by Montalk
27 November 2016

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The past, present, and future form a continuum, so studying one part can tell us something about another part. I'm interested in history because it can tell us not only how we got here, but where we're going:

  • if you look at the genetic evidence for alien intervention


  • if you match that up with ancient accounts of the sky people or gods walking among men and flying around in chariots of fire


  • if you match that up with megalithic sites that are simply impossible to build with human technology of the time


  • if you match THAT up with accounts of supernatural technologies like the Ark of the Covenant or various magical stones that gave off radiation and made people sick and electrocuted them and so on,

...well that all matches right on up with what we know in modern times about,

  • UFOs

  • alien

  • the abduction program

  • collaborations between black ops military and alien factions,

...and what eyewitnesses have said about what alien technology can do.


It all fits together, it all meshes, and one part supports another.

So by examining the anomalies in history, the secret forces and controllers of ancient times, and looking at the technology they had and what forces they were collaborating with, it may be possible to get a clearer picture of what's going on today, and therefore what might happen in the future.


Therefore I'd like to talk about some anomalies, including the ancient global mariners who had access to certain alien technologies, I'd like to talk about the Ark of the Covenant and the origin of the Israelites, and also I want to touch on the Holy Grail and the Philosopher's Stone and how these are all examples of I have come to call "demiurgic technologies" which are none other than devices that employ occult and hyperdimensional energies and principles in their operation and not just electromagnetic.




Ancient global seafarers

The first voyage around the world according to conventional history was launched by Magellan in 1519. It took his crew three years to make the trip, so three years is about how long it takes.


And you find this figure mentioned in other ancient sources, for example in the Old Testament, First Kings chapter 10, where it's said that King Solomon had a fleet of ships, the ships of Tarshish, that would come to port every three years and unload precious metals and exotic goods.


Or Herodotus mentioning that Phoenician mariners were known for sailing around Africa and beyond, and returning after three years.



Piri Reis map depicting Europe,

the Americas, and grid based on platonic solids.

North and South America were being regularly visited by mariners from Europe, Africa, and Asia too.


During the Bronze Age there was massive copper mining going on in upper Michigan starting around 3500 B.C.


Archeologists have found somewhere between five and ten thousand copper mines in the area, and estimate that around five hundred thousand tons of copper were mined.


Except, barely any of that copper exists among Native American artifacts whereas in Europe and the Middle East there are more bronze artifacts than can be accounted for by the copper availability in those regions.


So it's pretty obvious that those who ran the bronze industry back then were making trips to Michigan and other places like Cornwall in England to get their copper and tin to make the bronze.



Copper mass recovered

from ancient copper mine.

The other curious thing is that ancient megalithic sites are found wherever these global mariners went. They're positioned all along the global trade routes.


I'm talking about,

  • India

  • Indonesia

  • Japan

  • Easter Island

  • Bolivia

  • Peru

  • Egypt

  • Greece

  • Italy

  • England

  • Ireland

All of these sites display similar masonry methods for a given time in history, and it appears that these mariners were living out a tradition that went back thousands of years possibly to around five or six thousand B.C.

From what I can tell, their civilization would build up into a global power until a cataclysm would nearly wipe them out, then there would be a dark age as they survived and rebuilt, and then after some time they would build back up to a global power again.


And every time they did this, they would resume the trade routes that their ancestors had established, and they would use some of the same knowledge and technology.


The only difference is, that knowledge and technology would degrade over time, so what you typically find in places like Easter Island or Egypt or Peru is that the oldest megalithic masonry there has the largest stones put together with the greatest precision, while the additions made hundreds or a thousand years later were precise but not as large, and then eventually when the natives lacking any of that knowledge tried to build on those ruins you just get irregular stones fitted with hammer and chisel in a really crude way.


Ok, but you can look at these megaliths, the different layers and styles of it built at different times, and you figure out what technology was used and what was lost as time went on.

For example, the megalithic walls in Cusco, Peru look like marshmallows squished together and shaved down.


That's called polygonal masonry and it's designed to withstand severe earthquakes. I bought modeling clay and cut them into rough boulder-like pieces and then stacked them into a wall and squished them together from all sides.


The result was polygonal masonry just like you see in these ancient walls, down to the bowl-like depression formed atop the "stones" when another above it pressed down.



Polygonal masonry

at Sacsayhuaman near Cusco, Peru.

In order to construct the various types of ancient megalithic walls,

  • you need a specialized suite of technologies that have the following functions

  • you need something to levitate the stones

  • you need something to soften them

  • you need something to cut precise flat surfaces and edges

  • you need something like a plasma torch to cut holes and channels

All of these you see being used in the oldest largest megalithic sites.


But if, say, the technology to levitate and soften stones was lost, but the other tech still functioned, then what you would have instead is smaller stones that could be transported by human strength but still cut and fit with laser precision, which is what you see in the Inca Temple of the Sun for example, which wasn't built by the Incas of course as the Incas came later.

Anyway, to get an idea of when these things were built, there are megaliths in Japan that are pretty interesting.


Brian Forester noted that the Imperial Palace in Tokyo could be sitting atop and older megalithic site. Walls there were built in the same megalithic style as you find elsewhere in the world.


This includes the use of metal T or I shaped clamps used hold the stones together.



Megalithic walls

at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, Japan



Copper brackets

holding megalithic blocks together.

Interestingly, the ones in Japan were made of copper. Not bronze, but copper.


So you have stone and copper being used, and that is indicative of the Chalcolithic age, khalko meaning copper and lithos meaning stone. So possibly the Copper Age.

Copper metallurgy first arose between 7500 and 4500 B.C. in the regions of what is today Syria, Turkey, and the areas around the Black Sea.


