all our lifetimes happen at once, and we leave our 'imprints' in each and every lifetime we have lived. Therefore, both those who say we live all lifetimes simultaneously, and those who say we simply reincarnate as the same soul over and over, are both correct - in a way.


Let me explain:

Even if you lived a lifetime in the 1500s, which obviously is in the past from our point of view, it is still possible, because of the fluid Multiverse, to access that lifetime in your mind and change the events and outcome of it.


This is possible because you left your imprint there and that lifetime is not 'gone'; it still exists in the fluid Multiverse.

We are now almost at the end of a Great Year (one Great Year being roughly 26,000 years; one orbit around the zodiac), and time is speeding up. This is normal and always happens at the end of a cycle, and those who are born to live through these times, being able to have a body here in this particular time period must consider themselves very lucky, even if the challenges are great.


The reason being that when a Great Year comes full circle, each being has the great opportunity to heal themselves along the lines of time. By taking on the challenges we are facing now, on a soul level, more and more so every day, and do what we can to resolve them, we are healing old lifetimes at the same time.

The problems we are facing right now, both on an individual basis and as a collective, are what we normally call 'karma'.


What blows up in our face are unresolved problems and issues from many previous lifetimes we've had on this planet. If we handle accordingly, we will heal and evolve exponentially, because we no longer have unresolved issues from the 'past' attached to us, which will draw our energy and attention from the very present, which is the only thing that really exists - everything is one big present.


When we heal issues in our present during this time period, we also heal both our past lives and our future ones. Past and future are just illusions.


When we start healing ourselves, whether it is emotionally or physically, we also begin to feel more and more love and understanding for the present moment and everything therein - we become more 'spirit' or 'Fire' and stronger and more powerful than most beings in the Multiverse.


Why? Because of what we have gone through down here. Once we've handled our issues and regained our normal multidimensional abilities and remember who we are, very little can bring us down again, and the Men of Power will have no effect on us. We will go into this in more details in the last papers of 'Level II'.

By healing ourselves along the lines of time, do I mean that we have to address each and every lifetime in order to heal? No, the issues we are facing during this current lifetime, roughly between now (2011) and 2012, are the ones we need to address in order to fully heal on a soul level.


Unresolved issues are a 'chain of events'.


Let's say you have a recurring problem in your love relationship. You can then be quite certain you have had this problem in many previous lives. But when fully coming to terms with the problem in present time, you 'break the chain', and the same problem will be resolved in your previous lives.


There are multiple timelines in existence, and hence, there are many parallel universes where you exist in as well, in a slightly different version of reality based on different outcomes.


For example, there are timelines where Hitler won the war and where 9-11 never happened.


This is irrelevant to your healing process; you only heal the timeline you are in every single moment in life because that's where the healing needs to take place.


7.1. The Fire and the Avatar

So let's back up a little bit so we can explain a little deeper what a soul is and what it is composed of.


Robert Morning Sky talks about souls being small pieces of fires who inhabit our bodies. They are tiny 'nano-particles', which correspond to the subquantum level of the Universe.

These tiny fires are borrowed by the Founders directly from the Goddess. The Goddess/Spirit (the 96% or the Universe) lends her energy from the 'ocean of consciousness' to the Founders to use when creating new Fires.


Therefore, the fire is feminine in nature (you can even see this when a baby is created in a woman's womb. The baby is always a girl to begin with and the gender may stay the same throughout the pregnancy and the baby becomes a female, or the gender changes before the baby is born and the newborn ends up being a male).

When the Creator God has borrowed this intelligent energy from the Goddess; a Fire that is still in infancy, without any experience in the physical universe; the Founders attach an 'avatar' and a mind (emotional body) to the Fire in a superior form of compartmentalizing the Fire into different sections with different tasks.


This avatar is the same as the 'light body' in New Age circles and amongst spiritual researchers. But it's much more than just a light body that we use in the ether when our physical body is dead.

A common belief is that the light body/avatar is the body we use in the In Between Life Area (BLA) to manifest ourselves, choosing how we want to look.


For example, a 90 year old woman dies on Earth and goes to the BLA and meets her relatives. She is somewhat shocked, because many of these relatives died when they were old, but here they look like when they were young, when they were in their best years.


They explain to the 90 year old that this is how they prefer to look like, because that's when they liked themselves best when they were on Earth. They tell the 90 year old that she can do exactly the same thing just by thinking about looking the way she wants.


So, there in the ether, without the resistance of a body, the 90 year old does what she was suggested, and voilŕ! she looks like she did as a 25 year old!

So what is happening here? Well, the soul, the mind, and the avatar leave the physical body together; they are never separated. So here, in a less dense environment, the souls can use their avatar and shape themselves as they please, and everybody else will see the change.


This is also a clue to what shapeshifting really is.

Interestingly enough, in Dr. Michael Newton's books, based on these more than 7,000 witnesses, [20] telling us through regression therapy exactly what happens between lives, people who died said they were picked up by their 'spirit guides', and although it mostly seems to be a pleasant experience, some witnesses were horrified, because their guide looked like a demon, or looked very scary to the deceased.


Then, all of a sudden the guide changed shape into something much more pleasant, laughing and saying he was only joking. Well, not very nice perhaps, but what this guide did was to change shape of his avatar, making him look scary just because he could.


This, I should add, seems to be a very rare event. In most cases, the guides look very pleasant. Perhaps the discarnate soul in these cases needed a wakeup call, so the guide manifested himself in this negative way, who knows?

We often hear from star races that humanity is 'Royal', and many researchers are wondering why that is. Later on we are going to discuss the reason for this, and in fact, it's a very important subject and goes like a line through the whole Second Level of Learning.



8. Dimensions and Densities Revisited

For the truth seeker, it's not easy to understand dimensions and densities, because there is a jungle of information (and disinformation) out there, and it's easy to get confused.


It has taken myself a long time to understand them, and I'm sure there is much more to learn, but the following is what I have learned so far.

Many students of metaphysics think of dimensions and densities (in metaphysical terms, not in terms of the science community) as something lofty and perhaps even non-physical. This is not the case. From our 3D (3rd Dimensional) standpoint, they would indeed be, but for those who travel them, they are just as physical as this one.


We have been trained by those who entrapped us not to see these other realms, and the frequency fence around the planet, which we in our own ignorance are helping to maintain, is also highly contributing to our inability in becoming multidimensional and be able to experience them.


The trap, however, is much larger than just a frequency fence around the planet, as we shall see. The rabbit hole goes really deep, but by understanding how it was done, we can reverse the flow and have it undone.


That is the way to do it, and I will discuss that very thoroughly here in 'Level II', and it may probably extend into 'Level III' as well.

First of all, 3D is not what humans today think it is. We are trained only to use 5 senses and a very small part of our DNA (there is a connection between senses and DNA activation) and call that 3D.


If someone starts experiencing things outside these 5 senses, they are either witches, crazy, or odd balls; pick one or all the three of them. In other words, the PTB see to that those who look outside the box are ridiculed by the scientific community and the mainstream media.


Often, they don't even have to do that; a belief in the 3D reality as being all that is, is deeply embedded into our very DNA, which was hijacked by the invader force. Still, just to make sure we 'didn't get it', the evil Catholic Church burned 'second seers' at stake.


Nice people! And the Catholic Church is still the biggest religion on Earth!


Well, that was in the past, today's Catholics say, and now it's nothing like that. Really?


The only difference is that it's gone underground. What about all the pedophilia scandals in high places within the Church? Even when that really comes out in the open, you can bet on that as horrible as it may seem, it's just the tip of the iceberg.

So we can see how deeply rooted the lies are in our very being and how we use any illogical ways we can think of to justify keeping the lies alive. However, the oppressors are losing ground quickly these days, and many, many people cease their memberships in those horrific religions. Real pious Roman Catholics can be found mostly in the Hispanic Nations these days, where the religious programming is still very alive and active.


The cease in membership is great news, however, and shows that people are beginning to wake up.


The decrease in membership is probably much due to the exposure of the same pedophilia scandals within the Church lately. The Patriarchal Regime has turned everything upside down/inside out; if they say something is white you can immediately presume that it's black and vice versa. So also when comes to 'Satanism' as a dark force.


