1. Exopolitics - Your Lying Eyes

  2. A Tale of Two SETI 

  3. Why We Fight The UFO/ET Information War (Part 1 of a series) 

  4. How To Fight The Exopolitical Info-War (Part 2 of a series)

  5. Defending Against An Info-war Attack (Part 3)

  6. Info-war, Defining The Adversary (Part 4) 

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  8. Letter to the Exopolitical Elders 

  9. Cosmic Rights Movement

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  12. Exopolitical - Second Communiqué To The World 

  13. Why The Old Guard Can't See?

  14. The Ultimate Warrior Is A Diplomat

  15. Illuminating The Dark Side 

There has been considerable activism in the UFO/ET field since the 1950’s. The interest in activism to end the UFO/ET cover-up constitutes a considerable portion of exopolitics. Its very difficult to figure out what is going on when the data and evidence is being manipulated for political reasons. Part of the job of the exopolitician is to try to remove obstacles that suppress and obscure the evidence that we are trying to study.


Because we and the public have been deceived and propagandized for over sixty years by our governments and the special interests that mostly run them, whole generations of humanity have been unnaturally and deliberately cast into denial.


This individual and collective denial has a lot of inherent inertia making a breakout difficult.













Exopolitics: Your Lying Eyes

For once the mainstream press played it straight in regards to the extraterrestrial situation.  



NPC Washington press conference on UFOs

ABC News


The Washington Press Club UFO briefing was well attended by members of the press and the widespread coverage of the event was for once fair and honest. There seems to be a change of policy in regards to UFOs where the mainstream press is “allowed” to be more fair in its coverage of these matters.


One reporter was said to exclaim,

“Why have I not been told.”

Another said, “I thought we were not supposed to talk about this.”

Another said, “That’s changing.”

The coverage of the Washington event was a breath of fresh air across the dung pile of lies and deceit propagated against all of humanity by autocratic elite institutions worldwide. Every autocratic institution on earth will be found be either directly responsible in the UFO/ET cover-up or complicit in it. It will be the press, however, to whom the public will feel the most betrayed, for it is a free press to who the public trusts to tell the truth and be the public safeguard against tyranny. It is a free press who must stand up to the truth and investigate till the truth is exposed. A free press does not publish nor promote a propaganda mix of both lies and truth calling that fair play so as to avoid serious investigation and the exposure of deception.

The reasons for the 60 year accumulated “bodyguard of lies” is not that the public can’t handle the truth, as world autocratic elites institutions would have you believe, but that the elites themselves cannot handle the truth. It was the World military and economic elites that panicked in the 1950’s not the people when extraterrestrial races became actively and profoundly involved in humanities affairs for reasons of both self interest and humanities interest.

As early as 1955 much maligned by the press, controversial contactee George Adamski knew the real reason for the UFO/ET cover-up. He sums up in one short paragraph, just who was behind the cover-up, as well as the public betrayal by the press.


He said.

“…it is quite understandable, for the ones who control the press and all outlets of information fear the truth, so they keep it from the public the best way they know how. They are the people that control the monetary system of the world, so your nation would have the least amount of information on the subject that is world wide. That does not mean that the activity of the space people is less there than elsewhere.”

In response to another question this same month of 1955 he said,

“…Just think of the effect, once the propulsion power of these ships becomes known – a power as free to everyone as the breath we breathe! What would happen to those who control the monetary system of the world! And it seems as though it were these who have put censorship on the truth, whereby publications are no longer free as they previously were. All these branches in the media business must have money to continue.”

Wow, no matter if one believes George Adamski to be on the level or not, he sure hit the proverbial nail on the head as early as 1955 as to who is behind the cover-up, why there is a cover-up and how the cover-up is being maintained.

My father fought against Smokey The Bear anti-fire propaganda all his life and warned the keepers of Yellowstone National Park that they, through the suppression of light natural fires had created an unnatural condition that one day would result in a catastrophic wildfire. What is so ironic was that the very same incompetent people that created the unnatural situation tried to undo it by attempting to control burn themselves, but do to inexperience and the same stupidity that got them into the mess, let a controlled fire get away and burned Yellowstone to the ground.


Today Yellowstone is recovering and its forests have been renewed but in a most unnatural and unnecessary manner. I have previously stated that I believe the same sort of thing is going to happen at some point with the UFO/ET cover-up where the truth will spread like wildfire through the 60 year accumulation of lies and deceit surrounding the cover-up. We could be getting close to that point today.

It would seem that at the same time that public contactees worldwide were being attacked and harassed by the press at the behest of military and economic interests, secret meetings were going between extraterrestrials and top governmental officials and scientists. It looks like Eisenhower was meeting with human extraterrestrials at least as early as 1955 as were government scientists and engineers about the same time. Where was the free press, those so called public watchdogs!


The lap dogs were and are safe and secure in the warm financial beds of the worldwide economic elite that’s where!

The people of the world are rapidly losing confidence in all worldwide institutions and for good reason. The people have been betrayed by their autocratic leaders worldwide, humanity is entering a dark age, atomic war is still a possibility, and the environmental degradation caused by overpopulation and the use of fossil fuels is destroying the planet.

It’s all happening because way back in the 1940’s and fifties the truth about extraterrestrial interventions in our societies was rigorously and vigorously suppressed. It could not have happened if the press had not betrayed the people’s right to know. When the cover-up breaks, and one day it will, just as surely break as Yellowstone burned, what excuses will the press come up with for their betrayal and failure of the world public?

The worldwide press have said, when polls show 17 percent of the public have seen UFOs, don’t believe your lying eyes. The public trusted and believed. They trusted what their leaders and the press said over what they saw with their own eyes. Of course some people caught on to the deceptions and have waged an insurgent information war for the public’s right to know the past 60 years.


We have been called every name in the book by the press. Those of us that have stood by the truth no matter what, have been called kooks, fools, believers, buffs, amateurs, crackpots etc. all in an effort to discredit us and our struggle for the peoples right to know. We are all sick of the mainstream press and we are sick of this devastating to humanity extraterrestrial cover-up.


When will it ever end!


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A Tale of Two SETI

For the serious UFO/ET investigator that wants to understand the past history of the UFO/ET cover-up there are two books that are must reads. One is Flying Saucers From Outer Space by Major Donald Keyhoe and the other is Flying Saucers Serious Business by the famous radio broadcaster and reporter Frank Edwards. It’s the book by Frank Edwards that should be most of interest to the serious SETI researcher because it recounts the early history of SETI and its creation and infiltration by UFO/ET propagandists such as Frank Drake and Carl Sagan.


It will more than sow the seeds of doubt to any SETI honest scientist or enthusiast as to the true nature and purpose of SETI the so called, "Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence”.

The truth is that there are two SETI, one public and overt, the other covert and classified, that goes right back to SETI’s beginning as Project Ozma. Edwards’s states on page 82:

“In the early winter of 1959 I reported over the Mutual Network that the giant radio telescope being built at Green Bank, West Virginia, by the National Science Foundation was to be used in search for intelligible signals from outer space. This was promptly denied, of course, for government agencies dislike having anyone beat them on their own news releases.

What happened at Green Bank?


The Green Bank’s station’s work was officially known as Project Ozma … with a bow to the mythical Wizard of Oz. Its first Director was the noted astronomer Dr. Otto Struve, who described it to the newsmen as a “long-range program” which can mean many things, of course. At that time Struve’s assistant was Dr. Frank Drake, who later succeeded Struve at Green Bank.

Let it be noted that at the inception of Green Bank Dr. Struve devoted considerable time to stressing the importance of the work to be done there, including what he referred to as the great benefits which would result from communicating with a more advanced civilization.

But in 1961, less than two years after it opened with such fanfare and such an expenditure, the public was told that Project Ozma was no more – kaput! – finished! To make the puzzle more puzzling, Dr. Otto Struve ran under his own goalposts. This time he indicated to newsmen that the project was of little value.


On page 83 Edwards continues,

“Once again, as was the case with the officially reported closing of Air Force UFO programs, this project was not closed at all. It was merely transferred quietly to a new location, in this case to Puerto Rico.” “The metallic bowl in the mountains of Puerto Rico near Arecibo, began operations in 1964. It was merely the transplanted version of Project Ozma, but this time its findings were classified and concealed from the public.”

Edwards goes on to discuss how in the waning days of Project Ozma at Green Bank signals were picked up from Tau Ceti that drew great mainstream media attention.


