by Barbara Hand Clow

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The Pleiadian Agenda by Barbara Hand Clow

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Barbara Hand Clow channels Satya of Alcyone, a Pleidian identified with the Goddess.


Satya is the keeper of the library on Alcyone, the central star of the Pleiades.

"I am here to help you decode the central intelligence of your planet, to prepare you for the Cosmic Party that begins on winter solstice, December 21, 2012."

(page 3)

"And as you enter the
Photon Band with Maya, an Alliance has been forming between the Pleidians and the Sirians, and this alliance is creating all kinds of new possibilities.


From 1992 through 1994, my vehicle (Barbara) worked on this alliance in Egypt...


The Sirians are assisting the Pleiadians to help you find ways to tear down the Net that is enveloping your planet. The first stage occurred when Wendy and Barbara worked with the spirit crocodiles of Kom Ombo, Egypt.


You so easily judge these magnificent beings, calling them nasty lizards, yet you fail to look at your own slimy, carnivorous selves.


(page 7)








Who are the Sirians?


They are magnificent feline gods from Sirius who built the Great Pyramid and Sphinx to hold open the geometric portals of the stars while your solar system is travelling in the Photon Band.


They first built the Great Pyramid in 10,800 B.C., and then rebuilt it in 2450 B.C., casing it with white limestone and installing a Sirian seer staring out to Orion.


This seer has held your Sirian cellular memories in the Earth records until you activated the planetary telluric field during Harmonic Convergence, a time of worldwide meditation in August 1987. The awakening of planetary sacred sites relinked your planet with the Galactic Center.


You have been traveling in the Galactic Night since 8800 B.C., and playing out duality as you always have. Now the seeds sown by the light activation that began in 2450 b.c. -  when the Great Pyramid was realigned to Orion  -  are beginning to flower.

As you enter Aquarius, the women as daughters of Earth will be the first players on the stage as Pleiadian storytellers.


This has already begun.


We Pleiadians do not express ourselves via sexual gender, but we are the guardians of the Goddess and we have a very feminine vibration. As we speak of "woman," we speak of Gaia in each one of you. Your male and female selves are both goddess and god, and as Earth has witnessed an overabundance of male energy, we Pleiadians are here to help all of you awaken the Goddess within.

During this most recent journey through the Galactic Night, you became highly self-reflective and your brains are getting very activated. You've developed yourselves magnificently so that you would be ready to challenge forces that control your reality at the Cosmic Party.


We Pleiadians like to refer to these forces as the World Management Team, first named through channel Barbara Marciniak, and as far as I, Satya, can ascertain as I read your vibrations, these forces are directed on Earth by the Anunnaki, the Nephilim of the Bible, which means in Hebrew, "gods who came down to Earth."


These Anunnaki/Nephilim are the ones who established the extensive and deeply ingrained management system -  the Net - at Zero Point. (the exact moment between 1 B.C. and 1 A.D. ) For a gilded and engraved Party invitation, you still have time to challenge your inner belief systems about these great gods. Nobody with residual "God" poison gets an invitation to the Cosmic Party in 2012.


To exorcise these lords, you must integrate the stellar intelligence of Gaia. Gaia does not resonate with superior and separated white male gods. She quakes, belches, and vomits in response to their oppression. (page 9)

What the Anunnaki are up to now:

Once you have integrated Gaia by awakening your inner male and female, your next stage will be directed by beautiful male teachers who cherish Earth women and who have integrated their next level of male intelligence, which is Sirian.


The women are running the show right now because they can feel Gaia as she first reawakens. The men will truly feel her by 1998, when men and women will remember how to express the resonant vibrations of Gaia sexually.


As you will see later, the Sirians have decided to work out a new deal with the Anunnaki, and that new agenda will be based on the Anunnaki agreeing to lift the Net.

I have come to direct the voices in the cosmos who wish to speak to you now.

> Throughout the remainder of the book, Satya assists Barbara in
> bringing forth messages from many entities, including: King Lizard,
> Doctor Lizard, The Moon, Lucifer, Anu, Isaiah, Anubis, Tzolk'in, and
> others.




Why me?


I was selected by the Galactic Federation for fusion with my vehicle, who had been inhabiting Earth since the atom was split in December 1942.


She was sucked by a planetary shudder into the fetus carried by her mother, making it possible for us to live in your midst seeking to understand the nature of radioactivity and gold on your planet, and she is having a simultaneous life in the library on Alcyone.


What I have discovered so far is that all your stories about stellar humans - such as Enoch Anu, Christ, Isaiah, and Mary Magdalene are cloaked in lies. These lies obsess you because you sense that these great beings came to Earth to show you the way to stellar access but their true story is hidden from you.


They came and deposited their codes in your vortexes, causing you to be fascinated by the traces of their stories. These memories are very juicy and alluring because they make information pathways in the Galaxy. Now you are becoming obsessed with these great archetypal beings as the information pathways in the Galaxy are getting opened and cleared.


These stories exist in planetary vortexes connecting Earth's telluric fields with all dimensions, and pathways of galactic intelligence are responding to you as you pursue these records. Many beings from other realms visit these vortexes to study your stories because the vortexes are records of stellar intelligence, the Galactic Mind.

The Anunnaki cannot eradicate these stories because such erasure would cause the Gaian vortexes to go out of form. These myths are Gaia's consciousness. Instead, hoping to distract you from the real truth in these stories, the Anunnaki distort these original records by laying down one layer after another of distorted information in the pathways.


Now the Earth vortexes are clogged and very inaccessible to higher dimensions, and that is why they need clearing. Blood, the elixir, cannot flow through these clogged arteries leading into your hearts, and you cannot feel these multidimensional impulses. This is the tragedy of the Net.


