by Preston James

January 03, 2013

from VeteransToday Website





  • Is this THIRD FORCE non-human or alien and are the major world powers being separately controlled by this entity in different dress inside each nation stateís highest echelons of government? Is there an overall coordinated purpose of this THIRD FORCE to create a NWO Globalist One-World Tyranny?


  • Is their apparent end-game the drastic reduction of the worldís population through mass eugenics & world war after which they plan to establish a one world global empire with a single dictator, a new "Caesar of the Ages"?


  • Is this THIRD FORCE a completely evil non-human parasite with superior intelligence that promotes the philosophy "the end justifies the means" in order to more quickly attain its long term goals?









This article is an attempt to shed some light on this little discussed quite shadowy subject and perhaps provide a framework for some plausible answers from what is now known or strongly suspected. Several sources will be listed where folks can pursue any further interests they have in these matters.


Every day there appears to be more disclosures, leaks and new findings about who really runs the world, the Hidden Hand or the Powers That Be (PTB).


And what is being revealed is not a pretty picture but it appears that those who uncover this entity are staring "pure evil" in the face, which makes it incredulous to most.

"For now we see through a glass darkly, but then face to face. Now I know in part, but then I shall know even as I am known."



In every battle whether overt war or covert power struggles, there is a force (FIRST FORCE) at some point met by a counter-force (SECOND FORCE).


 Coalitions may be formed as additional counter-forces and these are best described as a THIRD FORCE. However in most cases a THIRD FORCE can exert much more power and exist without being specifically targeted when carefully concealed or covert.


Any THIRD FORCE is typically much more effective when covert. But often when fully exposed, it loses much of its staying power.


When it is covert it remains hidden.

In recent years numerous researchers and journalists have been connecting the dots as never before and have started arriving at the conclusion that there is a secret, covert major and very powerful and "bad to the bone" THIRD FORCE which appears to have captured most of the major nation states of the world and appears to have somehow gained control over its leaders to act as parasites upon their citizens while cooperating with each other to produce a NWO Globalist Tyranny.


The construction of this NWO tyranny is based on systematic deployment of,

  • high tech mass mindkontrol technologies (Mindwar through advanced Psychotronics)

  • planned engineered disasters and economic breakdown to create more control

  • deployment of Eugenics

  • toxic vaccinations

  • GMO toxic foods

  • mass death through provoked inhuman wars

And it appears that this is all being done to destroy the human race and create a new transhuman race to take its place using new gene splicing technologies, development of the triple helix and animal-human chimera projects.

The THIRD FORCE appears to be obsessed with gaining power through any means, and its operative ideology is "ends justifies the means" with absolutely no value placed on human life, a complete lack of love or any humanity at all.


Those who are its "useful idiots", the cutouts this THIRD FORCE has placed in power to run each of the top nation states show no value to human life, have been caught in,

  • massive illegal drug trafficking

  • bribery of officials

  • sexual slavery

  • child trafficking and pedophile ops to compromise officials

  • assassinations

  • politicians

  • judges

  • leaders of the military

  • alphabets and LE

  • as well as prominent businessmen



The term "pure sociopath" has been applied to describe these folks based on their apparent lack of any visible humanity, and some clergy have hypothesized that these folks either have no souls or are demon or Jinn infested.


One thing is for sure, it is very difficult for the average person to understand the depth of the evil of the minions and cutouts surrounding THIS THIRD FORCE.


And now we in America have a government which says it is okay to assassinate anyone they say deserves it and does so, murders folks without any legal representation by remotely fired missiles from drones, says it is okay to kidnaps folks off the street, bag, tag them and place them in offshore secret black prisons with no trial and then even execute them.

We have a USG which basically does anything it wants all justified by its current "WAR ON TERROR" which it declared in response to the 911 attacks which it did itself with help from its foreign "allies", all instituted as a secret false flag attack.


And this THIRD FORCE has captured the major mass media through its cutouts, American Intel (Intelligence) and the Military, creating a near complete lockdown on the national news and reducing this media to little more than USG propaganda dispensers.

Every time the THIRD FORCE wants more power and control it plans and institutes an engineered disaster either weather, financial, societal, legislative, or stages additional acts of individual or mass terror.


But most citizens do not fathom this thanks to their continual drinking of the mass mediaís koolaide which is nothing less than sophisticated mindkontrol and mindwar against these "news consumers".

This THIRD FORCE appears to be exceedingly evil, obsessed with generating mass death and suffering of the masses which makes it hard for most folks to believe it exists even when evidence is shown to them or they are informed about it.


The blatant parasitical evil of the entity is so profound that it just does not fit into folks heads easily, seeming far too incredulous to be believed.

Until recently for the most part this THIRD FORCE has remained hidden and has continued to appear quite mysterious to those researchers who studied its strange and evil machinations produced all around the world.

Is the Roman Statue on the right a depiction of a representative of the THIRD FORCE advising a senior Illuminati Elder? (Photo, Copyright Spookwatcher, used by permission)








Is this Roman Statue a depiction of a representative of

the THIRD FORCE advising a senior Illuminati Elder?

(Photo, Copyright Spookwatcher, used by permission)


Many historians have stated that there is a strong hidden hand in the background controlling all world events. They sense this THIRD FORCE but declined to identify it or its most visible minions.


