by John Horne

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This is an attempt to compile a list of members of large companies, “think tanks”, lobby groups and other organizations which promote right wing, 'military-industrial complex’ ideologies.


Whilst not all of the organizations that will be covered fall neatly into this category, it is useful to gauge who is doing our thinking for us, and what affiliations they have.
I would particularly welcome additions to biographies. For the best part, I have simply used publicly available ’corporate’ profiles which often omit several key facts and always exclude any ’controversial’ areas of the individuals history.
DIRECTORY OF PEOPLE - This is an A-Z list of all the people covered so far, with the organizations they are in. Over time this will become a lot more complete, as at the moment I have only compiled lists of 14 ’groups’. (CFR & Trilateral members are currently not in the people directory)
Due to size, the list directory of people is now organized into “A to L” and “M to Z”, sorted by surname.
(see also the following work by Skip Fox on Halliburton and Harken) plus this ’work in progress’ fact sheet I’m putting together on 7 World Trade Center (whose suspicious collapse buried CIA offices, Citigroup documents relating to Worldcom and others)





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