by Barbara Marciniak


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  1. The Game, the Codes, and the Master Numbers

  2. Re-dreaming the Living Library

  3. Earth Speaks

  4. Earth is Your Home

  5. Galvanization of the Goddess

  6. Landing of the Light Body

  7. The Dimensions Dance

  8. The Gift of the Gods

  9. Riding the Corridors of Time

  10. The Heavens Speak

  11. Earth's Initiation

  12. Awaken, Dear Friends, Within This Dream













Spanish version

A joint collaboration in faith produced this book, and recognition is due to the mighty and valiant players involved in the process.


With love, respect, and deep appreciation, I offer my thanks to both my sister, Karen Marciniak, and Tera Thomas, co-creators and coconspirators of Earth. A special tribute to the faith of Barbara and Gerry Clow, and to their reliable and responsible guidance and support, as well as the entire staff of Bear & Company, who do an impeccable job of working with and holding the energy.


The meticulous skill, of copyeditor Gail Vivino brought new meaning to the word "clarity," helping to create a smooth and readable text, and the finesse of Marilyn Hager created the final elegant and splendid form. A special testimonial to the remarkable talents of artist Peter Everly, whose work once again graces our cover. Peter gave us an exquisite image from which Earth would evolve.

Loving thanks to my parents, Ted and Bertha Marciniak, and my entire family, who have always been there for me.

A thanks to the pioneers of thought, you adventuresome souls, who so eagerly embrace the world of spirit, and to Earth herself for giving us all a place to be from.

And, not to be forgotten, a loving tribute to the Pleiadians, whoever they may be, who so effortlessly stand by offering steadfast and undaunted faith in our process as human beings. Their unrelenting love is a marvel to me, and in ,turn serves to give me the daring and courage to persist and persevere.

It is my intent that this work serve as a catalyst for an emotional cleansing on a mass scale, calling forth a profound realization of spirit and triggering relief and freedom from the old dungeons of our making.


May Earth reflect our healing.


Blessings be to all who share these probabilities.


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Spanish version


Barbara Marciniak

I am an interpreter and conduit for spirit because I am willing and able to grasp the invisible and translate it as best I can. I hear, feel, and experience the web of existence, the universal source.


I am inherently connected to it and perceive the whisperings, impulses, and revelations of cosmic forces as I use this source to guide and sustain me. For me, this force individualizes itself as the Pleiadians. Naturally, the experience is colored by my beliefs. This is an operational principle of existence, where the participant/ observer determines the event. I have developed great reverence for the power of spirit and a deep trust in the significance of life and the ever unfolding purpose of people, places, and events.

The process through which I directed the creation of Earth involved, at the core, the issue of faith and trust. All of us involved in creating Earth - Karen, Tera, and I - believe in and work with the invisibles, whomever they may be. Each of us is a unique individual agreeing to play with a new manual for life. During the process of pulling Earth together, we were each challenged to make a leap in faith in our own special field of limitation. Only later would we marvel at our own miracles.

It is no easy task to bring the Pleiadian channelings into written form. The P's, as they speak through me, teach through humor, paradox, innuendo, contrast, compassion, and a masterful use of confounding statements and ideas. They convey their energy and essence of intent so well in the spoken form.


Our challenge was to take a vast array of information and technique and use it as the foundation of the Living Library teachings - as a book in concrete form - when not much of what the Pleiadian teach is concrete.

Fortunately, the format for this book was clear from the start. It was to contain twelve chapters and would be designed to deliver the reader deeper into the experience of the "influence of twelve." The Pleiadians maintained that we were bound within twelve, so to discover more, we could use the binding itself to evolve. The main body of information was to come from thirteen sessions delivered in 1991 and 1992.


Five channelings were from trips abroad to sacred sites in Mexico, Egypt, Greece, and two visits to Bali; and eight from specific threehour sessions offered around the USA.

At times, if I stopped to logically think about doing this book, I would feel overwhelmed with the enormity of the material. However, I had accomplished so very many things without the slightest knowledge as to what I was about, that now, this faith in the process of not knowing sustains me! It is so much easier to live this way.


This faith, held by Karen and Tera as well, and a belief in my commitment to bring the book into form, kept me going. The P's, of course, were at the helm, guiding and intriguing the entire freewill process, notching their subtle signature on life's events - dignified, understated, and always there.

Early on, I divined that this book, which was to be about the Living Library and still had no title, was indeed in existence somewhere in the future. After all, I had committed to do it, so somewhere it was complete, on a shelf, waiting to be reviewed My idea was to find that future edition and use it to create the original, now. The idea gave us great peace, and seemed a whole lot easier than facing the monumental stack of papers containing transcribed Pleiadian potpourri.

I always knew that once I had a cover for this Living Library story, the book would follow and the pages would fall into line.


The cover was conceived of in due time by Peter Everly, while simultaneously the title was received by us -  Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library. We were immensely impressed with both the cover and the title. Now it was up to us to put something behind it.

The remainder of the process involved a complex series of synchronistic layers, with time and life's events adding a deeper richness to the unfolding story. We dove into the stacks of pages, and for months we were, all immersed in another world where our primary intent and purpose was to create Earth. The book was coming together in our dreams, where night after night we all dreamt of its formation. I would write on my "to do" list: "Earth, create yourself," and so it did!

As I continue to work with this material, I am challenged to further explore the invisible and examine the nooks and crannies of my beliefs. As invisible friends with a personality, the Pleiadians beckon me to experience an endlessly expanding picture of life. They present the neutrality of the force and web of existence, defining it as an expression of love - the essence of existence for all to use - conscious and unconditionally available as eternal fuel to create anything desired. It was from this force that we created Earth.

I oftentimes feel as if I'm, here as an observer when my galactic self peers in and perceives Earth life with much less .attachment than I. This view is expansive, and I "know" in those moments that I am here to experience and affect the great shift, as it is referred to by my galactic consciousness.

We each create a different world for ourselves, of this I am keenly aware. However, the subtlety with which this knowledge intersects life can hardly be recognized, let alone awarded its own acclaim. My life choice has been to safari to the undetected and hidden mysteries, to gather some sort of meaning for myself, and ultimately to gather a reason for being.

Life for me is a series of chapters, and it is no great task to picture myself the heroine of my own novel, vaulting from episode to adventure, crisscrossing worlds both inner and outer. With each segment of life I assign meaning, and like a history book with eras and epochs, each phase is recognized for its seemingly sequential happenings in grand procession, offering a unique sense of order and purpose.


It was never a great stretch to accept that life and all its component parts had great meaning. For me, everything that we were told to attach great meaning to seemed so meaningless - that the opposite just had to be true!

My personal reflection on the material is this: Don't kid yourselves - not one of us knows anything for sure! Everything can be true and probably is, because as you think, so shall it be!

Love, clear intent, and a sense of humor are powerful ingredients. Coupled with reverence, compassion, and inspiration, they can make all the difference.


May this work serve to further your own freedom.



Barbara J. Marciniak

Raleigh, NC

19 September 1994

Full Moon in Pisces



Karen Marciniak

On January 11th of 1994, with the new moon in Capricorn, Barbara, Tera, and I signed the contract and committed to writing this book.


I fluctuated between a state of excitement and one of despair. I thought to myself, "This book is something I really want to contribute to. How will I find the time to immerse myself in this project and juggle all the pieces of my already very busy world?"

A month before we started Earth, my husband and I ended our twenty-two-year marriage/partnership. We sold the home we owned, and my seven-year-old daughter, Laurel, and I moved into a rented house. I was busy unpacking, keeping business at Bold Connections moving along, processing orders, answering mail, and feeling I had to do it all at the expense of free time for myself.


Many times I seriously doubted whether I could be part of this book process, and I found myself in a panic, visualizing all the slices of reality I would be dealing with in the first six months of 1994, knowing full well the book would command a large slice.

Finally, I realized that if I didn't participate, a major probability for growth and change would pass me by. I forced myself to come face to face with one of my biggest issues: control. Control was behind the challenge of my never having enough time. I saw with clarity how control had limited me in so many areas of my life, and I decided the only thing I could do was surrender, give up control, get some help with the daytoday stuff, and trust!

Trust. The whole book was a process of trust. Early on, when the three of us were overwhelmed by all the material Tera had transcribed, when we didn't know where to start to make sense of all the mounds of paper, we did know enough to trust. Barbara, Tera, and I had formed a bond, a triangle of energy, and worked as a team in producing The Pleiadian Times and other projects.


We had mastered the art of accepting constructive criticism from each other, putting egos and hurt feelings aside, and knowing we were never victims. This allowed us to go a long way in what we were able to accomplish. We trusted that when our energies worked together in harmony and clear intention we could do anything we set our minds to.

Over and over again we visualized pulling the book from the future into the now. We had the cover painting by Peter Everly long before we had the completed material to go inside that cover! The painting magnetized and mesmerized us. We were drawn into that reality time and time again. I cried the first time I was able to really stare into it - it felt like the P's were beaming the book information through the painting. Oh, those foxy Pleiadian, they were at it again!

Today, as I sit on my back deck writing, with the book process behind us, feeling the rays of a mellow Carolina September sun, my mind wanders down some of the avenues of reality that I have created for myself. I sit here and smile, recalling events that helped to land me in this particular now, being ever thankful that I was magnetized years ago to the words "thought creates."

Back in the late 1970s, Jane Roberts and the Seth material were a guiding force for Barbara and me. In those days, I was living in Rochester, New York, and Barbara was in Los Angeles. I was settled down with a husband and a job and lived in a beautiful old Dutch Colonial home with a yard that I had turned into my own Living Library.


Barbara, on the other hand, was your typical free spirit of the times, always in search of something new to expand her perspective, moving often, and absorbing the new thought that California and the world had to offer.

One year for my birthday, Barbara sent me two books with a card saying something like, "There is so much thought-provoking information out now, I can't read it all myself. You check out these two books and let me know if they're worth getting into." The two books turned out to be The Seth Material and Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts. Reading these books was a definite wakeup call from the universe!

We spent the next few years reading and absorbing all the available Seth material. We reread it, highlighted it, talked about it, and attempted to live it. I flash back to those days and realize how I immersed myself in the realities of Jane Roberts and Rob Butts as I read page after page. I would picture their realities so very clearly. I would agonize over the slow and meticulous note-taking and transcription that Rob challenged himself with - if only he would work faster then maybe we would get the next book quicker! I pictured Jane with her stacks of unanswered mail and felt her total frustration at never being caught up.


Looking back today, I can feel the force that guided me back then to take note of everything they did. Now, as I run the business of Bold Connections and look at the stacks of unanswered mail - the requests for a new Pleiadian book! - I find myself in a situation similar to theirs of the 1970s, with some of the same joys and challenges to deal with.

It was in April of 1988 that Barbara took a trip to Egypt and Greece, laying the foundation for the Pleiadians to enter her reality. I was now living in Raleigh, North Carolina, and the foundation for my new home was being created at the same time, a home that for five years the Pleiadians used as a classroom to impart wisdom, make us laugh, scold us, play with our heads, and teach us about ourselves.

When Barbara returned from her Egypt/Greece adventure, she called me from Boston and said, "Guess what?" I said, "You started channeling." She said, "How did you know?" We always knew. It wasn't something we talked about very often; however, there was a deep unspoken knowing between us that we would be involved in some sort of psychic adventure some day. We had a staunch loyalty to each other; on some level we knew that we came into this reality as female siblings to anchor in a new paradigm of thought, and that we couldn't do it without the love and support of each other.

I was eager to meet Barbara's new friends who called themselves the Pleiadians.


We still didn't know how we felt about them. I mean, Barbara was expecting a nice, proper discarnate like Seth, and what did she get? Extraterrestrials! I remember that first time Barbara came to my home and called in the Pleiadians. Their voice was very weak and hard to understand, and I had to strain to hear the words.


They gave me some information about who they were and why they were working with us. They told me they were going to call came Moley because I was like a mole who liked to keep her head underground and stay out of the limelight. However, they said, the time was now for me to embrace and live all these ideas that I had been collecting and playing with, that my life would change in profound ways, nothing would be the same.


"Interesting," I thought, as I sat there in my comfy home with a husband I loved, a job I was satisfied with, my twoyearold daughter asleep down the hall. I felt so safe and secure; I had no idea what kind of changes they were talking about!

Well, six years later, my life certainly has changed, and not necessarily in all the ways I would have imagined. If I could have envisioned the future back then, I know I would have been too chicken to go forward with it. So, I give great thanks to the P's for all their love and guidance  - even the times I didn't think it was love and guidance - and for their persistence in always pushing me to the next level of challenge.


I thank Barbara for her love, support, and loyalty, for her dedication to this work and for her penchant for living the Pleiadian teachings and making it look easy. And a thank you to Tera for being a friend that I trust and grow with, a fellow Sagittarian that I can relate to, and a great editor.


A special thanks to my daughter, Laurel, who from a very young age was able to integrate watching her Aunt Barbara or "Cioci" as she calls her - tune into the P's every other week at our home, and for allowing me to travel with Barbara and the P's free of guilt for not always being there; for taking her parents' opposing views of reality, and merging them in her world and finding a unique balance.

As I reflect in this moment, I can truly say I am in a peaceful and harmonious state of being. Trusting myself and knowing I create every aspect of my reality in order to teach myself the lessons I need to experience has given me a great freedom.


As September comes to a close and as the splendor of autumn ever so gently unfolds its magic upon this land that is called "The Triangle," I find myself purchasing my own home, taking back my maiden name, and giving up the nickname Moley.


I look forward with joy and excitement to the next segment of reality that I find myself playing in.

Karen J. Marciniak
Raleigh, NC

Tera Thomas

I have known Barbara and Karen since Barbara began channeling in 1988.


We have worked together, played together, laughed, cried, fought, and developed a deep level of trust with each other. Starting The Pleiadian Times newsletter in the spring of 1993 solidified and deepened the relationship between the three of us.


We are all strong, opinionated women who have learned how to merge our power to work with spirit, to support each other, and to create something greater than the sum of its parts. So, when Barbara proposed that the three of us work on Earth together, I was excited.

Working with the Pleiadians is not the same as working with other channeled information. Rather than a lecture on any given topic, the teachings don't come in a specific order, and some of them are confusing or contradictory - they're meant to be. Those of us who work with them regularly know that the P's rarely hand us something on a silver platter, because they want us to learn to use their teachings in our lives, and to learn to trust ourselves in the process.


So, the Pleiadians do not sit down and dictate a book. Working on a book with them is the same as going to one of their workshops. You have to dig inside yourself to pull the information into 3D and into your life.

Having worked on Bringers of the Dawn, I knew the process of pulling a Pleiadian book together. First, selected tapes are transcribed, then the information is divided into specific categories, Le.: "DNA," "Reptiles," "Blood," "The Game Masters." This creates pages of information bundled together in neat little Pendaflex files. The next step is weaving all the pieces of information together to form chapters that make a coherent story in rough form.

When Barbara, Karen, and I work together, we always begin with a small ceremony to solidify our energy and let the P's know we're ready to work. We state our intentions, then ring the Tibetan bells twelve times, once for each chakra.

After that, we're ready to begin working in "no sense," letting spirit guide us.

Our portable file was chock full. The number of categories we had, and the number of pages in each, looked intimidating. We knew there would be twelve chapters, so we got out blank astrology wheels and labeled each house as a chapter.


Then we began calling off the names of the categories and slipping them into houses that seemed to fit. We decided that each of us would take four houses, or four chapters, and pull the information together. We each chose a color and colored in our charts. We now had a rough blueprint to weave the information together.


When Karen's seven-year-old daughter, Laurel, came home from school, we held up our colored charts and asked her what she thought they were. Without hesitation she said, "It's the book." Well, someone had faith!

Organizing the various bits of information into chapters required a big letting go of control and a profound trust in the process. Of course, in the beginning, we each attempted to do it the old way, by reading and absorbing each and every word on the many typewritten pages and making some sort of sense out of it all. That didn't work well with Pleiadian material. We started getting fuzzy and confused and nothing made sense anymore.

Fortunately, Peter Everly's painting for the cover arrived and gave us all a focus.


That painting led us in a way I can't even fathom. I just know that each time I was attempting to control the process, I'd take a deep breath, look at the painting, and I'd be right back where I needed to be - in, "no sense" -  knowing that the book really did exist in the future, and all I needed to do was trust in that and let the information organize itself.

After we had each pulled together our initial four chapters in rough form, we began exchanging chapters to smooth, reorganize, and fill in the gaps.


My chapters went to Karen, Karen's chapters went to Barbara, and Barbara's went to me.

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We did this dance of shuffling chapters over and over again so we each had our input in every chapter. When we got stuck or confused, Barbara Clow guided us back on track. Miraculously, or so it seemed, Earth was born.

The Pleiadians constantly talk about effortlessness. If something is not effortless, you're on the wrong track. Working with their material is effortless; however, that doesn't mean no work is involved.


The effortless part is that if you trust, take one step at a time, and don't ask how or why, everything will come together. It still involves a lot of energy, a lot of concentration, and a lot of 3D hustle. You don't get to make intentions and sit back and watch them happen; someone has to do the physical work. And, I can tell you, Barbara, Karen, and I worked hard.

I learned a lot working on Earth. Of course, I got to see a lot of my old patterns come to the surface: wanting to control the work instead of letting go, feeling I needed to work really hard and wear myself out or I wouldn't be appreciated, worrying about deadlines and how it could all possibly get done. I made work a burden for myself, subscribing to that old belief that if it's not difficult, it's not good.


It's interesting how clear your issues become when you're working in relationship with others. On your own, they're ingrained patterns, part of who you are. When you're in a relationship, it's as if there's a mirror held up in front of you saying, "Look at this!"


I was able to recognize my pattern of burden and let go of it. Phew, it felt good!

I also learned a new and deeper way to work as a team, and gained a deeper respect and love for Barbara and Karen, and for myself. We were able to solidify our energies so that we could work as a unit, bringing into play all our strengths without competing with each other or overshadowing each other. And I can see that it's our relationship that created this book.


Yes, it was all the physical things we did, the intentions we made, the bells we rang, Peter's art, but those things alone would not have created Earth. It was the deep bond between Barbara, Karen, and me, the love we share between ourselves and the Pleiadians, and the combining of our energies with a profound trust in the process.

I'm now understanding how this level of respect and trust and love can be brought into every area of my life. And, I have a profound thankfulness for the teachings I received while working on Earth, for the relationships I have developed with the Pleiadians, with the nonphysical realm, with Barbara and Karen, with my family and friends, and most particularly, with myself.

The training that you are receiving is from your inner teacher. You have a blueprint inside you that leads to a different pathway. You learn by following what is awakening from within. You are here to create a new blueprint of possibility for the entire race. You will gain the greatest amount of knowledge through personal experience - through doing this on your own and not hanging your hat only in one place. We encourage you to seek many mirrors, to look under the rocks, to speak with insects.


Acknowledge that there is something for you to learn in every event you encounter in your life. Every person, book, and piece of paper that you find in front of you, and every crumbled, dusty leaf at your fingertips, offers you some speck of knowledge that makes up the whole.

Keep yourself open. Intend with clarity that you are available to evolve into an arena that is brand new for the human species - an Earth that encompasses joy, safety, and harmony - and you will be taken there. Think new concepts of self, and of the importance of continuously intending, using your mind to bring about the experience of life.

We remind you that there will not be one world. There will not be a world in which everyone agrees on what is taking place. This is the time of the vast shift in consciousness, so each one of you will find yourself in a world of your own creation.


When you hear stories of takeover, understand that for some people, yes, they may experience this. They will draw to themselves what they need to learn from. Just as you move down a. buffet table and pick and choose what you want, know that you do the same in life. You always have a choice. You make all the difference in what you experience.

Let us say this: In your wildest dreaming, you cannot currently imagine where Earth is headed. The masses are entranced by a world of facts, encyclopedias, television, and newspapers, and the multidimensional anomalies have not yet penetrated your plane of existence too deeply.


When they do, things beyond what you can conceive will begin to occur.



Energy Exercise

Relax your body and clear your mind. Imagine a pillar of light flowing through your body and sending light fibers into Earth.


Picture these fibers being pulled down into Earth, moving through dirt and worms and other creatures, and passing through layers of soil, rock, water, minerals, crystals, and gold. Your fibers are going down very far. They are looking for a vein of gold, so continue to send them down until you feel that the taproot of your fibers has touched a vein of gold deep, deep in Earth - an ancient vein. Notice what it feels like.


