by Wes Penre

February 01, 2013
from WesPenre Website

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I. The First Alien Invasion and its Main Distraction - Nibiru!

In the previous paper I stated that the "alien invasion" has already happened - at least to some extent - but that it is still not completed.


It looks like they have planned the takeover in at least two phases, where Phase I is already accomplished.

The first phase was happening very much behind the scenes and was discussed in details in Level II. What it is, or at least what they want us to believe, is that Phase II is going to be the Harvest. The Big Secret was that we were not supposed to know there was a Phase I.

For a while I thought nothing of real substance (besides from my own and other's evolvement) was going to happen in 2012, until I suddenly realized how it all had been done, and how we all had been distracted by looking in other directions so we would miss the point. Nibiru was only one of those distractions, although the story of the a.AM.i in general is correct.


However, Nibiru is not the home planet of the Sirians (a.AM.i), but a hollowed out space/battle ship.


Albeit, the point is that it's not here in the Earth vicinity to create havoc. That idea was abandoned decades ago, something that both James of the WingMakers (Mahu Nahi), Barbara Marciniak's Pleiadians, and Amitakh Stanford indicate as well (I am not a fan of Amitakh's research otherwise, but here she is right on the spot). [1]

Mahu Nahi said already back in 2008, in the now classic interview with Project Camelot, that Nibiru is not going to be a threat, and the Pleiadians have stated the same thing for years.


These are metaphysical beings, and they are telling us there is no Nibiru anywhere near the solar system. And I trust them with that, because they have showed to be a very reliable source over the last 25 years.


This is what Amitakh Stanford has to say about this whole scenario:

"Of the many surviving calendars, a considerable focus for divining has been on the Aztec/Mayan calendar, which many have interpreted as an indicator of the end of time in the year 2012.

As 2012 approaches, more and more interest is drawn to its ominous consequences. Books, movies, articles are being distributed that focus on the idea of predictions that are attached to the year 2012. Many people have interpreted this to be the date for the end of time, hence, the end of the world.

As I have previously written, the Mayan/Aztec calendar was an imposition on the planet that originated from the Anunnaki Elite, who had escaped from their future into the past, which is where they left the Anunnaki Remnants. That is, the Anunnaki Remnants were left on the Earth to fend for themselves and await the return of the Anunnaki Elite, whom the Remnants believed would return to Earth and re-start time.

Note: The Mayan Calendar originated from the Pleiadians and their teachers, the so-called Game Masters. But Stanford is correct, because we know them as the Anunnaki Elite, or in my papers, the Sirian Alliance (SA). Wes.

Long ago, the Anunnaki Elite were responsible for the creation of the Aztec/Mayan calendar, which gave the false postulation that 2012 could well be the end of this planet.

Millennia ago, at the time the calendar was manufactured, the Anunnaki Elite thought that they could come back to Earth and re-visit the past to reset the Atu-waa before 2012, but they have failed, and time has run out for them because the Atu-waa had to be re-started before the end of 2008.

Note: Mahu Nahi of the WingMakers said something similar in his 2008 interview with Project Camelot. He mentioned that ANU's return had been planned for a long time, and so had the return of Nibiru.


However, plans have changed, and ANU is not coming back and neither is Nibiru (which indicates that Mahu knows it is a battleship they can maneuver as they wish). He says the return of ANU was scheduled for 2008, so he had a few years to prepare before 2012, but it will not happen (and it didn't. However, Sirians came back in thought form and invaded certain bodies they had prepared).


Mahu also indicates that ANU and his people are time traveler and as such, ANU always is ahead of the game and can prepare things to happen before anyone else has a chance to make their move. Wes.

The prediction of 2012 as the end of the world is not only wrong, it is a cruel and deliberate hoax.

The world will not end in 2012, despite all the fear-mongering propaganda that is being distributed at the behest of the ruling elite on Earth. Many of the people are innocently participating in the distribution of the message because they have been hoodwinked by the ruling elite.

The 2012 calendar threat is similar to the Y2K panic and the nuclear holocaust horror that the ruling elite have instigated and implemented.


All three of the events are hoaxes that were designed by the Anunnaki and impressed on people to spread about the planet. Obviously, the 2012 hoax is a longer-standing deception than the nuclear horror threat and the Y2K panic.

The 2012 hoax is also akin to the "save the planet" message because of greenhouse gases.

From the "save the planet" message, laws were implemented to,

  • prohibit incandescent light bulbs

  • mandate carbon-trading schemes

  • force ethanol-blend petrol on motorists,

...among other things.

The ideals behind the green movement were initially well intended, but the ruling elite have seized control of the "save the planet" issue, and it has now become another powerful tool of the One World Government.

The consistent theme throughout the 2012 hoax, the Y2K scare and the greenhouse gas deceptive policies is that all of these "weapons" were designed by Anunnaki to be used against humans." [2]


I'm going to jump around a little bit here in the beginning, because so much has happened even in the short amount of time since I completed Level II. I want to show you the following picture and advise the reader to read the article connected to it, and also check out the slide show.


Now they are promoting in mainstream media how we humans are going to use asteroids to exploit their resources, just like the Sirians once did.


Like if that wasn't synchronicity enough, they also say in the article, which can be viewed here, that soon we can colonize space with these asteroids. They are hollowing them out, my friends!

The Sirians are becoming quite blatant, but are also doing what they love to do; hide the truth in plain sight.


Their human minions sound really excited when I listen to them being interviewed about this on CNN News and other places, saying that these hollowed out asteroids can be used for a lot of things, such as extracting water from them so NASA can use this water in space whenever they need it for a fraction of the cost of transporting water from Earth to space, and therefore it becomes a business proposal (CNN, 1/23/13).


They can also excavate gold, minerals, and other valuable metals from these flying rocks, but are planning on making them into satellites and space stations as well. The CNN anchor then distinguished between good asteroids and bad asteroids, where the bad ones are those who come too close to Earth and create havoc here.

After that she shot off the punch line; the question she'd been told to ask before the interview, you could tell:

"if we can manage these good asteroids, can we use them to steer away the bad ones so we are not hit by them?"

And the scientist they were interviewing knew exactly how to sell this to the public by saying something to the effect:

"Of course, that's possible. We can use our technology to push the bad asteroids just an inch or two out of course already when they are far away so they get out of course by the time they would have hit Earth otherwise."

I saw this information days ago and posted articles from and IO9 on my blog (Asteroid-Mining Project Aims for Deep-Space Colonization and NASA Considers Plan to Capture an Asteroid and Turn it Into a Space Station, respectively), but yesterday, on January 23, 2013, it made headlines everywhere in the world, being the top news on CNN and in all prominent newspapers.


So this is big, my friends.

Figure 1

There are tens of thousands of asteroids

in the solar system we can use for this project,
says NASA and their parroting scientist allies.

In other words, they want to sell the public on this idea with space stations, satellites, hollowed out asteroids, and the ability to make us feel safe, when the real reason I can see is entirely different:

The Sirians are now building hollowed out battleships in the thousands here in our solar system, right before our oblivious eyes, in order to create a space armada for an upcoming war, and they are using humans to build those for them!


And why not?

"The human super soldiers we are creating, and the rest of the humans, too, who can fight, better get used to it, because they are the ones we're going to use in the upcoming space war," they seem to think.

I also ran this through one of my sources, who said it looks inevitable that there is going to be another galactic war if this continues.


And as the reader will see when you continue reading these papers, the Sirians here in our solar system are going to get help, and that help is on its way as we speak, moving quickly towards our solar system.

My source thinks that the Sirians are preparing a war with Orion, and if that happens, Orion has no choice but to respond. And in the middle, as usual, are the human population, used as shields and cannon fodder.


So it will always be, from now until our extinction, unless we understand whom we're dealing with, and have the guts to say NO, and just walk away from all this insanity - the reason why I write my papers, by the way, if someone was wondering...

Figure 2

We are hollowing out asteroids to colonize space now, according to
Soon we're going to have battleships all around the solar system. Only thing is that no one
(except those who have read my papers) will know they are ultimately owned and
inhabited by the Sirian Alliance (click on the image for a beautiful, much bigger picture).

What I have been trying to say lately is that Nibiru was just a distraction so we could keep our minds and efforts away from researching what is, and was, really happening - an alien invasion on a nano level.


This doesn't mean that Nibiru doesn't exist, it only means it's not the home planet of the Sirians, thrown out of an orbit around one of the Sirius stars when it went nova, and incidentally happened to find its way to our solar system.

The disinfo agents know what they're doing, however, and they know the real story. You see, the Sirians did come here to Earth once upon a time, and one of their battleships (perhaps the lead one) was called Nibiru after the Queen of the Stars' personal spaceship (the name was hijacked).


So that part of the story is true. However, what has been covered up is that the Sirians still live in Sirius and Nibiru is just one of thousands upon thousands of hollowed out asteroids, planetoids, moons, or planets that the Sirian Alliance use for space travel and as efficient battleships. So the story about Nibiru is semi-true, but not a threat to Earth in the way we've been taught.


And these days they don't even call the battleship Nibiru anymore, but a.AM.e, apparently. Another name, but the same vessel.

For decades - well, ever since Zecharia Sitchin came out with his first book, The Twelfth Planet, in 1976 - have we been living with the fear mongering around an incoming, perhaps inhabited planet which may or may not become our nemesis.


It was in the mainstream newspapers in the 1980s, but since the 1990s, tons of books and an abundance of websites have been dedicated to this mystery planet which supposedly house the even more mysterious space aliens, the Anunnaki. I fell for this piece of distraction and disinformation as well, planned for decades (if not even more) by the PTB [def] and their masters, the Sirians.


Now, when I understand which roll this piece of disinfo and distraction had, it all becomes quite obvious.

But doesn't fact remain that some kind of object has been spotted within, or close to the solar system, the last few years? Something that is coming closer? Possibly.


The question is, what is it?


Well, according to the fear mongers who keep pushing this story, Nibiru is now somewhere extremely close to Earth - within 1AU [3] or so.


First of all, if this was the case, wouldn't we feel the earth changes pretty drastically now? Especially as this alleged planet is many, many times bigger than Earth and is followed by at least 9, perhaps 11 moons. [4]

Albeit, we hear of course that there are those who are sitting meditating this heavenly body off course to save mankind. However, in my opinion, even they are deceived, only doing what they think is the best they can do to help out with a huge (non-existing) problem. Behind the scenes, there are others pulling the strings, who know better, but want to gain credibility and create a bond between the manipulators and those who are manipulated.


Some people are chosen to do this thing because they have "special abilities", as the story goes. Where have we heard that before? You got it! Cult recruiters have used the phrase "you are special" on people for eons to get them recruited. It usually works... What I'm talking about here, however, isn't necessarily a cult, but those behind the scenes know human psychology pretty well.

Like I mentioned earlier, we have asteroids coming close to Earth all the time, and the latest story about that has been in the news lately.


Although some say that NASA is lying and that the asteroids are much bigger than they will admit to the public, I think it's safe to say that we will survive February 15, 2013, when the next asteroid named DA14 is supposed to come close to Earth. However, as you notice, more fear mongering is created around this event.


Many fall for this latest one, too. Others say that the Doomsday has been changed to March, 2013. There will be people who continue changing the dates now when it didn't happen in 2012, but it will all be disinformation and more fear mongering.


They are trying to squeeze out as much fear they can from the public before they change subjects.

Some people say that Nibiru, as we know it, actually is Earth's second sun, which has been invisible to us here on Earth because of its position in space. This has been called the "Brown Dwarf Theory".


I have not researched it enough to know if there is any substance to it, but I'd rather put my money on that than I would on the "Sirian Home Planet Theory", which I don't trust at all.


A double-star system? Why not?

