by Ed Komarek

from ExopoliticsBlogSpot Website



Please note

This is a rough draft only.

These articles and this book as a whole are a work in progress.

This book is composed of articles relating to exopolitics that I allow to be freely published without restriction in all media.

No permission is necessary from this author and I only request that people place my name and blog address on the articles that are published.
It is my intention to update, delete and edit these articles as time and conditions warrant.

At some point this book could become a finished product even if I have to completely rewrite it and am able to get it professionally edited.

My latest articles published to my blog may not be incorporated into this book right away.



  1. Section - Significant Exopolitical Cases

  2. Section - The Grand Overview 

  3. Section - Exopolitical Concepts 

  4. Section - Exopolitical Activism 

  5. Section - Evolution And Astroecology

  6. Section - On The Rise And Fall Of Civilization

  7. Section - Ethical Considerations