by Wes Penre
February 10, 2013
from WesPenre Website

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I. Some Major Channeled Sources

We have no proof if there are more channelers today than it was a few hundred or a thousand years ago, because in the past there was no Internet, and information coming from channelers were most likely being considered witchcraft by the mainstream religion and heavily suppressed.


So we can assume that many psychics kept quiet if they made contact.


Still, we can also assume that the phenomenon is more widespread now than it was in the past, because if the channeler didn't claim that the source was from angels or whatever God or Gods that were worshipped at the time, the world never got to know about it.


Also, the sources make contact because they want their message to become known, and not just for the material to stay between them and a few people. At least that is mostly the case.


Also, we've noticed that since the RA Material came out, the amount of channelers have sky-rocketed - a true sign of the End Times.

If you ask a channeler what the difference is between their particular source and other sources out there, most, if not all of them, will tell you a lot of things that are different and why they have chosen to work with their particular entity or Social Memory Complex [def].


Evidence show, however, that most of them seem to have a common goal, and it looks like they just use different angles to address the same issue in order to attract a different kind of audience; similar to an advertisement firm which puts a certain touch to an ad in order to reach a certain public.


Some can take quite drastic measures trying to make people pay attention. The thing most of the channeling have in common besides the Harvest is that they say that they are us in the future.


But are these sources benevolent, or are they wolves in sheep's clothing? It is a very complex subject; much more complex than one would think, and it's not black or white.


Whether humankind will gain from our connection with them in the long run or not remains to be seen, but after have studied quite a few of them, it looks like they are here to make amends to us for one reason or another, or at least that's what they want us to believe. It's interesting, though, that they contact us now when we are in the middle of taking a giant step in our evolution.


Albeit there may be reasons for this.


As humans once again become more psychic, many people are more prone to tuning into the vibrations of these entities, when they perhaps may have wanted to get in touch with us much sooner if they could have. The Internet has certainly been a blessing in disguise in this regard.

Whatever we think about them, it's hard not to acknowledge that they are giving us information we would not have been able to find anywhere else at this point in time, and evolution would have been slower.

The fact is that we as a species have been isolated from the rest of the universe for so long that now, when the Grid is about to fall apart, and perhaps the Quarantine is being lifted, a lot of things are bound to happen simultaneously, from our perspective.


The ability for channeled sources to get their message heard is one thing; then we have star beings who can more easily come here and incarnate in order to either help or destroy; the major part of the Sirian Alliance, who previously had a hard time breaking through the Quarantine, can now enter via stargates, almost exclusively in spiritual form.


In the meantime, and because of the above, the chaos is increasing and so is the confusion, both amongst common people and in the realm of Power.


The PTB can't get away with things they used to, because many humans can see through the lies, and some of people in authority are being thrown to the wolves, having their dirty laundry being hung out in public.

While all this happens, the channeled sources are playing an important role in these times, for good or for bad, or both. I will present this subject from my point of view, and the reader can decide for themselves.

I ended the previous paper, "In Wait for Things to Come" with discussing one of the most popular ad well received channeled material of our time - the RA Material. We are going to continue now and discuss some other channeled entities (from here on called sources most of the time) with a similar view as that of RA. We are also going to see that they are actually working together on a common goal - to oversee the harvest of souls.


And the souls we are talking about is of course the human souls!



i.i. The Elohim

I believe the Cassiopaeans are those who come closest to the RA cosmology, something they themselves have no problem admitting, although there are some differences, too, of course.


Another source who claims connection with RA is the Elohim. This is what they call themselves. The Elohim are channeled by two women, Daphne Karandanis and Terry Brown. A third person, who is asking the questions makes it a trio, and his name is Wynn Free, a former musician.


Mind you that the group which channeled the RA Material were also a trio, although the setup for the RA sessions was different, with only one channeler, Carla Rueckert.

Before I go too deeply into this I want to mention to the reader that I do not have any solid proof who these sources really are and although there are those who are obviously malevolent, it's not always so.


And there are also those whom you can tell are here to help, even when they have their own agenda. My intention is not to talk badly about certain groups and praise others; I will give you some information and sometimes draw a few conclusions, but the final conclusion must be yours.


I will connect some dots, and you will decide whether I do a good job or if a lot more needs to be said about this. Personally, I have come to some conclusions that make sense to me, but if it shows that I am incorrect regarding some groups, I will address that later in the light of more information.


Also, I want to make clear that I am not attacking the person or the group who channels/channel these sources, as I think most of them have good intentions, but when comes to the sources themselves, they may not always be whom they present themselves to be.

This Elohim channel opened themselves up to the above group back in 2002 when Wynn Free and his fiancé, Daphne Karandanis, drove up from California towards Oregon. When they reached Mount Shasta in northern California, a voice began to talk through Daphne. Wynn started asking some questions and the voice answered.


This was the beginning of their now 12 years+ contact with the Elohim. [1]


Interestingly enough, Mt. Shasta is known for its "paranormal" activities, UFO sightings, and underground facilities, and there is also a stargate located in the area.

The reader can see the details about how it all started, and much more, in Wynn's e-book, "
The Creator Gods of the Physical Universe Want to Talk to You", and later on, Terry came into the picture as well, also being able to channel this same group of entities.

In Wynn's case it's easy to understand at least one reason for his loyalty to the Elohim, which is that they apparently saved the life of his sister, who was terminally ill. She is now fully recovered, from what I understand. There is no way such an incident wouldn't affect you.


All he did, he says, was to ask them for help and they responded.


Still, Wynn is telling us that he was very skeptic about them for a long time, and it took quite a while, and some serious research to establish in his own mind that they are benevolent. He suggests everybody else does the same.

Wynn says that the Elohim can be of assistance to mankind in three ways:

  1. they can inform us in such a way that we can dispel our fears

  2. they penetrate this reality with love-light energy, which can uplift the vibration here

  3. they can intervene (such as with healing), but only within the guidelines of Free Will

They would never help somebody if it harms someone else. [1]

The Bible talks about the Elohim being synonymous with God himself, in spite the fact that Elohim is plural (of El).


Others, like Wynn's group, say they are the Creator Gods (plural) of this whole physical universe, while some, like Zecharia Sitchin, tell us that the Elohim are synonymous with the Anunnaki, "those who from Heaven to Earth came" (I discussed Sitchin's work in Level I).

My own research has shown that the Anunnaki is a term being used for the "gods" who invaded Earth half a million years ago, but is basically a term originating from Orion, most possibly brought down here by ENKI, the head of the faction of Sirians (the Fallen Angels) who arrived here half a million years ago.


However, these gods who arrived here and started manipulating the DNA in existing humans and apes were a mix of,

  • Sirians

  • Pleiadians

  • Alpha Draconians

  • Vegans,

...and a few other star races.


I gave the name The Sirian Alliance to this group of star beings.

So if we are to believe Sitchin's translation of who the Elohim are, they are the Sirian Alliance. But if we go with the claim that the Elohim are actually the creators of this physical universe, like Wynn and his group say, then we still have to ask ourselves, which physical universe?


The 4% or the 96%? If they are talking about the 4% (the universe we perceive with our 5 senses), then we are still coming back to that they are the Sirian Alliance.


Only if they are talking about the physical universe before the Sirian Overlords tampered with our DNA, and they were working directly with the Mother Goddess, can we consider this Elohim group being benevolent (if they are truthful, that is).


So let's see who they are, what their cosmology is, what their intentions are by contacting this group of humans, and what the effects are from the channeling. Also, let us take a look at whom they are in cahoots with.


They do mention, however, that they consider themselves being more feminine than masculine due to their creative abilities.


Figure 1

The 7 Superuniverses

according to the WingMakers.



i.i.i. The Cosmology of the Elohim

Let's start with their cosmology. Like almost all channeled sources, they say there is One Creator, which is All That Is, and we are smaller portions of that One Creator, here to have experiences, so that the Creator can have experiences outside of himself.


Creation consists of a Central Universe, and from that, five other universes expand, while a sixth universe is being formed as we speak. Interestingly enough, that corresponds with the Seven Superuniverses in the Urantia Book and in the WingMakers' cosmology, and is also in line with LPG-C's seven superdomains, although the latter are constructed slightly differently.

Moreover, they are very much in contact with RA and share their cosmology to a very large degree.


Therefore, they say, just like RA, that we are at the end of a 75,000 years cycle, and that we are at the point where some people, who are 51% STO [def], will be harvested, and RA and the Elohim, together with other star beings, such as Carla Rueckert's new group, the Q'uo, are here to help in the process.