The worst satanic organizations are our established religions. Then, of course, in usual manner; if the PTB promote Satanism as something evil, it's probably the opposite. And it is; something I touched on in the previous paper.

The last 60 years or so, people have started waking up quicker than ever before. There are many factors involved as to why this is, but we're coming towards the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new, so people are getting a chance to make a choice which way to go from here. This means more and more are starting to realize that there are more dimensions than the 3 (plus time) that we know of. In fact, there is nothing wrong with the 3rd Dimension; it's a natural dimension in the Universe, but there are many, many more.


The only thing that's 'wrong' with 3D is when a universe, or part of a universe, is 'locked' into that frequency.

Then we have densities between every two dimensions. Densities are more 'vague' in that it's hard to number them. They are just different nuances of a given dimension. Density indicates grade of solidity, and that's how I see densities. It's the grade of perceived solidity between two dimensions.


So it wouldn't be wrong to say that something you experience is from the 2nd Density of the 6th Dimension, if that's how you want to catalogue them.

Then, there are other ponds with ripples (universes) in them, so potentially there are an endless amount of universes. Also think of it as yourself being a grain of sand on a shore, and there are many shores. It is my understanding that new 'ponds' with universes in them are being created as creation moves on.


For example, what happens when a being has come to a point in their evolvement when they have overseen a universe and that universe has met its goals?


Well, we can argue that this being wants to take on yet another universe and start all over, but it's also my impression that we normally, when things are as they are supposed to, do things in 'one go' and then move on.


However, it is all by choice, and if a being wants to take on another universe, they would be able to.


Anyway, when someone is ready and has completed overseeing a universe, it's time to oversee a pond of universes and appoint others to oversee single universes in that pond.


Figure 2-5.1 and figure 2-5.2

C.S. Lewis (left) and J.R.R. Tolkien (right), both belonging to a closed
'study group' called 'The Inklings'. The name of the group intuits that they know something about something.
Maybe they did not only share their stories, but also discussed higher levels of truth and how to put their
knowledge in novel form?


Does this remind you of something?


If you have read C.S. Lewis', 'The Chronicles of Narnia', one book in the series was called 'The Magician's Nephew' [18] and was about two children, Digory Kirke and Polly Plummer, who left our 3D world and entered the 'Woods Between Worlds' where there were different puddles.


Each puddle led to a different universe and Digory and Polly decided to explore one of the worlds by jumping into one of them. The story goes on from there. And people say that C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien were not highly initiated in secret societies and had inside information?


Nonsense. They may have denied it, because they wanted this information out but couldn't reveal where it came from. The whole Narnia series and the Lord of the Rings are filled with truths; often more so than anything you learn in the universities.


Lewis and Tolkien, both teaching in universities, taught the students one thing during the day, most of it indoctrination so that the students could be trapped into the system, and during the night they sat under the lamplight and wrote about how things really are.


This doesn't mean that Narnia and Middle Earth have existed precisely in the way the authors described them, but they are metaphors, and if you read between the lines, you will learn things about the Universe you probably didn't know before.

When a planet is seeded and a species is created and starts to develop and evolve, more often than not, it all begins in 3D, just like here on Earth. As they evolve, they eventually come to a point where the physical 3D body seems more like an obstacle than an asset, and each member of the species (or the species as a group) can make the decision if they want to keep the body and explore the Multiverse from there (like we were designed to do here in the Living Library), or just leave the body behind and explore the Multiverse solely in other dimensions without a stationary 3D body.


They learn that everything is by choice in a Free Will Universe. This is how it's supposed to be, but again, 'as above, so below'; predators exists on many levels of existence.


There are star races who dedicate their existence to hijack 3D worlds with 3D beings and enslave them, and sometimes they even terminate evolved races who are already living there and create their own slave species that can serve them. This is unfortunately not uncommon in this universe that we live in. We need to get the halo off of star beings who are more 'evolved' than us.


Out in the Universe there is just as much variety as it is here. There are highly benevolent, wise beings in a mix with warlike, low vibrational entities. And there is everything in between.


Statements by some researchers that all ETs out there in our near space are benevolent is an illusion at best and a delusion at worst.

So how does an alien perceive other dimensions and densities that are not accessible to us under current conditions? Well, a reliable source told me that if a species is of a certain star system, but are not living in 3D, they still have bodies, if they so wish, but can create and un-create them at will, as we shall see when we come to the section where the soul is explained from a new, very interesting standpoint.


Dimensions enable 'site clarity', 'future telling', 'possible outcomes' and 'best choice to move forward'. I think that explains it pretty well and also expands our thinking quite a bit. Something to ponder.

When we are established, let's say in a specific star system, and want to experience all dimensions the way they are, we do have to access the nano-world, i.e. the world that is the size, or smaller than, atoms, molecules, electrons, neutrons and positrons etc. Therefore, an interdimensional being 'shrinks itself' to nano-level, or wouldn't be able to travel the Universe in any larger terms.


It would probably be possible to travel through certain stargates with a 'physical' ship, but it's inconvenient and would be something a star race would do as a Type II Civilization only (to read up on Type 0-V Civilizations, see Six Different Types of Civilizations).


These different types of civilization is a classification basically done by mainstream science and is based on the technological development of a species.


In fact, if a species is not, after have reached a Type II Civilization, can't figure out that nano-travel is the way to reach the stars and the endless dimensions, they must, in some manner, be under the control of other, sometimes unseen forces, who are steering the developing species towards a high tech society; it's not a normal way to evolve. Instead, a Type I Civilization, heading towards a Type II, would be one where the species has realized that technology and space travel don't go hand in hand, and they would reduce technology to the minimum in their society and learn how to space travel in the nano-world.

Here, however, we need to separate the 96% Mother Goddess Universe (the KHAA or the VOID) and the 4% physical universe, which we call the 3 dimensional universe or 4-space/time, if we include time in it as well. These two terms need some extra attention to be understood.

In the KHAA is where nano-travel happens.


As I have explained earlier, the KHAA is the dark energy and matter between stars, nebulas, and galaxies. The KHAA is a universe by itself, with its own, for us unseen planets, stars, nebulas, and galaxies. Those who dwell in the KHAA dwell in the 'body of the Mother Goddess'.


The KHAA had its own dimensions and densities as well, and to travel in the KHAA, you 'shrink' yourself into nano-particles and travel space distances instantly. No stargates or vortexes are necessary - you think yourself somewhere and a nano-second later you are there.

The easiest way to understand this is to compare it to Star Trek's character named Q. He could appear in the physical, seemingly from nowhere, and disappear just as quickly. He could also manifest whole realities when he wanted to. They were just illusions to the Enterprise crew, and after a while these realities disappeared and the crew were back on their mothership.


Or did they actually leave? All this and more you can do as a star being living in the KHAA.


It's also well explained in Jane Roberts' book, "Seth Speaks", where Seth explains how he, when living in other dimensions, can manifest whole planet systems with life forms and everything and live there and mingle with his own creation. He can also go to "real" worlds in an instant by just thinking himself there. The KHAA starts in the 12th and 13th Dimension and goes on from there.


The KHAA, or the VOID, is also called The Orion Empire.


No technology whatsoever is required there to travel between stars and planets. You travel in your thoughts and manifest with your avatar. Your everlasting soul is your Fire - the Fire of the Mother Goddess.

Then we have the 4% physical universe, which for long we thought had only 4 dimensions. Now, however, with string theory, scientists believe there are actually 11 dimensions in the physical universe (and an abundance of densities). At this point, they have very little knowledge about what these dimensions do, but in fact, they are all inhabited by physical and non-physical star beings and star races, who can travel between those dimensions.


This is the universe you and I currently live in.

I can understand that the metaphysical researcher may be utterly confused regarding dimensions and densities. Some, like string theorists, claim there are 11 dimensions, while the channeled RA Material, the Cassiopaeans, and many others subscribe to that densities/dimensions come in octaves, just like octaves on a musical instrument (8 densities or dimensions, as they claim that dimensions and densities are the same thing).


Others, like A'shayana Deane and her Guardian Alliance claim 15 dimensions.


So, what is correct?