As Woodrow Wilsonís famous quote goes:

"Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had menís views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the U.S., in the field of commerce and manufacturing, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something.


They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it."

Some researchers have hypothesized that he was speaking about the International Banksters, the World Moneychangers working out of the City of London (Financial District).


Others have hypothesized that these Banksters are merely the cutouts or servants of a much more sinister control group they call the Olympiads, the Illuminati or use various occult names for it.


And it has been suggested numerous times that this force, a mighty force for Evil in the world, has attained power over nation states by setting up puppets to control them to conform to their overall world goals. Up until recently little was researched, written or known about such international power control groups (the powers that be - TPTB) and what the proof is of their existence, or in what form they actually exist.


With the advent of the world-wide Web (Internet) this has all changed and there has been an explosion of research and disclosures about this THIRD FORCE.










Is this Roman statue a depiction of a "beneficiary"

of the THIRD FORCE and does his seat display the symbol

of the "Death Cult of the Owl" which represents

the THIRD FORCE, later found at Bohemian Grove

with their 40 foot Moloch, on their literature and on the US dollar Bill?
(Photo, Copyright Spookwatcher, used by Permission).



Thanks to the work of numerous excellent very well informed researchers, historians, journalists and intel experts like,

  • Jim Marrs

  • Richard Dolan

  • Peter Lavenda

  • Gordon Duff

  • Greg Hallett

  • Mike Sparks

  • Joseph P. Farrel

  • Joel Skousen,

...things which were previously hidden are now being revealed as never before and we are now able to start to see what has previously been an invisible secret, the apparent Hidden Hand of recent contemporary history.


Their findings and informed speculations along with numerous well defined leaks from informed sources described as "highly possible" can now be put together in a descriptive matrix to suggest a plausible construct of this THIRD FORCE in the world today.


It is now possible to make reasonable hypotheses about this THIRD FORCE which has been mysteriously and covertly influencing human destiny in a blatantly evil and foreboding fashion and has apparently compartment itself under different dress among the few most powerful nations in order to pit them against each other as a continuing strategy of of tension to divide and conquer.


It is this strategy of producing continued states of conflict to produce increasing and massive chaos which allows major changes to be made by the PTB which would otherwise not be possible.

In order to understand what this THIRD FORCE is and how it works, as well as how it can be effectively stopped cold, it is essential to examine the British Empire, how it evolved and how it was stopped cold in its pursuit of tyranny in the American Colonies during the Revolutionary War.


It has been trying ever since to re-assert itself and resume its strategy to fully impose a complete tyranny in America through its control over our monetary production and distribution system and only now is it starting to makes it last, big move before the THIRD FORCE is finished with it and discharges it to junk pile of history.


The British Empire is the contemporary poster child for the THIRD FORCE, but itís hidden hand probably has also controlled,

  • Bolshevik Russia

  • Stalinist Russia

  • Nazi Germany

  • Maoist China

  • ancient Rome

  • Greece

  • Egypt under the Pharaohs,

...and many other ancient nations.


It appears that once this parasite has extracted all the lifeblood of a nation state and destroyed it, it then moves on and selects a new host in its ever widening quest to build a NWO Globalist one-world tyranny, which some have called the "plan of the ages" or "the plan of the ancients".




The British Empire began to decline in the late 19th century after a period of worldwide predominance and attainment of naval superiority.


In order to become the predominant force on the seas it had used covert means to effectively stifle and handicap its competitors along trade routes by using privateers or pirates who were covertly but fully sanctioned by the Crown.

This served as a small but covert third force for the crown to continue to build naval superiority on the seas and the pirates reward was to be able to keep their booty.


This actually is now a well documented form of terrorism by the crown and suggests folks need to ask the question whether or not current acts of terror all over the world are also covertly sourced by the Crown through well disguised cutouts, since this seems to be their specialty.


And if a nation state which has few natural resources and little intrinsic wealth is able to create and use proxies to fight their strategic battles covertly and deniably, then so much the better. In this way the wealth and resources of other nations can be covertly captured while completely disguised as someone elseís internal or external wars.


Very crafty indeed.

And as the British Empire began its decline, those in charge realized that in order to maintain the level of control in the world they had attained but were now losing, they would have to develop a means to attain and hold power covertly without making themselves a target, while providing the belief to folks that they were in fact finally free of the Crown.









Those in charge of the Crown had developed sophisticated methods of divide and conquer, first conquering lands, then eventually giving them independence while maintaining covert financial control through capture of the money production and distribution system i.e. central banking.


This was done in numerous colonies which included America. The result was that numerous colonies rebelled as covertly prescribed and fought to obtain their independence but actually never really gained it financially.

Now where did the folks running the Crown get all this sophisticated technology which their advanced perfidy was based on? Some at the highest level claimed they obtained it through membership in secret occult organizations which tapped into the "teeming power of Lucifer".


It has been reported by those who have left these organizations that they appear to be connected into a hierarchy based on esoteric rituals which release this Luciferian power but it has been claimed it must be fed with blood sacrifice, thus the need for sick Bohemian Grove type rituals and numerous wars to produce mass death.


If these assertions turn out to be true it would explain a lot. Allegedly those who participate in these esoteric occult organizations give up their humanity in exchange for being able to access this "teeming power" some have described as the THIRD FORCE.

