- El Libro de Enoc - Main File



 -  Enoch - Hanokh



 -  The Book of Enoch - Main File



 -  The Pseudepigraphical Book of Enoch



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 -  El Libro del Conocimiento - Las Claves de Enoc



 -  Enoch and The Nephilim


 -  Enoch and The Watchers - The Real Story of Angels and Demons


 -  Enoc y los Vigilantes - La Verdadera Historia de los Ángeles y los Demonios


 -  Genesis Apocryphon


 -  The Book of Enoch and UFOs



 -  The Book of Enoch, Celestials and Extraterrestrials



 -  The Book of Knowledge - The Keys of Enoch



 -  The Henoch Prophecies - from the Billy Meier...



 -  The Kebra Nagast



 -  The Master Race and The Family of Light - Bio-Political Agendas in Hurtak's "Book of Knowledge"


 -  The Secrets of Thoth and The Keys of Enoch



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