In fact, although RA said that they would never speak through a medium here on Earth again if Carla Rueckert's group will dissolve (which it did when Dr. Don Elkins - the questioner of the Ra Sessions - committed suicide), because no one else could hold their energy, RA is back and apparently channeled through metaphysical researcher, David Wilcock.


Carla Rueckert, who is friends with Wynn's group, says she thinks Wilcock's source is indeed RA, but a lower vibration of the same collective Carla channeled in the 1980s. If this is true, Wilcock is apparently strong enough to hold their energy.

Like I said in the beginning, the Elohim claim to be the creators of the entire universe; the original Creator Gods I was talking about both in Level I and II, the so-called Builders.


They are from the 6th Dimensional ray of light & love, and now they are coming to Earth to partake in what they say is a very important event; the ascension to the 4th Density Earth.


We get the feeling it's their responsibility to come back and "check in" on their creation.


Note, however, that they are not saying, from what I know, that they created mankind in particular, but they created a universe for mankind to be created and develop in. They also say that 2012 and the Mayan Calendar, and prophecy in general, has a lot to do with why they are here now.


It's all connected to the Harvest and the end of a major cycle.


i.i.ii. Angelic Beings from Outside Time

Wynn says in his book, "The Creator Gods of This Universe Want to Talk to You", p.26, that P'taah is a high individual soul, who made himself known to Wynn and Daphne, although he happens to be a member of the RA group.


So, curiously enough we now have the terms RA and P'taah. Ptah was the Egyptian name for ENKI as the first Pharaoh of Egypt, and MARDUK, ENKI's son, is also known as Amon RA, the "Hidden RA".


This name issue (P'taah and RA) has been addressed at times with the RA Group, who denies any connections with the Egyptian deities. Oh well, coincidences then?


I just find it peculiar that both ENKI and his son, RA, are presented (name-wise) in the RA group, and P'taah is channeled by Daphne side by side with the Elohim Group (Elohim also relating to the Sirians, just like RA/MARDUK and Ptah/ENKI). Why so many coincidences and still they deny them all?

Anyway, the difference between the RA Group and Elohim is that the RA collective are graduates from the 7 Density realm, while Elohim exists outside of time.


RA have incarnated here in this physical universe, while the Elohim have not. The Elohim have entered this reality out of curiosity to see how it is to live in 3D, but they have never incarnated. Some of them have never even left their realm outside time in order to stay pure and not be affected by the realms "below".


To understand what it means to live outside of time, the Elohim explain it like this:

if something lives outside of yourself, you must add time to the factor as a reference point of before and after.

No reference point, no time.


If it's true what they say, it makes me think they live in the KHAA [def], but what they are describing is the 4% universe and its dimensions and densities. Without putting any judgment on Elohim at this point, it's necessary to say that not all beings or star races living in the KHAA are benevolent, loving beings.


The Orion Empire is the higher realms of the KHAA, but the KHAA has its own dimensions and densities as well. So please be advised that the Harvest spoken about is addressing the levels of reality in the 4% universe, and not in the KHAA.


Not once has any of these sources (except the Pleiadians what I know of) even mentioned the real universe (the 96%), although they simply address it as "the invisible universe" - invisible to our 5 senses, that is.

i.i.iii. Channeling the Elohim

The Elohim are allegedly transmitting great portions of love and light; at least according to many of those who attend the sessions.


They also say they love us tremendously and think very high of human beings - we are very special, according to them. Although, sometimes a less loving thought pattern is revealing itself to us.


In Wynn's e-book, page 90, Wynn is asking the Elohim what it is that limits a normal 3D being from operating outside 3D rules, and the Elohim replies,

"The normal fog-dense brain."

Wynn then asks if that is how they talk about humans when we're not around, and they respond,

"It is a product of our frustration when working with your realm."

One would expect a huge amount of love, and understanding in particular, from beings who say they are the highest of highest on the universal scale and after all have created it, but their response here clearly shows that they don't look upon us that highly after all.


I am a being, still being stuck here in 3D, working hard to work myself out of the trap.


I am communicating with my fellow 3D beings every day; beings who don't know anything about what's going on, and I don't feel frustration anymore.


If I don't feel frustration when dealing with our 3D issues, although I'm "just" a 3D being, why would they, who apparently are supposed to feel infinite, unconditional love? I may sound picky, but sometimes it's in the small details you eventually can start seeing the bigger picture. It's very important not to trust a source only because they transmit large portions of love and light.


It's easy for them to transmit those energies by using technology and by using positive universal energies against us. All they need is to know how to do it. For them, it's kids' stuff. Because RA have experienced our realm, they have more knowledge how to overcome obstacles here than Elohim have, but Elohim are more angelic and can perform miracles.


They actually say they can beam love/light energies into this realm, although they are mentioning this in a positive context. They are often working together with RA to liberate the Earth realm.

In both Level I and Level II, I discussed something I call The Wave of the Supernova, which supposedly is a wave of energy heading towards Earth in faster-than-light speed. Some people fear this wave, while others believe it's going to raise our consciousness, either to become truly multi-d or enough to once and for all ascend to Density 4 (those who are ready for it, that is).


Like I said at the time, this is an event that could happen around 2012, or it could happen later.


We are still waiting, but by looking into the channeled sources a little bit extra, like I have done since then, a certain pattern starts to unfold, and it has to do with the Harvest. Not only do a certain amount of sources suggest they are here to help us with the Harvest from the 3rd to the 4th Density, but they also tell us that they are all riding the Wave.


And this Wave is approaching Earth in super-high speed! They say that the Wave is the direct cause to our ascension!


I found this a little peculiar and looked into it some more. The result of my research will be revealed in a couple of papers from now.

  • Elohim

  • RA

  • Q'uo

  • the Cassiopaeans

  • the Alpha Draconians,

...according to themselves (as we shall see), are all Wave Riders.

Let's continue with three channeled sessions, so the reader gets the feel for them. In the first one Wynn Free is the first talker, and beside him is Terry Brown, who will start channeling a few seconds into the video.


In the second and third videos we hear Daphne Karandanis channeling the same entities:



Multimedia 1 (M-1)

Terry Brown channeling the Elohim



Multimedia 2 (M-2)

Daphne Karandanis channeling the Elohim



Multimedia 3 (M-3)

Daphne Karandanis channeling the Elohim




These videos are merely short examples of all the channeled sessions by Elohim, of course, and are perhaps not even directly representative for them; I simply picked them more or less at random on YouTube.


I also wanted the reader to hear both Terry and Daphne channel. I advise the reader to go to YouTube and listen to more sessions to get a broader picture of this channel.

I have talked to Wynn some, and what he repeatedly says is that those who are either attending the conference calls or are sitting in the live audience often feel an increase in energy; a feeling of happiness and joy - an overall uplifting experience from being in the energies of these beings.


Also by reading transcripts, many people can feel a similar thing, because the energies are put into the words in the transcripts.


I am not going to comment on how people feel when they listen to Elohim, however; that's a very personal experience.


i.ii.iv. RA, The Council of Elohim, The Council of An, and the Council of 12 - All Familiar Terms!

There are a few comments I would like to make on the Elohim channeling above, though.


First thing, they give a rather vague answer to Wynn's question in M-2 above (circa 4:45 into the video) whether Elohim has anything to do with being part of the Elohim of the Bible. They reply that they are connected "to some degree or another".


We know that the Elohim of the Bible are the Sirian Overlords, or whom the RA Social Memory Complex (SMC [def]) calls the Orion Group. But we never get a straight answer what part they had in the whole Sirian/Orion escapade.


I would probably have left it with that, if it wasn't because there is more.

Approximately 2 minutes and 45 seconds into M-2 Elohim say that they are the Council of An, which is a division of the Council of Elohim. The Council of Elohim in their turn answer to the Council of 12! [2]


Where have we heard that term before?


The reader may not remember off hand, but I talked a lot about the Council of 12 in Level I, particularly in PFC Paper #1 of May 5, 2011: "The Marduk Issue and the Earth-Bound Anunnaki". [3]


The Council of 12 is the Council of the Earthbound Anunnaki (the Sirian Alliance), led by Marduk (who is in alliance with his father, Lord ENKI, something we will discuss in a later paper).


In fact, the friction between the Earthbound Sirians and the Incoming, as described in Level I, seems to just be a show for the masses. I believe that scenario was just one of many distractions put into play so that the Incoming forces, who are not physical but interdimensional, could invade silently without being exposed.


I believe Utu Shamash, when he contacted me, had the same intention to distract me from the real issue, knowing I would do everything in my power to get the truth out there.


Figure 2

The Council of 12.

