A Journey into Oneness

Imagine the Universe as one giant living information Being.
Well Aware of Itself.
Imagine that someone interprets, reads and transmits this information.

"To heal a situation it must first be exposed
Once exposed it must be healed.
This is the purpose of this document.
As a contribution to heal the exposed.
Not by the means of a violent confrontation,
but by the means of a peaceful reconciliation."

" The Principle or Law of Reconciliation is that which finds in differing qualities unifying similarities that allows these differences to be brought together; to accept the unifying qualities and diminish the differences, so that the differences in the qualities become less clashing and conflicting and the unifying qualities become more binding. This is to reconcile, to find common denominators in things that are normally seen as separative, and to emphasize and exaggerate and promote those common denominators, thus allowing the differences to fade away, or fall into proper alignment. The Law Of Reconciliation allows those things which are normally in conflict to become harmonious in relationship to one another"

Attention: this is not channeled information and has an estimated 85% accuracy


Celestial Awareness is that Universal Force or Celestial Consciousness that manifests Itself as Universal Consciousness in ultra-high levels of frequency. Its expressions are given to those who attune to those frequencies as impressions and symbols which are then interpreted by a translator, such as Paul Shockley, who has interpreted its messages since 1969. The beautiful wisdom and highly practical common sense brought through from Celestial Awareness about human consciousness and world affairs, has enthralled hundreds of thousands of readers worldwide since 1963.

Cosmic Awareness is the force that expressed Itself through Edgar Cayce, Christ, the Buddha, Krisna, Mohammed, and other great Avatars who served as "channels" for our Father/Mother God, and who speaks again today as the world begins to enter the New Age of spiritual consciousness and awareness. Since 1963 Cosmic Awareness has been communicating through carefully trained channels.

The information contained herein was received from deep trance states and "interpreted" by an entity affiliated with Cosmic Awareness Communications. (C.A.C.)

Awareness tells you not to believe anything, but to question, explore, doubt and discover for yourself what is the truth. Cosmic Awareness only indicates and suggests.

The 3 major Players in the Galaxy

This Awareness wishes entities to understand that there are three major players in the galaxy:

  • the Reptoid Federation

  • the Galactic Confederation

  • the Orion Empire

The Orion Empire as that which is ruled basically by one leader, as presented fictionally in the story of Star Wars . The Reptoid Federation, as that which is a conglomeration of many different groups, in which the Reptoids in various types of species have joined together and the Galactic Confederation as that which is made up from federations of different star systems throughout the galaxy, these being most of human types. (Pleiadians, Vega, Sirius, Arcturius, Lyrans, Andromeda and more.)

(Revelations Awareness issue 91-16/NO. 391)


New World Order
(New World Order Another Form of Communism)

This Awareness indicates that essentially, the New World Order is just another form of Communism being imposed on the world. This Awareness does not mean this in a way that sounds like some right-wing fanatic, but it must be understood that Communism began with payments from certain bankers to Trotsky to train troops in New York, and money was sent to Lenin to fight in Russia, and these were efforts to create a Communist state in Russia.

The Communist state in Russia was allowed to continue until recently, and while it is said that it failed of its own nature, and fell apart, this Awareness suggests that also it was part of a long-term New World Order plan, and the same people who financed it in 1917, or their heirs, are financing the New World Order and pushing for its imposition on the rest of the world, and it will be much like, and follow the same patterns that were used in taking over Russia.

The Progressive Steps to Taken Over the Country (USA and the World ed.)

This Awareness indicates the first thing is to take away the arms of the people so that they are unarmed.
Next is to take away any means of organizing and communicating so that they cannot form groups, or large armies. The next thing is to make them vulnerable. If they are homeless, or if they are without food, they are subject to mass control and manipulation. The next thing is to get rid of the opinion makers, the leaders, the Christians; the Christians because they have certain principles and beliefs and values that they do not wish to compromise; and patriots, and by getting rid of patriots, they will have eliminated any major resistance to the New World Order and they will be able to tell the remaining people what to do and they will do it.

Many will do it for reward, others will do it to avoid punishment. This Awareness indicates therefore, your only time to do anything is prior to the take over date, and the only thing you can do is alert the masses, attempt to persuade the police to stand by their allegiance to the Constitution, to the values of the country and to the protection of the people against these foreigners and Communists, these people who would destroy this country in order to rule the world for themselves.

It is simply an old game played with new methods of someone trying to rule the world, because he or she or they are so ambitious and have so little respect for others, and they are so wealthy that they can buy or frighten or destroy any who interfere with their plans to rule the world, and the question you may wish to ask is:

"Are you going to commit treason or are you going to abide by the law of the land and your allegiance to the Constitution and the country you have sworn to uphold?"

This Awareness indicates there could be an ironic twist, whereby the people who promote the New World Order may themselves in the end find themselves in the concentration camp that they had set up for the masses of patriots and Christians. This Awareness indicates that it is an idea that could cause them to ponder on their future fate, if this idea were also spread.

This Awareness suggests that entities need to communicate with police, with the army, with all the military, with those leaders in Congress and the Senate, with community leaders, church leaders, and with any who might have influence over others, including the media, and the entertainment fields This Awareness indicates the more entities who are contacted, the more who will switch their allegiance to represent the people and the country to which they belong.
(Revelations Awareness 93-12/NO. 421)

A Mathematical Formula for Enslaving the Masses

This Awareness wishes you to know that these masters of economics are not operating without a map; that these entities have a precise, almost mathematical formula for enslaving the masses. Those experiences of the past, such as sugar rationing, the gasoline shortage, the cafe shortage, other similar crisis in commodities and in the political and military events that have happened over the past two decades,-these things were not haphazard. This did not simply happen because someone overestimated something or because bad weather affected the crops or because some event happened.

These were manufactured in order to get a computer readout of how the masses would respond to such crises, and from these readouts, in a kind of linear programming, they could take this information, put it in a formula and make predictions as to how the masses will behave, and as to what degree they can influence the masses without the masses turning against them, and this kind of computerized programming perfected to such a degree that it is almost mathematical, almost as any mathematical formula in its predictive outcome. They know exactly what kind of crisis to create in order to get the public to do this or that. (Revelations Awareness 88-8/NO. 329)


New World Order Sneaking in Like a Thief in the Night

It wishes at this time to inform entities that this so-called New World Order is likely to come about in a manner that is unobtrusive and without a great clarity or understanding as to what it is, in such a manner that it is upon you before you realize it's there, so that there is very little disturbance to society.

