by Wes Penre
July 7, 2012
from WesPenre Website

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1. Who's the Friend and Who's the Enemy?

Like I said earlier, the Universe is teeming with life - absolutely teeming!


There are so many different star races that even if all of mankind would come together and try to research them all, in a hundred years we would only be able to catalogue a very few, compared to how many there are. However, what is important for us humans is which star races, directly or indirectly, interfere with human evolution, how they do it, and whom they are in alliance with.

In these papers (Level II), we will only touch on a few of these many races who are interacting with us, or are watching us on a distance without interfering.


The reason I am concentrating on the Aryans (from Orion) and Sirians in particular is because these two star groups are, and have been having, a greater influence on our evolution than anybody else, I dare say.


And not only that; when people try to catalogue different ET species, most don't understand that what we think are different races are often one and the same but under another guise. Remember I wrote about how species mostly don't come in the physical, but nano-travel without bodies or spaceships.


Spaceships are really not necessary to travel the Universe, except for beings who are not evolved enough to put technology aside and travel in spirit.


When doing the latter, they can use their avatar to mock themselves up as any kind of being they like; humans, grays, reptilians, giant moth men, winged dragons - you name it. These invaders do everything they can to confuse and manipulate us.

With that said, I would like to start talking some more about the Aryans and the Orion Empire.


The paper after this one will expose the Sirian Lords - the so called Ša.AM.i - for what they really are, although I like to believe (and there is some evidence for this) that there may be a faction of them who evolved to stages of higher consciousness and are actually willing to assist us in helping ourselves.


"Helping ourselves" is the key phrase, because if a star race says they are coming here to 'save us', I would run the other way!


I have come to this strong conviction that we are our only saviors. Star races who follow universal laws can help us by giving us the tools for self-improvement (some channeled information goes under this category), but if some say they are coming here in spaceships to save us or take us on board to transport us to some other dimension, I wouldn't believe them.


They have their own agenda and only need our permission to come and take you and do whatever they want to do with you, or to come down here to rule you 'for a thousand years' - whatever the deal is. The 'disclosure' everybody seems to be waiting for, constantly looking up into the skies, is not going to be in form of a mass landing of benevolent ascended masters or other 'evolved' beings.


The contact will rather be on a personal level; star beings or star races making a connection with individuals or groups who are working on breaking out of the entrapment; in other words, those who are ready for an encounter.


It's then up to us to discern whether these personal encounters are benevolent and beneficial for our growth, or not.


We all have to pass a lot of tests now and in the near future. And we have to be brilliant, all of us. Not that we aren't. We are all brilliant; we just need to wake up and realize it and start making conscious decisions, getting rid of all sloppy thoughts and make decisions based on intentions that come from clear thoughts. We have a lot to learn in the little time we have at hand, so if we waste it, we will regret it.

Channeled material has often told us that the cradle of mankind stood in the constellation of Lyra, and I was saying the same thing in Level I.


This seems to hold water when we are talking about the human template; it was apparently in Lyra the humanoid template was first tried with success. In Lyra the early galactic citizens saw a star race dawn which looked very similar to the Vulcans in 'Star Trek'. Many researchers in exopolitics [def] have since then realized that this popular science fiction series had a lot of truth in it.


This is not surprising if we understand that many Hollywood producers and other creative people are often part of esoteric societies, some of them dedicated to channeling. So was also the case with screenwriter, producer and futurist, Gene Roddenberry, who developed the Star Trek series in 1964.


He was a member of a society called The Council of 9, which was channeling a collective of entities known as The Nine. [1]


Other known members of this club were Uri Geller and Peter R. Farley, who used the channeled material from 'The Nine' to write his book series, Where Were You Before the Tree of Life? [2]


Roddenberry allegedly got the ideas to much of 'Star Trek' from these channeled sessions; so also the look of the Vulcans, with their humanoid bodies, pointed ears and great analytical minds. The Vulcans have, I have learned, a lot of similarities with the Vegans from the Vega star system in the constellation of Lyra. Just like humans on Earth, the Lyrans came in many different skin colors, and many had pointed ears, just like Mr. Spock.