I read from a channeled session with the Cassiopaeans that our solar system indeed is a double-star system, and that the whole solar system is orbiting a brown dwarf star, which is located in the Oort Cloud on an outer perimeter orbital plane at a distance of approximately 510 billion miles, well outside the orbit of Pluto. This brown dwarf has a mass much less than our known yellow sun, if we are to believe the Cassiopaeans.


The distance, of course, between planets and this brown dwarf would in that case fluctuate, but allegedly this brown dwarf is the reason why there has been abnormalities noticed in the orbits of the outer moons lately (this session is dated 9/15/2010).


The closest this second sun will come to any of the planets in the solar system is about the orbit of Pluto, and this is what is supposedly going to happen now. [5]


No catastrophe, folks, just some abnormalities in the planetary orbits, perhaps also in regards to Earth. This brown dwarf, however, may very well have been confused with Nibiru.

It's not easy for someone who has not spent a lot of time researching to understand what is going on here. But the following is probably the most plausible scenario as I see it right now. The Sirians are showing humans how to hollow out asteroids and give the public a false pretense that this is to exploit resources and colonize space.


Instead, they are building a future space armada right here, in our own solar system that they can use in conjunction with the human military in the not too far away future. People in general think the public version sounds cool, oblivious of what is really going on.

Next step is something we will go into later in this paper, and also the next. It has to do with the Harvest and Saviors in general. Many had put their faith on 2012 and that some kind of Savior was going to come and save the world and themselves. It didn't happen.


To make things even more discouraging for people with such faith (and they are many!) is that the PTB made sure we had some pre-dates back in 2011 etc., where something of this nature was going to happen.


Of course, it didn't.


People get more and more discouraged and are ready to accept almost anybody as their Savior, as long as they have a plan for mankind that looks good. The wars and negativities continue around the world, and the only ones (more or less) who are saved from that are those who have started vibrating on a higher frequency so all that negativity does not reach them personally.


Otherwise, business as usual...

People are getting tired of this and are in need of a change. This is where the Sirians come in. Helpful star races are impatiently waiting for us to take the "right" decision and take responsibility for our own situation and start ignoring the PTB and build our own communities where new, much improved rules are applied which are all for the betterment of the group and the individuals in them.


Although this is about to happen to a certain extent, the vast majority of star races have no such intentions.


The Sirians have already invaded many people's minds - especially those in power, and have now directly taken over much of business and trade, religion and education, instead of just controlling the situations like puppet masters from other dimensions.


The vessels were already built, so to speak, and are continuing to be built, so the Sirians can incarnate here or do a "walk-in" [def] in human bodies that are slightly altered genetically, but on the outside identical to yours and mine.

Then, when the Harvest is taking place, and some people are supposedly getting "beamed up" to a higher density, leaving others behind, the planet may be losing many of their "New Age Leaders", whom they have looked up to and given their power to, instead of building their own.


I will talk a lot about upcoming events in regards to the alleged Harvest soon, but if that plan will succeed (and from whatever angle we look at it, it's not positive), then the Sirians think they have us, because they believe those who were in the New Age community and who had to stay behind now think life is so unfair that they may be ready to give up.


Not to speak about the fear they feel when they realize that they did not graduate to the next level/density, and now have to be dumped on another 3D planet in another solar system the next time they incarnate, and time will start all over again - a new 26,000 years of slavery in a harsh 3D environment.

That's when it's time for our "heroes", the Sirians, to come into the picture, now showing up in the open. Speaking of disclosure! They will tell us they have the ability to save mankind and it's now time to join the Galactic Federation of Light or something of the sort.


They have the technology to help mankind take the last step in order to become galactic citizens and a space-faring race.


When NASA and most governments in the world (who are already under Sirian control and influence) will agree and suggest to people that we all join, so everybody will have a good life in the Machine Kingdom (they will of course not use those words).


Those who don't want to join are on their own, but can't take advantage of any benefits the rest of mankind can enjoy in the mega metropolitans that are planned to be built; so-called Smart Cities (everything is "smart" these days, have you noticed?).

So, if this succeeds, the Sirians will kill three birds with one stone: they win us over with deception and technology and thus manage to unite the world (except the small percentage who refuse to participate and are forced out of the cities); they make peace with the PTB in front of the peoples of Earth, saying that forgiveness is what we all need now and join together as one into a time of peace and harmony.


And lastly, the Sirians can rule openly in this well planned Machine Kingdom.


Little does humanity know what consequences that will have for them in the future! It will start out like a Paradise on Earth, but will end up in a Living Hell, and it will come creeping upon them so they won't even notice. The future will judge me on what I'm saying here, and I am not concerned, because what I'm telling you is correct and will hold up to scrutiny a hundred years from now.


That is what they are planning for those who fall into the trap of the New Era, the Age of Aquarius!

I will expose this trap to the best of my ability in this level of learning, and I think that those who finish reading it will have little doubt afterwards that this is how it is. And of course, here is where the splitting of the worlds which I have talked about so much come into the picture.


Choose the easy path and let the Sirians take care of you, or choose the path of responsibility, which perhaps will require a little bit more from you at first, but in the end will show to be the easiest path after all.

The problem here as well is the ETs who are "out there", waiting to be of assistance, but don't hear any calls for help, except from a few individuals here and there. This is why there will be no Disclosure, my friends.


No good ETs will disclose themselves to an oppressive government. The so-called Disclosure will therefore not happen the way irresponsible people such as Dr. Steven Greer and Dr. Richard Boylan present it (and who are willing to embrace any ET races who are showing themselves to us, without using discernment).


Instead, good ETs will present themselves to individuals who are ready to receive the messages from the stars and who are responsible enough to have such a connection established.


If ETs are disclosing themselves in public and it's all over the news, count on that this is either a well-planned hoax by the government, or if the ETs are real, they are not here for our benefit. I've said this before, but it's worth repeating.

And don't forget that the Sirian Alliance are trying to create a Master race, a Super race of humans, who are half human and half robotic, whom they can use for future conquering of space and their ongoing war against Orion, or more specifically, the Mother Goddess, the All That Is.

I want to take the opportunity here as well to emphasize one important thing. I don't want people to live with the false idea that just because star beings and star races out there are much ahead of us when comes both to technology, star travel, and development in general, that they are all like saints, or benevolent towards humans.


There are star races out there who could be considered very advanced and billions of years old, who still are fighting wars and have quite a selfish (Service to Self, or STS [def] for short) attitude to existence, just as well as there are star races which are very humble, friendly and spiritually inclined. As above, so below.

And lastly, we know that the Sirians don't come down here in their native bodies, because this is 3D and they are interdimensional.


Some say they are 4D Negative, and if you're an interdimensional being, you would never feel comfortable living in a locked-in 3D world. This is one of the reasons they don't just show up and invade (there are many other reasons too, which the reader probably can think of).


They want human bodies, but not any human bodies. They need bodies that vibrate a little bit higher than the average human.


Therefore, they are also tampering with Earth's frequency via H.A.A.R.P. and other technologies. This has nothing to do with that Mother Earth herself is changing her vibrations; this is done with technology.


The truth is quite the opposite; the Sirians do not want Earth to naturally change her vibrations, because then the ET control of this world will diminish. Instead, they only want to increase the frequency so they can feel more comfortable, but suppress further evolution.


Not all humans can handle the higher frequency and get sick, often with neurological problems.


Unfortunately, the Sirians have no sense or respect for life, and they couldn't care less about how Mother Earth feels when she's being tampered with. It's a miracle that she still is willing to host life on this planet, but if we don't take heed, there will come a time when she is giving up!

And finally: ten, twenty, fifty, one hundred years from now, those who are waiting for Nibiru to show up in the sky will still be waiting in vain...



II. What We Don't Know is Bound to Kill Us!

I am aware of that much of what I am exposing here can be quite disturbing and may scare some people.


This is not my intention, however, although I know it's inevitable. Things are what they are, and I can't sugar-coat it and hope for the best; I need to tell it as it is, or what I'm doing would be useless.


People who say,

"No, I don't want to listen to that. I only want to listen to love and light!" better shape up and stop being cowards.

We all need to look at both the dark and the light side of ourselves and our environment, or we'll be stuck in a horrible imbalance.


If people can't even handle how words are written without freaking out, how are they going to be able to face the real thing when it's just in front of their faces?

Still, these bad things I'm about to describe in this and upcoming papers is not necessarily going to happen to you, personally. In the other levels of learning I have clearly stated that it's extremely important that we create our own local universe just the way we want it, and look at the bad news as something that happens "over there", but with a clear understanding of what's going on.


It's not going to be part of your reality - this is crucial, because none of us wants to be caught up in this space scenario for real. Some people may think it's exciting, and a break from their own boring life and tell themselves that it would maybe be fun to live in the middle of a space opera. No, it wouldn't.


And once we make such a suggestion for ourselves, we create that timeline and will quite likely find ourselves in the middle of something we have a hard time getting out of. So be careful what you wish!


This is just some good advice before we move on.

We need to know what is going on, because what we don't know is bound to kill us. We have a tendency to think we are the top of the food chain, but we are not. Thousands upon thousands of people disappear from the surface of the Earth every year without a trace, and no one knows what happened to them.


Of course, there can be different reasons for their disappearance, but many of them are eaten by the Sirians and their allies.


When they are in 3D, they need flesh, and they have gotten a taste for humans. Just like we breed cattle to slaughter and eat, so do they with us. And they drink our blood like water and even bathe in it to make it fill their pours. It gives them an adrenaline rush, and as we know by now, our blood is divine, and they use it to contact the Higher Realms - the Universe of the Goddess.

I am telling the reader this to make sure you understand that in general, these people are what they are.


They do not consider themselves evil, as little as we consider ourselves evil when we slaughter lambs, cows, chickens etc. We consider them being of lower consciousness, so we think it's okay to kill without mercy. They have the same attitude towards us.


And they are brought up with the mentality that it's either conquer or die; there is no stagnation. Expand your empire, or someone will take it away from you!


What does that tell us? Well, it's telling us that they are very fearful themselves, and in order to conquer their own fear, each individual strives for power, thinking that the higher up in the hierarchy they climb, the less they are bound to be used and slaughtered themselves.


The respect they have created by getting there will, they think, help them survive if they at the same time induce fear in those who are beneath them in the hierarchy. They want to create a rumor about themselves that they are merciless, so no one dares to challenge them. This is to be a coward to the extreme. Right now, here on Earth, we are on the bottom of that totem pole, and they feed on our fear.


This is the daily life for a wolfen-reptilian Sirian.


Want to join their Empire...?

Now, to be fair, not all Sirians are like this. Just like people on our planet don't like when they see how animal are cruelly slaughtered while screaming in pain, and have a distaste for injustice and war, there are Sirians who feel the same about what they are doing.


But again, just like with us, there are few who dare to stand up against authority, and in their society the consequences would be much more severe than here on Earth (in general). Perhaps more like how it would be to go against the President in an earthly dictatorship; you would be tortured and killed!


So, understandably, there must be very few Sirians who dare to take side with humans, unless they flee from their own society and join ours. This has happened, and is happening, I'm sure.


The best way to do that is to incarnate here with full memory of who you are, i.e. you need a specially built human body for that, as we shall see in an upcoming paper.

The consequences from the First Invasion has started to show now. It needs to be understood that this invasion did not happen overnight; it has been ongoing for decades, even centuries. Human bodies have been altered in order for Sirian consciousness to enter, so that the "job can get done".


What job, you may think?


The job to prepare Earth for the Second Invasion, or Phase II as I call it. It's like when a team of janitors, carpenters, architects, and others come before the royal crew to clean up and prepare for what the second, "important" group needs to get accomplished, so they can do it without too much distractions.

I see a lot happening right now, and it has been highlighted in the news the last few days. One thing the Sirian Overlords fear is the middle class. They are often educated (sometimes quite highly educated), capable, and smarter than the Overlords think is comfortable.