Gold transmits a certain frequency. It is very deeply connected with the force and vibration you describe as love, the connective energy that supports all things. The gold and crystals inside Earth move this consciousness through Earth like your veins move blood through your body. Many creatures know about these veins and use them.

Do a very low, deep toning into the fibers of light that extend into Earth. Rumble and stabilize the light, sending energy along the vein of gold so that it travels around a core layer of Earth. Know that your sound is going to stabilize something deep within the core of Earth. Even in her heart, Earth will always recognize you and know who you are.

Once you have stabilized the taproot, create a higher pitched toning to extend a dome of light above where you are. This dome is an umbrella of energy under which you are currently being inspired. Picture a violet-blue twilight tone inside the dome, which is being showered with white moonlight on the outside.

Everything that you think, you energize into form.


So please, dear friend, free yourself from burdens and re-imagine Earth as a splendid place within existence. See yourself dwelling in harmony amidst the splendor.

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The Game, the Codes, and the Master Numbers

Spanish version

We are here for the game, the codes, and the master numbers.


It is part of our karma to deal with Earth at this time, for what we set into motion is what we must dance with.


Our ancestors created events that presently stifle our development on the Pleiades, and, as Pleiadians, we are seeking to discover the solutions to this grand dilemma, a predicament that you share with us.

Our civilization, in a future from where you are, is in peril, so we have been impulsed to go on a journey to find a solution to what has been chasing us.


We are in your future and, in order to discover what is going on, we went further into our future to meet our teachers, the Keepers of Existence, who can also be called the Keepers of Time.


As they taught us how to traverse the various sectors of time. As they taught us how to traverse the various sectors of time, we were enticed to journey back in time to discover where events were stored and locked away. We examined where storms were brewing that were affecting our past, as we were viewing it from the future of our future and, as we view it from now, from your moment of reality.

Our ancestors came from a universe that had completed itself and understood universally that it was Prime Creator, as the journey of Prime Creator in time. They came from a universe that had discovered its essence- creativity.


By discovering that essence, they found out that they were the creators. They came into the Pleiades because that star system would someday be able to help you at a most challenging time, a time when you would be ready to reconnect with Prime Creator.


Our ancestors were some of the original Planners of Earth, orchestrators who seeded worlds and civilizations with light and information through creativity and love. Our ancestors are also your ancestors. They gave their DNA to the original Planners, and this DNA became part of the DNA of the human species.

The plan was to create an intergalactic exchange center of information within your planet, Earth.


It was an extraordinary plan, involving a beautiful place, for Earth is located on the fringe of our galactic system and is easily reached from other galaxies. Earth exists close to many way-portals, the highways that exist for energies to travel throughout your space zone.

Many of you may have the feeling that you have done this before. You have. This is your multidimensional memory of when you have gone to other systems and done the same thing. It is a very familiar process because, characteristically, as members of the Family of Light, this is what you do. You inform systems. You go in and reconstruct realities, and you are experts at it.

You lost your memory of the process because you came here to operate under the same laws as everyone else. Therefore, you came in as human with your memory completely erased.


You knew before you arrived that losing your memory was part of the process, and you specifically picked the moment of time and the parentage that would give you the best connection to energetically and genetically bring about your purpose.

When you incarnated into the Earth plane, you received certain matched and paired recessive genes holding light codes that gave you the highest opportunity to develop psychic and intuitive abilities. In addition, these genes carried some memory that separated you from others, even though you could not name it. With these powers and talents, it has been your task to build on your life and allow the momentum to lead you into something different than most humans.


As an extensive mutation occurs on the inside of humans, also stimulated from the outside by those who are assisting you in this genetic upliftment, you must act and integrate what is awakening within you.

Let us give you a scenario here. Picture yourself as a member of the Family of Light, not looking anything like you look right now. Click into your cosmic identity. You are in a classroom, and an instructor is speaking to you, giving you the highlights of the assignment of returning to Earth to become part of the system in order to change it.


You are very much at the top of your profession; you believe yourself to be an impeccable systems buster.


In this class, you are in great humor because the professor is explaining something to you:

"When you go down to Earth, believe it or not, you are going to need to have us come and instruct you because you won't remember any of this."

And all of you systems busters laugh because you know that, as cool as you are now, once you submerge yourself, you will not remember this classroom.


The professor says, "Watch this. We will show you pictures. See, there we are coming through a vehicle, and there you are in your human disguise, and you act as if you don't know what is going on, This is part of your assignment." You are briefed on all of this, you understand?

In that classroom you were coded to respond to us as Pleiadeans, and to many others. As you open to your greater identity, be receptive and willing to go beyond your boundaries, because this is what we are striving for.


We intend to implant new images in your mind to take you further. It doesn't matter how we do it.


It doesn't matter how we do it. It doesn't matter if it is true. It simply matters that we create new images for you. One day you will find the groove yourself, and then you will understand what we have been after all this time. You will understand that sometimes we have completely made things up in order to trigger something inside of you in order for you to grow as a human being. We are very crafty teachers.

It is time for you to make a commitment to create joy, creativity, and love for yourself. Only then will you benefit others, for if you do not evolve yourself, you do not serve others. By becoming a living example, by following what is in your heart, you show the way for others to follow with courage what is in their hearts.

We are not here because we have nothing else to do. We are here to assist the transformational process that is now beginning to bubble and create steam around your planet. In the past few years, multitudes have awakened, remembering a grand and significant purpose to life.

If you knew as much as your higher self knows at this time, you would be very impatient with this assignment. It involves incarnating, as a human, thinking you are a human, evolving yourself into something more than a human, and then realizing that you were more than human in the first place! Thought may seem backwards, it is necessary in order for you to go through the evolution of your consciousness as a human being. The transformation requires a mass awakening, spurring you on to consciously evolve as a life form. This process involves choice as a key. You are going to do it step-by-step, and others will watch you do it and have the courage to follow.

Humans are considered by some in this universe to be priceless, though in actuality you yourselves have no idea of the value stored in the human body. Your human body is the most valuable thing you will ever own and encounter. You are priceless.


Battles have long been fought over Earth, and as a result, you have been purposely enticed away from discovering the wealth of data stored inside of you by controlling or limiting forces. You are purposely taught that you are insignificant and valueless so that other forms of intelligence will not come and tap into you.


Those who control you cannot get the formulas out of you, so they keep you hidden away, quarantined and isolated. In this way, others who need what you have cannot get to you. You are taught the dance of the disempowerment, which you choreograph as a species.

You are now learning to find your own value, a value we intend to share, teach, and encourage you to discover through an ongoing process. The value you discover about yourself will grow and grow as you wonder at these formulas inside of you, which we call the codes for other civilizations.

Earth is a microcosm of the macrocosm, a miniature version of what is happening all over, except that Earth is a trigger point, what we call a kernel. You know that a kernel is a seed. We have come back to Earth to assist the members of the Family of Light, who have been seeded here, in this essential time when events can be altered.


Time is greatly misunderstood in third-dimensional reality and is much more flexible than you realize, allowing simultaneous movement into realities by stretching, distorting, curving, and twisting itself around. You have been born on Earth to change the course of history by inserting yourself from the future into the past. In this way, you reshape the past.


You are a seedling for change.

We have suggested that approximately half-a-million years ago tumultuous events took place in this area of existence that affects your present-day Earth. To a large degree, Earth lost her sovereignty, and another force of rulership came in and claimed ownership to this prime hunk of real estate that you call home.


These recently appointed godlike administrators have not always been the kindest and most benevolent sorts. Earth was established billions of years ago for a purpose. She was to be an intergalactic exchange center of information, part of a vast library system where data from many. Many galaxies was stored-a Living Library, to be precise.

The creator gods, those who believed themselves to be the forces of creation, came together, pooled their knowledge, and created forms of life. They borrowed DNA and combinations of genetic material from many different worlds. They stored this material in Earth's library system, which was connected to a system of twelve cosmic libraries. You can see that the plan for Earth was a grand one.

The Original Planners of Earth were members of the Family of Light, beings who worked for and were associated with an aspect of consciousness called light. Light is information. Members of the Family of Light created the information and would be able to participate and share their specific knowledge.

The project of the Living Library on Earth was eventually fought over. Skirmishes took place, and Earth became a place of conflict and duality.


Certain creator gods who had the right to do whatever they wanted - because Earth is a free-will zone - came in and took over. These creator gods raided Earth approximately half-a-million years ago - the time period, historically speaking, that you would call the beginning of the latest phase of civilization, the phase of modern humanity. Variations of human life have existed for millions of years.

When these skirmishes occurred, a certain group of entities fought in space and won the territory of Earth. These new owners wanted the native Earth species to remain un-evolved and uninformed so that the species would be easier to control. The original species of human creation experienced great destruction, and its DNA was scattered.

What the gods now realize is that we are in a dilemma in the Pleiades. There is a tyranny that was let loose on Earth, and that Tyranny has returned to us. Did you know that we made that tyranny, that we stripped you of your heritage of a fully functioning, twelve stranded DNA? Do not be naïve about Pleiadeans, including us. Why do you think we are doing this healing work on your planet? Consider that perhaps we need you for our next phase of development. If we wish to grow, we must heal a past that we have been connected to.

In our search for why we are in such a big mess in the Pleiades, we were led into the future to show us that our system will go nowhere without you. In other words, we can evolve further as creators until we give all our abilities and all our rights to everything we have created.


We cannot police and control what we create. This is our dilemma. This is why we wait for you to discover your own experience as a creator. When you do, you will give off a code of formulas. Perhaps even if you become very highly evolved, you will never understand the formulas- not for a long, long time.

Others may access the formulas from you, and in exchange you will experience states of ecstasy, alterations of consciousness, or perhaps trips into other worlds. You may not realize you are emitting the formulas when you do this.


Others who need the formulas will use them to replicate lives, or to reestablish systems that are being destroyed. When those codes of information or formulas are set out in existence, we will be free because the codes of consciousness contain the songs of your own freedom, sung as frequency and broadcast from the cells of your body.

We are reminding you of what you know inside yourself. We have come onto this planet to trigger your memory bank- to inspire the human race through light, so that you will begin to remember who you are and create your own reality.


You will alter the frequency on the planet and claim rightful ownership of yourself and this territory. You will rise to the opportunity to master the situation as you trust in abilities that you did not think you had.

We have a very deep fondness for each and every one you because you have helped us-you have assisted us in delivering something. Your planet is a most miraculous place, and there are those who see your planet from a distance and realize many things. You do not see your planet from a distance. You experience your planet firsthand.


It was just a number of years ago when pictures of Earth, viewed from space, were shown to you for the first time, offering all of you a visual image of yourself as a whole. If someone were to study you from space, you would all look alike if that someone did not know how to read the vibrations you emit.

There is something that we are getting at here. These last few years, you have been impulsed into diving more deeply into personal exploration, the meaning of identity, and connecting with your cosmic overview of life itself. Perhaps at first it seemed as if you were reaching far beyond what the parameters of civilization. Perhaps civilization was moving as you extended the boundaries.

Your dedication to reevaluating, reconsidering, and reorganizing your basic assumptions about life has expanded the expressions of civilization itself. You humans have no other choice than to reach out to the new territory that you lay forward as both charted and uncharted discoveries.

For the last half-million years, various civilizations on Earth have been seeded from different star systems that were part of the original library program. Each appeared at a different time period, penetrating a controlled force field that isolated Earth and kept it inaccessible as a library. These civilizations would flourish for 500 years, 5,000 years, 10,000 years; then the forces that owned the planet would somehow shoo them away or destroy them. These civilizations could not establish ownership here, so they left clues or steps to the ladder as part of the master plan.

When enough humans can read the clues seeded by these civilizations, Earth's keys for harmonious cosmic existence will be understood.


Egyptians, Incas, Balinese, Greeks, Tibetans, Sumerians, Native Americans, Maya, Aboriginals, and many, many other indigenous peoples have contributed keys of understanding, all appointing to the heavens. If present day humans could read the steps and clues left by these cultures, they could once again liberate and own Earth.


Each culture, in some way, held the Library open and was able to infuse its civilization with life-charging stellar connections. Each was creatively unique, leaving a mysterious psychic footprint in your cellular memory as a piece of the puzzle.

Where did these civilizations come from? Do you think they sprang up out of the ground like daisies? They were created from thought. They were impulsed into being. All the cultures that achieved high ideals were conceived of by the Game Masters. In each world and each domain, the idea of freedom was completely different.


On Earth, the idea that humans could be owned and treated without respect came onto the planet half-a-million years ago and was very pronounced in many area of the world. Humans, or versions of humans, were used as slaves to dig in mines or to vibrate with certain emotional patterns.

Over time, an idealized form of civilization was transduced here on Earth to meet the greatest needs of the people. The greatest teaching brought to the planet was the ideal that all humans are created in equality and that life is to be honored in all forms.


This idea was unable to filter down to every level of existence, although it was certainly anchored as a practice in numerous societies.


There were those, of course, who were able to honor the rocks, trees, plants, animals, and humans. However, for many, the main issue of what to honor involved themselves, the ones who here to operate with intelligence and figure out the magnificence of the planet.

In some way or another, the Game Masters had to find different ways to gain back Earth and reteach the value of life. So, over periods of time, the Game Masters conceptualized entire civilizations, imagining them down to the most minute detail. Then they seeded and implanted these civilizations on Earth by bringing the inhabitants from the stars. This was done after these beings were honed to fit the genetic line of humans.

Expand your concept of existence and imagine this. For an occupation, Game Masters orchestrate realities and then insert these realities as life forms onto different planets. Game Masters get together, like you would for a game of cars or racquetball, only their game involves creating civilizations.


They alter and change worlds by allowing variations within civilizations to enter into the realization they orchestrate.


These civilizations act totally by impulse, yet all impulses are fed to them through blueprints. All blueprints are formulated ahead of time, just like you, as the Family of Light, are actually on assignment following a plan designed by yourselves.

Game Masters are brilliant. Not only do they conceive of the game, and create the entire blueprints for the civilization to flourish in, down to the finest artisans and beggars, they seed themselves into the civilization as well. They know their civilization is complete when their own identifies merge with the civilization, so that they are in the civilization and creating it at the same time.

The Maya, who lived at one time in Mexico and Central America, were masters at doing this. They were skilled at confounding realities and moving from system to system. Their world was in the Pleiades, and yet they certainly did not reside there; they had their own world. Today, the Maya are on assignment everywhere, confounding many worlds, taking Maya with them as if their civilization had never stopped but simply had transferred from one world to another.

We, as Pleiadeans, are a Game Master experiment.


The Game Masters are formless, and yet they can overlay themselves and infuse themselves in many different shapes. The movies 2001 and 2010 revealed the idea of the Game Master, showing behind-the-scenes influences on certain life forms. That is a good analogy; however, don't hang your hat on it.

The Game Masters are unbounded, formless, shape shifters. They can take any form they choose, for they move between and beyond sound and geometry. The Game Masters create in their minds the entire blueprints for cultures, and then they open portals to literally insert cultures into the Earth plane. Then they allow these cultures to develop and grow, to seed and influence other times.


On Earth at this time, there are sacred sites and cultures that you think are lost and that you will never be in contact with again. During the great awakening and shift in consciousness, these cultures will come alive and will all operate simultaneously because their blueprints will be recalled and magnetized back onto this opening multidimensional plane.

The Game Masters come up with blueprints for civilizations. Now, here is the tricky part.


When Game Masters create a particular blueprint for a civilization, it has many versions of itself and is expressed on many worlds and in many realities. Part of the Game Masters' task is to juggle all of these realities at once and to learn from every single version of that blueprint. It is like making capes.


A tailor makes on cape and gets the idea to make hundreds of other variations of the cape to suit everyone's needs and to suit a necessary essence of the cape itself. That is how the Game Masters work. So, when Game Masters create a blueprint, a language, and a method to transducer it onto the planet, the blueprints is not simply anchored into one realm. It is anchored into many realms.

The codes and master numbers we seek are geometric formulas and combinations of intelligence stored within the human. The human, of course, is an integral part of the design for the Living Library. Each creation in the Living Library has its purpose and has a great amount of data stored in it. Inside the human body are formulas to replicate other forms of intelligence throughout your universe. Feel that out. Inside the evolved twelve-stranded human are formulas to create life for other forms of intelligence in this universe.

When they designed Earth, other forms of intelligence were able to grasp the reason for Earth's creation. They understood that perhaps their own civilizations might one day be annihilated, and they did not want to lose them entirely.


So, libraries were built throughout existence, and each was filled with specific data. All forms of intelligence that made the libraries valued their identities and valued their civilizations. They understood how their civilizations were constructed. They valued life.

The times are changing, and it is not for you to panic over what is coming. It is time for you to feel the exhilaration inside your being.


The time you have been waiting, your purpose, is on the cusp of being fulfilled. We remind you that you are the Family of Light, and millions of you are on assignment on Earth at this time. As members of the Family of Light, you each carry the ability to pull the light frequency into your body and disperse it onto the Earth plane. In this was Earth herself, a viable living creature, can move into her own transition and die to an old order.


Some of you are petrified that Earth is dying. You want to build a big wall to stop the death of Earth and the deterioration of the environment. In actuality, all of the events that seemingly are distasteful, difficult, and heinous, create the impetus that is needed to move and activate Earth's six billion people into change.

You are a transducer of energy. Just as we transduce energy from one system of reality onto yours, and our teachers and others transducer to us, you must take what you know and very gently transducer it-playfully, without fear for Earth's inhabitants. Others will see that you are stable, grounded, and loving and that you work in the name of Peace. Stay clear on that. Always adhere to the concept of peace as you reach for something, currently unknown, and make friends with energies whose looks could frighten others. You are doing very, very powerful work.

We say to you in all honesty and sincerity that your greatest interest, your integrity, your safety, and your nurturance are our first concerns. We do not want to lose you. You are a key for us. Can you conceive of that? Can you feel that in the core of your being?


If you can comprehend what we are communicating to you in this moment, it will make all the difference as to how your years unfold.


If you can comprehend that we need you, and that we want you, and that you are valuable, and if you can lay your ego aside and open your heart and walk through these territories of the unknown, your days will be marked with splendor.

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Landing of the Light Body

Spanish version

You think you are flesh and bone when in actuality you are a combination of intelligent electromagnetic signals.

The evolution that you are now going through involves the process of building and integrating a light body. Your light body must be tempered, exercised, and stretched to gently bring it into its own awareness. Clarity concerning who you intend to be in your reality is one of the prime keys in building your light body.

Your light body knows that it creates through thought, and links you to the fabric of creation. Through your light body, timelines open, accessing multilayered dramas, and your challenges gather force as you face a seemingly uncharted, yet familiar territory. You are connected to all of existence, and your evolutionary leap is to make sense of this new awareness and put it to use in your now.

Rest assured, dear friends, that a higher order and purpose exists. Your task is to translate your purpose into your body and onto Earth. This purpose activates a reordering on many layers of existence - all sharing the same now. Pivotal to exploring various aspects of reality is the essential component of you taking a deeper look at your vehicle - your physical body.

Your light body holds the essence of your multidimensional identity, which is accessible to you through your desire to unite with the greater identity you sense you have. Your light body will be able to juggle realities through the shifting of your conscious intent from one view to another, like turning the channels of a television. Your light body holds encoded data.


It translates body communications from worlds and realities through your physical body to you. Your task is to notice the subtleties and synchronicities that signal you. To understand yourself, envision a multilayered being, each part having a distinct body that breathes and is connected to the others.


You are a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual being, connected by a body of light that radiates energy and links you to an infinite progression of light beings.

Matter is simply light that is trapped. As you build your light body, a reorganization of your molecular structure occurs, loosening your grip upon materialism in order that a spiritual understanding may guide your day-today life. It is only through spirit that you can gain any understanding of what is happening to your world. The building of your light body allows less trapped matter to combine as light and become you. This offers you freer expression and allows you to seek your source.

You will literally see changes in your body. It will become more vital, more beautiful, stronger, and more capable of performing events. It will become the processor of multitudes of information.

You must be able to operate with a higher electrical current inside your body. This will eventually bring about solutions to all of the mounting challenges you face. Increased energy inside yourself will activate hidden talents and trigger a renaissance of psychic abilities: clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, and perceptual awareness that involves "knowing" far beyond what you can currently consider.


When the electrical current is fused with your body, a bypass is created around the traditional structures that mold you to communicate and exchange data only within limited patterns. You are going to climb a ladder and experience a different view from which to interpret reality.

