Amitakh Stanford
October 11, 2009

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The origins of many things on this planet do not always begin on this world.


Some theorize that astrology developed as humans observed the patterns of stars in the night skies and the movements of celestial bodies. Others believe that languages developed from usage over a long period of time, aided by the advancement in methods of recording the respective languages via pictures and/or symbols. In truth, most of what humans call “knowledge” comes from aliens, and this “knowledge” is not justly distributed on the planet.

Humans have a history of marking time, breaking it down into years, parts of years, seasons, days, parts of days etc. It is believed by many that calendars were invented by humans to keep track of time.


There are many extant calendars, including the Gregorian, Chinese, Muslim, Jewish, Freemason, Mayan etc. Each of them measures time differently. Some of them are based on lunar movements, others on earthly movements, whilst still others are based on perceived solar movements. Basically, they are all measuring celestial activities, including the rotation and the orbit of the earth.

The introduction of calendars was one of many dramatic influences on human culture; the concept of calendars was introduced by off-world ruling elite.


These aliens have interfered with human affairs for a long, long time. They are not humans. However, they impress upon humans on Earth to do various things that humans believe are useful and will lead to cultural and technological advancements.


Whilst calendars have many uses for humans, the concept of calendars, like many other of the concepts imprinted on human minds, have dire and subtle consequences.

Of the many surviving calendars, a considerable focus for divining has been on the Aztec/Mayan calendar, which many have interpreted as an indicator of the end of time in the year 2012.


As 2012 approaches, more and more interest is drawn to its ominous consequences. Books, movies, articles are being distributed that focus on the idea of predictions that are attached to the year 2012. Many people have interpreted this to be the date for the end of time, hence, the end of the world.

As I have previously written, the Mayan/Aztec calendar was an imposition on the planet that originated from the Anunnaki Elite, who had escaped from their future into the past, which is where they left the Anunnaki Remnants. That is, the Anunnaki Remnants were left on the Earth to fend for themselves and await the return of the Anunnaki Elite, whom the Remnants believed would return to Earth and re-start time.

Long ago, the Anunnaki Elite were responsible for the creation of the Aztec/Mayan calendar, which gave the false postulation that 2012 could well be the end of this planet.


Millennia ago, at the time the calendar was manufactured, the Anunnaki Elite thought that they could come back to Earth and re-visit the past to reset the Atu-waa before 2012, but they have failed, and time has run out for them because the Atu-waa had to be re-started before the end of 2008.

The prediction of 2012 as the end of the world is not only wrong, it is a cruel and deliberate hoax.


The world will not end in 2012, despite all the fear-mongering propaganda that is being distributed at the behest of the ruling elite on Earth. Many of the people are innocently participating in the distribution of the message because they have been hoodwinked by the ruling elite.


The 2012 calendar threat is similar to the Y2K panic and the nuclear holocaust horror that the ruling elite have instigated and implemented. All three of the events are hoaxes that were designed by the Anunnaki and impressed on people to spread about the planet. Obviously, the 2012 hoax is a longer-standing deception than the nuclear horror threat and the Y2K panic.

The 2012 hoax is also akin to the save the planet” message because of greenhouse gases.


From the “save the planet” message, laws were implemented to,

  • prohibit incandescent light bulbs

  • mandate carbon-trading schemes

  • force ethanol-blend petrol on motorists,

...among other things.


The ideals behind the green movement were initially well intended, but the ruling elite have seized control of the “save the planet” issue, and it has now become another powerful tool of the One World Government.


The consistent theme throughout the 2012 hoax, the Y2K scare and the greenhouse gas deceptive policies is that all of these “weapons” were designed by Anunnaki to be used against humans.

As I have written previously, the world does not have that much time before it expires, but its due date is NOT 2012!


Even though the physical world will not be extinguished in 2012, the ruling elite will keep frightening people with fallacious information concerning the end of the world message. Things will deteriorate considerably over the next few years, with more severe storms, earthquakes, floods, droughts, heat waves etc, many of which will be artificially induced and compound the fear of the ominous approach of 2012.