Therefore, they have wished to get rid of the middle class for decades - I even wrote about it on my first website, Illuminati News, fourteen years ago in an article called The Swedish Model. [6]


Their goal is to have an Elite and a low paid working class and nothing in between. This way, they think the masses will be easier to control, but it also makes the system collapse, which is something they want in order to prepare a One World Government for the second invader force. This plan, however, is way behind schedule, and may even have been temporarily abandoned.


Their biggest task right now is to create the Machine Kingdom. That, hopefully (from their point of view) will automatically lead to a One World Government later on.

Yesterday's news carried a lot of information for those who could read between the lines. They were talking about how many jobs had disappeared since the recession, and that they are not coming back. In earlier recessions (like back in the 1990s), the system took a few years to recover, but eventually the jobs returned and things went back to normal. It will not happen this time, the newspapers said.


Instead, the middle-class jobs are being taken over by computers, robots, and other high-tech!


This means that the middle-class workers will have no jobs to come back to, and people with too much education will rarely get jobs at McDonald's and other places with minimal wage, because they are considered over-competent for the job. And we have not seen the end of it yet, they said.


So, they have effectively destroyed the whole middle-class by exchanging them with technology, which can do the job cheaper and with fewer errors.

This is just one example what the First Invasion has to accomplish in order for Phase II to be as smooth as possible. In all fairness, it's not just the Sirians who are working on this; they have lots of human minions helping them to accomplish their goals, wittingly and unwittingly, but the ideas are not human in origin.


There's no use in putting blame on the Sirians, which would give them even more power, because we are gladly helping them and are therefore just as responsible.


No one in their right mind, who is capable of looking into the future, and care about future generations, would substitute humans with machines and leave millions of people to their fate. Only a very irresponsible human would go along with that.


So there are many of us who are just as guilty.



III. Channelers Who Have Opened Up Their Chakras Start Channeling... Who?

We have discussed channeling before, both in Level I and Level II, but we are going to take this subject quite a step further here in Level III, because some of these channeled entities play a major role in the Sirian Agenda.


So I am not implying that all channeled material is bad, or the entities evil.

Much depends on the energies and vibration of the channeler; it's actually crucial! You receive information in direct relation to what you are prepared to receive; no more, no less.


Also, the quality of the information from a specific channeler from a specific source may fluctuate in accordance with the channeler's mood or vibration at a certain occasion. So, even if we feel that a channeled source may be trustworthy one day, the next the quality of the information may not be so great.


Therefore, we need to use discernment even with a source we normally trust.

This is not because the source is intentionally willing to give you disinformation or bend the truth; it's because when the channeler is not "with it" and tuned in, other entities who correspond with those vibrations may come in and interfere, pretending to be the original source. When we feel that the source is giving us correct information, we say that the channel is "clear".


The opposite, when a channeled source is taken over by negative entities, is called "not clear" in the world of channeling. Many make the mistake of abandoning a channeler when they notice dis- or misinformation embedded in the messages, when in fact the channeler may just have had a "bad day".


But it's also the channeler's job to be critical towards the messages he/she receives, or they will lose their credibility, and eventually their audience.

I have spent a lot of time listening to channelers lately, and read channeled material from different sources; both those who are considered trustworthy and those who are not.


Then I have compared what I got to see differences and similarities between the sources in order to find some kind of pattern.


For example,

  • What do these channeled sources really want?

  • Why are they here?

  • Are they as benevolent and helpful as they say they are, or are they just faking it?

The ones I have listened to are not hoaxes, by the way.


All of them are genuine channels and not something the channeler is "making up". Although there are such fake mediums as well out there, they have a tendency not to be long-lived these days when people are spoiled with the genuine stuff.


It's easy to distinguish between a human fabrication and a true channel, because the information we receive from a true source is way beyond the scope of knowledge of any human being, normally, and the questions are answered instantly, without any lags, which would be difficult, if not impossible, to fabricate by a human.


However, there are also channels that are not originating in the metaphysical universe, but are transmitted via satellites by Intelligence Agencies, in order to mislead people. Those, I believe, are also relatively easy to distinguish from the real stuff, because the quality is not as high.


Still, it's harder to distinguish between the military/intelligence sources and the real material than it is between a human who is faking it and a real source. But the messages transmitted from the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) [def] is usually of such that sooner or later one will see through it, especially if we are used to listening to channeled material in general.

Many sources come in all of a sudden in a person's life, sometimes as thoughts that the person feels is not their own.


Then they can start communicating with that source back and forth, and a channeled communication can take place. It's important already in the early stage for the person to set limits and boundaries, and for example letting the source know that the channeler is only allowing uplifting communication that is for the benefit of him/her and/or the whole planet.


It's more common that whole collective of star beings are acting as sources in a common effort, than that the source is just one entity, from what I have noticed.


The energies of such non-physicals can be pretty intense, so it's crucial that the channeler is in good mental and physical shape, or the intense energies will eventually break down the body, like it has done with so many channelers who have been too open; Carla Rueckert is only one example, during the period she channeled RA.


Others, in pure excitement, take on more than one source - they may be channeling 5-10 different sources - and that can be very dangerous to the body, first of all, and secondly, the channeler is so wide open that they let any entity in, and it's very easy to be deceived. So if you're going to channel, my advice is to feel out the source, say no to it if it doesn't meet the guidelines, and wait for the right source to come then.


Then stick to one source.

Normally, when we ask the source a question, they look in the memory bank of the vehicles (the channeler), which often go back thousands and thousands of years due to the genetic memories from previous life, and they look in the Akashic Records for an answer, in case they don't know it already.


Bashar (one of these sources) explains it pretty well when he says that the Akashic Records are not, like many think, some sort of "library in the sky" where you have to go to find the answer. The Records are all around us in the ether; it's there to immediately pick up and use.

Then apparently, according to some sources (something I was not aware of), such as Harone (who is a Gray whom Lyssa Royale channels), these entities are using computer systems to gather their thoughts so that they become transmittable.


Harone says:

"Emotions on my end are not necessary to channel, though I am working with physical facilitators on my end [Bashar and Sasha] and the three of us are linked into a computer device [my emphasis] that will synthesize our thoughts.


They provide a balance for my thoughts so that the biological vehicle can receive them. Thus they are translated." [7]

Bashar is of a Gray species as well, while Sasha is supposedly a Pleiadian.


In the above case the computer was apparently used in order to combine the thoughts of these three very different species (is that really necessary?) and make sense of it to humans, but if this is true, it makes me wonder how often channeled sources (called only "sources" from here on) use computers when answering questions that humans.


Also, I said earlier in this paper that it is fairly easy to recognize sources that come from the Military Industrial Complex, MIC, [def] but if the MIC is using extremely advanced computer systems, built or given to them during TTPs, [def] and connected to special satellites using ET technology, how easy isn't it to copycat even advanced real sources?


I haven't had any trouble spotting MIC sources when I have plowed through these kinds of material, but who knows, maybe there is more sophisticated programs that can fool any of us and the lower quality MIC transmitters are only there to make us believe that this is the best they can do.


If this is the case, we can only go on intuition and connect the dots to our best abilities.



IV. Dimensions and Densities According to Channeled Sources

This is a very confusing subject for people who decide to look into channeling, because different sources have different dimension and density systems that they are using to get across their message.


Mainstream science almost always uses the term dimension when speaking of different aspects of the universe. With string theory being quite popular these days in quantum physics, we learn that the universe consists of 11 dimensions, which are all very, very tiny - like "strings" (thus "string theory"). However, they don't normally speak of densities.

In metaphysics we usually speak of densities; more often so than of dimensions. Wherein this, the confusion lies. In reality, our universe consists of both dimensions and densities, like I described in Level II, "
Creation of Universes", June 15, 2012, Rev. Dec. 12, 2012.


The universe consists of a certain number of dimensions, and between these dimensions we have the densities, which are the gradual change in vibration between dimension A and dimension B, while where reaching for one while being in the other.


It can most easily be illustrated like in figure 3 below:


Diagram 1

A simple diagram, showing Dimensions and Densities.

Here we see how we move from one density to the next before we reach the next dimension.


This diagram is based upon the theory of 8 densities (an octave), where the 8th density is the next dimension. So this simple diagram can basically be read in two different ways.


One way would be to look at we humans living in the 3rd Dimension, and depending on our awareness level, we operate in any of Density 1-7 within the 3rd Dimension. We could perhaps say that plants operate in Density 1, while animals in general operate in Density 2.


We humans - again, in general - operate in Density 3, but in reality exist in Densities 3-7 as long as we are still stuck in the 3rd Dimension.


A more aware human would, according to this diagram, operate closer to Density 7, but we all fluctuate between the densities depending on if we have a "good day" or a "bad day", so to speak.


Even the most aware person sometimes operate in Density 3, particularly when he or she is at a work place which focuses on tasks more in line with 3rd Density vibrations, just to later in the day, when the person comes home and attends to their favorite spiritual exercise fly up to Density 6 or 7 again.



As a side note, I need to point out that although we are generally considered to live in the 3rd Dimension, most scientists - rogue or mainstream - would add a 4th Dimension to that, where the 4th Dimension is time.


This is of course correct, but confuses the matter even more, because many metaphysical researchers use the 4th Dimension as the dimension where the "bad ETs" dwell. I wouldn't say that these so-called "bad ETs", shapeshifting reptilians or otherwise, live in the pure "time dimension" (if people like David Icke are correct).


And I don't think that's what these researchers intend to say either. So, as you can see, the matter is quite complicated.

A second way of looking at Diagram 1 would be to interpret the 7 densities like we interpreted dimensions in the previous paragraph.


In this case, we would live in the 3rd Density, as shown in the diagram. When the sources talk about ascension, they speak about moving from the 3rd Density, in which we currently dwell, up to the 4th, or even to the 5th, depending on whom we listen to. Then, when we reach the 7th Density, we have, together with our soul group (usually our species, such as humankind in our case), transformed into a collective complex almost only consisting of light.


Some, like the Ra collective, say that after the 7th Density, we merge with All That Is (God or the Goddess) and have thus completed an "Octave"; i.e. we have, as a body/spirit/mind complex transformed into a star.


After that, we start our journey into the next octave of densities, and so it goes on for all infinity, the way the Ra body/spirit/mind complex (BSMC [def] from now on) have understood it.


Dimension B in the diagram will thus work as the octave, or the 8th Density, and Dimension A will be the fulfillment of the previous Octave.

There is yet another way of looking at densities. This obvious point of view is too often overlooked. If you are in a room, there are several densities existing in that room at the same time, and you perceive all these densities simultaneously. In fig. 3 you can see a typical living room with a few things in it.


The pillows on the couch, for example, are lighter than the couch itself, and is therefore of a lower density than the couch. The couch would be considered of higher density than the pillows, but in metaphysics we don't measure the weight of on object, but the gain of awareness and consciousness to the soul.


Hence, we see the soul as becoming "heavier" the higher up the densities we move, and thus we move from lower densities to higher. But the furniture in a room is nonetheless another example of densities, and that we live in different densities throughout the day, depending on the space we're in.

Figure 3.

A living room, where all the things have different densities.

In the RA material (, the term "density" is quite satisfactory explained, however. It is not literal, but an analogue. Densities in metaphysics is often another word for dimensions.


Here is the direct explanation, word by word, and the letters and numbers within parentheses, e.g. (B2, 15) means the book "Law of One, Book 2, Session 15):

"...density of consciousness - or density of vibration (B4, 28). Frequently used by Ra as an analog to what is currently thought of as "dimensions" in the Universe.


The densities are organized into an eight-fold "octave" system, analogous to the musical octave and the visual light spectrum. Therefore the higher the density, the higher the level of consciousness."