The crown was able to acquire numerous colonies, but in each after a while the folks rebelled and sought and gained independence.


It is likely that many of these rebellions were even run by the Crown and were raised up to create the rebellion so that the financial controllers in the City of London could obtain what they really wanted (complete control over the production and distribution of a nations money) while allowing the new nation state to believe they had obtained freedom when actually they were even deeper in financial bondage albeit covertly.


And actually if one obtains and hold control over a nationís monetary production and control system it is able to rule covertly without becoming a target of those it financially oppresses.




"Give me control of a nationís money and I care not who makes its laws"

Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

The City of Londonís sophisticated and noticeably superior methods of using covert means, including money to divide and conquer was so successful that England was given the insiderís nickname "Perfidious Albion".


The usual definitions of perfidious are: underhanded, treacherous, deceitful, lying, evil, tendency to betray, unfaithful. Albion is the classical name for the English Isles. The Carthaginians had been known for these techniques by the Romans who looked down on them for using them.

Any article on this subject would be remiss with out mentioning the work of David Icke, the infamous British Soccer Champion and former broadcaster who has come to the conclusion that England is controlled by shape-shifting dragon beings with superior intelligence and these entities can assume human form but are evil to the core and basically have hijacked the world.


Icke has uncovered some very important information such as the official coat of arms of the City of London and its mascot Draco the great Dragon God.


I have trouble accepting the idea of shape-shifting entities, but I will reserve any judgment about this until more evidence is available. Other than this claim which seems over the top right now, David Ickeís work has been very important in my view and is groundbreaking.


Even if he is not 100% correct, what he has uncovered about the City of London and its methods of covertly dominating the world are important discoveries.


But before you dismiss his seemingly outrageous claims out of hand, you may want to carefully consider the video testimony of Arizona Wilder, a high level MK-Ultra victim of American Intel mindkontrol.





So now we have a situation where we have the West pitted against the Muslim world fighting a war of terrorism which has been located and contained in the Mideast.


The Muslims are blamed for the 911 attacks, and this has been used to justify a massive war against them. It is now well known that the USG did institute the 911 attacks themselves with help from their "friends".


It is also well understood that the USG started al Queda in Afghanistan as a counterforce against the soviet invasion there and also built up Saddam Hussein as a massively armed tyrant to serve as a as a counter-force against Iran.

The illegal, unprovoked, unConstitutional, undeclared US wars against Iraq and Afghanistan have elicited a guerrilla defense in each of these countries which the USG and its military defined as continued terrorism. This makes about as much sense as referring to calling George Washington and his volunteer army of Colonists as terrorists for resisting the tyranny of King George.


And yet that is what some USG officials and their spokesman are doing now in America. Homeland Security has labeled American Patriots and returning vets as "potential domestic terrorists" and "domestic terrorists".

The question about this US/Mideast war arises:

who is America fighting for since it is obvious that it is not to defend America from foreign enemy?

Most well informed folks know that the 911 attacks were an inside job done by Neocons and a certain faction of the USAF and American Intel.

  • Are these US Mideast wars for major off-shore corporations, defense contractors, major oil companies or certain cutouts who have hijacked America on behalf of the Crown?

  • Are these wars serving offshore foreign interests that want to destroy America?

Most in the military high command now know who the perps of 911 are. Once the word was out it spread like wildfire.


Thus we have a strategic split inside America Intel and the American Military. Only time will tell which faction will prevail but so far things look promising for those who represent the American Citizens and the Constitution. It appears that the tide is turning due to the alternative media available on the Internet and word of mouth inside the Military and intel.


The folks that run Homeland Security know their days of control are limited unless they move fast and consolidate a complete takeover before their counter-force grows too great and it is growing daily. This makes them very dangerous because they are now cornered and they are afraid.

Every invasion always to some degree provokes a counter-force.


And now inside the continental USA we have Homeland Security and Northcom building up an internal police state to oppress the American People. This has already begun to elicit a strong ideological counter-force which some point will elicit a strong overt counter-force which is maybe what was desired by those who are really calling the shots, i.e. those super-elite controllers at the head of the pyramid of control over the Secret Shadow Govt (SSG).


This internal police state build up is all being done under the guise of "fighting terrorism" which is a vague, border-less crimes, kind of like a Rorschach inkblot which can be anything one chooses to see in it.


Of course any civil resistance or push-back is being proactively defined as domestic terrorism and any groups that are judged to have the potential to form a serious counter-force individually or collectively.





Thus these potential enemies of Homeland Security are defined as "potential domestic terrorists" and have been identified as returning vets, gun owners, Ron Paul supporters, Constitutionalists, tax protesters, Tea Party members, and those with liberty oriented bumper stickers.


In fact a whole US military plan was developed and published to attack and subdue a town which would supposedly be taken over by the Tea Party. Those who set up and run Homeland Security are operating under the perfidious, divide and conquer methods the Crown has been known for which suggests that perhaps it is under control of those folks who run the City of London (Financial District, a separate country with its own ambassadors like the Vatican).

These folks have been coerced to be traitors by such a slow and perfidious acculturation that it is like a frog being slowing heated up in a pot of cold water.


Yes, these folks have jumped on the bandwagon and been seduced by roles of power, authority, great pay and benefits, superb retirement, all the perks that worked to convert the SS in Nazi Germany and communist party officials in Bolshevik and Stalinist Russia.