Frank Drake disclosed this information to the press but when questioned later he said a new release will be forthcoming from the National Science Foundation but it did not happen. It was soon after this that Project Ozma was secretly transferred to Puerto Rico. From this we can see that not only was Project Ozma, the precursor to SETI, involved in classified work as well as public deception but so was the National Science Foundation.

Further on he gets into how Carl Sagan was publicly discussing the possibility of alien bases on the back side of the moon before he suddenly began to debunk UFOs when he replaced UFO/ET propagandist and well know Harvard astronomer Dr. Donald Menzel as the preferred mass media debunker of UFOs. Menzel’s name later appears on the famous MJ-12 documents when they are leaked into the public domain. Menzel even had a UFO sighting of his own that he had to debunk.


In Keyhoe’s book on page 14 is a description of Menzel’s sighting. “At another point the astronomer admitted he was mystified by two discs he’d seen in New Mexico.

“Both disks shone with a slightly bluish light.” he said. ”Keyhoe even after detailing how wrong Menzel was about various sightings in his book nevertheless showed how wrong, he Keyhoe, could be by stating that the thought Menzel was sincere. The only reason I bring this up about Keyhoe being wrong is because it would seem that Keyhoe was willing to give the debunkers far more slack as far as their sincerity as he was willing to give the contactees at the time."

Edwards had this to say about Dr. Sagan;

“In December of 1962 at the convention of the American Rocket Society in Los Angeles, the speaker was Dr. Carl Sagan, the advisor on Extra-terrestrial Life to the Armed Services. Dr. Sagan told his audience that mankind must be prepared to face the probability that we have already been visited by intelligent beings from elsewhere in the universe – and that they have – or have had – bases on the averted side of our moon.”

Carl Sagan’s later propagandizing activities were exposed in the McDaniel report by Dr. Stanley McDaniel in regards to the face on Mars. I am not going to make the same mistake as Keyhoe.

What is so very enlightening about Edward’s book is that he clearly shows the infatuation of some of these big SETI names with the tricks of illusionists and also with the movie, The Wizard of Oz. Remember the little man behind the curtain moving the levers to the great and powerful Oz. All it took was a little dog pulling at the curtain to expose him.


I wonder it that thought ever occurred to these little men with gigantic egos involved in SETI and also, The Committee For The Scientific Investigation Of Claims of the Paranormal, whose very name is a lie. This so called, “scientific committee” does no scientific investigations. They tried it years ago and got caught in deceptions yet they promote their propaganda in most major bookstores around the country through the magazine the Skeptical Inquirer.

It’s easy to go back and connect SETI and the “Committee” through key figures in both organizations. The “Committee” is just a privatization of the official debunking by the Air Force that was so prominent in the 1950s. The “Committee” at its roots is no more than a CIA counterintelligence operation in my estimation, as is the Weekly World News, that creates these silly fabricated ET stories available at every supermarket checkout counter. The Weekly World News was founded by intelligence agents and between it, the “Committee” and SETI, the denial and ridicule of the UFO/ET subject continues to propagandize scientists and journalists, as well as general members of the public.

I have proposed for years that the public SETI program is nothing but a cover program for the real SETI program and is itself nothing but an exercise of the simple concept of misdirection promoted by illusionists. SETI propagandists say; Look, look, ET is way out there on the other side of the galaxy, not right here in your backyard. Don’t believe your lying eyes, we have the credentials, don’t listen to those silly UFO buffs! The sad thing is that a simple illusionist’s trick of misdirection has worked so remarkably well to fool the public and honest SETI scientists and enthusiasts for so many years.

Nothing serious is going to come out of the public SETI program until the honest people in SETI catch on to the propagandists in their mist, those famous little men and women with fancy credentials that pull the levers behind the curtain of secrecy.


As I have said before, just about every institution on earth has either participated or is complicit in the UFO/ET cover-up. I grew up in a family of scientists and I know that there is nothing an honest scientist hates more than a scientist that participates in deception of other scientists. When the exopolitical cover-up breaks, all hell is liable to break loose in the scientific community and on the SETI scientists.


I wonder how long it is going to take for honest scientists to pull their collective heads out of the sand where they have been so firmly placed by SETI and other media propagandists over the years.


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Why We Fight The UFO/ET Information War (Part 1 of a series)

My uninformed mainstream friends often ask me questions like,

“Why are you so interested and involved with UFOs? Even if they are real and extraterrestrial, what is the big deal? We know you are an intelligent guy, why are you wasting your time on this? You could be so much more productive in other areas if you seriously want to help humanity.”

Sometimes I try to answer, but more often than not I just sigh and let the conversation move on to other subjects of interest.

Others in the field of exopolitics are subject to these same questions from the uninformed and propagandized public and they try their best to answer them as I do. Sometimes we just get so tired of having to do the thinking for other people and having to put up with all the denial and ridicule. We have to keep trying because the future of our humanity and our planet is at stake.

If humanity were to discover the truth, this is what I believe would happen. If people had substantial contact with ethical advanced stellar civilizations they would see that there is a more enlightened way to live and a better way to run a planet. People could see how much better off they would be if they were to cooperate amongst themselves rather than engage in mutual predation. They would understand that the way our society is presently structured is just like the pyramid food chain in nature.

At the top of the food chain we have the toughest meanest predators, sophisticated gangsters, that reward those lower down by moving them up in rank and benefits and punish those that do not cooperate by moving them down in rank and benefits. People would compare the way things are organized here on earth with how more advanced stellar societies are organized. They would think, if we follow these stellar societies’ economic, political and religious models rather than our own, we could be like they, and be much better off than we are now. It should not take a rocket scientist or “lawyer” to figure this out.

People in America have become so dumbed down and propagandized by the mass media and a public educational system that is structured to crank out obedient wage slaves rather than enlightened free thinkers, that most people really think America is a free society. The chilling truth is that America and the rest of the world is a sophisticated slave society run by sophisticated gangster families.


Ben Fulford former Asian bureau chief of Forbes magazine has articulated this truth better than anybody I have seen of late.

People really need to read the transcripts of the Jeff Rense interviews with Ben. Ben has the credentials and the high level contacts and should be taken seriously until and unless we hear otherwise.  

The struggle for freedom, liberty and truth becomes ever more complicated and sophisticated as freedom loving truth seekers struggle to keep up with the ever more sophisticated forms of inter-species human predation worldwide. While some freedom loving people overtly battle and struggle against the denial of basic human rights and freedom around the globe, there are also those of us who find ourselves in much more sophisticated and complicated global covert battle and struggle.

We involved in exopolitics find ourselves involved in a struggle against very sophisticated tyrants and families of tyrants that seek to enslave humanity worldwide
covertly. We have become drawn into this global political battle because these secretly ruling elites are not only harmful to humanity but to humanities relations with other extraterrestrial races as well. These elites have placed themselves squarely between us and the extraterrestrial races and so have become an obstacle obstructing further human evolution on earth.

The battle lines of our covert struggle extend from our external reality into the Internet and through our individual minds. Most people including our friends and relatives have trouble appreciating our efforts because our activities have moved beyond their horizons. Friends often become confused and even hostile to us, feeling that we have abandoned the world to escape into realms of fantasy. While this may be true for many in our field who lose their way amongst all the misinformation and disinformation, it is not true for all of us.

The mainstream public needs to begin to appreciate the fact that we in the UFO/ET community are fighting a formidable adversary with almost unlimited global resources, yet we may eventually win the war after losing every battle because we hold the moral high ground and we have the Internet.


These sophisticated gangster families who secretly control humanity through corporations, foundations, governments, religions and secret societies for their own greedy, selfish and environmentally destructive ends no longer use food and simple propaganda to control the masses. Instead they control the money supply, the mass media and the public educational system so as to achieve the same aims as Fulford has articulated so well in his writings and interviews.

Society and its organizational structure has changed little over the thousands of years, it has just got much more sophisticated. Still there is hope that the truth embargo is ending.

Governments around the world are losing patience with America’s failure of leadership and are breaking ranks to bring out exopolitical truth to the public. Contrast the most recent Washington Post UFO propaganda article, cleverly designed to stifle political discussion, on the latest exopolitics conference near Washington DC., with the secret UFO files released and cooperation with civilian UFO/ET investigators in France and Brazil and the release of gun camera video by the Mexican government to the mainstream press.



UFO - FOX News Mexican Air Force - CNN Headline News

These families have their members and their servants well placed throughout society, and especially noteworthy, they control intelligence agencies around the world as Fulford has pointed out.


Because the ruling elite monitor and control the intelligence agencies at the highest levels, they know that the earth is visited by higher intelligence with advanced technology for as least thousands of years, They know that earth humanities interaction both overt and covert throughout history has been massive and longstanding and that we ourselves are a product of not only natural evolution by artificial evolution as well.