In the next number of years, everyone, including children, babies, and elderly people, will be affected by this electrical current. One of the benefits of this is that it can bring about a rejuvenation of your physical body by assisting you to heal any separations you continue to carry. The more you grasp and live the concept of creating life through thought, the freer you become, for the stress of powerless living is eliminated. Hold your vision and allow your light body to add a meaningful purpose to all that you do.

To prepare for this energy, sit quietly, close your eyes, picture your body filled with light, and imagine the light flashing and cleaning your cells. Then ask all parts of your body to work together in their idealized forms. If your body works together inside yourself, then it is much easier for you, as an individual, to work with others outside yourself. Those who are sick inside often don't work very well outside.


Attend to the inner mechanisms of your body, visualizing what you want.

Your physical body exists as a frequency device. You think you are flesh and bone when in actuality you are .a combination of intelligent electromagnetic signals. You translate these signals as meaningful life through a physical body by eating, experiencing, using your senses, having sex - all those kinds of things.


This is how you interpret the meaning of your electromagnetic signals, which are actually experienced by you as impulses. From outside your system, you can be viewed in numerous ways. Some beings interpret you solely as a frequency, a collection of intelligence emitting data and certain frequencies based on emotions. Others use the psychic/ emotional frequencies you emit for many things.


Much as the frequency of gold is used to transform your consciousness, and that of water to wash yourself or quench your thirst, the frequency of humans has untold purposes, as you are now discovering.

As previously mentioned, within your body lies a force of power called kundalini, a serpent-like energy that dwells at the base of your spine. Acknowledging and calling this force forward facilitates the merging and bundling of your light body. This force also helps maintain your stability and groundedness with the increased electromagnetic shifts.


Traditionally, kundalini uncoils itself and electrifies your body at around forty years of age. By this time you are considered mature enough to house this kind of power. For most people, the power is so profound that they go downhill from there and begin to age, rather than rejuvenate and put the great creative electrical force to use.

When you have a kundalini experience, it may feel like an intense concentration of energy in the sacrum area at the base of your spine. Sometimes, when people experience kundalini, they feel as if they want to have sex because they don't know what to do with all of the rising energy. The whole planet is locked into using its kundalini to reproduce.


People fornicate like mad without ever understanding that kundalini can move through the body and up into and around the head. If you allow it to do this, it will provide a new interpretation of yourself. You will understand that all of your creations, healings, manifestations - everything -  come from the natural Goddess source inside yourself.

Humankind has a resistance to changing, growing, and finding new data. Much of that resistance, of course, is not natural. It has been programmed in to make you afraid to consider something new, to reach out and disobey the gods, or to become their equals. When humankind seeks knowledge, humankind becomes informed and comes closer to what would be called the Goddess.

You keep recreating the past by recalling it in nostalgic are quite free to come and go; they replicate themselves continuously. Where do they get their instructions from? They are provided by your blueprint and belief system, and by the energy patterns that you carry about reality. As you change those patterns by expanding your concepts, your molecular structure will follow. Each of you has the potential to have the body you want. You can regenerate the cells of your being by remapping them - sending them a different plan or alternative route.


As you do this, your body and experience will follow suit.

Each of you has a natural vitality in your body. You have been influenced by people whom you respect, and whom you believe are legitimate, into accepting fearful and negative ideas. Perhaps one individual had a bad experience, and they interpret it and create image making for all others.

It used to be that you would have to learn many disciplines and prepare your body for years before you could successfully experience kundalini energy. It was indeed the rare individual who was able to access kundalini, for a number of reasons. Earth was surrounded by a fence of frequency control.


As kundalini rises in the body, it meets the cosmic forces that come from outside the body, and the body becomes alive and energized. It is just like pulling a pillar of light into the body. Those who would keep you from knowledge have had their boundaries penetrated, and the frequencycontrol fence around the planet is like Swiss cheese. In other words, there are holes and other forms of light can now come in.

As cosmic energy comes onto the Earth plane, there are millions of you who are now increasing the opportunities to reinterpret what kundalini can do. It is the force of your lives, and you pulse with it. Used accordingly, it is going to bring a tremendous number of solutions. This energy connects you to a cosmic source and unifies you with a greater purpose and understanding of what you can do with it.

This energy may be utilized to heal, for when it builds up in your hands, you have the hands of a healer. Many of you would be very surprised if you peeked a few years into your own futures and saw the so-called unexpected, including what you will be able to do with the energy coming out of your hands. There are individuals now who are able to hold their hands together and make a piece of paper catch on fire.


This energy in the hands is going to amplify in each of your lives. You may use it to purify food, heal, clean the oceans, and depollute the rivers and land. You will be able to transmute the toxic pollution that is everywhere around your planet.

The ability to do these things will be had by those who are willing to believe. As you believe and practice and search, you will be rewarded. Then you will show others. These are gifts that will make a difference in the shift toward mass cooperation on a planetary scale. Therefore, you are going to work on these abilities as a collective. The unhealed and the sick can also learn to activate this energy in themselves and direct it in their own bodies.


The essence of what everyone must manufacture is the value of self:

"Hey, if my body manifested sickness, it can manifest wellness as well. Whose limitation and whose decree of illness am I going to accept?"

You have stored within you an abundance of magnificent knowledge.


You are the key to the Living Library, and you are what everyone is after, to some extent. It is a very interesting process that humans are involved with. Using your imagination, you can send a message to your brain and intend that the neurons connected to the area of imagination become more finely united. However, your toes have the same ability to carry the signal of imaging as your brain, because every cell in your body is composed of exactly the same substances, no matter where it is located.


Each cell has the same potential to produce knowledge, and your cells are waiting for you to direct them. When you allow society, family, and education to direct your beliefs, and you let guilt and "shoulds" permeate your field, these are the programs to which your body responds.

Your planet is going to survive its transmutation process as you recognize the power of imagination, which is tied very closely to memory. Imagination acts as a movie screen in your mind that holds images and creates blueprints of consciousness. Your body is filled with memories of different worlds, as well as different time frames from the now you perceive.


As Earth evolves, you will become capable of pulling up these concepts and blueprints and finding the teachings in their purpose, as well as their significance to your now, based on what you know. Bringing memories of other times and places into your current reality unifies the significance of your life. It creates a healing by helping you understand the purpose of self-inflicted wounds.

One of the most important keys we can give you is this: Love yourself, honor the vehicle that you occupy, and act as if you are priceless. Act as if you lucked out and received the best thing possible - your body. Honor Earth as well with love and respect, for it is here, on Earth, that you stage your fanciful dramas. Love yourself and Earth do your ride through the universe, and your journey will be lighter.

Your body is going to demonstrate absolutely miraculous abilities. Your sensitivities will develop to such a degree that smells and scents will have greater impact on your moods, emotions, and general sense of wellbeing.


You will say,

"I found that when I sprinkle this herb on my food, or when I have this smell in my house, I have more energy. And when I use this one, I am quieter."

Learn how to use the plants around you that are gifts from the Living Library.

A tremendous and radical change is taking place within your physical body, and we cannot emphasize this enough. You are each guided, so to avoid burnout, listen to what's inside you.


Too much new information too quickly, without your taking the time to slow down and integrate it, can lead to overload for your adjusting psyche. When you drive a car, you don't always drive it fast. You speed up, you put the brakes on, you stop at lights, you turn - you move at different paces. It is the same thing with energy. There are points of acceleration and points of slow down. This way, the body builds slowly.

Imagine you were a hairdryer and you spent a large majority of your time with your cord wrapped up in a little bag on the shelf. Then came the peak experience in your life: you were plugged in and used every day. If you were the hairdryer, you would feel you were no longer alone.


You would say,

"Something has happened to my identity here! Wow! I'm on!"

As a human being, you are similar.


You get plugged in, and suddenly something happens, so you must incorporate what happens. We liken the energy that runs through you to the electrical current that runs through the hairdryer, making it more than simply an object - making it a useful object. This is a very simple example, and it gives you an image of yourself. You can be switched on so that the current of life takes you to your purpose.

It is essential that you understand your body and that you are not ashamed of what your body does. What you do with your body is another story, however. There is a grand dignity to the physical form.


Be generous in your body grace. If you are uncomfortable with what we are saying, then examine how much you love yourself and where dislike and shame of your physical body comes from. There is nothing wrong with the body. The modern concept of the Barbie Doll, as a perfected female form, contributes to hatred of the female body if the body does not conform to that mold.


All images, from the simplest toys to the most complex computers, affect your perceptions about yourself. Often women who conform to the Barbie Doll mold have to force and restrict themselves to duplicate the desired and approved shape, reducing their freedom of choice. The human body has all shapes and sizes, and all kinds of expression. You can tell that variety is important on the planet by looking at the variety of faces.


If you were all meant to be molded into one kind, there would only be a limited number of faces that would be available as model types.

For eons, you as a human being forgot who you were. You took on shame about your body and your body's functions. There has been little encouragement for you to acknowledge the very functions of your body. We often compare your use of your body to having a car, about which someone says, "Don't ever use the trunk. It is a really bad place.


Don't open that trunk, don't use it, don't put anything in it. It is there, but don't touch it." Do you see the analogy? It is ridiculous.

Sex in 3D can provide the energy through which you can emerge to higher consciousness. It can lead to an essential part of your multidimensional development. Sometimes, it is difficult to hear about sex because you hold onto judgment of traumatic events that you are ashamed of or that you feel bad about surrounding your sexuality. Everyone has something stored away concerning the sexual part of themselves.


To a large degree, there has been a plan to influence you to feel shame about sexuality and your body; this has kept you from discovering your power, purpose, bliss, and freedom.

As your body takes on and integrates the new energy, memory will be awakened in you. Cosmic memories, as well as memories of this lifetime, offer an unfolding of who you have been in galactic history. It is important for you to have room to remember.


Some of you think,

"Oh, well, I'll put some music on in the car and I'll drive some place and practice remembering."

Leave a space for memory to come into. Utilizing nature is one of the best ways to get in touch with remembering: sitting out in nature, watching nature, being in idleness, being in the now and letting the now expand into the ongoing, spontaneous, synchronistic moment - the ever expanding now.

Nature teaches you through the calling of birds, the beat of butterfly wings, the symphony of crickets and frogs, the camel's bray, and the smell of desert dust and fresh spring rain. All of these things trigger memories if you take the time to let the sounds and smells penetrate your physical being.

Activating memory involves disengaging yourself from all the "shoulds" you have piled up for yourself. Are you busy running nowhere? Do you truly lead the most meaningful life that you can? Do you await the approval of others, forever a shadow of the power of radiating your truth. Please, do not hide from yourself or others. Live!

Why are we telling you all this? We are intending to activate cellular memory inside of you.


Before you come into the body, certain memories are made available and stored genetically within you. One day you will figure out how this is done and understand that you are worked on when you sleep. Often you feel these rushes - or zoomings - of electrical pulsation through your body. These are memory inserts being put in you to prepare you for your next adventure.

Please understand that there is little difference between a memory insert experience and an actual life experience, because reality is very constructible. Reality is not designed to be gone. Realities and cultures can be recreated over and over again. If you are a newly born soul and feel that you have missed out on all the juicy happenings in the universe, you can have memory inserts. You can create places for yourself within cultures without overpopulating them.


For example, everyone wants to have been Egyptian or Maya, and there was only room for so many. Yet, you all can have memories constructed of those cultures. You can become a part of them because, with the memory constructed for you, you can build another Mayan culture on top of the other one. This concept gives you a clue about the flexibility of your reality.

Memory is like a pool or a mirror inside your body, and it needs to be replenished and refreshed with the reflecting ability of water. Water is what enhances memory in the physical body. Kundalini fires the codes, activating the light encoded filaments and bringing them into light.


These tiny fibers are filled with information, and kundalini moving through your body gives you the opportunity to own your memories.

Many of you are experiencing deep memories of manipulation, perhaps painful recollections of being eaten by reptiles, or mating with reptiles, or of genetic experimentation. Even if you did not experience a specific thing, in your blood you have filaments that carry the entire history of all things. How to get those filaments to hook up to give you a viable movie is another story.


You know what movie film looks like? It is made up of little squares or frames.


You are like a big movie, cut and separated frame by frame, so that each part of you is disconnected from all the others. As we work with you, the energy that we bring to you reorganizes those tiny clips of film. This brings a story together inside of you that is personal, planetary, and galactic.

All of you are here to look into the dark, because in the dark you will find both the light and the reason the light is returning. You cannot simply go toward the light and say,

"Hey, darkness is bad. It is negative. I don't want to see."

Be open to what you do not want to see.


Keep your heart open, and trust that the pain you may experience needs to be explored so that it can be released after being processed on a memory level. You are at the time when memories are floating to the surface, coming from deep recesses. These memories can bring emotional responses. Whatever you see needs to be looked at. It is you.


Accept it and say,

"Aha! Based on what I know, and on the preparation of my consciousness, I can look at this and see that it was a misuse of energy. That is all right. I will transmute it. I will turn it into something of joy"

Do you know how many people are willing to look at the negative and the dark? Not too many.


Do you know how many people are living in the dark? Do not run from the shadow of life, for there is much healing to be completed once the pain of the darker side of life is felt, realized, and understood.

Emotions are the sum total of your wealth as a human being. Emotions trigger the inner pharmacopoeia, your body's personal drugstore. In the drugstore of your body, you are the pharmacist. You write the prescription according to your emotional response or reaction to events. Your emotions create a corresponding chemical release inside your physical form.


The endocrine system, which is responsible for the chemical responses to your emotional choices, will evolve. New chemicals will be produced inside your body that will help you change. Choosing a different way of receiving or translating reality will trigger inner doorways to open and produce substances that will take you into the higher realms.

You are being reorganized on a subatomic level. Within your body, the light encoded filaments - fine, threadlike fibers - are subtle forms of energy that connect everything together. These gossamer threads are reorganized in your body through stimulation by rays and photons that come to the planet bringing cosmic energy.


They are reorganized to rejuvenate your body when you drink pure, clean water. They are particularly activated through the process of oxygenation and deep breathing. There are also ways of oxygenating yourself by ingesting herbs known as blood purifiers.


When you purify your blood, it is able to carry a greater amount of oxygen. The reorganization of fibers on a cellular level builds and grows, and the fibers invigorate your body in a variety of ways. All this involves activating your brain. You have the keys and the codes to open up the rest of that dormant area.

The plan of intention is for human beings, based on the increase of light, to evolve into multitalented beings. Some people are operating on 6 to 8 percent of their brain capacity. Someone who is using more of their brain, an Einstein for example, is using at best 15 to 20 percent.


Ask yourself these questions: What is the other 80 percent of my brain doing? Why is it dormant? What is not hooked up?

The endocrine system will evolve as DNA evolves, producing chemical substances that are combinations of intelligent geometric shapes. These shapes will exist all over the body and will not be localized simply in the brain. Everything will happen simultaneously.

The endocrine system can secrete psychedelic like chemical substances that catapult you into new forms of intelligence. You have a conflict in your society about how you view drugs. Anything having to do with mind expansion has been promoted as very bad and fearful. Yet, at the same time, a good portion of the world is addicted to prescription drugs that keep people sedated.


In your society, prescribed drugs that suppress the natural chemical process are fine, while drugs that activate the mind and open other realities are bad. Major control is in effect concerning your ideas about what you can and cannot take into your body. Take a look at this.

Your endocrine system is going to go through a massive upheaval. It is in the early stages of this at this time. Think of a small grocery store, one that is old and decrepit and has had the same brands of food on the shelves for twenty years; the store is outdated and is not suiting modern habits, tastes, and desires.


Someone comes in and says,

"This supermarket's too old. I am going to soup it up to meet the needs of society. I am going to change the products that this supermarket carries."

Supermarkets serve certain needs, and as the needs and tastes of human beings change, the food on the shelves of the supermarket must meet the new taste qualities and requirements.

Your endocrine system is doing the same thing. What is making the endocrine system decide to serve new food? You are - you loving yourself, pulling the pillar of light into your body and reorganizing the basic genetic structure of who you are. As the strands of DNA begin to discover their identities and come alive, they will change the endocrine system.


Your decision to be in the moment, to love yourself, and to work with love on the planet with yourself and all people will completely change what happens inside you. This is a key to rejuvenation, most definitely. Be willing to experience yourself, your life, and your body, as your own creations.

The accelerated energy will create havoc on your planet, leading to a great deal of confusion coupled with radical, revolutionary, overnight change. Never in your recorded history has there been as much energy on the planet and has there been the kind of consciousness that there is now, so you have nothing to prepare you for what is coming -  nothing. The radical change that these movements will bring about is beyond your conception.

Focus on the best that you can be, knowing that you will affect many probabilities around you. Know that for yourself this will be the opportunity to activate a major change. Your pineal gland is being activated through the infusion of light energies, releasing a new vision of possibilities in which peace and freedom are felt and recognized from inside.

Your thymus gland is pivotal in sending the signal to your body to hold the pattern of rejuvenation. Your thymus gland shrinks the older you get; it shrivels up. It is like the gatekeeper at the base of your neck that regulates what comes from above and what comes from below. Your upper glands, the pituitary and pineal, as cranial temples are inactivated; they are basically dormant. Your thymus gland does not continuously remind your body of its idealized blueprint because it is not getting the messages to do so from the temples in your head.


This is because your temples have been disconnected from the full strands of DNA.


Your thymus gland will return to its own vitality when it receives the message that your body has done its preparation and that your consciousness is ready. If you think in terms of life expansion, some of you have barely begun your work. Others have had training that is going to implode you into the next shift; your work is a gift to the planet, a gift to civilization.

If you are beating up on yourself or feeding yourself negative ideas, then you need to examine your dual loyalties. To be here in this moment says to us that you have an interest, an excitement, and a loyalty to transcend the ideas that the human species has been fed. If you are fighting this - looking in the mirror and saying, "Oh, look how I look. Bad news" - then you have a duality, a doubt, a conflict.


If you have such a conflict, then the more the energy builds, the more you will feel like a rubber band being pulled out and snapped back, over and over again. So, if you are feeling like a rubber band being snapped, then the corresponding avenue to look in would be the inconsistency of your beliefs as you are expressing them, silently or out loud.

Your hypothalamus regulates the temperature and water in your body. You are water, you understand - electrified water. The elements and balance of ocean water match the blood in your human body. Humans were made from the ocean. This is one of the greatest secrets of creation. The Pleiadian gods came and used the energy of the hydrogen and oxygen molecules. It is from this that you sprang. This is the basic key.


The firmament was created, and from the firmament came life.


This is one of the principles through which you were constructed. We want you to understand that there are many ways to construct humans. You have heard stories that you are made up of dust and clay. Some of these stories are not true; they are told to keep you away from the truth. It makes more sense to you that you are closer to the solid elements than those of water. Remember, we said that very often things are switched around so that you do not discover the truth of your identity.

Your hypothalamus can be thought of as the gatekeeper between your physical body and your outer chakras. Its time has not yet come. In your present stage of evolution, you cannot comprehend its function. Yes, it does regulate body temperature and the flow of water, and water is the essence of your life.


We always encourage you to be around water, to be in water, and to use water because water enhances the function of your hypothalamus gland. It keeps it lukewarm for when it needs to get heated up. The time will come to further explore the hypothalamus.

There are ways through cranio-sacral adjustment to stimulate the hypothalamus. These will be discovered and shared when people have raised their consciousness to the degree that they are prepared for the great sunburst of energy that will come from this gland. Until that time, the information would be dangerous. People sometimes cannot moderate themselves, and they think they must drink the elixir of all experience without making the necessary preparations of consciousness.

You will never be the same once your hypothalamus secretions start. Have you ever ingested a psychedelic? How would you like to live, balancing that reality, twenty-four hours a day? It wouldn't work; it would be entirely too confusing. It is fine for what is called a trip. It is fine for a journey into learning - into the shamanic, mysterious, Living Library realms. However, it certainly is not something you want to have for breakfast every day.


The rest of the nervous system is not in sync with that awareness. When you take what is called a trip, it is exactly that - like going to the country or to the shore for the weekend. You go, you experience it, and then you come back and contemplate it.

Your hypothalamus is going to move you to a new shoreline of your being, a new domain that will be chemically induced. This is what the endocrine system does. It introduces various chemicals into your body without you taking anything - without you ingesting any substances at all. The chemicals will simply begin to secrete themselves and influence the very way that you perceive and interpret reality, and you will change everything so that you will be happy to dwell there.


You will not want to dwell in the old place.


It will be as if you move to a new land, or as if you move to a new planet without leaving Earth. It will be a splitting of your world. Earth and Earth's reality in the Living Library will change before your eyes because the chemicals that will be secreted from the hypothalamus will give you a new interpretation of reality.