"Harvest = the process whereby a soul and / or planet "Graduates" from one density to the next. Occurs naturally as a planetary system traverses through different areas of energy density in the galaxy, thus creating dimensional shifts. These shifts occur in precise, measurable cycles of time."

So it has to do with planetary shifts; when a planet goes from one density/dimension to another.


This is, according to the source, when the beings living there have had to make a choice whether they want to follow Earth on her journey to the 4th Density, or if they want to stay in the 3rd. If we choose the former, we need to be 51% STO (Service-To-Others) to graduate, or we won't vibrate on the same level as the planet, and therefore not qualify.


Another option is to be 95% or more negative, and if we are, we apparently vibrate on Earth's 4th Density vibration as well, but in the negative field (some Powers That Be qualify for this option). In the latter case where we choose to continue being in 3D, we need to be moved away from Earth, because we don't vibrate on her new, higher frequency. We will be transported, by RA and others, to another 3D planet somewhere in the universe.


Those who are "evil", such as the Global Elite, but are still less than 95% evil (Service-to-Self [STS]), will follow those 3D humans to the new planet and continue to control them there. Some say that the 4th Density is the last density for Earth, and when it will be time for her to ascend again, she won't be able to, and those who graduate from 4th to 5th Density have to be moved.


Others say that Earth will ascend all the way up to 7th Density.

In other words, a soul group, such as humanity, has 75,000 years in 3rd Density to decide whether they want to ascend with the planet they live on, or start all over on another planet until they are ready to ascend. And herein lies the difference and the confusion people may have felt regarding densities and dimensions!


The sources are only talking about ascension together with the planet you're born on, while if you leave the planet and go somewhere else in the universe, this density concept is no longer valid. Well off planet, you live in a universe where you are free to explore almost all densities and dimensions.


I say almost, because there are, I believe, some upper dimensions of the KHAA which we need approval to enter, more based on character than evolution, from what I understand.


These higher realms, which Anton Parks calls The Angal are guarded by the Orion Empire.


So, if you are already of 4th Density, to continue living in that density if you decide to leave Earth and go to another planet, you need to find a 4th Density planet in order to keep your vibration intact.


If you incarnate on another 3D world, your vibrations will adjust to the lower realms of the 3rd. But if you're invited to visit a 3D world, you do so in spirit (nano-travel), or use a genetically engineered body which can live in 3rd Density.

I personally think that the first example, which is presented in Diagram 1, is much closer to how the universe is perceived by most beings; much closer to how it really works, but there are not many sources who use that construct. Most of them use the second way of looking at.


Then (again to make matters more complex), different sources use different amount of densities in their teachings.


RA, like I said, use Octaves (7 densities, where the 8th is the beginning of a new Octave, very similar to the western musical scale, C-D-E-F-G-A-B-C (or DO-RE-MI-FA-SO-LA-SI [or TI]-DO), where the second C (DO) is the same note as the first C (DO), only one octave higher, i.e. it vibrates on a much higher frequency than the lower C.


It's a good allegory to use the musical scale, as a matter of fact, even if people are not musically inclined, because it explains things quite easily.


On a piano, for example, if you play a musical scale from a lower C to an upper C, you can hear, even if you're not a musician, how the notes go higher and higher in frequency and appear less dense to the listener.

Lastly, before we move on, let me continue on my thought from an earlier paragraph.


I said that RA is using Octaves to explain ascension, but there are those, like the Guardian Alliance (data streamed by A'shayana Deanne, aka Ana Hayes) who use 15 densities in their ascension process.


Other common numbers are 11 and 12.

  • So why is there such a difference between sources?

  • If they are living in the same universe, how can there be different amounts of densities or dimensions depending on whom you ask?

I don't know if anybody has ever asked a source this question, which is unfortunate, because it would take off a lot of confusion on the subject, if the answer is reliable that is.

However, there is a good explanation for this; there are no set densities, and that's the bottom line of it. You can't say in all honesty that now you jumped from Density 3 to Density 4. It's arbitrary at best.


When we listen to a source, it sounds like there is a line drawn in the sand, saying that here is the 3rd Density, and if you cross this line you are in the 4th. That's not accurate and quite misleading.


Densities, like everything else in the universe/Multiverse, are fluid, which means that they interact with each other. The 3rd interact and blend with the 4th and vice versa.


Awareness and consciousness in a being increased incrementally and no one is jumping from one density to another from one day to the other.


Things change and vibrations increase little by little, and we are able to perceive realities that previously were occluded. We may be able to zoom in and out of the "other world", which is the KHAA, or the 96%, which we talked a lot about in Level II (please review if these concepts have become vague in memory, or look them up in the dictionary for a faster review).


Eventually we will be able to travel in our light-bodies (avatars) to other dimensions and densities; both in the KHAA and in the 4% universe, while we still are grounded here on Earth in our much denser, physical 3 (or 4) dimensional bodies.


The 3rd Dimension (or the 3rd Density, depending on which concept we use) is the dimension of matter.


This is where non-physicals incarnate when they want to experience a period of time in a denser environment; basically for learning lessons. It shouldn't be a big deal, and it should actually be fun and very interesting, but in our case we have had our version of 3D "locked in" by the Sirian Alliance when they took over the planet, which means that souls who incarnate here get stuck in a loop of seemingly endless cycles of reincarnation, which this ET alliance has created.


It is certainly not meant to be this way, but here we are, stuck for eons in the grip of an alien invader force.


So the way we experience 3D here on Earth is an exception rather than a rule, or is at least meant to be. I will talk more about this in a later paper, where I show that the Sirians have set this up even smarter than we may have thought. If they would be put on trial for what they've done, they may, incredibly enough, get away with their crimes.


They are "smooth criminals" to borrow a term from a Michael Jackson song.


They have set it up in a way that they can show that whatever we humans have experienced here on Earth in form of negativity, pain, and suffering, is not "their fault", because we choose to experience it! This is why some say that it's a co-creation. We humans, wittingly or unwittingly, have agreed to pretty much everything we have been subjected to.

Now, we are not supposed to reincarnate, but to leave a reality whenever we want to - it should be a choice. Incredibly enough, as I have found out through my new research, not even the reincarnation process can be blamed on the SA (Sirian Alliance) - it's totally "voluntarily"; it's just that we humans don't know it.


So we choose to reincarnate here over and over, not even knowing that we don't have to! This is both bad news and good news at the same time, because once we've learned that, we can break the cycle of reincarnation! And I will tell you how in a later paper.

I hope the reader is not too confused after this "lesson" in dimensions and densities.


My hope is that it is actually sorting things out for those who have had problems understanding these concepts.



V. RA and the Different Light-Bodies

In Level II we talked a lot about avatars. [def]


This is not a new concept here on Earth, however. It was known by Pythagoras already in the antique how it is possible for a human body to leave his/her physical 3D body and explore the universe in one of our light-bodies (avatars).


In a book from 1979 about Pythagoras' life, it is talking about it in some detail. I watched a video where Professor Roger Weir from Shared Presence Foundation read out loud from this book, describing the exact thing I have been talking about here to quite some extent. [8]


Further, Pythagoras was talking about that life in the universe is multidimensional, and most beings living out there in the Multiverse are non-physicals, in our terms.


He said that it was the norm rather than an exception, and that we humans who are living here in biological, physical bodies are the awkward ones, not the other way around.

Figure 4.


So this was known during the antique, and this knowledge, and more, which Pythagoras inhabited made him to some kind of Buddha or Christ figure of his time.


This knowledge, of course, was later suppressed by the mainstream religion and the Catholic Church, and people in Greece and elsewhere went pretty much back to sleep again.

Our metaphysical sources, however, speak a lot about light-bodies, but for some odd reason they are not very keen on mentioning that you can use them for space travel while you are alive here on Earth.


The RA Material, for example, talks about seven light-bodies, one for each density, but nothing about space travel.

When I discuss avatars, the light-bodies are the avatars, but the way I understand it is this: each Fire in our body is a spark of the Divine, coming directly from the Mother Goddess. All these Fires are not physical per se, but are making up the shape of the physical, biological body. The Fires in themselves are microscopic in size, but they are all connected with each other on a super subquantum level and communicate with each other.


All the Fires in the body make up the whole, not only a physical whole, but also a metaphysical whole.


This metaphysical whole is creating one or more light-bodies around the physical body (e.g. we have a light-body/avatar which is the main light-body we are supposed to use in nano-travel [more about that here below]. Another body is the emotional body).


In my previous diagrams I drew one avatar/light-body around the physical body to simplify it at that point, wishing to wait with describing the bigger picture until we get into this section about channeling.

We have an enormous amount of Fires in our body, and if each Fire is a part of the whole, it also has the imprint of the whole inside of it. So, let's say we want to nano-travel to another galaxy. We can then stay here in our physical bodies and send out one or more of these Fires to travel long distance in almost no time at all; all it takes is a thought.


Arriving at the destiny, this Fire (or a combination of Fires) can then manifest in a light-body by the intention of these Fires.


Also, the Fires can decide what shape and form they want this light-body/avatar to take, and we have shapeshifting explained right there. With some practice, we can make it look and behave very physical.


These Fires, who are part of the Whole, communicate back and forth to the soul and the body here on Earth, and the experience will be that we are actually travelling through space and will experience everything in the distant galaxy just as real as if we would travel there in a nuts and bolts spacecraft in our biological bodies.

Today's humans are still not there in their development so they can do that in full capacity (some people can do it to a certain extent, and others through technology), because we have been taught that this is fantasy at best and witchcraft at its worst.


Also, we are being subjected to low frequency bombardment on a cellular level, and therefore it is impossible to nano-travel until we raise our vibration above what is preset as the norm for the human mass consciousness.


Therefore - ignorant as we are - when we depart from our physical bodies at body death in our light-bodies, which are made up of equally ignorant Fires, we can see where a certain soul was in her development here on Earth. If we look at a light-body that is separating from a deceased biological body, we would see it has a similar shape as the physical body, but is "glowing" in a certain color, or more often, vaguely shifts colors back and forth.


This is because there is more than one light-body all merged into one - or rather, that's what it looks like. Now, each range of vibration has its corresponding color, so depending on your awareness level, your light-body will have a certain predominant color, which we will go into more details about in a minute (we also call this aura).


That's why different discarnate souls who visit us may seem to have one predominant color, although they may sometimes shift between several colors, almost like a Christmas tree, but not as dominant.

When we discuss the phenomenon of light-bodies in relation to our metaphysical sources, I'm going to use the Ra Material as a model, because it describes what other sources touch on pretty well. But before we do so, I want to remove another confusion that I'm sure has bothered many metaphysical truthseekers. It has to do with the complexity of densities again.


The RA Material speaks of seven light-bodies, one for each density, in a sense that it sounds like when you "jump" from one density to another because you have reached that level of awareness, not only the color of your light-body changes, but a totally different light-body gets activated! According to my research, this is not what happens.


The way I see it is that there is one light-body (which I call avatar), and that will certainly change color according to your awareness level (psychics see that in auras all the time), and your emotional body is somewhat merged with this avatar (this is why psychics can see wounded parts of your aura and your chakras, and can read your emotional state).


Although this subject with light-bodies in relation to the sources is not crucial for what I am wanting to get across regarding these entities, I think it's good to know, and if it can shed some light (no pun intended) on an otherwise confusing subject, I believe it's worth bringing up.

So, let's go over to the Ra Material. [9]


I am aware of that the quality of the answer you get from the sources depends on how you formulate and address the question, I definitely get the impression that the Ra collective are talking about seven different light-bodies, and not one body shifting color.


I do not agree with ascension through densities in the way they and many channeled sources explain it, so I find some of this information inaccurate and misleading, but for the purpose of this and upcoming papers, it's irrelevant what I think.


I am only relaying information as it is presented by others (the vehicles/channelers and the entities). I will, however, wedge in a few comments every now and then; I can't help myself.