They know that the Bible and other sacred texts record not only mankind’s history on earth but mankind’s historic interactions with human extraterrestrial races. They know that some of these intelligent races are human and that the human race on earth is part of a greater humanity that long ago embarked on voyages of discovery through space and time and have since spread out and populated many diverse natural and artificial ecosystems.

The elite know that knowledge of our true origins and position in the cosmos will be liberating and enlightening and that they fear losing control over the masses of humanity. For this reason they use formidable public and private resources to maintain an information embargo on the truth so as to hold humanity in bondage for as long as they are able to do so.

It is not enough to just challenge the masters and point out the error of their ways, but we must also clearly and articulately address the slaves who do not believe themselves to be slaves in this modern era.


This job may be just as difficult as dealing with the masters for very different reasons. Those of us that have penetrated the illusions of democracy here and abroad realize that masters and slaves continue to evolve their relationship of mutual self destruction into more and more sophisticated forms.


Masters and their wage slaves now threaten the planet with atomic and environmental destruction.


For this reason we who value freedom and liberty must win the information war and end the truth blackout imposed upon the world public about the extraterrestrial presence.


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How To Fight The Exopolitical Info-War (Part 2 of a series)

I have found it interesting as I age how thinking evolves over time. When I first became involved with UFO/ET activities in the 1970’s I saw the problem as a scientific problem. In the 1980s I realized that politics was interfering with the scientific investigation of UFOs so the problem was more than a scientific problem but a political one as well.


I cofounded Operation Right To Know a UFO activist organization in 1991 to fight the UFO cover-up. In the 1980’s and 1990s I realized that UFOs were an intelligence problem deserving of intelligence solutions and became involved with Jack Sarfatti’s Internet Stardrive Group.

I learned how to network the Internet from Jack and did my best to help Jack and his group get up to speed on UFOs. In the early part of the 21 century Alfred Webre coined the word exopolitics, Dr. Michael Salla got involved, and I found myself active on the Internet once again in support of exopolitics. I knew I had been thinking and publishing exopolitics from the 1980’s onward before the word had been coined. Today I conceptualize that we activists and investigators all along have been embroiled in a longstanding UFO/ET Info-War that is now moving onto the Internet.

The first step and greatest step in wining a Info-War is to recognize an attack. We are helpless if we do not realize we are under attack. We now know that the public has been under a constant propaganda attack since the 1940’s by some of the best minds money can buy. CIA documents from the 1950’s clearly show the intent was to create a wall of denial and ridicule around the subject that has succeeded. The mainstream media, public education system, the scientific establishment have been scared into submission for fear of ridicule

Some brave souls like Colonel Donald Keyhoe publicly fought the official U.S. Air Force debunkers and propagandists in the 1950s. The official propagandists became more sophisticated when they became privatized in the 1960’s with the creation of Intel counterintelligence front organizations like the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal whose very title is a lie. These turned out to be the first public battles in an information war that was lost to the great detriment of all of humanity.

We may eventually win the Info-War after losing all the battles with the help of the internet. Of course if disclosure happens we may have another battle to fight, that of negative fearful spin and perhaps even a alien invasion false flag operation designed to scare the public worldwide into total submission and a total loss of human rights. Martial law could be declared and the internet shut down or severely controlled. Its not to early to begin thinking and planning for such a contingency.


Carol Rosin assistant to Werner Von Braun heard about plans for a war on terror and then a alien invasion false flag operation while working for Fairchild Industries in the 1970s. 

The exopolitical community is still a small insurgency but our numbers are growing as we gather public support from a public slow to awaken to the fact that they have been under a propaganda attack for 60 years. Those elites that are responsible for the attack are few in number but they have control of almost unlimited resources at their disposal to continue to maintain the propaganda attack and even move from cover-up to negative spin if necessary.

Like a powerful invading army, time is not on the side of these sophisticated families of gangsters in Europe and America as they are faced with growing awareness of their plans and activities not only by the public but by gangster families in Asia that seem to have been cut out of the action as suggested by Ben Fulford past Asian bureau chief for Forbes Magazine.

Once we realize we are under a sophisticated propaganda attack the next step is to understand the adversary, its strengths and weaknesses. I believe that the Achilles heel, the soft underbelly, the missing scale on the great dragon is the Internet.


The Internet by its very nature is a different and a more advanced form of organization than the autocratic pyramid organizational structure which it seems to be replacing around the globe. It’s the shifting sand under the insurmountable castle. If autocratic organizations cannot get control over the Internet they will be replaced and that will be good for humanity.

I believe the world today to be run by a few wealthy powerful gangster families at the top that dole out or withhold rank and resources in order to make the slave pyramid autocratic structure work. It’s a structure of masters and servants. At the very heart of the autocratic organization is the need to control the thinking and actions of the servants, the slaves. In the south, plantation owners forbid their slaves an education for good reason and only doled out enough information for their slaves to do their jobs. Information was doled out on a need to know basis with the masters determining the need to know.

It should be easy to see that the National Security State with its emphasis on clearances and need to know is just a more sophisticated form of mind control than was used by the plantation owners in the south against their slaves. Today’s masters control servants through finance, public indoctrination called public education, the mass media, national security and other organizations..


The free flow of information through Internet networks works to undermine propaganda, so autocratic regimes must restrict and confuse information flow either by direct means or by indirect means. I believe we now have people deliberately inserting propaganda and disinformation secretly into the Internet and encouraging conflicts amongst the informed and uninformed public so as to generally pollute and confuse the information flow.

Finally after we understand our adversary the next step toward winning the Info-War is to develop tactics that work in our favor and against the adversary. Right now our adversaries have a tight grip on the mainstream media and the public education system.


I don’t believe it is our interest to challenge the mass media where the adversary is strong and can counter any move we make toward informing the public but to challenge and inform where the adversary it is weakest, the newly emerging Internet media. I believe it is here we can fight and win the exopolitical information war. I encourage young people once they become informed to identify and engage the adversary and become Internet activists.

It is up to their generation now to struggle to win their freedom and escape the propaganda net that continues to enslave and restrain their minds as well as the minds of their fathers and mothers in regards to the extraterrestrial presence. A brighter future for all of humanity lies just around the corner if enough of us collectively stand up and fight for our rights of assembly and communication with the cosmic neighborhood.


If we don’t the growing dark age we are now in will become ever darker.


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Defending Against An Info-war Attack (Part 3)

This article is the third of a series on articles on Info-war. Colonel John Alexander, U.S. Army (retired) has a chapter in his book Future War called Information Warfare. Colonel Alexander is widely considered the Darth Vader of the national security state by leading exopoliticians, one who long ago succumbed to the dark side of the force.


One well known individual involved in the UFO/ET field was rumored to have called him the most dangerous man on the planet, an exaggeration of course, but I have and still do consider him a formidable adversary in the ongoing Info-war within and without the UFO/ET community.

One of the main tenets of war is to learn from the adversary, so I consider John a teacher from the dark side. To me John is a microcosm of the national insecurity state and to understand how he thinks is to understand the national insecurity state itself. In the movie Star Wars, Darth Vader was seduced by the dark side of the force to believe that to fight evil and win one must use evil means. I realize that John and others like him believe they are doing the right thing, as do many of those working in the areas of national security around the world, but to me he is just another casualty of a cosmic info-war that extends right down into every mind on this planet.


When John receives this I hope he is paying attention. I learn quickly.

On page 111 John says,

“In preparing for conflict, perception management is essential. The adversary should be led to believe that he is vulnerable and will lose if war is initiated.”

John goes on to say,

“To deceive the enemy is a fundamental tenet of war. However, it was not until 1994 that doctrine on deception was published, and that was in response to the burgeoning field of command and control warfare. The target of the deception is the enemy’s decision-making process. This may be done by directly influencing the leaders, or by manipulating the beliefs of the people who must support them”

This is such an important statement because when America’s national security apparatus in World War Two and through the cold war used the same unethical means to destroy the adversary that the adversary was using, it moved the evil without into the evil within. As that happened the national security state became the national insecurity state and inadvertently began attacking its own public. One is reminded of Creon in the Greek Tragedies who destroyed his own family for the state, only to realize as a old man that his family was the state. The ancient Greeks were very aware how fundamental conceptual errors subvert the decision making process and leads to great suffering.

What John and the national insecurity state fail to understand is that the target of deception is the destruction of anybody who uses it!!!! It contaminates the mental battlefield and injures everybody. The true basic tenet is that in a conflict or in any other situation, deception will attack and harm anybody who uses it for any reason. In the short term it may win a battle even a war, but in the long run it’s corrosive and as a mental poison it will eventually damage and even ruin all those who use it.

