The Illuminati Conspiracy


(Excerpt given in 1976, published in Revelations of Awareness newsletter 84-2)

This Awareness indicates some 2000 years ago, an entity by the name of Jesus moved into the temple and drove out the money-changers. This Awareness indicates this entity understood full well what he was doing and did create an action in consciousness which has been likened unto the planting of a seed which now bears fruit for all entities to glimpse and to harvest and to gradually understand. This Awareness indicates this entity was crucified for this very action and none other,


The money manipulation force

This Awareness indicates that the money-changers by whatever name, their force of darkness, which had controlled the economies of nations; this money manipulation force which moved from Atlantis through Egypt, Jerusalem, Israel, Babylonia, Rome, Greece, the European nations, the United States and Russia, and now has moved into the Orient; this force of economic control which did create the wars in Europe between France, Spain, England, Germany, Russia, --all of these in their time,-- this force which created colonialism, which manipulated the rise and fall of power in nations; this force which caused the assassination of Robert and John Kennedy, behind the assassination of Marthin Luther King, behind the suffering of thousands of entities, of millions of entities; this force behind the Vietnam war and now operates behind all of these smaller wars in various countries; this force which set up the Communistic revolution in Russia, all financed and manipulated by the international banking system operated through the Rothschilds, through the Rockefellers, who themselves were set up by the Rothschilds for a base in the United States; these forces and these powers who passed their information from one generation to another, who train their followers into levels of deception, fraud and the use of power against the masses of humanity: these forces are now engaged in the ultimate goal which entities throughout history have hoped to experience wherein an entity glimpses the possibility to become king of the world, and sets out to conquer the world.

This Awareness indicates in the past the opportunities for this were never so great as they are now. This Awareness indicates that these few hidden entities, (the number being 13); these 13 entities having influence over the rest of the world. Through their followers, through their families, through their interrelationship with other families in marriage and in economic ties, these entities are now moving frantically to bring about a world government. This to begin by creating a crisis which is intended to collapse the government of the United States as it has been known, is intended to destroy the Constitution and replace it with another, is intended to destroy the Bill of Rights.

This Awareness indicates these entities seeking more and more power are moving rapidly and almost unhindered in their movement toward world dictatorship. This Awareness suggests, that you take a lesson from the oriental arts rather than attempt to resist the movement of world government, but that you take this energy and hurl it further than the bankers even anticipated. That you begin pushing rapidly for world government based on concepts similar to those of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, guaranteed within that Constitution along with other rights: The right of freedom of morality so long as that morality does not harm another; and freedom of economic well-being,--this as freedom of economic livelihood, whereby food, shelter, clothing is provided regardless of what they do to earn such; that anything more may be added according to their inclination and ambition to seek such and work for such.

This Awareness indicates that this also include in this new world government of all money systems into levels of election whereby no private individual shall own any banking systems, or shall own the offices of financial controls, wherein all financial offices, all persons involved in banking and finances, be elected by the population in the same manner that a congress person is elected. This Awareness indicates that the banks be owned by the people as a form of service for the masses. The money system to be part of the action of the people.


The failure in the American system

This Awareness indicates the number-one error, the great fault which was left open, that spot in the apple which spoiled the batch, was that action of the founding Fathers wherein they allowed the European Banking System to creep into the economics of the American colonies. This is that which has led to the failure in the American system. This Awareness indicates that this is the key to freedom on economic levels upon this plane.

Wherein entities can select their leader and bankers, where entities have control over the judicial, legislative, administrative, and monetary levels and have the religious freedoms and the freedom of education, freedom to select their own type of education and freedom of speech and communication, --these are the keys which shall bring the freedom of this plane which shall eliminate all wars, which shall eliminate all tragedies and suffering of the past that have been brought about by these money systems and these entities using power and control and manipulation through the economics and controls of these money changers.

This Awareness suggests that entities begin immediately on all levels, particularly those who can voice this information, to push for World Government based on the freedoms guaranteed as in the American Constitution along with those indicated in this reading. This Awareness suggests that a World Constitution be drawn up using these principles and this to be submitted to the U.N., to all nations within the U.N. for their edification. This Awareness suggests this action as taking that which would be the apparent energy of evil and pushing this with such a speed and such intensity that it goes beyond the bankers anticipation into realms of clarity.

This Awareness suggests this information be sent to all New Age groups and to all who are open to receive this information. That this to be duplicates, be passed on, especially be sent to various members of congress and to wealthy entities. This Awareness indicates the super-rich are the most fearful of those who are close to their level in terms of wealth. That the upper class is the greatest threat to the super-rich and the international banking powers; that these entities do indeed need to be given this information for they would be the most responsive with this information. This Awareness suggests this also be given to entities of political and diplomatic responsibility in other nations who would relate unto U.N. activities of this nature.

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