For the most part they have abandoned their oaths to the US Constitution and have essentially abandoned the citizens of America who pay their salary and benefits and compartmented themselves away from mainstream American society, the people they are supposed to be working for and serving. Instead they have become their oppressors.


Even the name "Homeland Security" was taken right out of Nazi law and history.

Yes, they are part of an ever more exclusive club which sits at the top of the hierarchy or so they think. However if there is a major shift in political power they could easily end up with the same fate as the brown shirts in Operation Hummingbird.


Often cutouts are disposed of when the PTB are done using them and begin to see them as a threat so their fate is always going to be an open question and certainly their bosses should not be trusted based on the treachery they have already displayed, such as their massive lying, betrayal of their oaths to the Constitution and massive lying to the public.

This labelling of anyone who might have the means and future intent to defend the US Constitution and Bill of Rights and resist the completely unConstitutional edicts of Homeland Security as a "potential or actual domestic terrorist" is then best described as pre-emptive programming or creation of a self-fulfilling prophecy that serves the State (in this case Homeland Security and those that control it which are most likely offshore controllers working out of the City of London).


If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it is usually a duck!


Basically then it appears that Homeland Security is going for broke, doing everything possible to provoke any American who has the inclination to rebel to do so.


Itís a game of provoke and then punish that person for responding, single them out and then sanction them one by one before massive public support emerges, which actually is now well under way.

So now we find ourselves in America in the following most sinister condition. We have the newly emergent and greatest enemies of the state we have ever had now going around accusing normal Americans, Ron Paul supporters, Vets, Patriots, Constitutional supporters, tax protestors, protestors of any kind, gun owners and Tea Party Members of being enemies of the state.


Now isnít this the greatest duplicity one can imagine and they are doing this financed by our tax money and they are supposed to be serving "we the people". Certainly this is nothing less than the "two headed eagle" shtick of our Secret Shadow Govt and their dual citizen Neocon cutouts.


Is Homeland Security being controlled by the THIRD FORCE and the Secret Shadow Govt (SSG) too?





Apparently the operational belief here is that it is better to push folks to prematurely react before they have a chance to harden their positions and obtain broad based social support.


This is just another theme of the strategy of divide and conquer by setting up a pre-emptive provocation to flush out resistance and crush it before it matures.


Plus if you can elicit small rebellions and shootouts by going door to door with illegal swat teams, it is believed that most of the public will accept the USG propaganda that these folks were "domestic terrorists".

  • What sinister force seems to driving and directing all this creeping tyranny in America and its conversion to a Nazi/Stasi police state?

  • Can we assume it is the THIRD FORCE?

What has been more evil in the world than the Nazi, Stasi or Communist systems of government, and yet America seems to now be controlled by the same forces that produced these tyrannies.


Some top Nazis allegedly claimed they were empowered by the "Sun of the Black Reich" which was described as the "teeming power of the dark side", the "black arts" and they used death cult rituals in Wewelsburg Castle and also used a mechanized guillotine to behead approximate 17,000 victims in the early years of the regime as a part of their blood rituals to release this power of the THIRD FORCE.


Has this THIRD FORCE reappeared in full measure, hijacked America and is it now asserting its power through cutouts to rebirth Nazi Germany as the "Fourth Reich".

Basically anyone who rejects the ideological constructs and prescribed concepts of Homeland Security, the New American Gestapo, is then defined as a potential or actual domestic terrorist.


How come homeland security often dresses up its folks in black uniforms? Pure coincidence I am sure.


But of course it is no coincidence that ex head of the East German Stasi Marcus Wolfe was hired as a consultant to help start up Homeland Security two years before he died.


If you liked what happened in the period 1932 to 1939 in Germany as Nazis took over or what life was like under the Stasi in East Germany during the Cold War, you are going to love the new America that Homeland Security and Northcom create in 2013 unless they are stopped.

It now appears evident that those who control Homeland Security and Northcom are going for broke and are planning to take this new Nazi/Stasi police state live, creating a rebellion in America which they will define as nothing but more world terrorism, but this time in the "homeland".


Of course most informed folks know that Al Queda, the folks identified as the world biggest terrorist boogeymen was actually started by the CIA as a counter-force to the Russians in Afghanistan and should actually be called Al CIA Duh.


And of course it is well known by insiders that Al CIA Duh is now being deployed in numerous Mideast and African countries to create regime changes and destroy nation states such as what was done in Libya and is now being done in Syria.


Of course all this is deniable since privateers and mercenaries are used to do most of the fighting and these folks do not operate under any Uniform Code of Military of Justice so they are basically lawless, somewhat like the Visigoth roving hoards attacking Rome, only they are paid a great deal more instead of receiving a share of the spoils.





And now we have the MK-Ultra "staged" mass shooting in schools, churches and shopping centers.


These are very sophisticated mindkontrol operations using a variety of different advanced methods and technologies and just happen to occurs at strategic times when they function as effective psyops against the American people.


Americans tend to be mostly naive about false flag attacks in general and and the well documented but little publicized RICO crimes of the USG and American Intel such as massive illegal drug trafficking around the world and into American inner cities, illegal arms sales to dictators, and hundreds of American Intel proprietary fronts to earn "off the book" funds for secret black ops.