I would say, all of them. Our logical mind want everything in order and presented in a way that it can understand, but this is not always possible in a fluid Multiverse. The number of dimensions and densities are not as important as it may sound. It's all very subjective, and anyone can divide space and time into as many sections as they want to make sense out of it. So, whatever feels comfortable for you is okay.


Personally, I think it's easiest to work with octaves and 11 dimensions, respectively. Then the 12th Dimension would be the beginning of the KHAA, or when I work with octaves, the 8th Dimension or Density is the beginning of a new transformation, something we will touch on in the next paper.

In our 4% universe, which I mostly will call the physical universe from now on, nano-travel doesn't occur and is probably not even possible. There are humans I have talked to who say they have nano-traveled to other star systems and dimensions without technology, but in fact, these people, unbeknownst to them, have traveled the KHAA, and not the physical universe. They could do so only because they were human.


Other star races in the physical universe can't do this, and that's why they are jealous of us, something I will go into details about later.

The key word here is 'technology'. In the physical universe, which has its own dimensions and densities, star beings can't travel without technology. They need stargates and portals to travel from star system to star system, and they need spaceships of some kind to do the job for them.


These space crafts don't need to be made of nuts and bolts and be driven with rocket fuel - that's Stone Age - but rather, they use interdimensional ships that can withstand the pressure of going through both stargates, black holes, white holes, and portals. More often than not, their bodies need to be genetically manipulated as well to be able to survive space travel, unless they are non-physical beings, so-called ontoenergetics.


In our Universe, star beings know how to fold space, as well as travel through stargates, black holes, and portals.


Figure 2-5.3

The Large Magellanic Cloud (a satellite galaxy to the Milky Way)

The typical way for a star race to travel from let's say the Large Magellanic Cloud to Earth would be to choose a stargate close to them which takes them onto an intergalactic highway, which can bring them long distance until them come to the other side of the stargate, leave hyperspace and enter 4D space again (3 dimensions + time).


They may middle land in the Pleiades, where there is a black hole, and continue onto PESH-METEN, our local galactic highway, and end up on Earth. This whole journey may not take more than a few days, Earth time, or if the route is more direct, it could happen almost instantly.

So, here is an easy summary: the difference between traveling in the physical universe and the KHAA is that in the physical universe you need technology to travel, and a body which can hold up in space conditions, while in the KHAA you just travel on a nano-level, using your Fire and your avatar.

Interestingly enough, I was listening to a Pleiadian tape as I am updating this paper, and they talk about the Grays and how some of them are us in the future, coming back to recapture our DNA so they can once again become like us, but also that there are other types of Grays, created in laboratories here on Earth!


These particular Grays are meant to be used for space travel long distance, being half human and half insects, hence having the look of an alien Gray. It has been noticed that the Grays have the perfect body for interstellar space travel, and they can survive the space radiation for a long durations of time.


Incidentally, Robert Morning Sky says exactly the same thing, that there is a very secret space program where they mix human DNA with that of a special fly, which is resistant to radiation. So we see where the 'future Grays' may originate from!

So, for us humans to distinguish if a star being or a star race comes from the KHAA or the physical universe depends on their dependency on technology. A KHAA being doesn't need technology to travel and can just manifest like Q in Star Trek, without using spaceships. If you see a spaceship/UFO in the sky, you can be pretty sure it's either our own military, or ETs residing within the 11 dimensions of the physical universe.


This doesn't mean they have to be malevolent - there are lots of benevolent star races in the physical universe, too.

It can still be problematic to distinguish between a KHAA being visiting the physical universe and someone who resides here permanently, however, because there are lots of multi- and interdimensional beings in the 4% as well, who can use their avatars to manifest in any shape and form they wish.


The difference is that the KHAA beings can not live here in a 3D physical body that they bring with them from the KHAA, but have to incarnate in a fetus in order to descend to a 3D world, or become a 'walk-in' [def] in order to stay here (which rarely happens and is always an intrusion), while the 4% star races have more options.


If they are 3D like us and have learned to travel through space, they may come in their real bodies and land here in spaceships, or if they are interdimensional, we won't be able to see them, unless there is a 'bleed-through' between dimensions or densities. Interdimensional beings can use their avatars to manifest in whatever form they choose.


Thus we have shapeshifting.

Most alien races who have interfered with human evolution, and are still here today to control and manipulate our behavior, are interdimensional. Therefore, they can either manifest by attaching themselves to a human being and control him or her from inside, or they can show themselves off as anything they want by using their avatar/light-body, or they can either take a baby body, do a 'walk-in', or use a human body they have in storage.


This body is dormant until the star being possesses it and gives it life. The particular body is genetically engineered to look exactly like a human, but may have enhanced abilities and more DNA available to them.

To attach themselves to human beings, or any other beings at all, is an intrusion and a break of Universal Laws of Non-Interference, unless it's an agreed upon decision between the two parties.


There has to be an agreement for an ET to invade someone else's space, and such an agreement is often made between the intruder and the owner of the body on some level, whether it is through manipulation or by consent.


The Global Elite (The PTB) are more often than not attached by such intruders who work through their body, either in conjunction with the original, human soul, or by kicking out the human soul to be able to operate the body in full, or by being born into a human body of a certain chosen bloodline, such as the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers.


By doing so, it's very hard to detect that such a body is run by an ET, except by its brilliance and unusual knowledge that a normal human, if ever so bright, normally doesn't have access to.


Whole bloodlines are bred so that their bodies can be easily possessed in this manner; it becomes a generational thing and the reason why incest and inbreeding is such a big deal amongst the PTB. This is also why some people claim they have seen attachments on people, such as reptilian shaped beings overlaying a human.


It's not fiction; it's happening all around the globe and is much more common than anybody thinks, and the norm by which the PTB operate.


Their ET Masters are the ones who run the show through the human bodies and ultimately from the 'unseen' dimensions. In a Pleiadian lecture, the Pleiadians said that among the 15 people in the room, 11 of them had attachments, although the people with attachments were all 'spiritual' and very good-hearted people.


Not all attachments are attaching themselves to purposely do harm (see next paper), but to attach to another being is intruding; still, not uncommon.

There are many every-day humans who suffer from entity possession without being aware of it. People with erratic behavior that become patterns are often possessed and it happens when the original soul/avatar (the human) is not in their body for any given reason. It may be when they are abusing drugs, alcohol, dedicating himself to 'inappropriate sex', pornography, and all the rest of it.


When people do such things on a regular basis, the soul is leaving the body and the non-physical thinks,

"Nobody home; it's vacant and I can take it. It's mine now!"

This doesn't mean a person necessarily gets an entity possession as soon as he of she is drinking at a party; it's often the morals and ethics of the person which determines if a non-physical entity wants to intrude, but also a person's tendency to be over helpful and always 'open' to everybody and everything and never be able to say no.


That's a big opener of chakras without protection, inviting non-physicals to come in. We need to keep a bubble around ourselves and have boundaries.


It's perfectly fine when someone is asking you if you want to do something to say,

"No, I don't think so. It's nice of you, but I have to say no".

A low-frequency non-physical entity would probably not gain much from attaching itself to a highly moral human; it wouldn't be able to accomplish its low frequency goals.


An example of when an agreement is made between ETs and a human; for the ET or ETs to occupy the human body in a more benevolent way than they do with the PTB is through channeling. In mainstream channeling, the entity or entities occupy the body of the human while the channeling takes place, and thus the ETs can talk directly to an audience.


Normally, such entities can not stay attached to the vessel (human body) without the channeler's consent, because the channeler learns to recognize the energies.

Other, more malevolent agreements can be done in dream state. If a person is bored with their life, or think that the being in the dream is overly powerful and exciting, the dreaming person may think it would be okay to have that powerful entity attached to them. When they wake up, however, they have no memories of such agreement.


Therefore, if you feel you have 'company', make sure you tell the attachment (or attachments) that whatever agreement that may have been made in dream state, or when you were naive or had loose boundaries, are now void. Any attachment now has to leave, because all agreements are no longer valid.


Then make sure you have strict boundaries in the future.


You should be the only one 'home' so to speak, in your body.