Although, like I explained earlier in this paper, different sources use a different amount of densities in their teachings, I am here going to concentrate on, and mostly stay with, RA's eight densities, or the Octave, as this seems to be more commonly used, and also, in some sense, is more accurate according to my own research. If we use 12 or 15 densities, the following information is not relevant.

According to RA, the densities are as follows:


  • 1st Density:

    fire, air, earth and water; equivalent to 4 of the 5 elements (where the 5th is aether/ether). This is the Red Ray Density, corresponding to what they call the Red Ray Body.


  • 2nd Density:

    consists of animals, trees, minerals, (and plants). I put plants within parentheses, because they do belong to the 2nd Density; however, only the three first mentioned are "enspirited", according to RA.


    They are not outright saying that plants are not, but they are only mentioning the first three as being inhabited by spirits, which is not accurate.

    The 2nd Density lasted for 4.6 billion years here on Earth. The color of the light-body of this density is orange, the Orange Ray Body.


  • 3rd Density:

    Homo sapiens sapiens ("The Thinking Man"). This is the density of "self-awareness". Not until 3rd Density is reached, a being is self-aware (an animal is not). The purpose of the 3rd Density is not to gain knowledge and wisdom, but to learn the ways of love.


    This density normally lasts for 75,000 years, followed by the Great Harvest. If the 3rd Density beings can't be harvested at that point, they will be transferred to another planet and start the cycle all over again for another 75,000 years period.


    The time for the Great Harvest is now. The light-body of the 3rd Density is the Yellow Ray Body.


  • 4th Density:

    this is the density of compassion and understanding. Selves are not hidden to other selves, and communication is done telepathically. Not until here are you supposed to get the understanding that we truthseekers are looking for.


    In 4D you are "denser in consciousness" than the 3D body, and this is an important statement from RA, because it explains why they consider each ascension process as a rise in density. The body the 4th Density beings are using is less dense than the 3rd Density, however.


    We see here that the densities according to channeled sources are not the same as dimensions used by traditional science, or 4th Density would have been that of time.


    The 4th Density is the density where the soul group starts acting more like what RA and others call a Social Memory Complex, which is when people in the soul group start acting more like one with each other. The group becomes more important and everybody's thoughts start to slowly merge into becoming One with the Creator.


    The beings of 4th Density choose to be invisible to 3rd Density beings like ourselves, but can be visible if they choose. This is why those who choose the negative path (see next paragraph) are able to show themselves to us in 3D, and where information like that of David Icke comes from, that the evil Reptilians are of "lower 4th Density", or 4th Density Negative.

    The Harvest into 4th Density is both of negative and positive nature depending on if the person is oriented towards service-to-self (STS) or service-to-others (STO).


    To qualify for ascension into 4th Density Positive you need to be 51% STO or more. To qualify for 4th Density Negative you have to be 95% or more STS. Those in between will stay in 3D, but will be transported to another 3D planet due to that Earth is becoming a 4D planet herself.


    Your lifespan in the 4th Density body is approximately 90,000 years, and the density itself lasts for about 30 million years(!), all counted from our perspective or time.


    The 4th Density uses a Green Ray Body. According to RA, it's the awareness of all as the One Creator that opens the Green Ray center; [10] i.e. the awareness of that we are all One opens up this center, which steers the soul in the direction towards the 4th Density.


  • 5th Density:

    the density of wisdom. It's an extremely "free" density, and we can choose whether we want to learn as an individual or as a Social Memory Complex.


    It's about compassion leading to wisdom (an extreme focus on the heart center). To graduate to this density you need to accept the honor and duty of the Law of One (which means that we are all One with the Creator, and we are all working towards becoming One with It again (in the cosmology of RA, God has no gender, and gender ceases to exist in the 7th Density).


    This density, just like the 4th, accepts both positive and negative Harvest, so there are still negatively oriented beings living here, choosing the negative path to serve the Creator in the learning process of knowing Itself. Their physical appearance is very similar to ours, so they could come to Earth and pass themselves off as humans.


    Also, in the Universe of RA, the only really negative beings who are visiting Earth in the "physical" are the "Orions".


    Many are supposedly from the 5th Density, but some also from the 4th Negative. (There is a reason why RA is blaming the Orion Group for interfering with our development, and it will be explained under its own section later in this paper).


    The 5th Density is extremely white in vibration, according to RA, but uses a Blue Ray Body.


  • 6th Density:

    RA says:

"This quality relates to the blending into wisdom of the compassion learned in 4th density." [11]

This is the density the Ra Social Memory Complex is currently in, about to be harvested into the 7th Density.


However, just like Marciniak's Pleiadians, RA needed to revisit humankind and did so through channeling. Both the Pleiadians and RA have a history with tampering with our evolution, and the results were negative. According to RA, their intention was good (they claim they were the ones building the Egyptian pyramids), but by interfering with us in their physical, the result was not what they anticipated, so they left.


They actually visited us more than once, as we shall see. Now, before they can go to the 7th Density, they have to have a "clean record" and make up for negative results from actions in the past, or they won't be able to proceed. The Pleiadians present a slightly different scenario for us, but there are also a lot of similarities.


The Pleiadians worked with the SA[def] already from the beginning when Lord ENLIL and his warriors came here and chased the Aryans (Orions) away, 500,000 years ago, and now they have to make up for the consequences, or they won't be able to evolve from where they are (in our future).


(From here on, I will call the Aryans Orions, because of the misunderstanding it created for some readers, who confused the Aryans/Orions with the Aryan race which Hitler supported and tried to mass produce during World War II).

So it seems like these entities, or Social Memory Complexes, can get away with not taking responsibility for their actions for quite some time, but at one point in their development (evolution), they need to stop what they're doing and go back in time and correct their "mistakes".


If this is true, this is something you and I need to think about as well. In an upcoming paper I am going to bring up a quite interesting future potential scenario which involves humankind as a spacefaring species.


The scenario has been very real for the Pleiadians as it were.

In the 6th Density, negative and the positive (darkness and light) merge into one positive Social Memory Complex and service-to-self does no longer exist.


Everything is group thinking and a matter of using the compassion learned in 4th Density and merging that with the wisdom gained in the 5th Density to become a whole soul group, with one goal, which is to blend together with All There Is, or the One Creator in Density 7.


The light-body is a Indigo Ray Body.


(The reader has probably noticed that the color of the ray-bodies are the same as that of the rainbow, or the light spectrum. According to science, the more something moves towards the blue, indigo, and violet colors of the spectrum, the warmer/hotter that something becomes.


The same principle goes for stars. However, this is somewhat misleading, because we see the universe from a 3D manipulated 4% universe perspective, while those who live in, and have access to the KHAA/VOID may look at the universe totally differently.


In Level II I tried to explain this with the allegory of a spider web, and that is probably pretty close to how multidimensional, interdimensional non-physicals see the universe.


It's a myriad of galactic and intergalactic "highways", which are the web strings in the spider web).


  • 7th Density:

    the "completed being"; the One Creator knowing Itself through the Social Memory Complex ascending from Density 6, and merge with the Creator (I would say that this is equivalent with a soul group igniting and becoming a star).


    Polarity does no longer exist and everything is a constant "now". In the 6th Density, Social Memory Complexes are working directly with their "teachers" to complete the Octave.


    Due to that RA is "only" a 6th Density Complex, some of the 7th Density is dwelled in mystery, and they don't know exactly what will happen. Intelligent Infinity turns to Intelligent Energy from the 8th Density.


    The 7th Density body is the Violet Ray Body.


  • 8th Density:

    the tipping point. Here is where one Octave ends and a new Octave begins.


    Very little is known about this density, says RA, but the logical process is that it's a fast density where life starts all over in the 1st Density of a new, higher Octave, where the learning process is 100% unknown to RA. There is no light-body assigned to this density.

    This structure, with a few modifications, is representative for most sources; that's what we are taught. One thing most of them have in common as well is the Harvest.


    Everything in their teachings is pointing in the direction of the harvesting of souls.

I also found a reference in the RA Material directly to the different light-bodies, which is more detailed and excludes the density comparison. I'd like to share that as well.


RA: The red-ray is your chemical body.


However, it is not the body which you have as clothing in the physical. It is the unconstructed material of the body, the elemental body without form.


This basic unformed material body is important to understand for there are healings which may be carried out by the simple understanding of the elements present in the physical vehicle. (B2, 114)


RA: This is the physical body complex. It is still not the body you inhabit. but rather the body formed without self-awareness, the body in the womb before the spirit/mind complex enters.


This body may live without the inhabitation of the mind and spirit complexes, but seldom does so. (B2, 114)


RA: (This) is your physical vehicle which you know of at this time and in which you experience catalyst.


RA: This is a lighter body packed more densely with life. It is the body that is seen in sance when what you call ectoplasm is furnished. Some call it the astral body.


Others have called it the etheric body, but this is not correct in the sense that the etheric body is that body of gateway wherein intelligent energy is able to mold the mind/body/spirit complex. (B2, 115)


RA: The light body or blue-ray body may be called the devachanic body.


There are many other names for this body especially in your so-called Indian Sutras or writings, for there are those among these peoples which have explored these regions and understand the various types of devachanic bodies.


There are many, many types of bodies in each density, much like your own. (B2, 115)

RA: There is always some difficulty in penetrating blue primary energy for it requires that which your people have in great paucity (i.e., scarcity); that is, honesty. Blue ray is the ray of free communication with self and with other-self . (B2, 121)


RA: This is what we choose to call the etheric body. It is the gateway body. You may only see this body as that of light as it may mold itself as it desires. (B2, 116)


[This is clearly the body which best corresponds with what I call the Avatar. (Wes' comment).]

RA: This is the first body that activates itself upon death. It is the "form-maker" (or what the Egyptians referred to as "Ka.") This body remains until understanding has been gained by the mind/body/spirit complex. Then a body of another ray (e.g. green) is activated. (B2, 116)

RA: This indigo body, being intelligent energy, is able to offer the newly dead, as you would term it, a soul perspective and a place from which to view the experience most recently manifested. (B2, 117)


RA: You may call this the Buddha body or that body which is complete. Within it lies a sense of wholeness which is extremely close to unity with all that there is. (B2, 115)

RA: This may be seen to be manifested by a sense of the consecrate or hallowed nature of everyday creations and activities. (B2, 121)

Now, to end this section with light-bodies, RA is claiming that we all possess these 7 light- or ray-bodies as they call them, but only the one we are using for the specific density we are in is activated.


However, it sounds like we are able to also activate the ray-bodies that are beneath the level we're at. This can be seen as RA technically telling us that this is what we call shapeshifting.

I talked to another metaphysical researcher and truthseeker who is very much into channeling, and is leading a well-known channeling group in California. I discussed the Harvest and the limitation of awareness the idea of densities is. He agreed with me in sum, but said that the use of densities in the fashion our sources do is just so people can easier understand the concept of ascension and the raising of frequencies.


That was his way of making sense of it. I can see where he's coming from, but I think that despite the sometimes complex language in the RA Material, it is quite straight forward on the density subject, and there is not much room for interpretation. He also mentioned that the 7 densities could very well directly correspond to the seven chakras...

Before we move on to the next paper, I want to talk a little bit more about the RA Material in general, in addition to their density system and the way they look at light-bodies.


My intention is to compare different channeled sources in the next paper with a purpose to figure out whether these entities are here in our best interest, in their best interest, in a shared best interest, or with the intention to harm us.


I can tell the reader already now that it's a mix of it all, but it is obvious that a lot of them are here with the same motivation, and it has to do with the harvest of souls! Whether this is benevolent or not is something we shall discuss, but is ultimately up to the reader to decide.

RA visited Earth 18,000 years ago for the first time in the physical. At that time they were a 6th Density civilization living on Venus.