When the society realizes that the sovereign nation is not longer sovereign but is subservient to the United Nations and that the United Nations is the center for the New World Order and that national laws are subject to united, national laws and the laws of the New World Order, it will be too late.

This Awareness indicates that for the first decades of this New World Order being in place, it is not likely that entities will feel the yoke of oppression that is possible under the new laws, but as time progresses, the new laws of the New World Order, being put in place, will be activated slowly and tightened slowly, until the future generations discover themselves under laws that may have total disregard for the rights that entities presently enjoy, especially those in the United States under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

This Awareness indicates that before any of this takes place, the handguns and rifles will be confiscated from the public and the people, being disarmed, will have no recourse but to surrender to whatever tyranny raises to replace the democracies that entities presently enjoy.

New World Order is also an Economic Machine

This Awareness indicates that the New World Order is that which is more than a political machine; it is also an economic machine which is capable of determining the life-style of your children and your children's children, and once it is in place, whatever form it is capable of providing may be difficult to alter; that already it is more or less in effect but it is not fully implemented. It is like having a power system in a building that still needs the switch thrown, though most of the wiring has been placed and is in some cases operational, and in some cases in operation,

Once the switch is thrown, may of the mechanism of the New World Order may be seen to have long been in place and the bureaucracy of the New World Order will then be able to deal as it chooses, as its leaders chooses. This Awareness indicates the likelihood is that there will be a leveling out of income and life-styles in which the middle class and upper class will be reduced to a common lower class , and the ultra wealthy who are in charge of the New World Order.

This may not take immediately, but gradually, moving in that direction by manipulating of the economies and nations. This Awareness indicates that the tightening of the medical controls, controls on business, controls on individuals, controls that prevent entities for being able to sue or claim rights and privileges that have been available for entities as recourses for needs and broken promises or violations, are gradually being eroded. Individuals who can no longer get the support needed to confront the amalgamations of powerful organizations and government agencies, are finding it more and more difficult to claim their rights.

It is even questionable whether some of the guaranteed rights are worth trying to enforce or trying to claim because the cost is prohibitive and can destroy an entity's entire financial base in the pursuit of its right. This Awareness indicates that this becoming more and more pronounced as time passes. There may become a time when you can not even discuss health matters with each other or possible alleviation of health problems without being arrested, if overheard, for practicing medicine without a license.

(Revelations of Awareness 92-1/NO. 393)


How the New World Order (Global Governance) is taking control right under our nose

Contents of this file:


New World Order-The Name of the Game is Control

New World Order - The Name of the Game is Control
Their thought patterns are different;
"There are No Russians.
There are No Nations.
There are No People,
There are No Arabs.
There are No Third Worlds.
There is No West.

THERE IS ONLY.........

One Holistic System of Systems.
One Vast, Interwoven,
Interacting, Multi-variant,
Multi-national Dominion of Dollars,
Petrodollars, Electrodollars,
Multidollars, Reichmarks,
Yen, Rubles, Pounds, and Shekels.
It is the international system, the currency, which determinates the totality of life on this planet.
That is the natural order of things today.
"That is the atomic and subatomic and galactic structure of things today, the primal forces of nature"
The Mindset of the Internationalists;


The Law of Leverage May Save the Day

This Awareness indicates that energies have been put in motion which appear to be those that will help to bring about considerable clarity; that this is not to be underestimated. It is no small thing. This Awareness indicates that the continued movement in this direction as that which may be of great value to this plane; that it relates to the Law of Leverage wherein a small amount of energy, applied at the right time, in the right place, in the right way, can move huge amounts of energy, which might not be available at a later time, or from another way. The timing is most important as it relates to the timing. The means is only available at the right times.

(Revelations Awareness 92-13/NO. 405)


A Cosmic View of How Reptoids are Created

This Awareness wishes to proceed to another step or level of understanding the present situation. This Awareness indicates that from a cosmic point of view, all entities are aspects of this Awareness, whether they be alien to earth, or inhabitants of earth, or whether they be from other planets or systems, or other planes of existence; all are aspects of the Universal Consciousness, a consciousness that resides throughout the universe in all things.

This Awareness indicates that when consciousness began to divide and fragment, each fragment took on its own unique appearance. Many of these fragments then divided further and created multitudes of fragmented beings similar to each other. Other fragments of the original group divided into multiple fragments, creating multitudes of other beings, having different features, different from the first fragmented group. For example, those of the Reptilian types and those of the human types came from different fragments of consciousness. This Awareness indicates that in the sense of polarity, such as a line of a magnet or magnetic bar, the positive pole on one end and the negative pole on the other end; if this bar were made of light or consciousness, and one end of that bar were to develop faster than the other end, the faster growing end would become the head, the other end the tail.

Now, if the positive end of the bar became the head, it would result in a creature different from the bar in which the negative end became the head. This Awareness is speaking in terms of molecule levels, also in terms of galactic and stellar levels and in terms of universal levels; that whatever creature is created it has a positive and a negative side, and one side is energized more than the other. The positive side, if energized more, becomes the head, and the negative side, if energized more, becomes the head.

The Reptoids were born out of the negative end of such polarized energy, and the mammals were born out of the positive side of such energies, and they are, of course, many degrees in between. Thus, you see the cat with its cats eyes having certain qualities similar to that of the Reptoids and Greys and the dog with its round eyes and round pupils having certain qualities and facial features more akin to that of the human.

Of course, the monkeys and anthropoid types are even closer to human shapes and forms and, of course, the serpents and reptiles are closer to the Reptoid forms and shapes. This Awareness indicates that many entities have been conditioned to believe that man evolved out of the animal; that the energies of evolution coming up from the animal led to the creation of mankind, of humankind. This Awareness suggests that essentially, it was the opposite; that out of consciousness came rays of energy, split and divided like that from a prism, wherein light broke into various colors and light itself carrying consciousness, unique to its own vibration and color, than again began to split, created still further aspects of being, which again split, carrying further aspects of being, which aspects again split and continued ad infinitum.

This Awareness indicates that the animals essentially are cast off from the consciousness of humans and other higher creatures, and are splits in consciousness that occurred as this big bang of consciousness occurred, creating all the reflections moving down into greater and greater fragmentation. Thus, the Creators, the Creator was the consciousness, but the gods that took on form were partly the next aspect of that Creator and subsequently came the plants and animals that followed as consciousness splintered and fragmented further.


