-  A Golden Dawn Gallery


 -  Carlos Castaneda's Don Juan's Teachings - Main File


 -  Chamanismo - Main File


 -  Channeling, UFOs and The Positive/Negative Realms Beyond This World


 -  Christ, The Templars, and Sex Magick - Aleister Crowley: My Obsession


 -  Como Trabajan Las Potencias Tenebrosas


 -  From Transylvania to Tunbridge Wells



 -  Guerra en El Cielo - El Colegio Invisible - Resumen del Libro de Kyle Griffith


 -  Howard Phillips Lovecraft - Main File


 -  Inanna - Ishtar - Lilith - Main File


 -  LAM - Main File


 -  Las Entidades Inter-Dimensionales Detrás de La Oscura Agenda que Está Tomando el Control del Mundo


 -  Matrix - Main File



 -  Michael Topper and His Work



 -  Parásitos Psíquicos, Seres Inter-Dimensionales y La Élite Oculta


 -  Posesión y Depredación - Alienígenas, Predadores, Clones y Reptiles - El Enigma de Los Parásitos Extraterrestres


 -  Possession and Predation - Aliens, Flyers, Clones, and Reptilians - The Enigma of ET Parasites


 -  Psychic Parasites, Inter-Dimensional Beings and the Occult Elite


 -  Religiones - El Lenguaje de Los Dioses de La Ciencia Oculta


 -  Religioni - La Lingua Degli Dei e della Scienza Occulta


 -  Ritual of The Cathedral Portal - Chartres Cathedral and the Knights Templar


 -  Synthetic Life - Robotoids, Parasites and Artificial Humans


 -  The Abyss


 -  The Blue Brethren



 -  The Enochian Tablets - An Introduction



 -  The ESP Of Espionage


 -  The Inter-Dimensional Entities Behind the Dark Agenda that's Taking Over the World


 -  The Law Of Thelema


 -  The Necronomicom - Main File


 -  The Origin of The Dragon Lords of the Rings


 -  The Way - DOMA Daughters Of Ma


 -  The Work of Aleister Crowley - Main File


 -  UFOs - The Psychic Dimension


 -  Visitantes de La Dimensión Desconocida


 -  Visitors From The Twilight Zone


 -  War in Heaven - The Invisible College - Summary of Kyle Griffith's Book





 -  Babalón (de "Encuentro en Las Pleyades")


 -  Liber BABALON - The Babalon Working


 -  Mystery Babylon The Great - Catholic or Jewish?


 -  Ordo Templi Orientis, the Babalon Working, UFO's and Haight-Ashbury - from 'The New World Order Scam'

 -  The Babalon Working 1946 - L. Ron Hubbard, John Whiteside Parsons, and the Practice of Enochian Magic

Church of Satan - Anton Szandor LaVey


 -  La Biblia Satanica


 -  The Church of Satan


 -  The Church of Satan Informational Pack


 -  The Satanic Bible


 -  The Satanic Rituals



Jack Parsons


 -  Jack Parsons and the Curious Origins of the American Space Program


 -  Jack Parsons - Beloved of BABALON


 -  Jack Parsons - El Científico Ocultista que La NASA No Quiere que Conozcas


 -  Jack Parsons - Occultist Father of Rocketry 'Written Out' of NASA's History


 -  Jack Parsons - Sorcerous Scientist


 -  JPL's Jack Parsons - The Magickal Scientist



 -  JPL's Jack Parsons - The Scientific Sorceror


 -  Strange Angel - The Otherworldly Life of Rocket Scientist John Whiteside Parson


 -  The Rocket Scientist and The Guru - Stargate 1946



John Dee


 -  About John Dee


 -  Life and Story of John Dee - by Charlotte Fell-Smith


 -  Mysteriorum Liber Primus - by John Dee


 -  Mysteriorum Liber Secundus - by John Dee


 -  Mysteriorum Liber Tertius - by John Dee


 -  The Hieroglyphic Monad - by John Dee



Kenneth Grant


 -  Kenneth Grant and The Merovingian Mythos



 -  The Sorceries of Zos


 -  Typhonian Tomes - Being A Guide To The Works Of Kenneth Grant



Manly P. Hall


 -  Manly P. Hall and the 'Mysteries' - from 'Atlantean Heritage'


 -  Manly P. Hall on Ceremonial Magick


 -  Manly P. Hall on Elementals


 -  Secret Teachings of All Ages


 -  The Case of The Flying Saucers - A 1950 Lecture on UFOs


 -  The Secret Destiny of America


Temple of Set - Michael A. Aquino


 -  The Satanic Rituals


 -  The Temple of Set



 -  The Temple of Set's Reading List - Crystal Tablet of Set



W.B. Yeats



 -  W.B. Yeats and The Little People





 -  Proof That Roman Catholicism Is Witchcraft



 -  Prueba de que El Catolicismo Romano es Brujería


 -  Some Executions for Witchcraft by The Saint Inquisition et al.