These vortexes hold the experiences that contain all of your knowledge in the third dimension. If such primordial memory is totally blocked in linear space and time, even the Anunnaki could not play there any more, for they would lose their own memory banks, like a person experiencing an aneurysm. Vortexes are whirlwinds that control forces utilized for setting agendas, but these vortexes also hold Gaia's identity - her memory of stories in time.


If Gaia is too deadened by manipulation and control of her fields, her species will be erased from memory in time, and the Anunnaki can never again access these vortexes for playing in your dimension. This is why the indigenous people often forbade writing the stories down. Instead, the grandfathers and grandmothers memorized them and transmitted them orally to children.


The original pathways out of the vortexes were spun out by Spider Grandmother in the beginning of time and then woven together. The vortexes were generated exactly where the pathways cross, and out of these crossings and lines, species were created. The storytellers told the stories of Spider Grandmother, and animals and plants were formed.


We Pleiadians call this the Web of Life. Now the Web has become the Net that blocks travel by stellar intelligences in the pathways. The Web has tightened and has almost closed due to the lies the Anunnaki layered over the original stories, especially since Zero Point.
(pages 10, 11)

As the Anunnaki suck you to get Gaia's energy and plot to keep you under their thumbs, they twist the records of activations by great beings, thus keeping you away from Earth vortexes as much as possible.


They are heavily invested in keeping you from discovering the real connective powers of sacred places as well as the active powers of gold, uranium, crystals, and plants. Such powers can activate the Earth and awaken your deep memories, triggering connections with galactic intelligence. Power places have often been revealed to you by the unexpected appearance of illuminated beings.


Often temples are built where great beings were seen, and many of you can genuinely feel this energy of place.


The Anunnaki believe they own you. They've diverted you away from these power places, preventing the great beings from reaching you. Lately, even they are bored with their own limited games, and they are impulsed to seek these great beings. The dynamic is shifting fast because they know these power vortexes are their only access to these powers.

Meanwhile, you have become so de-energized and bored by the diminishing energy that off-planet beings are losing access to you. The Anunnaki thought you would become robots they could control with their thought, but instead you are dying. They now realize you must reenergize yourselves.


Like parents of teenagers who see that their children will become self- destructive if they don't just leave them alone, they see it is time to release their parental role. If you doubt this, notice how tired you are of being parents and being parented by the schools and government. We Pleiadians can see how bored you are by parenting because you are neglecting both your children and your society. (pages 11, 12 )

I am here now to resurrect some juicy stories to reactivate your hunger for multidimensional access.


The control forces can't keep you from figuring out your reality anymore. They have told so many lies that they can no longer remember the initial stories, and they fear annihilation if the original records are lost.


We Pleiadians remember every story, however, and some of these stories even will expose our activities in your realm. People, you've become the fox chased by the gods in the foxhunt, and now I've come to expose the hunters in red coats on horseback. The great Sirian dog/cat, Anubis, has arrived to instruct the hunting dogs on how to get the fox to fly.

I will warn you right now, these channeled versions of the stories about archetypal beings will make you angry. When you see how the Anunnaki have manipulated you, you will be furious, since you will feel like a fool. Please remember that the fool comes when the shift is prepared, so laugh at yourselves. Some of you will shred this book or throw it on the floor, but then you will pick it back up or run to the store for another copy.


Why? Because in your deepest place of knowing, you will hear a truth that belongs to you in these pages. You are so bored you are thrashing around in your own bodies.


The lies you've swallowed are the "warp" of the great Net, and your justifiable anger is the "woof."


The Sirians have made an alliance with us Pleiadians so that the men and women of Earth will now be able to reconnect with each other after being disconnected for so long by Anunnaki brainwashing. This reunion is coming in the near future and the joining will be passionate, not controlled and manipulated. That is the next step for you, and I'd suggest you just go for it because it will make it easier.


No one has ever been able to resist the Goddess, especially visitors from the skies, and the Sirians learned this well when Christ fell in love with Mary Magdalene.

By the way, there exists in your field a book called
You Are Becoming a Galactic Human, which promulgates the idea that Sirians will show up and rescue earthlings with their spaceships. Forget it, people! Quit watching your skies and jump in the sack!
( pages 12, 13)

You are caught in confusion right now because you have been attempting to remember your story by means of the tools of linear space and time, the third dimension. We Pleiadians call this book The Pleiadian Agenda because we know you are ready for the whole story now. Our agenda at this time is to teach you how to be passionately immersed in your bodies while you learn to view your 3D reality simultaneously in nine dimensions.


Just relax. We sent Bach, another great Pleiadian artist, down to prepare you for this perceptual opening. If you think your brain can't handle such a complex form, go listen to Bach fugues for 24 hours with headphones on, and then read this book.

You are trapped in a tightly woven Net that has you more trapped than you realize. This Net was brilliantly constructed by the Anunnaki, who exist in the next dimension above yourselves, the fourth dimension (4D).


These great beings wove this Net so that you would be held in density with them through the Age of Pisces. Why? The love force of Christos was so intense on Earth that you had to be held in density so you could integrate this elixir over two thousand years.


Out of desire for freeing themselves from being your parents, the Anunnaki stimulated you with Piscean archetypes  -  compassion turned into pity, love turned into dependency, spirituality turned into religion  -  so you would finally choose to move beyond pity, dependency, and religion. You would grow up and become compassionate, loving, and spiritual.


But they've become so bored by the limitations in you set by the Net that even they can see now that your boredom could eventually blow up this prison.