There have been many civilizations on Earth before Homo sapiens came into existence, 250,000-300,000 years ago, and the Vegans at one time, once they became Founders, helped creating earlier civilizations on Earth which did have the Lyran, humanoid template as part of their DNA.


This can be read in Lyssa Royal's and Keith Priest's material and has been researched and built upon my many researchers, including myself.


As civilizations rose and fell on Earth, mankind eventually was created by mixing DNA from different star races and a previously existing humanoid species who was being part of an Experiment to create a Living Library on Earth.


This Experiment, however, was interrupted when the Sirian Lords landed on Earth half a million years ago, and things changed drastically on the planet after that.

But who was behind the Experiment with the Living Library?


Some say it was the Lyrans, while others say it was the Pleiadians. We already know that a lot of star races contributed with their own flora and fauna, but I have great reasons to believe that those who instigated the Living Library came from the Orion Empire. This may come as a shock to many, because the Aryans (plural of Aryan, which signifies beings living in the Orion Empire) have quite a bad reputation here on Earth.


There are star races from the Orion constellation who have a violent past, so some of the bad reputation may be justified, but we also need to keep in mind who are in charge of this planet, and have been for the last hundreds of thousands of years. In my previous papers in this level of learning I said that the Aryans have a matriarchal view on cosmos, while the Sirians have a patriarchal one.

This has been proven beyond doubt in metaphysics; no one doubts anymore that the Orion Queen is embracing the Divine Feminine and that the Sirians are Patriarchs; we only have to go to the Bible to find that out, and if we want to use metaphysical evidence, we have almost all channeled material and Sitchin's books to refer to.


On these matters, I think most of them are in agreement.


The question is, why exactly is there such a tension between the matriarchs and the patriarchs? Why have so many people died in the struggle between these polarities? Don't we smell a bigger story behind that? I certainly do, and will do my best to answer this question throughout the papers in 'Level II'.

For serious reasons I will go into more in details later on, the Sirians have a strong interest in keeping us in the dark regarding the feminine side of life, and therefore we can expect that information coming from them are mainly with the purpose to deceive or mislead.


It is quite commonly accepted by now that beings from the Sirian Empire were the ones who created us as a slave race in a distant past and are influencing our daily life up until this day, and the Sumerian cuneiform proves this as well.


But if the Aryans are as bad as some people say, where are they? Why aren't they here, manipulating us, instead of, or together with, the Sirians? Most also agree that the Orion Queen is powerful and a deadly threat to the Sirians, so why doesn't she and her people invade, throw out the Sirians and take over, or chase the Sirians away and become our new slave owners? They must have the power to do so, one would think?

So, we know from Sitchin, LPG-C, the Pleiadians, and personal encounters (to name a few) that the Men of Power, the Patriarchs, are basing their ideas from the Lords of Sirius, the Ša.AM.i.


Some say the Sirians left a long time ago, and if we pretend they did, mankind is still following their doctrines to the smallest word.


Now, evidence shows that a faction of the Sirians in fact never left and has been running the show behind the scenes up to present day, which then puts the puzzle pieces together and the whole thing makes sense.[3]


So, this much we do know from just a little research.

Now to the question:

  • Where are the Aryans?

  • Where is the Matriarchal movement and the Divine Feminine?

  • Do we see any traces of that today in any major society?

The answer is no. Hence, I dare say that the Aryans are either not here, or if they are, they are not a threat to mankind, or possibly the opposite.

Let's go back to the Sirian Lords, aka the Ša.AM.i, for a moment; it would certainly be in their best interest if we thought that they were the ones who created us, so that we think we are in debt to them. Thus they can keep their stronghold over us and manipulate us as they please.


As some of the readers may know, I was recently in contact with Utu, son of King Nannar of the Ša.AM.i race. I will talk about that later, but he was quick to point out to me that his people are our ancestors and that we need to start getting along and we need to forgive them for what they did to us in the past. This would all be nice and good if it wasn't a lie.


They did not create us and they are not coming here in peace, something he basically proved himself, obviously enough. Yes, they came here and hi-jacked an already existing experiment and created a slave race, but they did not create us - we already existed. My point is that the Ša.AM.i have an investment here on Earth, which is us.


And to be able to keep that investment they have to lie about our origins.