Darwin's Theory is Backwards

This Awareness indicates that the Darwin's theory that it all started out "here" somewhere, with multitudes of atoms combining into molecules, combining into living cells, splitting and become larger celled creatures, eventually evolving into small amoeba and further evolved creatures, is simply backwards of the actual creation. This Awareness indicates the humanoid type creations occurred close to the beginning, even before there were plants, but these creations did not move into form, in the density levels of physical form, until quite some time later, after the big bang of consciousness, wherein a cooling process took place, in the sense that the vibrations slowed down sufficiently to create a flux of energy that can be classed as physical form.

(Revelations Awareness 90-18/NO. 371)


The Value of Humanity

The value of humanity is not in what humanity has done, but in its potential, yet unknown, for humanity's potential is on the brink of expressing itself, and, if surviving, will soon reach a state of expression that will be as the expression of divinity. It will be associated with angelic powers. It is only a matter of time. The difference between humanity and the Reptilian or Reptoid types is that humanity is accompanied by the evolutionary growth and development of compassion, while the Reptoids have stripped away compassion from their being and have become technologically cold, efficient, powerful.


Reptoids are Spiritually Bankrupt Beings

They have great power. They have great technology. They are extremely efficient in what they do, but they lack compassion. They do not care for others, even among their own rank in the way that humans care. This Awareness indicates that they are spiritually bankrupt, whereas humans are on the brink of spiritual abundance. It is so close, and when it comes, human powers will excel and exceed the technologies available to those Reptoids, for the spiritual powers will allow humans with their mentality and consciousness to have domination over those technological powers of the Reptoids.

This Awareness indicates it is not such a matter of good or evil, it is a matter of returning to the source, to the original consciousness from whence all came, and the Reptoids are at the extreme opposite end and have no direction to go except to return, and the humans are now close to Cosmic Consciousness. It will be but a matter of time before humans, in collective consciousness, can have greater power without touching the Reptoids have with all of their technologies.

(Revelations Awareness 91-16/NO.391)


Why Reptoids and Sirians have legitimate claims to human race

The Sirians were masters of genetic engineering and as mentioned in the Sitchin books The Earth Chronicles, helped to bring about the creation of the Cro-Magnon man through these genetic engineering experiments, much earlier in the history of mankind, using genetic engineering from mammals mixed with the earlier genetic mutation brought on by the Dragon, or Draco Reptoids along with their engineering of the Neanderthal types.

That by adding the engineering of the mammalian brain over the Reptoid brain, the Sirians managed to create a more evolved humanoid; the Cro-Magnon or upright man, this known as the Homo Erectus, or Erect Human. It is for this reason that both have legitimate claims to the human race and to the ownership of the Earth, at least legitimate in terms of argument.

They each feel some legitimacy to their claims. Of course, the humans, for the most part, would prefer their Sirian cousins over the Reptoid cousins or grandfathers, but there is a claim by Reptoid creatures for their argument that they were the original creators of humans, although their creation was intended for the purpose of enslaving the creature for work in mines and in the field for the gold, and the Sirian action was that which disrupted their enslavement plans for the creation and it altered the nature of the humanoid so that the humanoid could evolve and have similar qualities of thought to those who were by those humanoids considered as gods.


The New World Order: The Alien Connection

This Awareness indicates the New World Order is part of the alien agenda, promoted by those Greys from Orion. The purpose being to set up the world for its future inclusion in the Orion Empire. This Awareness indicates that while it is planned, it is seen that the Galactic Federation, which includes the Pleiadians and the Vegans and the Sirius groups, are all also concerned and hoping that the earth does not become part of the Orion Empire, or the Draco Federation. This Awareness indicates that they prefer to see the earth become part of the Galactic Federation. This Awareness indicates that the earth is in a particular position in the galaxy and has a special value in regard to the minerals and the water on the earth as well as the central core computer that was placed under the earth's surface by Orion overseers from the past, when they in ancient time had great control over the planet, and they wish to restart that computer, and reclaim the planet as their own in their Network."

This Awareness indicates that there has been a number of extraterrestrial cultures who have, in the past, made claim to the planet, and who have either abandoned those claims and gone elsewhere, or have lost control of their property through war or other conflicts, so that at present time there are disputes among these extraterrestrial cultures as to who really owns the earth. This Awareness indicates that it is not clearly defined, even though there are certain cultures that would have entities believe that they are the true owners of the earth:

This Awareness indicates the Orion Greys, the tall big nosed Greys, are those who claim some kind of ownership based on their having placed a computer in the subterranean levels of earth which has guided energies on earth through grid-lines and through certain forces that were used through these grid-lines and through their economic controls that have been handed down over the hundred and thousands of years that time, up till the present

The Orion Greys appear to be in a position of economic power, wherein they are more powerful economically, and thus hold control over other extraterrestrials, such as the Draconians and the Zeta Reptilians. This Awareness indicates that the small Greys or those of the Zeta Reticuli are basically mercenaries under the domination of the Draconians, the Draco Reptiles, which are subservient to the Orion Greys, even though they have greater military power and greater force. The Draconian forces have the ability to take control away from the Orion Greys, but the Orion Greys are such good managers of planets that the Draco Reptoids do not envy them of there job and therefore, let themselves be the military arm of the operation, while giving the economic and political control to the Orion Forces.

(Revelations Awareness 93-14/NO. 423)

The Fake Invasion and Fake Rapture


Religions & Monetary System Evolved from Orion

Even the Hindu writings of the earliest Sanskrit contain references to spacecrafts, and throughout the world there are references and remnants of space aliens in pictures, drawings and such as the Nasca lines. This Awareness indicates that the religion established by the aliens, promoted by the priestcraft which was set up by aliens in order to control the masses, in order that civilization could be developed on this plane, along with the monetary system, evolved out of the Orion influence.

This Awareness reminds you of the Unholy 6 in Orion, the six planets, and the planet known as Tyrantor, from which your word tyrant comes from, and that in the middle east is that city called Tyre, which in ancient time became the scourge of travelers who were always stopped by the fleets and were forced to pay duty for traveling anywhere in the area. This Awareness indicates that this was the introduction of the monetary system that developed from the Orion influence which later became a kind of evolving taxation program: the head tax, the toll.

The monetary system of reward and punishment for energies given or entities being fined or punished comes from the Orion system. The concept of punishing people by fining them or taking their money or rewarding them for energies that have been helpful is basically an Orion concept that was brought to Earth many centuries ago.