So, now we have the name Elohim, RA, Ptah, and we have the Council of An (we all know who An or ANU is in this whole scenario - the King of Kings of the Anunnaki/Sirians), [4] and the Council of 12.


These are all indicators that this Elohim group that Daphne and Terry channel have a Sirian connection. Are these just coincidences? Why would these channeled sources use all these Sirian names and terms if there wasn't a connection?

But if the RA group is connected with the Sirian Overlords, why do they attack the Orion group, which in that case would be like attacking themselves?


One option would be because they want to blame Orion for the bad ET intervention on Earth in preparation for a future war against Orion, and at the time when the RA Material was released (as well as the Cassiopaean Experiment), no one here on Earth knew that the Sirian group was led by an Orion rebel - ENKI, Lucifer himself.


No one knew that ENKI came from Orion until I revealed it; or rather, those who knew kept quiet about it, because they wanted to put ENKI in a good light. By blaming the evil intervention on the Orion "Group", they could get away with it without lying.


No one expected that the information about ENKI being Orion would be publicly known.


By the time I'm releasing this information, I still haven't had too many visitors to my website yet, but in the future, when it will take off (due to that more and more people will search for the truth), those who tried to cover up the fact that ENKI is from Orion and one of the "bad guys" (thereby ENKI himself), will not be too happy about that this information is public, and will do what they can to ridicule it.

If we continue to video M-3 above, in the end Daphne is channeling Archangel Michael, who is later toning on a low E, and when people start channeling those archangels, I get suspicious. It never feels genuine to me, regardless of which group it is that does it.


The video ends with that the host for the radio show is breaking out in tears, saying she has never experienced anything like this before. There are apparently a lot of energies let loose during these public channel sessions.

Another thing (which doesn't show in these three videos) is that Elohim allegedly have cured some quite sick people. We have already mentioned Wynn's sister, but apparently there are more, and they say that if we need them in that respect (or in general) we only have to call for them and they'll come.

I don't want to pain the Devil on the wall here, but are they doing this to show credibility, or is it genuinely done to help us? In the Bible Prophecy it says (and yes, Christians are going to like this!) that there will be many deceptions in the End Times, and there will be those who claim they can heal the crippled and the blind and resurrect those who have died.


But aside from that, the fact (if it is fact) that they have done this is something Wynn and his group are advertising to bring more people to listen to them, obviously.


Wynn also states that the incredible energies of love and light this Elohim group is emitting should be evidence enough, as it can't be faked.


Without suggesting that they are faked in this case, I disagree with Wynn. Channeled sources who don't have our best interest at heart can very well mimic high level energies without feeling them themselves.


They use our own highest emotions and those available in the universe to channel through the vehicle (psychic person) in order to deceive those who listen.


People can come out from a session feeling incredibly uplifted, and the source can still be of ill intent. Unfortunately, this is something few people know about, and if they do, they don't believe it. Well, now I've said it (twice), so with that in mind, people have to feel those things out for themselves and always look for red flags.


When comes to Elohim, the red flags to me are the name Elohim, the Council of An, and the Council of 12, in particular. Also their connection with RA and P'taah, which are both Sirian terms.


I understand if those who attend the sessions want to discard this, because they feel so good, but these are strange coincidences nonetheless. Another thing is the Harvest, something I do not embrace at all and want to have nothing to do with, personally.

It's up to each and every one to feel the Elohim out.


I have listened to them, and I have read Wynn's free e-book, but must say that I do not feel those high love and light frequencies those people talk about, and overall I wasn't too impressed. What I hear is a channel that often has a hard time finding the right words and is sometimes stumbling on them, and it doesn't affect me positively, contrary to some other sources.


I must say I had a much more positive experience reading the Law of One books (the RA Material), listening to the Pleiadians, and Bashar, whom we are going to look into as well in time.


Figure 3

Wilcock and Free say that Wilcock

is a reincarnation of Edgar Cayce
(Cayce left and Wilcock right).

There is undoubtedly a great resemblance.

Wynn has strongly suggested to me that I read his book, "The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce", which basically supposedly shows evidence that David Wilcock is a reincarnation of Cayce, the famous sleeping prophet.


Wynn tells me that people have a tendency to look like their previous incarnations, and I agree that there is a stunning resemblance between Cayce and Wilcock. Apparently, there is more than just a facial expression, but I must confess I haven't read the book yet. If what he's saying is true, I still don't find it interesting enough, unless Wilcock starts creating astounding prophecies that come true.


More people have been famous in their past lives. If I were Aristotle in a past life (and I'm sure I wasn't), I would raise my eyebrow, but that's about how interesting that is. Another lifetime, another experience.


Still, I understand and respect those who want to know such things, so it's seriously just a personal take on it. I would never go in regression therapy to find out who I was a few hundred years ago. But for those who are interested, Wynn's book may be something to look into.


You can see the similarities in fig. 3 above. After all, I have stressed in my previous papers that during the time around the nano-second, old souls who have reincarnated here before will show up again, souls such as Tesla, perhaps.


These geniuses don't want to miss out on these times. Cayce could of course be one of them, as well. Besides, there could be something more Wynn is revealing in his book that is more interesting than the Cayce connection, and if so, I apologize.


Like I said, I haven't read the book.

But Wilcock is not the only one in this Elohim channeling group who say they are reincarnations of famous people.


Terry Brown is apparently the same person as St. Catherine of Siena. Again, there is a resemblance in the photo they are usually showing to the public, but I can neither confirm, not dispute. However, when I look at old paintings of St. Catherine, none of them, except the one they selected, is showing much of a resemblance with Terry, in my opinion.


For the curious, read Wynn's books to make up your own mind; I just want to show the reader who these people say they are, and perhaps, if what they say is true, it could be the reason why they have abilities to more easily express their psychic abilities than the average person.

In his free e-book, Wynn is asking Elohim about Lucifer.


We now know who Lucifer and his Fallen Angels are (see previous paper, section, The Orion Group - Friends or Foes), so I wanted to compare. I must say they got it quite right, although they don't do any comparisons with names.


But they clearly describe the group of star beings who came down here 1/2 million years ago and fought a battle against the faction of the Orion Empire, which still was present on Earth.

i.i.v. The Possible WingMakers Connection, Elohim Connections with Famous Humans, and Ancient Visitations

In this paper I want to introduce a few sources who have the same cosmic view, and who say they are here for the same purpose - the Harvest.


I want the reader to be aware of them and their view on cosmos and on we humans, because it becomes relevant when we go into the Galactic Federations in an upcoming paper, and Phase II in the Alien Invasion, which is not fantasy, or something I made up.


I can guarantee you that what I am about to present in a few papers ahead comes directly from the horse's mouth. Not many people know about this!

So let us continue with a few more things about Elohim and the RA Group, and let's look at a few answers they gave to questions they were asked. Through these answers, it's easier for us to know them better.

So, like many others, they say that the 3rd Dimension is a lesson in limitation, against odds, to temper and strengthen the soul. In addition, each dimension has its own lesson (so here they talk about what RA calls densities, while Elohim call it dimensions. This distinction can be confusing to the reader).

Then there is something they say which caught my attention.


The Elohim tell us that after the Atlantis disaster, they sent star-seed to Earth in order to help rebuilding what was destroyed in the Flood. They were hoping to establish a strong connection between themselves and the Anunnaki star-seed, already operating on Earth (the Sirian Alliance).


However, Elohim say they were discouraged at the divergence of these star-seeds into Earth activities and their forgetfulness of their Elohim origins. [5]

So here they are clearly telling us that the Sirians once upon a time were Elohim themselves of the angelic realm, but had forgotten about their origins (Dr. A.R. Bordon of former LPG-C always said that the Ša.AM.i [Sirians] had forgotten who created them, and A.R. didn't know, either).


We know from Level II that the Sirians were not created by the Mother Goddess herself, or by members of the Orion Empire, so Elohim is probably not Orions, although they may very well originate in the 96%, because they tell us they exist outside time.


On the WingMakers website, [6] James talks about a similar (or the same?) group as Elohim, but call them the WingMakers.


They, too, live outside time and are the creators of this universe. James and the WingMakers, however, do have a connection to the Sirian rebel group who came to Earth and manipulated human DNA, and he even uses Utu Shamash's Winged Sun Disc as one of his logos.


However, according to what Elohim say here, the Sirians were supposedly a part of them, but have descended, just like we did when we were tricked into taking 3D bodies which would keep us trapped in 3D. The Sirians' situation is a little different however.

If it wasn't for the other evidence discussed earlier in this paper, I would find it possible that the Elohim are actually of the Orion Empire, and in fact the angelic beings who did not rebel together with Lucifer/ENKI. That would explain how Archangel Michael can be a part of this group.