Interestingly, by 2012, the consciousnesses of many of the beings on the Earth (regardless of the physical forms they reside in) will have been evacuated or removed from their physical bodies. The replacement consciousnesses will predominantly be of a new strand of artificial consciousness, which will suit the ruling elites’ plans for world control.

Already, things are changing rapidly. World politics is going through revolutionary change, where many voices are being compressed into a single voice on various issues. It is as though the minds of the world leaders are beginning to express as one. In the midst of these developments and consolidations, there remains conflict among the ruling elite over just whose voice will be the power behind the One World Order.

Many things in the world appear to be normal progressions of events. When discussing political events, a twentieth-century U.S. president reportedly stated that nothing in politics happens by chance.


This is another way of saying that things are not always what they appear to be. In reality, nothing on Earth happens by chance alone. The major developments are based on strategies that have been carefully planned and acted upon.

The Internet is hailed as an awesome technological advancement, but it is also a powerful tool of the ruling elite.


It is used for prying into personal lives as well as spying on corporate, government and religious affairs around the world. By using the Internet, anyone, including the agents of the ruling elite, can effectively sponsor or destroy individuals, groups, states, nations and entire regions by spreading exaggerations or outright lies about others.


This makes the takeover of world politics a reality.


Anyone or any group that is a threat to the ruling elite or who dares to expose the ruling elite is subjected to,

  • electronic stalking

  • ridicule

  • abuse

  • humiliation

  • threats

  • character assassinations

  • slander

  • outright lies

  • other coercion to silence or discredit them...

When these internet-type tactics are ineffective, then the more conventional media are used to spread lies and false evidence to discredit and punish individuals, groups and even nation states that dare to resist the ruling elite. And, there also remains the terrorizing tactics of subjecting those who resist to physical torture and executions when deemed necessary.

The human condition is indelibly stained with blood, including human sacrifices, which Darkness has demanded since time immemorial. Blood from humans and animals has also been demanded by the so-called “gods” of various cultures. In modern times, blood-thirsty desires are still being played out and forced upon humans.


Even those who would opt for peace are forced into killing sprees, by means of one deception or another. Still others are impressed to kill in the name of righteousness, peace, duty, or justice.


When human sacrifices are restrained for various reasons, animal blood is often substituted.

The insatiable thirst of the “gods” cannot be tamed. They must have their cravings quenched as they quaff blood and more blood. The Anunnaki “gods” are very unjust in their meting out of punishments and rewards on the planet.


Those who are favored are granted cultural advances, religious insights, written languages, military weapons, power etc. whilst others struggle with rudimentary technology and tools, limited weaponry, and are very vulnerable to the favored ones should the latter decide to colonize the land of those estranged from the Anunnaki “gods”.

Part and parcel with physical killing is Darkness’ unquenchable thirst for violent behavior, in humans and animals. Darkness has programmed people to participate in violent activities.


Many have attributed violent behavior to what they have identified as the survival instinct. What have been accepted to be “instincts” are really programmed behaviors that are fed into biological organisms. These “instincts” can originate from genetic programming, be environmentally assumed, or they can be a combination of genetic and environmental programming.

Whilst many wars are fought primarily for economic reasons, there are other reasons for waging war. Wars stem from programmed desires to destroy things and to spill blood. The Anunnaki “gods” are blood-thirsty; they demand sacrifices from humans who are forced to do their biddings. The horror of nuclear holocaust is not likely to be started by a deranged leader or a rogue nation, as the current propaganda indicates.


The ruling elite have much more control of the situation than to allow such an occurrence.


However, when the ultimate struggle for world control is waged by the most influential alien groups, then a nuclear holocaust is a very likely scenario in determining which group of Anunnaki Remnants will hold control over the One World Government, which will therefore be founded upon bloodlust.

As I have written many times in the past, the infighting amongst the ruling elite is primarily within the Reptilian groups. Ultimately, it is the alliance formed by the Secular Reptilians and that of the Religious Reptilians which will battle each other for control of the world. Underpinning this struggle for planetary domination is the powerful Vulturite resistance, which is a force that the Reptilians realize must not be taken lightly.


