-  ACC (American Computer Company) and The Roswell 1947 Story - Reverse Engineering


 -  Ancient Mariners and Demiurgic Technologies



 -  Antiguos Marineros y Tecnologías Demiúrgicas

 -  Are suppressed Healing Technologies being Mass Produced on the Moon for Public Release?


 -  Classified Advanced Antigravity Aerospace Craft Utilizing Back-engineered ET Technology


 - ¿Cómo Cambiaría la Humanidad si encontramos Tecnología de Civilizaciones Alienígenas?


 -  Congresista Estadounidense afirma que Gobierno aplica "Ingeniería Inversa a Tecnología Extraterrestre"


 -  Could Mysterious Cosmic Light Flashes be Powering Alien Spacecraft?


 -  El Antiguo 'Disco de La Vida'



 -  Electromagnetic Fusion and ET Space Technology



 -  El Objeto Interestelar hundido en el Pacífico que puede Cambiar el Futuro de la Humanidad


 -  Everything Has a Beginning - Even the Universe...


 -  Evidence of 'Special Access Programs' and Reverse Engineering - Admiral Wilson Leak


 -  Extraterrestrial Base On Earth, Sanctioned by Officials Since 1954


 -  Extraterrestrial Technologies and Viable Counter Strategies


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 -  Extraterrestrial Technology, The Black Budget, and International Politics


 -  Fiber Optics, Supertenacity, and Other Artifacts - from 'The Day After Roswell'


 -  Galileo Project's search for ET Techno Signatures and Advanced Aliens


 -  Historic Interview Reveals Government Secrets Learned from Extraterrestrials


 -  Ingeniería Inversa y Tecnologías Secretas


 -  Interstellar Visitors - 'Oumuamua and Borisov


 -  La Élite habría Replicado los "Métodos Defensivos" Alienígenas - ¿Ingeniería Inversa?


 -  La Nueva Medicina Puede Ser Retro-Ingeniada


 -  La Presencia potencial de una Nave 'Alien' en el Sistema Solar no amenaza nuestra Civilización


 -  Los Impactantes Comentarios del Segundo Director de Lockheed acerca de la Tecnología OVNI


 -  Nace un Proyecto Espacial para buscar Tecnología Alienígena - 'Oumuamua


 -  Orion Technology And Other Secret Projects


 -  Past, Present and Future Stars that can see Earth as a Transiting Exoplanet


 -  Philip Corso and The Roswell Incident - Main File



 -  Podría haber Cuatro Quintillones de "Naves Extraterrestres" en nuestro Sistema Solar


 -  Project Looking Glass


 -  Proyecto Cristal de Mirar



 -  Second Director of Lockheed 'Skunk Works' Shocking Comments about UFO Technology


 -  Technology of The Gods


 -  Tecnologías Extraterrestres y Contra Estrategias Viables


 -  Teleportation - Teletransportación - Main File


 -  Time Travel - Main File



 -  The Ancient Disc of Life


 -  The New Medicine Can Be Back-Engineered!  



 -  There are Over 4 Quintillion (4,000,000,000,000,000,000) Alien Spacecraft in Solar System - Harvard Professor


 -  The Saga of Flying Objects - Present and Past - Main File


 -  The Search for Alien Tech


 -  Using Technology from Alien Civilizations - Is There a Black-Ops Cabal, Even More Powerful Than...


 -  Vimanas - Main File



 -  'Winked Out' - UFOs Or High Tech Camouflage?