9. Shapeshifting Explained

We often see ancient 'gods' depicted on old clay tablets, in statues; gargoyles, reptilian entities, the 'Anunnaki' with their long, locked hair and braided beards, often giant in size, and more.


I have spent a lot of ink writing about, and trying to figure out how on Earth the 'Anunnaki' can be depicted as giant humans when almost all extraterrestrials describe them as Reptilians, as do many researchers, such as David Icke and others.


Many have explained it away with that they wore masks and wigs, while others say that the old Sumerians for example were not allowed to depict the 'Anunnaki gods' the way they really looked like. None of this is true.


David Icke is the one of the researchers who has come closest, but although he is talking about reptilian shapeshifters constantly since the late 1990s, he oversees the obvious. He has no problem with apparent 'humans' shape-shift into Reptilians, but he is not to my knowledge speaking of the opposite.


Why are the Sumerian 'gods' depicted as humans? I brought this question up in 'Level I', but have since then done a lot more research on it.

This is how shapeshifting happens. A soul of a non-physical star being can make its avatar look however they want. If it fits the purpose, one moment the ET may look like our typical 'Anunnaki' and then next moment like a Dragon or a Reptilian, or a typical human. And no one can tell; the being appears just as physical as you and I.


Most shamans know about this (where David Icke's South African shamanic friend, Credo Mutwa is only one), and this is also most certainly what happened to Michael Lee Hill when he thought he met Marduk in the Genie Bottle at the Sirius Festival. [21]


When they shapeshift like that, the beings appear so physical that you can even shake hands with them without noticing that they are not really physical. LPG-C, the rogue quantum physics group in California, knows this as well. They call it LERM [def] (Light Encoding Reality Matrix), where the ET can use light to manipulate the minds of a human.


This, to me, indicates quite clearly that we live in a hologram and the manipulative ET knows it.

Now, let's take this into a higher perspective. When a star being becomes evolved enough, after has gone through his evolution and knows how to reach out in the Multiverse, he can 'split' his soul into other fragments and send them out on missions, or just explore the dimensions, exactly like I explained it in 'Level I'. Each smaller fragments have their own avatar.


These new fragments, although separated from the original soul, are in reality not 'smaller' than the original, but are extensions of it.


You can think of it as a torch. If you then take another torch which is not lit up and put it into the fire of the first torch, it will lit up just as nicely as the first one, and you can't tell after a while which torch was lit up by which (taken into consideration they are not burning down; souls are never burning down).

So, if a soul with its avatar is visiting a certain planet in this evolved state, it can land there and take on any shape and form that suits it. For example, if a soul/avatar is visiting Earth, it can take on the form of a human to blend in, and you and I wouldn't be able to see the difference, except in the eyes if we knew what we were looking for.


Then, in a moment, the same alien soul can let its avatar shape shift into another form, let's say reptilian. Then it may shape shift to a giant Anunnaki 'god' with long locked hair and a braided beard. This is very easy to do and it is happening all the time here on Earth.


This is why people are seeing 'Grays', 'Reptilians', 'Moth Men' and whatnot.


Sometimes it's because the visitor wants you to see him that way, so he shapeshifts into that form. In the confusion that follows, exopolitical researchers are cataloging alien races left and right and work hard to make each species fit into the big picture when in fact it may often be the same alien race, showing themselves off as something they are not.


That way it seems like we are being visited by a lot of different star races, when in actuality, they are a lot less, and most people don't even know how they look like.


Why? Because the aliens are rarely showing themselves in their original form, unless they in fact are 3D beings like ourselves.


Often, the ontoenergetics don't have an 'original form', even. They have evolved far beyond that and travel the Multiverse as a combined soul/avatar, feeling they don't need a physical body anymore. On occasion, when it fits their purpose, they may let their avatars become 'physical', but that's it.

On the other side of the coin we have genetic engineering and manipulation. Like I said a few paragraphs above, star beings may have dormant bodies in storage that look very similar to ours to blend in. This was what the 'Anunnaki' did, eventually. Some of them, who were depicted as giants, actually had bodies that were engineered to be giant, probably because they looked more godlike and respectful that way.

Interestingly enough, LPG-C, in their new report, is agreeing with that a massless being can mock themselves up to look exactly the way it wants in order to communicate with us here in 3-D.


I quote:

"A living entity that was once a human being is now an energetic entity with a cloud-like form but still able to mimic a human form when transcommunicating with people in spacetime..."
'Idiomaterial Physics - A Life Physics of a Bicasual Universe/UNUM' (p.69)

For those who think ahead here, the above information may come as a shock, because it has implications.


It means that it's more or less useless to catalogue alien species and instead learn who is who by their nature rather than their physical form. I am not saying here, however, that there are no aliens at all in Earth near space who have come in their real form, but they are few.


To do so, they need to be of a Type II technological civilization. Another option is that some of the 'aliens' people see are in fact native to Earth and have lived here longer than humans; they are indeed earlier genetic experiments, used before the final Homo sapiens, the thinking man was created. These beings live in remote areas; up in the mountains and under the ground.


There were an abundance of earlier genetic experiments here on Earth who were abandoned in favor of Homo sapiens.


So, if someone wants to classify and catalogue all these different star races, be my guest, but I have the feeling he or she will go insane after a while, trying to sort out the confusion. Some races are quite easy to catalogue, but it's harder to catalogue their attributes, because there are star beings showing themselves off as each other.


How do we know who is who? We don't!

Speaking of abundance; there is an abundance of evidence showing these earlier experiments of beings that nowadays live underground. Excellent archeologists like Brien Foerster and others have started to realize this.


Many remnants from earlier 'strange' species are still left here on Earth in form of giant skulls, strange looking skulls and skeletons, some of them giant, indeed.


These are very real and many of them are not hoaxes, although mainstream scientists are attempting to laugh them off and the media are sweating bullets, working hard to debunk such findings. Still, they can't anymore, because the evidence is very, very physical and you can hold it in your hand.


And better yet, not even the best debunker in the world can debunk the facts we have at our convenience. Instead, media have started to ignore it, hoping it 'goes away'. However, they find it more and more difficult to do. How can someone explain a giant, elongated skull with huge eye sockets and giants jaws to the public?


The mainstream scientists can't, so they put the lid on. Other, much braver scientists and archeologists discard the lid and open it over and over again, and thanks to the Internet, videos like Brien Foerster's can be shown in public. We owe a lot to this man for so persistently showing us the evidence.


Do you think he gets a lot of funding for this? He doesn't!


Check his YouTube account - this extraordinary man has made tons of videos proving that there were beings walking the Earth in the past who didn't look like us at all:




Multimedia 2-1

Archeologist Brien Foerster is

showing us a giant, elongated skull

from Paracas, Peru.

This video is just one of many, exposing an earlier experiment on Earth, before homo sapiens sapiens came about.


However, some of the giant skulls and skeletons found are no more than 500-1,000 years old, which shows that these beings were walking among us at least until then.


But what happened with them after that? Did they go extinct?

There is a possibility that they did, but another more plausible explanation is that when the white man came and raided Latin and South America, these being decided to move underground, where they hypothetically still live.


The so-called 'Hollow Earth' is teeming with life - 3D and other - and this is part of why people see Reptilians and other strange creators coming out from caves and tunnels, leading to whole realms underground.


So I don't argue that Reptilians and other strange creatures don't exist; I am just saying that most of them may be native to Earth.



10. Nano-Travel and Manmade UFOs

Many, many researchers, and people in general with an interest in the UFO phenomenon, are looking up in the sky, trying to catch a UFO with their video cameras, or maybe see one land, and a strange looking creature come out from it.


Some have spent a lifetime doing this to little prevail. It's frustrating and is given little result. Then, when a UFO researcher thinks he has some solid evidence, it's often debunked efficiently and can be proven as either a hoax, MK ULTRA mind control, or the UFO was manmade. Why is it so hard to get solid evidence?

The answer is, because UFOs run by star beings are normally not 'solid'.

So let's take a look at this from the information we have regarding the Etheric Composite (EC). If we have a star being normally dwelling in the VOID, they don't need a spaceship to travel from one place in space to another.