This you are not prepared for yet, not anywhere near it. First, you must convince yourself that you are loved and that you are the source of your love. You must maintain a consistent feeling of this before you can begin the subtle changes in your endocrine system that will prepare you for the awakening of your hypothalamus.


If all things take place collectively, when can the Family of Light look forward to the awakening of the hypothalamus? We suggest that this will happen in increments between 1999 and 2009, a ten year period.

With all the fuss about a healthcare system in your United States, we remind you that health is free. The true cost of health care is a few moments of your time to develop the right attitude about your body. You create your health or your disease, and you don't need anyone to tell you whether you are healthy.


First of all, when you are in touch with your body - when you take a shower or wash, you can feel and know your level of wellbeing - you know if you are in a state of health or not. You may choose to worry and distrust your body. If you worry about your health, then you will create something. Your body follows the images you instigate.

If you invest in worry about what you might catch, or how cancer might be growing, or whether you have AIDS, or diphtheria, or tuberculosis, or whatever you wish to worry about, the probabilities are that if you don't already have something, you will create it and go from there. If you know you are healthy, you are. It is quite simple.

Fear is the killer. We remind you that your power ends where your fear begins.


If you fear something, it is as if you put a sign up over your head and say,

"Welcome. I am waiting for you."

The purpose of fear is to save your life, to catapult you into the now in order to take action.


Often it serves to direct you away from that which is dangerous and toward the very essence of your vital being. However, when you hold onto fear as a lifestyle, and when you broadcast fear of life, you shut down your body and kill your vital life force. This creates stress, ill health, and aging. Your thoughts create your reality.


Part of the initiation of consciousness is to move through toxicity, and your physical body needs to go through more preparation and purification of what would be called intent and courage. When you dwell in fear, you dispel all. You dispel your own power. So, in order to meet something that is very unfamiliar to your logical mind, you must maintain clarity of intent and a tremendous sense of courage, safety, and nonchalance.


Everything that keeps you from achieving something is simply an idea. Over the next twenty years - the period everyone is buying the big tickets for, front row seats here in Earth's amphitheater - many changes will take place.

Do you remember going to a carnival when you were a child and going on those big rides for the first time? Did you beg your mother and father or your big brother or sister to take you on the rides that seemed adventurous and so gigantic? Earth is going to seem like a huge carnival. You are all going to get on some big rides that you cannot conceive of, so you have some clearing and intending to do.


The large majority of you will do just fine. You will emote your way through it. Watch your whining - it is a waste of energy. Accept all that you create and know that there is opportunity in all things.

From our point of view, it completely boggles us that you would invest in fear around that which is opportunity. On some level, we know who you are and what you went through to get here. We know why you are here on Earth and that you were not sent here to flounder alone. The forces that work with you have a capacity to influence and affect your reality that is beyond your comprehension, even though you are not aware of the existence of these forces.


You do not understand how their fingers move to nudge this person or that person:

"Go here. Do this. Oh, don't do that."

Events are being set up.

Understand that there is a deep seeding of cancerous ideas and thoughts on the planet, just as there is a deep seeding and encouragement of the idea of AIDS. People find these things and are attached to them. Right now people are afraid of the sun. They are afraid to go outside, as if there is a mistake in nature.


The people who buy into this will find that their fear will act far more quickly than any rays of the sun would do in damaging them.

Fear is the killer. It is an idea that takes hold, like Paul Revere crying out and riding through the streets of early America. When fear runs through your body, it reminds the chemicals that go with it to come out and fill your body. They activate a downward spiral and an idea of death. It is basically that simple.

You have heard of AIDS and that it is caused by the HIV virus. However, now there is AIDS when there is no HIV present. AIDS is now being spread electromagnetically, in the same way that many disturbances can be spread electromagnetically. Remember, electromagnetism involves the great currents of electricity that are all around you, generated by humanity and other sources.


Magnetism, of course, is the force that holds things together. You have magnetic particles inside your brain as well. You can use this idea to help other people open their hearts.


AIDS is spread electromagnetically, drawing itself from one carrier to another with a similar pattern or vibration:

"I think like you do. Send your thoughts to me."

Do you follow this?

"I have those same fear beliefs. I am confused about who I think I am. I am not worth it. I have no power over my body."

That kind of thinking is so magnified it is as if you carry around signs, posters, and bumper stickers over your auric field proclaiming who you think you are.


Viruses can spread electromagnetically so that eventually you may have entire metropolitan areas infused. Why? You are drawn to live in a certain town or place because of the karma and vibration of the rest of the people. It is why many of you are being impulsed to relocate and move.

The same principle holds true for the heart. If AIDS can be spread electromagnetically, so can the opening of the heart and the Goddess. We want you to understand that there are always many, many plans in motion.


People say,

"Why do bad, negative, lower vibrational plans have to be in motion?"

Because people wait for them.


People don't sit around waiting for something exciting and good to happen to them. They sit around rocking in their chairs, smoking cigarettes, wondering when a car is going to come through the living room. Why? Because they watch television. Your main imprinting comes through this mind control machine, which imprints you basically with fear. Chronic fear is going to be the killer. It will draw to you those things that you dread and that you are certain are going to happen to you.


Of all the possibilities in the world, why do you choose what you do?

The more compassion you have for others, the quicker mass consciousness will change. We are asking all of you to play this heart game much more often than just when you have spare time. Make a commitment to have your heart open, and see that it stays open and that you use the heart energy of the Mother Goddess.


This will make all the difference, because it is not just your heart that is involved - it is the heart of the Goddess. However, the Goddess needs your heart open to have her energy move through you.

Today, there are very few geographical locations on your planet that broadcast the love frequency. That is about to change, of course. Earth, as you well know, is going through some challenges - to put it mildly. However, if you think this is intense, hold on. You are in for a grand ride. In a very short period of time, there will be a catapulting of energies on a global scale that will take you further and further toward what will look like the destruction of your planet.


We want you to know this. We want you to understand that sometimes, when energy evolves, even when you yourself go through evolutionary processes, there is a disorientation, a chaos, a confusion, and a lack of identity.


Toxicity may come out of your body that makes you sick. You may have dancing of the bowels or an upset stomach or a closing down of the bowels. Many different things indicate changes at hand.

You can liken Earth to a gigantic mirror for what is transpiring inside human beings. Earth at this time is reeking in toxicity. She held it off for so long. For many, many years Earth was filled with toxicity not only from radioactive wastes and all kinds of garbage, but also from the collective dumping of human anger. Humans are creatures of energy, and your emotions create a collective force that is broadcast.


You not only broadcast chaos and fear, which is basically what your collective lives have been about for a long time, but you also broadcast anger. The anger is about what you know you are being denied deep down inside.

There are almost six billion of you - on the verge of doubling -  dumping your anger onto the planet. What do you imagine that does? It creates a stirring and mirroring of the planet's own anger from the lack of care and the lack of love. All of this is being spewed forward now, so in the long run you are going through a clearing. You are all coming to a new realization.


You are being pushed, as a people and as a planet, to your limits. You are going to be forced to define new boundaries about what you will and will not stand for. No one is going to sit home like a couch potato and miss this one. You all must participate; if you don't, more than likely you will vanish in one form or another.

We remind you that you create your own reality and that the collective anger you feel has to do with the discrediting of your imagination. Feel that for a few moments. Imagination is the key to brilliance, to unifying conceptualizations, and to bringing ideas into manifestation.


When was the last time you were encouraged on a regular basis to invest in your own imagination?


You rob yourselves of the inherent qualities through which you can save yourselves, change yourselves, and redefine freedom. Imagination is, indeed, a ticket to ride on the mercurial carnival of Earth.

Earth is inhabited by a multitude of intelligent forces, not by humans alone at this time. There are dimensional locks that keep various life forms separated and segregated. With the collapse of time, humans are being impulsed to activate Earth's grid. When you are infused with cosmic light energy, it alters your nervous system, which is like a highway for energy impulses to travel to your brain.


Like road construction, your nervous system is being rebuilt, widened, and strengthened to accommodate an increase of data, like traffic moving through your body. When you face an experience that is out of the norm, that does not fit into the category of the known, your nervous system tends to shut down. Your body goes into shock, unable to process the out-of-ordinary reality.

As energy increases on the planet, blocks in your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies are magnified. Unexpressed feelings and ideas create obstacles to the flow of energy, whose purpose it is to connect you. You must help the process by being responsible for who you are.


Wherever you have a prejudice or difficulty - "I don't want to know that. I hate this about myself. I don't like that." - you can trust that the magnifying glass will be put over it.


You will squeal and squirm until you get it right. And if you don't, you will manifest the block in the form of a difficult challenge. Everything is intensifying in order to teach people about responsibility and maintaining a clarity of purpose and intent. Utilizing different modalities of bodywork in this day and age is key to your survival.


Pursuing avenues of discovery through bodywork facilitates and quickens the recognition of your identity.

As more of who you are unfolds, the dramas that have trapped you can be more deeply understood. The dramas are released from cellular holding patterns that faithfully steer you into the very situations that are left unresolved and unforgiven. Actually, you invite all the players in your life, and you, as director, cast the parts and run the show. If you are now finally tired of your script, remember, you write it!


Blame and victimhood are the ultimate traps to insure a state of disempowerment. Remember, you have dramas that are ancient god dramas that influence you now. All of reality is connected and is seeking a healing of union.

There is great humor in highly evolved energies, especially those who work with the love frequency. It can be recognized as a trademark. With energies you encounter, make certain there is an expansive sense of humor, for laughter is a key to freedom. There is plenty of room for joy in all of existence, and this is a concept you are seeking to grasp.

We encourage you to operate out of your feeling center -  your solar plexus or gut. You have the same capacity and activity inside your stomach lining as you do in your brain cells. Reconsider yourself. You can instantly see that you alter your experience when you believe in and find opportunity in every event you create. We remind you that opportunity is often disguised as loss.

The solar plexus area is where you hold power in your body and where you extend your power out to the world. It is also where you perceive the world. This is the feeling center. This is where you get your threads of data, for through the solar plexus you feel your way through events that may make no sense to your logical mind. Step back and take a look.


Reroute your decision-making process, taking a detour into your body.


Notice how you feel and acknowledge your body's innate wisdom speaking to you as a loving adviser, if only you would listen! Your body wants to work with you -  often it is you and your thoughts that work against your body. Your logical mind, remember, has been trained by those who want you to perform in a very limited paradigm and in a certain limited frequency.

We want you to accept the idea that you are very significant. There is great value in who you are, in what you intend, and in what you allow yourself to experience. We would like you to feel a tremendous upliftment and sense of personal value for your ability to weave multiple realities of consciousness together and leap into territory that many would not support.


We give you a gold star for daring to be foolhardy, because you are playfully freeing the bondage of human perception as you explore the seasons of yourself. There are many teachers who will show you in which slices of time you have flourished and developed, and where you have affected an interconnected reality, and what those times and places have to do with now. One day, you will understand that those other times are now.


Everything occurs in the now. This very moment of existence - where you are is truly the ongoing, spontaneous, significant moment. It is, over and over again, where you can find yourself.

Be aware of receiving simultaneous information from other civilizations. Notice it and find out what you can synchronistically tie together.


Often you are impulsed with a knowing. Yet, even though this commonly occurs, it takes you a while to convince yourself that you do, indeed, know something. There are adjustment periods. Be patient and you can go anywhere you choose. Be clear on what you intend and then let it go.

The dolphins do not keep secrets from one another. They willingly share the accumulation of knowledge they have. You can tell the evolution of individuals by how willing they are to share what they know. The more you share what you know, the more you are filled. The more you hold onto and grip the wisdom you have been given, the more quickly it will run through your hands and you will lose it.


Open your hands and your wisdom will fly off like a butterfly; then new butterflies will land.

All life has chakra systems. A town has roads, cars driving through it, and refueling places that store energy. It is the same with the chakra systems. They are energetic storehouses around and inside of life forms. The chakras connect the internal workings - the physiological third dimensional operations - with the multidimensional, etheric layered goings on.


They bring energy from the nonphysical realms into the physical, if utilized properly.

All forms of life have these energy portals as doorways and places where they can be refueled. What each form of life does with its refueling is within the blueprint or the DNA of the form of life itself. As your DNA is being reordered into a new expression of itself, the frequency or identity that you carry is speaking something on a nonphysical level. Every place you go, you carry the mutating energy that announces itself.


Your consciousness announces itself to all life forms.


Maybe those who are next to you in a shopping mall or restaurant are not quite aware on a conscious level of who you are. However, when you take a walk in the woods and fields, or go into the oceans, you will see other life forms around you that are much more aware of who you are. They change their response, and their DNA changes because yours is changing. Through you, all of nature becomes more available as the Living Library.

From your perspective, there are very few people who have lived thousands of years, yet the creator gods are able to extend the longevity of the cellular body. Life extension and the rejuvenation of cellular life are coming back into fashion. This is part of building the light body, a body that is not so dense, so that it does not self-destruct - a body that self-generates and self-replenishes.


That is what you are striving for. You would be there and you would feel it if your logical mind were not so worried about whether it is possible. We cannot emphasize to you enough that you must stop listening to society and to official versions of reality. This involves choice, not disrespect. This is going to be the hardest task for you, and the biggest break to make - to cross the bridge between your societal self and your spiritual self.


Which one is going to become sacred? Which one is going to be your source of authority?


The sooner you make that leap, the more you will enjoy yourself.


Allow your intuitive self to be the standard bearer of your experience - an experience that no one else is going to validate, and an experience that springs from the assignment that you are knowing, and not necessarily remembering, you are on.



Energy Exercise
Put yourself in comfort, and become very still.


Send a message to your body to relax, release, and let go. Take a deep, deep breath. Once you have exhaled, feel a wave of serenity moving over your body. Continue to consciously breathe, finding your own rhythm. Feel your chest expand and open. Feel your heart area get warmer. Relax your throat. Let your mind be clear and your vision centered.


Track your breathing for a few moments. Imagine a pillar of light touching the top of your head, then entering your body. Breathe deeply in and out, following your breath, making yourself as light, calm, and peaceful as you can.

Once you are in this serene place, focus your energy on your third eye, and picture your world, Earth. Whatever you imagine is fine. As you hold the picture of the globe in your mind's eye, feel the existence of an individual blueprint and purpose for all of Earth's inhabitants. You may see these blueprints as sparks of light and geometric shapes.

Feel the uniqueness and multitude of lessons that are necessary for consciousness to evolve. Not only is the consciousness of each individual being stretched, the collective consciousness of the globe is connecting in a unique way.


Feel the contribution that each individual makes to the global plan, and from your now, send out a wave of intent, inspiring love and trust of the human form.

Now, as if your consciousness were a magnet drawing to itself all like consciousness, feel yourself rising out of your own blueprint, like a golden ball of light. Let your blueprint begin to rotate around the grid of Earth, looking for the other blueprints that are keyed to work with yours, whose ultimate plan is to activate a new global blueprint for humankind. Feel this global search.


Let yourself as the golden sphere of light rotate around and around the planet, going from one place to another. Let it grow in size as it attracts like consciousness to it, forming a blanket of light and triggering an intertwining energy grid designed to be awakened by intersecting consciousness. Feel your golden ball of light being drawn to different locations around the globe.


See yourself there, and see your presence altering, opening, and expanding wherever you are.

Imagine six billion people connected to that global blueprint from inside their bodies. They know that the coming change is an opportunity to live more joyous and expanded lives in which they have the freedom to look at life from a very different perspective.

Bring your consciousness back to your physical body. Visualize light running through you, infusing you, connecting you. Watch the energy flow at a rapid rate and let your body begin to pulse. Feel stronger and filled with new information, health, and vitality. Feel the pillar of light continuously with you, filling you and connecting you with your source.


Keep that pillar of light always coming into your physical body. The pillar of light is your calling card into the higher realms.

Thought is. You are evolving toward learning to use your thought in productive ways so that you can alter your world and create a brand new paradigm of reality. Trust yourself and listen well to what it is that you are discovering.


The road that appears before you may be very interesting. Remember that you always create it, and if you do not like the scenery, you can simply take a new road.


Pleasant journeys.


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The Dimensions Dance

Spanish version

We remind you that Prime Creator makes up all the teams, and if you are in Prime Creator's universe, then you are on all the teams as well.

You, as human beings, are the library cards, the keys to the Living Library. All the information stored in Earth's library is accessible through you. You were designed to be merged with, influenced, and emerged through.


You have come here to master the human version of the spiritual evolutionary process - to live with it, to merge with many different realities, and to allow realities to emerge through you. Eventually, you will become tuned into the consciousness of the creator gods from whom you have sprung. It will be like turning a radio dial to pick up a variety of frequencies.


Allow yourselves to understand that the particular physical bodies you now occupy are sending and receiving centers, broadcast units that exist in many realities. All creation is designed to be influenced - to be puzzle pieces that lock and fit with other pieces of the puzzle. As humans, you have been kept ignorant of how many appendages you have that lock you into other realities.


You have no idea of the intelligent sources in other realities that tune into you and affect you.

Nothing exists that is not part of the whole, and the whole as designed is a freewill zone that creates an open-endedness of exchange and influence. Your task and responsibility is to make alliances and choices.


Your parents may have said,

"Play with good kids. Don't play with kids that hit, spit, bite, kick, or swear. You want to have good friends."

They taught you how to pick your friends.


Part of the parenting process was to teach you what to look for in people. Yet, no one ever taught you how to make friends and alliances with the invisible worlds around you.

As humans, your job is to own and take care of the Living Library. In the past, those who wanted to experience the Living Library would, with permission, look out of the eyes of human beings. As they looked, the humans would become the gods and goddesses in charge, the tour guides of this reality, so to speak. At one time, humans on Earth held very honorable and highly evolved positions.


You had glorious, vibrant forms, emanating energy and light. Just as chefs have specialties in food preparation, humans had specialized ways of experiencing the Living Library and accessing information. Those who desired knowledge came to experience and discover the library of Earth.


They merged with humans, who served as library cards into Earth and all her majesty. Becoming one with other energies and allowing them to look out of your eyes in order to experience more was a divine purpose. Humans made themselves available for this process.

Energies from faraway star systems that contributed to the library said,

"We want to access the library to study some things and get some information."

They needed to get permission and embody the love frequency in order to merge with humans.


The humans knew they were having a merging of another sort, a meeting of the love frequency. The other energies used the bodies, eyes, senses, and entire beings of humans to check out the Living Library. Different humans had, of course, predilections for various aspects of the Living Library, and visiting gods and goddesses, if you wish to call them that, had certain data that they were after.


So, it was quite an interesting job to be stewards of the Living Library because you didn't know what gods or goddesses were going to visit and go after what information. It was like being tour guides, and those who came in directed you to access the information they desired. The relationship was symbiotic and its success was based on the love frequency.

There is glorious information that is desperately needed in existence, and it is stored here, on Earth. As the reorganization of light takes place on Earth, there will be a mass merging of beings who are very benevolent, very uplifting, and very loving. They will come through and operate out of your bodies. You will still maintain your own integrity and your own identity; however, they will blend with you as we blend with our vehicle.


They will be able to access the codes and master numbers that you house inside your bodies.

As Earth is catapulted into a frequency that will allow the Living Library to come back into full function, necessary experiences will be shared by all. In order to once again become valuable assets as the keys who access the Living Library from many cosmic points of view, you will have twelve-stranded DNA and full brain capacity.


And, in order for you to be in partnership as library cards, you must understand that you are more than human.


Throughout existence, where you are multidimensional in your truest form, you have many different guises. You are collections of sentient energies that are seeded all over this universal system. You make up one pool of consciousness that collects with other consciousness that has intents and purposes and that discovers things.

Earth is on a course that is taking a radical change in direction. She is experiencing an accelerated thrust in the ongoing evolutionary process. A cycle is coming to completion and a new age or new theme is about to take precedence upon Earth. You are assisting this new age into being in society. Currently, humans barely understand that they live many times as humans, let alone that there are many more identities to the self.

The self is a composition of many different life forms all making up a central soul. As Earth is being catapulted in a new direction, the occupants may perish because they do not meet the new speed at which Earth will vibrate. Or, they will begin the changes that will prepare them for the ability to blink on and off into the various personalities that make up the collection of the soul.


You are forerunners in this and are meeting the portions of yourselves that are the most imperative for you to understand. There are many of these selves to meet.