The recent staged mass shootings/mass murders at,

  • Aurora

  • the Sikh Temple in Wisconsin

  • Sandy Hook School in New Town Connecticut,

...will likely be used as a rally point to get new very repressive gun laws passed in order to disarm the people and further criminalize those that demand that elected officials obey their oaths to the US Constitution.


And history has shown us that gun control in the 1900s alone has led to numerous genocides and over 70 million dead innocent human beings.


Whenever a government demands gun control, it is a no brain-er what their long term plans are for the people. And since when did any large centralized government ever want to help its people out in any way.


Their main function appears to be to serve as a parasite which devours the wealth, freedom and liberty of they people governed and attempts to get them into wars and foreign excursions which further asset strip the nation of their wealth and their young soldiers too.


And history has shown that Democide (Death by Government) is the biggest murderer of mankind, credited with approximate 290 Million murders of civilians in the last 100 years.

And of course if draconian gun laws are passed in America and the American Military and Homeland Security swat teams are deployed inside America to go door to door to confiscate guns under any new unConstitutional laws passed by Congress or from Presidential Executive Directives (also illegal), many will be killed and wounded by those defending their Constitutional Rights and homes.


These losses will quickly stimulate blood-feud among American soldiers and special Homeland Security swat teams want to revenge on the "domestic terrorists" that have killed and wounded their brothers in arms.


Once the killing starts it will spread quickly and there will be a deep seated guerrilla war inside America at many different levels, with numerous police and military (even at the command and high command level) turning against the State, Homeland Security and Northcom.


If this occurs it will be bloody beyond imagination and will not be a walk in the park for Homeland Security or Northcom. Foreign enemies may take advantage of this situation to institute their own attacks or seizures of American land and territories previously held.

And there are those inside the military at high levels that are playing along now but will turn when the SHTF and will have access to some very sophisticated weapons systems. Many armories will be emptied and given to various patriots all over America.


Those at the top of the Secret Shadow Govt appear to be deathly afraid of the public having guns, but they may be naive thinking that they will be able to size them easily and perhaps themselves are being manipulating to elicit a bloody civil war inside America in order to destroy the Republic as part of a larger Globalist NWO plan.


They know deep in their hearts once it starts in mass they are going to be outgunned 1,000 to one by the citizen and will be hit from all sides. Most will abandon their jobs and go YOYO (top secret reports acknowledge and expect this and even discus it in some of their management meetings - YOYO means "you are on your own").


The question then becomes, who might be manipulating these folks to draw themselves into what can easily turn out to be an uncontrollable situation and what could their larger agenda be?


More on that later in the article.




During WW2 the Nazis built numerous underground bases and factories to protect their operations from the allied carpet bombing.


This was nothing new as this has been done numerous times in history as various groups moved underground to obtain protection during civil strife or wartime. After WW2 the cold war set off a massive effort by the soviets to build underground bases and a whole separate city was build underneath Moscow, part of which is now being reactivated, perhaps suggesting a new cold war in the making.


And after the Roswell crash and other similar incidents in the American Southwest, the US military began a long term effort which is still ongoing to build Deep Underground Bases (DUMBS) with special high powered tunnel boring machines, some nuclear powered.

Rumors from informed sources have stated that there are numerous of these DUMBS spread out across America located one to two miles underground that are interconnected with high speed trains.


There are also numerous rumors from well informed sources that it is highly possible that very, very strange biomedical, genetic and mindkontrol experiments are going on in some of these bases and that there is involvement with extra-terrestrial or non-human entities according to treaties in place which allow for high technology transfer to the DOD contractors in exchange for considerations no normal American citizen would ever accept.


There have been some reports from well connected folks who claim that some of these secret underground bases have been built and occupied as joint ventures between non-humans superior beings and American military and private contractors with "beyond Black" security clearances.

Of course it is now known that Russia is now building new DUMBS, as is China and some other nations. And DOD contractors are building a massive underground base in Israel called "911″.


Howís that for a strange name? Pure coincidence Iím sure.


The question is, why are the major world power building DUMBS? What do they believe they need them for? Obviously these efforts have been so expensive they have nearly bankrupted America.


Added to the current illegal wars and,



  • GATT

  • WTO,

...and there isnít much left for the America worker.


But thanks to the massive bailouts and Quantitative Easings, the big banks are flush with assets but not lending much of it to the American people.





It appears that those in control of the world major powers are expecting major natural disasters and major nuclear war.


Some insiders have stated that a new cold war is in the making between the West and Russia, and China may provide at least some initial assistance to Russia or could wait until the dust clears from a nuclear exchange and then will assert itself to take over what remains.


Just as the City of London working with the Wall Street Banksters set up Nazi Germany as a counter-force to Russia, it appears that the same powers that be (PTB) are setting up Russia and China as a counter-force against America which instead of being the land of the free and home of the brave has become the land of illegal wars and world terror after having been successfully hijacked by the City of London and its Neocon cutouts.


America has now assumed a central role in the world as the worldís biggest criminal regime, the biggest aggressor in recent history, starting numerous illegal, unprovoked, unConstitutional and undeclared wars in foreign countries on behalf of offshore interests.


These are blatant war crimes and crimes against humanity like those that Nazis were hung for at Nuremberg. And the average American on the street does not approve but so far has felt powerless to stop it.