Then we have the physical universe residents: there are stargates everywhere that go from one corner of the Universe to the other; like highways in and between cities, states and countries, or like veins and blood vessels in a body. You pick one, travel through it quite instantly and will easily reach your destination. When we talk about stargates (or bottle necks, as some call them) we are talking about Einstein-Rosen Bridges, like in fig. 2-6 below.


Instead of traveling a straight line (which would take forever, literally, if you travel long distance between stars), you travel through a 'bottle neck', enter a 'cosmic highway' and quite quickly come out on the other side to your destination, or to a hub, where you change stargates (highways).


It's like changing from Interstate 4 to Interstate 7, for example.


Interstate 4 only takes you so far towards your destination, but if you change to Interstate 7 it will take you where you want to go. Interestingly enough, cutting edge scientists are now embracing the metaphysical stargate theory more and more, and some of them even suggest that black holes, which could be the same thing as stargates, may be as small as the pin of a needle, and there may be several of them in your backyard.


Fig 2-6

Einstein-Rosen Bridge.

Anton Parks brings up something quite interesting in his Chronicles regarding stargates, which is also supported by the Pleiadians in their book, Earth - Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library.


Stargates, besides allowing long distance space travel, are also interdimensional passages, like launching ramps to other planes of existence. Once the stargates here on Earth are closed in 3D, they are closed to all dimensions, which means it is very hard for beings to come in here (and get out).


Now, when some stargates have been opened up again, for good and for bad, more entities find their way in, but also important to remember, some beings not from Earth, who may have been stuck here, can now escape.


Furthermore, Parks explain that according to his source, stargates can be either stationary or mobile. The tendency is that bigger stargates are usually stationary while the smaller ones move around.

There are a number of stargates used for interstellar traffic, leading in and out from the planets all over the Universe as well, so the traveler doesn't necessarily have to leave the planet's atmosphere to enter a stargate in space; it's there in a certain location on the planet itself.


Same thing goes for Earth; there are different places where stargates are located, such as the following 'Top 20':

  1. Bermuda (the stargate used in the old Atlantean Era. Served as a major gateway onto the planet)

  2. Mexico/Central America

  3. Tibet

  4. The Nazca Lines

  5. Easter Island

  6. Mount Fuji

  7. Mount Shasta (California)

  8. Lake Titicaca

  9. Sinai (the one stargate most important to the Ša.A.M.e./Anunnaki)

  10. Uluru  [25]

  11. Pine Gap (Australia)

  12. Siberia (Russia)

  13. Agartha (Inner Earth)

  14. Egypt

  15. South Africa

  16. Northern Sweden

  17. Great Britain

  18. France

  19. Peru

  20. North and South Poles

There are more stargates, of course, but the above seem to be the 20 most important, either in present time or throughout history.


Most (some say all but three) of these gates are currently closed due to that Earth was put in Quarantine a long time ago (much more about that later), but they are all there and could be opened if we knew how, and were allowed to do so.


The few that may be open at this time are the ones in Sinai, Mexico/South America, and Mount Shasta. There also seems to be another, smaller one open in Nevada, in the desert mountains around Nellis Air Force Base, which the so-called Tall Whites are using.


However, these stargates are heavily guarded. Then there are a lot of minor stargates all over the planet, and those I have no idea at this point where they lead to.

So let's say we want to travel from Earth to the Andromeda Galaxy, about 2.2 million light-years away.


We would probably first connect with PESH-METEN, the Ninth Passageway, on which Earth is sitting like a blockage, so it shouldn't be too hard to find if we knew what we were looking for. Taken into consideration that we have a star map and know the coordination, we would travel along this highway as far as it takes us in that direction and middle land at a 'hub' somewhere, perhaps in Orion.


From there, we would take another route, then another route and so on, until we reach our destination. This would take us to Andromeda fairly quickly. We are talking about days and weeks, perhaps much faster, compared to 2.2 million years if we would travel with the speed of light.


So stargates are simply 'shortcuts' and the aortas, veins and blood vessels of the Universe, along which all inner- and intergalactic traffic is running.

In our universe, this is normally how space travel works. By entering a stargate, you automatically get access to all different dimensions, and you can decide on, or in, which frequency/dimension/density and in which 'local planetary time' you want to arrive.

Robert Morning Sky, on his website, emphasizes over and over that all UFOs that people see in the skies which emit light are manmade - no exceptions. They are made with technology currently accessible to humans through TTP [def] (Technology Transfer Programs).


Some of these UFO's that people see, if we are to take Morning Sky seriously, are just test-driven, while others are used for travel within the solar system. Others are used by the military to abduct people for their own purposes, pretending to be aliens in order to blame them for the abduction, should the abductee start remembering. Lastly, some of them could be alien craft used by ETs to travel within the solar system only.


Although Morning Sky is certain there are no visible alien spaceships in the sky, I tend to disagree with him. I am sure it's possible to travel the stars with manmade spaceships, but a star race who is seeded and indexed [def] to a certain planet have bodies which are suited to the environment for that particular planet. It has showed in human space programs (and this is not mentioned to the public) that astronauts can't endure very long in space.


When they stay there at all, like on space stations, they constantly have to be replaced, or they'll get cancer, get mentally ill, or simply get sick from other radiation related illnesses, and more.


Long distant travel in a human body is not physically possible, as it seems. It's like a fish in an aquarium; it wouldn't survive long on land, because it's not suited for that environment. This seems to be a problem that doesn't have a solution, according to whistle-blowers from different NASA projects, but there are solutions even to this problem.

An immediate solution would be to create hybrids who are more suited for space travel than the earth-bound human body; who can overcome the problems bodies have in space and travel long distance.


Such hybrids have been created in secret military bases, such as Area 51 and a lot of others.


So this is one way for 3D beings from other star systems to visit us in the physical; the beings who navigate the craft are not always native to the planet from where the craft comes, but are enhanced hybridizations of the original star race.


This still has a lot of limitations, but in our physical universe, which differs a lot from the KHAA, there are limitations, relatively speaking.


Also, like I've hinted at earlier, there is a more sinister reason for some 3D species to travel in the physical by technological means, and this is the direction towards which mankind is heading, unless we change our minds and become part of the galactic community instead.


We humans are in fact the only star race in the physical universe who can show others the way into the KHAA! I will expand on this throughout my papers.

Both Morning Sky and Dr. Bordon of LPG-C, as we shall see (among others), acknowledge that there are lots of UFOs in the skies, inside and outside the atmosphere, but we can't see them with our current perceptions because they are tiny. In fact, they consist of the tiniest particles in the universe - nano-particles, i.e. particles on a subquantum level!


In other words, we are being visited by being from the KHAA as well as from our physical universe, but the way they travel through space is different.

On his website, Morning Sky goes on explaining how some UFOs we see can also be aerial phenomena, unknown to science at this point in time, such as unusual weather phenomena etc. This would, says Morning Sky, explain how some people see pulsating UFOs that move in and out of our reality.


He continues by explaining that if someone from another star system wishes to visit Earth, they 'shrink' themselves down to nano-particles, think themselves to a destination and reach there almost instantly, still as nano-particles. This is correct, but only if this 'someone' is from the KHAA, which consists of dimensions out of reach from our physical universe. We have to be able to leave the 4% before we can be like those of the 96%.


That's the bottom line of it.

I have asked an anonymous source if ETs who use nano-travel travel in spaceships at all, and if so, are these also shrunk down to nano-particles? His reply was that yes, aliens sometimes, but usually don't, use spaceships when they travel, and they too can be shrunk when they enter the stargate.


However, these 'spaceships' are not technological but a part of the being herself. Like I said earlier, someone from the KHAA can manifest in whatever way they want. This can be very hard for our neurological system to understand. These beings are multidimensional to the extreme, and we want everything explained in logical, linear form.


That's not always possible. Therefore, I don't want to be too linear and logical and technical in my information either, because that defeats the purpose of learning how to become multi-d, but I'll do my best so the reader can get their heads around these concepts.

So, the logical follow-up question would be, what happens when the aliens and their craft reach their destination? Do they come back to 'normal size'? According to my anonymous source, it depends on their intentions.


Why did they come in the first place? If the alien 'visitors' are intruders, they normally don't come in craft at all; they either take over bodies on Earth and run and/or control them, or they have already bodies here in storage somewhere in the solar system which they use.