John goes on to quote Colonel Richard Szafranski.


His considerations for attacking include,

“Every means by which an adversary arrives at knowledge or beliefs in that context.”

“Szafranski carries that argument to a logical conclusion, targeting every element in the epistemology of an adversary. This means attempting to undermine the organization, structure, methods, and validity of knowledge of that adversary. Deprived of valid information, a means to evaluate information properly, or a stable and reliable mechanism for decision-making places the adversary at great risk.”

John goes on to discuss manipulation of the media, how to do this properly without blowback.

I have to ask, is this not exactly what has been going on ever sense the national security apparatus began using deception against its enemies. I believe it is a basic tenet of war that to the degree that the national security state uses deception against the enemy it also correspondingly attacks it’s public body incurring a corresponding loss of confidence by the public.


One could also state that, to the degree that the national security apparatus uses ethical means and tactics against the enemy’s unethical means and tactics there is a corresponding increase in confidence, trust and support from a better informed and secure public.

Fanatical thinking just illustrates a very important point and that is in fighting evil with evil one unknowingly becomes evil oneself. John is an ultimate cold warrior and he reflects the thinking of the national security establishment elite that won the cold war through unethical means against a unethical adversary, thereby transferring the evil without into the evil within.


The national security apparatus that was formed to fight the cold war in America is now the threat to true national security and stability everywhere. In fighting one beast with unethical means one has only created an even more powerful beast. Its all based on the lie that the end justifies the means. It’s a lie because there is really no separation between past and future, the means and end are one.

This is information warfare at its most sophisticated, how do such errors of logic and conception get into our minds?


Christians personify the corruption and inversion of the truth as Satan’s domain. Did a group of immortals or very long living space beings lose a space (heaven) battle to be confined to earth in underground bases (hell) to haunt mankind to the end times as Christians believe? Are these errors in logic something inherent in mankind or has mankind itself been under a info-war attack for thousands of years? Are people like John Alexander unwitting pawns believing they are doing good but in fact doing just the opposite?


John is talking here about mind control.


I wonder if it has ever crossed his mind that his own mind and the mind of the national security state itself is in fact conditioned and controlled by powers higher up the autocratic pyramid. Who really occupies the eye in the pyramid?

So John, the question is, is there a better enlightened way to deal with a info-war adversary that uses destructive means against us. It’s right there in the bible John, in the teachings of Christ. The way to defeat (reform) a unethical adversary is not to use unethical means but to use ethical means. This way one does not become the evil that one wars against! When an adversary uses a lie, then expose that lie with the truth. If one is deceived, then expose that deception.


If the media is the weapon then disarm it through information warfare techniques of conceptualization and articulation of context projected into the media and Internet to reintroduce coherence rather than incoherence!


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Info-war, Defining The Adversary (Part 4)

Many years ago while I was playing chess I entered a higher state of consciousness and experienced the game of chess as the battle for mankind being played out on the board amongst the black and white chess pieces. I realize now that at that early age I experienced a most fundamental concept as to what the game of chess represented. It was a concept that I could not understand nor articulate at the time. The game of chess was not meant to be just a game. I think that the game was created by somebody who had a great depth of understanding of the overall context in which we live out our lives.

The creator or creators of the game saw the board as the mental battlefield. The white chess pieces represented good or creative power, while the dark pieces represented evil or destructive power.


The white king was played by the light magician while the dark king was played by the dark magician. When the game was placed into motion a mental conceptual battle began between the powers of light and the powers of darkness across the mental battlefield. Each game represented a battle between the powers of light and darkness in a conceptual mental war that was ended with a checkmate or draw.

I have mentioned in a prior article that some consider Colonel John Alexander the Darth Vader, of the National Insecurity State. The dark warrior from pawn to king is still only a piece being played by the black magician, master of deception and illusion. The black magician is the psychological equivalent of black hole.


The black magician is a very powerful degenerating personality on the way to oblivion and complete destruction and has destructive effects on anyone having contact. This would be an individual who once may have been a star a bearer of light, of understanding, but now has collapsed inward and become a psychological degenerate. There is truth to biblical stories. As in the game of chess its all laid out in the bible as well as other religious texts around the globe.


John Alexander has made trips to Tibet, I wonder why?


The struggle between the followers of the right hand path, goodness, and the left hand path, evil, is well conceptualized and defined in Tibetan religion, maybe even better than in the Bible.

As I have stated in a prior article the adversary should be the teacher and I consider John Alexander to be a teacher for the dark side of the force and my nemesis. George Lucas took old truths, myths and reconstituted them so as to be better understood by a modern sophisticated audience. Star Wars is entertainment, but it is much more than that.


The movie is a story of liberation projected into the minds of an enslaved humanity largely under the control of black magicians. The same could be said of Star Trek. Stories are spells cast and woven by the black magicians of our time and are potent weapons to entrap, ensnare and enslave the minds of the unwary.


While thrillers use fearful imagery to enthrall, deconceptualize and dumb down minds, sitcom stories trivialize minds. There are those that say this is just all harmless entertainment but is something much more sinister going on. Are things really as they seem, or are people’s minds being manipulated by modern day story tellers, info-warriors for the dark side in the mental battlefield.

In previous articles I began quoting from John Alexander’s book Future War the chapter on Info-war, page 111.


On this same page John has this to say,

“There will always be constant tension between the military and the media. Great care should be taken when developing a compelling story, to insure that the basic facts are true. Lies and partial truths will be found out. To be effective in the long run, it is absolutely necessary to be well grounded in facts. Spectacular stories may have immediate impact but, when found to be false they do far more damage to institutional credibility.”

John goes on to cite examples in relation to the Desert Storm stories of babies being thrown from incubators.

Moving on to page 112 John has this to say,

“We know that world leaders obtain much information form CNN. In major campaigns, other news organizations follow their lead. Employing perception management techniques includes gaining the willing support of the major news organizations. This is a tedious process that must be developed over many years through trusting relationships.”

On page 113 John says,

“The target of IW is the human mind. The only logical solution is to acknowledge perception management and execute it well. Of all the IW issues, perception management is the most demanding, contentious, and necessary.”

As John has pointed out so well, the media is a powerful tool of perception management a major tenet of the National Insecurity State and things are not always what they seem.

The black magician the master of deceit and illusion is a deluded creature who’s thinking and actions are based on very basic conceptual errors. John says the objective of war is to impose ones will on an adversary. The error in this instance is that John is not being specific enough. The statement should be, the objective of the predator, the black magician is impose its will on the prey. The objective of war for the white magician like the prey is to ethically defend against this imposition of will being exercised offensively by the predator. This is a fine point but its critical.


Only the predator imposes will, not the potential prey.

A much more significant and crucial conceptual error that warriors like John make that is foundational to the National Insecurity State that I have touched on in other articles is that a dangerous deceptive adversary can only be defeated by employing even more dangerous and deceptive tactics. As I have pointed out elsewhere, this is a very major conceptual error that may defeat the adversary externally, only to find out that the real adversary delusion, error, has simply been moved from without to within. Delusion is a psychological disease affecting the mind and to attack it in the same way it attacks you is madness! The disease is contagious.

Conceptual errors are the foundation of delusion and are perpetrated upon others in mass by the deluded through information warfare across the mental battlefield. We can gauge the state of collective delusion within society by observing the language of society. Orwell pointed this out very well in his writings. I think we could say that the degree to which words are perverted reflects the degree of perversion and delusion within society.


For instance, the National Security State is really the National Insecurity State, a state based on lies, fear and deception. Some words still have their correct meaning like, Department of War. If and when the Department of War inverts and becomes the Department of Peace watch out! The most sophisticated info-war adversary subverts language.

In exopolitics why do you think those with military connections replaced the term flying saucer with UFO once the truth was know by the military? The term flying saucer means extraterrestrial spaceship a known object. The term UFO degrades the term flying saucer to Unidentified Flying Object when in fact the objects have been identified by the military as extraterrestrial spaceships.


The black magician the hero of the National Insecurity State is a master of the subversion of language, the means of information conveyance. The black magician claims to be the protector of mankind freedom and liberty when in effect the opposite is true.

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Exopolitical Extremism

A recent attack on exopolitics and exopolitical researchers by Bud Hopkins an abduction investigator and researcher on the radio show Coast To Coast recently caught my attention. Clearly Bud is losing credibility as a UFO/ET investigator and researcher by making such unfounded and emotionally virulent attacks. It may play well with other extremist abduction researchers and investigators, but he risks alienating many of the rest of us in the field.