Sad to say that America the once shining light of freedom and liberty, admired by almost all countries around the world, has now become the world bully and the object of hatred of many countries which used to admire America.


This tarnished and criminal role America has assumed is generating a massive counter-force in Russia, China and other countries around the world to put America in its place.


Many Russian leaders and their intel still strongly resent Americaís role in the cold war. Americans have been taught that the United States and the west won the cold war.


Insiders have been told that Leo Wanta and operation "Project Hammer" broke up the Soviet Union and ended the cold war.


Actually this is technically incorrect although there is evidence that Wantaís financial operations did seriously hamper the Soviet Union and was a major factor in its decision to pretend it was essentially destroyed as a nation state, but in reality it just entered a new phase.


The facts show that Russia has been doing a pretty good job "playing possum" and is a sleeping giant currently in the process of massive rearming with updated nukes.




Some top American Intel and Military High Command know that Glasnost and Perestroika were actually a chameleon ploy with the Soviets feigning weakness and loss in order to fool the west into a slumber, allowing them time to rebuild their economy with the help of massive new oil deposits and a help from big international oil corporations.


And now the Russian economy is booming thanks to massive oil mining and refining and natural gas sales. Russian defense is currently updating their nuclear ICBM and submarine deployed missile forces as never before but is not publicizing this.

The Russian High Military Command and Russian Intel have come to believe Americans are stupid and asleep at the wheel because security measures have been covertly relaxed to allow numerous intel and technology leaks to the Russians which have given them increasing confidence they can knock out Americaís defenses with a first nuclear strike and survive anything America can throw at them because of their DUMBS.


I would suspect that part of their high confidence has been that they have probably successfully sabotaged American DUMBS with very sophisticated means to deal with anyone seeking shelter in such when any war breaks out.


Can you say remotely operated bio or radiation weapons or other higher tech means?




The Russian High Command does not know that the America has created a staged economic collapse and allowed massive intel and defense leaks in order to gain more power through generating chaos but also to convince the Russians that the US is breaking up like the Soviet Union did at the end of the cold war.


This is just a staged manipulation like perestroika and glasnost, an attempt to allow the Russians to build up a false sense of supremacy so that they will be willing to initiate a first nuclear strike in response to some American provocation like a full scale attack on Iran.


The Secret Shadow Govt (SSG) of the West which is centered in America but actually run as a proxy by the City of London.


Could it be that this alleged sinister THIRD FORCE has captured these major nation states, has assumed different dress to each through different types of alien representatives and is now implementing a long term plan to reconstitute the world? (it has been alleged they have all been approached by aliens and made secret treaties with them).


The use of DUMBS is a great way to trick the PTB into spending all their time preparing in a way that can segregate them for a very special "operation hummingbird" type action in the future as they are no longer needed as cutouts.

There have been rumors that American Intel and defense through private DOD contractors has been secretly working with certain extra-terrestrial entities and has developed high technology which is far superior to anything the Russians have.


And it looks as if this technology has allowed a certain faction of top officials to construct a breakaway society based on secret space technology and bases in outer space, perhaps on the other side of the moon, in special orbital space stations and even on mars due to their development of advanced anti-gravity craft (AGCs).


Because any available information leaked is almost always passed as rumors that are highly possible, it is difficult to tie all this down.


But a realistic view is that there is a THIRD FORCE that has been manipulating human super-elites for a long time and this THIRD FORCE has been sharing very advanced high technology with both the American Secret Shadow Govt (SSG) and perhaps to a lessor degree to their counterparts in Russia and China too.




Could it be that the game plan of the Third force is to deceive Russia into a massive nuclear strike against America to stop its blatant world aggression in the Mideast and Africa?


If this occurs it would perhaps start a nuclear WW3 that would decapitate all major governments and due to preplanned sophisticated sabotage of both sides DUMBs remove most world rulers, kind of like a huge worldwide "Night of the Longknives"?


What better way to deceive these super-elites tied up than to get them working day and night going underground where they can easily be dealt with?


Once the world leaders have been removed and the world has suffered a major depopulation perhaps of the scope illustrated in the Georgia Guidestones, then would these entities comprising the THIRD FORCE and their small number of human colleagues return from their off world break-away society to set up and assume control of a NWO Globalist System, what they have been working for over many years?

Is this THIRD FORCE what the Old Black Nobility called the "teeming power of Lucifer" that control s the whole earth within the limits allowed by G-d Almighty?


Certainly anyone who looks at all the "end justifies the means" criminal acts by the ruling super-elites that control the modern governments of the world, it is quite obvious that these folks have been working on the dark side and have been for the most part specializing in pure evil.


This even when leaked to the public is so incredulous in most cases that it cannot fit into their heads and is just rejected out of hand. Letís see what are these crimes against humanity:

...etc., etc.

Some have claimed that these Alien entities (they call extraterrestrials or ETs) are actually benevolent and are here to rescue mankind from himself. The best evidence to date is that this is not true at least for those who are predominantly in control.


This is based on reports of a treaty made by President Eisenhower with some which started out good and ended up with these ETs proving to be very deceptive, and notably evil and predatory.

If the THIRD FORCE actually exists and it is an evil entity of superior knowledge and power, what exactly are its apparent goals.


According to the numerous interlocked occult secret societies which cover the face of the earth, this power is Luciferian, energy from the dark side, and its final goal is a one world global system with a single world ruler, Lucifer.