Without multidimensional access while you are in 3D, you will die and destroy your own world. These great 4D beings,
the Anunnaki, who were closely documented in Sumerian records, realize they are losing their access to you as a result of assuming to be superior. They have noticed the children are all on the street and not at home.


Earth needs to be fascinating and creative, or children will not play the game. The kids aren't going to work, to school, or to war anymore, and they are on the verge of not having sex anymore. They are ready to play with the Aquarian archetypes-truth, multidimensionality, freedom, and creativity.
(page 13)

This Net woven during the last 2000 years has forced you to mature your emotional bodies, so you could figure out how to release these 4D entities from their karma. As you will see, the 4D entities have been involved in your dimension long enough to learn their lessons.


Now they want to be invited to the Party, but those with long records of interference  -  what I call galactic rudeness  -  will not be invited unless they learn some Earth manners. Fourth-dimensional beings, mostly the Anunnaki, have pricked and prodded you into acting out their feelings.


Higher dimensional entities have also played with your energies by stimulating your intelligence and spiritual exploration. You are even tired of this because you want these energetic experiences for yourself! Now all beings must own their own feelings and expressions. This will be a party with no masks or props. The Cosmic Party is to be held on Earth.


During this Party, other-dimensional beings can only own their own expressions by penetrating your realm and moving into your energy in 3D, but only when you agree and are totally conscious.



How do you prepare for the Party?


You might think all you have to do is get dressed and put on your makeup.


In fact, you have to open your chakric systems and clear your emotional bodies. People, if you knew what really goes on when you pray in a sacred place with your sense of self activated to the four directions of your planet, you would pray this way all the time.

The entities needing to experience you are passionate, exquisite, and honorable. We Pleiadians want you to be sitting in sacred circles with your spines straight or having orgasmic sex all the time.


The Sirians want you to develop your minds so you can see sacred geometric light forms that hold your reality in form through time. We will teach you how to live every moment of your life in sacred space, tuned to the four directions with your spines straight. We Pleiadians are here to coax new teachings out of the higher-dimensional beings who will be attending the Party. As we've said, boredom is not allowed.


What is worse than being stuck at a party with a bore?

Meanwhile, your reality now is no party, as I observe Rwanda, "O Jupiter" Simpson, and the Middle East. You are up against it, and only you can choose to process and release instead of murder each other. These Anunnaki, angels, and demons are now ready to speak through me, Satya, to straighten out their own stories, so you can figure out how to release them from their karma.


Once you can see these truths, then you will know how to assume total responsibility for your actions - being in integrity in 3D. You will find ways for archetypal desires to express themselves appropriately, such as theater or channeling.


The days of the "insanity plea" are over because the only relevant question is, "Did this body in 3D commit this action?" Many tools are coming to you now. For example, a man who wants to stalk the Goddess and murder her could explore that desire and discharge it by means of virtual reality, but that will only work if the program is set up to help the potential murderer clear his anger.


Those of you who are very fearful can release and process a lot of fear by watching horror movies. A man who feels the urge to kill will be able to shoot planes out of the sky on his computer game. Whether these tools are good or bad depends upon how you use them.
(pages 14, 15)

The beings from many dimensions have gifted you with powerful tools if you need and want them now, and there are more coming. The next wave will be healing tools, and the doctors who do not use them will die of the diseases they have dared to unleash on you. To correctly utilize the tools you now have, you must agree not to kill yourselves, your parents, your mates, your children, or your friends and colleagues in 3D in the name of personal freedom. All the people who have come for the Party have the right to stay as long as they wish.

The Pleiadians are the keepers of the children of Earth.


The children have spoken to us, and they want their mothers and fathers at home in the sack, and they want to be out playing in the new image fields of youth. Keep explorations of images and chimeras out of 3D, and feel free to explore your emotions by exploring the 4D archetypal realm. Go for it, have a good time, as the Goddess always fulfills all desire.


I know you will stop killing when you trust us, which means you trust yourselves. Remember that you can have what you want. Virtual reality and physical integrity are dear examples of how dimensions function by means of tools, and Just think: you will work with nine dimensions simultaneously when your solar system travels the through Photon Band.
( page 21 )

During the last 26,000 years, you have been impulsed by marvelous teachers from nine dimensions. These beings have always been your gods and goddesses, mythological archetypes, and, lately your heroes and movie stars. They have graced the pages of your literature, the altars in your temples, and the screens of your televisions and movie theaters.


Really, people, from our perspective on the Pleiades, Elvis uncannily resembles Yahweh.


The great 4D archetypal powers have had a great time pulling your strings while you you've been puppets dancing on the stage of life. Now you are ready to peek at the puppet masters. If you react to this idea with resentment, would you rather remain in closets collecting dust and mites? You have enjoyed your dances, and these masters have evolved with you in your world.

It is an exquisite drama: While one of you is having sex in 3D,

  • 4D beings can feel your energy and trigger you into lust, guilt, abuse, or fun

  • 5D entities can get excited by your kundalini fire and have cosmic orgasms

  • 6D entities can expand the fields of your pulsations throughout the Galaxy

  • 7D entities can carry your feelings via galactic information highways

  • 8D entities can organize new morphogenetic fields out of your sexual seismic waves

  • 9D entities can birth new biological forms in the darkness of Galactic Center black holes




Is that not awesome?

The Pleiadians are more involved with your evolution now because they've lived with you during your last two journeys through the Galactic Night.


This long Pleiadian sojourn on Earth has made you suspicious of them, and I want to talk with you about this. You've been jerked around and manipulated by multidimensional entities during the Galactic Night because that's how the galactic system works - until the Cosmic Party.