Additional Information

 -  Admiral Tom Wilson Leak Documents - Highly Advanced Technology


 -  AI - Artificial Intelligence - Main File



 -  Ancient Hi Tech Evidence - The Modern Past - Main File



 -  Area 51 - Main File


 -  Cápsulas Médicas Holográficas - Camas Médicas


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 -  El Mayor Secreto de Cambio en El Mundo - Jake Simpson



 -  El Misterio de La "Valla de Frecuencia"


 -  ETs Working in U.S. Military Bases - Philippe de La Messuziere Validates The Revelations of Dr. M.Wolf


 -  Germany's ET Contacts? - Its Legacy On The Twentieth Century And After... - Main File


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 -  'Henry Deacon' - A Livermore Physicist


 -  History of RAND Corporation and Secret Space Programs


 -  Holographic Medical Pods - Med Beds


 -  Human Simulacra … On The Manipulation of Society Via Artificial/Reprogrammed Humans


 -  Il Tempio di Kailasa - Questo Tempio di 1200 Anni è stato Scavato nella Solida Roccia


 -  Internet Alien Presence



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 -  Kailasa Temple - This 1,200-Year-Old Temple was Carved out of Solid Rock


 -  La Algo-Matrix y los ETs - La Tierra Como una Iniciativa Extraterrestre


 -  La Gnosis Según Montalk


 -  New Videos Reveal Celestials Helping Humanity With Extraterrestrial Technology


 -  Official Within MJ-12 UFO-Secrecy Management Group


 -  Open Letter From a Group of French Scientists to the Initiator of the Disclosure Project


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 -  Planetary Take-Over - The Covert Conquest of a Dying Planet


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 -  Targeting UFO/ET Corporation X


 -  The Algo-Matrix and the ETs - Earth as an Alien Enterprise


 -  The Biggest World Change Secret - Jake Simpson


 -  The Carp-Guardian Case - Documents Received from Guardian in 1989


 -  The Covert Organization Responsible for the UFO/ET Issue - PI-40


 -  The "Frequency Fence-Mystery"



 -  The Gnosis by Montalk


 -  The Inferred Abundance of Interstellar Objects of Technological Origin


 -  The Killing of Science - Spread Elimination of Scientists Worldwide - Main File


 -  The Laser - from 'The Day After Roswell'


 -  The Militarization of Space - Military Research Agendas For The Future


 -  The Mystery of the Drones



 -  The Pretenders - UFOs And Camouflage


 -  The Suppression of UFO Technologies and Extraterrestrial Contact - from 'Suppressed Inventions and...


 -  World Peace and Dawn of a New Age - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3


The Monolith



 -  2001 - An Alchemical Spatial Odyssey


 -  2001 - A Space Odyssey - by Arthur C. Clarke


 -  2010 - Odyssey Two - by Arthur C. Clarke



 -  2001 - An Alchemical Spatial Odyssey


 -  Apollo 10 gets Glimpse of an Extraterrestrial Monolith in Space


 -  Buzz Aldrin Stokes the Mystery of the Monolith on Mars


 -  Further Disclosures by Consultant to National Security Council's Special Studies (UFO) Group, Dr. M.Wolf


 -  Mysterious Underwater Obelisks at the Opposite Side of the Great Pyramid of Giza


 -  Object Found in the Middle of Greenland - It is 79,83 Kilometers Long - That is 49,61 Miles


 -  Quantum Leaping from Tula to the World? - Continent-hopping Monoliths are result of Russian Teleportation Test


 -  The "Black Knight" Satellite?



 -  The Black Knight Satellite - Sentinel from Space


 -  The Black Knight Satellite - What's this Object Nikola Tesla Concluded was Extraterrestrial?


 -  The Phobos Monolith


 -  Three Extraterrestrial Beacons, Stolen from Space and Placed on Earth, now Returned


Books and Treatises


 -  2001 - A Space Odyssey - by Arthur C. Clarke


 -  2010 - Odyssey Two - by Arthur C. Clarke


 -  Astronaves en la Prehistoria - por Peter Kolosimo

 -  Extraterrestrial - The First Sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth - by Avi Loeb

 -  Giant Rock - The Greatest UFO Story Never Told - by Chad C. Meek




 -  2001 - A Space Odyssey


 -  2010 - The Year We Make Contact


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 -  Ancient Hidden Technology of The Anunnaki - Fallen Angels - 2014

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