They call this "Lucifer Rising" and expect him to be seated in a new world church temple in Jerusalem. And these folks have pointed out that evidence of this was the obsession with capture of Jerusalem during the Crusades by the so-called "Royal Families" who have been accused of being the "selected bloodlines".

Others say this is all hogwash is is merely a cover story to appease those of the masses who are curious, when the real secret is that the THIRD FORCE are extra terrestrials that have come to Earth as parasites to con and manipulate to fulfill their secret agenda.


Some have referred to as "the Alien Agenda" which is to create a NWO Globalist system with a greatly reduced population, complete control, access to human genetics to create a new trans-human hybrid race and full access to all earthís resources, supposedly all to be done in order to quarantine the Earth and keep it from harming the universe as they develop nuclear technology which can get out of hand.





What is the American Secret Shadow Govt and who really runs it?


The best analysis so far has been done by Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

And there are a couple of video clips which further elucidate the Continuation of Govt (COG) part of the SSG, which is actually only a very small part of it.


Senator Daniel Inouye actively suppressed information about this at first, but later came out with the truth about it as much as he could.







The Question:

  • Who or what has hijacked America by creation of the SSG and used it to buy off almost every politician, USG official and top judge?

  • Has this entity also done so with other major nation states around the world?

  • Who can print or issue all the money it needs to do so and who do these folks take marching orders from?

The Answer:

  • It is the International Banksters, the world moneychangers run out of the City of London (Financial District) i.e. the Great Dragon or Draco. Now who is pulling their strings?

  • What apparent superior entity which is also exceedingly evil and a complete enemy of mankind is pulling their strings?

No matter where one starts it all seems to be traced back to a small number of super-elite families and their representatives that have been chosen and are now directed by this superior force that has seemed obsessed for hundreds of years with complete world domination.

Will the world leaders and the peoples of the world be manipulated into a nuclear third world war? Or is there a way this process can be stopped. Can the THIRD FORCE be adequately exposed and stopped?


Some say it was by the American Founding Fathers were able to break away from and block the THIRD FORCE for a while, able to establish true freedom and liberty for a time, even though this was soon followed by continuing efforts to recapture America by the City of London for example during the War of 1812 and the Civil War.


But some claim the THIRD FORCE succeeded in retaking America in 1913-14 when our monetary system was hijacked by the City of London covertly.




There have been numerous reports from well connected folks that the major world powers have each been approached separately by different alien or non-human entities who have convinced them to accept a specific "alien agenda".


Treaties have apparently been made to exchange high technology of a wide variety including anti-gravity, weapons, mindkontrol, and weather engineering in exchange for cooperation in various projects to assist the aliens in attaining their agenda.

And some well respected researcher journalists believe that there has been an "Alien Agenda" imposed inside the DC beltway from the THIRD FORCE to manipulate politicians, officials and super-elites to behave in ways best described as unConstitutional, traitorous, evil, anti-human, and financially parasitic.


This has appeared to be a complete and mysterious contradiction in terms for folks elected to serve their constituents and go so far off coarse that they end up supporting numerous illegal, unConstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared foreign wars and are now building up a massive internal military police state mechanism to wage war against the American people, especially those who are now demanding that these politicians and officials honor their oaths to the US Constitution, to protect and preserve the Republic from all foreign and domestic enemies including themselves, the office-holders.

Of course there are many that say there are no extra-terrestrials or any superior non-humans that have been in contact with select leaders of America or Russia.


Here is one video which although not conclusive evidence because it has not be definitively sourced certainly gets one thinking that there may be something to all these rumors.


If it is morphed it is a stupendous and impressive job.






What American would have ever thought that our own USG officials could become parasites and enemies of the state and the American People.


This alone is an astounding development and one which begs to be countered with a mass awakening and retaking of our Republic back to "we the people" the way our Founding Fathers intended.

And for those that thinks any idea of a THIRD FORCE, or an Alien Agenda, or UFOs being IFOs or the existence of any treaties between superior entities and super-elite leaders, ask yourself this question:

  • Just how incredible is the behavior emanating out of Washington DC and the massive secrets kept from Americans which include the activities at Area 51, numerous DUMBS and other highly classified USG bases run by private defense contractors and guarded by lethal force?


  • Or just how bizarre is it that the USG has set up a Nazi/Stasi internal police system called Homeland Security, the New American Gestapo?

Now just how strange is that?


And you may also want to consider this apparent contradiction in terms.


How can we have a so-called free press and major mass media comprised of about six major international news corporations (three of which are defense contractors) that has been frequently exposed the last decade of serving as a USG propaganda dispensers, and little more than Madison Avenue mindkontrollers.


Refer to the excellent book, "Into The Buzzsaw" for explicit documentation of this or "Project Censored".

Over time folks even when oppressed with govt propaganda begin to adjust and view it as the "new normal". This is referred to the "normalcy bias" and makes it difficult for many folks to wake up and break the mass media TV trance that has captured their minds and hijacked their beliefs.


It is time for folks to wake up and realize that America has been invaded and hijacked by a foreign enemy within our gates which is being influenced by a THIRD FORCE that appears to have an evil anti-human agenda.


This is the first and most important step of taking back our country from these hijackers and parasites.