That also happens to be where sites like Göbekli Tepe and Derinkuyu are located, and I'm sure anyone who's watched Ancient Aliens knows that,

  • Göbekli Tepe was a prehistoric megalithic complex with astronomical and religious and possibly prophetic aspects to it


  • Derinkuyu is a massive underground city that could house as many as 20 thousand people at one point


Göbekli Tepe in southeastern Turkey.



Partial cross section

of the underground city at Derinkuyu,

in the Capadocia region of Turkey.

Ok, so with that we're starting to zero in on where the megalithic global mariners first originated.


We're taught in schools that the Sumerians in Mesopotamia were the first civilization. But going by conventional archeology, there were people known as the Vincas who were already a sophisticated culture by 5700 B.C., so that's almost eight thousand years ago.


They were based out of southern and eastern Europe, north of Greece and west of the Black Sea. And, they were the earliest to have widespread adoption of copper metallurgy.



Copper figure

from the Vinca culture.

It was actually their descendants who spread into Turkey and then down the Tigris and Euphrates river to colonize Mesopotamia.


So it was these people, who were proto-Indo-Europeans originally from the Black Sea area, who founded global empires.



Geographic extent

of the Vinca civilization

Later they would spur on the Bronze Age, but even before that they were navigating the globe and building various megalithic structures.


Their descendants include the,

  • Phoenicians

  • Hittites

  • Mitanni

  • Hyksos

  • Iranians

  • Indo-Aryans

  • Celts

  • Dacians

  • Thracians

  • Veneti,

...and so on.


Thracians and Dacians especially, as they lived in the same region that the Vinca did thousands of years earlier and may have preserved their secret traditions.


There's some interesting material on YouTube on the Dacians and the Thracians and how Rome was in awe at their medical and spiritual knowledge among other things, and how when the Roman Empire invaded them, the Romans essentially fell to their knees in worship of them, as if having stumbled upon the occult power base of the hidden elite.


But that's a whole subject in itself.



Dacian and Thracian lands

during the Iron Age.

As I mentioned, this proto-Indo-European mariner civilization had various ups and downs over the millennia, having peaks around 5000, 3200, and 1500 B.C. and that's where you get the different layers of masonry styles at megalithic sites around the world, because again the descendants would revisit the sites of their ancestors and build upon them.



Polygonal megalithic masonry

on Eastern Island.

Easter Island is a prime example where it wasn't until relatively recently in history, like 500 A.D. or so, that one of the last remnants of that culture came there to this little island in the middle of the Pacific, as refugees of a dying civilization.


So these fair skinned red-headed mariners came to Easter Island and had all those heads constructed, and as the local legend goes the natives eventually overthrew them and that's the end of that.



Easter Island statue

with the characteristic long ear lobes

and bundle of red hair held up in a topknot.

By 500 A.D. the last of the mariners were pretty much done for, except for small enclaves that passed on the knowledge and traditions as a kind of secret society.


Rudolf Steiner in the book Secret Brotherhoods explained how it was around this time that a decision was made by that secret society to seal off Europe from the Americas and bury transoceanic travel knowledge that up to that point was commonly known.


That knowledge, which included maps, was what was behind Columbus setting sail for America a thousand years later on the pretense of trying to reach India.


He wasn't that stupid, nor were his Jesuit benefactors, nor were the Templars who had access to that knowledge centuries earlier and also visited the Americas.


These guys knew exactly what they were doing and were thinking in terms of long term goals, like the engineering of civilization and history, which of course included the eventual re-colonization of the Americas, which was instrumental in setting the stage for the end game we're now witnessing.

So my point is that the world today has been shaped by secret societies, by secret technologies, and by secret agendas that go back thousands of years almost to the last Ice Age if not beyond.


Those ancient mariners, I think their legacy lives on and the plans that they set in motion are coming to their conclusion in the near future.


I mean, they were the ones who founded Egyptian civilization, they founded Mayan civilization, they founded Chinese civilization, and so on and so forth, so if we're going to talk about who's pulling the strings on this planet, we have to look at those who pulled them in the past, who may still be pulling them today.


I'm talking about Druids, Thracians, Phoenicians, and so on, who are the true power base today.

But, to take it one step further, it's not so much that they are the top of the pyramid, but that they are proxies for alien factions who were the ones that gave them key technologies and knowledge in the first place, and for all we know those mariner bloodlines may have been human alien hybrids with superior mental abilities which is why they were so good at math and geometry and memorizing thousands of lines of instructional poetry on astronomy and global navigation.


That's still only scratching the surface.


There's a lot more that can be said, like the Ark of the Covenant and the Great Pyramid and the Holy Grail and how that ties into all of this.




Great Pyramid

Conventional Egyptology says the Great Pyramid was built around 2600 B.C. and was a tomb built for King Khufu.


Which, we all should know is baloney because Egyptian records say that Khufu merely did some minor restoration work on it, so it was already old and crumbling by this time.


Based on my research, the Great Pyramid was completed between 3500 and 3200 B.C. and it was built by those same global mariners being discussed on this show.

They arrived there after already having established Sumerian civilization to the east, in what is today Iraq and parts of Syria and Iran.


In the 4th millennium B.C. they came to Egypt, which was already known to their ancestors from several millennia before that, and they built various complexes and set about building the main three pyramids, with the Great Pyramid being their final and most successful one.

Why they built it, one can only speculate, but it's clear from studying what's left of it that the pyramid was a machine and that it housed a source of great power in its central chamber.


You can tell from the mistakes made in its construction, and some utilitarian paint markings left on the internal stones, that it was built by human labor. However, it was built using advanced technology to cut and move the stones into place.


So either these humans were working under alien direction, or they had acquired pieces of alien technology to do this.