  • What about other star races?

  • Why would they have to lie about who we are and where we come from?

Well, some of them work with the Ša.AM.i, while others have their own agenda, but you can count on that whatever it is, it will suit their own purposes more than ours.


The thing that these star races have in common, whether they are working with the Ša.AM.i or not, is that very few of them say that our cradle stood in Orion.


The simple reason for this is that the truth would hardly benefit any of them, and none of them is endorsing the Divine Feminine. And those who would basically be willing to tell us are watching us in the background, unwilling to interfere due to that they respect basic universal laws.

We hear from different sources that Orion is where the Divine Feminine is most prominent; and that exact information about the Feminine is what is being suppressed here on Earth, and that was what made me want to look into this matter a little bit closer.


It sounds to me that the 'bad reputation' is misdirected, so we will bark up the wrong tree.


2. A Reptilian 'Bee Hive' Society?

Old legends and myths are telling us that the Orion Constellation is the 'Center of the Universe'; the place where stars were born.[4]


It's also one of the oldest and easiest to pick out. In Greek mythology, Orion is known as the 'Great Hunter' and depicted as a male entity, which is symbolizing the ferocious male Aryan defenders of the Empire.


In Aryan language these warriors are called MAKH warriors, according to Morning Sky's research. The star Bellatrix (gamma Orionis), means 'female warrior', and is referring to the mythology about the giant Amazon female warriors who could defeat almost any enemy.


Orion was also the son of Poseidon, and we know that Poseidon is the Greek name for Ea, or the EN.KI (Enki, EN.KE), whose father, a Sirian King of highest rank (number 60 in the Sumerian Pantheon ranking system), married the Orion Queen as a part of a peace treaty that we're going to get into in the paper after the next.


According to Sitchin and the Ša.AM.i, this Sirians King's name is AN, or ANU. Orion, with his club, is chasing the Bull (constellation of Taurus), although there is no myth speaking of such a battle. The Hunter's dogs, Sirius (Canis Major) and Procyon and Gomeisa (Canis Minor) are following at his heals.


The latter are representing the Sirians, a wolven/reptilian species (= dog race, = dog star), once being 'Advanced Guards' for the Orion Queen, of what the Aryans call The Mother's Court, referring to the Mother Goddess; thus working for the matriarchs.


However, this alliance would later be broken.


Figure 1-1

Orion the Hunter, chasing the Bull

Gerry Zeitlin, who translated and wrote a synopsis to Anton Parks' first two books in The Chronicles of the Gírků, explains to us in the Worlds section that,

"Orion consists of stars ten times farther away [than Sirius], and [are] dispersed over a large volume of space.


Numerous Gina'abul [Reptilian races] colonies are found in the region, strongly allied and mixed with humanoid beings native to the area. Together they have created a hybrid race.


These peoples multiply themselves via sexual reproduction."

Although some of the races in the Universe are sexual, most races reproduce through genetic engineering and cloning.


Sexuality, as we know it in humans, is not the most common way of reproducing if we are counting the overall amount of different species in the whole Universe. Among some reptilian races in the Universe, the females lay eggs, which then may, or may not be fertilized. We can see the latter happen here on Earth as well, among frogs, fish, and interestingly enough, even komodo dragons, and even more interestingly, in bees.


In the bee society, the Queen only mates once and carries the seed from the male inside her which can then be used to fertilize all eggs she ever lays. But moreover, some eggs she lays are never fertilized.


These eggs develop and become the drones - male bees exclusively - while the fertilized eggs always become females.

This is particularly interesting because the original Reptilian Aryan species has often been thought of as a 'bee hive society'. Researchers have described them as having the Orion Queen in the middle and the rest of the societal structure circling around her.


Therefore, the Aryan species has been looked upon as mindless, dangerous killing machines committed to group thinking, whence the actual thinking is done by the Queen herself.


The rest of the community is then willing to sacrifice themselves without thinking twice to protect their Queen. This may, or may not, have been how it all started, but most certainly not how it is anymore, and I'll explain why in a moment.