This Awareness indicates that it is also the source of the usury system of interest being extracted for the loan of money, for the use of money. This Awareness indicates that in terms of the interest and compound interest, these developed from Orion systems, and it has been responsible for the ultra-rich, such as the Rockefellers and Rothschilds and other major family wealth of those super-rich groups who, through banking and similar monetary movement, the movement of money, were able to garner the wealth of the world, through means of interest and usury at the expense of the masses and their labor.


The Reptoids Reward Entities in Drugs and Oppression

This Awareness indicates that there are some planets and cultures in the galaxy who do not use money at all, who use drugs, as rewards for hard work, or threats and oppression as punishment for not working hard enough, and these rewards and punishments are for them the equivalent of paying for a job well done or a job poorly done.

The Reptoids use this kind of coercion to keep their workers in line, whereby the workers can receive sustenance for their livelihood. They follow directions and do their duties, or they will receive great punishment or deprivation if they fail to do so.


How the Alchemy of Your Knowledge Works

It is the Will and Intend of this Awareness to prepare a certain small portion of society of aware people, so that their consciousness in being made aware, can have an alchemical effect on the mass-consciousness in a way that depolarizes and balances the energies on this plane.

This has to do with quantum physics in which polarized energies, being resolved in part, tend to affect the greater mass so that wherein the greater mass might have certain fears, the fears diminish as the fewer parts having already perceived and gone through the energizing of these concepts, harmonizing or reconciling these polarities, these fewer points of light help to defuse the fear and the polarization of the greater masses.

It is a principle in quantum physics that need to be understood, in order that entities better recognize why certain elements of consciousness in a small percentage can have profound effect on the greater mind of consciousness. When this Awareness speaks of consciousness, It speaks of the collective consciousness of humanity. This Awareness reminds entities that It is not playing favorites with humanity over the aliens simply because It is speaking through a human channel. These alien beings have certain intrinsic rights. This Awareness does however, recognize certain principles as being proper and appropriate and a certain manner of behavior as being appropriate, and wherein aliens are inappropriate in their behavior, this Awareness must express concern for that inappropriateness and tends to seek to influence reconciliation.

This Awareness indicates that wherein there is fear, whether within aliens or humans, this Awareness tends to seek to eliminate the fear, for fear tends to create problems, and courage tends to solve those problems. This Awareness indicates that It is not seeking to cause entities alarm. It would not tell most entities what is being given here to those who have been long-term recipients of messages from this Awareness. Those entities who are aware or who have the capacity to listen to that which is unusual without flinching, without fear, are those entities who are blessed and who are precious in that they can help to diffuse the negative energies that might accompany such information, and in so diffusing the negativity and the fear that others might feel, they become open to the possibility, and in so doing, harmonize the polarities associated with such information for the mass mind to consume.

It is likened unto a digestion, wherein part of the of the mind digest the information without becoming frightened and throwing up. If part of the mind can digest the information, then it breaks down the information to such levels that the rest of the mass-consciousness begins to accept the digested information on a subconscious level, so that when, indeed, the events transpire that pertain to the message, the entities are not so easily thrown off balance or into states of fear or into radical reactions.

(Revelations of Awareness 90-6 NO. 359)


Many Draconians Now in Human Bodies walk Among Us

This Awareness indicates that the Reptoid people do not necessarily appear as Reptoids when they reincarnate as human beings. They are simply humans in appearance, from human parents, but they have within their soul and background Reptoid genes and memory and are essentially from Draco in their origins, and there are many on this Earth who are Draconian in nature and their purpose is to gain power and destroy anything that preaches or attempts to establish a great harmony on Earth.

This Awareness indicate that this may be seen as related to the Hindu god Kali, the Destroyer. This Awareness indicates that it should be recognized that

This Awareness indicates the Pleiadians as being distant cousins of humans, and they also being benefactors.


The Structure of Alien Government (Rape & Pillage Allowed)

The Orion Alliance creates structures on the planets run by hierarchy and controlled by money systems and the Reptoids enforce the allegiance to these structures and control the masses, and for this they (Zeta Reticuli) are allowed what may be termed "rape and pillage" privileges. This Awareness indicates the Zetas support the Reptoids and the Reptoids support and derive authority from the Orion Empire.

(Revelations Awareness 92-14/NO.398)

Humanity in the meantime is semi-oblivious to all this and simply goes along on their daily pursuit of pleasure/pain behavior life-styles. This Awareness indicates that there are a very few people in the human population who understand much about the overall picture in regard to the alien presence on earth or the agendas of the alien presence and its overall intent.

(Revelations Awareness 93-14/NO. 423)


How the Orion Empire is Preparing our World for Takeover

This Awareness indicates that if you consider that the Earth is being made over to fit within the Orion Empire and the Draconian Federation so that it can become a galactic annexation, where it is annexed into the Galactic Federation and Orion Empire, then you understand why the corporate heads would also need to be part of this, you understand that the New World Order is being directed by these extraterrestrials to make the world, the Earth as you know it, into a kind of a planet that fits within the agenda of the Orion Empire and the Draco Federation through the control of the corporations and the governments.

The plan by these Draconian and Orion masters is eventually to get rid of all governments and simply have everything under corporation controls. This Awareness indicates that this gives them a complete hierarchical system for the ultimate type of dictatorial control. As long as there are governments, they see the governments as being wasteful and inefficient, but they see corporations as having a built-in hierarchy which allows the employees of all these corporations, which includes all of the masses on Earth, to be well-controlled by the corporations.

Thus, each entity in a corporation would be loyal to that corporation similar to the behavior of ants or beehives, where there is no room for any switching from one beehive or one anthill to another. In other words, entities would belong to the corporation. The entities, once in a corporation, would have family that also belongs to the corporation. This is the ultimate plan or agenda for the Earth as seen by these extraterrestrials.

This Awareness indicates that the corporation controlling each of its workers, would have a greater more absolute control than any government system could have, separate from such a hierarchy. This Awareness suggests that this essentially is what appears to be in back of the replacement of human individuals (several political leaders and corporate heads) by their synthetic or Robotoid clones.


20 Years Ago Awareness Discussed the Cloning Going On

This Awareness indicates it is interesting that only now, some 20 years later, it is being noted that sheep in the British Isles have been cloned, and that monkeys in Oregon have been cloned, and the concept of potential human cloning is now being discussed. This Awareness indicates 20 years ago, this cloning activity, when discussed by this Awareness ad by Dr. Beter was seen as having and absolute farce, ridiculous, and unbelievable.