They were half etheric. They had the ability to nano-travel (they call it that they traveled with their thoughts), and their bodies were tall, slender, and shining with a golden "glow" to them. However, when they visited Earth, they came in bell-shaped spaceships which were crystal-powered. [12]


These spacecraft could be seen over Egypt when they arrived, but the Egyptians did not pay much notice to them, according to RA, because at that time, Earth was visited by many ET civilizations, and vessels in the sky was an almost daily event.

Dr. Don Elkins, who mostly came up with the questions and was the one who asked them in the RA Sessions, once asked RA which ETs use physical spaceships and who are not, and just like I explained in Level II, advanced beings don't need them.


Here are their comments:

"For the most part those coming from distant points do not need craft as you know them. The question requires understanding you do not possess.


We shall attempt to state what can be stated. There are a few 3rd density entities (for example, those from Sirius) who have learned how to use craft to travel between star systems while experiencing the limitations you now understand, namely very long flight times. (Book B, Session 3, Question 7, or B3, 7)

4th, 5th and 6th density entities use one of two other means.

(1) One type of craft can arrive without any time lapse at all, using a slingshot gravitic light effect. (B3, 7)
(2) The other type is a type of experience (rather than a craft).

These entities have learned the necessary disciplines enabling them to view the universe as one being and, therefore, are able to proceed from one location to another by thought alone, materializing the necessary craft, if you will, to enclose the light body of the entity. (B3, 7)

In 6th density there are virtually no entities which any longer use outer technology for travel or communication." (B3, 13)

I have talked a lot about becoming multi-d in our bodies and being able to travel with our thoughts and bring our light-body/avatar with us instead of using nuts and bolts spaceships (or even interdimensional spaceships).


According to RA that happens in upper 5th Density and the 6th.


If that is the case, we are heading towards 5th and 6th Density, not the 4th, because we are going to learn how to nano-travel.

Figure 5

The last ice-age, 18,000 years ago,

when the RA people first visited Earth.

18,000 years ago was the middle of the last ice-age (fig. 5), which at that time only affected the northern and the southern hemispheres; the middle part of the world was not under the icecap at all, but the temperature was colder than now.

According to RA themselves, 18,000 years ago when they visited both Egypt and Atlantis, aid was given to the latter, but not the former. They found that the people of Egypt were quite self-contradictory when came to religion, and many people chose to worship the hawk-headed Sun god, Horus.


The RA people say they never come unless they are called for, and both 18,000 and 11,000 years ago there was a call for them to come and assist. However, on their first visit, due to the contradiction with religious beliefs, RA didn't think it was appropriate for them to heed the call for their vibration, so they left without taking action.

Next time they visited was 11,000 years ago. We know, because RA has admitted to it, that they had problems with establishing certain earthly time periods and get them right, so 11,000 years ago may be only slightly correct, and 11,000 years ago would have been approximately the time of the Great Deluge.


Anyway, they say that at this time they had more luck when they visited Egypt, and there were those who now were quite gung-ho on the Law of One. Another 6th Density group visited South America at the same time.

This is what RA said about the 11,000 years ago visit:

"We are those of the Confederation who eleven thousand of your years ago came to two of your planetary cultures which were at that time closely in touch with the creation of the One Creator.


It was our nave belief that we could teach/learn by direct contact and the free will distortions of individual feeling or personality were in no danger, we thought, of being disturbed as these cultures were already closely aligned with a[n] all-embracing belief in the live-ness or consciousness of all.


We came and were welcomed by the peoples whom we wished to serve. We attempted to aid them in technical ways having to do with the healing of mind/body/spirit complex distortions through the use of the crystal, appropriate to the distortion, placed within a certain appropriate series of ratios of time/space material.


Thus were the pyramids created.

We found that the technology was reserved largely for those with the effectual mind/body distortion of power. This was not intended by the Law of One. We left your peoples. The group that was to work with those in the area of South America, as you call that portion of your sphere, gave up not so easily.


They returned. We did not.


However, we have never left your vibration due to our responsibility for the changes in consciousness we had first caused and then found distorted in ways not relegated to the Law of One. We attempted to contact the rulers of the land to which we had come, that land which you call Egypt, or in some areas, the Holy Land.

In the Eighteenth Dynasty, as it is known in your records of space/time distortions, we were able to contact a pharaoh, as you would call him. The man was small in life-experience on your plane and was a what this instrument would call, Wanderer. Thus, this mind/body/spirit complex received our communication distortions and was able to blend his distortions with our own.


This young entity had been given a vibratory complex of sound which vibrated in honor of a prosperous god, as this mind/body complex, which we call instrument for convenience, would call "Ammon."


The entity decided that this name, being in honor of one among many gods, was not acceptable for inclusion in his vibratory sound complex. Thus, he changed his name to one which honored the sun disc.


This distortion, called "Aten," was a close distortion to our reality as we understand our own nature of mind/body/spirit complex distortion. However, it does not come totally into alignment with the intended teach/learning which was sent.


This entity, Akhenaten, became convinced that the vibration of One was the true spiritual vibration and thus decreed the Law of One.

However, this entitys beliefs were accepted by very few. His priests gave lip service only, without the spiritual distortion towards seeking. The peoples continued in their beliefs.


When this entity was no longer in this density, again the polarized beliefs in the many gods came into their own and continued so until the one known as Muhammad delivered the peoples into a more intelligible distortion of mind/body/spirit relationships." [13]

So the RA group claims to be the one who created the Great Pyramids, something which Sitchin devoted to Lord Ningishzidda, also known as Thoth, ENKI's son.


So, we have a contradiction here, unless RA actually come from either Orion or the Sirian Alliance.


Well, they say they developed on Venus and are a very old race in our terms. We know there are flaws in Sitchin's work, so that could be one explanation, but there is something with the planet Venus that is still dwelled in mystery.


There are lots of contradictions regarding our neighboring planet, and many stories passed around, both on the Internet and in books; definitely something humanity could gain knowledge from if someone wants to take time to research it.

Figure 6

Pharaoh Akhenaten, reigned approx. 1353-1336 BC.

RA talks more about the pyramids in another session, where they also tell us they are having difficulties with the timeline, but they are giving us some valuable information as of when the pyramids were built:

"Approximately eleven thousand [11,000] of your years ago we entered, by thought-form, your - we correct this instrument.


We sometimes have difficulty due to low vitality. Approximately eight five zero zero [8,500] years ago, having considered these concepts carefully, we returned, never having left in thought, to the thought-form areas of your vibrational planetary complex and considered for some of your years, as you measure time, how to appropriately build these structures.

The first, the Great Pyramid, was formed approximately six thousand [6,000] of your years ago.


Then, in sequence, after this performing by thought of the building or architecture of the Great Pyramid using the more, shall we say, local or earthly material rather than thought-form material to build other pyramidical structures.


This continued for approximately fifteen hundred [1,500] of your years." [14]

The time frame when the pyramids were built has always been subject to controversy, and the Pleiadians claim that they are much older than what RA are saying here.


The Pleiadians also have another story about how they were built, and that they were actually inserted from vertical time with sound frequencies, as I explained in Level II. But this is about the teachings of different channeled sources, so some information will contradict each other while other information will coincide.

Of course, during all these visits, [15] the SA had a stronghold over our planet, and these were the Men of Power that the RA people are talking about.


We know that Pharaoh Akhenaten was certainly a rebel of his time. He refused to worship several gods, which otherwise was the standard in Egypt when he lived (and these deities were Sirian "gods", of course), and instead decided that there is only one God.


The project failed, because no one, except perhaps the pharaoh and his wife, Nefertiti, endorsed the One God Religion, or the Law of One. When Akhenaten died, the Egyptians went back to worshipping the Sirian deities again. Interestingly enough, RA also claim to have a finger in Muhammad's revelation. I can't help it, but it appears to me that RA is a more evolved faction of the Sirians, but I could be wrong.


There are contradictions that we have to live with, but again, Venus is flashing all the time in the back of my head as I'm writing this. I feel it is an important, and missing part of the story. I may have to look into that more in the near future.

RA also mentions the term wanderers in the above quote. This means, for those who are not familiar with this concept, a soul from a higher density (usually 4th or 5th), who chooses to come to a certain planet which is in need of assistance, decides to incarnate there and help raising the frequencies.


Wanderers often get caught in the Sirian trap system, however, and get recycled with the rest of the souls, but they are willing to make that sacrifice.

Here is quite an interesting remark from RA:

"Questioner: were you able to make the transition from your - Venus, and I assume the sixth dimension, which - would that be invisible when you reached here? Did you have to change your dimensions to walk on the Earth?

Ra: You will remember the exercise of the wind. The dissolution into nothingness is the dissolution into unity, for there is no nothingness.


From the sixth dimension, we are capable of manipulating, by thought, the intelligent infinity present in each particle of light or distorted light so that we were able to clothe ourselves in a replica visible in the third density of our mind/body/spirit complexes in the sixth density.


We were allowed this experiment by the Council which guards this planet." [16]

Here they clearly tell us how they are able to use their avatar to "shapeshift", so they can descend into 3D, the material world, and that they had permission to do so from the Council of Saturn.


We are going to talk more about all these councils and Galactic Federations in an upcoming paper, so we'll leave it with that for now.

Anyway, RA stopped visiting Earth, due to that they noticed that humans misunderstood their teachings because of language difficulties (and they are certainly not making it easier now, as their channeling can be hard for many to understand), and the visit in Egypt 11,000 years ago did not end well. RA left humanity to their fate at that time, but say they haven't stopped looking over us since then.


Now, however, they have come to a place in their own development when they need to make up for the damage they [accidentally?] did to us all this time ago, by interfering with our evolution.


They are making amends, they say, by teaching us through a channel what we want to know, and they also will be present at the time of the Harvest.

RA says that the first humans on Earth came from Mars (Sirian laboratories? They certainly existed on Mars at that time and were used for genetic engineering and manipulation).


However, this group of humans became so warlike (under Sirian influence?) that they destroyed themselves and the planet at the same time. So they had to be transferred down to Earth around 75,000 years ago.


There was no harvestable beings at that time.

Then there was another planet in our solar system which they call Maldek (my "Old Terra" in Level II), where an advanced, Atlantis-like society had formed. They, too, destroyed their planet utterly in an atomic war, and everybody without exception, died a violent death. It took a very long time (thousands of years) for the Confederation to even reach these beings, but 500,000-600,000 years ago they succeeded and untied the knot of fear and terror in this soul group.


These beings were also transferred to Earth, because Earth was the only inhabited planet in 3D at that time, and these were 3D beings. However, they never incarnated in bodies, but allegedly live in our atmosphere, and when we see some paranormal activities (and some of the UFOs), they are Maldekians bleeding through the layers of reality.


Some, however, later managed to incarnate in Neanderthal bodies.

The RA collective mention several times that mankind was living in correlation with many different star races in Atlantean and Egyptian times, and not all of them were benevolent. They also mention both Mars and Maldek as being two planets directly involved in our evolution, just like I've been saying.

RA is talking about a Higher Self, or an Oversoul, which is a higher version of you, living in the upper 6th Density, and therefore knows your path all the way up to that point. Because all time is simultaneous (something RA endorses), your journey is already over from the viewpoint of your Oversoul.


However, it is there to guide you so that you can find an easier and faster path to get there. This concept can only be understood from a multidimensional, heart level, and is just mind-boggling for the 3D mind. In the 6th Density, when you are just about to graduate to the 7th, you merge with your Oversoul and you become One with it.


Both the Oversoul and the One Creator are without gender in the RA cosmology, and is normally addressed as It. Gender becomes obsolete in the 6th Density, according to RA, when individuals merge into a group soul, a Social Memory Complex.

In RA's universe, only the One Creator is without distortion. It just is.