The “united” Reptilian front is currently disemboweling the Vulturite powerbase via many means.

Two of the primary forces of worldwide colonization over the last millennia were the British Empire and the Roman Catholic Empire. These joined forces in 1492 and presented the original protocols that were later revised and given the name of “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”.


But there are many other less powerful ruling elite groups.


Many ancient cultures believe in blood sacrifice to the “gods” or as offerings to the Earth in return for peace, power, abundance of harvest, fertility. The Old Testament mentions burnt offerings many times, referring to animal sacrifices, a practice that Jesus abhorred. He stressed that the stench of burnt sacrifices should be stripped from the temples of worship.

Killing is embedded in human history, and as one would expect given the fickle nature of the Anunnaki “gods”, it is glorified when done for “honourable” purposes, yet it is strictly taboo for “dishonourable” reasons. A lone killer, acting for his or her own purposes is branded a criminal. Twelve jurors can legally order the punishment of this type of killer without raising a whiff of hypocrisy.


A band of killers can also be criminals, and punished for their acts. However, an army of killers can be “honourable” in its efforts, and individual soldiers from such an army often receive the highest honors for killing enemies.


Such an army and its leaders would not be subjected to criminal allegations – unless the army loses the war – in which case the military and civilian leaders responsible for the army can then face “justice” for their activities.

  • The Lockerbie bomber is a murderous terrorist to most in the West, yet a profound insurgent hero to some in the Muslim world.

  • Baron von Richthofen was a courageous hero to World War I era Germans, yet an arch villain to the Anglo alliance in that same war.

  • John Wilkes Booth was considered a hero to some but deemed to be a villain by most for assassinating U.S. President Abraham Lincoln.

  • The same holds true for Lee Harvey Oswald, who allegedly assassinated U.S. President John F. Kennedy a century later.

  • Saddam Hussein was a villain to most people in the West, yet a hero to many in the Arab world.

When Hussein was convicted and publicly executed on the orders of an “official” court assembled by the winning side, many in the West were made heroes for their part in killing Hussein, yet they remain vilified to many of the vanquished.


The gleeful cheering of Saddam Hussein’s public execution is a form of blood-thirsty expression by mobs who were programmed to scream for blood! This same programming was especially witnessed during the French Revolution, when the mobs cheered as each victim was publicly beheaded by the guillotine.

Killing is promoted in this world. In fact, the world thrives on blood. What else could be expected in a world that has been under bloodthirsty Anunnaki domination for such a long, long time? And, the killing and violence is not limited to warfare.


It happens in cultural, political and religious achievements, as it does in civilian and military structural manufactures. The Anunnaki have played many cruel tricks on humans, and driven them to excessively violent behavior. The Anunnaki thrive on watching humans kill one another.

The construction of the Great Wall of China claimed many human lives, all in the name of defense of the nation.


There is a cultural belief that things that are stained with human sacrifices and blood will be strengthened and fortified. The basic premise of this belief stems from trying to appease the “gods” and Earth itself. Thus, it is believed that the Great Wall of China has been reinforced and strengthened because people gave their lives constructing it.

Legend has it that many human corpses were encased into China’s Great Wall to strengthen it.


These so-called superstitious beliefs that demand human blood are widespread, and quite common in many cultures throughout the world. The source of this type of thinking comes from the Anunnaki “gods, who have deceived people into offering them human sacrifices.


These events are not limited to the ritualistic “tossing of virgins into volcanoes”. They continue to exist in the world, clothed in many different disguises.

Human sacrifice is not only extant, it is prevalent, albeit often cloaked in culturally palatable forms. A very obvious example of human sacrifice is found in wars. Those who are not so naïve can readily list many other forms.



  • Why do people still pay homage to these bloodthirsty Anunnaki pseudo-gods?

  • Why do humans fall for Anunnaki deception?

  • Why are people tricked by insidious Anunnaki hoaxes?

  • Why does society still honor human sacrifice?