However, with what I know, it makes very little sense that the Elohim are the angels who didn't fall, and Archangel Michael is not an individual, but whomever is leading the Orion defense forces at the moment.


Figure 4

Joseph Smith encountering the Elohim

(first vision)

Joseph Smith, who had an angelic encounter with higher beings before he founded the Mormon Church, also talked to the Elohim group.


However, there are contradictions saying that the Book of Mormon was written before Smith had his visions, and not the other way around. [7]


After have researched the First Vision, which was the most important one for Smith, it sounds to me like another encounter with Lord ENLIL, or perhaps even Lord ENKI. Although Smith never identified the two personages, or angels, that he saw, the Church of Latter Day Saint interpret them as visions of God and his son, Jesus Christ (ENKI and MARDUK?).


Smith is told by these angelic beings that he shouldn't join any existing church, because they are all false, but he should start studying the Commandments. Also, these beings came down in a pillar of light, just like "God" almost always did in the Bible (except in incidents like that with the Moses and the burning bush).


If these beings were the same Elohim as we are talking about here (and they say they are), I have a hard time not relating them to the Fallen Angels.

There were apparently a few Elohim star-seed (star-seed in this case referring to those who chose to incarnate on Earth, or visit the Earth plane) who after all have incarnated here on Earth (while there is another group who chose to never to that, so at least some of the Elohim stayed pure in their original form), and according to this channel, they volunteered to do so in order to uplift the planetary vibration so it would help us evolve.


However, it was not always successful because of the Veil (of forgetfulness). Once an Elohim incarnated in a human body, they forgot who they were and their connection with the divine.

The Elohim also had an "occurrence" here 60 million years ago, when there were gold miners on Earth (before the Sirians came).


However, that occurrence did not pan out well, they said.



NOTE: 60 million years ago was shortly after the dinosaurs disappeared, which means that the Elohim possibly made contact with the Vegan group who was here at that time and created a reptilian/humanoid race, based on earthly reptiles and Vegan genes [see Level I, Genesis Paper #1 (March 31, 2011): "Human Origins and The Living Library"].


Then, at another occasion they made contact with King Solomon, a contact which panned out in a more constructive manner, they say.

Like I mentioned, the star-seed who incarnated here soon forgot who they were due to the Veil, but still others came after, totally certain that the Veil would not affect them.


They came to Earth to rescue those of their own star-seed who had gotten lost here in the reincarnation cycle. The rescuers, of course, got trapped too, in spite of their conviction. It's interesting that they didn't learn from their mistake, and instead did the same thing over and over again, despite the fact that they obviously knew how the Veil works.


These lost star-seeds are supposedly still here, being somewhat more "enlightened" than the average human, but don't know why they are different. They are just waiting to be able to remember.

I found a quote in Wynn's e-book which I found quite educating, and which corresponds with what I have been teaching as well.


I think it's in order to re-emphasize it, because it is important.

"The idea of possessions was the foundation for the growth of the negative realm. The many factors and complications that became involved led to the third dimensional reality that humans experience today.


A human can reclaim his innate divine powers of creation by stepping out of all these possessions and ownerships and by returning again into the realm of creation and love.


They don’t have to relinquish their possessions, just their attachments to them." [8]

The reason I want to emphasize this is because people think, I have noticed, that in order to be "spiritual", they need to let go of material possessions.


Not so. You can have as much as you need and it won't hurt in this life or in afterlife, as long as you are able to let go of your attachments to them.

For a while, in the beginning of researching the Elohim, I thought they looked at creation from a feminine standpoint, and I thought that maybe these guys are different after all; especially as they said that they look upon themselves as more feminine than masculine because they have the power to create.


However, as I continued reading, I noticed that, like so many other channeled sources, they addressed the Creator as He.

Another thing I find odd is when they explain how we achieve what we want in life. In the e-book, they took an example of someone who has a bad eye-sight, and who worked very hard to get a better eye-sight, but didn't succeed.


Then he said to himself,

"I will never get 20-20 eye-sight".

It was then, when the person saw it for what it was that his eye-sight got better.


In fact, this person gave up and started thinking in the negatives, which does not normally give people what they need. Positive thoughts give positive outcomes and negative thoughts give negative outcomes. A godly group like the Elohim should know this. Another red flag.

Lastly, I want to emphasize that many of the things I have pointed out here are things that either differ from many other sources, align with the same, or clash with my own research.


I want to add, before we go on to the next source, that there are also a lot of things told by the Elohim that I agree with and is in accordance with my own research.


This is often the case with many sources; they can teach us a lot (and they do), but we must question their motives before we dedicate too much of our time to them. Most of them (if not all) have their own agenda, which can be a very bad thing for us, but doesn't have to be. It all depends on what the agenda is, and if it benefits us as well.


Always make sure you find out what their agenda is, and even if it seems okay, always be alert and read between the lines, but without becoming paranoid about it. It's a skill to be able to step back from some material and take a new look at it from another angle.


Does it still hold water? It's not easy, I know, but we all need to practice this skill, or we'll be deceived, time after another. And don't be afraid or ashamed of being deceived, either; we all are once in a while. So am I, but that's how we learn.

The Elohim, like so many other metaphysical sources, have a very positive thing in common that I find is appropriate to mention here, because the Elohim are big on it as well. It has to do with nuclear weapons.


Those who study the UFO phenomenon and exopolitics [def] usually know that ETs often show up around power plants.


Some of them use craft that are able to misdirect nuclear explosions, because they are so incredibly destructive - not only for life here on Earth, but in other dimensions as well. They also mention that it is better to get a secondary effect from a nuclear blast than to die in the blast itself.


If a being dies in the original blast, there is a big chance they lose their soul matrix, as the Elohim explains it, and struggles to find it.


They say,

"It [the soul matrix] misshapes itself into the vestiges of whatever portion of the blast it finds itself in in an effort to maintain form..." [9]

This is a nicer way of saying that the blast destroys the avatar, and the fires get dispersed and can't find each other again to create or maintain a form.


The fires split up in thousands of pieces, like the shattered pieces of a vase dropped on the floor. They have nowhere to go and will eventually return to becoming one with the universe again - the person loses his/her personality.


The Elohim say that if there is one prayer they recommend, it is that which addresses the end of nuclear power in the weapon industry.

With that we're going to leave the Elohim for now, but have reasons to come back to them in a later paper, which talks about the ascension process, abductions, and a lot more.


We also touch on this group in the Galactic Federations paper.


i.ii. The Cassiopaeans

The Cassiopaeans, just like the Elohim and RA are a Social Memory Complex (SMC) and are basically "channeled" by three people - one channeler, one questioner, and one scribe.


I put "channeled" within parentheses, because this source is not exactly channeled, and this group of people would agree with me. They are actually using an Ouija board when communicating with the source.

This source has been channeled for approximately 20 years now (since 1994), and there are lots of transcripts available for free online. [10]


The people behind this, what they call The Cassiopaean Experiment are Laura Knight-Jadczyk, Fred, and Paul (the two latter are usually not addressed by last name).


All the three of them are quite sure that it is Laura who is the cause of the information transfer, and that it is more or less because of her that the Cassiopaeans managed to get in touch with this group, although they also say that Fred could probably go ahead and channel from morning until dark.


Laura says the Cassiopaeans are probably something from her subconscious mind, or what Carl Jung called collective unconscious.


i.ii.i. Being us in the Future

When the Cassiopaeans first contacted them via the Ouija board, they said they were we humans in the future, or a "Higher Self", which is more evolved than we are at the present here on Earth.


Like so many others, they tell us that time is simultaneous, and this is the reason why this source can contact us from the future. They also say they are us in 6th Density.

Important to stress here is that the Cassiopaeans (from here on interchangeably called the Cassios) are not "aliens" or "discarnate entities".


Here is what they say about themselves:

"We are you in the Future.


We transmit 'through' the opening that is presented in the locator that you represent as Cassiopaea, due to the strong radio pulses aligned from Cassiopaea, which are due to a pulsar from a neutron star 300 light years behind it, as seen from your locator.


This facilitates a clear channel transmission from 6th density to 3rd density." [11]

We are hearing this concept a lot when comes to channeling; the source is us in the future.


The alert reader then must be thinking,

"How can all these different sources be us in the future?"

They are different entities; they transfer from different locations in time/space, and they have slightly different things to tell us (although the main message is usually similar).


The answer is quite simple if we understand the concept of probable futures. We are standing before crossroads all the time as individuals and as a collective consciousness.


The possible reason why we have so many sources contacting us at this point is because we now stand before a major crossroads; a fork in the road. We are not talking about only two possible futures for mankind, but an almost endless amount of them.