The only other possibility would be stasis and cosmic silence. Imagine never hearing a sound from, having a touch by, or even seeing, another human, animal, thing, or plant. Would you choose that? Would you choose to never look in the eyes of your child again?


When you have felt jerked around, it has been because you were caught in the mechanics of 3D, and you could not see what was really going on. The Pleiadians know this.


I remind you now that all your experiences have come from your own choices to play with beings who first impulsed you. That is what creates existence. Would you give up sex eternally? What would you be if you'd never encountered an archangel or a devil?
( page 22 )

I have frequently experienced my vehicle, Barbara Hand Clow, laughing. She says the only "sin" she has ever found on Earth is boredom. Sin means "without" or "not with," and where she finds you to be the most "not-with-it" is when you are bored.


I chose her as channel for the Pleiadian agenda at this time because I want to deliver some very complex Pleiadian records - the mechanics of time and orbits.





How to do that without ever becoming boring?


Luckily, you have all advanced a great deal, and you are getting more comfortable with Pleiadian 5D tools for Seeing-astrology and dimensionality.


You are tired of alchemy and astrology being ridiculed by the World Management Team; some of you know that these control forces secretly use these tools even more than you do!

Since the Pleiadians chose to live with you in your realm during the last 26,000 years, there are things that must now be seen and cleared. They would like you to know now that they once made a big mistake with you. That error has caused you to blame them for other traumas and abuses in your realm that they did not actually cause.


The Pleiadians know that their agenda cannot be accomplished without owning up to their own mistakes, just as yours cannot. They interfered with your free will when you were travelling through the Photon Band during the Age of Leo beginning 13,000 years ago.


When your solar system travels in the Photon Band during Leo, great Earth changes are triggered because ego identity and belief in regal rights must be established during that age. The Age of Leo was the "Age of Kingship," and beings from many stars and galaxies came to Earth. Gaia always becomes very expressive while this drama is being worked out.


You are allowed to only go so far on her surface. During the last cycle, this process caused your poles to shift, triggering the last Ice Age. When the shock hit, the Pleiadians did not comprehend that you were in a balancing process, since they do not experience such processes.

We could feel your pain and death because we were with you, and we slipped out of compassion and fell into pity. We were so deeply involved with you that we tried to rescue you by leading groups of you to safer areas and lifting some of you off planet during the most intense shiftings. In your confusion, you thought we must be gods, and you identified yourselves as victims for the first time.


You shifted out of the now just when you were ready to claim your own experience and feel the ecstasy of Gaia flipping her poles. You asked to be rescued, and we felt your pain so vividly that we became your gods and rescued you. Just when you were ready to transcend fear, we stopped your process. We will never do this again.

This intervention in your reality caused you to think the gods are above your world, and a dimensional shattering happened in your world.
( page 23 )

The book, You Are Becoming a Galactic Human, suggests that the Sirians will rescue you when you are in the Photon Band during the coming Age of Aquarius.


They can do that, just as the Pleiadians once did, but the Pleiadians discovered that interference in your realm aborts ascension. As for the Sirians, if they block your process in any way, they will be living the next 13,000 years with you on Earth.


The Pleidians have learned that nobody lifts beings out of 3D; 3D simply sucks in those who intervene so they can work out karma.


As for you humans, if such a choice is offered to you and you decide to play with the Sirians, then you will learn a lot from them during the Galactic Night from 4000 A.D. to 15,000 A.D.
( page 24 )



Who are the entities who have influenced your reality

...and what have they actually been doing during these 26,000 years?


We are excited to see you burning with curiosity while there is still time to figure out how to be in charge of your own bodies.


We love it when you wonder who Lucifer really is; we love it when you wonder whether Christ and Mary Magdalene had sex and created a child; we are happy when you wonder how Enoch ascended to the stars, because it shows you'd like to ascend yourselves - or have sex with a highly energized being  -  and confront your own judgments.


However, it seems easier for you to desire ascension with Enoch and tantric sex than to contemplate your own judgments about Lucifer and sin. This will be a piece of cake.


Once you've talked with Lucifer, you will find out he is simply inside you. If you are a fundamentalist and this idea makes you feel like shredding this book, I ask you, do you really want to pay for Jim Bakker again? If you are a Roman Catholic, we must warn you that this book could make it impossible for you to ever go in the confessional again. Sorry. Confession is a bore, and it is lethal; women got abused in the box until 1972, and since then young boys have been at high risk.


Lucifer is very creative. To remember your own story, you must look at all of it. We promise you, your curiosity will be more sated by Lucifer or Christ or Mary Magdalene than it will be by soap operas, the evening news, or trials on TV. our stories even beat the British monarchy's juicy dramas, although those stories are good sources for seeing how the Goddess gets Anunnaki-controlled men in the sack.
( page 15 )

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The Creator first experimented with biological creativity on Earth, which is the physical location with the potential to simultaneously hold nine dimensions in its intelligence.


Gaia is the intelligence of Earth, and she is a much more powerful being than you imagine. Notice where the Party is being held. You are about to find out the purpose of Gaia's magnificent and unlimited creative powers, since she has been chosen as head scientist of the biological laboratory of the Milky Way Galaxy.


As I said, anything can be created in a laboratory, but Gaia decides whether any creation belongs in her field. If she does not choose it, she will cleanse it from her surface.


That's why she blew up the Atlantean laboratory. As you are entering the Photon Band again, Earth will become multidimensional, and her biosphere will be the source for determining which life-forms will be disseminated throughout the Galaxy. The qualities of this dissemination will be based on what remains in the biosphere once you have become enlightened. This will be a time when it will not be possible to be partially alive in your bodies.