 -  The Horrors of The Church and its Holy Inquisition


 -  The Malleus Maleficarum


 -  The Witch Burnings - Holocaust Without Equal



Additional Information


 -  666


 -  Abduction and The Reptilians


 -  Ahriman - An Essay on the Deep Forces behind the World-Crisis, The Advent of


 -  Ahriman Forces and.... How World Leaders are Influenced


 -  Ahriman Forces, The Purpose of the



 -  Ancient Secret Societies, UFOs, and the New World Order


 -  Ángeles - Una Historia de Ángeles en el Pensamiento Occidental


 -  Angels - A History of Angels In Western Thought


 -  Are We Possessed?


 -  Asemic Texts = Alien Writing?


 -  Black Magic and The New World Order - Satanists Rule the World, Not Politicians, Bankers or Military Heads


 -  Brain Zapping


 -  Carlo Dorofatti - A Free Researcher - Main File


 -  Choronzon


 -  Cienciología y Satanismo


 -  Creacion de La Verdadera Realidad


 -  Cults of The Dark Gods


 -  Dark Mission - Project Camelot Interviews Richard Hoagland


 -  Demons in Alien's Clothing


 -  Did Magicians Cause UFO Sightings?


 -  El Advenimiento de Ahriman - Un Ensayo Sobre las Fuerzas Profundas Detrás de la Crisis Mundial


 -  El Descrédito de Las Ciencias Ocultas


 -  El Origen de la Lotería


 -  El Reiki - Arma Oculta de Los Jesuitas


 -  Encounters With Aliens in A Mystery School Text - A Gnostic Catechism


 -  Encuentros con Alienígenas en Un Texto de La Escuela de Misterios - Un Catequismo Gnóstico


 -  Enochian Magicians, Aliens and the Nazis - Agents of Cosmic COINTELPRO and The Stargate...


 -  Esotericism and Ufology - A Different Perspective on The UFO Phenomenon


 - ¿Estamos Poseídos?


 -  Exponiendo a Los Malévolos Dueños y Señores de La Tierra


 -  Exposing The Evil Overlords of Earth


 -  Food for The Moon - The Esoteric Significance of Our Moon and How Lunar Phases Correlate With Hyper Dimensional Attack


 -  Hale Bopp and Heaven's Gate Cult


 -  Healing Reptilians and Other Dark Beings


 -  Humanos 'Sin-Espiritu'


 -  Il Culto Degli Dei Oscuri


 -  Il Reiki - Arma Occulta dei Gesuiti


 -  In Pursuit of Gold - Alchemy in Theory and Practice - by LAPIDUS


 -  La Gran Estafa del Hombre y el Nuevo Orden Mundial


 -  La Historia de La Diosa Alquimia - extracto de 'Cosmologia Pleyadiana'


 -  La Historia No Contada de la Estrella de David


 -  La Storia che Non si Racconta sulla Stella di David


 -  Los Cultos de Los Dioses Oscuros


 -  Los Espíritus Elementales de la Naturaleza


 -  L. Ron Hubbard and The Church of Scientology


 -  Lucifer's Lodge Found! - The Vatican Findings of Malachi Martin


 -  Magia Negra y el Nuevo Orden Mundial - Los Satanistas Gobiernan el Mundo y No los Políticos, Banqueros o Militares


 -  Manipulating Matter - The Scientific Dictatorship as A Project in The Reconfiguration of Reality


 -  Mimicry of Alien Contact by Occult Entities


 -  Mind Parasites, Energy Parasites and Vampires


 -  More Evidence of The Negative Astral Disintegrating - Tim Hicks


 -  Mothman & The Thunderbird - Separated at Birth? - A Striking Resemblance Between the "Mothman" and an Indian Thunderbird...


 -  Occult Holidays And Sabbats


 -  Occultists Worship Numbers


 -  On "Alien Writing" - An Interview with Mario Pazzaglini



 -  Parásitos Mentales, Parásitos Energéticos y Vampiros


 -  Porqué las Fuerzas Negativas Parecen Respetar el Libre Albedrío


 -  Psionic Terrorism


 - ¿Qué Es Un Egregor y Cómo Se Lo Puede Identificar?