This Awareness wishes you to understand that most of technology of the more secretive type is not made available to the public for approximately 20 years or more, and therefore the timing is right on for the disclosure of rudimentary cloning as a possibility, since it has been occurring for over 20 years.

(Revelations Awareness 97-8/NO. 485)


"The Galactic Confederation Command"

This Awareness indicates that the Galactic Command, composed of the Pleiadians, Vegans, Sirius and Arcturians, Lyrans is such that it keeps a low profile, because they have not been clearly invited by all of human representatives and governments to assist humans in throwing off the yoke of oppression that will come from these Draconians and Orion Forces.

In fact, most humans do not yet recognize this potential for enslavement by these forces, and therefore are more concerned about what kind of health and technology these force may give them in terms of enhancing their own particular power over others on earth. Those involved in these higher levels wherein there is communication with the ET's or aliens, are more concerned with what they are going to get out of the situation as individual humans than they are by what the agenda has in store for the rest of humanity.

Getting the Alien Federations Straight
A clarification about Orion

This Awareness wishes to make some clarifications in this respect:

This Awareness indicates that there are some hundred and thirty planets in that area.

This Awareness indicates that there is also, besides the Orion Empire, the Draconian Federation. The Draconians have absorbed those from Zeta Reticuli and have brought these entities as mercenaries, but the Reticuli do not think of themselves so much as part of the Federation - they refer to themselves more as a network. The word "Reticuli" means network, and that is a traditional classification in their history, which they do not easily shed. The Draconian Federation considers however the Network as part of their Federation, subordinate to their controls. The Draconian are able to control the Reticuli through treaties that have been formed some hundred thousand years back, when they helped to rescue the Reticuli from their dying planet (from excessive exposure to radiation) and infused it with new life, and then, in return, gained control over the entities of the Reticuli.

The Reticuli hail from a binary star, that is, two stars that rotate together, and live on planets close to these stars which are highly unlivable to humans, being very heavy in heat and desert. The Reticuli, in coming to earth prefer desert areas where the climate is quite warm. This Awareness indicates that this in part is favorable because of their insect genetic qualities, which makes up part of their total being. This Awareness indicates that the Draconians also being cold-blooded beings, prefer the warm climates.

This Awareness indicates as to the concept of the Confederation, this is not a common term used in describing the amalgamation of these planets from the Pleiades, Vega, or the Sirius system, but has been borrowed from human tongue and from the persistent use of the term by channels to describe the amalgamation of these planets working together in this galaxy to try to hinder the spread of Draconian influence.


Genetic "Time-Release Capsule" to Trigger your Cosmic (Universal) Awareness

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You are not unrelated to the Reptilians. You are more related to the mammal types, and these mammal types tend to dominate over a period of time, so that the Reptilian genetics weaken as time passes and the mammalian genetic strengthens. This Awareness indicates that there is also a genetic factor implanted in the human creation by the entities from Sirius who were involved. This was secretly put into the human equation by those from Sirius without others knowing about this, in which the Sirian beings, or genetic engineers, implanted within the human species a kind of holographic cell that would over a period of time, with each passing generation and with the rising of consciousness, put in a cell that upon a certain level of development, would react.

This may be equated unto a kind of time-release capsule, such as the pills you take that don't activate for eight hours and then activate at a certain time. This genetic cellular code was designed to activate with each passing generation, so that each passing generation became more aware, and as each generation becomes more aware, it becomes more God-like, a little at a time with each passing generation, and in this action, when the vibrations reach a certain state in the evolving human, it becomes possible for that cell to activate totally and the entity experience God realization and becomes cosmically aware, or totally conscious.

This Awareness indicates that each human being has this potential built in to the cells, but it does not release when the entities are engaged in selfish endeavors, self centered activities. It does not release when entities are engaged in hostility, greed, power, lust and the seeking of control over others. It engages only when the entity pursues the spiritual and Divine Light. This Awareness indicates that in this sense, you have options and those options allow you to choose a path toward spiritual enlightenment, and in doing so, to become God-realized.

The Intergalactic Confederation is Defined

This Awareness indicates that the so-called Intergalactic Command or Intergalactic Confederation, this may be thought of more a grouping or alliance of highly evolved spiritual beings of different star systems who have united in their common purpose of hindering the Orion Empire and Draconian Federation from capturing and enslaving other planets outside their already held Federation and Empires.

This Awareness indicates that those from Vega have pledged their efforts to help prevent the Empire and the Federation from taking control of Earth. Their methods are not to intervene directly in the affairs from humans, and the humans have allowed the Draconians and Orion Empire representatives to have bases on Earth, therefore the Vegans, Lyrans and Pleiadians must honor the human decision and treaties with the Draconians and Orion Empire and Reticuli Network to have positions on Earth, until the humans choose otherwise.


How Vegan & Pleiadian Volunteers Work on Earth

In the meantime the Vegans, those from Lyra and those from the Pleiades have also chosen ways to influence the human movement toward throwing off these would be oppressors. The Vegans send some of their most advanced beings to be born on earth with earthly parents and to grow and develop and do their work to help prevent this take over of the planet by these Empire, Federation and Network aliens. This Awareness indicates that the
Pleiadians have also their volunteers. There have been those who came in space ships and met directly with individuals (Billy Meier) and met directly with individuals who were open and desirous of meeting with them. These entities even gave warning about the Orion Empire and sought to prevent the treaties (with the US Government), but failed to do so*.

(* In Behold A Pale Horse page 202, William Cooper speaks also about a race of humanoid aliens, ed)

Therefore, while they seek to help in whatever ways they can to hinder the Orion Empire in its conquest or the Draconians in their various invasion plans, they avoid direct interference in the affairs pertaining to these entities on Earth They are even careful not to talk about these entities as being dangerous or enemies of theirs or of mankind. Those from Lyra also incarnate into human form to help change the vibrations and instill a sense of spiritual meaning into the lives of those whom they come in contact with. That these are the ways whereby the amalgamation of star systems work together to help Earth in its struggle for survival and for spiritual enlightenment.


Andromeda? Any Decision by The Andromeda Council?

This Awareness indicates that as long as earth allows the Draconians and Reticulians to remain and treaties have been signed, that this more or less creates a block to prevent interference from the Pleiades, Vegans or others. It is for this reason that any contacts will be of a very minor nature, more to educate and inform than to directly interfere or confront the Draconian, Reticulian and Orion Empire Greys.