Those who do not remain will go out of body because they have not quickened to the Light. The "Night of the Living Dead" is over, and you can't keep on walking around half alive. Since your genes are the structure of life itself, only enlightened geneticists will be able to work with DNA. This going out of form will simply be ecstatic immersion in Gaia, a great cosmic orgasm in your realm. We are here as teachers of desire to help you decide what you want to create to become multi-dimensional.


You will cease holding your energy in limiting forms.
( page 18 )

It was necessary for many experiments to be conducted on Earth, by yourselves as well as intelligences of many dimensions, in order to comprehend the galactic laws of biology. Some of you will read these words and say that we dare to discuss the limitations of the Creator. I will answer you for now by asking you a question.


Since you judge each other and believe that evil exists in your realm, are you not also contemplating limitations in the Creator? Since 8800 B.C., as you travelled in the Galactic Night, you have been allowed to search for ways to have no limitations on yourselves.


Your only charge during this cycle was to go as far as you wanted in order to see that freedom has boundaries, just as all things in 3D have boundaries. The Pleiadians hope that you have gone far enough to realize you are ready to learn how to create harmonically in your own reality. If you are not, there will not be anything.


Can you imagine cosmic silence and no movement? We cannot either. And so your killing tendencies cannot be released into the Galaxy to cause annihilation.

We Pleiadians hope that you will want to continue once you realize the karma triggered in yourselves by higher-dimensional intelligences, who impulsed you constantly during the Galactic Night, must now be owned by each one of you. To reclaim your own domain, you will need to look at every action you have taken, as well as every time you became a victim and allowed yourself to be jerked around. You have to love and honor everything you have ever been or now are.


All actions in 3D belong to you, no matter who or what impulsed you to act. Not seeing and integrating your history holds the Net in place, and then you are caught in it. That is why I, Satya, must shake you up by exposing your deep shadows.


We Pleiadians know you have already agreed, because we can see that many of you would rather merge with energies than experience Earth changes. Past Life Regression Therapy really works for you because uncovering and contemplating your past lies by means of your past lives enables you to see how these lies still operate in your now.

You must notice that in 3D you have two eyes, not two hearts, and in 4D, you have one eye and two hearts! In your dualized feeling bodies, you are the one that splits the laser beams creating the mesmerizing holograms, and so nobody is looking at life to see what is really going on in 3D.


Does this blinding fascination with 4D images matter much? Well, few people are breathing with the plants in the garden, shape-shifting with the animals, and vibrating with the powers of Gaia in the rocks.


That is being, a function of the heart. The question goes back, correctly this time, to Berkeley and Hume: Will the plants, animals, and rocks cease to exist if no one is attuned with them? People, you'd better realize what happens to things in your reality when no one loves them.





Just why are the species leaving?

And what about how you treat others of your own species?


To attain alignment with cosmic law - divine order of life -  you must see your own leering face in the carnage of Rwanda or Bosnia. You must feel how "others" are making these awesome sacrifices so you can contemplate your own blood lust.


If you cannot recognize yourself in the sacrificial dramas of your times, they will recur eternally, and you will eventually have to act out every one of them yourself, both as victim and victimizer. The Maya figured that one out the last time they were on Earth. They built ballcourts as eternal shrines to sacrifice to divert you from totally destroying their codices.


The conquistadors were so enamored of these mirrors that they missed a few copies of the real thing.

We Pleiadians have become you during these last 26,000 years, and I have come to let you know that we finally see where you're stuck. Naturally, it's sourced in something we did. We tried to rescue you when you went
into the Photon Band around 11,000 B.C.


We know that you firmly believe the gods will always decide about your world, and so you wait instead of act. You believe they will save you if you just keep waiting for the Apocalypse. Yes, the Photon Band was the Apocalypse then, but what happens next is the future, not the past!

When you are deep in the Photon Band, laser beams will no longer split into two parts in solar light and create dense realities for exploring feelings. Laser beams will not exist that make mesmerizing, holographic images that you can worship. Instead, their multifaceted lenses will open to my dimension, the fifth, and those of you in 3D will look out to the cosmos through those lenses.


Everything you see will be like looking through a kaleidoscope. All your beliefs and judgments will go out of form, but you will not if you release these things that you think are reality. Wake up and gaze around again at your world.


See the Garden of Eden that you live in!


The Pleiadians have been with you for 26,000 years, and now we are ready to mirror back to you the images you hold of us in your reality. If you will look into your own mirror, we will look in ours. Notice that earthlings and Pleiadians work with mirrors, while the 4D gods work with laser beams.


The Pleiadians have chosen to become multidimensional with you because biology must merge with love. Once this is accomplished, you can travel with us out of the Garden into cosmic realities. Laser beams are going to be restricted to their highest usage: surgery on the physical body for healing. Mirrors reflect light and laser beams focus it.
( page 20 )

We Pleiadians have learned during this cycle that only you can decide your world. We have become you, and we know that each one of you knows the truth about yourselves at this time. Actually, we are amazed by how far you've come. We will not be telling you anything about yourselves you don't actually already know. Many of you are still thinking you are supposed to hide your total truth from others.


The Victorian mentality is deadly, for there will be no place to hide once the solar light diminishes. You can all cleanse your emotions and learn to stop the killing so much more easily if you will only share with each other. Privacy is eradicated as your inner chaos fills the television screen day after day. All of you have raped, murdered, and abused. If you want to, you will be able to sit in a virtual reality machine all day so you can murder, rape, and abuse until you are bored with it. You can choose to sit in a gambling parlor on a plastic stool all day instead of walking in the woods with the animals, listening to the birds.