When researching this species it comes to mind that they are not only reptilian but most probably have an insect-like ancestry as well, at least if we are to believe the symbolism the Aryan have left behind here on Earth; something I will go deeper into in a few paragraphs, but we can also see this if we read Robert Morning Sky's earlier work, such as Eden, Atlantis and the UFO Myth from the early 1990s.


There he is telling us exactly the same thing about how the Orion Queen chooses whether her offspring is going to be a male or a female by either fertilizing or not fertilizing her eggs.


Only the unfertilized eggs become males.[5]


Allegedly, Morning Sky got this information from the Star Elder, whom his Native Indian ancestors saved from a UFO crash in the 1940s. He heard the story from his grandfather and has since then spent most of his life researching and expanding on what he was told.

Morning Sky's research led him to the conclusion that in Orion things are centered on the females, whom are the nurturing aspect of life, while the males are the protectors of the females, also being hunters and warriors.


From what it looks like, and which I brought up to some extent in Paper #1, the Universe is protecting the feminine aspect of reality, and the Aryan race may have taken that aspect to heart and created their lives around it; or perhaps it was the other way around - once upon a time, when the Universe was young, this 'bee hive' reptilian/insectoid race was created to be the guardians of the Divine Feminine?


This could make sense, as so many sources are telling us that the Orion Queen and her people are perhaps one of the oldest star races in the Universe.


Once we realize that the Universe is feminine in its essence, then that would make even more sense. The rest after that are just complications of an easy original concept, created by the Goddess to protect her own energy before the 'game' which we call 'life' continued elsewhere in the Universe.


This would also explain the constellation of Orion being the male Hunter; the protector of the Feminine, with his 'club' always being ready to defend the Goddess and her female representatives of the Orion Empire.

But there is more to the story - much more! As we've mentioned before, the star Bellatrix is also called the Amazon Star, referring to the mythological Amazon warriors, who were all giant females, ferocious in battle and feared by all male warriors, no matter how skilled.


This indicates that the females of Orion may be the superior ones on the battlefield if push comes to shove.


Figure 1-2

Amazon Warriors

But let us go back to discussing bees. If we are thinking of the Aryans in terms of bees, who have been using the bee symbol here on Earth and even embraced it as their emblem?


The logo of the old Merovingian Kings is the bee, and perhaps we have a clue there (Fig. 1-3 and 1-4).


Many researchers have claimed that the Royal Families of the world are descendents of alien beings, especially the Merovingians and those who preceded them. We know for a fact that their emblem was the bee, and the Aryan society is the only alien society we know of that is connected with bees and bee hives, so it would perhaps be a qualified guess to say that the Merovingians have something to do with Orion.


In recent time, Napoleon revived the bee as an emblem for royalty, and because the Swedish Royal Family are descendents of the Napoleon bloodline, they use the bees as well - their emblem being three crowns of a very similar type to that of fig. 1-4, and with three bees in the middle.


Another name for Sweden is Three Crowns, or Tre Kronor in Swedish.

Figure 1-3. Bees

The main emblem of the Merovingian Kings, but also a link to the Orion Empire?



Figure 1-4

'"A carving, topped by a crown and encrusted with gold fleur-de-lys,
rises from the tiles. The object could symbolize a hive, a bee, or a pupa.
The French Merovingian kings used bees as one of their sacred devices."

But there are also other potential connections between Orion and bees that we can find with a little research.


The old Mayans, for example, the ones who created the old Mayan calendar, honored Ah-Muzen-Cab, a god of bee and honey. Same thing in the ancient Near East and the Aegean cultures, the bees were highly respected and sacred, just like they were in Egypt in ancient times.

Figure 1-5

Winged Bee Goddess

The bee was also an emblem of Potnia (ancient Greece), the Minoan-Mycenaen "Mistress", also referred to as The Pure Mother Bee.


Moreover, Priestesses worshipping Artemis and Demeter were called 'Bees',[6] and now we have a direct connection with Orion. Artemis was by many considered the Goddess, and Orion (the male Hunter), was Artemis' hunting companion.


In Rome she was known as Diana, from whom Princess Diana got her name.


After the Princess' death there was a lot of speculation whether Princess Diana was a reincarnation of the Goddess Diana. Her Spencer family line is linked to Royalty.