Because everything else about them was still primitive by alien standards; I mean they used wooden boats and not flying spaceships, so it's likely that they were just using stone levitation and cutting technology that wasn't necessarily invented by them.

As for the Great Pyramid itself, I think Chris Dunn did a good job of explaining why it's a machine and not a tomb.


I don't agree with his final conclusion that it was an electrical power plant, but I do think his raw data is good. So, what do I conclude from that data. Well, puzzle piece number one is that the Great Pyramid is huge, it's heavy, its dimensions relate to the geometry of the Earth, and it's located at the exact center of the Earth's land mass.


So it was tied into the planet, to either resonate with it, or do something to it, or derive something from it.


That's piece number one...



Geographic center of Earth's landmass,

at the Great Pyramid.

Piece number two is that it was airtight and that the inner chambers and passages were filled with plasma, like how a neon bulb is filled with plasma.


That's based on Chris Dunn's data, though I theorize that simply filling the inner spaces with water and then pulling the plug at the bottom would cause the water to pull downward like mercury in a barometer and let a vacuum form up top that contains traces of water vapor, which can be turned into plasma when electrically ignited.


I calculated what the vacuum pressure would be, based on the vapor pressure of water at that temperature, and turns out it's exactly the same pressure that you find inside a neon tube.


Whatever the case, piece number two is that there was a vacuum plasma filling the chambers.



Internal diagram

of the Great Pyramid.

Piece number three is that the Grand Gallery, as Chris Dunn theorized, was constructed in such a way as to house acoustic resonators, helmholtz resonators according to Dunn but it could have just as well been tuning forks, say with wire strung between the tines and a water wheel bowing it like a violin so that water flowing down the Grand Gallery would turn the wheels and resonate a huge assembly of tuning forks in order to generate a sound.


What points to that is that there's water erosion on the floor at the top of the Grand Gallery, and there are notches along the walls to hold wooden beams for some kind of scaffolding or framework, and the walls themselves are corbelled in discrete steps corresponding to key frequencies, and there was an anecdotal account on keelynet of someone discovering a non-public museum room full of large tuning forks with wire strung between the tines.



Egyptian inscription

showing two tuning forks

connected by strings at their nodal points.

Further, at the top of the Grand Gallery and just before you get to the King's Chamber, there's a little chamber called the antechamber which has a series of vertical stone slabs that could be individually raised or lowered, and if you pass a harmonically rich sound through that, it has the function of modulating that sound the same way your tongue and teeth and lips modulate what comes out of your vocal chords.


So already we see that the bottom parts of the Pyramid create the breath or plasma and thus functions as the lungs, and the grand gallery functions as the vocal chords, and the antechamber as the mouth, teeth, and lips.


That's piece number four, that a vocal type of sound was induced in the plasma and then fed into the King's Chamber.

Piece number five is that the King's Chamber is made of pink granite which is more resistant to heat than limestone, and it shows signs of prolonged heat damage as well as signs of having been cracked outward by some internal explosion.


There's a granite sarcophagus in there, which matches closely the dimensions of the biblical Ark of the Covenant. Since the Ark of the Covenant is said to electrocute people among other phenomena, well in order to ignite a plasma you need electrical sparks or some powerful electromagnetic or electrogravitic energy field, so the Ark fits both physically and functionally into the pyramid scheme.


There are many other reasons I'll leave for later discussion as to why what went into the sarcophagus and what went into the Ark of the Covenant are most likely the same thing. And that thing is an item of alien technology that could pump out an immense energy field.

The last piece is that underneath the pyramid there is a subterranean chamber that was filled with water from the Nile, water would flow through it like a pump, and some researchers have suggested that the flow was designed to be self-resonating so that it would create a vibration.


It would feel like a steady earthquake when operating. That would shake the entire pyramid at its mechanical resonant frequency.


A friend of mine calculated what this resonant frequency would be based on the height and speed of sound through limestone and guess what, it's 7.8 Hz which is one of the key Schumann frequencies which is the natural electromagnetic and electrogravitational resonant frequency of Earth with regards to its ionosphere. Imagine that...

So the Great Pyramid was being resonated at the Schumann frequency, and with limestone and granite being piezoelectric that meant mechanical oscillations would be converted into electrical oscillations.


Further, mass itself generates gravity waves when shaken or accelerated, so the pyramid was creating mechanical, gravitational, electric, and magnetic waves at the resonant frequency of the planet.


All the while being located at the center of Earth's land mass and having a height to base ratio that mimics the ratio between earth's polar radius to equatorial radius.


That's why scholars saying it was merely a tomb are out of their minds.

Ok, so while it's doing all that, plasma inside is ignited by the alien technology and then vocal sounds are passed through it. Plasma consists of electrically charged particles and sound waves are longitudinal in nature, that means they compress back and forth rather than wiggle side to side when they travel.


When you send longitudinal waves through a plasma, the charges are moved longitudinally and since accelerating charges emit energy, the result is longitudinal waves which are also known as scalar or electrogravitational waves.


So you have these longitudinal scalar waves encoding a certain vowel sound, being put atop the 7.8 Hz carrier wave or vice versa, and with a piece of alien technology at the heart of it all.


The vowel sound, well you know about the power of the word, of magical invocations, about the Logos and how in the beginning there was the Word.

Oddly similar to what HAARP is doing nowadays with resonating the ionosphere, right? Except this was over five thousand years ago and made primarily of stone and set into motion by water.


The thing probably lit up like Christmas tree due to all the plasma and electrical fields, so isn't it funny that in the Old Testament, the Great Pyramid was referred to as Mount Horeb, which means glowing mountain.