Remember, you are part of a grander collective of intelligence that seeks to express itself in many realities. In order to further comprehend all the versions of reality, your central soul has many different personalities, tentacles, and outreaches.


So, do not think that you are "goodies" in all versions of reality. As a matter of fact, when you are "baddies," sometimes you gain more information than when you are "goodies." When you are good people, sometimes you are so naive you have no idea what is happening.


Your discoveries need not impact you with difficulty. Intend that they offer you interest, give you more knowledge, and do something very beneficial for you.

You hide your own cleverness from yourselves. You must learn to monitor how you create your reality, how many dimensions of thought you are in, and how you pretend that you are just hanging around waiting for something. The thoughts come racing through your heads second after second, bringing all this information, and you don't realize that you are creating your reality all of the time. You hide your beliefs from yourselves. You hide your power from yourselves.


Remember, you have been programmed as a species to believe in your own disempowerment through your televisions and educational systems.

Do not fall into the trap of thinking you only create your reality some of the time, while at other times and in certain situations you have no power. You must remember the vastness of your experience. You must remember that you make certain agreements to participate in things that seem to be difficult or bad. In actuality, uplifting events are very often behind experiences that you term difficult.


Remember, there is opportunity in all things that you create.

You are Game Masters yourselves, those who orchestrated the reestablishing of Earth's freedom and the seeding of civilizations. These civilizations became alive and activated, and now you are living in one of the most exciting places and times of existence. There are many who support you and wish to merge with you, operate through you, and give you a hand with the job in front of you.


You do not have to read a lot of text and balance a lot of computer sheets to carry this job out. All you need is to trust yourselves and design your reality according to your own wits by intending what you, as humans, want to accomplish. Whatever you intend to make as your signature - your mark on this world - it shall be. So, dream big.

Human beings, as library cards, access unique information that is very different from the information experienced through the insect, plant, or animal kingdoms. The Living Library was designed to be merged with, and by actually emerging through its life forms, other beings can experience a version of Earth's reality and gather information. The intent of what is sought results in the choice of the merging that is made.

Humans are coded to give full accessibility to the Living Library. When other energies merge with humans, formulas and blueprints can be found that they will not find merging with frogs, for example. Humans have been used as library cards by energies that do not operate with full understanding of the human vehicle, and this has caused imbalance and insanity in humans. Though certain entities intend harm to humans, many cause harm only by their ignorance.

Preparation of your bodies to receive the energy of merging, setting your standards for what you are available for, and discernment are essential.


Remember, you have the assistance of the higher self, the version of you that navigates your experience through the universal laws of cause and effect. The higher self also acts as a gatekeeper and social secretary, regulating the appointments you set into motion based on your actions and beliefs in 3D, as reality is continuously translated from one domain to another.

The conjunctions of Uranus and Neptune in 1993, as a Galactic Tidal Wave of Light, sent a bolt of electrical current onto your planet and activated the potential for the third helix in humans. It triggered the light encoded filaments to draw together and bundle that third helix. This bridged the electrical current inside your bodies that will access the self you know to the multidimensional self.

You are in for vastly accelerated times. You are, each of you, a personal energy vortex. As you play this twelve chakra game with us, you open your chakras and create `doorways through which all of your unlimited number of multidimensional personalities operate. These personalities can then blend and become one harmonious unit.


There are versions of yourself that feel out of sync with you, and when they come in, your challenge is to learn how to teach them to be in sync in order to create this harmonious unit.


You must know in the deepest core of your being who you are and what your standard is as a third dimensional personality becoming multidimensional. As you set that standard, your experience and all the beings who wish to merge with you align with that choice.

When you're experiencing a multidimensional merge, it is a good practice to say,

"Hey, listen. I am working for the improvement of the human race, since I am one of them. I am looking to evolve myself, to have greater abilities, and to have greater ease. I intend to use these abilities in a way that benefits myself, all of the people I am in contact with, which is the whole human race, and this planet, Mother Earth, which gives us a place to evolve."

If another energy doesn't fit with that agenda, it will depart, or at best, be ready to change and reconsider.


Often, an energy has come to be healed, to seek love, and to learn what it doesn't know. You are like a candle flame, and versions of yourself are drawn to you like insects. They fly into the fire and you transmute them, and they are reborn.

You can say,

"It is my intention to have a greater understanding of how to utilize these multidimensional experiences. It is my intention to find out much more about how I can benefit myself and how I can have more fun with this."

This sets the tone of the experience through intention. Intention is a conscious statement of what you want to manifest into reality. Therefore, if you want anything, intend it first, for this is how you bring about your reality.

You are living in a time when reality is being redefined, and you are the one redefining it. Follow yourself into an adventure of exploration by decreeing what you want and then asking for information and assistance to interpret what you experience.

What does it mean to be a library card?


It means that you are on your first step toward certification - toward understanding, bonding, blending, and merging with other energies and allowing them to emerge through you into the Living Library. When you reach certain states of consciousness, you emit an electromagnetic pulse, like a radio program, that others can tune into. You then become very valuable because you can be merged with and others can access the codes.


The codes contain formulas for replicating life. Many safeguards were designed so that the most important data, stored in humans, exists and is accessed only through a certain state of consciousness. Without that, the formulas do not even present themselves into being. The formulas exist through a preservation of a high level of consciousness within humans.


If quality of life and existence is tampered with, humans are not able to produce the formulas.

We are asking all of you to feel the energy of these beings who wish to merge with you. Ask them to give you a sign.



"My work is for my own upliftment and that of the planet. If you are in alignment with this, welcome. If you are not, don't even come around. I am not available for that kind of nonsense."

You need to state this.

You can also say,

"Energy wishing to work through me, I am willing to be one of your life manifestations on the planet. I want to learn who you are and understand you. I intend to be energized by your presence. If you have abilities to access energy that I do not have, and I am willing to make room for this energy in my body, share these abilities with me please."

If the energies appearing don't appeal to you, don't be afraid to say,

"The doors are closed. You are not my cup of tea. I'm going to find someone else."

You will find someone else, because your standard will create your experience.


Once you are comfortable with establishing friendships with the so-called invisibles, you may further understand and explore the "not my cup of tea types." All, indeed, are part of the whole relationship.

Be more in charge. There are many things that are necessary to prepare your body to accommodate awareness of multidimensional energy. Yoga, stretching, breathing, and algae and herbs to supplement your body create room for energy to operate. A body is needed that accommodates the vibration of multidimensional intelligence, so perhaps some of your work involves this preparation.

Question the energies that want to work with you. On Earth, it is considered rude to question a god or goddess, just as it may have been rude to question an adult when you were a child.

"Children are meant to be seen, not heard."

As children of the gods, you apply the same invisibility and unquestionable seniority principle.


We are suggesting you question everything - including whatever we say - for not only do you have the right to question, you have the responsibility. This is key to being sovereign, owning your own body, and commanding your reality into being.

Learn to create spirals that come out of your solar plexus and reach into the visions of your various selves. You will find that the spirals will connect you with your purpose. Do not judge the selves that you see from your third dimensional point of view, for judgments create traps and loops of reality that repeat the same theme in different costumes throughout time.


One of the agreements that many of you made was to move beyond judgment on this journey, and it is essential to maintain that stance.

Your multidimensional selves can harass you into evolution. You are your own light and you are your own shadow. Of course, you play the game that you are separate. You play the game now that you are a member of the Family of Light and you are a good guy.


We say that there are teams - light T-shirt teams and dark T-shirt teams - and you may like to think that you are only a white T-shirt. We remind you that Prime Creator makes up all of the teams, and if you are in Prime Creator's universe, then you are on all of the teams as well.

Your natural state of being, and what you are evolving toward, is a multidimensional character who will be able to make peace on this planet and take that peace into other worlds as well. Remember, peace involves a decision that is a standard chosen for your life - Someday there will be many parallel memories to integrate and ideas that suddenly emerge.


You will realize that there are layers and layers of yourself experiencing, while a portion of you is so certain nothing is going on.


These layers of reality are beginning to split and fragment, and you are moving into new aspects of your abilities and expression. Now the trick is to catch these things - to spend more time pursuing what you have been inspired to discover over the years.

You have come here to change the probabilities of Earth. You do things out of your body much more than you are aware. The day will come when you are suddenly aware of where you visit when you take a nap, daze off, or go to sleep. Eons ago, it took great training to develop these skills.


Today, you are being flooded with light continuously, and the more light you have in your body, the more the reorganization of your greater identity is stimulated. Throughout this process, maintain a strong sense of self - the being that you are now. Hold a sense of love and wellbeing for the vehicle you have created.

Do you think that Earth is going through this change with no benefit to anyone?


There are millions who are waiting patiently for Earth to become light so that they can, with love, come in and access what is here and change the course of events. In order for you to reach that place of valuableness, the knowledge of who you are must be realized and felt by all. Energy is being sent to Earth to create a stirring and a change from deep within.


This is part of the design of the times, and as it comes together, you start to know, to remember, and to feel. Suddenly nothing is the same anymore.

This memory that is being stirred up inside of you can create bodily reactions because it dwells in the cells of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies, and it needs to be understood. You are growing into something new, and you are building the framework. We encourage you to have your body adjusted through whatever modality of experience suits your fancy.


You could use Shiatsu, massage, Rolfing, rebirthing, or some method through which you are able to access all your bodies - mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional. Use these methods to move energy beyond any place it may have become stuck.

We recommend that you drink great amounts of water, spend time breathing and oxygenating, do toning, and practice allowing unlabeled sound to express itself through your body. Keep your body active and alive. Spend time communicating, meditating with peace, and listening to whatever is speaking to you from the inside. Weave your discoveries into the structure of your life, and intend along the way what it is that you want.

You can play like a child with these games, and have a good time doing so, yet understand that on a deeper level you are exploring and practicing the art of shamanism - the. ability to understand and affect many worlds. The shaman does not live in one world. As you learn how to evoke the assistance of other worlds and creatively exchange energy through harmony and cooperation, you change.


Always return to your home station - the you of Earth, as a strong singular identity who is discovering the unfolding relationship to all that is.

You are being tested to see how consistent, reliable, and stable you are, for during the next twenty years you will be shocked by the anomalies appearing from other dimensions. Various dimensional doorways are wide open and are leaking, moving, and shifting things that were kept separate. So you may discover objects, creatures, creations, and events that have no business being where they are.


You may find creatures considered extinct returning, animals suddenly disappearing without a trace, and different varieties of vegetation appearing all over the planet. Personal effects - things that you own - may just disappear one day, slipping through a crack. These are a few of the anomalies that will occur as you reconsider who and what you are in relationship to all that is.

It is much easier for you to be influenced by negative thought forms now than ever before.


Why? Because people are creating more negativity than ever before. Do your newspapers encourage you to go into joy or negativity? The higher frequency of energy coming to the planet is causing the shattering of the astral realm, which is so overloaded with thought forms of fear that it cannot accommodate itself any longer.

The crash of the astral realm in its own population explosion is definitely intensifying the planet. People are more frightened and feel as if there is a heavier burden. Thought forms seek to attach to negativity,, meaning that you often have woe rather than joy, and worry rather than upliftment, trust, and divine nonchalance. However, this is a matter of choice.


What do you want to choose? What is your focus going to be?

Clarity is the name of the game here. If you make yourself available without clarity, it is very easy to attract energies that will not accommodate your vibration. This does not mean that those energies are bad; it simply means that they resonate out of sync with your vibrational intent, which may, of course, be unclear to you.


When you are not firm in the stance of yourself, confusion occurs, because the energies are not integrating. Your emotions create the quality of your experience as the thought forms hanging out with you. Acting happy and perfect all the time is not the solution. Allow yourself to move through emotional experiences and learn from them.


Dark moods and energies that you hold onto become habits or patterns that can create extreme difficulties. You can become what we call a cosmic hooker, an open doorway to any and all unqualified energies. Knowing that the Prime Creator is in all things, this indeed can create a dilemma.

Be aware that you are unfolding into the process of self-discovery in relationship to all that is. As reality and ideas emerge through you, you will be able, through love, compassion, and understanding, to experience more of the great duality and polarization that characterizes an aspect of existence. The key is to enjoy the journey of discovery and find the jewel within it.

Think of yourself as a doorway and your emotions as guardians that determine the kind of energy that is allowed onto the Earth plane at this time, because you are the gatekeeper for other dimensions.


You must love yourself, for it is from yourself, in this reality, that you operate. The physical body you occupy represents your home station. The entire history of your physical body has brought you to this precise point of awareness, where you realize that you are significant. Your body is your vehicle of conveyance, your Mercedes, and there is no trading it in, at least not on this round.


You are the one who defines your boundaries, the one who says,

"This feels good and this does not. This is okay and this is not."

Learn to operate without guilt by loving yourself and trusting that whatever you have created holds an opportunity for your spiritual growth.

Every single thought that you think comes into life and form, as if you are a baker, kneading dough and shaping cookies. Every time you think of something, a thought form is released into being. This thought form works with you and gains vitality throughout the ethers of mass thought forms. What you set into motion is what you will experience, for good or ill. You are the creator.


Now perhaps you realize the depth of what you set into motion through your basic thoughts and beliefs. It does not pay to be jealous, nor to energize hate, revenge, or any of these things, because when you give them life, they come back to haunt you in order for you to personally experience your creative force.

When you love your body and yourself, you come to certain conclusions about what you are available for. You learn to call the shots concerning what your own molecules are available for as your intention is shouted from the cells of your being.

We are teaching you the rules of ownership. You must become sovereign in order to be strong enough to house a meeting of your multidimensional self. If your vibration of intention is clear and powerful, something that will not match this cannot even be magnetized to you. Remember, you each create your own reality in your own version of beliefs.

Energies live off your vital force - the kundalini energy that nestles at the base of your spine and rises upward, ideally throughout your entire physical body. Often, the closest people get to understanding kundalini is the passion of sexual desire. Remember, this force that is called sexual desire can create life. In its own way, your passion impregnates you and makes you bring life forward.


This force, even though you are unaware of its vitality and life creating properties, can be sucked away or siphoned off in many different ways.


Your responsibility is to raise your kundalini through all your chakras, first through your body and then out, and to use this force to create. This vitality inside you gives you the courage, grace, and confidence to use your gardening skills to plant with your mind.

Often, people who are possessed are experiencing their own thought forms returning to them. Psychic attack involves people intentionally sending something at others to disturb them; both parties are involved in creating the process. The sum total of any evolutionary journey is the integration of all things you have done and the acceptance of shadow and light.


You must take responsibility for what you are creating - and how else can you take responsibility unless you know?

Sometimes an energy that is wanting to let you know it is present will do something so that you recognize you are not in your normal state of being. In order to have you understand that a presence is there, it will exaggerate something to see if it can capture your attention.


You can say,

"Hey, all right, I know you're here. I got it. I feel your presence. You do not need to go to that extreme anymore."

The energy will learn how to modify itself as it merges with you.


You must keep your lines of communication open. Do not think that because the energy does not come before you in 3D that it does not understand you communicating with it.

In the realm of multidimensionality and merging, animals are adepts. Animals move through dimensions. Have you ever seen an animal or a bird one minute, and then the next second it is gone?


Animals are very concerned with the quality of life - much more so than you are. When the quality of life is in question, the animals automatically migrate toward a more sustaining reality. They remove themselves into other domains of existence, for they are programmed to survive.

Animals are intelligent and flexible and have many more adventures than humans do. Animals don't need to build shopping malls, graveyards, watch television and movies, and distract themselves with superficial forms of entertainment. Do you think animals are ever bored? Do you think animals ever wonder what to do? They have many, many adventures that you are not quite capable of understanding, though you will one day.

Insects and frogs, for example, open dimensional avenues with their sounds. Others may travel on sound.


Everything dreams, journeying into many realities. You can best relate to the concept of dreaming knowing that, when you sleep, you go into another world that does exist. Everything exists because it is connected, whether memory is open or not. Beetles, earthworms, and frogs know they go from one reality to another. They go into other worlds, yet they are right here in this world.

Insects are represented in greater numbers than any other class of animals on your planet, and they take up less space. They keep a balance, for without the insects your planet could not be. Insects are multidimensional and act as unseen guardians for many worlds.


Some of the creator gods are insect-like in appearance and character.


There are people who have taken photographs and had encounters with beings who look partly human and partly like insects. The creator gods have duplicated themselves in many forms to be here as silent representatives of their own species.

Insects work with you in a way you cannot conceive at this time. You think they just accidently land or crawl on you, when in actuality they are checking out your electromagnetic frequency. You do not look like yourself to insects. You are a force field, and there are certain parts of you that are very attractive to insects because of pheromones you give off.


Perhaps when they give you a little nip here and there you are getting used to their identity.

There are many forms of life that will come to awareness and existence. You will want to capture these forms of life and put them in a zoo. To them, you are in the zoo, like a prison, locked behind bars. They want to assist you and bring you back to interspecies communication. They are waiting to see if you can relate to particular animals or species.


As you demonstrate your acknowledgment of intelligence in all forms of life, you begin to qualify as an ambassador or diplomatic representative of these various species. Life will become very strange indeed.

When a frog makes a croaking sound, it creates an opening to other dimensions for the animal kingdom - for insects in particular, but for many members of the animal kingdom. Frogs and insects keep frequency and have certain abilities. Frogs, when they croak in the stillness of the day or night, create a harmonic and a spinning momentum. Surrounding energies can move into this sound and experience what it is like to be other forms of life quite easily.

All animals are much more in tune with multiple realities than humans are, and they can teach you about these realities. Some people are able to merge with animals and explore the animal kingdom to discover what it is like to be in the Living Library.

Many very intelligent forms of life can manifest themselves by merging with the animal and plant kingdoms.


In this way, they can come peek into your reality. Now these many intelligent forms of life want to merge with you, the library cards. The way they can access the library through you as humans is quite different from the way they can access the library by coming in as squirrels. You are complex. You have a tremendous amount of knowledge inside you.

And, as you prepare yourselves to merge with other forms of sentient existence, you will be able to bring peace to your planet.


You will be able to bring a magnificent new upliftment, a new way of being, a new prayer. It will seem as if it is coming out of you, and yet you will know that it is more than you. Understand that there is great intelligence in all life forms, and the experience of all life is waiting for you.


Open your emotional selves and employ the vital force of love as key to your own spiritual evolution.


Energy Exercise
Place yourself in comfort, take a few deep, centered breaths, relax, and slip into the moment.


Visualize yourself with a group of people you love and trust. You are gathered together to open a light portal to meet other worlds. Imagine a pillar of light coming from above, penetrating your body and the group. On this pillar of light ride many energies that make an opening or doorway through which realities can meet.

Send your intent to the opening of this portal and make your presence known. Signal all energies and realities that, to merge with you, a vibrational match is required to meet your version of the love frequency as you presently understand it.

Picture yourself with others in the group making a ring around this opening, standing arm in arm and hand in hand. You are all filled. with joy and laughing over what you have accomplished together, feeling the unity that allows you to go further.

Now, as a group, go through the opening in the portal of light. Go up and locate the place where your portal will connect you with other portals on your planet. Find yourself moving to other dimensional doorways and make rings of light. Take your light and weave it in as many portals as you can perceive.


Broadcast the idea and imagine that in order for energies to enter onto Earth they must meet and match the frequency that you are discovering and holding, the frequency of love.

Picture yourself and the group all over the globe, being scattered by the winds, creating rings of light and feeling joined by other circles of light. You feel supported in the love frequency that you are now enamored of carrying.

As you travel around your globe forming these rings, feel the energies that support you in this. Feel beyond your planet. Feel who we are. Feel the Pleiadian energy infused and folded into your personal chakra system. Let our love match the love frequency that you presently understand. Allow yourself for a few moments to feel supported, nurtured, and cherished by energies that honor your existence.


We love the essence of your being.

Image now a portal in your galaxy that we own and operate. As your Pleiadian friends, we act as gatekeepers for the frequency that would pass through. Let us hold that portal open for you at this time and let love from other systems filter through.


As the portals open on your planet, feel that love filtering down. Picture rays of golden streaming light and feel all the cells in your body tingle. Feel embraced and surrounded by this light. Let this love enter the planet and remind all those who encounter it of an alternative way of living. Let it remind them of a new blueprint, a new ideal.

In your own identity, the one that you are seeking to discover and understand, picture yourself now standing before a mirror. See your physical body change. See the molecules move as love transforms you. Hold this love, for it is your wealth and your value. This love is you in living form. Love that you are destined to hold is the key to uniting various factions of energy -  to bringing these energies to a new creative expression for your universe.