And it's not that the entire mankind is going to choose one distinct future; we are going to be divided into different timelines - different multiverses, even.

Earlier I have talked about how each person lives in his own version of the Multiverse.


Every time you make a decision, ad put thought, emotion, and action behind it, you slightly change the fluid Multiverse you live in. With time, you have made a lot of decisions, and depending on what these decisions are will determine how your Multiverse will look like.


See, we are all creators in our own rights; even if you do nothing, that's a decision, too.


So, not only does each person create their own Multiverse, but each decision also affects the whole mass consciousness of humankind. Each decision, unless it's a major one which is changing the path of the whole mankind at once, only has a little effect on the whole, but still it has an effect.


Eventually, those who are somewhat likeminded will end up in one grouping, and those who think differently, in another. It happens all the time, whether it's a nano-second or not, but at this time the energies are extra strong, and our decisions have more power.

i.ii.ii. Transmitting from Different Futures

I have talked about the Machine Kingdom, and I have talked about going back to nature, and everything in between.


This is what "the fork in the road" is about in the beginning of the New Era. Our DNA is activated and our neurology strengthened, and it's all ready to be used as soon as we can penetrate the Grid. How we use it is each and everyone's choice.


Many people who read this may think that if you choose the Machine Kingdom, there is a particular world you will end up living in, while if you use nature, there's another. This is not entirely so, because there will be slightly different versions of either or, and everything in between.


This can probably be best illustrated in the diagram below:


Figure 5

Future probabilities.

Here we see how the probabilities branch out. Still, in a diagram like this, there are only so many branches visible due to limited space. In reality, there are a myriad of them.


Hence you can see that there are slightly different versions of the Machine Kingdom, from the most extreme to the left, and all the way to the far right, where we have the most extreme version of going back to nature, where no technology whatsoever is allowed. There is everything in between.

Now try to picture all these different channeled sources coming from our future, being us in that particular realm.


If we have the above diagram in mind, we can imagine that different sources come from slightly different versions of the above possible futures. This is the reason why the information we receive is so similar, but also in some regard also different - it depends on which probability of our future the channeled source comes from.


Laura Knight-Jadczyk explains it pretty well when she says that the Cassios come from her subconscious (or rather, the unconscious, I would say) mind.


If all time is simultaneous, her future, and the future of those who will choose the same probability as she will, are the Cassios, once Laura's soul group has reached the 6th Density and become a Social Memory Complex. Elohim and RA come from a slightly different time perspective, signifying Terry's, Wynn's, and Daphne's probable future, and Don Elkins', Carla Rueckert's, and Jim McCarthy's probable future, respectively.


Interestingly enough, when Don Elkins committed suicide, his group of channelers chose a different probable future from that which the RA Collective comes from, and once Elkins unexpectedly killed himself, RA could no longer get through, because the timeline changed.


Amazing, isn't it?

Now imagine something James (Mahu Nahi) of the WingMakers said back in the 2008 interview with Project Camelot. He said that ANU, the King of the Anunnaki (Sirians), has the technology and knowledge how to master the lines of time.


Thus, he can manipulate different timelines in the 4% universe and this way be more or less ahead of the game.


So perhaps the Sirians (ANU, MARDUK, and ENKI in particular, together with their minions) sit "on top" of these timelines and channel information through us to indoctrinate the "spiritual movement" aka the New Age movement in this particular time to prevent certain futures to manifest.


Also, if they failed on their mission in the future, they may try to change their past (our present) in their favor.


Something to ponder, perhaps?


i.ii.iii. The Channeled Sources - Do We Really Need Them as Much as They Need Us?

There seem to be two major official reasons why channeled sources want to communicate with humans.


The first reason is to take us through the Harvest and prepare us for that event. The second reason is (like in the case of the Pleiadians) that they are unhappy in the future in which they live and want to change the timeline that created the tyrannical present they are currently experiencing.


Hence, the best way to do that is to go back to a "hub" in time, which apparently is normally at the end of an old era and the beginning of a new, when stronger possibilities are created. They want to change the time they are in by having us make "better" choices, which will affect their timeline.


This way they hope that their tyranny will cease to exist.


Some do this with force (negative entities), while others (like the Pleiadians) do it by educating us so we can make better choices, but without forcing their ideas on us. We need to ask the questions and they provide answers, which are only partial answers, leading to additional questions that the listener/reader has to research themselves.


Laura tells us the same thing; the Cassios give them clues that they have to spend a lot of time researching.

Now we must ask ourselves,

  • Do we need these metaphysical sources in order to advance spiritually, or are they all more an obstacle in our progress?

  • Aren't they inflicting on Free Will?

To answer the last question first, they seldom are.


They say that they came because they were called for. This is probably true. Someone asked them to come in; if no one else, the channeler probably did, consciously or unconsciously. But do we need them? That's a question that is more difficult to answer.

If I answer for myself, I would say they can be most useful because of the information they are providing us with. So long as we are aware of their agendas, we can possibly benefit from the learning process. I must say that without them, my own learning process would probably have been much slower. So in that regard, the answer is yes (taking into consideration that we can discern between good and bad information).


But what about their agendas? Do we want to help them, or in some cases, help them to help us?

There is a great reward for everybody when we can help each other when help is asked for, but the question is if we understand their agenda well enough to be sure we make the right decision. I am not so sure about that, in general. It would be relatively easy for them to make something up and tell us that this is the reason they are here.


In fact, I have proof that this is the case, at least when it comes to one source, as we shall see when we get to the Galactic Federations paper. To begin with, before they showed their real face, it would have been pretty hard to know that these entities were outright lying (and eventually admitted to it).

I am bringing up the Cassios as number three of the channeled sources, after RA and Elohim, because they belong to the same "group" of sources as I see it. With that I mean that they are all here for the Harvest.


Another thing all three of them (and there are more) say they are riding on a Wave of Consciousness, sweeping across the galaxy faster than light, and when that wave reaches our solar system, ascension will occur for those who are prepared.


Those who have their heart chakras 51% or more open will ascend together with Planet Earth to the 4th Density. The rest of the population will be recycled onto another planet in the galaxy, light-years away from Earth, where they will re-experience 3rd Density once again for another 75,000 years.

But this can't be too bad, can it? After all, if they are us in the future, it seems like they survived, and are now in a much higher density. So, what's the problem? Why not just go along with whatever happens?

Well, the question arises, if they are us in the future and have reached that high, why do they need to help us? They have already achieved so much, and apparently we made the "right" choice which brought them to where they are now.


And that is exactly the problem! Why do they have to come here?


They say that for them to continue up to the next density, they have to go back in time and "take care of business", which is usually to make amends for bad things they did in the time we now live, or slightly earlier or later. The Pleiadians have already told us that their ancestors were the Sirian Alliance who messed with our DNA (they call them the "lizzies"), so that is in the open.


But what about the rest? What's their story?


Well, RA's story is similar to that of the Pleiadians. They came here and messed up, and left without taking responsibility. We have to assume that the rest of the sources have a similar story untold.

I would say that if the place where they are dwelling right now is so fantastic and full of joy, they wouldn't have to come back. Something is quite wrong with the time period in which they live (time or no time, however they want to look at it from their perspective).


If they are positive beings who rebelled against the Sirian Alliance here in our time and chose a positive timeline, they wouldn't need to come back to assist us (make amends). So I think we can at least assume that most, if not all of the sources who are channeled, data streamed, or contacted via an Ouija board, are somehow connected to the Machine Kingdom timelines.

After I'd researched and cross-referenced the different channeled sources for a while, I thought they may all be different variations of Sirians, trying to deceive us from different angles, but it doesn't necessarily have to be that way. As I looked deeper into this subject, I came to the insight that the sources chose vehicles (channelers) who were directly connected to their timeline - the timeline which it looks like they want to change.


If you once again look at the diagram (fig. 5) and picture the arrows going from 2013 toward the Machine Kingdom, they symbolize slightly different timelines, all connected to this technological empire which is quickly being built in front of our eyes as we speak.


If you then can imagine how additional arrows are branching out from the Machine Kingdom and further into the future, you can also imagine the different channeled sources sitting on top of some of these arrows, contacting somebody here in our reality, hoping to create a change in our time so that it affects them positively.

These sources may very well be the future versions of the Powers That Be, some can be Sirians, while others are regular people who chose a timeline where a particular source is dwelling.


They know they can't really lie to us, or it will defeat their purpose, but they can manipulate us if they want to. However, we must assume that much of the information they are giving us is true from their perspective, but not necessarily from another source's perspective, because their overall experience is different.