These bodies, to blend in, are often human bodies, like yours and mine. Another thing they can do is to start anew and go through the whole cycle of being born, childhood and eventually adulthood (which would not being considered an intrusion).


According to a reliable source, the so-called 'Anunnaki' in Sumerian times and earlier either occupied human bodies here on Earth, used bodies in storage, or shapeshifted into humans. Some of them were born on Earth as the result of mating between their own star race and humans (using their bodies in storage to accomplish this).


We must realize that these beings were high tech and could do things we are only starting to understand today. In fact, they were the ones who introduced 'magick' to this world. They can trick somebody in a crowd of people, making him or her see the alien in a certain way, while the rest of the crowd only see a human. However, their eyes often give them away.


You can tell by their eyes if they are not human; the 'alien' energy of the ET bleeds through, and this is the reason why people can see slit reptilian eyes sometimes in humans; others may have cat eyes, or bird eyes; something that has been noticed in many politicians and other PTB - reptilian eyes in particular.

Of course, this would explain a few things.


First of all, there are ETs among us, whom we probably pass every now and then on the street, perhaps almost on a daily or weekly basis if we live in a city, without even realizing they are not human.


Barbara Marciniak, in her book, Earth, explains via her channeled Pleiadian entities, that in the future, when humans are multi-dimensional again, and once again will become the Guardians of the Living Library, aliens who match the vibration can come in, ask for permission, and enter a human body to access a certain information they need from the Living Library; it will happen with the human's consent.


Once the alien soul fragment has received the information they are wanting to access, they leave. It can almost be compared to a bee landing in a flower, taking some nectar, and then leave. How can that be? Because aliens either nano-travel, or if they live in the physical universe, they can leave their bodies. The difference between now and in the future is that today aliens come here without permission, trick themselves into entering a human body, and start controlling it. In the future, it will be a mutual exchange.


But beware! Don't try this now.


If an ET suggests they want to do something like this, don't accept it! If this is the way it's going to be done in the future, we still have a long way to go before we get to that point.


Figure 2-8

Different Reptilian entities from David Icke's book, 'The Biggest Secret' (1998).
In the lower right corner we see a reptilian entity overshadowing a human being.

Now, let's say a group of aliens want to travel to Earth from somewhere in another galaxy, residing in the KHAA (dark matter/energy).


They probably won't need to bring any equipment with them, but just come as they are; as Fires/avatars. But if they need to use technology, they can do so. With their mind, when they have the knowledge to do this, they shrink themselves, and whatever they want to bring with them, to small nano-particles. They may even want to use some space craft to travel to their destination.


So they shrink that too into nano-particles and off they go. This is not as strange as it may sound.


The only reason it sounds strange is because we can't think in these terms as long as we are stuck here in 3D. In the Multiverse, this is how aliens in general, if they reside in the KHAA, travel through space and time. They are well aware of the nano-world and how it works; something that Earth rogue scientists like LPG-C are learning and teaching about as well.


Like one source said,

"those who control the nano-world control the Universe".

This is why so much funding is spent on nano-technology here on Earth right now.


Because everything is energy and can be broken down into very small nano-particles, a star race can potentially bring anything with them on their journey, e.g. tools and machinery they need in the new star system, millions of light-years away.


An extremely advanced race, I'm sure could even arrive without any tools to a totally barren solar system and create tools and machinery by manipulating atoms and molecules and 'magically' build the equipment they need, although they came totally empty-handed to begin with.

So, when our imagined space craft with aliens travel from this other galaxy to Earth, they can do so in nano-form in a relatively quick manner through stargates and hubs and reach Earth in next to no time if they know the coordinates.


And if they want to build 3D spacecraft in the new solar system, they often leave them here if they return home for a while, hidden somewhere in mountains or underground, to be used the next time they come back. This is just an example of how it could hypothetically work.

Now, regarding the KHAA dwellers; how will they show up here on Earth? How will the craft look like?

Well, when they arrive, they are still of nano-size and can't be seen by the human eye the way we are trained and manipulated, so they are invisible to us. However, if they so wish, and it fits their purpose, they can resize themselves so that they can be seen. We will then observe them as going in and out of reality; one moment they are there and another moment they are gone. When they are stationary, they often pulsate.


Morning Sky explains that these are unexplained weather phenomena, and to a large degree I think he is right, but if a nano-sized space traveler in a space ship wants to 'show off' for any reason, they can use their avatar to do so. We think of the avatar as a light 'body', but when we say body, it doesn't have to mean 'human body'.


A body can even be a spaceship, because the Fire/soul can reshape the avatar to any shape and form imagined, and more.

However, when we see a pulsating light in the sky, we still won't know if this is a real UFO or not, because our secret government has the technology to fake such a sighting with holographic technology to confuse us.

Interestingly enough, Dr. A.R. Bordon and his team of LPG-C scientists are using a form of nano-travel themselves when they explore the Multiverse. A.R. says they use what they call ENS [def] (Extension Neurosensing), which is a form of advanced remote viewing; remote viewing is also commonly being used by Intelligence Agencies around the world to spy on other countries and governments (and citizens as well, one must presume).


When using ENS, the traveler is laid down in a sarcophagus and uses an 'avatar' (same choice of words) to leave the body and move through space and time with full perceptions.


What they do is nothing less but nano-travel, with some help from technology.


11. The Dying Race Analogy

Let me give an example of how an alien race would come to another planet and seed it with a body type that may be totally different from their own.


Let's say that we have an old race somewhere in the Universe, who has exhausted their resources on the planet of origin and they are a dying species but have the technology to create life elsewhere. Nuclear war and destruction of their planet in general has gotten to a point where it's just a matter of time until they are extinct, unless they are doing something.

So they come to this planet which seems like it could house them in the future. If they live in the physical universe, they use technology to travel the dimensions.


However, they don't land here in 3D bodies because they don't want to enter an atmosphere which would be hostile and poisonous to them. Instead, with help from technology, they explore the circumstances on a soul level and return to their home planet with the information.


Then, again with the help from technology they split themselves up in a lot of different dimensions to see all possible outcomes and pick the best course of action for the dimension they are in.

Once they see their most favorable solution, they build bodies that can most easily adapt to the life situation on the new planet by using nano-technology, and they plant these adaptable bodies in the new, for the original species, harsh environment.


Then the dying species can insert themselves on a soul level into these new bodies and survive on the new planet while letting their old world die.

It happens on occasion (and possibly not too seldom) that a species who has exhausted their options on their home planet search for other worlds where their species can survive, and this is quite a common way to do it. Seeding planets as creator gods can thus be done out of necessity as well as a natural process in a species' development.


If a species seeds a planet because they have misused energy, they are, however, most likely to continue doing the same thing on the new world.


A more common reason to seed planets out of necessity is because of overpopulation, natural catastrophes that could not be avoided with the technology they housed, or other similar reasons.


If so, it's reasonable that the dying species is looking for uninhabited planets, or planets in a 'resting stage', to start life anew.



12. A Personal Story

Related to what we have talked about in this paper, I have a personal story I'd like to tell.


In 1986, I was in Copenhagen, Denmark, for a couple of weeks, living in a hotel. Outside the hotel was a typical busy Danish street with stores everywhere. This was before the shopping malls really took off in Northern Europe.

One day I was walking down the street in one direction. There was a decent amount of people out walking and shopping. All of a sudden, on the other side of the street, amongst a crowd of people, but walking alone, was the strangest creature. He was slightly shorter than people in general; perhaps around 5 ft tall. His walking was very unusual, too, as he almost walked like a drunk, but didn't appear like one.


His clothes were very similar to that of a scarecrow. He had a small hat on a very large head, which was shaped like a giant pear, where the thinner part of the fruit was the neck. The neck was very wrinkled and his face very big and out of proportion to the rest of the body.


He actually looked pretty much like a scarecrow walking around, but his head was not a mask; I can tell that for certain. His mouth was very small and I can't recall his eyes, but I know they were not big, as those of a typical Gray alien. He was totally bald.


I just remember he was staring at me as he walked past me on the other side of the street, heading the other direction. I estimate that the distance between us, with the street in the middle was 75-80 ft.

