by Michael E. Salla, Ph.D
Kona, Hawaii
November 13, 2007

from Exopolitics Website




On July 5, 2007 Benjamin Fulford, a former Forbes Magazine Asia Pacific Bureau Chief, gave a series of interviews (Part 1 - Part 2) where he gave ultimatums to the Rockefeller branch of the Illuminati concerning a covert depopulation program that targeted Asians.


Fulford was allegedly recruited by Chinese secret societies to deliver a stark ultimatum to the Rockefellers to abandon this depopulation policy, and to begin a policy of positive works to atone for past transgressions including the suppression of advanced technologies.


Fulford claimed that thousands of Chinese secret society members would begin targeting Rockefeller banking interests around the world if they did not comply. Fulford subsequently offered to meet with the Rockefellers at the historic Canadian residence of G.T. Fulford (his industrialist grandfather) to negotiate directly with them.


G.T. Fulford was allegedly murdered by order of John Rockefeller, Snr., for attempting to fund Nikola Tesla's efforts to create a new energy system.


Fulford's professional background with Forbes Magazine led to me to conclude that he did have the kind of underworld connections he claimed, and that he was likely being used as an intermediary to negotiate on a sensitive regional policy issue.

A new article concerning Fulford's dealings with the Rockefellers has just appeared . This concerns 'channeled' letters from his deceased grandfather, G.T. Fulford, to David Rockefeller.


Fulford tells Rockefeller about the importance of thinking about "his legacy", and then talks about a number of issues, some of which concern disclosure of interstellar space travel technology.


Fulford wrote:

"The planet is like a giant egg that is about to hatch. Humanity is about to expand into billions and trillions of different species spreading throughout the universe and into different fractal dimensions. Many will be immortal by your standards."

According to Fulford, Rockefeller's disclosure of advanced space faring technologies would ensure his legacy and he would be remembered as the benefactor of humanity's interplanetary future:

"You will be known as the Greatest of the Mortals, the man who presided over the dawn of the age of immortals. Congratulations."

Strangely, Fulford dares Rockefeller to go ahead with a false flag operation involving holographic projections, flying saucers and to stage a contrived Armageddon, but one with few casualties or destruction:

"Please, turn on your hologram machines, bring out your flying saucers, fill your screens with your best computer graphics. We want to see the greatest show the planet has ever seen. But please, no hurting people and no vandalism."

This is very reminiscent of the contrived alien invasion about which Dr. Werner Von Braun had allegedly issued warnings.

Fulford claims that after he received his 'channeled message' that he was able to contact David Rockefeller who was secretly visiting Japan where Fulford resides. According to Fulford, his deceased grandfather advised him on how to contact Rockefeller.


Fulford claims:

"The fact that I was able to call him (David Rockefeller) directly (without going through middlemen), and knew he was in Tokyo for what was supposed to have been a secret visit, may have spooked him a bit."




All the above sounds fantastic, yet Fulford was able to supply Henry Makow with a photograph * of him meeting with David Rockefeller in Japan. This in itself is highly unusual and very significant in light of Fulford's claims if the photo proves to be genuine.



* Thanks to Dr Henry Makow for permission to use the Fulford-Rockefeller photograph.

There are three possible explanations for Fulford's experience and unusual meeting with David Rockefeller.

  1. One explanation is that David Rockefeller may be playing some kind of bizarre joke in meeting with Fulford. Given Rockefeller's prestige and influence, it is highly unlikely that he would expose himself to public ridicule by conducting such a bizarre joke.


    Furthermore, David Rockefeller is not publicly known to have much of a sense of humor. So this possibility is most unlikely.

  2. A second explanation, Fulford's letters from his deceased grandfather genuinely spooked Rockefeller in ways that might genuinely lead to him thinking about his legacy in terms of disclosing suppressed technologies and information.


    The Rockefellers have had a powerful influence in the cover up of advanced technology and extraterrestrial life.


    David Rockefeller is currently in a position to make the kind of grand gesture indicated in the Fulford letters to ensure a positive legacy for him.


    In this scenario, Fulford is giving an accurate account of factual events which suggest a profound change in public policy is about to occur on suppressed technologies, and possibly extraterrestrial visitation.

  3. A third possible explanation is that Fulford may have been targeted through remote mind control technologies to hear voices in his head, so as to unwittingly participate in a psychological operation.


    The Rockefeller meeting was therefore contrived to convince Fulford that he is playing an important role in the release of suppressed technologies that will take humanity to the stars.

The impending failure of the United States dollar and the financial impact this would have on banking interests, may have contributed Rockefeller's decision to participate in such a psychological operation.


The Fulford Rockefeller meeting might therefore herald the release of advanced technologies, but this would be done in a way that promotes national security interests.

What Fulford's meeting and letters mean for official disclosure of advanced space travel technology and/or extraterrestrial life that has been suppressed for decades is not certain. The fact that Fulford was able to meet with David Rockefeller after having earlier threatened him and his banking interests on behalf of Chinese Secret Societies, is significant.


The meeting gives credence to some of Fulford's earlier claims, while not eliminating the possibility of an elaborate psychological operation.


All this makes Fulford's latest article something to seriously ponder.