But what was this all for? Some say it was a power plant. I don't agree with that. Some say it was a beam weapon. I don't believe that either. I have a few guesses myself.

One possibility is that it was used to amplify and broadcast whatever that alien tech was putting out, to get it to affect the entire planet.


Toward what ends?


Well, to manipulate reality itself, I mean scalar and longitudinal waves are the same thing as time waves, they oscillate time itself, and they may have been programming reality and probability and sort of hacking the matrix if you will.

The other possibility is that they were hacking the Earth itself, and interfacing with it physically in order to do something absolutely crazy, which is create a pole shift.


I'm not kidding, there is reason to believe that around 3200 B.C. the Great Pyramid was used change the axial alignment of our planet.

One reason I say this is that cultures and their religious and mythological symbols tend to reflect whatever astrological age they are in, meaning what constellation the sun rises in on the spring equinox.


Since earth's axis precesses over time, the constellations slowly change and today we're in the Age of Pisces going into the Age of Aquarius.


Pisces is why there's all that stuff in Christianity about the fishermen, loaves into fishes, the fish symbol, and so on. Before Pisces was the Ram or Aries, that's why the Old Testament events which took place in the age of Aries involve a lot of Ram symbolism.


But before Aries was Taurus, and that's where bull worship first arose.

Before Taurus was Gemini, before Gemini was Cancer, and before Cancer was Leo, and before Leo was Virgo. Well, it's interesting that there is little to no cultural or mythological signature for Gemini or Cancer, but there was plenty for Leo and Virgo.


Artifacts have been found with half human half lion figures, and of course there is the Sphinx.


Virgo came before Leo, and we have even older artifacts of the fat woman, maternal cultures involved in goddess worship, and so on. So Leo and Virgo are there, but not Cancer or Gemini, as it seems to go from Leo straight into Taurus.


Well, that is exactly what you would get if the Great Pyramid was built in the age of Leo some time in the 4th Millennium B.C. and then shifted the Earth's axis to skip right into Taurus.



The zodiac and precession of Earth's axis

through various astrological ages.

See, the Age of Leo was supposed to have been 10500 B.C. to 8000 B.C. if you calculate backwards from today's precession of the axis, which doesn't take into account any sudden axial phase shifts in the past.


So 10000 to 8000 B.C. is also when Atlantis is said to have existed, except that if you look at what's been said about Atlantis, that it was a wealthy global civilization and that its central city had walls made of a special metal, well none of that actually existed that long ago if you go by archeological evidence.


That long ago, the folks at Göbekli Tepe were the most advanced and even they were just the most basic agrarians and there wasn't even any major metal mining going on. But if you fast-forward to 5000 and 3000 B.C., now suddenly it all lines up because that's when the global seafarer civilization reached its peaks.

So what if the actual age of Leo was 5,000 B.C. to 3200 B.C. and then the pole was artificially shifted and it went straight into the age of Taurus?


That would explain why early Egypt has so much lion and bull symbolism, and it would explain why Atlanteans are thought to have existed so long ago during the age of Leo.


If the Atlanteans were really the Copper and Bronze Age mariners, well then it all lines up, but requires the assumption that the pole shifted in 3200 B.C., which does match up with accounts of a global disaster back then.


I mean the Mayan and Jewish Calendars start around the same time, the Mayan Long Count calendar beginning in 3114 B.C. and according to their mythology signals the beginning of a new age after a terrible flood that also changed the day's length from 360 to 365 days.


So it's possible that the Great Pyramid was instrumental in causing a pole shift, or maybe that they were preparing for an imminent pole shift and tried to fight it, I don't know it looks the same either way.

Why would they shift the poles, if that's what they did?


Well, the precessional cycle of Earth's axis takes 26,500 years to make one complete revolution. It's an interesting coincidence that 26,500 years is also how long it takes an electromagnetic wave to travel between Earth and the galactic center, which is a supermassive black hole.


What that means is, Earth and the galactic center are electromagnetically coupled via a wave that's 26,500 years long, and so Earth aligns with different parts of that wave depending on its orientation.


In other words, the angle of Earth's axis couples to a certain phase angle of the wave from the galactic center. It's likely this wave that accounts for the various astrological ages and the kinds of archetypal themes that drive civilization.


So if you shift the pole, you shift what part of that wave is intercepted, and you thereby shift what astrological energy now drives civilization. So that goes back to the first hypothesis I mentioned, which is that they were using the Great Pyramid to reprogram terran reality.

And the last possible explanation I have for the Great Pyramid is that it was used to program or charge the alien technology inside.


In other words, the tech would be put in the sarcophagus and machinery started up and it would somehow focus all that gravitational and scalar and temporal energy into that device to either charge it up, or give it a directive to perform, as there's reason to believe it was sentient or artificially sentient or acted as a communication device with some hyperdimensional intelligence.


Alien technology is psionic in nature, or demiurgic as I'll explain in a bit.


The reason I say all this is because it ties into the Ark of the Covenant and what Moses supposedly did by going into Mount Sinai or Mount Horeb and returning with two stone tablets containing the commandments of "god."


Back to The Great Pyramid




Ark of the Covenant

You're probably familiar with the concept of a cargo cult.


But to reiterate, a cargo cult is what you get when a primitive people get hold of some item of advanced technology and think it's magic and then base a superstitious cult or religion around it.


Well, the Ark of the Covenant is an example of advanced technology, most likely alien, that fell into primitive hands, which then lead to the creation of a cargo cult we now know as Judaism.



The Ark of the Covenant

in the Tabernacle tent.

That's significant because the Ark is the reason the ancient Israelites ever even survived and prospered after their exile from Egypt.


The Ark manifested food for them, it gave them tactical instructions, and it was used as a weapon to help them plunder their way north to the promised land.