Investigators and researchers need to be working together to get the whole truth out to the public. Not only is Bud Hopkins extremist ideology damaging to himself, but also to the whole UFO/ET field. As always I must make myself clear that I tend to focus on friendly ET interactions while at the same time not ignoring the reality of unfriendly ET contact. One of the reasons I focus on the friendly contact cases is that I feel there is too much emphasis on unfriendly contact cases and I attempt to add balance. If the tables were turned I might be more inclined to change my position so as to work towards a balanced perspective.

The unfriendly ET perspective is not the only extremist position either. Over on the other side we have investigators like Richard Boylan and Steven Greer who just as vehemently espouse the friendly ET perspective, but at least they refrain from making false statements to the media as far as I know!


I think all this division just reflects the general polarization going on within society as a whole. When we find powerful extremist positions anywhere, we can figure that folks on both sides of the issue are both right and both wrong. There is a tendency of the mind to take a position and then defend that position by concentrating on evidence that supports that position and ignoring and downplaying evidence that undermines that position.

This natural tendency to jump to conclusions without viewing all the facts dispassionately and objectively is the bane of humanity. The problem is that once one takes a position without a broad enough perspective, the limited perspective begins to modify perceptions, hence the rose colored glasses syndrome. The net result is conceptual bondage, where one’s own little clump of trees obscures the view of the rest of the forest.

We in the exopolitics field that hold to the broad model that life is abundant and very diverse across the universe just as it is here on earth, catch it from both extremist positions. I guess this is a universal problem where those that take the middle ground and the largest perspective possible get caught in the crossfire between polarized extremist groups. Its pretty obvious in terrestrial politics and its just as prevalent in extraterrestrial politics as well.


We have these same divisions in both the government and in the military over exopolitical issues as well as national issues. Because extremists won’t take a good look at themselves and their over inflated and often deluded egos, they have to blame others outside of themselves for their and others problems. In so doing they become violent, deceptive and delusional creating division where ever they can. Unity and understanding is their salvation but they do not want to have any of that.


The best one can do is stay out of the way of extremists if possible, and if not one must defend oneself from their machinations.

In my blog I try to present the grand overview for both the novice and expert in the UFO/ET field. I think I am good at it because of my ecological background. I think it is noteworthy to point out that Bud Hopkins background is as an artist and Dr. Steven Greer’s background is a medical doctor. Whether we wish to acknowledge it or not our backgrounds to have a large degree of influence on our perspectives on life and living. I hope my readers are well served by my concepts and perspectives and realize that while I do focus on friendly ET interactions because of reasons of balance, but more importantly the reason is that I think there is more to learn here.

Unfriendly ET interactions teach us that we must protect ourselves from unfriendly ET’s, but that we must also evolve and use only ethical means to achieve our goals.


We can’t fight evil with evil and expect not to become evil ourselves. Bud Hopkins needs to understand this. Its clearly over the top for Bud Hopkins to go to the mass media and make false claims against exopolitics and exopolitical investigators. I have been investigating UFO/ET long before he was ever involved. Some of the cases I have investigated personally are on my blog. Bill Hamilton has been investigating friendly contact case since the 1950s.

So folks lets try to put a lid on this infighting, especially in the mainstream media.

Neither we nor the public at large is well served by such damaging and uncivil behavior. We have enough of a problem dealing with the propagandists and cover-up specialists without having to deal with it in our own exopolitical community as well. We are not going to be able to solve problems of abuse by being abusive to others within our respective environments.


Lets keep our eyes on the prize of full UFO/ET disclosure.


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Letter to the Exopolitical Elders

This article is addressed to the exopolitical elders who have struggled by all ethical means possible over many years against those who would deny the people of the world their cosmic civil rights and liberties. It has been a long struggle and will surely continue for many years to come.


We few have stood up for the many, humanities right to know the truth, for the right of free assembly with all ethical beings, and the right to pursue our religious, scientific, political activities in conjunction with advanced ethical celestial space faring societies.


Many of us recognize the fact that most of the world’s religions have been founded by advanced ethical space faring societies. We few have begun a cosmic rights movement but is our children who will have to pursue this movement in mass if they are to free themselves from the strategic deceptions perpetrated against their minds and bodies by the unethical, the unscrupulous, the greedy, the fearful and the hateful.

We the few while we have stood up for the many have endured the ridicule heaped upon us by the many. Yet we have persevered true to our own selves and to others no matter what the cost. We have forgiven our adversaries and the public who have been deceived into attacking us. We will continue the struggle for both the truth and our love of those who advertently or inadvertently out of ignorance persecute and ridicule us.


Our adversaries have show the power of deception to ensnare and all but shut down open dialogue between people involving exopolitical realities. The power of the wall of denial and ridicule laid down upon us all has subverted our emerging stellar civilization and set us all on the path to intellectual and emotional stagnation and planetary disaster.

It is no secret to secular and religious people alike that we live in apocalyptic times.


It is most unfortunate that things have come to this and that our very survival as a civilization is at stake as well as our planet sits at the verge of environmental catastrophe. The primary cause of our now precarious position is our low ethical and moral values. Our all to pronounced human weaknesses have made us vulnerable to strategic deceptions perpetrated not only upon the world political body by greedy, unscrupulous evil humans but by strategic deceptions perpetrated in the larger arena involving exopolitical realities.

Our present situation is immediate, precarious, and urgent. We today by our thoughts and actions are determining what type of celestial space faring race we will become now and in the future. While I admit things look grim I am hopeful that humanity will somehow muddle through this grave exopolitical crisis. I see our times as the birth pangs of a new cosmic race of people who will one day abide by cosmic ethical law and travel out into the reaches of space in peace and friendship rather than to colonize and war against our cosmic neighbors.

Today those of us who now have a vague understanding of exopolitical realities have the opportunity to use our collective experience to plan and develop ethical strategies for the sure to come cosmic civil rights movement that the young people will have to exercise in the future.


We may never see the promised land but it is my dream that our children will build upon our small beginnings, take up the torch to ignite the passions of the many and inspire the masses of humanity to seek and become an enlightened stellar society.


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Cosmic Rights Movement

In a letter to UFO Magazine I have made a call for a Cosmic Rights Movement patterned after the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s.


I envision this movement to follow cosmic ethical law, the Law of the Universe. Because the means and the end are indeed one, we only have the option to use ethical means to achieve our ends.


If we do not do this our means will subvert our lofty goal to free ourselves from the tyranny of the unethical, immoral, unscrupulous, greedy, evil elements within and without our newly emerging space faring cosmic race. We seem to be at a tipping point in human history and it is up to each of us to stand up and practice truth, honesty and love in our everyday affairs, exopolitical affairs and finally and foremost stand up for our cosmic civil rights. If we do not all pull together to do so then it may well be that instead of joining the cosmic neighborhood our civilization will fall into planetary destruction to be recycled and begin anew.

In order to achieve our strategic objectives we while working outwardly must also most importantly work on improving ourselves so as to remove the faults that can be so easily exploited by our powerful unethical adversaries. There is a reason that Satan lives in the Garden of Eden and that is make us smart while God however you conceive him or her to be teaches us to love. We have to become as wise as the serpent who stalks us and harmless and loving as the dove that flies overhead.

In order to wise up and free ourselves from those that would hold us in mental bondage through their unethical strategic deceptions, we have to develop clear and precise strategic thinking. Then we must discipline ourselves to carry out our actions in an efficient manner as possible because we have so few resources at our disposal while the unethical adversary has a vast amount of resources. One of the most important first steps that does not consume many resources is to love our adversaries so as to understand their unethical agendas and motivations.

Once we put names and faces to our adversaries and understand why they do what they do, then we can develop ethical strategic plans to reform and revitalize the mainstream institutions. Our adversaries control and use these institutions to deny us our freedoms, rights, and liberties as well as deplete us of much needed resources to struggle against them. Finally we hope to persuade our enemies if possible, to stop doing both they and us harm and join us to abide by cosmic ethical law.

One of the first things we have to figure out is how to get around the mainstream press blockade that very effectively keeps vital information within the UFO community in the UFO/ET community and out of mainstream society. This is a problem not only in the U.S. but around the world. If we in the UFO/ET community can’t get the truth about exopolitical realities and convey the immediacy and urgency of the disasters awaiting humanity out to the public at large in undistorted manner then we have lost before we even begin.