It seems apparent that a major portion of the underlings working in Homeland Security and the military and even a portion of our high military command now realize America has been hijacked and are sitting tight, often sandbagging or dragging, not willing to throw themselves on a sword by rebelling.


However, many of these folks will jump in and join the cause when there is a mass public awakening of American Citizens, which is now occurring thanks to the Internet and the Alternative news provided by it, or if door to door gun seizures are initiated.


The super-elites who run the SSG know that America is on the verge of a mass awakening and they are afraid. That is why they are moving fast and going for broke because they know their time may be short.

What these super-elite controllers donít realize however, is that these so-called superior entities supposedly helping them are really setting them to be disposable like most cutouts and useful idiots always are.


Perhaps that is why so many absurd Goebbels and Goering doofuses and perverts are selected to fill the top appointed power positions.


History has shown that they are exceedingly easy to compromise and manipulate as thus will serve as willing cutouts and dupes to do the dirty work of those few at the very top of the Pyramid or Hierarchy in return for power, wealth notoriety and status.


History has also shown that their end can be sudden, drastic and unexpected due to the extreme hubris political power can breed.




It can be argued that this sinister THIRD FORCE that provided the British Crown with the power to covertly dominate much of the world, was essentially stopped cold by the Founding Fathers in the American Revolution.


The question always arises,

"well if the third force is so superior in intelligence why doesnít it just kill off everyone in its way and just take over anytime it wants?"

The best answer so far comes from those on the inside of the top power structures who have claimed that there are certain "Rules of Play" that must be obeyed by the Creator or the MAIN FORCE of the Universe.


These rules have been described as:

folks cannot have their innermost free-will taken away, they must be told what the super-elites are planning to do ahead of time, champions to fight them must be allowed to arise since the THIRD FORCE must win fair and square to demonstrate its superiority and full power, etc.

In any event it does seem that although the THIRD FORCE and its cutouts are functioning as ruthless mass murdering sociopaths and parasites, they still operate by these "Rules of Play".


And the one rule of play that seems to provide the opening is the mass awakening and actualization of the people with a common consciousness to fight this MASSIVE EVIL and creeping tyranny. It has worked before and it can work again.


If the people wake up from their slumber in mass they can take back their country with out a civil war if the numbers are large enough. they have the power to do this without violence.

Because the PTB know that their time to fully implement their plan is short since people are starting to awake to their inhuman, evil plans.


Their plans are basically so caustic to humanity that they elicit push-back. And with the Internet, the alternative news is getting the truth out at breakneck speed. But here is their big dilemma right now according to rumors from well placed sources.


On the one hand it appears that those doing the dirty work (the cutouts for the THIRD FORCE) are being told that unless they complete the plan quickly, the aliens (the THIRD FORCE) who run them according to a "alien agenda" will just go ahead and institute major disasters or even perhaps destroy the earth (an obvious lie according to those than know the "Rules of Play").


But the PTB are afraid that if they move to fast they will elicit a major mass awakening of the public which will create a push-back so large they will be defeated and driven out of office or worse.

They deeply fear the American people who they look on as a sleeping giant, who if fully awakening has they ability to bring their regime completely down in a week.


So they are now moving ahead as fast as they dare, and perhaps they have now gone too far too fast because they have lost their judgment and listened to ivory tower experts who do not understand the strength of the human spirit.


It has been stated by some who have left the occult system behind the PTB that basically the THIRD FORCE operates like the Wizard of Oz in the movies "the Wizard of Oz", that it is all based on "Con", mindkontrol and bluff, that if folks pull the curtain back the power evaporates, that folks can take back their country if they get their hearts and minds right and gain understanding of the PTB and the evil they do.

This article is dedicated to all the researchers, journalists, intel experts and well connected folks who have done their part to reveal some of these deepest secrets behind the hijacking of humanity, and to those that have been persecuted or lost their lives getting the truth out.


Obviously it is exceedingly difficult to dig out and construct a realistic view of this sinister evil which has been the most closely protected secret in history. My apologies to the readers for the length of this article and its imperfections.


Stay tuned. Is is very likely within the next year we will see many astounding deep secrets revealed publicly for the first time ever as those things typically the most closely guarded private secrets of the ruling elites are made public.



Journalist, Veterans Today Editor, Radio Host and former Arizona candidate for Governor Mike Harris has provided an interesting and important insight about this THIRD FORCE that I just hadnít thought of or heard before.


This is the idea that whatever this THIRD FORCE is it appears to have existed intact and in full power over many human generations since its objectives appear in the circles of power of the ruling super-elites and the governments of the major powers throughout these generations.


Thus its agendas appear to remain the same even though its players and the countries it dominates change, yet the whole time it seems able to slowly but surely advance its long term overall agenda of one world government.


This insight explains a great deal of the staying power of this Agenda of the THIRD FORCE throughout History.


It appears that this THIRD FORCE can be traced back by its handiwork all the way back to Roman times at least and most likely to ancient Biblical times including ancient Babylon where much of its symbolism and secret banking practices date back to.


In ancient Babylon, the criminal usury system of accrued interest was developed and the five pointed Red Star was displayed as a symbol of the power and authority of the THIRD FORCE.

  • Is it a timeless ancient Beast of Old?

  • Or is it merely the current face of EVIL which is a very old Beast and common enemy of mankind which goes all the way back to manís creation?