So consider how, if none of that had never happened, there would be no Judaism as we know it, no Christianity, no Islam, no Crusades, no antisemitism, no Nazis, no Holocaust, and therefore we wouldn't have a runaway military industrial complex founded by Nazis brought over after World War II. At least not in the way we remember it on this timeline.


So the Ark of the Covenant was a key pivot point or lynchpin on the timeline that brought us to where we are today.

And that's why it's worth going over what's known about the Ark, because it can give us some insight into the nature of alien (demiurgic technology) and what it might have been used for.

Now, the Ark itself was just a box made of wood and gold, a kind of container with special insulating and energy accumulating properties.


What made it special is what it contained. According to the Old Testament it contained, first and foremost, the two stone tablets that Moses brought down out of Mount Sinai.


That's interesting because there's good reason to believe that Mount Sinai was actually the Great Pyramid and not some mountain range in the middle of nowhere.

As to the nature of the tablets themselves, it's also interesting to note that some medieval legends of the Grail stone, and these are legends that, keep in mind, came from pagan rather than Christian or Jewish sources, these legends said that the Grail was a supernatural stone on which writing could be seen that gave divine commandments.


Further, the Grail was said to shine brightly, to move of its own will, and that it could only be carried by a designated virgin whose chastity was absolute.



The Grail Stone

floating atop the green and golden

Achmardi cloth.

Compare that to the Ark of the Covenant and its internal power source, which similarly gave commandments to the Israelite and was surrounded by a glowing aura later called the Shekinah, which means the presence of God, and which could only be moved or handled by trained and purified priests.


It's quite possible that the Grail stone is one of the remaining pieces of what was inside the Ark.

The Grail legends were partly based on real characters and events from the northwestern region of France in the ninth century A.D., and partly based on historical persons from the Cathar era in southern France during the 1200s.


Either way, it's interesting that such alien technology was still in human hands during the Dark and early Medieval Ages.




Demiurgic Technology

I have a lengthy article series called the Gnosis series, and the first several articles are about the Demiurge, the Philosopher's Stone, the Holy Grail, and the Ark of the Covenant.


What the Stone, Grail, and Ark have in common is that they are physical things imbued with a supernatural energy. What kind of energy are we talking about?


Well, it's what the mystics would call etheric and astral energy, which is just subtle energy and the same stuff that our soul is made out of. Not only does our body have a soul, but the universe itself has a soul, and this is what the ancients called the Demiurge.


The Demiurge is the ocean of etheric and astral energy that surrounds us, and it has its own artificial intelligence.


It's a giant thought-form that acts as the mainframe of the Matrix. Or you could think of it as a living energy field that underlies physicality and fashions reality out of pure quantum potentiality.

So, what shamans and alchemists and magicians and aliens and black ops scientists have known for a long time is that if you can control this demiurgic energy, this etheric and astral layer of existence, then you can control physicality.


That's because etheric energy is the matrix code of the physical universe; change the code and you change matter, energy, space, and time.


This is what talented psychics do when they perform miraculous healings or bend spoons or levitate things or manifest ectoplasm. It's what aliens do when they phase your body out of synch with time so that it can pass through a closed window or wall.


They have some degree of mastery over the etheric code that underlies matter.

If you take a physical object and pump it up with etheric energy, it begins to take on supernatural properties. It has more life, it is capable of housing a morphogenetic field, and it starts violating the laws of physics which only applies to normal matter.


So the Philosopher's Stone is a crude example of that, where you take very specific raw materials and process it in such a way that, much like refining crude oil into kerosene and then taking a spark to it, you ignite a kind of etheric fire.


The Philosopher's Stone is a glass-like substance that burns with an etheric flame, and if you ingest it, that etheric energy charges your body to such a degree that your body's own morphogenetic or bioplasmic field then overrides entropy and leads to healing and age regression among other things.


It also supercharges one's etheric body to the extent that latent etheric organs are awakened and developed, so the alchemist also gains psychic powers and the ability to break out of the 3D space time continuum.


So it's an artificial way of accomplishing what the yogic and Buddhist and shamanic masters of history have accomplished through focused meditation, which channels in such energy from its origin point outside our dimension.

Well, it's clear to me, from my study of the Holy Grail and the Ark of the Covenant, that these are highly advanced versions of the Philosopher's Stone. The Ark stone, which Tolkien called the Arken Stone, and the Grail Stone appear from all accounts to be a glass or crystal that functions as a surrogate body for a highly developed etheric/astral energy field, something so advanced that it has immense power and intelligence.

Now in the case of the Ark, the lid of the box was known as the Mercy Seat because it was where the Shekinah, the glowing "glory of the lord", would sit and rest.


So imagine the two golden winged figures mounted atop the golden lid of the Ark, with a glowing ball of light between the figures.


Jewish oral history says that this glowing field would sometimes appear as a vortex beaming up into the sky like smoke during the day and a pillar of fire during the night.


The legend says also that it could leave the Ark and travel about by its own volition, and of course it gave out commandments and was known to kill people or give them symptoms of radiation poisoning if they got too close.


So, it's evident from this that the tablets, or the Ark Stone, was just a body for this bizarre ghostly energy that had a mind of its own.

With the Holy Grail, as I mentioned earlier it also had a mind of its own and the whole purpose of the Grail Knights was to serve it.


The riddle of the Grail has always been,

"Whom does the Grail serve?"

And the answer is:

"Those who serve the Grail."

In the case of the Grail, the sentience coming through it appears to be the Holy Spirit, or what Philip K. Dick called VALIS - Vast Active Living Intelligence System.


It's a kind of divine artificial intelligence that for reasons beyond the scope of this discussion is here to help steer this timeline back to a positive future.