Therefore it's so important to use discernment.

i.ii.iv. The Hybridization of Mankind and its Implications

Now that we know the main topics upon which the Cassios agree with the former sources we've mentioned, let's go through some more distinct information that is not necessarily unique to the Cassios, but more rare and important in respect to what we're going to discuss in the future. The first thing is cloning.


The Cassios are warning us from these things on many occasions, which makes me think that this version of our future selves (the Cassios, that is) may very well come out of the Machine Kingdom, in which cloning will be a big part.

In a transcript from 2010 the discussion circles around abductions.


Laura is asking the Cassios what the purpose is with the alien abductions. First of all, which we have discussed elsewhere, the abductions are not always alien in nature. The most common are abductions done by the military or the military and ETs in conjunction.


One of the major operations, according to the Cassios, is not only to create clones, but to create what they call "replacements". And with replacements they mean replacements of us!


Listen to this:

"You see, if one desires to create a new race, what better way than to mass hybridize, then mass reincarnate. Especially when the host species is so forever ignorant, controlled, and anthropocentric.


What a lovely environment for total destruction and conquest and replacement… see?" [12]

And what kind of hybrids do "they" have in mind?


Well, we have discussed that too, but once again, they want to create an enhanced human; a new species that is more evolved, but still has the Fire of the Goddess intact, and in which they, the Sirians, can incarnate, so they can experience all the wonders possible in our divine bodies.


This, the Sirians have one thing in common with those who think like me, who want to evolve our bodies and minds so we can use our body potentials to their maximum.


The difference, however, is that I and my likeminded want to do it without using technology.

But that is not all of it, and it's not what I think the Cassios are talking about. Most alien abductions are orchestrated by the "Grays", who in this case are... who?


Well, whom have the Grays often been seen together with? Yes, the Sirians in human bodies (the so-called "Nordics").


Let's think of it this way: once the Sirians are established here, they can genetically manipulate human bodies and use them here in 3D, but what kind of bodies would be optimal for the Sirians to use when they travel long distances in their hollowed-out craft?


There are currently top secret projects, leaked by whistle-blowers, where scientists are working on creating a hybrid which is well suited for space travel outside the solar system.


And how does this hybrid look like?


It looks almost exactly like the Gray alien we are so used to seeing in drawings, science fiction movies, and all over the Internet! Any why would they look like the Grays? Because it has shown that this kind of body is one of those best suited for space travel due to its resilience and ability to adapt. It can also successfully withstand radiation in space, long term.


This is the body NASA and other more secret space agencies are planning on using in the future for interstellar travel. All they need is the technology to transfer a soul from a human body to the "Gray". Once that is done, we're good to go.


Of course, we also need an interstellar spaceship which can go through stargates, at least as long as we're keeping things on a 3D level.


Figure 6

Gray Sirian.

Figure 7.

Nordic Sirians.


What I am trying to say here is that what about if the Grays that have been seen together with the "Nordics" are no less than Sirians in interstellar space suits?


"As above, so below". The only thing the Sirians need to do is to transfer soul essence to the Gray body and they are ready to go. Not to confuse these Grays with real Grays, however, who exist as well.


Many say that Grays are very common in this galaxy and the next, the Andromeda. They have a better survival potential than let's say the humanoid body.


The Sirians know this and seem to have managed to hybridize their own bodies with that of the Grays (some say they used the Grays from Zeta Reticuli as templates) and use them to travel between the stars.

But why do they need to experiment with human bodies here on Earth and mess with our DNA again in this respect? If they want humans to be space travelers in the future, and perhaps build an army, why not use the Sirian/Zeta template to transport human souls into?

The reason is possibly that the Sirian/Zeta hybrid has a problem when they are coming to Earth.


We see them on the surface every now and then, but sooner rather than later they have to leave; they can't handle the effects from our Sun for a very long time, as it seems. Some Sirians were ordered to stay a long time ago, and some were left behind for unknown reasons.


These Grays had to move underground, and there is where people like Phil Schneider found them and started battling with them decades ago.


They are still down there. Keep in mind that the Gray template is not like a real space suit that you can take on and off; when a Gray hybrid is stuck here, they are stuck with the hybrid body, because they transferred soul essence from a real Sirian body into a Gray template, which now became their body until they have the chance to switch back.

The Sirians don't want to face this problem when humans are transferring their soul essence to a Zeta template, so they need to experiment with human DNA and mix it with the Zetas' so humans in Gray space suits can live on Earth as well. Then they clone the improved body type.


This whole scenario could very well be the reason why sources like the Cassiopaeans and the Pleiadians suggest we don't start a big cloning process; it will affect them negatively in the future.

This is one major reason for abductions.


Earth is going to be a strange place only a few decades into the future if the Sirians get what they want. First we are going to have normal humans like we have today (but much fewer of them); then we're going to have human hybrids who look almost identical to the Zeta Grays, but that's not enough.


Studies have shown that medical research teams, taking order from the Global Elite, put nano-particles in pharmaceuticals.


In practice, this means that people who take certain medicine (so far it's mainly antidepressants that are effected) are going to have their body structure slowly but surely altered, and so also their DNA. If this technology speeds up like it's supposed to do, we will see many human cyborgs by the year 2034, apparently! [13]


In case this article is correct, some of us are going to experience this in our current lifetime!


Things like this signifies the extension of the Machine Kingdom that many people are going to find attractive at first, until they notice, much too late, that it's the worst trap they have ever sat in, perhaps since the beginning of time.

There are more reasons for kidnapping people than we may think, so let me mention a few more.

The following is not the most common example, but important. The Alliance were kidnapping children in the beginning to the mid-1970s and experimented on them.


Later on in life, these kids remember the little gray men who stood over them at the operation table, and they told their parents that strange little men were running around outside the house, or even inside the house. No one else could see them. The Alliance wanted 12 candidates for the "Maitreya", i.e. a new Messiah, whom is supposed to act as the Messiah of the New Age.


The old Theosophical Society, founded by Madame Helena Blavatsky in the 1800s, and who channeled the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood, foresaw such a person coming into being at a later time.


Today, Benjamin Crème, who is also connected to the Theosophists and the Great White Brotherhood, has made it his life mission to find this Maitreya.


He has mentioned a few people whom he thought could be the candidates, and one of them was even seen together with George Bush Sr., but so far they haven't succeeded in finding him. The latest from Benjamin Crème is that he thinks Michael Lee Hill may be the candidate. Hill certainly fits the picture with abductions and little gray men.

Another self-proclaimed candidate is
Supriem David Rockefeller, about whom I wrote an e-book in 2009. [14]


The latest I heard from him was shortly after 12/21/2012 (which is also his birthday).


A friend of his, whom I know well enough to know he's honest, got a phone call from Supriem in a luxury hotel in Washington DC, where he sat and drank, looking out over a big pool inside the hotel room. He told his friend that it was time to skip all the public distractions like Facebook and similar, and shortly after he deleted his Facebook account, and no one has heard from him since then.


However, when I was in touch with him in 2009-2010, he told me that one day he was going to exchange those jeans he had for expensive suits and start mingling with very rich and powerful people who were going to help him to power. A year later, he started dressing up considerably, and now he "disappears" from public exposure while in a luxury hotel in the U.S. Capitol...

People like Ben Crème are oblivious of what is really going on behind the scenes.


They are just dedicated to a mission which is orchestrated by those behind the scenes; they don't know the whole picture.

  • And who is behind the scenes on this, by the way?

  • Who is deciding which candidate is going to be chosen?

Well, I certainly got a clue when I talked to the Illuminati in Great Britain.


This group says they are the same group as Adam Weishaupt's Bavarian Illuminati, who once upon a time started the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, and were part in orchestrating the American Revolution as well.


Weishaupt was friends with both George Washington and other prominent Founding Fathers before he and his organization had to flee underground in Germany.


Letters between Weishaupt and the Founding Fathers still exist. I always call this present group The Bavarian Illuminati, albeit they only call themselves the Illuminati these days, not to be confused with the Global Elite group so many people (including this author) have worked on exposing.

Mike Hockney, who is the public writer in their society, told me that there is a very top secret Secret Society behind the scenes, which call themselves The Brotherhood of Shadows. [15]


Their main task is to produce these 12 candidates, who will then compete for the title of "Maitreya", and the "strongest man wins".


According to The Bavarian Illuminati, the other 11 candidates will be killed. Nothing is said what will really happen to the chosen one; will he be a human soul in a hybridized body, or will a Sirian soul take over?


My guess is definitely the latter.

Another more common reason for the abductions these days is cloning.