Anything added to that is called a distortion, although it's not meant in a negative way. The first distortion is the Law of Free Will, the second is Love and the third is Light. Thus, New Age people, and many metaphycisists use the terms "Love and Light" when communicating with each other, and when showing affinity and understanding, although it has more become like an automatic greeting, such as "regards".


Many sources, channeled through a human vehicle/body, say they are of the Light, and if they say that, the channeler accepts the source as being benevolent. This can, as we shall see, be quite misleading, and may not at all be so.


But that's something for the next paper.



V.I. The Veil of Forgetfulness

This term comes from RA. This is similar to what I have said about the Grid and the Amnesia Trap in earlier papers.


The difference is that RA sees this veil as necessary for us to experience 3D. The Veil of Forgetfulness makes you forget your true identity and purpose as soon as you incarnate or reincarnate on Mother Earth.


They say it's a space/time phenomenon and does not exist in time/space. This means that you only forget when you are in an incarnation (in a body), but between lives (time/space) you do remember. I wholeheartedly agree with this as I have come to even newer conclusions regarding afterlife than what I had in Level I and II. I will dedicate another whole paper on the subject later in this level.

When asked why this Veil has to be there, RA explains that without the Veil there would be no potentials for misunderstanding, and thus no experience.[17]


And here is the interesting stuff. RA admits that the Veil is a separation between the Conscious mind and the Unconscious Mind (which is dream state), and that it was purposely put there so we could have this experience. Well, put there by whom? Not the Orions, who created 3D, that is for sure.


They wanted mankind to have their memories intact so we could experience 3D in "one go" and then move on. No, it was created by the SA to be the basic part of the Control System. For some reason, RA is not mentioning this.


Something to keep in mind...

However, RA does explain that there was a time before the Veil. However, they say that "knowing" instead of "not knowing" creates very little motivation to change and to expand one's consciousness. There are very few catalysts and the evolution is compared to that between a turtle and a cheetah. However, once they realize that we are all One, these beings climb quickly to the highest densities.


According to RA, the inhabitants of such planets were STO, and this was in the beginning of this Octave. It only happened on planets close to the Galactic Center, where the beings still had memories from the previous Octave they had ascended from.


However, when it became clear how slow the progress became in this Octave without a Veil, one such was created and has been present ever since on any developing planet, according to RA.

This seems like good logic, unless we are aware of that there are two different universes - the 4% and the 96%. The purpose from the beginning was that 96% beings (those who were of, or had access to the KHAA, the 96%) should be able to experience the material universe if they so desired. It was supposed to be something fun and educational.


Non-physical beings could take a physical body and experience the 3rd Dimension while still being multi-d. In other words, they were able to come and leave bodies at will. It had nothing to do with long learning experiences; it was like high spirit going on vacation by descending into matter.


There was no death involved, and no reincarnation, unless the spirit wanted to switch bodies, but if so, it happened with memories intact.

It was only when the Sirians came into the picture, which was much later, that things changed. They were the ones who created the separation between the conscious and unconscious mind, so we forgot who we were, and most importantly - once trapped in a 3D body, you couldn't get out.


Then, when your body deteriorated in matter, the soul left the useless vehicle, but was now manipulated to go back into matter again to complete a goal that was not set by the soul in the first place. Not only on Earth, but on many, many planets in the universe, the Sirian Overlords created a similar trap, and you got the 4% universe - a universe dictated and manipulated by them.


The trapped souls who had lost their memories of who they were and why they were there had no other choice, it seemed, than to listen to those who seemed to know; the so-called "gods" or "Men of Power".


They told you how to look at the universe. They said that what you can perceive with your 5 senses is what reality is, and when you look up in the night sky you see stars and galaxies.


But the blackness between the stars is just a nothingness that no one knows anything about. The only thing that exists is what you see. This manipulation, plus some tampering with our DNA, got us trapped in a very narrow frequency band, where only 4% of the universe is visible.


They wanted us to believe that if there really is life out there, it's so far away that we can't reach it. We became isolated. In reality, we should be able to perceive all frequency bands at will, and if we did, the universe would not be black anymore, but filled up with particles almost everywhere - it would lighten up.


You would be able to perceive all dimensions, and not only the 4 lowest ones (time included).

The fact that RA does not mention any of this makes me very alert. That means that they are either only perceiving the 4% universe themselves, or they are holding back on vital information that can set us free.


Or are they of the impression that mankind can only expand themselves in baby steps, and therefore the information they freely give out stays within the 4% frequency band?


This could be a possibility, because the 4% universe has its own dimensions and densities. You don't have to experience all the higher bands of the spectrum to be able to travel between some dimensions and densities.


This could very well be the case with RA. If they allowed us to "ascend" in a manner so we became multi-d right away, they are afraid we're going to be overwhelmed by all the new perceptions in the gamma spectrum, for example.

If this is true, the sources we are channeling (because RA is not the only one teaching the same thing) is the slow way of becoming multi-d; one little step at the time, while the way I want to do it, based on material from anonymous sources, the Pleiadians, Seth, and a few more, is the faster way, but still safe.


I would not want to take the channeled ascension route when I can do it in a much faster way. This will be obvious the more you read, and especially after you have read the book I'm going to write after I'm done with this level of learning.

So, if this is close to how the sources think, and they want to help us through the ascension process in something they call the Harvest, that would sound benevolent enough, wouldn't it? After all, it's nothing wrong with asking for help, is it?


However, first of all, we have not asked for help; what has happened here is that we have a number of sources who say they are here to help us because they need to do this in order to advance (and be accepted into the Orion Empire [the KHAA]?), and not because we asked them to help us. Albeit, they are trying to make us think that we asked them for help.


Therefore, something like helping us through a Harvest is an interference and a break of universal laws.


They know this, so therefore the purpose of doing it is not to be accepted by the Orion Empire, because they know the Empire would never agree with what they're doing. So there is another agenda here, and it seems to play right into that of the Sirian Overlords, wittingly or unwittingly.

I can hear many metaphysical researchers protest at this point and say that we can't go through the ascension process without help from "the other side"! First of all, yes, we can, because the way these metaphysical sources explain the process is one way of doing it, and I believe it's not benevolent either, and later I will explain why.


All we do is we are moved from one box to another, but are still controlled.I have read a lot and listened to a lot of channeled information, and I am far from convinced that the transition is benevolent.


Is what they are planning even possible? Yes, I believe it is, but why, when your body dies, would you put yourself in the hands of all these metaphysical beings and trust that they send you to where you want to go? Why give up your power and give it away to, it doesn't matter whomever, and then close your eyes and hope they are giving you Paradise?

That sounds pretty fishy to me.


Instead, you can trust your own power and perceptions and do it all much better and faster on your own, once you understand the concept and the procedures how to do it. I have suggested many times, and I suggest it again; don't trust an outside power to go free! If they were benevolent, they would help you to self-help and not offer to do it for you. It doesn't work that way.


 This is a universe where the individual finds their own strength and abilities, and whatever needs to be done, it can be done by the individual soul. You want to do it in group? Sure, no problem.


But I would suggest that if you do, the group members all need to have come to the same conclusions and then do it together. And they probably would need to be of the same soul group (humankind) for it to work. Aliens who are here don't need the same things we do. We are responsible for our own evolution.

There are those who say that 3D, the way it is now set up (by the SA), is the best learning lesson you can ever imagine. In a very short time (relatively speaking), you learn more than non-physicals, or beings in other dimensions, learn in one million years.


Oh yes, there is a lot of trauma, horror, torture, war, famine, separation anxiety, and God knows what, involved in the learning process with such catalysts as the blood-thirsty Global Elite, but fact remains, they say - we learn quickly! It wasn't meant to be this way, but now that it is, there are apparently souls who want to incarnate here just to have this quick learning experience.


But you see, "up there" time is different, and you are able to see the bigger picture; it's like you are Superman and can handle anything. So non-physicals are sometimes very tempted to go down here and change things around.


However, once down here they find out quickly that it's not that easy in this dense reality.

Furthermore, some say that everything is a co-creation. No one is a victim; we all have decided the ball part of our fate so we can learn - even if we go through torture or famine. This is probably true, but there is still manipulation involved.


All sides of the "game" do not have the same opportunities, because some know the secrets, and others don't.


This makes it an unfair game, where the players all think they are in for it with the same opportunity for growth, but with manipulation involved, I would say that this is not true.

We can sugar-coat what this trap is all about and try to see it from a positive angle, but it doesn't change the fact that it is a trap.


No one is going to tell me how much of the spectrum I am allowed to see at once by putting me in a new box, which I don't even really know what it contains - only what some non-physical sources say it does.

RA says:

"RA: The nature of vibration is such that it may be seen as having mathematically straight or narrow steps. These steps may be seen as having boundaries.


Within each boundary there are infinite gradations of vibration or color. However, as one approaches a boundary, an effort must be made to cross that boundary." [18]

This is exactly where I differ (second sentence).


I look at it the opposite way; the whole thing is that the steps do not have boundaries, but blend in with each other. Someone who endorses RA's teachings may say that what I am experiencing is a "bleed-through" into the 4th Density, but not even that indicates as being correct.


I have read RA's definitions of the different densities, and my experience is exactly that of the Pleiadians and others; that I can reach 5th or 6th Density while sitting in my chair at work, or talking to people around a table, and then go back and forth. I do not feel like I am hitting any boundary at all, but that it is all fluid and blend together.


But for some reason, the non-physical in this respect apparently want to describe them as boundaries.


LPG-C [def] called the distinctions between the 7 Superdomains boundaries as well, but they didn't mean it in a literal way; they, too, looked at the Multiverse as being fluid.

If we move further into the creation theory of RA, we notice that each galaxy is created by its own logos, which in this case can be compared with a Creator God (or Gods). The logos who created our particular star system also created 250 billion others (corresponding to all the star systems in the Milky Way Galaxy).


They also say that some galaxies are prone to having more negative Harvest than others, i.e. STS is more pronounced in these galaxies, probably because of an experiment instigated by its logos (Creator God[s]). It appears, however, that RA decided, when they became evolved enough to nano-travel, to basically stay and work within our own Milky Way Galaxy, except for some Wanderers [def] who went to other major galaxies.


These Wanderers could tell about beings looking very different from those here in the Milky Way.

In our own galaxy, RA says that 1/5 of all planets are inhabited in some density or another, which means not all of them are inhabited in 3D. If we, as 3D beings would travel to such a planet, we would probably find it barren.


Some would be gas planets from our point of view, just like Jupiter and Saturn, which are supposedly both inhabited by beings of another frequency/density.


Furthermore, RA explains that approximately 32% of all stars have planets around them, while another 6% have some kind of clustering materials which can be inhabited in some densities (notice here that RA is all the time talking about the 4% universe!).


Then Dr. Elkins asks them what percentage of 3D beings from other star systems could move to Earth and walk among us without we noticing that they are aliens, and RA replies that it's 5% of all 3D races, while about 13 to 15% would look similar enough that you had to look twice to notice (they are still talking about the whole 4% universe).


And lastly, in the 4% universe, on those planets, where beings are aware, 27% are in 3D; 16% in 4D; and 6% in 5D. The other 51% are of the other densities.

RA is not the only source saying that we need 4th Density bodies to be able to live on the 4th Density Earth. The philosophy is therefore that we need to die before we can ascend (4D bodies are waiting on 'the other side').


Also, those who don't qualify will thus at that time be sent to a 3D planet somewhere else. So, according to RA's hypothesis, no one is going to come here and beam anybody up in spaceships.


Therefore, we will not be able to feel out this hypothesis, because we won't know until we die whether we qualify or not. And there, on the other side, RA and other Social Memory Complexes will wait and lead us into the right fold.


If you read this paragraph again and think about it,

  • Doesn't this sound awfully artificial?