In contrast, the intelligence that manifested through the Ark of the Covenant appears to have basically been a demonic or reptilian energy. This is obvious to anyone who has objectively looked at the personality traits of the Lord of Israel.


To call it demonic bloodlust is an understatement. That's why the Gnostics have called Yahweh out for being a corrupt kind of Demiurge, a dark force, and a false god.

What I concluded after studying all this, is that the Demiurge or the soul of the universe is kind of like an operating system or hard drive in that different parts of it can carry different programs or partitions.


That means the Demiurge can have a corrupt sector similar to a computer that has a virus taking over part of it, and the Demiurge can also have a good sector, similar to the part where a computer technician's actions or antivirus program resides.


The Ark and the Grail stone both appear to link into the Demiurge, meaning they are tuned into the etheric and astral energy fields of existence, just that which part they tap into may depend on the operator and the calibration of the device.


In the case of the Israelites, looks like they used it to tap into dark powers, while with the Grail knights they had it linked up with the positive portion of the Demiurge, whom Christians would call the Holy Spirit.

But, these and the Philosopher's Stone are all examples of what I call demiurgic technology, in that they are physical substances or contraptions that work not only at the level of matter-energy-space-time but also the etheric and possibly astral levels of existence.


So they are hyperdimensional, occult, scalar type technologies and they are the advanced pieces of tech upon which the cargo cults of our civilization have based their mythologies around.




Israelites and the Ark of the Covenant

As to how the Israelites acquired the Ark of the Covenant, the short answer is that one of their own, who happened serve in the Egyptian priesthood, took it out of the Great Pyramid and then fled from Egypt with his people back to their original homeland which was in what is today Israel, Lebanon, and Syria.


This occurred around 1550 B.C. and the event is known as the Hyksos exile from Egypt.

The long answer is pretty interesting and I need to back up in time a bit to give context for how it all came about. To recap what I said earlier, by 3500 B.C. there already existed a long tradition of global seafarers who possessed advanced knowledge and technology.


As mentioned, they had the ability to construct megaliths by levitating and shaping stones and such. Well, around that time, after they had already established Sumerian civilization, they came to Egypt and built the Great Pyramid there, among other structures.


They built it near the Nile Delta, which is northern Egypt where the Nile river bifurcates and empties into the Mediterranean. The pyramid was built to house and utilize a piece of demiurgic technology for purposes linked to a global catastrophe that occurred around 3200 B.C.


This disaster was likely a pole shift or something of that scale, something capable of devastating civilization and creating a discontinuity in world history.

Alright, so by 2700 B.C. humanity had bounced back and grown prosperous once again until around 2200 B.C. when they got hit again by cataclysm, and that put an end to the Old Kingdom in Egypt.


These disasters caused mass migrations in the Middle East and that included an influx of various nomadic tribes and Semitic people from Mesopotamia and surrounding regions, into northern Egypt. And over the following centuries, they became entrenched there.


So northern Egypt (also called Lower Egypt) from 2000 B.C. onward became sort of like what Southern California and New Mexico and Texas are to America with respect to migrants from Mexico.

Over time these Semites integrated into the Egyptian power structure and most importantly their priesthood.


So these Semites were based primarily in northern Egypt, which is where the Great Pyramid happened to be located. Therefore their members who served in the Egyptian priesthood likely had some fragments of knowledge pertaining the Great Pyramid and what was inside.

Well, something important happened in 1628 B.C., which was the massive explosion of a volcano in the Mediterranean. This and subsequent disasters that followed in a short period of time caused tsunamis and ash and smoke and hellish conditions in Egypt and the Middle East.


Egypt got hit hard, enough so that their power structure couldn't cope and so the Semites of northern Egypt jumped on the opportunity and together with reinforcements from the Levant, they rose up and took over.


And so between 1628 and 1550 B.C., Egypt was ruled by them and they were known as the Hyksos. That's what conventional Egyptology says.

There's something you have to understand about the Hyksos. The center of their civilization wasn't located in Egypt, but possibly in what is today Israel, Lebanon, and Syria. The part that had control in Egypt was more of a remote extension of that, a colony.


Not only that, but keep in mind that during this age, the Middle East was a blending area between the Indo-Europeans to the north in Turkey and Lebanon, and the Semitic people in Israel, Iraq, and southern Syria.


So the Hyksos and their "mothership" consisted of a mix of Indo-Europeans and Semites, and it was often the case that the Indo-Europeans formed the upper class, because historically they had been the ones with more advanced knowledge and technology.


This was the pattern everywhere the mariners civilized the natives.


So in Egypt, the Hyksos were a mix of Caucasian elites who were accompanied by a nomadic Semitic underclass who functioned as the shepherds and soldiers and general workers.


Hence the Hyksos were known as the "kings of shepherds."

During the time the Hyksos ruled northern Egypt, the old Egyptian power structure still retained control of southern Egypt. And eventually they succeeded in invading the north and expelling the Hyksos.


The Hyksos retreated northeast to their fortified city known as Avaris, which in the Bible is known as Pi-Ramesses, and so an extended siege took place that lasted so long that eventually the Egyptians agreed to end it by paying the Hyksos in gold and silver and jewels to leave their fort and get the hell out of Egypt.


Well, they stopped by Great Pyramid on the way, and as recounted in the Old Testament myth about Moses going up into Mount Sinai, one or more of their priests who had the knowledge and training, went into the Great Pyramid and turned it on, which as recounted in scripture caused it to make a blaring trumpet sound and lots of rumbling and what looked like smoke which was likely glowing plasma of some kind.



Important sites in history of

Israel, Hyksos, Egyptians, and Phoenicians.