We need figure out how to run the blockade. Next after we are able to figure out various ways to run the blockade we must begin the task of revitalizing and reforming our economic, scientific, religious, legal, medical, and political institutions that now serve to enslave and ensnare us rather that liberate and enlighten us. This is going to be one daunting task and we to may not live to see the promised land. The more people we can bring onboard from the mainstream the faster the job of restructuring our societies on earth will be.


Ultimately we have the truth on our side and that will work greatly to our advantage once we put our shoulder to the wheel.

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Exopolitics - It’s Your World

This article is addressed to the youth of the world. We your ethical elders have found great value in truthfulness and loving kindness, in moral and ethical values and have been involved in a struggle all our lives for both our and your freedom and liberty. There are those within society that do not value true moral and ethical values but seek to impose themselves upon your bodies and minds so as to hold you in bondage. We who value truth have through diligent effort all our lives discovered that the Universe is seething with life here and elsewhere.

This life is much more technologically advanced than we are, and so can move about relatively undetected upon and around the earth for two reasons. One reason is that many technologically advanced races of celestial beings that are ethical and moral only want to make their presence known on a gradual basis giving our society time to adapt to the knowledge of their presence.


These celestial beings have founded most of the world’s religions.


On the other hand there are unethical celestial beings operating in conjunction with unethical earth humans in great secrecy who through a long series of strategic deceptions wish to enslave the minds as well as bodies of men. This is nothing new as can be seen by reading the ancient religious texts of peoples around the world.

Through our lifetime of effort, we your ethical elders, who value truth over lies, love over hate, openness over secrecy, have developed a workable model of the current situation and we call it exopolitics.


Exopolitics is the politics of the universe. It is we rightly believe through our lifetimes of investigation that the universe has developed a vast number of intelligent space faring races over billions of years of evolution, many who come to earth on a regular and sporadic basis. These races have a wide variety of agendas and motivations that reflect a diversify of ethical and moral values. Just because a civilization is highly technologically advanced and has great control over the material world or virtual reality field does not mean it is also ethical. Nevertheless it is true that there are cosmic moral and ethical laws that never change that govern both individuals and societies regardless of technological development or ethics.

It does not matter whether one believes or disbelieves in these ethical or moral laws they still hold sway over the affairs of all beings. The moral and ethical laws tend to segregate and stratify intelligence so that each has the opportunity to learn specific and collective lessons without overdue interference from other intelligence’s learning other different specific and collective lessons. What is important to know is that if we want to live a free happy life then we must always use ethical means to achieve our objectives, else the means will subvert the desired goal.

It is not enough for the truth seeker to be truthful because we do exist amongst those who value deception rather than truth and who live miserable lives beneath a cloak of respectability and false happiness. These poor miserable people often are very intelligent but use strategic deceptions to ensnare the unwary and draw others into their personal and collective hells. The battle between truth and lies is a age old battle and it runs through he minds of everyone both on and off planet. This battle forces us to get smart as well as develop truthfulness and loving kindness in our lives.


Each individual, group and society has the choice which road they will take either the path of creation or destruction. Today our society appears to be choosing the path toward destruction but this can be changed if enough people choose truthfulness and loving kindness over hate and lies. The fate of your world in your hands.

You the young people of the world have your lives ahead of you while the lives of your elders draw to a close.


You must stand up for your cosmic civil rights of freedom of association and religion in regards to ethical celestial space faring races of beings coming to earth at this time. There are those who would and are denying you these rights wishing to stand between you and these advanced beings so as to gain power and influence over you. Those unethical people and groups that would deny you your own mind have used the tricks of the magician on a mass scale to attack the people of the world in a deliberate and systematic manner.

SETI for instance uses the technique of misdirection to get the people to look far away for advanced cosmic intelligence when these intelligence’s are knocking on your back door. Millions of people are seeing and photographing UFO’s around the world.


But the term UFO is in itself another strategic deception created decades ago by those who knew that “UFO’s” were in fact the spacecraft of celestial beings. The spacecraft had been identified by the military and to claim they are unidentified is a strategic deception. The true term is ETV (extraterrestrial vehicle) and this is the term the military secretly uses.

The Committee For The Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal is nothing more that a proprietary organization used by the intelligence services to deceive the public. Even the name of the organization is a deception. There is nothing scientific about this organization, it does no scientific research, it is a political organization that works in conduction with SETI to deny and debunk our cosmic heritage. It is no secret that CSICOP (today's 'Committee for Skeptical Inquiry') is loaded with magicians and illusionists.


Even the groups studying “UFO’s” have been infiltrated by intelligence agents and used by the vast intelligence community for data collection. The members of these organizations have been dissuaded from political action that is necessary to end the political problem of a cover-up. It should be obvious that scientific solutions will not in themselves solve political problems.

Star Wars and the militarization of space is another strategic deception being perpetrated on the peoples of the world. Star Wars technology is meant to create a shield that will only allow in those unethical cosmic races that unethical world leaders have dealings with. The more ethical races will be deterred by this shield because they are ethical and will respect the right of humanity to remain in isolation and pursue destruction rather than creation.


I ask is this what you want your future to be?

So what are young people to do?


You the youth of the world have to wise up and realize the urgency and immediacy of the problem confronting humanity. You must take to the streets in the thousands to demonstrate for your cosmic civil rights of freedom of assembly with ethical space faring races. This is being denied to you at present. You need the advice and the insights that the celestial beings have to offer. These ethical beings can work together with humanity to insure our society becomes a ethical civilized space faring race rather than a race heading headlong into destruction.


You have a daunting task before you but a task that you must do as nobody is going to do it for you either on or off planet.


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Exopolitical - Communiqué To The World

We the citizens of the world have embarked upon a worldwide exopolitical cosmic civil rights movement. (Exopolitics is the politics of the Universe.)


This cosmic rights movement is necessary in order to liberate and free our minds as well as our bodies from the tyranny of the unethical, the unscrupulous, the greedy, the fearful and the hateful. It is no longer enough for those who desire dominion over us to enslave our bodies through corrupt economic and military institutions but the unethical now seek to enslave even our minds as well.


It is our own human weaknesses that make this mind control possible. It is up to us to free ourselves from political and exopolitical external controls imposed by force through a cosmic rights movement while at the same time work to become more ethical human beings. We the ethical, know that both the means and the end are one so we can only use ethical means to free ourselves from the tyranny of the unethical.

The slowly emerging cosmic civil rights movement must not only be built upon a strong ethical and moral foundation it also must be founded upon a exopolitical model that best approximates exopolitical reality.


We have to have a road map in order to properly navigate the difficulties ahead. Those that see clearly and think rationally, know, based on the evidence available, that the universe is teeming with technologically advanced intelligent life. This life has and is very involved on, in and about earth right under the noses of us all, yet unobserved and unacknowledged by many. This intelligent life is not only technologically diverse but also ethically diverse as well. It is this very diversity that allows humanity the freedom to choose its future.


We collectively vote our future with every thought and action we take every day of our lives. None us can avoid our responsibilities even if we do nothing, for that is a vote for the destruction of our emerging space faring civilization. The current situation is that serious.

While there has been a informal sporadic struggle for our cosmic rights ongoing around the world for decades, now is the time to give the movement a name and begin formalize and plan for a much more organized disciplined struggle. Once we create the proper ethical and exopolitical foundation for a more formal cosmic rights movement we can move to plan and execute strategies of liberation on a massive scale if the people are willing.

Our first strategy should be to improve our ability to communicate and synergize amongst ourselves worldwide in spite of the geographical, cultural and language barriers to the free flow of information. The internet provides us with a powerful and effective tool to do this. We need to build up a worldwide network of bi-lingual individuals who can translate and distribute the exopolitical foundational thought and the now developing exopolitical actions into their respective native countries.


This can be done through individual effort and through machine translations.

The most eloquent and moving appeals should be well translated by individual effort so as to convey the eloquence and inspirational nature of these appeals. The day to day material can be translated through machine translation. I would hope that those from around the world would contact me in the English language if possible or find someone who is bi-lingual in English in their own land to communicate with me if they recognize the importance of this work For myself I will attempt to get a machine translation program off the internet so that I can translate emails directly to me into English.

My vision of the organization of a worldwide cosmic civil rights movement would be to grow a organizational structure following the example of natural processes. Groups of regional and local organizers around the world networking together through the internet united in a common vision could cover the whole globe and reach out into space as well.


Anyone can be a organizer provided they strive to maintain high ethical and moral standards and get along well with others.