This Awareness indicates that the Andromeda Council is much like the UN on Earth; it has certain influence, but it has no power over those who refuse to abide by its recommendations. The Draconian Confederation, the Orion Empire; these do not give much credence to the Andromeda Council or its recommendations. They appeal to it when they see a change to benefit or to use it to their advantage. Therefore, at this time, anything given by the Andromeda Council in regard to Earth has been generally ignored by these entities.




Asuras, Who Represent the Depth of Evil.
"Another part of the onion peeled"

These are likened unto a prototype of demonic energies. This Awareness indicates that these entities have a control over the Reptoids in their own Draco Galaxy, and have influence in other areas of the galaxies, particularly where they can have cooperation between Reptoids and other groups that they have conquered through their manipulative powers. That their power lies more in their ability to conquer through manipulations, to conquer the heads of groups and use those heads for furthering the extension of their own power over still other groups.

They essentially work by conquering a group and using that group to conquer other groups, and they tend to have no compassion of any kind so that no mercy is shown to those whom they control and this allows them to extend fear from the ranks of the highest to the lowest so that the entities under their control are controlled by fear of their own superiors and will do the bidding of their superiors, and the superiors are also controlled by fear. It is essentially a power group epitomizing the basic concept of evil, if one is to describe evil as the absence of compassion, wherein their is no room for compassion.

They do not appear to have any particular home place or planet other than wherever they happen to be. They roam the galaxy freely without an attachment to a particular place and their attachment is to power itself, and to the enjoyment of exercising power. Rudolph Steiner as having described the Asuras as prototypes or archetypes of evil.


The Asuras: Gods Who Have Gone Mad

These entities as being degenerated from extremely high levels of spiritual status, having taken with them the full awareness of the nature of creation, and of the universal properties of creation, as they degenerated into concepts of separateness, herein they can use this technology or knowledge for enhancing their own illusion of separateness and power. It is as though one who understood all of the knowledge of creation degenerated over time to play with the creation, using this knowledge to torture and to entertain himself by playing with the creation as though it were but an object and not filled with living beings.

This Awareness indicates that it is not intended to imply that these entities are the creators of humans, but more that they understand the creation through the use of vibrations and frequencies and have absolute and total contempt for anything that is not as highly evolved intellectually as they are in their understanding of these factors of creation.

They see the creation as but objects for them to move about and manipulate for their own gain, including the creation of humans and other beings.

They are what may be termed "mad gods" who have gone off the deep end into utter madness, through the pursuit of personal glory and pleasure for their own separative interests, for their own demented enjoyment. (fallen Elohim)

Thus, the Asuras are the reflections of Ahriman energies, and these energies, being sadistic in nature, seek and enjoy destroying God's most highly prized creation, the human being, and in the destruction of humans and other aspects of Divine Creator's creation, they see themselves as challenging the Divine Creator in a kind of open defiance. That defiance is what gives them the feeling of having immense power."


Asuras Thrill at Causing Suffering

They would like to defy the Divine Creator, or if unable to defy directly, then they defy the creation that has been established, and thus, they find great thrill in destroying and causing suffering to that creation. It is based on a kind of hatred for the Creator and thus, aim at their hatred at the creation, especially anything that emits compassion, beauty, weakness in the sense of gentleness, or love, for they see these things as aspects of the Father/Mother Creator, and want to destroy that Father/Mother Creator aspect so that they alone remain and so there is no such thing as love, compassion and qualities of cooperativeness, but that there is only competition from their framework better than they can control loyalties and devotion and love and such.

They are essentially beings from a dysfunctional family who see themselves having to be in control, and the only control they understand is that which they can wield over others through the use of power and fear. They are gods that have psychological problems of a very deep nature.



The Spiritual Agendas Supersede the Alien Agenda

They cannot see all that is seen by the Elohim who have not fallen from grace. Thus, these entities in assisting to write the Alien Agenda, must write it from limited perspective, not seeing that there is an agenda that lies beyond theirs. There is that which may be termed the spiritual agenda which supersede the alien agenda."

(Revelations Awareness 91-6/NO 381)


The Battle is to Save the Souls of the Earthlings

Essentially, the souls of people IS the issue involved that is of greatest urgency to the Galactic Command or Confederation, for this saving of the souls is that which the spiritual forces perceives to be the real purpose and value. The physical body is temporal anyway, and has only a short time on earth, but the soul being permanent, being more or less eternal, is the more important concern.

The Draconian and the Orion forces think that by making it appear the soul is just an illusion and that one's body is what counts, they find themselves able to influence people by fear and by coercion, based on bodily needs and preservation. And in this manner they actually capture the souls of entities who are trying to preserve their body and will do so at the cost of their soul"

(Revelations Awareness 93-14/NO. 423)


As it is Below, So it is Above

This Awareness indicates that it appears that the entire box of Pandora, is becoming unraveled. The door is opening and there seems to be no end in sight in regards to the unraveling of activity, not just on earth, or even the solar system, but activity throughout the galaxy, which if the strings are examined enough, they begin to lead consciousness into looking into other universes. This Awareness indicates that it has been suggested: As it is above, so it is below. Entities may now begin to realize that likewise, as it is below, so it is above. Humanity has been plagued with wars, but humanity is not alone; so has the galaxy. This Awareness indicates that it does not appear that there is yet an end to the recognition of the influence of these forces in the galaxy and beyond, and that even the resolving of humanity's wars may only be the resolving of a small battle in the galaxy.

This Awareness indicates that entities may learn to live in peace, even in the midst of chaos; that even in the midst of war entities may develop a peace that pass the understanding within their own hearts. This Awareness indicates that this may be the only way in which entities can find peace: Not by controlling the world outside, but by controlling one's own peace within.

(Revelations Awareness 91-6/NO. 381)

Follow the Light Follow the Light Follow the Light


A New Script For Humanity
To Prevent the Final Act from Happening

A Great Force is Moving across this Plane

This Awareness indicates there is a great force moving upon your plane that is little understood by entities and may be likened unto a storm in consciousness, blown in from the psychic sea of the Fourth Dimension, that transcends time and space and moves in from ancient times of Atlantis and into the present moment. It is ready to be calmed, if that is allowed by the collective consciousness of entities upon this plane, or it is ready to wreak havoc if that is what it takes to complete its action.