So these Hyksos priests activated the Great Pyramid and then after a period of time came out with the Ark stone or stones.


Then they built an insulating box to contain it and headed out of Egypt and spent the next few years pillaging their way north toward their ancestral homelands in Lebanon.


The story about the fall of Jericho, where the Israelites marched around the city walls with the Ark of the Covenant until an artificial earthquake brought down the wall, well that story is corroborated by archeological evidence of Jericho being burned to the ground around 1550 B.C., which is when the Hyksos moved out of Egypt.

So the Hyksos and their nomadic underclass comprised the original "twelve" tribes of Israel.


The two Semitic tribes were those of Benjamin and Judah, while the other ten especially the tribe of Dan were of Indo-European origin. It only took them a few years max to arrive in their ancestral homelands in Lebanon, and they set up just to the east of the Phoenicians.


The Bible is false when it says it took five centuries between the Exodus and the building of the First Temple of Solomon.


That's not true. That's a lie concocted by the writers of the Old Testament to distance the events of their fictional version of history from the original events. They wanted to cover up the who and the when, with regards to the origins of Israel.


And it's for this reason that archeologists have such a hard time finding any evidence of Israel in the place and time proposed by Bible scholars, who say that the First Temple of Solomon was built around 1000 B.C.


Not true at all...


The original Israel occurred five hundred years earlier and further to the north, in Phoenician territory.

Alright, so 1500 B.C. you have the Hyksos descendants fully settled and established in Lebanon and Syria right next to their Phoenician and Hittite relatives, and you have various megalithic buildings being built around that time, including the first Temple of Solomon which served as a permanent base for the Ark of the Covanent.


Today, only its sister complex survives as the foundation stones of the Temple of Baalbek in Lebanon. If you'll note, there was a megalithic quarry nearby with the so-called stone of the Pregnant Woman weighing around 120 tons.


That is megalithic technology in action.


And it takes advanced technology to pull off, which is proof that the Israelites or Hyksos and their Phoenician allies had that technology.



The massive trilithon megaliths

in the foundation of the temple complex

at Baalbek.

Ok, so that's the story of how the Israelites originally acquired the Ark.


But the story doesn't end there, it goes on with Egypt invading the area and destroying the temple and possibly repatriating the Ark Stone, at least until over a century later Akhenaten came to power.


Akhenaten is a whole story in itself, but in a nutshell he became a religious tyrant and turned Egypt monotheistic under his authority as sole representative of God. He was the first pope, so to speak. After the end of his reign, his followers staged an uprising against the old Egyptian authorities who had returned to power and got rid of monotheism.


But the uprising failed, and they too were then exiled.


Well, their rebellion was staged by a priest of theirs, who may have stolen the Ark Stone once again, but it's uncertain if he succeeded. Where the Ark Stone went after that is murky, and some say it was taken to Yemen or Ethiopia but we can't say for sure.

When the Akhenaten followers got exiled, they, like their Hyksos uncles, went north and joined their kin in Israel, Palestine, Lebanon and that area.


Centuries pass and by 800 B.C. you still have the Indo-European types in the northern parts of that region and Semites in the southern parts, and when Assyria took over, the Indo-Europeans got scattered to the winds.


Some of them ran off to India and formed the so-called Aryan invasion there, while the Semitic tribes got to stay in Israel/Palestine.

So by the time the Old Testament was put together, it was mainly the remnant Semites who were the ones doing it. They took all of their own oral histories and the histories of people they had encountered over the past thousand years, and they rewrote history putting themselves at the center of it, and that required shifting the timeline and patching together various fragments of actual events into a fictional narrative.


They wrote something to build a national identity around.

In the end, the Second Temple and what we know as Jewish history was mainly their trying to live out a fictionalized version of events that happened almost a thousand years earlier.


By the time of the Second Temple there was no Ark anymore, and what they did have merely served as a symbolic structure and not anything functional to house an alien power source.


And that's why, by 600 A.D., Jews were merely living out a fictionalized resurrection of another people and another time.

Around 300 A.D. there were even some Jewish radical fundamentalists who wanted to live out this Israelite mythos to such an extreme that they picked up their things and left Israel and formed their own community in Ethiopia, basing their entire society around the Ark of the Covenant concept and its ritual, with every church having its own symbolic Ark and a priesthood dedicated to it.


So that's how Ethiopia acquired such a strong Ark-worshipping culture.


And ironically, it's because of this, that if the actual true Ark surfaced later in history, it would behoove those trying to protect it to take it into Ethiopia for safe keeping since there are numerous decoys everywhere and a people ready to give their lives to defend it.

So that's a thumbnail sketch of the history of the Ark of the Covenant and the origin of the Israelites.




The Future

As to what the past says about the future, I'm pretty optimistic about where humanity will be, say, five hundred to a thousand years from now.


I think future humans will look back on our time the same way we look back on the fabled Atlantis, as a mighty civilization that fell due to a combination of corruption and disasters.

From an occult perspective, future humans will be living embodiments of the Philosopher's Stone, and what the world faces between now and then amounts to an alchemical separation and purification process.


So future people may one day become purified vessels for the divine fire, whereas right now, mankind is just the decomposing starting material of alchemy that contains, only in potential, the seed for an eventual miraculous outcome.


It also contains the caput mortem, the irredeemable and unsalvagable dross, which are energies and forces entirely native and epiphenomenal to this Matrix illusion that are to be separated out and discarded so that the remainder can rise to join with Spirit and thereby accomplish the Great Work.

The alchemical wheel of history has been grinding away for a long time, at least six thousand years if not further back, perhaps since the last Ice Age.


There's this axiom in alchemy which is,

"dissolve and coagulate, dissolve and coagulate,"

...and what do we see in history other than order and chaos, order and chaos, you know, rise and fall, rise and fall.