Imagine yourself weightless, moving through energy waves and opening doorways. Picture yourself, in human form, catapulted into the forefront of existence carrying a commitment of love. Take a breath, and as you breathe in, feel the love frequency all around you. It is being sent to every part of your body, and whatever you choose to do with it is up to you.


Feel it fill you now with a rich calmness. Picture your planet encircled with love as it comes flooding through you while you hold your frequency over the portals around your planet.

Now, from wherever you are, picture yourself spiraling, spinning, and turning. As this spinning accelerates, moving faster and faster, unite that spinning with your physical body wherever you are. Feel that this love spins off you and touches every form of life - everything that is created. Feel it spinning off you, touching all things wherever you go. Picture that spinning getting faster and faster, and picture your knowledge becoming clearer and clearer.

Stay in that energy for a while. Feel that love - seek it, know it, share it, become curious about it, want it, and it shall be yours. We trust that you know you change your world by every thought you express.


We thank you for so willingly donating thoughts of love and peace to Earth.


It will affect all of existence.


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The Heavens Speak

Spanish version

You yourself selected a moment and a lineage, a bloodline that you were born to, to give you the opportunities that you assessed would be ideal for you to experience in this lifetime.

Before you came into this reality, you applied for a slice of time - the moment you were born. At the precise time of your birth, the stars, planets, moon, and sun were in a specific configuration.


When you emerged from your mother's womb, the energy from the stars and planets imprinted your flesh, no matter where you were, because the energy was touching Earth at that time as well. Within that moment were written certain probabilities, specific opportunities, and distinct challenges. The language of the stars explains your world in a way that is helpful for you to understand the bigger picture.


Everything is in geometric relationship to everything else, creating energetic patterns. You yourself selected a moment and a lineage, a bloodline that you were born to, to give you the opportunities that you assessed would be ideal for you to experience in this lifetime. You determined these experiences according to what you needed to learn, based on what you had created, will create, and are creating simultaneously in other places.

The heavens speak to you of your own majestic splendor, playing out their story through you.


The planets broadcast their life force as electromagnetic waves that create cycles within which significant achievements, designed as challenges and victories, define specific epochs or ages. These cycles, if understood, will automatically benefit the planet. The cycles have been ignored and trivialized to keep you in ignorance, causing you to miss the tremendous self-realization that accompanies the meaning of life.


One of the ways the teachings of the cycles became lost was through the disputing and refuting of astrology. You have been told that astrology is a meaningless study, when in actuality astrology and astronomy are the languages of the universe. In its truest form, knowledge of the heavens translates the macrocosm into the microcosm, acknowledging you within a significant slice of existence.

In 1993, you experienced what we refer to as the Galactic Tidal Wave of Light, which was translated through a planetary lineup that created a pathway of energies. Each planet within your solar system has its own field of consciousness that pulsates and radiates rays of energies, like highways of data. When planets align in specific geometric relationships, they create energetic complexities as their independent forces merge.


When two planets move into conjunction, it appears from your point of view on Earth that they are on top of each other. In actuality, while still quite distant in the depths of space, their energy highways are merged. The energy that moves from one planet is connected with the energy moving from the other planet.

The Galactic Tidal Wave of Light can be understood through the two planets Uranus and Neptune, which came into conjunction on three separate occasions, in February, August, and October 1993, aligning and energizing the sign of Capricorn at 18 to 19 degrees. Each planet has its own identity, its domain of influence. Each planet is a sentient being, an intelligent force of its own.


As these two forms of intelligence came together in the sky, they transmitted a The Heavens Speak combined beam onto Earth, affecting those portions of Earth influenced by Capricorn.


Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which represents form, structure, authority, limitations, and time. Among other things, Saturn has to do with rocks, stones, and crystals. Because these two planets joined in Capricorn, they mystified, electrified, energized, and changed the stone of Earth herself.

On a planetary scale, the energy of this conjunction is leading you toward an opening of the feeling center, offering a solution to the building chaos. Therefore, when systems go down, use your feelings to move ahead. Without feelings, especially those of love, you are doomed. You will experience soul-stirring feelings in the solar plexus.


Once these feelings are connected by threads of compassion to the heart, you will be able to determine reality through a source other than the logical mind.


You will begin to feel your way into reality. This will release energy that is locked in the lower chakras as unrecognized and unresolved memories. The released energy will rise to the heart, the throat, the third eye, and the crown - the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh points of distribution in the body. This process will connect humanity, and you will see that you have things in common, rather than the opposite.


You will remember past lives by experiencing them as
ongoing and simultaneously occurring. This will throw many of you into confusion as you are challenged to process the memories and realizations that are flooding into your consciousness.

This opening of the energy centers is meant to serve as a solution. In the ideal, it will create a chaotic vortex that scrambles your reality, so you will not know for certain any longer what is real. You will doubt the blind allegiance you have had for various institutions as uncertainty and confusion take hold. Some of you will experience a depression accompanying this doubt.


Others of you will say,

"Wow, I am unburdened. I am fee. This is magnificent."

Those of you interested in alternate versions of reality will grow to numbers you would not believe possible.


You may find that when you are shopping at the local store, your casual comments turn to conversation of a deep metaphysical nature, or involving the presence of extraterrestrials. Spirit will impulse you to say things that you would never, ever have said before. Be open to this, and to the opening of people in every avenue of life. Members of your families may be making 180 degree turns. Not all, though some, will begin to see the light.


Perhaps you used to think about certain people,

"Oh, there is no hope for them."

This will no longer be the case.

You will be amazed by which of you will shed cloaks and be activated, for it has nothing to do with the amount of time you have spent, the tapes you have listened to, or the books you have read. When spirit comes knocking on your doors, and your codes are fired, the awakening happens quickly. What took some of you twenty, thirty, or five years to learn, others of you will know in a flash.


You won't learn it, you will simply know it. So, be prepared to offer and seek counseling, and to learn, for you learn the most when you teach. People mirror for you, and as you teach them and explain to them, they teach you in turn about yourself, your patterns, and about how people learn. The momentum of the awakening energy is a tsunami-like experience, growing in magnitude with each passing moment.

This flood of cyclic energy is responsible for the rapid mutation that will take place within the human species. You, as you exist here in this very moment, are changing or mutating through this energy, and your cells are becoming something different than they were. An alteration on a cellular level will catapult you to a metamorphosis in the spiritual dimensions.


The Earth changes that occur as a result will finalize the shift in consciousness that is needed to restore sanity, purpose of living, and meaningful existence to dimensions that are to be home here on Earth.

There are a number of natural cycles in the lifetime of humans in which the kundalini rises. As humans, you run off a current of energy that lies coiled at the base of your spines, called the serpent energy. It is the closest thing that you have to the energy of Prime Creator.


You use your kundalini energy to reproduce yourselves, and do not have a clue that it can be used to change the way you view reality. In the Western world, you have not come to this realization, because there are those in power who do not want you to change the status quo of your consumer society.

Kundalini most often moves from the base of the spine to the second chakra - from identity and survival up to creativity and sexual expression - and goes no further. Around the age of forty, at Uranus opposition, or midlife crisis as it's called, the energy is pulled upward by the planet Uranus. With Uranus having such a powerful affect on the global collective at this time, there will be an ongoing series of mass kundalini risings, no matter the age.


The status quo of electromagnetic cosmic energy must become greater within the human race.

Before you agree to enter the physical plane, you go over in great detail the parameters of your most outrageous probabilities. You set up blueprints, and then you wait for the gap, the perfect electromagnetic window into physical reality. This window is a lineup of energies, directed by the heavenly bodies, that allows you to travel a road into your genetic code.


One day the reading of astrological charts will reveal a correspondence between the alignment of planets and the arrangement of DNA. Currently, there are twelve houses in the zodiac, and there are twelve strands of DNA. The twelve strands of DNA are eventually going to show themselves in the iris of the eye, and you will be able to read the genetic purpose within the iris.


If you divide the iris into twelve houses, like the wheel in a birth-chart, each house will correspond to its own place in the body, much as it corresponds to a person's astrological imprinting of planetary and stellar energies at birth. Through a reflection in the eye, the twelve strands of DNA will eventually reveal their genetic codes of purpose and intent as stored in the blood. Many so-called mysteries will be revealed, liberating you from further deceit.


It is through the eyes that you peek into the window of the soul, and where the deepest imprinting and exchange occurs among all species.

Long ago, astrology and astronomy were one. When the left brain came into great activity and the plan surfaced to create a false ego or scientific mind to steer humans away from themselves, the truths became ridiculed. Ancient laws became a mockery, and you were sent back onto the planet to honor and reawaken these truths.

The moon is a satellite that was constructed. It was built and anchored outside Earth's atmosphere as a mediating and monitoring device, a supercomputer or eye in the sky.


It affects all life forms on this planet, beyond what you can currently grasp. In your history, there are references to two moons around Earth. You don't hear of this often, but there are those who know.

Earth must be owned by those who dwell here; however, it is not. You have outside gods, creator energies, who prevent you, as a species, from having free rein with your kundalini.


The influence of the moon, as a main satellite computer, affects all of Earth. At this time, powerful cosmic rays are crossing space as photonic waves and being transduced through Uranus, Neptune, and other forces.


This is creating an overloaded circuitry around the control that has kept you from understanding that you, as human beings, must take stewardship of your planet.

Why are you locked into a prescribed formula of time that is irrelevant in every other place? What is the significance of twelve in this marking and dividing process? Who would you be without this? These are the questions we wish you to ponder. The answers have, of course, to do with control of your life span and kundalini. You see, in the ideal, your life span would be much longer than it is, and your society would honor the process of gathering wisdom through experience.


In the ideal, the kundalini experience at forty, in a society structured and nurtured to bring it about, would create the maturation of the individual. Right now, you consider yourself to come into maturation at the age of twenty-one.


Please be aware that you experience numerous cycles of energy that come through the body to teach you new vistas of maturation. Awareness of this process is key to your development. It challenges you to continually take on more responsibility, and not to feel burdened by it.

There have been many, many battles over the moon. Parts of the moon are owned, and parts are utilized.


There is a plan to gradually insert different programs of influence on Earth when the moon becomes occupied by forces that would assist you in your growth, rather than limit you.


The moon's programs have, for eons, been of great limitation toward human beings.


The tales about the full moon and insanity, madness, and heightened bleeding are all quite true. There are repetitive cycles that the moon creates, to which you respond. You know that television influences you to a great degree. The moon is the same way. You simply have not been able to tune into the moon's programs and learn how to turn them off. You cannot.


Others must turn the moon off for you, or reprogram the moon, which is what is taking place now.

At this time, the moon is quite controlled. Some people are gravely affected by mania and craziness from the moon. Extraterrestrials and others have many bases on the moon, and those from Earth have little influence, when it comes down to it. It is the extraterrestrials who really operate it all. Your technology, though rapidly advancing, cannot begin to compare with the biotechnology of sentient space travelers.

You are newcomers to the game, and you miss a vital key, for your senses and the essence of your physical world structure reality in a particular way. You constantly translate data, and, like interpreting a dream, condense the experience into physical boundaries, where you find you can explain less and less. All is thought - a mental architecture - with a construction crew in many realities.

The sun is the governor of your solar system and is the seat of intelligence that rules this particular locale you occupy. The sun reaches into your domain and reads the vibrations as it touches your skin. It is intimately connected with every aspect of life as you know it. It is a force of intelligence that fuels your very existence and creates the environment under which you can evolve.


The sun is very interested in your evolution, for as you evolve, you feed everything that you do back to the sun as it touches you.

In many cultures, the sun is revered as the intelligent force that governs this world, like a god. You would be amazed at who and what dwells in the sun. The sun is an illusion. Highly advanced worlds can disguise themselves as suns to protect themselves from invasion and penetration through the force of light.


For some, the sun is a place of great learning, while for others it is simply an initiation they pass through to get beyond and behind the sun. It is not, as your scientists say, simply burning forms of gas.

Science, to a large degree, has ruined your interpretations of life. It has taken all of the fun, vitality, excitement, and mystery out of life. Life has been made very mundane and boring, as if it is meaningless. Can you imagine the sun being meaningless? Contemplate this for a moment. Yet today there is a campaign of fear and negativity against the sun. People no longer feel connected to nature because science has said that nature is not safe.


The suspicion of the sun, nature, and Earth has contributed to your current crisis: your lack of respect in honoring and cherishing your home. There is a deep crisis of conflicting beliefs in the scientific community at this time - thank goodness, and thank Goddess.

The sun and the moon are the luminaries within your system by which you are most profoundly influenced and affected. The sun generates its own light. The sun, in turn, illuminates the moon.


The moon is a sub-satellite of the sun, orbiting as a computer around Earth, built and maintained by many generations of gods. Heavenly bodies are constructed in the shapes of asteroids, moons, and planets, and it is through these luminaries that rays of intelligence, radio waves, and gamma rays are transmitted from star to sun and sent to Earth. It is through these rays that your actions are also read and taken back into the sun, the moon, and the beaming system - in this case, the Pleiades.

When you are able to move to another location and view the solar system and sky from a different point of reference, you will see that Earth and the stars and everything shift quite dramatically. One of the systems with which you rotate is the system of the Pleiades, whose central sun is called Alcyone. Your solar system is located on the fringe of the galactic spiral.

Imagine that you draw a line from Earth to Alcyone, intending to connect to the central sun.


Then, once you get to Alcyone, someone says,

"There is another central sun around which we rotate here as well."

So you draw a line over there.


Then someone else says,

"There are many central suns over here."

So you go here and there, drawing these lines.


Your universe houses billions of galaxies, and you are located in one galaxy. A geometric form comes into being when you draw these lines. We are making this very simple. This is not how it is; however, we are creating an image for you that will help you understand. When you draw lines and energetically connect one central sun to another, you connect a collective of intelligence.


That collective of intelligence can be likened to what you call a location of Prime Creator, though it is not. It might be a location of one of the creator gods or representatives, or home to a Game Master experiment. Imagine that an intelligent being, operating through many dimensions of existence, is made up of central suns peppered throughout its so-called body from all over your universe.

It is through the suns that all worlds are governed. Growth is oriented toward these suns. It is your sun that allows you to have light, and light is what permits you to see reflections of yourselves in the outside world.


Without light, what could you mirror for yourselves? What would you see?

The sun is the governor, the ruler of your particular system as it appears to you. It is the sensitive spot of your particular arena of space. The sun reads its creations and in turn feeds the creations what they need. So when you carry love of yourselves and Earth, the solar rays completely understand the consciousness you carry.


When you carry fear of Earth, the solar rays understand, and they nudge you into those experiences.

When the intensity on your planet speeds up and broadcasts itself as misuse of energy, the sun reads this. The sun is the feeling heart center. It permits and activates life, because it touches and reads all things. You cannot hide who you are, for the sun's rays read your vibration. Some people attempt to hide from the sun by going underground to keep their activities secret.

Think about the consciousness of the sun as it peeks out on its domain. It touches all points with varying cycles of light, checking to see what is happening in every nook and cranny. It feels and brings the energy back to itself, and then makes decisions about its own expression. It learns how to correct balances and imbalances within its own creations.


The sun is changing. The sun and its many forces are brewing phenomenal shifts and sending them to every aspect of your being. There are plans within plans within plans. Understand that always the highest plan of opportunity is available to you, if you so choose.

There will be a tremendous increase in solar flares; the energy of the sun will burst and burn, sending out massive amounts of gamma rays. Sometimes the sun is quite docile and gentle, like a little baby. Other times it has volatile periods with activity like a million volcanoes going off at once. Yet if you have the appropriately tuned consciousness, you can move right through this activity into the domain that exists behind that particular illusion.


The form of the sun is an illusion that is deeply imbedded in the essence of every facet of this solar system, and in every part of the DNA of the universe. Within the overall blueprint and design of core beliefs, it is decreed that certain illusions will be perceived and others will not. The sun is an agreed upon root assumption that emerges into many realities and actually allows realities to merge.

As the rays from the sun change, activated by the consciousness of the inhabitants of Earth, and as the sun releases solar bursts, the polar regions of Earth are affected.


The flares sent forth are like atomic explosions or jolts of electricity that go millions of miles deep into space.


Earth's poles, which are magnets, catch this energy. They grab energy that comes from space to the planet. Because of the magnetic force, they arc it either around the equator or inward to the core of Earth. Each pole grabs the solar energy, drives it in, and creates a huge cylinder of vibrational energy. As that vibrational energy jolts and jiggles to fit, it has to align with the energy grid-work of Earth that is connected from the poles.


This grid-work is decreed by you, and to some extent, all energies merging or emerging through your version of Earth conform to this grid of beliefs.

Of course, many things are not in balance, which is why you are going to have a relocation of the poles so that the grid-work will be more able to catch the energy. Right now, the particular pole alignment cannot serve as the electrical ground or lightning rod that is required to avoid burnout.


The poles create a lightning rod through Earth, though the current setup will short circuit everything. So, in order to avoid complete destruction, there will be a shift. The poles will move someplace else, as they have numerous times before when the balance of Earth was at stake.


There will only be a minor shift from a space perspective. From your perspective, however, the shift will seem quite major.

The solar energy is creating a new vibration with which disturbing and disruptive energies will not be able to fit. In order to qualify and join the club, energies will have to lay claim to a certain vibration of love. The sun is saying, "Enough. We are going to put you back into alignment. See what you can do this time around.".

Only those with uncluttered consciousness will be able to house this energy in their bodies. Those with negative thoughts feel it as a direct poison; their thoughts will return and potentially cause havoc in their bodies. The solution is to have clear thoughts and uncluttered bodies that are able to take this energy in completely without fear.


Each time you expose yourself to these fantastic doses of energy, you increase your intuition, your psychic potential, and your ability to decode the DNA. All of these abilities are magnified thousands and thousands of times.


This is part of the way that the sun is responding to who you are, so trust that the sun reads you. Have honest, open, and agreeable energy with the sun and with all the elements around you.

Intelligence designs itself as light. We will say that again: Intelligence designs itself as light. It is the intelligence of your sun that holds your solar system in its energetic field. At this time, effects are coming to you from beyond your sun. It is almost as if the effects of your sun have been unable to penetrate what has happened here on Earth, so other suns are coming to be assistants to your sun.


Your sun makes the solar flares that draw the cosmic rays, grounding them into this solar system. Think of the sun as a gigantic magnet. Its solar flares send out tentacles to reach and grab for the cosmic rays.


The cosmic rays are solar flares from a central sun at a distant place in your galaxy.


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This is the whole means of control in your world.


There exists a select group not necessarily aligned with the upliftment of humanity. There are some who understand that there is a mutation going on in humanity at this time, and that the sun is responsible for much of it.


In order to counteract this mutation or changing within the human race, they create an image by which you become afraid of the sun. So masses of people are obediently following the suggestions of authority. There are people who so readily accept the imagery fed to them that they can create skin cancer dashing through the sun's rays from the garage to their car.

There has been a conspiracy against the sun, as if the designers of your world were flawed and made a mistake when they put the sun in your solar system. That is the idea that is foisted upon you as humans.


And as humans - just to show how foolish you are and how controlled you can be -  you believe everything you read. Because it is in print, you believe it.

If plants are smart enough to work with the sun and provide the canopy of energy, prang, and oxygen that keeps you in existence, don't you think the sun is also good for humans? Do you think the sun is only good for plants, and that it hurts humans?

We say the sun is grand. Studies have shown that when sunscreen was introduced, the rate of skin cancer began to rise. There is nothing wrong with the sun. In fact, the removal of the ozone layer allows you to have even greater receptivity to the rays of the sun.


There are those who say,

"Don't look at the sun. It is bad. It will burn out your eyes."

We say you will have a change in your eye structure.


There will be a mutation within the optic nerve that will allow a new type of vision and unlock what has been holding you to 3D. Trust that no one made a mistake when they put the sun in the sky.

In the past, some of these holes in the ozone layer have been bigger than they are today. The holes fluctuate; however, this fluctuation is not caused by what your scientists attribute it to. These holes in the ozone allow a different quality and experience of the spectrum of light and radiation to penetrate Earth's atmosphere.


When the difference in spectrum is experienced by the masses, a chemical response takes place deep inside the human body, which begins to change. The human body is affected by the radiated light. In actuality, the radiation of this light alters the body on a subatomic level. Those of you who understand this are able to be in balance with this natural shift.


Some of it is not natural; however, for the large part, it is orchestrated to be an event that will benefit you. There can be an increase in the evolutionary intelligence in the species in a very short period of time whereby the species becomes stronger.