Until the opening of the Party, you may choose forms of control over the chaos and nobody will judge you. Even use Prozac if you want to find out how it feels to have serotonin in your body, and then drop the pills and do it yourselves.


Nothing is dangerous to you in 3D if you know what you are doing, and if you realize all things are only props.










The Pleiadian Agenda
by Barbara Hand Clow

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The Sirian work with humans was for higher brain activation, but the Anunnaki thought of the human brain as just a robotic structure to be used by them to control humans as workers.

Humans have always been smarter than the Anunnaki have realized, while the Sirians always had a deep understanding of human potential. The degree to which the WMT gets away with murder on your planet is in direct proportion to the degree to which you do not trust yourselves to be creative.

The WMT uses your electronic forms of entertainment to get into your head. Nibiruan programming in your heads is what is driving you to commit ecocide.

READ about the Anunnaki agenda for this planet in excerpts here.


Satya Speaks: The reason you have not been able to see the truth about this part of your past is because nuclear events thousands of years ago exploded 2D elemental forms out of their own realm. This caused you to feel elemental pain so intensely that the Hebrew Bible was constructed to distract you with every story except the most important one.


Yahweh is portrayed as an avenging fire god, and then you built temples and religions to contain this great denial. Yes, your temples and churches are structures and systems for holding this denial. The denial has piled up; implants in your bodies exist that hold it, and just like a nuclear reactor, your bodies are spewing emotional waste. ....


Abraham's mission was to deposit the power of Anu into Anunnaki temples, so as to control the emotional bodies of your ancestors. It was a plug into culture that has gotten more and more complex, and it will be helpful now to realize that this problem didn't start in the twentieth century. Uranium undergoes a half-life process that causes it to gradually transmute into inert elements.


I will call this deposit of the power of Anu " the Anu Bomb" and as I read you, this explains why you felt like your modern atomic physicists were godlike. As I see it, there is a symbiotic relationship between the breakdown of the emotional body through karma and the breakdown of radioactive elements via transmutation. ...In that sense, radiation is an Anunnaki or Nibiruan gift....

As I see Abraham carrying his radioactive box, it looks like the uranium was going to be used for the deposition of the consciousness of Anu in the temple in order to begin a new level of Nibiruan control of Earth. Thus, at the opening of the Age of Aries began the stream of patriarchal consciousness that enslaves you now, ... During the Age of Aries, war and control were appropriate. They are not appropriate now. ....

Anu simply wanted to control the world. He is the great father god of Nibiru, and Earth was his chosen 3D territory.

Naturally, he thinks he knows what is best for you.

Therefore, whenever he has contact with Earth - when Nibiru orbits into the solar system and the Nibiruan ships land on Earth, or when he monitors you by means of temple technology - he simply uses you. Once you became sufficiently self-reflective around 2000BC, your feelings began to awaken. Anu did not possess feelings then. He saw that you were slipping out of his total control, and he knew uranium would enable him to monitor you even when you came to the end of the Mayan Great Calendar when Anu would be far away from your solar system.

When Anu is monitoring you, 4D archetypal forces can impluse you into playing out their dramas in 3D. Remember, 4D is the most polarized dimension, while 3 D is a four-directional dimension that makes things happen. After 5000 years, uranium is thoroughly polluted with emotional body detritus - human karma. The Pleiadians joke and call it your "Anu karma." As a result of being jerked around by 4D and going from one pole to another, human feelings are very accelerated.


You are being globally linked, and the active radiation of the Anu Bomb cannot contain all this non-directed creativity. p.87 Emotions are spewing into inappropriate realms as you run back and forth like rats in a psychology lab. Uranium holds the vibration in your physical bodies that resonates with the agendas of Anu. However, because of the half-life principle, I can see that the primordial Anu Bomb is fizzling.


I can decode part of this with you, since plutonium is the unstable element that resonates the most closely with our 26,000 year Pleiadian cycle. Plutonium in your environment is lethal to all Pleiadians... I can see the Anunnaki control pulse in your bodies starting to loosen. As you transmute emotions, you are transmuting the plutonium, and the Pleiadians are more free to bring more love into Earth.

.... Listen peoples, your integrity is to be found in your bodies! Extraterrestrials can only invade your emotions, which are higher dimensional.
Once invaded emotionally your bodies can become diseased and then you can be invaded in those places where frequencies have set in that are not in tune with your body. You are not in your integrity when your emotions are denser than your bodies, and this has opened you for invasion.

p. 88.

The next question has to be to ask whether Anu laid his Bomb to do just that - raise the vibration of humanity. From my perspective as a Pleiadian, it is difficult to credit Anu with the possibility of a loving decision due to his seeming lack of kindness or compassion for humanity. This is a fascinating razor's edge because while influencing your planet, the Anunnaki have been playing a very parental role with you, and all aspects of your parents are valuable to you. ...


The parental tendency of Anu is not loving, compassionate kind of parenting. It is more like most parenting in the Western world. If you were to go back into your own experiences with your parents... you'd be left only with the part of them that was intending to grow you, like a plant. They gave birth to you, then they had to feed you, clothe you, and then they had to be concerned about your development.


But, imagine if they did not activate the heart-centered loving part of you because it was not in their nature. Have you not known parents who are nurturing their child, yet seem to feel no true or blissful love for that child?

Around 3600 BC Anu felt the next level of growth for the human would be city cultures, because that form leads to planetary consciousness. For city culture development, Anu's progeny would need to develop socialization, a way of relating to their other humans that was different from ways of relating that existed before. He believed he would need to monitor you during this phase, and so he utilized radiation.