I didn't want to stop and stare at him at first, thinking he was a deformed human who didn't want attention from people who thought he was weird, but when he passed me I stopped and stared in awe. The creature continued walking up the road as I watched him from his behind, but then he turned around, again singled me out in the crowd and stared at me before he disappeared up the road.

I though to myself that this was the weirdest thing I'd ever seen, because this person was obviously not human. But that is not all; the absolute strangest thing of it all was that no one paid attention to him but me! Hundreds of people passed him and should have seen him from both sides of the street, because he stuck out like a sore thumb - big time!


However, everybody just went on with their business. I should add I was walking alone at the time, and that I didn't find the creature threatening in any way, but I did feel uncomfortable, which could have been just from the unusual experience.


However, he did not emit any good vibrations either, but was pretty 'neutral'.

When I came back to the hotel, I didn't tell anybody about my experience. I thought it was very weird that no one reacted but me. First I thought he may be a local 'mutant' that people were used to seeing in that part of town, but it was tourist season, and probably a third of the people out that day were not from town, and some of them (like me) probably not even from the country.

And here is the kicker. A few days later (I can't remember how many days), I saw him again at the exact same place! It was almost like a déjŕ vu. Once again he was picking me out in the crowd of busy people, just staring at me as he continued walking. However, this time I was a little bit more prepared, but still shocked.


I was young and didn't know what I know now, so I didn't take the appropriate action to go over and perhaps talk to him. Instead, I stopped someone in the street, who showed to be a local, and asked him if that person on the other side of the street is living in this neighborhood.


The person whom I stopped looked in the direction I pointed, seemed confused and scanned the area I was pointing at, but couldn't distinguish which person I was relating to. So the person I asked just continued walking, leaving me alone while this strange creature started disappearing up the road.

I was totally stunned, because I didn't understand why no one could see him? It should have been obvious for the person I stopped to immediately grasp whom I was talking about. You never see a creature like that anywhere else.

I never saw him again and went back to Sweden a few days later, still in mystery. And I have no sense of missing time. Up until today, I don't know who or what that creature was, but obviously he was only visible to me; no one else stopped to look.


Now, with the knowledge I have, perhaps he was an ET, manipulating light to trick my eyes to see him in this certain way - similar to a scarecrow. We know this can be done; even to separate out one person in a crowd to see something no one else can see. There was no Internet at that time, so I couldn't run back to the hotel and look things up on the Internet.

But wait! This is not the end of the story. Every once in a while over the years, ever since that summer's day in Copenhagen in 1986, I have thought about this incident, trying to make sense of it. I have looked on the Internet, attempting to find any information from that time period in Copenhagen, wanting to know if someone else has had the same experience with the 'scarecrow'.


Nothing. Maybe now, when I publish this paper, someone will come forward. I haven't posted anything about it earlier for some reason (I could have done it anonymously), so maybe this is the right time?

Then, about a month ago, I picked up Whitley Strieber's new book, "Solving the Communion Enigma - what is to come" [28] and started reading.


Dream of my surprise, getting my coffee in the wrong pipe, when I get to page 42, where Strieber writes:

"In February of 2004, a city councilor in Winchester in England had an extraordinary sighting.


Councilor Adrian Hicks reported that,

'I was near The Works bookshop when I saw this strange woman, a humanoid walking with a penguin-like gait. She had very large prominent eyes and was twirling her hands in a circular motion.'"

"I [Strieber] interviewed Mr. Hicks, who was completely straightforward about his description of this being.


She was wearing an odd, frilly dress and had long hair and was unmistakably not human. She also seemed perfectly happy and at ease as she strolled down the street.


He told me that people walked past her without noticing, and that he still believes that somebody else must surely have seen her and that he hopes they will come forward." [29]


Figure 2-9

Whitley Strieber

This sounds very similar to what I experienced, except that the being looked different!


Strieber goes on in the same section of the book, describing his own and other people's experiences, similar to this one, when people have spotted Grays in bookstores whom have even coming forth when a person is sitting in a traffic jam, asking the person where he's heading.


No one else, except the selected person, seemed to be able to see these beings.

Are these possible ETs trying to tell us something? Absolutely! So, what was the being I saw trying to tell me? Up to this day, I have no clue. Perhaps he was telling me what was to come and that I would look into these things in the future (which is now).


That could be one layer of it, but it feels there is more to it.


And again, no missing time or trauma related to this encounter; just a neutral feeling.


13. Law of One Out of Proportions

Creation is endless.


There are multiple upon multiple universes under development simultaneously, and new ones are created all the time. And all these universes are teeming with life and are inhabited by a myriad of different life forms in different stages of development.


Therefore, it is not correct to say that we are all going towards being one with Source/The Mother. This is not our purpose; we are here to be individuals. So in a sense, the 'Law of One' that so many people are talking about today really has been taken out of proportion.

We here on Earth are still young souls in comparison with many others out there in the Multiverse, and we have not even started exploring the stars as we shall see later. The original human souls here on Earth, as individually aware, are no more than about 250,000-300,000 years old, which is a blink of an eye from a universal perspective.

It is common belief amongst those who promote the Law of One that we are going to ascend to a certain, preset numbers of dimensions or densities, and then we will merge with Source. Not so.


Our purpose is to create, not to become void. We are supposed to become Creator Gods in endless cycles of creation; this is the whole purpose with us being here. Creation is seemingly endless and can expand indefinitely.

Law of One is a true law in the sense that we are all One with the Mother, who ultimately created and gave us of her Fire; something divine that she invested in us so we can pay her back by having great experiences and contribute by letting the Goddess take a part of our unique experiences and make her and her universes expand in an as peaceful way as possible.


And with humans it's even greater than that - we were meant to be a very special investment as we shall see later.


We are truly Royal, and we are truly Divine.



14. The Soul is a Loan

It has come to my knowledge that the Goddess is 'lending' the souls to beings in the Multiverse. Aren't star beings their own once they are created?

The answer is yes, with a catch to it. The last thing the Goddess wants is a universe which stagnates and doesn't expand because the souls in it stop creating and evolving to become more aware, loving and compassionate.


Some may argue that this will happen anyway; it's just a matter of time and a soul will evolve. Not necessarily so.

It all comes back to misuse of energy. It's quite common in the development of a species that they somewhere down the road will misuse energy in one way or another, but after a while they realize their mistake and stop doing it. However, this does not always happen, and when misuse of energy becomes a big part of the daily life of a civilization, the misused energy must be taken from somewhere.


What happens is that the particular star race that is misusing energy out of proportions is depleting another part of the universe from energy, and the irresponsible soul group become like cosmic vampires.


Therefore, a star race has a responsibility to help propelling the Multiverse forward, not backwards. If they neglect this rule, the being who does this, or the whole star race, are in debt to the Goddess. That's the easiest way to explain it.


Often, it is not the evolving star race who instigates this misuse of energy (which can take enormous proportions, which we shall see later), but another race who is controlling them, but it still is the evolving race's responsibility to wake up to the fact that they are participating in something very destructive, which in fact can lead to their demise as a species - or worse! It's one thing to be manipulated into something destructive, but even those who are must at one point wake up to the fact that they are manipulated and start taking responsibility.


Otherwise, other innocent star races in the Multiverse will experience the negative end of the spectrum as well.

So, if there is a loan or a debt, there is a payback plan. This applies to individual loans, bank loans, and as above so below, also in cosmic terms. In the development of a species, just like with a baby here on Earth, we need others to guide us through the baby stage, the child stage, and adolescence until we reach adulthood, which is when we are supposed to be able to take care of ourselves and create something for the whole soul group.


So at first, we are using the energies and the parents to a certain degree while we are learning, and also, occasionally, from the rest of the soul group in general, but we pay it back during adulthood by contributing to the survival of the whole soul group by doing what we are good at (and we are here talking about a saner society than the one we live in).

On a bigger scale, the soul group is borrowing energy from the cosmos from which they were born.


If the soul group, when they have reached adulthood, don't want to go out and create positively, the loan will be considered irredeemable, because the soul group doesn't want to pay the loan off. Then a couple of things could hypothetically happen: the Goddess could pay off the debt for them by balancing out the energy, taking more of her own and add it to the Universe on an ongoing basis, so that the 'lazy' soul group can continue its misuse of energy and its vampirism and hopefully learn, eventually.