The organizers must have personal agendas that are in harmony with the overall vision of the networks and should be routed around and displaced if they impede or disrupt the free flow and synergetic interactions amongst individuals because of personal weaknesses or lack of motivation. In this way leaders are continuously being chosen and removed from leadership positions within the network based upon the collective decisions of the individuals within the networks. I can foresee that such highly ethical networks of liberation could then morph into a new advanced enlightened social political world government in the future.

My advice to those who wish to become leaders in the emerging cosmic rights movement is to just communicate and experiment without fear of making mistakes. Mistakes are just the product of the learning process. The important thing is learn from mistakes. Don’t overestimate or underestimate your abilities, just move!


Sitting in place and talking, wanting to do something is not going to get the job done.


What really matters is that we sincerely wish to change things for the better and discipline and focus our efforts to see that the job gets done. We have to always keep focused on our goal to maintain and expand on our basic freedoms, liberties and responsibilities.

Our goal is our most fundamental human rights and liberties. We have the right to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about exopolitical realities.

  • We have the right to assemble freely and willfully with ethical celestial beings with no interference or disruption from any institution, individual or group.

  • We have the right to speak openly and freely amongst ourselves with no strategic deceptions of denial, fear or ridicule imposed upon us by anybody terrestrial or extraterrestrial.

  • We have the right to develop and practice freedom of religion with cosmic visitors without any interior or exterior interference or disruption.

  • We have the right to create a peaceful ethical future on earth and in space.

The question is do we have the will and the motivation to become a civilized space faring civilization?


We will each answer this question with our own thoughts and actions one way or another.

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Exopolitical: Second Communiqué To The World

The United States of America has been primarily responsible for the creation, maintenance and the orchestration of the UFO/ET cover-up.


This has been accomplished not only through a series of strategic deceptions perpetrated upon the American public but upon the world body as well. It is known that after World War II unethical fascist elements within the United States government imported into America fascists from the defeated Germany though programs like Operation Paperclip.


While these unethical groups have subverted American democratic ideals in private they have as a strategic deceptive cover preached democratic ideals and ethical values to the rest of the world. The most damaging of all these strategic deceptions is the denial to the peoples of the world their rightful cosmic heritage.

Exopolitical investigators and activists around the world have begun efforts to persuade their respective governments to come clean and tell the truth about exopolitical realities to their citizens. This has been going on in the United States as well. It is my opinion that we should engage our unethical adversaries not where they are strongest here in the United States but where their influence is the weakest.


This would be in other countries that have been catching on to the machinations of the United States. All it would take to end the exopolitical cover-up would be for a few countries to break from the world wide cabal lead by the United States and Britain.


Already we see signs where exopolitical activists in Brazil, Peru, and Mexico have persuaded their respective governments to respect moral and democratic ideals and begin to tell the truth to their peoples.

In Brazil it seems ET contact has been negative yet the cooperation between civilians and military seems to have caused the unethical ET’s there to back off. In Peru the ET contact has been mostly positive and has resulted in many prearranged flyovers that have been filmed by the mass media in Peru but have not reached the rest of the world. Reports form Russia indicate a strong desire by the public for ethical ET contact. American activists should come to the aid of their counterparts around the world to help them in every way possible.

We here in America are developing a powerful conceptual framework called exopolitics that will help to liberate ourselves from the mind control programs and strategic deceptions placed upon us. This conceptual framework will not only help free us from the UFO/ET worldwide cover-up but it will protect us from the sure to come negative unethical spin to militarize space after the cover-up ends. We in America need to do everything we can to export this exopolitical conceptual framework to our fellow citizens around the world. We are in need of translators to translate our exopolitical thought as well as others who can assist in distributing this important knowledge to exopolitical activists all around the world through the internet.

One of the toughest obstacles to the free flow of information worldwide is the language barrier. Thanks to machine translation programs and the internet we here in America are beginning to interface with our counterparts all around the world to break through the language barrier. Exopolitical investigator Steve Moreno is breaking new ground using machine translation programs to discover contact networks worldwide.


(Here are two translation programs and


We will soon be able to communicate and link up with these other contact networks like our own through a discussion board that automatically translates posts. I am at present trying to get Steve in touch with Dr. Michael Salla to see if such a board is immediately feasible at his web site. 

Through conversations with Steve both he and I now realize that other contact networks in other countries are coming to these same realizations and are extending their networks to reach out to us. This organization structure appears to mimicking the processes of the brain where individual nerve cells come together to form networks then connect and grow into even larger networks.


The advent of the internet makes this advanced organizational process possible.

As this post makes it to other contact networks like our own around the world I hope it stimulates interest to respond in kind so as to improve all networks through shared information and synergies. I am presently getting Steve to help me understand machine translator programs and am trying to get him to post what he is learning to the rest of us. Steve is way ahead in reaching out to the rest of the world and we have some catching up to do.

As the exopolitical contact networks come together in some unified fashion worldwide we also begin the process of interfacing and guiding other earth human groups and institutions. Simultaneously the earth based exopolitical agenda integrates into the universal exopolitical agenda contacting and integrating into ethical celestial networks.


This appears to be a most elegant and sophisticated process most likely repeated elsewhere in the universe for emerging stellar space faring societies.


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Why The Old Guard Can’t See?

Dr. Michael Salla has been having ongoing discussions with the old guard UFOlogists over their faith based approach to the investigation of UFO’s.


It is my opinion the methods and methodologies used by old guard investigators are not so much flawed as they are specific to the collection and analysis of superficial data only. The old guard have faith that their superficial collection and analysis will ultimately one day solve the UFO/ET mystery. They have become so attached and emotionally invested in their outdated methods and models over time that they no longer can think clearly and rationally.


This is not only a problem in our field but in all disciplines as well. As people age their emotions and thinking become fixed into static habitual patterns that are not able to adapt to incorporate new evidence as it become available. The new valuable evidence is either ignored completely as hogwash or heavily discounted.

Let me give an example. I was raised in a family of early Ecologists. My father when he was a boy used to hang around and was mentored by taxonomists and collectors at the Chicago Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois. During the depression he had to quit college and was lucky to find a job working for the Field Museum collecting small mammals in the Smokey Mountains.


Later he came south and was mentored by Herb Stoddard who was a close friend of Aldo Leopold sometimes called the father of Ecology. Because my father was young he quickly grasped the principles of Ecology from Herb and other scientific friends. Herb himself was a collector and naturalist turned ecologist and lived on the plantation next to my family and was like a grandfather to me.

My father told me years later that try as he may, he could not convince his taxonomist mentors that ecology was a new science.


The taxonomists would say,

“Show us a relationship it does not exist. If we can’t touch it with our fingers, see it with our eyes or hear it with our ears it does not exist.”

The old guard taxonomists and collectors were important in their day because before ecology could develop plant and animal species had to be collected and given names. Then the early ecologists could study the dynamics of how these species interact within each other to create habitats and ecosystems.

Were the taxonomist’s methods and models wrong?


No, they were not wrong but limited in scope and were not applicable to the larger field of ecology. Because their thinking and emotions had become fixed they could not adapt their methods and models to a ever-changing perception of reality. They failed to understand that there were other tools in the tool chest that could be used to solve ecological problems. As far as I know it was only the collectors that became ecologists.

The emerging field of exopolitics is similar to the field of ecology in that both emerged out of older more established fields. It is also similar in that it is the young who can better grasp the basics of the new emerging fields when mentored by a few older “mavericks”, as my father used to call them. These heretics, which means free thinker in Greek, broke free of the fixed herd mentality of the old established paradigm. Lucky for us today, the heretics are not burned at stake but they still are ridiculed and disparaged by the old guard and their work suppressed.

Mainstream UFOlogists fail to understand that the methodologies of collection and analysis that they are using are analogous to that of taking a photograph. The photograph wither it is of a human being or that of a ocean surface mostly only records surface features. We can’t understand a human being using just a camera that records only the surface of the person. We need a MRI or CAT SCAN to image the interior of the person and a psychologist to attempt to understanding the thinking and emotions of a person. In the ocean we use sonar to collect data in the interior of the ocean.

What I am getting at is that what most UFOlogists are doing is simply collecting surface features in a very broad sense all over the world. It is evident that there is a massive amount of UFO activity going on everywhere as anyone who has been investigating actively around their own neighborhood can tell you.


Only a very small fraction of sightings or encounters get reported to a UFO reporting service. I have pointed out that in my own neighborhood when I had a active intelligence net operating I was getting a couple of reports a week within a fifty mile radius of my home. Its obvious something very big is going on right under the noses of all of us.


That is about as far as most old guard UFOlogists are going to get. Dr. Salla is right, the old guards have a faith based approach to the UFO/ET problem and no amount of faith is going to solve the problem. What is needed now are new models and approaches to the analysis and collection of data because the old ones have failed to keep pace with the times.