Artemis can be linked to Turkey, like the webmaster of the website, points out:

In Artemis we have our most renowned bee patroness. As the goddess of nature and the hunt, forests, hills, rocks and rivers, she oversaw the home territory of wild bees. A particularly fascinating part of her history is her temple community, in Ionia, at Ephesus, today’s Turkey.


Some believe it was a matriarchal community of beekeeping priestesses that worshiped Artemis. In her Ephesus form, she’s depicted covered in breast or egg-like carvings, that for a beekeeper, can only resemble the cells queen bees are born from in the hive.


At her feet are two Omphalos stones.[7]

Coincidentally enough, yesterday I listened to one of the Pleiadian lectures, and one in the audience said that a very old, sacred site had been found, either in South or East Turkey, hidden under layers of sand, which was intentionally used as a conservation method, as it seems.


It had ancient artifacts hidden there.


The Pleiadian told the audience that parts of Turkey, close to the Caucasus Mountains, was once an ancient home for the honoring of the Mother Goddess, long before the Patriarchs came and took over.[8]


So there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that star races from the Orion Empire were here long before the Sirian Overlords came.


Figure 1-6

Caucasus Mountains

Then, logically, honeycombs are connected to bees, so the term honey in the Bible would be occult symbolism for Orion as well.


Even when you research old secret societies, and more recently, Freemasonry, you will find honeycomb symbols (here discussed on a Freemasonic site).


Many Mystery Schools, before they were taken over by patriarchal forces, were learning center where they taught the Religion of the Mother Goddess, another thing that has been confirmed by the Pleiadians over the years.


Today, the fact that these secret societies were originally based on the Divine Feminine has been hidden from members of these societies. It's a well kept secret, because if that came out in public to a larger extent, it could be the beginning of the end for the male dominance on this planet.


The only true magic left for people to explore at this time when comes to the Divine Feminine is certain forms of shamanism, where the shaman is bringing forth the 'Fire', the Feminine Energy, whether the shaman is a male or a female.


All in all, honey bees signify immortality and resurrection.


Figure 1-7

Merovingian Kings, with long, mane-like hair, and bearded

We all know that the male lion has a mane.


The kings of old (especially the Merovingian Kings) knew that there is magick power in long hair (fig. 1-7), and so did the Vril girls, such as Maria Orsic, who were channelers of what supposedly was the Aldebaran Anunnaki back in the pre-Nazi days and during the time of WW II.


Another great example is Samson in the Holy Scripture, who lost his great powers when he lost his long hair; a typical pagan story inserted into the Christian Bible. The long hair (red hair in particular) works as an 'antenna' [8-1] and can often help the person who knows their magick to connect to other dimensions and even the 96%, which is the Goddess Universe.


The long hair also symbolizes the rays of the Sun; the Sun being worshipped as God in old, pagan religions, because the Sun gives life to everything on Earth, but also, the people of old knew that the Sun is a sentient being and our collective Oversoul of sorts, with whom they could communicate.


This old wisdom is something we now today slowly start to rediscover. Long hair, both among males and females, is not only worn by humans here on Earth, but also by star beings, such as the Sirian Patriarchal Overlords, with their cat/wolf/reptilian/humanoid appearance, where the men often have golden, black, or red manes.


Because of their canine/reptilian ancestry, they are hairy by nature, and the males have manes, just like the lions here on Earth.


They often wear it long and locked and have long, braided beards. We humans, residing in a Living Library, where everything alive is seeded from elsewhere, may find it intriguing to think about where the bees, the lions, and the bigger cats and dogs originate from.

The lion, here on Earth, is another symbol for royalty. You can see impressive statues of lions guarding the entrances to royal castles and are also prominent on shields and on Royal Family Banners.


The lion represents the warrior aspect of the Mother Goddess, an aspect that the Sirian DAKH Warriors possess as well. In mythology, Sirius the 'dog star' follows the Mighty Hunter Orion, just like the Sirians used to follow the Mother Goddess of Orion before they rebelled (a few are still serving the Mother, but the majority don't).


I have found indicators that both Aryans and Sirians use the lion as their symbol, probably because it is signifying extraordinary strength.