Albeit, the more the soul group misuses its energy, the more the Goddess has to add into the Universe.


This, of course, is in very simple terms. On a more complex level, when the misuse of energy is enormous, it depletes the Goddess Universe from its essence. We have learned that there is an abundance of energy, so what's the big deal?


Well, it's true that there is an abundance of energy to begin with, but there are many universes, and each universe is designated a certain amount of energy. If that energy is hijacked, stolen, and then misused, there is going to be a depletion somewhere. As we shall see later, this is what is happening in our own universe, and we humans are part of this giant misuse of energy, and it's not looked lightly upon by different star races out there.

The same thing happens in business here on Earth.


A person wants to buy a house and a bank is giving him a loan. The agreement is that the person will pay off the loan through a long term plan, with interest. However, there is a recession or even a depression because of misuse of energy (money being energy in this case), and the person can't pay off the house loan.


The bank is trying to get back what they can, but way down the line, they may have to write off the rest of the loan as unredeemable. If this happens on a larger scale, money becomes a scarcity and the Federal Reserve prints more money. However, in the long run, they'll have to stop print more money, or we'll get super inflation and the whole society crashes.

We have all gone through recessions here on Earth, so the above example is familiar to us. But the same thing happens on a soul group level.


If a species doesn't break even with the energy that was lent to them and then start creating to add something to the loan (can be compared to interest in the banking business), the Goddess constantly has to fill the gaps where the non-evolving soul group 'steals' the energy, with new energy, which could be used so much better, and besides, eventually there will deplete the essence of the KHAA (no more money printing in the above analogy).


15. The Endless Cycles of Creation - Wheels Within Wheels

Now let us summarize how a cycle of creation could look like. I will do it in list form, because, as we know, the logical mind wants to have everything organized.


It's a 3-D thing, but it helps us to better understand otherwise complicated subjects.

  1. The Mother Goddess creates something in what is easiest explained as a pond, consisting of 12 ripples, which can also be compared to sound waves. Each ripple is one universe. As far as we know, universes come in groups of 12. Each universe in a particular pond has its own overseer (beings evolved from previous universes), and the Mother Goddess is sitting on seat number 13, being the overseer of all the 12 universes, like a supervisor of sorts.

  2. The ripples eventually become round, like a sun or a planet, and is ready to start its expansion and to have intelligent life inserted into it. The Goddess creates our Universe from one of the ripples in the pond by lending her energy to it. The reason for her creation is to help her expand and become more self aware.

  3. The Mother creates the dimensions and densities and the galaxies, nebulae, stars and planets in descending order. Each of these creations becomes a sentient, highly evolved being, born directly from the 'Womb of the Mother', which is the center of the galaxies, respectively.


    She lets these evolved beings do their jobs and prepare for the next step in the evolution of this young universe. In the whole process, it is my understanding that the other 12 highly evolved creator gods - the overseers of the other 11 ripples/universes, plus the new overseer of this particular one - are helping the Mother in her creation of this new universe.


    They are the Builders.

  4. These Creator Gods are seeding the universe (panspermia) with the seeds for intelligent life. This initial seeding is being done on planets and planetoids/asteroids in different part of the universe.


    Life then evolves on planets in different galaxies, plus when asteroids and other heavenly bodies hit a 'lifeless' planet, it may contain life-bearing seed and life eventually starts evolving on that planet as well.


    And so it goes on for a while.

  5. After millions or billions or years, a certain species evolves on a particular planet. When they have reached a certain level of understanding and spiritual awakening they may choose to go out and explore the dimensions and densities.


    They have evolved freely, without the 'Veil of Amnesia'. The Builders, who helped the Goddess create this particular universe we live in are overseeing the process when a species evolves (or give them the tools so they can survive on their own), and if a 3D body dies in an accident and the soul/avatar leaves the body, it knows right away how to take a new one as soon as one becomes available.


    In the beginning, before a soul group is evolved enough, the Creator Gods are overseeing the project and help out in the creation process until the species learn themselves how to do it, either by sexual reproduction or later on, by genetic engineering.

    Sometimes it happens that a species becomes warlike as a part of their development and they want to conquer, rather than explore space and its dimension. In that case, the species may mass produce, because they need the numbers to be able to overpower other races.


    This, however, is not necessarily the norm, but it happens. With time, such a species may 'come to their senses' and start respecting life and creation as a whole, and as something beautiful, and the destructive pattern stops.

    When the species is evolved enough to understand the Multiverse they live in, they may, as individuals of the soul group, or a soul group as a whole, become appointed Creator Gods of their own. They then travel the dimensions and start seeding life (directed panspermia) [26] on different planets, often leaving their own imprints there.


    Before they start creating life on a chosen planet somewhere in the universe, they always ask the Sun and the planet for permission. If permission is given, they may go ahead. These Creator Gods are here called Founders or Kadištu.

    The Founders then, if they so wish, create a new intelligent species, often based upon their own DNA to some degree (thus, we created you in our image), and perhaps mix it with DNA from other species to create an interesting, unique effect. It may take some experimentation before they get it 'right' and feel that their new species is sufficient.


    When the vessels (bodies) are created, the creator gods are asking for permission to borrow soul energy from the Mother Goddess to create souls/avatars who can operate the bodies of this new species. So, at the same time as the bodies are created, the souls/avatars are created as well from Intelligent Energy.


    Often, the urge to reach for the stars is embedded within the DNA of the dominant species of the planet (can be one or more species).

    Then the Founders leave the new species alone and let them evolve by themselves, but are normally overlooking the experiment to see how it goes. If they are not pleased, they may adjust some things.


    At the same time, these same Creator Gods, who can split up into more Fire/avatar units, may create other life forms elsewhere, while their creations evolve and normally become Creator Gods themselves and go out to create their own species.


    When beings become Founders, they first turn feminine, as a natural process and stay that way from hereon.

  6. Later on, the Founders usually evolve further. Their Fire grows with their compassion and understanding and they become stars, who are always sentient beings, highly evolved, pulsating with Fire.

  7. The star then splits itself into smaller units which become the planets and the moons, and eventually we have a new-born solar system. The planets themselves are very evolved beings, coming directly out from the 'womb' or their star/sun.

  8. Other Creator Gods who have learned how to go out and seed life will now come and ask for permission to begin the process of panspermia in this new solar system, and the star and the planets may approve and the whole cycle starts all over again, like wheels within wheels, cycles within cycles.

  9. Eventually, the star evolves and becomes a nova or a supernova and leaves a cloud of stardust around it. The next step is normally that the star becomes a white dwarf and cools off while it is expanding elsewhere into something else. The planets that were orbiting the star usually follow the star in its development.

  10. Sometimes, often after a supernova explosion, a nebula is formed. This is the stardust remaining from the 'exploding' star. However, from my understanding, this star dust is like a panspermia project in itself and once a being is ready to become a star in its development, these clouds/nebulas support the progress and stars are born in these nebulae. [27]


    A star, whose next step is to become a nebula doesn't necessarily need to inhabit its own 'stardust', but can, from what I understand, evolve and become a nebula elsewhere in the same galaxy.

  11. The nebula now gives birth to a cluster of stars who form their own planet and the nebula becomes the 'parent' and overseer. After that, it's time for the nebula to become a galaxy. She now is overseeing everything that happens in her particular galaxy, probably until the Universe has reached its goal and starts retracting and imploding.

  12. The next step from there would be to become an overseer of a whole universe. The Goddess may appear in a manifested version of herself and appoints the being.

  13. When the overseer of a universe is done with that part of its development, she may want to become the overseer of a whole 'pond' which is always created by the Mother Goddess herself, just like all the universes in that pond.

  14. So, now it seems like we've come full circle, but in fact, creation continues. If we use the analogy with the spider and the spider web, there are still 'infinite areas' of potentiality that yet has to be created, so when needed, the Mother Goddess can continue 'spinning her web' and creation continues. Is there an end to creation?


    From my understanding, the end is when the Goddess decides to end it, if ever. A single universe is completed when it has completed its 'goal', which was set before it was created.





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