Genetic "Time-Release Capsule"
to Trigger your Cosmic (Universal) Awareness

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You are not unrelated to the Reptilians. You are more related to the mammal types, and these mammal types tend to dominate over a period of time, so that the Reptilian genetics weaken as time passes and the mammalian genetic strengthens. This Awareness indicates that there is also a genetic factor implanted in the human creation by the entities from Sirius who were involved. This was secretly put into the human equation by those from Sirius without others knowing about this, in which the Sirian beings, or genetic engineers, implanted within the human species a kind of holographic cell that would over a period of time, with each passing generation and with the rising of consciousness, put in a cell that upon a certain level of development, would react.

This may be equated unto a kind of time-release capsule, such as the pills you take that don't activate for eight hours and then activate at a certain time. This genetic cellular code was designed to activate with each passing generation, so that each passing generation became more aware, and as each generation becomes more aware, it becomes more God-like, a little at a time with each passing generation, and in this action, when the vibrations reach a certain state in the evolving human, it becomes possible for that cell to activate totally and the entity experience God realization and becomes cosmically aware, or totally conscious.

This Awareness indicates that each human being has this potential built in to the cells, but it does not release when the entities are engaged in selfish endeavors, self centered activities. It does not release when entities are engaged in hostility, greed, power, lust and the seeking of control over others. It engages only when the entity pursues the spiritual and Divine Light. This Awareness indicates that in this sense, you have options and those options allow you to choose a path toward spiritual enlightenment, and in doing so, to become God-realized.


For Each Generation God-Realization is Easier

This Awareness indicates that this and each passing generation finds it easier to experience that God realization. Any entity can experience it if one turns to the spiritual path, but each time a generation is born, the opportunity becomes greater for that newborn to experience that God-realization. The opportunity can be pushed aside or destroyed by environmental influences, by wrong conditioning, by wrong values, by teaching the child improper or unspiritual values, or the opportunity can be enhanced by teaching the child the opportunity to develop in the natural flow of spiritual growth.


Why Our Brain has Ten Times the Potential for Use

This Awareness indicates that the human brain has a potential ten times that of its general use. It is capable of much more than it will ever do. In the process of evolution, parts are not developed that are not used. Parts are not developed without a necessity in the normal course of evolution. The question then is why was a brain which is ten times more capable than anything any human uses, why was it developed?

It is likened unto having a giant computer that does ten times more than you ever use it for because you have so little use for it. How then, in evolution, was such a brain developed? This Awareness indicates that the potential is there. It is ten times greater than any thing you need, but it was not developed by evolution; it was not developed because you needed it. It lies dormant, waiting to be used to its full extend.

This Awareness indicates that the brain was genetically engineered for human; for their full potential. They have not yet reached that full potential. It is that coding, that secret coding that the Sirius engineers implanted in the human, that has helped them to grow, generation after generation, very quickly, to become a challenge to the Zeta Reticuli, and the reptilian race; the humans being only 12.000 years old in their present state, as Homo Sapiens, have developed at an enormous quick pace, in comparison to the development of the Zeta Reticuli who are over a half-million years old, or the Reptilians who are some 5 million years old.


Our Brain Potential a Real Threat to the Aliens

This Awareness indicates that the potential of the human brain to become ten times more powerful than it presently is, is seen by the reptilians and the Zeta Reticuli as a danger, as a threat to them. The code given by the Sirius genetic engineer, in their part in the creation of the human creature as that which has allowed for human to evolve to gain God-like powers in a very short time. They become individualistic which is beyond the understanding of the Zeta Reticuli, who must follow rules and act as a hive in their thinking.


Aliens "Psychic" Because They Have Implants

The humans also have the ability to intuitively of psychically perceive and see things that are not based strictly in the five senses, and the perception that accompanies their senses. The Zeta Reticuli have what appears to be telepathy, where they can communicate telepathically, but this can be done through the use of their implants. They have within themselves implants that allow them to telepathically communicate to others. Without those implants, they could not do so. They are not that highly evolved, even though they are half a million years old.

This Awareness suggests therefore, you realize Who, in fact, You Really Are. You are gods in the making. This Awareness indicates you have invisible deities, invisible angels protecting you, observing you, guiding you, even through the valley of the shadow of death. These Zeta Reticuli are without souls.

You have a soul. You have an astral body. You have a spirit body. You have God potential. The body itself, the physical body, is but one of the many bodies. You do not need it to survive. It simply serves as a tool to help you accomplish things on earth, to help you learn things while on earth, to help you serve others while on earth. It is not essential to the continuation of your life.

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