  • Is it a built-in part of Creation that some Social Memory Complexes from 6th Density or such have to steer us in the right direction between lives?

  • Shouldn't "ascension" be something that comes naturally?

All I want is for the reader to ponder that for a minute before you continue.

RA also have their view on the Second Coming. Dr. Elkins is asking if Jesus will return, and they say no; albeit, they claim that Jesus is a part of the Confederation and will only make himself present through channels(!). [19]


This to me is a disturbing comment, because the metaphysical researcher knows that this being who calls himself Jesus has been channeled by quite a few, but especially by the Galactic Federation of Light and The Ashtar Command which both clearly are Sirian channels, as we shall see.


They even have Utu Shamash's Winged Sun Disc as their logo. [20]


If RA claims Jesus to be part of the Confederation they are part of, and they say "their" Jesus is going to be channeled, and those channels are both Sirian in nature, what does that make RA and the Confederation? I'm just trying to put two and two together here.

Although RA says that Jesus will not come back to Earth, there are others of the identical congruency of consciousness that will welcome those who go to the 4th Density. "This is the meaning of the 2nd Coming", says RA. [21]


I am sorry, but the picture I get in my head is very much similar to that we see in New Age channeling, such as the Ashtar Command, where bearded, handsome men in their early thirties, such as Jesus himself and St. Germain come and hug us, dressed in long, white robes.


That's a little bit too much for me to stomach.


V.II. The Orion Group - Friends or Foes?

Then again, RA is conveying the message about the Orion Group, which has caused so much confusion here on Earth, and they are accusing Orion of being the enemies.


They claim that the Orions are the only negative density entities who can penetrate the Veil here (not counting those who were already on the planet in the 1980s and are still here). RA says that the Orions are often the ones we see in the skies, piloting the so-called UFOs.


They send out messages, and some of those are received by those who are oriented towards service-to-others.


The messages are altered to be acceptable to those positive entities, while warning of difficult times ahead. This is, says RA, the most those negative entities can do to manipulate those of positive orientation. Not so, I would say. They can do (and are doing) a lot more than that.

The contacts the Orion Group finds most rewarding, however, are those with a service-to-self orientation. [22] The reason for this is that the STS beings are more on their wavelength and can be manipulated into becoming the minions of the Orion Group.

So let's go over this once and for all. Why does the RA collective talk about Orion when they are in fact are definitely describing the Sirian Alliance? Well, the best reference is the Urantia Book and Lucifer's Rebellion.


This bright, beautiful, once very positively oriented being called Lucifer, rebelled towards God (or in reality, the Goddess), managed to gather a support group behind him, and a War in Heaven began. It ended with that Lucifer and his Fallen Angels were "cast out of Heaven" (the Orion Empire) and descended upon Earth, and the Fallen Angels created the Nephilim etc.

Aside from the Urantia Book, where have we heard this story before? In virtually all ancient scriptures, such as the Bible (Satan in the Garden of Eden), and the Sumerian Scripture (ENKI as the Serpent in the Garden). I am saying in my papers with great emphasis that ENKI is not Sirian but from Orion. He is the son of the Goddess and her brightest "angel".


He is Lucifer. In his rebellion he gathered around him the Sirian Overlords and the Pleiadians, the former whom had earlier signed the Peace Treaty with the Goddess (see Level II), and from thereon were considered members of the Orion Empire.


Hence, Lucifer and his Fallen Angels also became known as the "Orion Group", the faction of Orions/Aryans who rebelled against the Goddess.

There lies the confusion, and most possibly the main reason why Orion has such a bad reputation here on Earth, described as shapeshifting Reptilians by researchers as Icke and quite a few others. But! Orion, dear reader, is our original home, and they are not our enemy. However, there is a group or a faction of Orions, who have created a bad reputation about the whole Orion Empire.


Hence, I want to distinguish between the Orion Empire and the Orion Group, by still calling the Sirian/Pleiadian/Orion Group the Sirian Alliance, although they were led by an Orion being, ENKI or Lucifer.


So those who say they channel ENKI and have positive experiences with this being are, I'm sorry to say, manipulated and deceived. In certain terms, ENKI is worse than ENLIL, and the Bible is correct when it labels ENKI/EA/Lucifer as Satan.


YHWH/Jehovah was a composite of beings (none of them benevolent), and two of those beings from this composite were the stepbrothers, ENKI and ENLIL. Another was ANU himself, the King of Kings back at Sirius.

This is the reason why RA, the Cassiopaeans, and others call the bad guys the Orion Group.


The Cassiopaeans, however, are more to the point, talking about this group while on the other hand they also say that the cradle of humanity is in Orion and not in Lyra. I wrote a whole paper on Lord ENKI, the Cosmic Vampire, in Level II, but now in Level III it's time to bring it to a close and tell the reader who ENKI really is.


He has done a great job with convincing people here on Earth how good he is (was) by saving mankind from the Deluge by talking to Utnapischtim (Noah). Yes, Lucifer saved mankind, but not out of compassion, but in order to control our planet, its inhabitants, and to eventually build an army to overthrow the Goddess of the Universe.


This is ENKI's real face - he is still Lucifer, the Rebellion.


So, in other words, the RA collective is correct when they label the negative entities "The Orion Group".

In RA's own words:

"QUESTION: Windows occur to let the Orion group come through once in a while. Are they needed as a balancing to prevent the Guardians from reducing their positive polarization by totally eliminating the Orion contact through shielding? (B1, 150)

RA: This is partially correct.

Balancing allows an equal amount of positive and negative influx. In your particular planetary sphere less negative information or stimulus is necessary than positive due to the somewhat negative orientation of your social complex distortion. (B1, 150)

STATEMENT (by Questioner): In this way, total free will is balanced so that individuals may have an equal opportunity to choose service to others or service to self. Is this correct?

RA: This is correct. (B1, 150)

STATEMENT: This is a profound revelation, I believe, in the Law of Free Will." (B1, 150).

So, in other words, according to RA, there is a council located in the rings of Saturn (in a higher density), which has decided together with the Guardians, who are supposedly a group of entities living in the center of the Earth (equally in a higher density), to put a Quarantine around Earth so that the Sirian Alliance (the Orion Group) normally can't enter, in order to create a balance between good and evil (STO and STS).


Humankind is polarized towards STS, so we need more positive influence to have a fair choice. Therefore, the Sirians who are not here on the planet already, are kept out with the help from those who maintain the Quarantine.


However, sometimes there are windows in the Quarantine, which allows some Sirians to come in. In my opinion, though, the Sirians have no business here whatsoever.

However (and here is the interesting part), many say that the Quarantine now has been lifted! So we may ask ourselves what this really means. The people who tell us this see it as a positive thing, because we can now supposedly travel out in space, and easier communicate with positive ETs, etc.


But if we are to believe RA, it basically means that the Sirians can come in here in droves if they like.

  • And isn't that exactly what I have said that they are doing?

  • Isn't this the reason why Sirians like Utu Shamash came through the Quarantine window a couple of years ago and started preparing for the rest of his kind to come to Earth?

Some of them have already arrived and now occupy human bodies here on Earth, but the main preparation and the opening of the stargates in conjunction with a lifted Quarantine will pave the way for the rest of the gang to arrive.


We are here talking about the Invasion, Phase II, which we shall discuss in much detail in later papers.

In other places in the material, RA explains pretty well what the Orion Group, i.e. the Sirians did:

"RA: The Yahweh group worked with those living on Mars 75,000 years ago to make the body bigger and stronger through a new genetic coding. (B1, 174)

However, the Orion group were able to use this distortion (larger body) to teach the thoughts of the elite. Those of the Orion group were able for the first time to make serious inroads upon the consciousness of the planetary complex. (B1, 175)

QUESTION: What allowed the Orion group to succeed at this?

RA: Those who are strong, intelligent, etc. have a temptation to feel different from those who are less intelligent and strong. This allowed the Orion group to form the concept of the holy war, as you may call it. This is a seriously distorted perception. There were many of these wars of a destructive nature. (B1, 175)

It is definitely no doubt that RA is talking about the Sirians here, and furthermore, they explain that they were the ones who built the stone monuments on the Easter Island.


When Elkins asked why, RA explained that humans in that time period worshipped the Orion Group as Gods, and by building such monuments that represented an interdimensional force they couldn't disobey, the monuments themselves got power and were attracted to worship (and in the extension, the Sirian Overlords could "suck in" these energies of fear and feed on them).


The monuments were created by thoughts from a distance.

Elkins also asks if there are anyone from the Orion Group on Earth now (in the 1980s), and RA said "no". However, they said that the group is here as a though form (in people's heads, as walk-ins and in genetically manipulated human bodies), but normally a robotic kind of being does their bidding. Elkins asks if these beings are the Men in Black, but RA says no.


They did not elaborate further, because the Grays were not yet well-known at that time, before Whitley Strieber wrote about his experiences in Communion.

The Men in Black are a thought form with the ability to somewhat materialize themselves here on Earth (Sirians using avatars is what it is). They can also dematerialize at will.

And here is what they tried to do on me by trying to have me endorse the Sitchin material and get me in contact with Utu Shamash:

"QUESTION: Is it possible for a person to be confused and call on both the Confederation and the Orion group?

RA: It is entirety possible. Many of your so-called contacts among your peoples have been confused and self destructive because

Most beings from the Orion Group are 5th Density Negative, because they are the ones who most easily can penetrate the Quarantine.


The 4th Density beings are more like servants to the 5th, or lower in the hierarchy, if you will.


But don't make any mistake about it; whether the Council of Saturn, together with the Guardians, have set up a Quarantine here or not, the Orion Group (the Sirian Alliance) think they own this planet and are still in charge of the stargate and the frequency machine.


They have a soul group down here who can accommodate that. And here is something to think about for those who channel entities of Love & Light and think that as long as everything is friendly and cozy, and the vibrations are high, we're safe. Not so, necessarily.


The Sirians are master manipulators.


Here is RA again:

"QUESTION: Why would one of us freely follow the negative entity?

RA: The positive polarity sees love in all things. The negative polarity is clever. (B3, 140)

And lastly on this subject, they explain how the Orion Group (led by ENKI) is manipulating the PTB.[def]

"RA: This negative entity will strive to offer these understandings to the other-selves, most usually by the process of forming the elite, the disciples, and teaching the need and rightness of the enslavement of other-selves for their own good.


These other-selves are conceived to be dependent upon the self and in need of the wisdom and guidance of the self (i.e., the elite group.) (B2, 130)"

We know from different sources, and I know from have been tightly connected with LPG-C in the past, that not only are members of the SA present on the Earth surface in human hybrid bodies, but some of them, who preferred to stay in a higher density, but still are stuck in the Quarantine (according to RA, and I think they are correct in this), stayed as a thought form (soul/spirit) in the inner planes of Earth.


Interestingly enough, RA calls these hidden entities the Dark Angels, which would correspond pretty nicely to some of ENKI's "Fallen Angels":

"RA: Temptations are offered by those negative entities of what you would call your inner planes. These, shall we say, dark angels have been impressed by the service-to-self path offered by those who have come through the quarantine from days of old." (B1, 135)

I brought up a lot of subject here regarding the RA Material, and did so for a reason.


I think RA represents pretty much what many other channeled sources represent as well, so I wanted to give the reader who is not too familiar with channeling a chance to understand the metaphysical universe of these entities.

In later years, RA has been channeled by David Wilcock.


This is allegedly not the same quality of information as the Rueckert channeling, but still supposedly gives the listener some good insights. I haven't listened much to this version of RA, however, but I will mention it some when we talk about the Elohim.

In the next paper, we are going to address a few other prominent channeled sources. The purpose with that will be self-evident when we start talking about the Galactic Federations. I think the reader will appreciate the knowledge I am about to provide in the next few papers...






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