How the New World Order
(Global Governance)

is taking control right under our noses!


This Awareness wishes now to discuss the means by which the New World Order is taking its control right under your noses. It has much to do with educating the masses and this Awareness will discuss some of these techniques at present so that you can become more watchful as these efforts are conducted.


No. 1: First Get Rid of Individuality

This Awareness indicates the intent of preparing the mind of the masses to accept the New World Order in its new paradigm or pattern, is to first get rid of individuality. If entities have opinions, they cannot be easily manipulated, and therefore, the first thing is to make it difficult for entities to have strong opinions on anything, and to do this, they break down the certainties that entities have long held.

Various things such as religion, things such as history, for example, are being changed, altered, rewritten to make people more tolerant of opposing views. This Awareness indicates history has been rewritten, leaving out the great men of old. The heroes of your country (US) are no longer part of the new history. Instead, the history books will speak of "movements," social movements.

Society, socialism, social changes and psychology are the main focus of altering consciousness as used by the purporters of this New World Order, just as these were used in promoting communism. Psychology used to label entities who had strong opinions, or who could not be easily controlled, allowed the society to work with or handle those entities that had opinions, by giving them some kind of anti-social label, a label of being out of synch or not in step with society or proper behavior.


"Political Correctness" The Major Tool of the New World Order

Thus, psychology being used to indicate there is something wrong with an entity; likewise, sociology was used to influence the masses into what is now called "political correctness." "Politically correct" is a term that means "popular," the popular accepted behavior. Politics has to do with many people or many things and it has to do with the masses. "Poli" means "many," and it is through politics that an entity is elected to an office and the entity has to satisfy the many.

Thus, "political correctness" means satisfying the masses, and entities who do not satisfy the masses are political incorrect, and this political incorrectness is an indication of individuality, which is the great sin of this time. Individuality is not allowed in the New World Order, because individuals cannot be easily manipulated, cannot be easily herded along with the crowd.

This Awareness indicates that one person has said if entities are not taught right and wrong, and are simply herded by the leaders or elite into a certain type of behavior with the crowd, then these entities do not develop the ability to make choices. If they cannot choose, they are not longer responsible for any kind of character building.

They cannot develop a character or any kind of personal integrity. They are simply obedient or not obedient. They are simply following directions. If you think of this in its real meaning, they are simply robots. If they are not robots, then they are making decisions, they are able to choose. This Awareness indicates that this is a very crucial stage in human history.


Our Reptoid Creators First Tried to Make Us Slaves

You may recall that in the Sitchin books the entity spoke of the first creator of the Cro Magnon type who made the human Cro Magnon model for the purpose of slavery, for the purpose of becoming a worker in mines, a worker in gathering ore from the ground for their plans. This entity sought to create from the Neanderthal types the perfect Cro Magnon slave, but along comes the new space god from Sirius who interfered with this creation and gave him the ability to choose, to make choices.

This Awareness indicates this story is represented in the Biblical story of the garden of Eden, wherein the first god created Adam, and the second god, the serpent, interfered and tempted him to eat of the fruit of knowledge, knowledge being the ability to make choices, and this was to allow mankind to be equal to gods; in other words, equal in the ability to choose.


Garden of Eden Story Got Turned About After Eons of Time

This Awareness indicates that this was seen as an "evil" event for mankind, while in fact, it was a perversion of the reality of the story, and by the time the story had come down through ten thousand years or so that the story implied that the serpent was the evil being and the original creator was the Divine Being.

This Awareness wishes to clarify this, in that the original creator was a geneticist from Draco, and was a Draconian, and this is why these Draconians, or what has been called the Reptoids, claim to have a hold on humanity and claim to have jurisdiction on this planet, and the second space god that interfered with the original creation was from Sirius, and this entity used the symbolism of the serpent as his identity.


The Sirian Geneticist Allowed Man to Think & Become Spiritual

The entity was not actually a serpent, but that was the symbolism of the Sirian at the time, and the entity took from the mammals, and genetically introduced a mammalian brain on top of the reptilian brain that the Reptoids or Draconians had first introduced into mankind, and the mammalian brain allowed for the growth of the cortex and the frontal lobes of what is now the human brain.

This allowed for mankind to have the ability to think and make decisions. This Awareness indicates that essentially, the Sirian geneticist or genetic engineers working on mankind created the potential for humans to become more spiritually developed, and indeed to become equal to those early space gods.