 -  Reptilians, The Ancient Ones and The Anunnaki - Understanding The Difference


 -  Satanic Reality


 -  Señales de Los Tiempos


 -  Sinister Forces - Audio Interview With Peter Levenda


 -  Spirit Entities and The Spirit World


 -  Spiritless Humans


 -  Stargates, Ancient Rituals, And Those Invited Through The Portal


 -  The Aliens of the Golden Dawn


 -  The Building of The God Machine


 -  The Living Macroscope


 -  The Music Industry Exposed


 -  The Philosopher's Stone - An Example of Low Demiurgic Technology


 -  The Poltergeist Machine


 -  The Quixotic Dialectical Metaphysical - Manifesto Morning of the Magicians


 -  The Reptilian Appearance of The Ancient Ones


 -  The Shadow Over Innsmouth


 -  The Top 13 Families & The Mormon Leadership


 -  The Unknown Hitler - Nazi Roots in the Occult


 -  The Wetiko Virus - A Malignant Egophrenia


 -  Timeline of The Authentic Tradition


 -  True Reality Creation


 -  Una Realidad Satánica


 -  Watchers, Elohim and Egregors - Abridged from 'Forbidden Knowledge: Secret Societies'


 -  What is "STS-STO" - Que es "SAS-SAO" - Main File


 -  White Gold - Oro Monoatomico - Main File


 -  Why Negative Forces Seem to Respect Freewill


 -  Zos Kia Cultus



Elementals - Elementales


 -  Elementals - from "War in Heaven - The Invisible College"


 -  Elementals and Diminution - from "The Origin of The Dragon Lords of the Rings"


 -  Elementales - de "Guerra en El Cielo - El Colegio Invisible"


 -  Joseph Kerrick and The Esoterrestrials


 -  Manly P. Hall on Elementals


 -  Metaphysics and Grids


 -  Sylphs and Chemtrails - Main File


 -  The Elemental Kingdom


 -  The Elementals


 -  The Formulae of The Elemental Weapons - from "Magick in Theory and Practice"


 -  The Nature of Spiritual Reality - Alain Gossens (Karmapolis) Questions Kyle Griffith On the Meaning of "The War in Heaven"


 -  Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals - from "A Treatise on Cosmic Fire"


 -  Thoughts on The Elementals - Archons



Treatises and Books



 -  A Treatise on Cosmic Fire


 -  CE-VI - Close Encounters Of The Possession Kind - Interference From The Extraterrestrials Among Us - by William J. Baldwin


 -  Chemical Wedding - by Christian Rosenkreutz



 -  Confessio Fraternitatis Manifesto



 -  Corpus Hermeticum - Main File


 -  Cosmic Triger - Final Secret of The Illuminati - by Robert Anton Wilson



 -  De Gli Eroici Furori - The Heroic Frenzies - by Giordano Bruno



 -  De Occulta Philosophia - Of Occult Philosophy or Magic - by Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa


 -  El Colegio Invisible - Guerra en El Cielo - Un Concepto Completamente Nuevo y Revolucionario Sobre La... - por Kyle Griffith


 -  El Cordon Dorado - Hitlerismo Esoterico - por Miguel Serrano



 -  El Lado Activo del Infinito (The Active Side of Infinity) - por Carlos Castaneda


 -  El Misterio De Las Catedrales - por Fulcanelli



 -  El Retorno De Los Brujos - por Louis Pauwels y Jaques Bergier



 -  Fama Fraternitas Manifesto



 -  Finis Gloria Mundi - Fulcanelli



 -  Finis Gloria Mundi - Fulcanelli


 -  Frabato The Magician



 -  Guerra en El Cielo - El Colegio Invisible - por Kyle Griffith



 -  Hostage to The Devil - The Possession and Exorcism of Five Contemporary American - by Malachi Martin

 -  Illuminatus! Trilogy - by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson



 -  Introduccion al Hermetismo  - por Franz Bardon


 -  Invisible Eagle - The History of Nazi Occultism - by Alan Baker


 -  La Rebelión de Los Brujos - por Louis Pauwels y Jaques Bergier



 -  Las Moradas Filosofales - por Fulcanelli


 -  Lemegeton Clavicula Salomonis or The Lesser Key of Solomon


 -  Le Mystere des Cathedrales - Esoteric Interpretation of the Hermetic Symbols of The Great Work - by Fulcanelli