The Cassiopaeans talk about this to some extent, and it has to do with the Superwave (or the Wave as many of the channeled sources call it), on which they say they're riding. We are going to spend a whole paper talking about this wave soon, and it's obvious that it's not only good star beings riding on the Wave.


The Cassios say that a lot of cloning of humans is taking place right now to prepare for when the Wave arrives. When it does, they want to have a lot of soulless bodies waiting for them which they will try to enter en masse with the energies of the Wave. However, they don't mention who these beings are that's going to "enter en masse" into these soulless bodies.


When the Cassios are saying "they", meaning negative beings, they are often talking about the Orion Group, aka the Sirian Alliance.


This goes hand in hand with my own conclusion, and my own conviction is that many beings of the Alliance have already entered such bodies and are walking among us. Behind the scenes, they are then preparing for the Wave to arrive, apparently.


i.ii.v. An Interesting Connection!

In a session dated October 23, 1994, the Cassiopaeans reveal that they are not only the forerunner to the RA Collective with a purpose to take off where RA ended, but they also claim to be RA! [16]


They reply to a question about where the RA Material comes from with a short, "us."


This, to me, is quite an interesting statement, to say the least. If this is true, it is actually a mind expander and could explain a lot. I will later in this paper expand on the concepts and terms included in the Elohim Material as well as both the RA Material and the Cassiopaean Experiment, which all lean towards that they are connected to the Sirians.


The above statement from the Cassios, however, is quite a blunt one, confirming my hypothesis.

This is also the reason why I have divided the channeled sources into different categories.


This paper is exclusively dedicated to those who promote the Harvest and are talking about the Wave Riders. Although I can't prove it 100%, I think I can prove without any reasonable doubt that these sources are connected to the Sirians, "love & light" or no love and light.


Also, as the reader knows by now, I have spent quite some time listening to Pleiadian lectures and read all of Barbara Marciniak's books, and the Pleiadians have no problems admitting that they are connected to the Sirian Alliance, although they are supposedly a rebel group (and I believe them).


My point here is that I know the Pleiadians pretty well, and the information they are giving us are well in line with that of the "Harvest channels" I'm investigating in this paper, except that the Pleiadians are openly against the Harvest and the concepts of STO and STS as well as Galactic Federations.


They are basically the ones who inspired me to further look into these things, and so far I have found that they are right on the spot! However, being Sirians/Pleiadians in their essence, they still have the Sirian way of expressing themselves, and I recognize it in Utu Shamash, with whom I've had contact, but also in the Harvest channels. Orions - "The Transient Passengers"

The terms STO and STS [def] (service-to-others and service-to-self) are extremely important to the sources we've covered so far, because they are the terms which we need to understand and live by if we want to ascend and be part of the Harvest, according to them.


Also, when talking about different star races, these channeled sources often speak of them in terms of STO and STS. So, when they mention the Orions, they say there are two types of Orions; the STO and the STS.


The STS is the group that came to Earth and started manipulating human DNA (the Sirian Alliance, led by ENKI), while the STO Orions are those of the Empire (acknowledging the Mother Goddess as the Creator).

The STO Orions are also, say the Cassiopaeans, called The Transient Passengers. This means that they are a "unified thought form".


The Orions thus could create matter from a unified thought form (this is how the Cassios explain it, and it makes me think about how the Goddess created the Galaxies, nebulae, stars, and planets etc.). But the interesting thing is that they say that the Orions created them, the Cassiopaeans! [17]

So, if the Cassiopaeans are us in the future, are they saying that we humans once upon a time were created by the benevolent Orions, i.e. the Mother Goddess and her Helpers? As a matter of fact, they do!


They are saying that our home (the home of mankind) is in Orion. Laura and her group are protesting, because they learned from Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest and their Zeta Reticuli channeling that mankind's cradle stood in Lyra.


The Cassios, however, say that this is not the case, and that one day we will see...



NOTE: When a channeled source says they are us in the future, it doesn't necessarily mean they are humans in the future. A great example are the Pleiadians, who explain this phenomenon pretty well. They also say that they are us in the future, and still they are the Pleiadian/Sirians. How is that possible? Well, it has to do with genetic manipulation again.


Because we humans have a lot of Sirian/Pleiadian genes in us, they say they are us in the past and in the future, even if this is a relative truth. Utu Shamash also claimed that we and they are the same.


I am pretty sure the same thing goes for the three channeled sources I've investigated so far.

Here is how the Cassiopaeans expressed it in regards to the Orions (A = the Cassiopaeans, and Q = the Questioner, while (L) within parentheses is Laura Knight-Jadczyk):

A: "In this part of your 3rd and 4th density universe, specifically your "galaxy" it is the region known as Orion that is the one and only indigenous home of human type beings … reflect on this! Indigenous home base, not sole locator. What you are most in need of review of is the accurate profile of "alien" data."

Q: I thought that humans originated in Lyra and then a war broke out there and they ended up in Orion.

A: Lyra is not inhabited. There have been homes in all places, but some were/are transitory, and some are not. Pay attention to Orion! This is your ancestral home, and your eventual destination. Here is the absolutely accurately accurate profile of Orion to follow: This is the most heavily populated region of your Milky Way galaxy! This is a region that extends across 3rd and 4th density space for a distance as vast as the distance between your locator and it. There are 3,444 inhabited "worlds" in this region. Some are planets as you know them. Some are artificially constructed planetoids. Some are floating space barges. And some are "satellites." There are primary homes, traveling stations and incubator laboratories all in 2nd, 3rd and 4th densities. There are overseer zones in 5th and 6th densities. [...] The name "Orion" is the actual native name, and was brought to Earth directly...

Q: (L) Are the Orion STS the infamous redheaded Nordic aliens?

A: Yes, and all other humanoid combinations.

Q: (L) Okay, if it started with the Nordic types, and that is where the other humanoid combinations came from, what genetic combinations were used for human beings? Black people, for instance, since they are so unlike Nordics?

A: The Nordic genes were mixed with the gene pool already available on Earth, known as Neanderthal. [18]

The above information is coinciding with my own research as presented in Level II.


I don't know what they mean when they say that Lyra is not inhabited, because I know that at least Vega is, and the Vegans (resembling the Vulcans in Star Trek) are to some degree Helpers of the Mother Goddess, although some fell for Lucifer's manipulating talk and rebelled against the Goddess together with others, mentioned earlier.


The Nordics, like I said before, are the STS Orions, i.e. ENKI's group, who used the Neanderthals and later Cro-Magnon to create the human slave race.


i.ii.vii. The Giants of Ancient Times

Many alternative historians talk about a civilization of old, which dwelled in what we now call Antarctica.


Now it's covered with layers upon layers of ice and snow, but at that time it was a very prosperous land, teeming with life. The Cassiopaeans say this land was called Gor (not related to the novels by John Norman or any science fiction novel or film), and that it was inhabited by a humanoid species, 18 feet tall. [19]


When I first read about this in their transcript, I thought they were talking about the Namlú'u; the human race which was here when ENKI and the Sirians came, but the Cassios say that this race was sexual (males and females) and they were not interested in space travel.

The height may correspond, but the Namlú'u were androgynous.


When comes to space travel, what the Cassios say, I would say is semi-correct if we refer to the Namlú'u. They were probably not particularly interested in space travel, either, being the Guardians of the Living Library, but they were multidimensional, and could travel the universe by splitting their fire/soul.

Therefore, I don't think the Cassiopaeans refer to the Namlú'u, but an older race.


After all, there were several experiments carried out here long before the Namlú'u. Apparently, this ancient race of giants didn't only dwell in Antarctica, we later find out, but they could also be found in South America, in the Amazon.


Here they walk about the legend of the Amazon warriors, and in that case they are referring to the Orions.


However, they get it mixed up somehow, because the Amazon warriors were females. They say that the governments know about this race and have found remnants which they keep in warehouses somewhere, and they have no intention to tell the public. Albeit, we have seen pictures on the Internet of extremely tall skeletons that archeologists have dug up.


Some of these may very well be hoaxes, but according to the Pleiadians, many of them are not. It's just the regular routine work of Intelligence Agencies to debunk everything that has to do with truth.


i.ii.viii. Some Final Statements from the Cassiopaeans

As the reader may have noticed, I am bringing up a lot of subjects told by the different sources, and some of them may not even be that relevant to what is to come, and I could just have skipped over it and not included it in the papers.


However, I decided to write about it anyway, because a comparison between the different channeled sources is very rare, if it exists at all, so I thought it may be a good idea to present something like that here. It could be a subject for several volumes of books just by itself, and I could have decided to complete a project like that as well, but I went for this shortcut instead.