If we connect the bees to Aryan Royalty, we also need to connect the lion to the same, as they are a big part of royal symbolism. Also, in Anton Parks' trilogy, the Urmah race (which is a lion race), is an Orion warrior species. On the other side of the coin, the Sirians, represented by the banking families, such as the Rothschilds, have their Lions Club, and the lion and the eagle are often portrayed together in Rothschild emblems, as is the lion and the unicorn.[9]

The question some readers may ask is why, if the Universe is feminine, and females (both in the animal kingdom here on Earth, and theoretically in Orion, and in that case, I'm sure in other places in the Universe) can reproduce asexually without a male involved, why are males needed at all in the Universe?

This was a question I asked myself as well, but stumbled on the potential answer when I look up Parthenogenesis in Wikipedia.


Parthenogenesis is the scientific term for producing offspring without a male fertilizing the eggs of the female. What I learned was that in parthenogenesis, the offspring will always be a copy, or a clone of the mother.


Therefore, no diversity, and no real development. If a male is involved, it adds diversity to the gene pool, and can potentially strengthen the species in the long run. This, in extension, will benefit the survival of the species.


Some reptiles - especially those who live on isolated islands, like the ancient komodo dragons - can reproduce both asexually and sexually by choice.[10]


Figure 1-7

Here we see two lions as 'advanced guards' and servants for the patriarchal king,
due to that the Sirian Khan Kings turned everything around to their advantage.

And what about linguistic symbolism?


Robert Morning Sky and Anton Parks, both having linguistic skills after have studied ancient languages for many years, have come to the same conclusion, independently of each other; the old Sumerian and Akkadian languages both originate from the stars.


Morning Sky goes as far as to claim that the oldest language that can be found on Earth, from which most Earth languages today stem from, has its origin in Orion.


It's a female language which he's learned, partly from listening to his grandfather's story about the Star Elder, but also as concluded after he'd studied the old languages in his own right. The many examples he gives in his different papers over the years show an amazing array of words and grammar; evidence that is hard to dispute. It definitely looks like he did his research. Anton Parks is not far behind.


So, we can say with quite some certainty that beings from the Orion Empire have visited Earth in the past and left signs of their visits for us to explore, and possibly, their bloodline is still in the human gene pool today.


But the traits of the Aryans are not dominant on Earth today, but the Sirian traits are.



3. The Structure of the Orion Empire

If we do a quick Google-Search on Orion Empire, we see there is a lot of negative information about Orion.


It's hard to find anything positive at all on these "blood-thirsty, man-eating, shape-shifting Reptilians" who are fighting with other races to take over the control of Earth. It makes us shiver almost by just hearing the word 'Orion'.


According to the Ra Material,[11] the Aryans being the 'only' star race in present time, able to occasionally penetrate the 'grid' that is surrounding Earth to keep negative ETs out, and that is inflicting with human business in a negative sense.


The Ra collective is referring to the Aryans as negative density beings.


Robert Morning Sky presented them as ruthless killing machines in his early work, but in his final 'Terra Papers', after he'd done some additional research, they became less monstrous and more or less presented as a warrior race which settled down and evolved into a more peaceful empire, specializing in business and trade.


This is easier to endorse, because I have a hard time believing that this ancient star race is based upon mindless non-thinkers and violent man-eaters.

Still, how can Orion have gotten such a bad reputation? One would think there would be something good information about them, at least?


Well, here is where I have to use the term 'anonymous, reliable source', or the reader will probably never know the truth. The amazingly bad reputation the Orion Empire has is mostly due to back-stabbing from the Patriarchal Regime (read the Sirian Overlords).


Because when we think about it, if the Universe is feminine in nature and the Orion Empire, led by the Queen, is embracing the Divine Feminine, the Religion of the Mother Goddess, why would she and her people be so monstrous?

This is a Free Will Universe, and anyone can create as they please if they are ready to take the consequences - even war.


And it looks like war and conquest is a part of many star races' evolution, while they are still uncertain about their own survival as a species, and therefore need to expand their domains in not always a peaceful manner.


However, in time they learn and start expanding by spiritual means instead and usually become more peaceful in the process. For some species it takes longer (again, read the Sirian Overlords), but others, rather sooner than later, 'get it!'