 -  Los Brujos Hablan - por John Baines


 -  Magic of The Future - by Karl Hans Welz



 -  Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry - by A.Pike

 -  Morning of The Magicians - by Louis Pauwels and Jaques Bergier


 -  Mutaciones - Ocho Lecciones Sobre el I-Ching - by Hellmut Wilhelm


 -  Práctica de La Evocación Mágica  - por Franz Bardon



 -  Saucers of The Illuminati - by Jim Keith


 -  Secret Cipher of The UFOnauts - by Allen H. Greenfield



 -  Secret Rituals of The Men in Black - by Allen H. Greenfield



 -  Secret Teachings of All Ages - by Manly P. Hall


 -  The Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis-Misraïm


 -  The Book of Enoch



 -  The Book of Pleasure - by Austin Osman Spare



 -  The Book of The Apocalypse of Baruch



 -  The Call of Cthulhu - by H. P. Lovecraft


 -  The Curse of Canaan - A Demonology of History - by Eustace Mullins


 -  The Dwellings of The Philosophers - by Fulcanelli


 -  The Emerald Tablet of Thoth-Hermes


 -  The Esoteric Physics - Science and Magic in the New Millennium - by Carlo Dorofatti


 -  The Forbidden Knowledge of Secret Societies - by Philip Gardiner


 -  The Great God Pan - by Arthur Machen


 -  The Invisible College - War in Heaven - by Kyle Griffith



 -  The Magan Text



 -  The Malleus Maleficarum - by Heinrich Kramer and James Sprenger


 -  The Morning of The Magicians - by Louis Pauwels and Jaques Bergier


 -  The Mothman Prophecies - by John A. Keel


 -  The Pistis Sophia Unveiled - Samael Aun Weor


 -  The Secret Side of History - Mystery Babylon and The New World Order - by Dee Zahner


 -  The Stellar Man - by John Baines



 -  The Voice of The Silence - by H. P. Blavatsky



 -  The 'ZADOKITE' Document


 -  The Zelator - The Way of the Fool - by Mark Hedsel




Crowley's Work:



 -  Crowley' Egg?


 -  De Arte Magica


 -  Eight Lectures On Yoga


 -  KONX OM PAX - Essays In Light


 -  Liber 777


 -  Liber Ararita


 -  Liber Cordis Cincti Serpente


 -  Liber Samekh


 -  Liber Trigrammaton


 -  Little Essays Toward Truth


 -  Magick in Theory and Practice


 -  Magick Without Tears


 -  Moonchild (Liber 81 - The Butterfly Net)


 -  The Amalantrah Working - Liber XCVII


 -  The Book of Lapis Lazuli


 -  The Book of Lies LIBER CCCXXXIII


 -  The Book of The Law - Liber AL vel Legis


 -  The Book Of Thoth - Liber LXXVIII


 -  The Book of Wisdom or Folly - Liber ALEPH vel CXI


 -  The Tao Teh King - Liber CLVII


 -  The Vision And The Voice


El Trabajo de Eliphas Levi:



 -  Claves Mayores y Claviculas de Salomon



 -  Curso de Filosofia Oculta



 -  Dogma y Ritual De La Alta Magia - Parte 1



 -  Dogma y Ritual De La Alta Magia - Parte 2



 -  El Libro de Los Esplendores



 -  El Libro de Los Sabios



 -  Historia de La Magia





 -  Alien Abduction - Corrado Malanga


 -  History of Magic and Psychic Human Powers


 -  Prenderne Coscienza - Rapimenti Alieni - Corrado Malanga



Related Reports


 -  America's Subversion - The Enemy Within


 -  An Introduction To The Multidimensional Potential Of Human Beings


 -  Bohemian Grove - Main File


 -  Brainwave Frequency Listing


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 -  Germany's ET Contacts? - Its Legacy On The Twentieth Century And After... - Main File


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 -  Grand Global Merger of All Black Magick Forces Occurred When Pope Paul VI Became Pope...


 -  How the Term "Satan" Originated and How Satanism Controls Entities


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 -  Michael Topper and His Work - Main File


 -  Nechung - The State Oracle of Tibet


 -  Revelations From Ex-Illuminati - Satanism and Mind Control... - Main File


 -  Rituals of Freemasonry


 -  Stargate - Main File


 -  The Archons - Los Arcontes - Main File


 -  The Council of Nine - Main File


 -  The Dark History of The Vatican - Main File


 -  The Occult Reptilian Saga - Main File


 -  The Psychic Universe - Main File


 -  The Saga of Flying Objects - Main File


 -  The Watchers - Nephilim - Main File


 -  Vida en El Universo - Main File


 -  Vision Remota - Main File