This part of Anu us the part of you that enables you to live in cities and set up territories, take money from others, control other people, and use other people. This is not a loving sense of community and giving. It is a new level of complexity in living, which offers great experience but is not necessarily loving.

Anu deposited the uranium into a very deep place in the planet as device for monitoring and influencing your maturity and development while Nibiru orbited out of the solar system and then Abraham delivered it into the temple 1600 years later. ...Satya can see that whatever goes on with uranium on your planet makes you totally accessible to Anu. I can feel this monitoring device in Anu's brain, which I can easily access because I am higher dimensional. ..? Notice that. It is true, and it is a huge speeding up of your evolution.

p. 90.

Just like the 2D elementals want to return to their realm, so do the 4D archetypal lords want to return to theirs. Dimensional pollution has outlived its usefulness...Anu had complete control over the known world in one time frame. The next question is: What is Anu's relative state of control at the present time?

From our perspective, Anu decided in 3600 BC to impose a creation on Earth, which was a form of opening up his underwear drawer. Anu exposed himself - Anu flashing - by offering the complete temple/city culture form, but why would he do that?... Anu was competing with the Sirians, who had deposited their temple/city culture in Egypt, and Anu got jealous!....

The Sirian work with humans was for higher brain activation, but the Anunnaki thought of the human brain as just a robotic structure to be used by them to control humans as workers.

..Humans have always been smarter than the Anunnaki have realized, while the Sirians always had a deep understanding of human potential.

...the Anunnaki of Nibiru began to visit Earth 450,000 years ago, as was perfectly described by Zecharia Sitchin (Earth Chronicles click here to order) ....I'd suggest that you take Sirius seriously. The way to do that is by means of Egyptian records, and the opening of these records is why my vehicle helped created the Sirian/Pleiadian alliance.


This alliance actually began August 7, 1972 when the Sirian intervened to keep the polar axis of Earth from flipping due to a great explosion in the Sun. My vehicle's personality changed completely on that day, when she and many people on Earth became hybrid Pleiadian/earthlings. ...

The great Sirian/Egyptian god Anubis is the guide who holds Nibiru's orbit in form. He is the guide who travels with your solar system all the way through the Galactic night. The Pleiadians hold the orbit of your solar system while you journey through the Photon Band. They are your mother cow and Anubis is your jackal guide. Anubis is a being who travels the universe with the consciousness of Sirius, and he is a very very superior being.


Think of Anubis as hold the orbital patterns of the solar system as whole unit traveling its 26,000 year cycle in Alcyone's spiral. ... Abraham is such a big deal! Now I see that his story in the Bible is a cover-up, and I see why the Egyptians have been so unfairly maligned. These are all typical examples of Anunnaki bad press on the Sirians. And figuring out these lies will disempower the World Management Team. Why? All you need for taking back your power is to recover your stories.

...Beings from other dimensions and systems are constantly depositing information on Earth, such as crop circles or hieroglyphics. Often this information is destroyed because it contradicts the official story of your past that has been invented and monitored by Anu.

Anu is especially incensed about Sirian information. This is why the indigenous Egyptians, who are still keeping the ancient Sirian knowledge, will not allow excavation of certain sites, especially the tunnels under the Giza plateau. ... .because the main transducer of your planet is located under the Sphinx, and the indigenous Egyptians guard it. ....

p. 94.

The World Management Team and other forces that work to limit you are a confluence of all energies on this planet that have been manipulating your behavior. You are fighting the battles of beings who are not from Earth! By being totally trapped in 3D you are having difficulty knowing what is impulsing you, and yet you could see it all if you'd become multidimensional as you were before you were born.


Remember, I said that Anu first impulsed you into complexity so that you could become global. What is actually going on will be beyond your wildest dreams, and we Pleiadians are here not to help blast open these dimensional keys. Things are going to change fast. It is the only way out of another nuclear explosion - this one worldwide instead of just limited to Sinai.

p. 95.

The 4D archetypal forces are very invested in exactly where you are stuck in your emotional bodies because these hotspots - belief systems - are where they can still monitor and influence you. As long as you have all kinds of beliefs about your great father god, you won't look at what the story is covering up. From my 5D view, things that are covered up contain great potential for removing blocks that are lethal for your emotional bodies.

... If you will contemplate how uranium loses its radioactivity by means of the half-life principle, you will get usable information about how to defuse your own emotional body blocks. In the physical world, it takes hundreds of thousands of years to detoxify radioactive elements. In any lifetime, you occupy a male or female body. If you can completely infuse, embody, and merge with your opposite sexual polarity in that lifetime, you can dump out one half-life of emotional-body karmic residue.


Sexual love relationships are both emotional and physical. If you can embrace total polarity resolution with your lover, you can detoxify the residues of life-times from the beginning of time by half. Imagine that you break down this resistance by half every time you fuse an orgasm! I will just say it: The timing of the defusing of radiation is in symbiotic relationship with the clearance of your emotional bodies. .... Now, here you are in 3D with a great deal of radiation in your environment - which enhances your environment for more Nibiruan access - and you are moving into the Photon Band. On some level, like a nuclear explosion, everything in your system will be completely blasted apart.

p. 102

...Radiation has increased in direct proportion to emotional pollution. Since the dark days of WWII the human race has been held hostage by fear of nuclear war. In the war between good and bad, light and dark, capitalism and communism, religion and atheism, tremendous amounts of radioactive substances have been raped out of Gaia. This has de-energized the elemental world, polluted the emotional bodies of Earth, stressed the Pleiadian heart, and shut out Sirian geometrical expansion.