This is not talking about the ultimate Divine God of the universe, It is simply talking about those space gods or entities from space that genetically influenced the development of humans in the origin of the Homo Erectus and the Cro Magnon types.


The Ability to Think is Now Being Programmed Out of Humans

This Awareness indicates that what is happening today with this New World Order program is that the ability to make decisions or the ability to have an opinion is being programmed out of humans so that entities can fit in the New World Order. They are not to have individuality, or to have opinions about anything. They are simply to be similar to each other, accepting of all things, and obedient to those who are the elite.

This Awareness indicates it is moving through various groups wherein the focus is to take away leadership or representation. By getting away from the representation of a group of people the entities do not have a a great identity. They do not feel identified, and these entities, being brought together, can be moved easily into certain type of behavior patterns.


New World Order Working Through Small Minority Groups

Thus, the small minority groups without much representation are the groups through which the New World Order begins its educational process. These are women's groups, minority groups, social and racial minority groups, and these are the entities that are being manipulated first to become forces of groups that influence changes that are to be experienced for bringing out the New World Order.

This Awareness indicated that the plan is basically ignore the more structured organizations and churches and religions that have strong structure or strong opinions or strong leaders. These educators also work on non-government groups, because the government already has its individuality and structure, and by working on the non-government groups, they do not have to deal with that structure.

There will come a time when those things that are structured will be seen as not essential and may be forced to change in order to fit in the society of the New World Order. This Awareness indicates that those persons or groups of types of people who are strong in a society are to be more or less non-essential and non-recognized.

By not recognizing them and letting the minority and the undefined people rise in greater number, working together for some social neighborhood or community action, the group or the society begins to grow up around the governing body and the governing body begins to diminish, begins to lose its place.

This Awareness indicates that it is very much likened unto the preparation and activities that were used both in Nazi Germany in the early days of Hitler, and also in the Communist era of Russia when it began to inflict communism on the people.

This Awareness indicates that the action is to get the groups empowered, and the individuals will lose their power as the groups are the enforcement of the change that take place. This Awareness indicates it is likened unto starting little grass roots fires. If enough grass root fires are started, and these little groups grow bigger and bigger, then you have some powerful energies that can overwhelm the structure that may have existed in that environment.

September 3-10 - State of the World Forum at the New York Hilton to coincide with the Millennium Assembly and Summit. The formalization of NGO participation in United Nations activity is an essential part of the global governance system envisioned by the Commission on Global Governance. Most of these accredited NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations) are also members of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) from which flows policy initiatives such as the Convention on Biological Diversity, the Convention on Climate Change, and Agenda 21. They are also the organizations funded by various U.N. institutions such as the Global Environment Facility and the U.N. Development Program, to actually implement U.N. programs at the local level. They are also the primary agitators for policy issues in the local, state and national political arenas.

From the UN website:

"We, the Peoples": Millennium Report of the Secretary-General

From WorldNetDaily: Get ready for Global Governance

By Henry Lamb 2000

Rarely is the term "global governance" heard on the evening news. When it does appear, the term "conspiracy theory" is usually in the context. While America is watching the political circus, the international community is bringing together all the elements of global governance in preparation for the big event scheduled for September 2000

Awareness continues:

The Focus of Schooling Children: To Have Non Opinions

This Awareness indicates that it is starting both in society and also in the classrooms for children. The children are being taught not to have strong opinions on things. They are being taught that it is okay to be "whatever;" there are no right or wrong answers.

These arguments that there are no right or wrong answers allow the children to tolerate each other's mistakes or to tolerate anything including lack of social structure, lack of opinions, whatever. It is simply socializing, and:

"Are the children socializing well enough? Do they have good friends? Are they getting well with each other?"

This is the focus of schooling, more than the teachings of structure or even educational concerns.


Reading, Writing and Arithmetic Being Replaced with Socializing

The focus on reading is limited in comparison to what entities learned 30-40 years ago. Reading, writing and arithmetic have been taken a back seat, and socializing is much in the front. This Awareness indicates that in other words, they are teaching children to become politically correct in behavior patterns.

By not being individual, by not having opinions, and entity can can politically satisfy everyone, and most politicians will try to say something that is not too extreme or not too opinated so that no one gets offended, and this politicizing of children and individuals throughout the nation is part of the programming to make sure that humanity can be moved and herded into the directions of the New World Order.