Holes in the ozone allow radiated energy to come in to speed up the process. When you encounter cosmic, celestial events in your future, you will already have been exposed to the energy. So what you are being given now is like a homeopathic dose.

The main force of any system dwells within the sun of that system, where the sun's collective consciousness is demonstrated by its solar rays. So, as a form of intelligence travels to the various star systems, the light rays can be read. Once energies become capable of emitting the frequency of light from their home, that light is read by everyone because it is transmitted in a certain spectrum of rays.


From vast distances in space, others can translate and read certain spectrums. They can understand who lives inside of which sun, and what their predilections and specialties of existence are.

There are many, many benefits that can come from the sun. It contains the ultimate in shamanic knowledge.

As each of you moves through life's challenges of judgment and separation, ideally you come into a greater understanding of your own impact upon life and you are able to carry more light. That light, which you are earning individually, creates by the very essence of its existence a fusion with similar energies within the mass consciousness that will appear to others as a star or a sun.


Your planet will radiate its shift in consciousness and awareness of spirit as light. That is how Earth will become a star on the horizon of other worlds. That in itself will magnetize other worlds to you. They will read the energy of your Earth light, and they will know who you are.

In the beginning there was sound. Sound began the whole thing, and in sound resides tremendous power. It opens doorways to other realities, for with the production of sound, an energy can move from one system to another. When you utilize sound, it is quite easy to bypass the logical mind, shifting the channel by intending and being clear.

The development of the rebundled DNA expresses itself beyond logic through sound.


Sound allows matter, as information that is formulating itself inside the body, to find a proclamation of knowing outside the body. You can move into a state of bliss when you surrender to expressing sound, particularly through toning and chanting. To various degrees, that bliss is based on the feeling and knowing that you are not limited and that you exist as unbounded beings of light.

Allow sounds to come through your bodies, not just by singing specific notes, rather by allowing combinations of sound to play your bodies as if they are instruments. These sounds go beyond the logical mind. Sometimes you may fight or struggle because you have intellectualized a concept yet cannot anchor it in its entirety into your emotional experience.


By toning, your intelligent intent is transmitted on sound, on carrier waves. Many forms of intelligence can communicate to the cells of your beings, bypassing the resistance of your logical minds, and going directly through your bodies to your higher minds.

When you tone, there is a nonverbal transmission that is communicated outward. It is beyond words. Toning can throw you into a collective of information, where things suddenly become clear. It can also activate your creativity -  your drive to do something or to act. Or, you can feel, all of a sudden, that you are releasing big burdens. Most people feel very invigorated after toning.


They feel light, as if something has been lifted from them. You automatically are impulsed to make the sounds and tones most needed for your bodies' balance and alignment.

No one gets offended by the messages in toning. People don't take toning personally, yet their bodies receive the personal messages.


For example, if our words offered something directly to you, you might say,

"Oh, wow, I'm under the gun here. I'm getting fired at."

Yet, through toning, the same energy could be sent to you and you could integrate it because it is more neutral.


The logical mind does not overlay its own interpretation of the energy because the logical mind cannot translate it as criticism or error.


The logical mind says,

"I don't know what this is. I'll just relax."

The intuitive side absorbs the energy and message through sound.

We suggest that you hold weekly group tonings. Let this become part of your rituals and entertainment, and part of the process of joining together. Toning is very beneficial to release pentup energy. You feel light and uplifted afterward. It lines you up and gets your bodies in balance.

Tones themselves correspond with and affect specific areas of the body. Some sounds affect your eyesight, or taste buds, or hearing. They affect all of the various senses, and the organs as well. The ancients understood that a simple sound could reorganize the body's structure. The body automatically makes the most appropriate sounds that you need in a given moment. Trust.

Many body-workers are beginning to have the courage to tone over their clients as they are working on them. For some people, this is too much. We would say to body-workers: Follow your impulses.


When you are working on an area of a person's body, and the energy is simply not moving or cannot be penetrated, then tone into that area of the body to get entry to the issues.


The person lying on the table is not necessarily saying,

"I won't let you in my body."

The patterns of the energy fields are so intense that parts of the body won't let your hands or new energy in. The sound makes an opening.

There is sound around you all the time.


If you want to hear the sound of your bodies, for example, take your fingers and plug up your ears and remain quiet for a few minutes. You will hear your inner sound. In the high Himalayas, lamas and monks receive training in sensory deprivation. They are placed in stone caverns with no light, and completely isolated from outside sounds.


In isolation, they use their senses to develop abilities to see in the dark, to manifest, and to hear and know the specific songs and sounds of each other. Each chakra has its own sound, and these sounds correspond to the universe that is inside of you.

If you listen very carefully, you will find you are being vibrated continuously by sound. You have nonstop inner chatter, always planning what's next with yourselves. You have external noise with your families as distractions. You don't have enough silent time to notice that sound is continuously being directed at you to alter your bodies.

When you make the sound yourself by instrumentation or toning, you balance the adjustment because you work from the inside, not just from the outside. This is how you are being adjusted at this time.

Cultures were given different ranges of sound in which to operate in order to hold the frequency of balance on the planet. Extraterrestrial or off-planet intelligences visited and established native civilizations in various parts of the globe. Very often the same teachers had two or three experiments at different times.


They might operate in three or four locales around the globe, offering each of their seedling civilizations a slightly different set of beliefs, and then let the seedlings evolve with those beliefs to see where they could take them. Instruments and creative crafts were offered to set the paradigms for what sounds would be expressed in that particular civilization.

Specific energy rides on specific tonalities. You know, when you sing a song, that different notes combine to express the completeness of the song.


Earth resonates at a frequency of 7.8 hertz. When the human body is able to vibrate at the same rate, there is an incredible psychic opening and awareness. The resonance of Earth, this electromagnetic energy, is based on the complete tonality of available sound anchored on the planet. The combined sound of all cultures, anchored on the planet for eons, held the planet in existence and created the electromagnetic frequency of balance.


Now that you are being blasted with these incredible cosmic rays, and now that the native cultures are no longer practicing sound for the most part, Earth is going through tremendous changes. It is being realigned, and new patterns of electromagnetic tonalities are being expressed.

There are sounds that can stimulate deterioration or regeneration of organs in the body. Sounds that are harmonious activate the body and create healing. Healing can come through intention; however, there are certain sound frequencies that remind the liver to organize into its native geometric blueprint. Geometry is the form of intelligence that takes shape after sound moves away from Prime Creator.


Your' bodies are filled with geometry, for everything is made up of a geometric essence.

Combinations of sounds, as notes and chords, will be played for enhancement of the liver, thyroid, and heart, and for regeneration. The entire body will be mapped and tuned, much like a piano. You see, the body functions on a blueprint, and it absorbs the sounds. It has an idealized blueprint, which it automatically grows toward.


You yourself do not have to know how your body grows from the infant stage to the adult stage. Within the blueprint of being, part of the purpose is to grow and maintain a healthy body.

The blueprint of the body is changing, altering the purpose of the body. There will be reversals in health and numerous regenerative experiences as sound is  utilized to remind the body to move in an ever-uplifting fashion.


A great reversal is at hand concerning your beliefs about the degeneration of the body.

When you participate in mass events where you may find yourself in a large crowd, pay close attention to how the sound affects you. Many of you avoid crowds because you get headaches when you go into them. You are much more sensitive. You can read energies and feel what they do.

People often attend events where enormous crowds gather for entertainment of one form or another; they participate in contributing to uncomfortable waves of sound, not realizing what the sound is doing to their bodies. They are creating thought-forms, through sound and emotion, that are set into being.

What about the sound of a battle cry? Have you done a fire-walk? When you walk on the coals, you are encouraged to let out a huge yell. The sound is used to open doorways that you then move through. The marching forces that brought down the walls of Jericho used sound to create a standing columnar wave, invisible to the eye, yet like a sonic boom in effect. Sound is much more important than you currently understand. Sound creates life or death, health or disease.

Most people have not discovered that sharing sound during sexual activity is a deep key. When you tone together, you feel the spinning and opening of the chakras. During sex, sharing sound with each other beyond the usual moans can lead to greater distribution of sexual energy. Sound moves energy beyond the genitals, dispersing it throughout the cells of the body and triggering memory that unites you with more of who you are.


Remember, the totality of your being contains both the shadow and the light. Please, do not be distressed with the shadow; it adds beauty and understanding to the light. Move out of judgment, yet stay in comfort.

Through sound and a willingness to experiment with sexual energy, you can meet your partner in his or her various multidimensional forms. Clear individuals, playing with energy and properly understanding it, will unpeel their multidimensional selves, revealing simultaneous sexual experiences from many, many realities coming into this now.

There will be new, exciting experimentation with your sexual expression. It takes a bit of surrendering to allow your partner to tone into your vagina: We say that it is a real step. Think about it. A tremendous releasing and letting go is needed for both partners.


One of you says,

"Hey, I've got this idea. How about toning?"

When kids do crazy things, do you think they talk them over first? No. They are silly, and they do them.


They play, and then afterward they giggle over what they did. It is essential to take these innocent, playful, creative, and trusting qualities into the sexual experience. Your heart must be opened to fully explore sexuality, for the deepest connection to your sexual identity is through your heart.

A time will come when the children will gather and, using their unique telepathy, make silent sound. They will use their minds to create symphonies on other dimensions of existence. They will use sound internally and externally to create harmonics as light shields all over the planet. The children will gather in the hundreds and then the thousands, and they will be led into this collective image-making process.


It will be a ritual, set into motion as a very sacred event. While the children are doing this type of silent sounding, they will anchor and establish huge geometric identities that will eventually protect and govern Earth as psychic forces of thought.


These geometric identities will be perhaps the higher selves of what you call the reptiles - the higher selves of many of the extraterrestrials or god forms that appear to be physical and etheric. Beyond them is geometry, and beyond that, sound. Sound is the governor of existence. The Game Masters employ sound, light, and geometry as basic tools for operation, and they wonder what you will do as you discover the tools of truth.

Many will awaken to the use of sound. There will be major discoveries and energy impacts using sound. If one hundred thousand individuals are impulsed to harmonize, and allow themselves to be played harmoniously as instruments of consciousness - imagine!


Everything comes from sound. Sound is the primal energy that is used to create.


Sound came first.



Energy Exercise

Place yourself in comfort. Adjust your spine and sit with your body erect, as if you are being suspended from above by a string.


Allow yourself to become still. Take a few deep breaths and picture your twelve chakras spinning like planets radiating light. With your imagination, reach to other portions of your universe where you can feel a version of yourself on the same assignment.

Feel your consciousness climb your chakra system, picturing twelve suns making a ladder through yourself. Move up this ladder of light and send out what you know now to any other portion of yourself. Send your essence of awakening, camaraderie, commitment, and love.

Climb those twelve suns into the universe. Picture in your mind a collection of cosmic planetary beings and formations 'of geometries. As you climb higher, feel other portions of yourself broadcast to you.


What is being sent? What do you feel and hear?


Be open to receive love and support from other portions of yourself, and see the twelve suns as a slide of light, bringing this knowledge to you. Let go of your version of self and become a receiver, allowing the effect of this light and energy to be realized by you. Feel it make a difference in your awareness. For a few moments, release the image of your body and allow your molecules to blend and merge with your surroundings..

You are being utilized as a transducer as this energy flows through the collective self and into Earth. It moves along the grid-work to bring about necessary changes. The energy travels deep into Earth. Picture ancient keepers of information, as crystalline structures hundreds of feet in height, receiving a huge spiral of energy from you.

Then, from within that gigantic spiral, spin yourself off, forming your own spiral of identity. Keep yourself completely still as you feel this spiral spinning around and around. Feel a revitalization and rejuvenation in your body. Feel the spinning from the tips of your toes to the very ends of your hair. Feel the new molecules that have been mixed with your body.

Take a deep breath and feel your twelve chakras lined up, ready to operate with full capacity.


Then take another deep breath and say your name to yourself, feeling the sound of who you are in this reality. Translate the sound of your being unique and alive. Love who you have created; honor and cherish yourself. Act as if your physical being is the most valuable thing you will ever own.


Now, place a gentle smile over your lips as you realize your unlimited potential, and commit to live it.


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Earth's Initiation

Spanish version

This present-day epoch involves the fall of global civilization and a reawakening of a brand new form of consciousness. This is unheralded in your history.

We have emphasized your value as well as that of Earth. She is your mother, she feels you, and she knows your name. In her quest for understanding, she has allowed a grave misuse of energy and has even allowed herself to lose her true identity by being raped and abused by humankind.


In order for Earth to make the necessary leap that will affect all of this universe, a cleansing and healing - an initiation - must take place.

In an initiation, you must pass through the bowels of hell - through that which appears to want to destroy you and limit you. Actually, you face that which you fear. If you find yourself immersed in what you fear, hold the image of who you are as a whole and happy being and transmute the energy of fear by learning about yourself. You energize fearful thought-forms into being.


When your energy field no longer holds the fear, what you fear no longer has the life to destroy you. Initiation concludes a series of tests that bring you to mastery within a part of existence. Earth is going through an initiation and will guide you through the process as well.

Earth is on the crux of an identity crisis. There have been summits and meetings by environmental organizations that act as if Band-Aids will fix things in time. No. There is no fixing the dam as the bricks crack, crumble, and fall. What is this dam? It is all of the ideas, structures, and belief systems that hold the waters of consciousness together. You are made from water, dear friends.

Earth is going to go through tumultuous changes. After studying the records of Earth and of many worlds, we see this probability as being inevitable because of the extensive polarity on your planet. Rest assured that the more you pollute and destroy Earth, the more energy will go into shifting and shaking to clean things up. Humans who do not operate with love of self and love of the planet will be departing in vast numbers very quickly after exposure to the rays entering Earth.


This is part of the electromagnetic change of the civilization. In death, the human vehicle moves consciousness into another realm.

You must become aware of yourselves as spiritual beings, and ground this knowledge into practical application of your now. As Earth moves forward into her own experiences, there will be multitudes sitting on etheric bleachers without physical bodies, watching the laws of cause and effect play themselves out. That is the only way they can get the lessons about valuing themselves and planetary existence.


These will watchers feel the collective emotions of the participants on Earth. In this way, they will both participate and perhaps infuse you with compassion as comrades of all that is.

Some of you want to pretend that the Earth changes are not occurring. However, they are occurring, and there is nothing to fear, for they are part of the process of the great shift. Each of you creates your own reality and an opportunity to evolve. On some level of awareness, all of you who are on the planet at this time know of the agenda because this potentiality of Earth is stored in all blueprints.


Though many of you will be surprised to find yourselves in this place of turmoil and transformation, and wonder how you ended up here, you are all choosing to be here. Whether you stay on the planet and alter your vibration, or you check out and sit in the bleachers to watch the show, doesn't really matter. On some level, in some avenue of existence, you will participate and you will learn.

Have compassion and neutrality, and understand pain can be a powerful teacher. If you are in pain today, you do not need to be in pain tomorrow. Certainly you do not need to be in pain a week or two weeks from now, because the cells in your body keep changing. It is you that tells your cells how to be every time they change. It is you who replicates yourself time after time through your thoughts, beliefs, and imaginations.

The healing crisis has just begun, and the fever is building.


Between the years 1994 and 1999, you will move into peak chaos. During that time, there will be a great movement to create fear and confusion on the planet. Concurrently, there will be a great merging of the multidimensional self because energy fields from space will have been opened to allow sources of intelligence to travel quite easily along these pathways.


They will travel through to you and emerge in your domain.

This present-day epoch involves the fall of global civilization and a reawakening of a brand-new form of consciousness. This is unheralded in your history. Registered in some people's memory and on the planet's surface itself is the shifting of the land masses - the sinking of what you call the Atlantean continent, through a cataclysm. In its time period, that land mass called Atlantis was an entity unto itself.

The state of global community and global effectiveness that you have today is very different from what existed during Atlantean times. Societies, of course, were all touched by the shifting of the Atlantean land mass in one way or another.


However, the effects today will be far different. You have telecommunications networks, continuous traveling and exchanging of ideas from one land mass to another, and an interweaving of peoples and intermarrying of the various continents and cultures. These things will make the effects of the changes far grander than the effects of the sinking of the Atlantean land mass.


Atlantis was not as completely integrated and linked to the rest of the planet as your continents are. There is much less isolation now, so you affect one another more.

There will be no continent untouched, and no people unmoved by what takes place. There will be few of you who will not have to migrate, for all of you basically will relocate yourselves at some point. For some of you, this is unheard of. Yet, by relocating yourselves, there will be a major shift in consciousness.


Few of you in the next ten years will move only once.


Someone said to us recently,

"This is shocking to me. You are really disturbing me."

We said,

"Good, we want to disturb you."

He said,

"I have a dozen monkeys. I have goats. I have this. What am I to do? I don't know what to save, what to pack up, and what to give away."

We said,

"Listen, the first time you move, take a big truck and cram all of your stuff into it and save everything you can and drive away. The next time, you might have time to fit it all in your car and drive away. The next time you move, you might only walk away with everything you can carry on your back. And the final time you move, you might take only what you hold in your hands."

Do you get that?


There is a need to mentally let go of attachments and be in the peace and clarity of the moment. Perhaps for you, those are the big moves.

Eventually, your fixation on material goods will become meaningless to you. You will be moved to take care of your life, not to take care of your goods. You will learn to trust your feeling center and let spirit guide you to a new home if need be.


To energize your new location, you can say,

"All right, I'm getting an impulse to move. I don't know where to go."

Then, there are a number of ways you can go about energizing the new direction. Every night before you go to sleep, you can say to yourself,

"I intend to activate the location of my new home in my dreams. I intend to dream of my new home. I intend to remember the new home and I intend with clarity to recognize it in 3D."

Using a pendulum and dowsing are other ways that you can check, verify, and discover your location.


There are individuals who are delineating quite clearly through prophecy where the safer areas are going to be. There are a number of ways you can do this yourselves. Your lives will be, out of necessity, simplified. The more you can prepare for this simplification, the easier it will be on you. Unclutter your lives by letting go of the unnecessary things that would drag you down with responsibilities - the things you don't need.


Lighten up. Sit on the ground, feel Earth, communicate with Earth, and trust Earth. Trust that when Earth moves, you will move in sync. Trust that Earth will love you, warn you, and inform you, in some way. Trust that the insects will speak to you, along with the cats, the dogs, and the birds.


If you have this communication and deep love and appreciation for the energy of Earth's vibration, Earth will work with you. Remember, she knows you. No matter where you are, she knows your feelings and intentions, and responds accordingly.

As you learn to trust that Earth works with you, you deepen the trust of yourself. If at some point you find you are without food, we suggest that you remember something you do have, which is your most valuable resource - your imagination. It has been proven that people can imagine themselves eating and feel nourished.


Can you embrace that idea? This would take great discipline; however, you can imagine food before you and yourself sitting and eating it. Imagine it moving through your body, and imagine yourself tasting it and feeling full. That is a suggestion if you find yourself really, really pushed to the limit.

As the changes take place, many of Earth's animals will leave the planet. The vibrations that come about will be quite different, as people process pain. There is a collective pain stored inside everyone, and this must be brought to the surface to detoxify yourselves.

Your environment is so toxic you cannot escape it. You have no idea. Yet, many of you feel great every day and will continue to feel great every day, because you create what your cells do. Others can create toxic situations for you. You can be subjugated by these situations and spiral downward.


Or, you can say,

"I create my reality, and while I'm creating my reality, I'm learning how much I'm creating around me."

Earth changes are equated with death, yes? On your planet you know next to nothing about death.


There is a tremendous opportunity in all of these shifts to learn about death. It appears to some of you that as people leave, or die, there is a mishap taking place. It appears that there is failure and that something was done wrong. We see the opposite. We see people leaving the planet with a new point of view.


They are so gifted because many of you have your hearts open and are transmitting unity of purpose, allowing others to know and realize what they came for. Not everyone came here to see a new Earth.


Can you realize that some people came to this planet to die in peace, without torture and pain, and to die with a consciousness of liberation?

There are multitudes of death walkers on the planet at this time. They are capable and willing to follow the dead into the realms of the unknown. They create peace for those who cross over. A great commerce between the living and the dead will revive. Those who cross over to die will not lose a thing. They will gain consciousness.


One of them might say,

"I have completed a cycle. I no longer need to carry a painful body, and I do not ever need to die in fear again."

Many people have come to Earth at this time so that death will be understood. They have been held here through lower astral entrapments and frequency control.