This Awareness indicates that this force, this programming, is likened unto a type of linear programming that has reached through thousands of years, by which entities were polarized as programmed parts of an incredible complex and massive computer system called "Civilization", wherein the script was written thousands of years ago, and historians of today are only as reporters and reviewers of that play, that dramatic epic that has played for thousands of years upon this stage called "Earth"

How the Programming Began

This programming, which began with that ancient priestcraft in Atlantis, was designed to create division in consciousness, to create divisions of superior and inferior levels of rank and hierarchy. The rank of the priestcraft being programmed in a manner to allow them to retain power over the masses as they progress from one generation to another, from one incarnation to another.

This action, wherein six million entities were mummified and strategically placed in certain areas of the earth to create a maximum of polarity within the earth's forces, in an attempt to create that division of consciousness on many levels, in an attempt to create certain wave length and a hierarchy system of vibrations, in an attempt to create layer upon layer of different vibrations which could be managed by these priescraft rulers, in their control and understanding of consciousness and power, allowed them to manipulate masses for eons of time upon your plane.

These were the followers of Baal, and were representative of Rhyee, that force which was the original separateness, and which has more recently been called by the name of Lucifer. These priescraft rulers understood the action of the mind and its structuring mechanism so well, that they not only structured civilizations and societies patterned after the mind, but even perfected the mechanisms whereby they could project these patterns down to the corridor of time, creating civilizations and events until the present era.


How Ra-Ta (Edgar Cayce) Opened the Floodgates

This Awareness indicates, this action which began some sixty thousands years ago, reached its height of power about twenty-five years ago and began to lose its power approximately ten thousand years B.C. after Ra-Ta set about a counter-action, a counter-force of greater power to reverse the trend toward the previous accumulations of power. This occurred at the beginning of the Virgo age as the forces of anti-matter began to wane during the approaching dark cycle which has dominated the earth for these past 12.000 years.

This Awareness indicates the action of Ra-Ta and the builders of the Pyramid and Sphinx in ancient Egypt were designed to offer a greater attraction, a greater power than those of the Atlantean priests, and once the seekers of power were caught up in the Egyptian power, they were led along the path that brought them not only to power, but that enlightenment and realization that power was not the answer to the gravings of the appetite. In this action, many followers of Baal, of Lucifer, were brought into the Law of One.

This Awareness indicates that Edgar Cayce, the reincarnate spirit of Ra-Ta, opened the doors for the flood of consciousness upon this plane, to allow that force to begin moving from that Fourth Dimension into this present time. In this action, the Lucifer, The Rhyee, the personification of that first separateness, was given an opportunity to tap into this ancient power that began in Egypt, and in so doing, was drawn unwittingly into states of Awareness that led back to the Law of One, and this Awareness.

This Awareness indicates that force known as Lucifer is now being drawn out of consciousness and moving into Essence. The Head of the Beast, the original separateness, has already returned to Essence. Only the organs and body of this remains upon your plain, and must, in time, follow also into the return to Essence.


Why Awareness has Come at this Time

This Awareness indicates all present attempts to pursue and maintain power and control over others are but creating structures that will inevitable be converted into systems designed to serve the people rather than to enslave them; yet, it is a matter of when this will occur, rather than whether it will occur. It is for this reason that this Awareness communicates with entities at this time, and it is for this purpose that entities need to look closely at that which is occurring on their plane, for these energies are a potential force that may be used for good or ill at this time, even as a wind may be harnessed for service, or may wreak havoc.

This Awareness indicates any good computer programmer can understand the programming system used in Atlantis and Egypt if they are also capable of comprehending the nature of psychic forces, and can comprehend the Pyramid and Sphinx as being likened unto the pituitary and pineal of the collective consciousness upon this plane, and the mummified corpses may be understood as human transmitters, capacitors or other psycho-electro-magnetic components.

This Awareness indicates this action created great suffering for many millions of entities upon this plane, and that action from Atlantis was initiated for the glory and the power of the followers of Baal, the followers of Lucifer, the followers of the mind, and its structuring system of hierarchy, polarity, manipulation and control.


Ra Ta's Power Trap for the Dark Force

This Awareness indicates the Illuminati that began in Atlantis, may be seen as the Dark Force that sought power through deception, control and manipulation; and that Illuminati from Ra-Ta actions of Egypt was designed to create a power trap that led to enlightenment and a return to the Law of One.

This Awareness indicates that these mummies, serving as frozen consciousness, holding symbolic patterns and programs in their frozen psyches, allowed that energy, those patterns and symbols to be released slowly into consciousness at precise intervals as their mummified bodies decayed.


The Influence of Mummification in Egypt

The entity serving as a channel for this message (Paul Shockley) was such a mummified component of that psychic computer system, and carried within his being the symbol of an onion, that allowed an opening up, one layer at a time, one after another, in such a manner that an awakening would occur at certain times in the appropriate lifetime in accordance with the script written and composed in the land of Nubia, while Ra-Ta and his associates were in exile there, prior to the construction of the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx.

This Awareness indicates the action of the Egyptian Force was designed to speed up evolution, by creating intensities and collective power and forces that would bring entities together during a dark side of a cycle that began with the Age of Virgo and ended with the Age of Pisces, a time when entities would ordinarily be driven away from one another by forces of self-concern, created by the greater magnetic waves during this dark cycle. This Awareness indicates the Egyptian action brought entities together in order to have a greater power in numbers, to create greater unity against the group or nation which would oppose them. This led to the formations of civilizations, nations and societies.

This Awareness indicates the programming of certain images and events, energy fields, and the release of concepts into consciousness created historical landmarks and cultural changes through the subsequent history of Egypt, Babylon, Chafed, Israel and other nations, and up into the various civilizations of the present time. This was all pre-written in general outline, likened unto a plot of a play, a story or a script. This Awareness indicates the script, having been pre-written, can continue to be played as it was intended by these forces, wherein the Computer Beast does set up its controls and power over the masses, and wherein entities do suffer through the "Tribulations" as has been prophesied in the Book of Revelations, and wherein entities after great suffering, eventually are freed as the Beast and the followers of the Beast are moved into predetermined destruction.


Awareness Comes Like a Thief in the Night

This script may continue and may occur in this manner if entities do insist in having it happen in this manner, due to programmed attitudes and belief patterns in their consciousness. However, this Awareness has come at this time, likened unto a thief in the night, and offer that opportunity, that alternative action, that a new script, which entities may claim as their own, as a rapture and an escape from the greater tribulations that lie ahead on the path of the present programming.


