January 2016

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There are so many possibilities of starseed types out there, so in essence there are many starseed types in our universe.


Recently it has been discovered that our bubble universe is connected to many other universes, so there are infinite possibilities of beings out there.


However we are only aware of few types, so I gathered list of few starseed types with their characteristics.




Starseed Types You should Know


Andromeda Starseed Characteristics

The first starseed types are the Andromeda Starseeds and they always seek freedom.


When they seek for this notion of freedom, they will probably change jobs, relationships and homes. However at some point they may realize the freedom they seek has always been within and not their circumstances.


So feeling that you are trapped is because you seek freedom to know yourself better from within.

Andromeda a starseeds must work out their issues with love and self confidence. Once they develop this area of their life the connection between them self and Source becomes powerful. This may allow past life recollections to flow and the old talents will begin to awaken again.


Most Andromeda starseeds are healers and teachers, so they have much to offer on the spiritual pathway.


  1. They love to be free, they find the freedom within.

  2. They need to understand and develop their self confidence and learn to love.

  3. They have longing to be healers and teachers.

  4. They love to experience many realities and possibly everything known.

  5. They hate routines and activities that are boring.



Arcturian Starseed Characteristics

Another starseed types, are the Arcturian starseeds and they tend to have strong personalities, a deep inner knowing and strength within.


Arcturian starseed on the exterior look strong, powerful and capable. They have a sense of important purpose in their life, however they never know what that purpose is. The arcturians always search for this knowledge, which leads them to spiritual pursuit.


The danger is if they don't find this knowledge they become unhappy and not knowing why.



  1. They are strong beings from within.

  2. They like to be spiritual from an early point in their life, if not they are disappointed.

  3. They are very imaginative in nature.

  4. They have a great sense humor and like to make others laugh.

  5. They love to Travel.


Sirian Starseed Characteristics

Little bit of history according to Hopi indian divination states, is that when blue star kachina appears in the sky, the fifth world may emerge.


They believe this is the day of purification. The name Hopi gave Sirius is the blue star kachina. According to ancient alien theory, the blue star kachina are aliens.

Those who are Sirian starseeds tend to be very focused and very determined. The sirians have a warrior like attitude and are closely related to nature, they like to use technology that are friendly to nature.


Sirians have high regard for honesty and integrity, don't expect to be their friend too quickly. Like the Hopi indians they are closely attached to nature and water.


They are good at expressing themselves with the opposite sex.


  1. They are natural leaders with warrior like attitude.

  2. They don't like new ways, they love their old ways with nature.

  3. They are ideal people with strong sense of humor, they love to mingle.

  4. They love nature and attached to it.

  5. They don't like dishonest people and never forgive those who are.


Pleiadian Starseed Characteristics

The pleiadians come from the star system known as the Pleiades.


The star system is fascinating, there are small group of seven stars situated within the constellation of Taurus the Bull. These stars are known as the seven sisters.


They are called as follows,

The pleiadian starseed are the early race of humanoids.


They are mostly loving, kind and sensitive. They always carry a pleasant and gentle energy with them. They do their work in harmony and they want everyone to be happy and at peace.


Sometimes they hold their feelings in and react towards criticism.


They love to please people, which often leads to resentment.


They tend to have problem expressing negative feelings openly, so they become passive aggressive, negativity makes pleiadians sick.


They like to absorb negative energy like anger and stress in effort to smooth the situation.

  1. They are loving, kind and sensitive.

  2. They have that strong longing to make others happy and feel bliss.

  3. They are always happy and remain positive.

  4. Everyone enjoys their company, as they carry smooth positive energy.

  5. They are very submissive, have trouble speaking out their feelings.