-  55th Anniversary of Eisenhower Nuclear Diplomacy With ET?


 -  Eisenhower and The Aliens - Former U.S. President 'Had Three Secret Meetings With Extra Terrestrials'


 -  Eisenhower Briefed about Extraterrestrials - Claims Former New Hampshire State Representative


  - Eisenhower’s 1954 Meeting With Extraterrestrials - The Fiftieth Anniversary of First Contact?


 -  Eisenhower y los Alienígenas - Los Orígenes de la Exopolítica


 -  Ike and Extraterrestrials - President Eisenhower at Holloman AFB?


 -  Ike and The Alien Ambassadors


 -  President Eisenhower at Holloman AFB?


 -  Remote Viewing U.S. Presidential Meetings with Extraterrestrials and Secret Agreements


 -  What Did President Eisenhower Secretly Know - That Led to Him Supporting a Revision of the Pledge of...


Additional Information


 -  Briefing Document - Operation Majestic 12 Prepared for President-Elect Dwight Eisenhower - The Majestic...


 -  Eisenhower Amenazó con Invadir el Área 51 - Audiencia de Ex-Congresistas de Estados Unidos


 -  Eisenhower Briefing Document



 -  Eisenhower's Meetings with Extraterrestrials are Only the Tip of the Iceberg


 -  Eisenhower Threatened to Invade Area 51 - Former U.S. Congress Members Hear


 -  Extraterrestrial Edge Helps The Balance Sheet


 -  Extraterrestrials Among Us


 -  Frank E. Stranges and Valiant Thor


 -  From Orgone Energy to Roswell - Wilhelm Reich: Eisenhower’s Secret Ally Against the Aliens


 -  Is The Cutler-Twining Memo A Hoax?


 -  Las Reuniones de Eisenhower con Extraterrestres son sólo la Punta del Iceberg


 -  On the Military-Industrial Complex - Real Time with Bill Maher - Episode 161


 -  Photo Reveals Star Trek-like Human-posing Extraterrestrials - Who Visited U.S. Capital in 1957


 - "Project JEHOVAH" - Interview With Ryan Wood


 -  Statement on An Un-Released Brief to President Eisenhower - An Important Message from Henry McElroy


 -  The KRLL Papers



Laura Magdalene Eisenhower


 -  Archons - Exorcising Hidden Controllers - With Robert Stanley and Laura Eisenhower


 -  Arcontes - Exorcizando A Controladores Ocultos - Con Robert Stanley y Laura Eisenhower


 -  Basiago and Eisenhower Reveal "Marsgate" and Make Case for "Alternative 4"


 -  Extraterrestrials and The Positive Timeline - Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, Alfred Lambremont Webre and...


 -  Laura Eisenhower and the Military Industrial Complex


 -  Laura Eisenhower - Unity Consciousness Will Collapse Military-Industrial Complex


 -  Laura Eisenhower y el Complejo Militar Industrial


 -  President Eisenhower's Great Granddaughter Speaks About his Meeting with Extraterrestrials


 -  Sophia-Christ Consciousness Creating Global Transformation


 -  Whistleblower Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, Ike’s Great-Granddaughter, Outs Secret Mars Colony Project





 -  Laura Eisenhower - Mensaje a 'Los Controladores Oscuros'

 -  Laura Eisenhower - Message to 'The Dark Controllers'

 -  President Eisenhower's Historic Farewell Address to the Nation


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