The New World Order is actually an order based on corporate states

The realities of the New World Order is based on corporate states, wherein the corporates become the plantation owners of the slaves of the world. This Awareness is referring to the larger corporations that are known as global corporate state positions, wherein It does not refer to small corporations that are simply a version of a private business done under a type of a corporate system.

When these corporations get large enough, they of course become a mayor part of the New World Order. They will be playing major roles in manipulating and collecting and confining the workers into a kind of modern-day plantation in which the workers become the slaves of the corporation.

This Awareness indicates of course the corporation makes the rules for all of its employees. It becomes likened unto a state with its own laws, and therefore can circumvent any of the society's laws as long as the person works with or for the corporation. This Awareness indicates than when you realize the United States of America is also a corporation, incorporated in London in the 1800's, this gives a different approach to the idea of slavery, or feudalism.

This Awareness indicates this is what the New World Order actually is about: bringing these corporations under a big umbrella and bringing all the people in under the corporations so that they work for corporations and the corporations are united to subservient positions under the global government in their position on the hierarchy.


On the Agenda of the New World Order: Depopulate the Earth

This Awareness indicates the other part of the programming which this Awareness wishes to discuss briefly, has to do with much of the general agenda: depopulating of the Earth. The New World Order seeks to make sure that everything is controlled, the population is controlled, travel is controlled, education is controlled, consumption is controlled. In other words: Do not consume too much.

Production is controlled: How much do you produce? Do you produce enough for those entities to have something to consume? This Awareness indicates when these entities have neared their completion of the New World Order, then you will see the true face of their plan.

As they begin to dismantle all of the governments and begin to take over. All of the corporations that offer jobs to the masses, they also will do away with any government programs that help the people, or make laws for assuring people's rights, and they will let the corporations take over these things as well as manage the prisons, the mail, and all of the other energy programs and utility programs, and everything that goes into making a society; all of these things will be given to corporations.

This Awareness indicates the corporations, of course, have jobs for the people, and tell the people where to go or where not to go, and when they can go and when they cannot go. They will also have controls over the family members of a worker and may force the families to become workers in their own levels, or to train them in the schools to become strictly and completely dedicated to the corporation and its need.

Thus, you may be educating children for the job, rather than for their own intellect or their careers. This would be the plan of the corporate state that is emerging through the New World Order.


Reptoids Behind New World Order Would Again Makes Us Slaves

This Awareness indicates that this kind of control of all aspects of humanity is intended to help make humanity ready for complete servitude to the Draconian masters who are behind the New World Order; that these entities in time seek to have the slaves they once created genetically, but which was tempered with by the Sirians.
(Read Flying Serpents and Dragons from R.A. Boulay)

This Awareness indicates it is because of this Sirian interference with the Draco creation that many entities still think the Sirians will rescue humanity, and because of this, regardless of the influence of the Pleiadians to discourage the Sirians from doing so, there is a good likelihood that Sirians may come to the rescue of humanity, if humanity cannot rescue itself.

This Awareness indicates however, the geneticist from Sirius did give humanity the ability to make decisions, and over the countless years, humanity's spiritual qualities have enhanced and grown so that mankind may be able to discern and make proper decisions and may be able to overcome the programming that is now being put upon them.

By "him" this Awareness means "mankind" (and is) not referring to male as compared to female. It is speaking of all humans; so that the humans may overcome the programming being placed upon them by these Draconian plans or deeds, who are bringing forth this New World Order, or trying to bring this about.

The likelihood from the view of this Awareness is that mankind has a very good chance of awakening enough because development of consciousness has indeed grown considerable and is in the process of further growth, so that mankind will not allow the Draconian programming to control mankind's existence.


Photon Energies May Serve as "The Rapture"

This Awareness indicates that the "Photon energies" are there also to help in this regard. This in fact, may be in some ways thought of as a force that serves serve as the Rapture or uplifting of humanity at a time of crisis, in this Age of Tribulation. This Awareness indicates that this is a kind of thumb-nail sketch of the overview of what is occurring to humanity at this time.
( Source: Revelations of Awareness 96-15 issue No. 475)

Just a thought
The introduction of genetically modified food makes perhaps now more sense.
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