It is a challenge for each and every one of you to assist others in leaving the planet. This does not mean the taking of life. The vital force that you are has a purpose and agenda, and the more you communicate and stay with your body, the easier your transition will be. In the ideal, you will learn how to consciously die and deactivate your bodily functions.


There is nothing to fear in death, except the things you imagine about it. It is all set on your own decree, or the decree of those you choose to follow. Trust yourself and design your own experience. Dare to create the ideal.

When you are afraid of death or pain, and you have an opportunity to assist someone pass over, your heart may want to close down.


You may think,

"I can't do this. I can't look at death. It is too frightening."

Keep your heart open.


Let the Goddess do it, and you will find that there is a ripeness and timeliness in every person's exit. Yes, events are being orchestrated; however, they cannot be orchestrated without the consciousness to match them.


As you are clearing the last dregs of fear and misunderstanding, many of you will be called upon to work with the dead and help release them. When this happens on a large scale, you will find that those who have passed over will periodically return.

When you become a death walker, you are able to make the death experience with another and walk back from it - to go to the other side and come back. You find that there are many different energies accompanying each person's journey.


Ask for a knowledgeable, uplifted, wise, and benevolent being to blend with you and help you understand the best way to create the highest opportunity for the death. Ask to have the ability to walk through the death experience and see people over to the other side, as they once did in ancient Egypt.


Take the departed on a boat and journey to the other side, then come back and tell everyone where they went. For some of you, this is essential to master in this decade on your Earth plane.

When you are helping someone die, let yourself become a huge cloak and allow your molecules to be dispersed. As you become this huge cape, become one with the being who is dying and go with him or her. Create a pillar of light, let the light move upward, then go with it and see what takes place. It will be very, very profound.


There are many recognized near-death experiences that have taken place over the last fifteen or twenty years. Knowledge from those who have gone over and come back is essential to peace on your planet. Time after time, those who have died come back to the loved ones they left behind and tell where they are and verify where you took them.


There will also be many who appear to die; they will experience the portal of death, then return to life altered. This is known as a near-death experience.

When people move from one dimension to another -  when they die, as you call it on your Earth plane - the process can be greatly facilitated through the use of sound. You may want to experiment with different kinds of sound. You may want to tone, make sound through instruments, or sing. You will discover what is most appropriate.


Ask for guidance and impulses. You need to make an agreement to trust your impulses. They are what will save your bodies. When you get an impulse that says, "Leave," something is telling you to move; something is telling you to go, so do it.


Learn to recognize your impulses and to respond to them. .

One of the greatest gifts you can give to your parents is to assist them off the Earth plane, much as they assisted your presence onto Earth with the gift of life. They brought you into being, and there is a cycle to be felt.


Understand the release of karma, the letting go.


They said to you,

"Here you are. I give you life."

You say to them,

"Here you are. I help you out of life."

People have children to complete and fulfill a cycle. Seek to discover joy in all phases of existence.

Many of you may be contacted by dead people telling you they are stuck and need help getting over to the other side. They may have been dead for a number of months or years. This involves another kind of death walking.


You can say,

"Go to the light. Go and look for some friends."

You will learn how to do this, because it is in your cells. It is not something you will necessarily take courses in. You will remember how.

It can be considered a privilege to be with people as they exit the Earth plane. You may not be able, in your conscious mind, to journey with them into death, for this takes a certain ability. Also, if you are very attached to people, you may not be permitted to venture over with them, because you might not want to come back.


However, if you think you are going to avoid death because it is unsanitary, we have some news for you. There will be no avoiding death in the years to come. It is a privilege - remember this throughout all time - it is a privilege to assist people to die.

The death walker's job is to assist people into a place of forgiveness, allowing the death release to occur without any attachments to blame, judgments, or victimhood. There is an art to this because, often, in the final moments, people open to forgiveness.


As dying people get close to their Maker, time collapses, moments elongate into poignant lessons of life, and a great opportunity is at hand. The greatest act of forgiveness is ultimately to yourself, because you passed all judgments and made forgiveness necessary.

You can assist the dying to find peace in their lives, to exit in serenity and love, with smiles on their faces. Help them by asking them to look for friends or relatives or others they would recognize to beckon them onward.


This is a pivotal key in assisting and death walking.

Part of this experience involves your being able to say to a person who is dying,

"You are loved. You are beautiful. You are like a newborn babe, going into another realm. Release now anyone, and everything, that is a burden to you. Release everything and know that you have lived your life to the fullest. There is no judgment on you.


Go in peace, put a smile on your face, and release any judgments you hold. Relax, and allow your life to have meaning as you embark on the next phase of your identity."

There is healing in death, because there is life on the other side of death.


As you send your energy to these individuals in transition, transmit it also to Earth. Support Earth in her process, and let her know that you want to be here to participate in the transformation. It is a true form of allowing when you surrender to the process and allow Earth to do what is necessary.

As Earth continues her dance of purification and the shaking and moving intensifies, you will be impulsed to cluster together to enhance existing communities or form new communities. Each community will grow and flourish based on its members' abilities to feel and to create thought-forms together. Each community will need to energize a cooperative codicil so that everyone can come together to contribute food, shelter, music, movement, and sound.


This system of communities will go back to the old way of living in which you need each other. It will reestablish the ancient blueprint of relationships by which you experience interconnected living.


There will be disagreements; however, in general, all of you must want to work to energize similar thought-forms. These thought-forms will create energetic fields around the areas you dwell, and those who come to your doors will be drawn there, your thought-forms acting as magnets. If your thought-forms and the community are strong, and your bond with one another is established and readily energized and strengthened, you will draw to yourselves those of like intention.


You will not wonder who these hundred people are who want to join your community. You will know that if a hundred people show up to be integrated in your community that your established thought-forms drew these people to you, rather than to another community.

If your community is out of balance and in great dissension, you will create all kinds of chaotic energy.


You must learn to work together, and if someone cannot work in a group and creates a descending force in the community, then the community will have to seek to heal that person. The person will have to be available to be healed, and to be responsible for whatever is creating the disharmony.


Or, if the person continues with the disharmony, he or she may have to face leaving the community. You will not be able to have warring factions in the days ahead. A lot of your work will involve healing, being very tolerant and compassionate, and reading the signs and symbols.


You will need to allow other people and yourselves to act out whatever is needed for you to come to deep realizations and move through them.

Each person that is a part of the community must contribute to the whole of the community, so that everyone adds their talent. Communities will specialize in certain products, talents, and abilities, which will be determined by the collection of consciousness of the people.


You might ask,

"How will I know what collection of consciousness of people I will end up with?"

An invisible hand will move you to the community that you can serve and that can serve you, according to your intentions, beliefs, and desires.

You will feel relief when you belong to a community and live closer to the land, breathe fresh air, and feel alive. There Will be a new vitality in food. There will be deeper laughter and relationships, and a greater value to every moment of life.


Eventually, you will come to the conclusion that life is to be played, and that only in playing life can you succeed in work. If you do not play properly, you cannot have successful work. The work needs always to benefit the community. Many healings will take place. Communities will be inspired to build, and a renaissance of the temple culture will occur.

All over this land, sites will be marked and sacred buildings of beauty brought forth. Earth changes will open many secrets from deep in Earth herself. The pyramids that dot this land and are covered over will be uncovered, and many cracks and crevices will reveal ancient sites long buried. A community that can meld its thought-forms, move beyond personal ego battles, and come up with a viable purpose and quality to life will be successful.


In some communities, vegetation can be grown around meditation, sound, and intent as an ongoing communication with nature. Members of communities can tone together, and make dreams and music together.


These will be the most sought-out communities, the ones that play the best. This does not mean you will move into a hedonism in which you forget, eat, take drugs, drink to forget, and then think that is play. When you play you will consciously play with energy, freeing it and directing it in a childlike fashion. Then you will have the duty, responsibility, and dedication to want to make your community a magnificent place.


There is great power in interacting with a group.

Many of your talents that will contribute to community are undiscovered and unrecognized at this moment. These talents will come from inside you.

Your energy fields will be based on a cooperative codicil that the core group of the community will agree to establish. This core group will not do this in secret, for there will be no secrets; the days of secrets will be over.


A code of behavior will be needed, which everyone who lives in the community will take an oath to uphold. Fields of energy will surround everyone, creating wisdom and fairness. Everyone from the tiniest baby to the oldest member to the animals will live in these fields. As founders, you must get very clear about what you know works.


If you adopt very basic ideas to harmonize, cooperate, and dream together, you will be a success. Dreaming must become an essential part of community life, because it is through dreams that people reveal who they are.

Through dreams, you can discover off-balance energy and seek to return to balance. Those who have problems in waking life play them out in dream life. People who have grave difficulty in the waking world have more difficulty in the dream world. Listening to dreams will give you clues about who people are. Learn to listen and observe without judgment, allowing your intuition to guide you.

You will pool resources and share your ideas about food, education, barter, business, leisure time, and places of meditation. Prioritize and agree that a strong community comes first, knowing that each person is a valuable asset to the whole community. As you do these things, you establish a field of ideas, or a field of thought.


You will create huge thought-forms over the community.


Those who have a predilection for reading thought-forms will be able to view your community and know by reading the energy in the thought-forms who you are, and what you are about. Your thought-forms will be a new sort of etheric telegraph.

No one person will be in charge of your community. You will all contribute your own common sense, impulses, and spontaneity. You cannot look to one person to come up with all of the ideas. It is essential that you all value yourselves on this journey.

As you design your community or place to live, you must be able to speak with the plants and animals. This is essential. It sounds a little farfetched, yet it is not, because right now you just don't take the time to do it. How many of you have sat down lately and had a chat with your dog or cat?


This develops your sensitivity and takes you to a new level with decision making and advice, because animals and plants receive their knowledge directly from Earth. They are tuned in and patiently waiting for you to recognize that they can help you and advise you. They can tell you all their healing secrets, and show you where all the energy places are. They can show you everything. They know.


Do you know why they know? Because they don't exploit nature and Earth.

Because you as humans exploit as a species, things are hidden from you.

The animals and plants will be your way-showers to the devic and elemental kingdoms, the natural kingdoms that are governed by those forces whose reality is unrecognized by yours.


Take the time to find intelligence in the chrysanthemums, the grasshoppers, the ants - in all these things. The experience will implode everywhere, for anyone who wants to become connected to Earth. The healing of Earth will come about because of the conversing and exchanging with all of Earth's occupants.

The rights of birth are going to change. The value of birth and what women do to bring children into this world will come into the highest honor. A man will be honored to stand next to a mother and child and say, "It is my child," reclaiming the pride and responsibility that goes with fathering a child.


Women will no longer experience shame with childbirth. Why do so many women not have fathers for their children? Because they are ashamed of the process and not connected to the honor of what they are doing. There will come a time when a man will truly seek the favor of a woman. He will want to be in her vibration, to bond more than anything else, to be a part of the miracle of life, and to deliver children. It will be completely changed.


Your current era will be looked upon as a most barbaric time, when the darkest of darkness was at hand and when women themselves did not even know that they were playing out the patriarchal game of birth.

Your communities will be oriented toward children -  toward what you can do for children to create a safe, loving, nurturing environment. You will learn from the children, as they become your teachers. They will instruct you and share with you what they know and what is going on from their perspective. There will be a series of children born this decade whom we call the Family of Love.


They will teach you about the energy of the Goddess and about love as a force of creation. They will carry the epitome of creative energy. They will be born to those who know how to honor their sexuality. When a couple unites in the highest vibration of spiritual energy, with complete chakra opening and intention to invite an energy to life, this allows the Family of Love individuals to be born.

Many of these children will be highly evolved, speaking eloquently within a few days or months of birth. They will know and remember many things; they will say, "I have returned." They will walk, talk, perform tasks, and speak other languages. They will look different. The period you carry these children will be shortened. Everything in your bodies will speed up, so the gestation period will be less.


These children will experience ecstatic births, and will transfer to their mothers the same experience and take away the pain of birth.


They will not drain their mothers; they will enhance them. Their consciousness will depend upon the consciousness of their fathers and how highly evolved the male vibration on the planet can demonstrate itself to be. It is in the hands of the men at this time on your planet to demonstrate what kind of consciousness you can welcome from space.

These children will be looked upon as prized members of every community, as lucky omens.


They will be in telepathic linkup with one another all over the planet. Whatever room they walk into, they will be able to maintain the same flow of creativity through their hearts, for their presence will stimulate and raise the vibration of all they come in contact with. T


hey will not be large in stature. They will be blue. They will be from the blue ray, for they will be Pleiadian consciousness and will have specific tasks to do. They will be a part of every community, born on every continent and in every tribe. They will come here to bring the love vibration and to teach you.

These children will be a telepathic link with the Goddess.

They will be in direct communication with the Goddess because they will carry the love creation frequency They will speed up everyone's telepathic communication so that you will hear and feel what other people are thinking. This will discipline you to be more in alignment and selective with your thinking. This is the biggest challenge to the planet at this time.


You need to comprehend that what you think has an effect on reality. Now, many of you believe this concept based on trust. However, it shortly will be demonstrated as living proof in existence, and all people will see it.

These children will be phenomenal. They will be treasured because their consciousness will be so valuable. They will be like having walking gold among you. They will change the vibration of all people, and the flow of creativity will change. As they emerge as valuable members of families and societies, all communities will consider themselves to be in the highest of fortune to have these members in their midst.


These love avatars will return. They will lead the way and link you with all the other communities around the world.

These children will create telepathic linkups With their potential parents so choices can be made. We wish to communicate to each of you that you do have a choice. Will you exercise that choice? Or will you slip into disempowerment and think that you have no effect on what your body can do? This teaching is crucial to the days that are coming.


Each of you, as a female or male embodying the Goddess or God energy in all phases, needs to embrace the idea that you have power over your body, over the life-giving process, over the distribution of your kundalini, and that you decide when a child can enter through you.

Not all of you will have these unique children. These children will seek out those with appropriate consciousness and bloodlines. They will be born in every village and community. They will help change the planetary vibration, and will be born to parents who have a spiritual and psychic experience of sexuality. These children will be the embodiment of the vibration of love and will willingly decide to carry a mark of difference within them.


They will be engineered in the very DNA of your bodies and your bloodstreams.

Depending upon the choices of consciousness, there is presently the potential for many, many places to no longer exist. You will take your children first to safety before yourselves, and spirit will gather up children from all over the world. The children are indeed your treasured resource, your lineage in form, seeking to live in a vital world. Make it a priority to provide them with a safe world. In the later years of this decade, much of your work will be with and for children.

Soon you will not recognize life on the planet because what you now experience as routine and take for granted will not be here. There is nothing to be afraid of. Many of you will go through experiences to discover where your power lies and where your energy is, and you will discover that it all lies within you.


You are all qualified to surf through these times that are coming - to ride these waves and rise above the churning and the undertows. You all have the knowledge to stay on the crests of the waves; therefore, you do not need to fear anything that is coming.

We want to ask something of you. No matter where you are, no matter what is going on, no matter how severe events may seem to get, we want you to promise to always bring fun, love, and laughter to every day of your life.


Take time out to say,

"Hey, listen, we're too freaked out over this. Let's laugh for a little bit. Let's stop and have tea. Let's energize the pleasure frequency."

These are the most brilliant and uplifting of times.


They are magnificent. It is just that you do not have daily reminders of this. There are unique sound and light technologies that are energizing new opportunities for effortlessness and cooperation. There are many, many solutions that are being born.

The new civilizations may desire to advance to a high degree of technological skill and experimentation. They will only be successful when their creations are ruled by the mind in connection with the heart and spirit. When creations are co-ruled by the mind and heart, they are a living technology.


The differentiation we are making is that technology will become alive. It will be run in cooperation with the minds of those who created it. Then it can appear as hardware, though it will be living hardware. This is the phase you will go into. Understand that all you create and bring life to, you do with your mind.


What you do with your mind, and how you invest it, is a key to your survival and the survival of planet Earth.



Energy Exercise
Willing your body into stillness, feel the pillar of light energizing, cleansing, and reminding your body of its idealized functions. Intend that the pillar of light fill your body, and intend that health and wellbeing pulsate through the cells and essence of who you are.

As you feel this energy come through your body, combine the energy that is yours with your surroundings in a way that all can benefit. Relax, and with rays of light, reach inside yourself in the area of your solar plexus, a place of will, feeling, and power. Imagine you are pulling something out: a piece of gold, a diamond, a gem that is beyond price.


Hold in your hands the object you consider to be of priceless value that you have discovered inside yourself. Marvel at the majestic beauty of your treasure.

Imagine now that you are with a large group of people, and each of you is holding an inner gem of priceless value. One by one, you walk up to a green and gold cloth and, with great gentleness and great reverence, lay your treasure down. It is a symbol of the value you have inside yourself that you are willing to contribute so the whole of humanity can benefit.


Your gift may be as large or small as you select. Once you have laid it down, step back and stand in the circle, observing the gems and treasures representing the collection of your group's contributions.


Sense our presence as well. Feel the results of combining your wealth with that of the others in the group.

Now, imagine what you would like this collection of wealth to contribute to Earth, as well as to your own heart's desire. As your wealth is acknowledged, feel the pillar of light energizing you. What do you imagine that will make a difference for Earth?

Hold your vision as clearly as you can. Feel the energy move around the circle of consciousness.


Let the energy spiral and spin, moving quickly from one person to another, reminding you to invest yourself, with mind and heart, in the future of Earth.

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Awaken, Dear Friends, Within This Dream

Spanish version

As a species of life, you are poised at that moment when you are required to make a leap of faith.

We tell you stories from which you can evolve. You can choose whether to believe them or not. However, if you believe them, be willing to let go of them and recognize when they no longer serve you.


Our entire approach and purpose at this point in time is to confound you into clarity and create unsolvable contradictions within the patterns of thought that occupy the cells of your beings. By considering our words, you change. The days before you will be filled with majestic splendor in the same way that your physical world once offered pristine beauty for you to explore.


You are creating an opportunity to transcend third-dimensional reality and to enter the corridors of time, where worlds and realities have more variety and flexibility. Your task is to heal yourselves on a treasure hunt through the corridors of time. We have shared many keys with you, and left as many unannounced.

You must transform yourselves as the sum total of the force of existence, poised in your moment of the ever-expanding now.

We speak to you as evolving humans - as ambassadors of light.

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Spanish version

Dear Ambassadors of Light,

Be aware that even within the new concepts you grasp lie structure and limitation. However, each new "daring" you pursue takes you to a new vista, where you scale the peaks of existence as divine teachings play themselves out today in your very own version of life. Ask yourselves what chapter closes as you view this segment of your lives, this moment of the ever-expanding now.


What have you pursued to steer you to this very moment in time in order to further experience life? Inspire yourselves to move further into the moment by letting go of old discoveries, and trust to the core of your beings that a new cycle of learning awaits. Go forward, friends, and be uplifted. Learn in your own way to go into the past through the ever-expanding, spontaneous, synchronistic moment.


A new cycle of existence awaits you.


Use the tools of thought to guide yourselves on the new superhighway of consciousness. No technology will ever surpass the magnificence of your own biological/ spiritual beings. For many of you, these days may be filled with sadness as the letting go becomes more and more challenging.


The keys of consciousness for living through these tumultuous times on Earth have been given to you to the best of our ability and yours at this time. May you grow in wisdom and flourish.

Your invisible friends and colleagues in the unknown,

The Pleiadians

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The Pleiadians are a collective of extraterrestrials from the star system the Pleiades. They have been speaking through Barbara Marciniak since May 18,1988.

The Pleiadian teachings can be likened to those of shamanism, the ancient body of consciousness that has served as intermediary between the realms of the physical and the spiritual, leading people to self-discovery in the worlds of paradox, paradigm shifting, and spirituality.

Barbara Marciniak is an internationally known trance channel from North Carolina.


She began channeling in May of 1988 in Athens, Greece, at the conclusion of a three-week journey through ancient Egypt and Greece. On this trip, Barbara was impulsed to re-experience specific temples and power-sites in this lifetime - the Great Pyramid at Giza, the temples along the Nile, the Acropolis in Athens, and Delphi.

Since that time, Barbara has conducted class sessions and workshops throughout the United States and has facilitated tours to sacred power sites in Great Britain, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Egypt, Greece, Bali, and Australia. She feels that the sites themselves are connections to energy vortexes that hold knowledge of the higher mind, the higher idea that Earth is presently seeking to recreate.

Barbara feels that her experience with the Pleiadians has been a gift of priceless value. Her work has connected her with opportunities for personal, global, and cosmic transformation, and for this she holds tremendous gratitude.


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