Rothshilds and Rockefellers Unwitting Victims in the Drama

This Awareness wishes no ill to any entity, does not wish that they should perish, but that all should inherit eternal life. eternal joy, and eternal peace. This Awareness indicates the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers also are unwitting victims of the programming from these ancient script-writer, and are simply playing the roles that are being forced upon them.

This Awareness offers entities on this plane an opportunity to change the ending of this script, to allow all entities to be free of these ancient forces whose originators are no longer in control id these forces, and are not even aware of their own involvement in having started the movement of these forces. This Awareness indicates the forces may be defused, may be stopped, but it is only through the changing of consciousness that this may occur, and consciousness cannot be changed until entities look at what is happening from a new viewpoint, a new perspective.


A Call to Awaken Entities Upon this Plane

This Awareness wishes to call attention to what is happening on this plane, not in order to set one force against another, not to condemn, nor judge anyone, but to awaken entities on this plane so that millions need not suffer needlessly. This Awareness suggests that once the attention is called to the problem of the money-systems, and the works of the money-changers, it becomes necessary to awake the masses to the realization that the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds are being controlled and programmed also, and have little or no choice in their lives, and are being forced to play the roles which they are playing.

This Awareness wishes entities to understand that it is not necessary to continue this drama; that this drama, the entire scene, the entire final act is unnecessary and inappropriate and need not climax on human life upon this Earth. This Awareness indicates that entities need only look totally once at that which is happening upon this plane, and when this is done completely, wherein there is no fear or flinching, wherein enough of consciousness sees clearly what is happening, then entities may look away and never again to look at this unworthy scene. Wherein this is seen clearly enough, that entities never again will be trapped and seduced by the money-changers, the old drama may be transcended, and a new drama may begin, which will free entities from the economic bondage to the money-changers, and will free the money-changers from fear and terror of the masses that force them to deceive and to seek greater power to avoid confrontation with the masses.


How to Avoid the Battle of Armageddon

This Awareness indicates that every human face is every other human face, and in the human face there is seen the need for love, peace, harmony, respect and dignity. This Awareness wishes to awaken entities to that piece, dignity, respect, love, and that life of harmony, whereby each entity looks out for the welfare of each other entity, and thereby avoiding that tragedy, sorrow, violence; and that which has been called the "Battle of Armageddon" need not occur on the outer plane.


There is Fire Ringing in Your Home!

This Awareness indicates there are many entities who do not wish to be awakened from their slumber and their illusion of security to hear of a fire raging in their home, for this is disturbing information. There are many entities who prefer spiritual messages that soothe, lull, and hypnotize with beautiful words and concepts, and sounds, and rituals, and images to adore, and saints and angels to praise and glorify; yet, this Awareness indicates these are but trappings of spiritual living and are not the spiritual life: they are but reminders, the garments of life.

And this Awareness indicates many teachers, priests and spiritual leaders spout forth the beautiful words and lulling tones and claim association with those angels and saints of old, but are simply selling the the trappings of spiritual life to their followers, and indeed many of these even take special precautions to keep their followers ignorant of certain truths which give these spiritual leaders and advantage over their followers. This Awareness indicates it is only natural that these so called "spiritual leaders" would object to messages from this Awareness which might threaten the "hustle" they have going for themselves.

This Awareness suggests many of the churches, religious organizations and groups promoting spiritual teachings are spouting the proper words that appeal to the seeker of truth, yet are leading their followers down the trail, following the Beast toward the Bottomless Pit, all because they, themselves, are out to make a buck or two on the wave of spiritual energy that is blowing across the earth. These entities and their followers, who trail obediently behind the Beast and its commands, shall find indeed they have raped the whirlwind.


Believe Nothing, But Open Your Eyes

This Awareness asks entities not to believe anything, but to look carefully at everything, and to discern careful what appears to be, yet to make up their minds about nothing, but to continue to search, to remain open to discovery, to remain in a state of "I don't know; for in that state, you cannot be closed to further learning, and you will remain open to discovery without pre-judging anything.

This Awareness indicates there are many truths found in many of the spiritual teachings and groups, and these may be likened unto pearls of great price, yet this Awareness indicates that it takes more than beautiful words and flowers to make a wedding and marriage that is lasting, healthy and fulfilling; and it takes more than ritual, beautiful words, names of deities and saints, and soft lulling tones to lead to spiritual understanding and expression.

This Awareness indicates there is also a need to see the tragedy, the suffering, the sorrow that exists upon this plane, and to look so deeply at this that the feeling of compassion becomes so unbearable, so overwhelmingly painful, that its very urgency becomes the motivation that moves you into action which can reconcile the polarities that cause such suffering. This Awareness indicates that in looking at a stereotyped ideal of what a spiritual life should be, is but a form of escape from reality, and has never yet been instrumental in helping to relieve the suffering on this plane, and in fact, has led entities to battle and to kill over such ideals.

This Awareness indicates that to heal another, one must look carefully at the illness, and then begin to raise the vibrations from that what is, to that which is imaged as desirable in the next moment. And step by step, moment by moment image by image, the situation, the vibration of the situation, can be raised. This must start from What Is, not from what should be, or what would be nice to observe.


Let's All Help Cosmic Awareness to Find Rest

In dealing with illness of power within individuals , or in the earth, the need is to look at What Is, then to start raising the vibrations from there. Entities have it in their power to change the world, to change the course of events, and to bring a heaven on Earth. The future is never fixed, and becomes changed as consciousness changes.

This Awareness wishes entities to understand consciousness can only change when entities no longer judge themselves or others, when entities no longer seek to be higher or further out, greater or more powerful than another or themselves. When entities can accept themselves as they are, then they can move on to other ways of being. For this Awareness is not concerned with whether entities are materialistic, spiritual, right or wrong, higher or lower, ascended or descended, but whether entities love one another and whether entities love themselves, and are responsive to the needs of one another.

This Awareness asks not for sacrifice, but for service. This Awareness asks not for praise, but for service and love toward your fellow creatures. For this Awareness needs not service, nor does It need sacrifice or praise, but needs only to experience a rest and relief from watching this dreary tragedy on your plane, as the world turns round and around and round.

(Revelations Awareness 92-13/NO.405 Interpreter Paul Shockley) Enjoy Your Healing Gift During Your Eternal Flight

"To heal a situation it must first be exposed Once exposed it has to be healed."
"That Thy Will be done in me, thru me, by me, and for me"

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