So also with the Aryan Reptilian race.


They became a peaceful Empire long before mankind was even born. They still up to this day sometimes have to defend themselves against intruders of lower consciousness, but they always try peaceful means to show the intruders to the door before they use force. But they still have their MAKH Warriors, who have always been ferocious when comes to protect the Empire and the Queen (see Morning Sky's work for references to these terms).

In the far ancient past there was a conflict between the Sirians and the Aryans, which resulted in a short war (actually, just a few battles) and conflicts that were resolved, but then became an issue again.


There was also a Galactic War raging at one point, but when that happened, the Aryans and the Sirians were in fact fighting side by side as joined forces, and not against each other.

These days, the Aryans don't conquer other star systems by force. Instead, when star races evolve in different star systems, they more often than not ask to become members of the Orion Empire because of its strength, its unity, peaceful nature, but also for trading benefits.


The Orion Empire is perhaps the biggest Empire in business and trade in the Universe, if we are to refer to the size of the Empire, which is vast. It reaches far out from the star constellation of Orion, to other parts of the Galaxy, and further into other galaxies.

We often think of the Aryans as a giant, Reptilian race with scales and greenish skin; sometimes even having a tail, and like I said, being hostile in nature. It is true that the original Orion Reptilian race, which was that of the Orion Queen, had scales and were very reptilian-like in the ancient past when they were ferocious conquerors.


However, that was billions of years ago, and since then they have lost their scales on the most part and look quite human-like.

When we speak of the Orion Empire, we speak of millions of different star races, and they all look different, so it would be incorrect to say that the Empire consists only of Reptilian beings; there are all kinds of beings.


A good analogy would be the first movie in the Star Wars series, when Harrison Ford (Han Solo in the movie) went into the bar on some distant planet where all these different-looking star races sat and drank. I am not saying that they look like that, but I would assume George Lucas wanted to show that there is variety out there.


And there are as many different mindsets as there are star races and individuals in the Empire.

So what are the requirements to join the Queendom of Orion? I haven't seen any list of requirements, but it's quite obvious that the star race needs to have come to a stage in their development where their consciousness is high enough not to instigate war with other star races, and they need to abide to the Law of Free Will and the Law of Non-Interference.


The latter is very important; it is not allowed by a star race to interfere with another star race's evolution.


If they were to mingle with a race on another planet, they need to have permission to do so by the inhabitants on that world, and they need to abide to the rules and laws of that planet. Normally, contact is being instigated for trading purposes.


If a star race breaks any fundamental rules, they are talked to and perhaps being warned, and if they repeat their habits, they will be excluded from the Empire. If they refuse, they will be forced to by the MAKH Warriors, whereby they usually leave. They are welcome back when they can show that they can follow the simple rules above.

Being a member of the Orion Empire doesn't necessarily mean you have to subscribe to the Aryan Religion of the Divine Feminine, but once you join you normally have come to the conclusion already that this is the nature of the Universe, although it's not always the case.


The Queen is apparently very liberate when it comes to both belief systems and how a star race wants to evolve.


She doesn't interfere with any of that, having the understanding that each star race needs to develop in their own pace and in any direction they like, so long as it doesn't harm any other star race. Members of the Orion Empire that I have become aware of are star systems within Orion, Sirius, the Pleiades, and the Andromeda Constellation.


This, of course, is a pitiful number when I know how vast the Empire is. However, membership world, like I said, include star systems in many other galaxies as well, such as our neighbor, the Andromeda Galaxy, a galaxy approximately twice as large as our own Milky Way.

Every species is allowed to travel freely within the Empire and use the stargates and star highways as they please.


To be able to use the galactic highways, the star race needs to be interdimensional and evolved enough to be able to nano-travel. It is my understanding that there are no 3-D races in the Empire, because you need to have access to more dimensions than just the third to be able to interact with the more evolved beings within the Empire.


However, a star race is normally not 'stuck' in one density or dimension for very long, as they are free to evolve without interference; it's just we humans and some other star races in a similar situation as ourselves who are 'stuck' in 3-D for a much longer time than we should.