Look at the agency sponsoring the nuclear standoff - the World Management Team. The WMT utilizes 2D, 4D, 6D and 8D forms, the dimensions that work with structure and density. Without the balance of the uneven dimensions 1D through 9D - which offer creativity and energy, structure will kill all.

The degree to which the WMT gets away with murder on your planet is in direct proportion to the degree to which you do not trust yourselves to be creative.

The WMT cannot do anything to people on Earth who trust their own powers. You are in a balancing act now, which will empower your creativity. This will break down the control. You are on the verge of a creative renaissance that will be like a supernova.

Enoch speaks: p. 103:

Please notice as you go along that anything that is being taught to you from the uneven dimensions can be attained by you: You can ascend as I did, you can sing like a bluebird and go to the blue light, you can open your Pleiadian heart, you can be total integrity in 3D, and you can merge with Gaia in 1D.

...I am talking about infusions by 2D through 8D forces into the 3D procreative powers. Infusions into 3D of the 5D, 7D, and 9D levels are kundalini infusions, light infusions ,and creative blasts that birth star babies. I have participated in many star-baby creations. This occurs when I impulse a couple having orgasm to agree to create a child on a star somewhere in the Galaxy. This coding hands down the pure light into 3D physical form...

P. 104

I Satya, will close this discussion about radiation by telling you a few things about the comet that struck Jupiter in 1994, which created a nuclear explosion in your solar system. The waves from the cometary impacts were out to the Sun, which responded like a great bell ringing waves all through the Galaxy to other stars with planets. These waves informed the whole Galaxy about the condition of things on Earth, and since then many more extraterrestrials are taking an interest in Earth.


The satellite Galileo was able to send photographs of the cometary impacts back to Earth because it was on the right side of Jupiter's atmosphere for viewing. Galileo will crash into Jupiter during November 1995, unless scientists can alter its orbit. This potential release of plutonium in Jupiter's atmosphere tells me that you will soon be dealing with plutonium intensely. Never has it been more critical for scientists to discover how to transmute this element.

The cometary impacts triggered Jupiter to a new stage of its evolution. For Earth, Jupiter rules mastery schools and secret societies and it rules expansion of your consciousness and sense of well-being. This comet blasted open the control codes of the secret societies, and this opened your planet to higher-dimensional structural methods, such as Sirian geometric structures and guidance by the Galactic Federation. ...You now have entered a period where you have great potential to transmute plutonium and move beyond control and secrecy. You will be amazed by what happens as solutions for radioactivity are finally found. ....p. 107.


The Nibiruans differ from us (Lizard) in that they are metallic biology....When the Anunnaki visit Earth, they wear various costumes over their bodies, since otherwise they would look like reptilian metal robots to you (Darth Vader?) . They often wear bird masks, great wings, even bird claws.


Sometimes they wear the faces of crocodiles, frogs or dogs. ...they can monitor all devices that are based on electromagnetism. ... since the Anunnaki head the WMT, which runs the covert spy apparatuses, secret police, governments and multinational corporations of the world...... Your media has specific surface 3D sounds or images that you all can hear or see, but it is also loaded with masked sounds and images. These subliminal communications are used to encode you with thought-forms while you laugh innocently, naively at "I love Lucy".

The WMT uses your electronic forms of entertainment to get into your head.

... Any one of you is capable of hearing the metallic vibrational communications systems of the WMT, since your own life force generates electromagnetic fields. Naturally, unless you have raised your own vibration beyond their access, your electromagnetic fields can be penetrated and/or monitored. Since they access you and read you, why not reverse your energy through their waves and read them? Your esoteric and magical faculties have been consistently suppressed and ridiculed so you won't figure out how to reverse the process.


However, most major male power brokers are members of secret societies, they practice magical rites covertly, so they can become masters of energy by reading vibrations. You can do any of this yourselves if you trust your subtle senses; and once you regain that skill, nobody can pull anything on you. Let's be honest you sense what the big boys are doing, so start doing it back!

p. 110

Kundalini energy is rejuvenating, ... Kundalini energy is electromagnetic energy that reorganizes biological species back into their perfect 12 strand DNA form. Perfect genetic form is the key to functional cellular biology.


... Evil is the reverse of live. Evil is anything that comes into a realm and manipulates inhabitants or interferes with their reality and it is deathly.

p. 116.

Remember, the Anunnaki cannot utilize silica-based technologies to manipulate you, but they can impulse you in your silica-based cells. However this crystalline matrix also offers you the potential to become fully multidimensional and silica-based technologies will assist you with this. Once you become multidimensional, the Anunnaki will not be able to impulse your silica-based cells and jerk you around. We'd like to see you figure this out, because the Nibiruan programming in your heads is what is driving you to commit ecocide.


If you doubt what we say, consider Mars. We reptiles once swam the canals of Mars. The Anunnaki can't mess with our heads because we're carbon-based, but we also have not been able to evolve our brains as you have. Your greatest asset is also your worst potential liability. We reptiles are here to help you figure out how they mind-control you, causing you to become murderers for their agendas - which are belief systems that have nothing to do with Earth! .....the Anunnaki don various costumes when they visit, and you might just become one of their masks. We are not fooling. When the Bible says you were made in god's image, it actually refers to reptiles.


They were the Anunnaki's first experiment, and our species failed them from their point of view. Because we are carbon-based, we feel Earth too much, and they can't take us over. Next, they made you (humans) of silica-based clay, and they've been preparing you for their takeover.


The cosmological cycle predominates, however, and you will go into the Photon Band to rebalance and reinvigorate.


[I am ready are you?]