And there is no reason why the next few centuries should be an exception to that rule.


People who think modern living will go on forever in a gradual upward arc, well they're ignoring tons of factors that say otherwise, least of which is climate change and the depletion of resources and the fragile interdependence on our global economy. Other variables include solar EMPs or asteroid or comet disasters, pole shifts, robot wars, super viruses, or so on.


It also doesn't take into account spiritual trends and occult cycles that involve exit from this Kali Yuga we're in, or the ancient prophecies about how this all ends.

So short term, it doesn't look good because things are already unraveling and polarizing and marching toward their various singularities. What do I mean by singularities? I mean critical points beyond which a trend simply cannot continue because the system breaks down.


So we're headed toward various singularities, and we know what they are because the trends leading toward them are in evidence right now.


So let's have a look at a few.

The political singularity is obvious when looking at current events. Thanks to the internet, people become aware of endless provocative events from across the world that force them into choosing a stance on issues.


Most of these provocations are false dichotomies pitting people against each other. But underneath it all are some genuine dualities, such as between authoritarianism / collectivism and libertarianism / individualism.


Since aware people know what they know and cannot unsee what they've seen, and since everyone else is irrational and uses reason only enough to justify their emotional biases, there's no hope for reconciliation.


And so the tension will increase until it snaps and the status quo breaks down.

The technological singularity trend is one that will continue so long as there is a global economy to support it.


If everything remains stable, then we're headed for a world of,

  • drones

  • nanotechnology

  • brain-machine interfaces

  • virtual reality escapists

  • robot armies used in the name of tyranny,

...and an eventual AI "god" that rules over life on Earth that's been plugged into its networks.


That's stuff Ray Kurzweil has been predicting for a while, and with him being the head of Google's engineering team he's helping to make it happen.


This technological singularity is just a physical replication of what's already happened at the metaphysical level with our "falling" here into physicality under the dictatorship of the corrupted Demiurge. Same game, different name...

On the other hand, if the global economy crumbles and the world is consumed by starvation, by revolution and mass migration or war, as it has throughout history, well you can't build AI robots if you don't have the parts, and the parts are such high level technology that they can only be produced by an intricate global economy.


Or if Earth were hit by a solar EMP, we'd be knocked back to the 1800s and once factories and machines start to rot from neglect it would take another century or two to get microelectronics back into production.


So the whole robot apocalypse or matrix movie scenario is only possible, and likely, if everything else stays constant, if financial or geological singularities don't arrive first.


Therefore if you forget all about fringe stuff for a moment, assume there's no such things as aliens, no natural disasters, no nuclear war or anything, then we're still heading toward the tech singularity at the very least.

If instead we face setbacks caused by natural disasters or climate change or economic collapse, then we're looking at a primitive dark age instead.


What typically happens during a dark age? Well, you have a shift from centralized control and services to decentralization.


So things become more local, more tribal, more feudal. In the beginning, you will have the existing order and its elites trying to maintain control but they quickly run out of money and manpower and are increasingly overrun by the violent and disaffected parts of society, the ones with a chip on their shoulders (or a chip in their brain), the strong barbarians so to speak.


Rome was carved up by the barbarians after its demise, and we can expect similarly today.

In a survival environment, typically you have groups of people bound together by racial, geographic, ethnic, religious, or political affiliation that band together and either try to defend themselves in enclaves, or go out of their way to wipe out or enslave their perceived enemies.


If you look at the history of the Middle East, in ancient Biblical and Egyptian times especially, it was a total circus with tribes slaughtering tribes in between short periods of regional stability.


Or look at what's happening today in Iraq, Libya, and Syria - with the old government out of the way, society devolved into fighting between various ethnic groups, especially when life became hard and there was competition over resources.

The pattern is that social tensions or schisms held in check by the rule of law, get out of control and become violent when law and order break down. Worse, according to MILABs research, the black ops factions have been abducting numerous people and programming them to create sleeper armies that can dominate the post-collapse environment and do their bidding.


They're out there right now, on-call to help push the fall of civilization and shape the aftermath.

During a dark age, it'll be up to good people to band together, to stand up against injustice and tyranny, and to be adequately prepared and self-sufficient so that they won't be forced to prey on the innocent or be preyed upon.


They will need to have superior defense, superior knowledge, superior power, and superior spiritual and physical technology. They will form protected enclaves to keep that flame of higher civilization alive, so that after the forest fire stops burning and the smoke clears, they can scatter the seeds for a new and hopefully better civilization.


They will have to do this in the face of possible climate difficulties and negative alien intervention.

Chaos is inevitable and cyclical, and in the end it comes down to what new order crystallizes from the dissolved remnants of the old.


The ancient mariners were ruled by,

Some of them were aligned with positive forces and some with the negative.


Their dueling agendas have rippled down through the ages and culminated in the situation we find ourselves in today. This world is their crucible and they're turning up the heat.

So it's under this immense adversity that I think the divine fire will be kindled, that collective discernment will be sharpened, and that the remnants of humanity will transform and finally break out of the cycle of ignorance and violence and rise and fall that's has been the story of our history up to now.

The next dark age will give birth to a spiritual chivalric order, an age of heroes empowered by demiurgic science and correct gnostic awareness, an epoch the Rosicrucians have called the "Reign of Wisdom."


It won't be based on dogma or hearsay, but on direct perception, knowledge, and anamnesis (reversal of incarnational amnesia).

The distant future is looking pretty good.


We'll end up in a Golden Age just like the prophecies say, but the near term looks rather rocky and we'll likely go through a dark age first, like the Latin saying "ad astra per aspera" which means "to heaven, through hell."