The Mark of the Beast
(Excerpts given in 1976, published in Revelations of Awareness newsletter 84-2)
(Spanish version)

The "Beast" computer in Belgium

This Awareness indicates that today in Brussels, Belgium, there is a computer. This computer is called by its employees "The BEAST", this computer, three stories high, is tied in with 270 banks on the European continent. This computer also tied into certain banks in the United States and in Russia. This computer known as the BEAST is self programming and does have the capacity for housing a number for every entity upon this Earth. These numbers are prefixed by the three numbers: 666. This Awareness indicates that the banking system as prepared to shift their economic banking system into a computerized system wherein all entities would use a card and a number rather than cash, checks or credit.


The 10 Regions of the United States

This Awareness indicates that the computer as tied into computers in each of the 10 regions of the United States and into those computers in each of the major banks in the major cities; that the local stores, many of these are already tied into those computers within those cities. This Awareness indicates that the plan calls for a crisis to occur whereby all entities will be required to receive a government number. This Awareness indicates that in a short time later, these entities will be tattooed invisible upon their hands or upon their foreheads,--this being on the back of the hand tattooed by a laser beam (or by an implanted microchip under the skin-Ed.). That this tattoo shall then replace the credit card, that entities will be expected to use this number for every purpose, and this number would be their identification from birth until death.

This Awareness indicates that the arguments for this will be that this shall stop crime, that this will speed up service in the supermarkets, that entities will no longer need to receive a payroll check, but shall simply have their payment deposited in their bank account and will never need to write a check but may simply present their number wherever they go and the computers will deduct that purchase from their account.


Creating money out of nothing

This Awareness indicates that this has been tested and tried in various places and is now ready to be presented in full scale all over. This Awareness suggests that entities who are aware should ask themselves: Who created the money? Why do they create it? How? Why can I not create money as they do? Who pays them? Do they simply create their money out of nothing? Why must I spend my life working for those who create their money out of nothing? Why must I have a number to belong to a system I did not create? What are the motives of these entities in creating this kind of a system? How much power do they desire? What kind of controls are placed upon entities to prevent them from misusing their power of control over all entities upon the face of the earth? Who would have this number? And what can be done to reverse this action once it is established?

This Awareness indicates that any entity, once this action is established, any entity who objects to this action may find himself being called a criminal. This Awareness indicates that any entity who becomes part of this system shall find that every book he or she reads, every type of food he or she eats, every item the entity buys is computerized and there is no privacy left. The BEAST will know everything you read, everything you eat, everything you buy. The BEAST will have a complete all-seeing eye placed upon your life. This Awareness indicates that if this occur, the greatest trials and tribulations known upon this plane shall be experienced by many. For within a short time the fee for this service shall be 5% on every purchase and every monetary exchange.


Taxing the slaves

Entities will not be able to buy from one another without going through their account at the computer. The 5% will in short time be raised to 10% and the 10% in a short time will be 15%. This Awareness indicates the final plan is that all entities shall give 25% or more of their earnings in their purchasing and sales tax. Their energies shall be deducted at a rate of 25% for their purchases. This Awareness indicates this then begins creating a greater and greater difference in classes until there are the super-rich who are all powerful, the bureaucratic rulers who are beneath them, and the masses of slaves who do the work, the bidding, and answers the whims of the rulers. (WorldNetDaily: Global taxation moves closer)

This Awareness suggests this is your alternative (to the freedom you have known) and is presented to you by these money changers as part of your future world. This Awareness suggests wherein entities act quickly and firmly within the next few years, beginning immediately, for time is very short,-this year is the beginning of the great drive by these entities to tighten the nets around the minds of men, to destroy the constitutions of nations, to begin tightening up on their controls and their deceptions, and to confuse and manipulate the masses.

This Awareness indicates that wherein entities act quickly and with that awareness which has been lacking for many years, wherein entities move beyond their personal apathy, wherein entities stop being satisfied with pride in their responsible ancestors of this nation, wherein entities begin to pick up their own responsibilities for freedom, wherein entities become aware of what is happening,--not by reading the books, listening to the lies, hearing the controlled networks and news media of the BEAST, but wherein entities begin to look deeply at what is happening on this plane.


The attention toward the "Beast"

Wherein entities begin looking at what could happen to their children if this is allowed to continue, wherein entities join together as one voice, wherein the scream that begin as a whisper and reverberates into that thunderous trumpet which says: "ENOUGH!" Wherein this occurs: soon enough with enough intensity, and wherein the energy is focused to where it belongs--toward the Beast,--not toward the left, nor toward the right, nor toward the races, nor toward the Communist, nor toward the Capitalist, but toward the BEAST, toward the moneychanger; wherein this occurs soon, then there is that possibility for entities to have an everlasting freedom never before known upon this plane.


( C.A.C. Ed's note to the members: Members are reminded that those who use money for power, control and manipulation were programmed by occult forces back in Atlantis to bring about the One World slave state. These entities behind the scenes today, and many wealthy and powerful entities who support them are, according to Awareness, totally unaware of this programming and are themselves, victims of this occult programming.)

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