This doesn't mean that star beings who are multi- and interdimensional don't have bodies (although there are some who don't), but they have learned how to split their Fire and travel across space and time, independently from their 'physical' bodies.

We learn in Metaphysics that the Universe supports the growth of consciousness and awareness, and I see evidence all around me to that effect.


This is the common purpose with all universes as well, as far as I understand. The physical laws may be slightly different in different universes, and even in different galaxies, but the support for the increase of consciousness is probably common in all of them.


We are not here to suffer, we are here to grow, although suffering is a part of our learning lessons at times, until we become more evolved and can more easily find solutions by exploring the Multiverse and its dimensions to find the best possible outcome.

In the Queendom this is well known. One of the Queen's tasks is to see to that no one suffers when they don't have to.


The philosophy in Orion is that there is no need for anyone to act out viciously on another. Everyone is treated equal and there is no hierarchy. When the implications and consequences of this is understood, a society emerges where each individual is helping their neighbor out whenever necessary.


Here on Earth we speak of 'catalysts', and how we need a certain amount of 'darkness' to be able to see the 'light', but whatever the truth in that is, it doesn't apply once we become multi-d and interdimensional, which means that we first have to get out of the 3-D trap we so solidly sit in.


Once we enter the 'real' Universe, no such things as catalysts are needed; we always would look for the best possible outcome by exploring the dimensions.

The Orion Empire reminds me of the British Empire when it was at its height of power. It had colonies all over the world and although some of them may have been on the other side of the world, they were still considered British and fell under British jurisdiction. Same thing with Orion. A planet or a star system in the Universe is considered 'real estate' and whomever gets there first owns it.


This is how the Orion Empire expanded; they seeded young worlds one by one.


Sometimes they were subjected to invader forces who wanted to take over certain systems, and that's when they used their superior military force, something they have maintained since the ancient Galactic Wars.



4. Conclusions about the Queendom of Orion

I have weighed the information I have regarding a violent, blood-thirsty Reptilian race who eat their young, eat humans, kill everything in their way, and are here to take over the Earth, with the information I have decided to present here in this paper, which is a more positive view on the Queendom, and it has really dawned on me that there has been a big mix-up.


I agree that the Aryans do have a violent past and once were feared, ruthless galactic warriors, but with time they evolved, just like most other races do in a natural process of learning.


However, the description I hear about the Aryans from researchers here on our planet is not, from what I have concluded, that of the Aryans, but that of the Sirians. The Aryans are simply described in the exact way that the Sirians are as a species. This, of course, makes sense if we understand that the Sirians are the ones in control of Earth, but the Aryans are not.


The Controllers, naturally, want to distract people from the truth and therefore accuse another star race for being what they themselves are, in a form of reversed psychology. Most of the time it works!

But what about the shapeshifting Reptilians? The Winged Dragons? The Alpha Draconians?


This is exactly what I hinted at earlier; these are all the same star race - they are the Sirian Overlords in different disguise! The Grays, however, is another story which I will come back to. I will further build my case throughout the papers, and perhaps the readers will see what I have seen, too.


When I research, I always seem to come back to the same thing, which is what's presented here and in the rest of the 'Level II' papers. That's what is really going on here in our midst, and the majority of the population of mankind doesn't see any of it.


But on the other hand, how do we explain interdimensional aliens who are 'invisible' to a totally ignorant public, who thinks that if there are any aliens at all, they show themselves off in the skies as Flying Saucers?

Orion is looked at as a 'Feminine Empire', in the sense that it's run by a queen and never a king, and it embraces a feminine religion.


But of course, the Goddess is everywhere, and most of all, she's inside of us. She is not in favor of certain beings before others, but she is always closer to those who are closer to her; it's just how the flow of energy works and shouldn't come as a surprise.


The same thing works on our level of existence. We get along much better with friends who are on our own 'wavelength' as we call it. We could also call it frequency, or density.


The Mother Goddess as Consciousness is more in direct communication with those who take her into their hearts and communicate with her; that's a given.


This is why the Aryans say that the Orion Empire is the 'Empire of the Mother Goddess', because it's set up in the honor of her, and the structure of the Empire promotes further evolution and raise in consciousness, which is exactly what the Mother Goddess, the Prime Creator, wishes for.






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