Hence, I want to end off with a few last statements from the Cassiopaeans.

Let's start the last part of this paper with some relevant information, however. In a transcript, Laura asked the source why the invaders hadn't invaded already full blast, when they have been present on the planet for hundreds of thousands of years.


The answer that was given was that they don't want to rule us in 3D, because they are 4D beings. Therefore they want to rule us in 4D, once we've ascended. [20]

Well, that doesn't sound very encouraging to me.


Of course, this already corresponds quite exactly with what I've said throughout my papers, although I don't use terms like 3rd and 4th Density when comes to evolution. What I hear, translated to what I've been saying, is that the Sirian Alliance want us to evolve so that they can take us over once our biology is more in line with their frequency.


If we expand on this (and the Cassiopaean statement was made almost 20 years ago), the time for the invasion would be approximately now (something the Cassios have said as well), because the adequate amount of humans have expanded their consciousness enough - at least in biological terms - that it's easier for the Sirians energy to take over, perhaps after having done certain adjustments.


This means that those who believe the aliens are our saviors (or "helpers"; it doesn't matter) will be taken advantage of, because they are easy targets.


The Sirian Overlords usually have no use for the human souls who subscribe to the New Age philosophy when comes to the Ascension/Harvest process (other than for food), but they do have use for the divine human body template, which usually is more evolved than that of the regular person on the street.


This is why it's so incredibly important that we stop agreeing with the Sirian mindset and start seeing through their deception and manipulation, or we'll be food, too.

What the Cassiopaeans are basically saying here is that when we go from 3rd to 4th Density, the Sirian Overlords are waiting for us (or for those who follow the path of those metaphysical sources), so they can take over the evolved bodies of these people and absorb the soul/fire in order for them to use it for their own purposes.

However, it makes at least me very uncomfortable to hear that once we "evolve" enough for the Sirians to think we're "ripe", they can "Harvest" us.


The word "harvest" does not have a very positive ring to it, does it? Why using that term if it's not exactly what it is: a harvesting of souls to use for very dark purposes? I want you to think long and deeply about it before you decide to go for something like this.

But, you may say, if I just happen to be the kind of person who has a "big heart" and love to help others, won't I automatically go into this trap?


After all, they say that if you are 51% or more STO, you will be harvested. No, not necessarily, because they also say that you will not be harvested as long as you live in your current physical body.


Once you die and go to the between lives area, you will be harvested if you fit into the category and put into a 4D body, but you can also refuse! You do that by saying that you disagree with this and the whole Sirian Agenda.


They may tell you that if so, you'll be sent to their planet of choice, which has a 3D vibration, and you will have to live another 75,000 years cycle there, under continuous slavery. Don't buy it!


If you refuse their manipulation, they can't do anything; they won't inflict on your Free Will if what you want is appropriately expressed, and also what you don't want. Instead, you can go wherever you want to go and just turn your back to the whole thing. That is what I am going to do.


Those in real danger, in my opinion, are those who buy into this whole "love and light" thing when comes to channeled sources; the ones that want to be harvested...

The source is also contradicting itself when it says that we will be put into 4D bodies between lives. If the Harvest process is natural, why do they have to provide us with bodies?

This is an excerpt from the transcript so you can get a feel for it.


To me it doesn't feel good at all.

"Q: We have to be mostly STO as a planet in order to move to 4th density, right?

As a "planet," yes. But I don’t think that is going to happen. I think that only a few will move to 4th density to an either already existing 4th density Earth, or that they will be instrumental in CREATING a 4th density Earth, and the rest will start the cycle over again in 3rd density on a "primitive" earth…


The key lies in how many folks can be "awakened" to the balanced, positive-negative nature of cosmic reality.

Could this be why the STS forces want to "take us over" before and right as we get to 4th so we can tip the scales in their favor?

A: Pretty much it, in one sense. But, there is a more insidious reason… they are working VERY hard to PREVENT the graduation of ANY to 4th density. They want to keep ALL of earth as their 3rd density stockyard, and cafeteria of ethereal and physical food.


BUT, if there is a movement to 4D, they want to be in charge of it." [21]

You can see the similarities with my concept of the splitting of the worlds and their ascension into the 4th Density.


Reading this quote above, however, gives me a good opportunity to also explain the difference. My concept is the Machine Kingdom (3D) versus going back to nature (4D). Eventually and gradually, over generations, the realities will split.


I don't subscribe to a Harvest, where the change will be pretty much immediate, and those who go to 4D will be put in a new box with limitations. Once we are multi-d, we are free to travel the universe as we please and visit different dimensions and "densities".


Almost no channeled sources bring up these important subjects.

Anyway, it's true that the Sirians in certain terms want to prevent us from waking up in its real sense, but don't mind us "waking up" to follow the guidelines of these metaphysical sources or to the New Age "religion", embracing the Ascended Masters (who are the Sirians in disguise, anyway).


It's also true that they want to keep us as slaves in this 3D reality, but control it from 4D (if we follow the Cassiopaean logic). According to the Cassiopaeans, the Sirians of today control our brainwave cycles via HAARP (headquartered in Alaska) so we'll stay either in 3D or 4D.


This as well, is to me a give-away, because they are bluntly telling us that the Sirians are controlling both 3D and 4D with their frequency machines!!!


So my question is:

  • How can channeled sources embrace the Harvest, whether positive or negative, when they say, loud and clear, that the Sirians are waiting on the other side (see also the last paragraph in the indented quote above)?

  • If the Sirians want to be in charge of it, how can we prevent that from happening once we've agreed to being harvested?

They don't tell us.


Bottom-line, dear reader, is that all these sources we listen to are following their own agenda! They are not doing this to be kind! We need to learn this, or we'll dig our own graves!


Everybody has the right to do what they want to do, but at least I have thrown in my two cents.


Figure 8

The four outer gas planets in our solar system.

All 4D planets?

In the same session as the quote above, they also mention the infighting between interdimensional forces.


They say it's ongoing, and it is happening here in Earth vicinity; some of it even in our own atmosphere.


They are telling us that the abnormal weather changes we are now accustomed to are mostly fighting going on in other dimensions, and it is "bleeding through" and showing up as tornados, hurricanes, and flooding. This information also aligns with what I've independently received earlier from one of my anonymous sources.


Also, Jupiter is already a 4th Density planet, which in that case indicates that it would be a perfect outpost for the Sirians and others of similar frequency.


They tell us moreover that 4th Density planets appear as gas planets to 3rd Density beings. This means, in that case, that the giant outer planets in our solar system (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune) are all 4D.

This source also mentions 3 additional planets outside Pluto's orbit, so instead of nine planets (if we include Pluto), we have 12, which is the number this universe is based upon, not 7, like the Cassiopaeans and a few others want us to believe.


The number 7 is definitely a divine number, but this universe is not based on it - not from a human perspective at least.


The additional planets, their distances from the Sun, their chemical composition, and their diameter, are allegedly as follows:

  • NI = Montonanas, 570,000,000,000 miles from Sun; solid matter; 7000 miles diameter

  • NII = Suvurutarcar, 830,000,000,000 miles from Sun; 18000 miles diameter; hydrogen, ammonia.

  • NIII = Bikalamanar, 1,600,000,000,000 miles from Sun; 46000 miles diameter; hydrogen, ammonia. [22]

Pluto's distance from the Sun is about 3,666,100,000 miles, and its diameter is 1,864 miles, in comparison, and the Earth is 93 million miles away and has a diameter of 7,900 miles.


So, the next planet, outside Pluto's orbit, is of solid matter and only a little bit smaller than Earth.

I've noticed that although the Cassiopaeans in certain terms subscribe to the idea of a feminine universe, they say that all gender and all duality disappears in 7th Density, so in their perspective the universe is still neuter.


They (like so many other metaphysical sources) "forget" that the Sun, and any star, including the clusters of suns making up the Galactic Center - all 7th Density in nature, according to the Cassios - are creative forces on a very high level, and the creative forces on that level are feminine in nature and not neuter.


The Divine Feminine is the ultimate driving and creative force in this universe and others. They also say that gravity is All That Is - light is gravity, too, and on its highest level, God is gravity as well.


And with that we're going to leave the Cassiopaeans for now.

Part II will concentrate on other channeled sources who do not necessarily concentrate on the Harvest and the Superwave as a part of an agenda.

The Third Level of Learning is mainly focusing on the channeled sources and the Galactic Federations, as you will notice as we move on. This is definitely a Level III subject and couldn't have been included in Level I or II, unless we wanted to make Level II an extremely long level.


The fact remains, the last part of this 3 level series of papers needs to concentrate on this subject in order to come full circle.



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