Here is a interesting story.


This was told to be by Jack a marine biologist and a good friend of mine. A biologist friend of his was doing research on octopuses. He had one in a tank and like any good scientist was meticulously going about doing experiments using little stakes in the tank to test the intelligence of the octopus. He became increasing frustrated when the octopus began to pull up and move his stakes around about the tank.


The octopus was ruining his experiment. One time while he was becoming increasingly upset and frustrated with the behavior of the octopus he suddenly realized what was happening. To his amazement, the little critter was moving the stakes around to see what he would do! The octopus was testing his intelligence! His old methodologies had suddenly become obsolete with his changing perception of his relationship to the octopus.

Addendum: After having written the above I headed down to the coast to visit with my friend Jack. I hijacked his computer while he was busy around the marine lab. I found a email from an establishment UFO investigator in my email box. We proceed to get into a discussion, “grin” that further clarified my thoughts on the above matter. I would like to give him credit for his contribution to this paper but we both agreed to keep our personal correspondence confidential.

Later I had a long walk with Jack through the Saint Marks Wildlife Refuge in a area not far from where UFO’s been chasing around the flounder fishermen late at night. Jack and I discussed the animosity between academics and or taxonomists in particular and the collectors that feed the taxonomists. It seems that the animosity originates from misunderstandings in the use of very different methodologies in their respective areas of expertise and the value assigned to the data being collected.


I would suspect this to be a far reaching problem and effect other disciplines as well. This would include animosities in the intelligence community between the agent in the field and the analyst behind his computer at CIA headquarters.


Sometimes the only way for the boss to make sense of the data is to get out in the field to see for himself what is going on.


The taxonomists in the days of my father, used to work in the musty smelly basement of the Field Museum sorting and identifying preserved dead plants and animals and rarely got out in the field.


Today I assume taxonomists work in offices behind their computer screens as do the academics and intelligence analysts. Today just as yesterday these in house people tend on average to maintain a air of snobbery and quiet disdain for the collector or agent on the ground who is out mucking around getting his or her hands dirty and in direct contact with the data. This direct contact with the data it is believed by the analyst or taxonomist to somehow taint the collector or agent’s objectivity.


On the other hand the collector or agent believes that analyst or taxonomist is living in a ivory tower out of touch with the real world and is incapable of properly filtering the data that comes to his or her desk. This is a very dysfunctional situation. In the intelligence world this can lead to disaster and in the field of exopolitics it has stymied progress amongst mainstream investigators.

In the field of Exopolitics the mainstream investigator and data collector sitting behind his or her computer excludes in my opinion the most significant data from his or her data base that will lead to the resolution of the UFO enigma. These errors in judgment keep the old guard investigator stopped in their tracks and unable to proceed further, while the new guard moves ahead. While the old guard hold to their faith that their failing methodologies will eventually solve the UFO enigma the new guard penetrates the problem with new and various multiple methodologies adapted to the task and hand.

The old guard works to get better and better superficial pictures of the exterior of the enigma. They become increasing frustrated and disparage the new guard’s more error prone flying by their seat of their pants methodologies. I don’t see any problem with making errors except that people admit to errors and try to correct them.


(See allegations make by Dr. Edgar Mitchell on Dr. Steven Greer’s overreaching and apparent failure to make amends. Maybe the disagreement centers around just who is disclosure witness but Dr. Mitchell’s feelings should be considered. I hope this dispute has been settled.)

Meanwhile the new guard is invited on board the spacecraft and begin to negotiate with the occupants. The old guard will think the new guard are nuts until the evidence becomes indisputable that some UFO are as Stanton Friedman is fond of saying, “are somebody else’s spacecraft.”


It seems obvious that once a investigator realizes that some UFO’s are somebody else’s spacecraft the next step is to get invited on board for tea, as Jack says, providing the occupants are cordial and friendly and respect basic human rights.

I suspect all new fields that emerge out of older established fields or disciplines run into these very same problems that originate in the mind and the emotions of the participants. The experienced old guard become fixed and inflexible in their beliefs holding on to outdated methodologies that have worked in the past. The young with more open minds draw on the experience of the older generation but with more open minds move the field forward even though they are at times reckless.

As we ended our walk through the forest, Jack commented to me that all methodologies and disciplines are faith based.


The problem seems to be that most people as they age become heavily invested, mentally and emotionally, in their beliefs and are unable to detach from methodologies that are not keeping up with our ever changing perceptions of reality.

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The Ultimate Warrior Is A Diplomat

“It should be obvious to all that have eyes to see that the earth is flat and that the heavens revolve about the earth. To suggest otherwise indicates madness.”

Cardinal Jack Sarfatti in a previous life.

After writing, Illuminating The Dark Side, I went to South Florida to help take care of my sister who is dying from the effects of cancer. While there I proceeded to engage the Intelligence Community via the internet as to the importance of celestial human networks and to point out that the phenomena network is just a new guise for what is also called the Lucifer network, a network of unethical celestial beings.

I engaged Dan Smith who is know in the Intelligence Community and in certain public circles to be the conduit for the insertion into the public domain of back channel information. In return Dan gathers intelligence from the public domain and passes this information back into intelligence community via his friend and contact Ron Pandolfi. In a phone conversation Dan said he thought Ron might now be the chairman of MASINT (Measurement and Signatures Intelligence) which seems to be one of the four divisions of the DNI (Decorate of National Intelligence).

These divisions are Signals Intelligence, Image Intelligence, Human Intelligence and Measurement and Signatures Intelligence. Dan believes and from the literature that suddenly became available on the internet in a very short time while I was researching MASINT, it seems that MASINT includes unconventional collections. Dan also told me in this phone conversation that he was lead to believe that XXX had foreknowledge of the 911 attack. When this information came out in a dialogue posted to the internet it created quite a furor within the Stardrive network which involves many top physicists and intelligence operatives.

I would like to note at this point that I could to be in telepathic contact with a higher intelligence that guides my actions. (I am just not this smart) This intelligence is intent upon integrating earth based networks from the man on the street to the highest levels of government into the ethical celestial networks so as to bring about a constructive transformation of society as a whole.


This effort is opposed by a unethical celestial network that does not want this transformation and in fact wants to enslave and exploit mankind as a resource as it sees fit. The unethical celestial network seeks to destabilize and confuse humanity to such a degree that it can then take control. This so called phenomena network, a new guise for the old Lucifer Network, works to create conflict and confusion through strategic deceptions of which 911 may be a example. We saw this same sort of thing in Nazi Germany prior to World War Two being used to strengthen Nazi control over the citizenry.

There is some resistance on my part in communicating with certain high level people in the Intelligence Community which have become trapped in unethical networks but I am inclined to go along with the guidance and so far the suspected higher intelligence seems to be on top of things. This intelligence feels that all people have the right to be told the truth. I am mindful of my own security in this manner and a certain amount of telepathic dialogue involves the stating of my concerns. My exopolitical associates are also concerned with my involvement in a dialogue with high level intelligence operatives.

This came to the fore after the contact with Dan when the higher intelligence wanted me to engage John Alexander when the opportunity suddenly arose on the internet possibly instigated by higher intelligence. Dan had made the statement as Jack Sarfatti said, “seems to have come right out of the blue”, that he Jack did not like John. This resulted in a flurry of conversation as to Dan’s sanity by Jack.


The internet conversation came to be called the, The Devil’s Game, and John Alexander asked how had he got drawn into this mess. Higher intelligence then suggested that I contact John and tell him that his being drawn into the conversation was a ploy and that what might have been considered a mistake in judgment by Dan implied a telepathic intrusion into the internet. The impression I got was that John was already in a messy situation or about to get into one and the higher source was interested in offering advice.

John is widely know for his involvement in special forces and his interest in paranormal phenomena. He is a expert on exotic weapons and warfare. So obviously he considers himself a warrior. The source knows this and tailored the message within this conceptual framework to the warrior class of society and John in particular as he is the open public conduit into the public domain for certain very secret elements of the military.

The message I was suggested to relay and which I did with some reluctance for my own security was that the military can’t beat the Devil, now called the phenomena network, at their own game. That the only way out of the mess they were in was to change the nature of the game making it more ethical and open.


That if they persisted in attempting to beat the unethical celestial beings at their own game they were going to lose which would be catastrophic for them and for society as a whole. It would be a situation where their greatest fear would be realized and become manifest, that of loss of earth human sovereignty to a unethical alien race.

The ethical celestial being or beings stated that should humanity take the right hand path rather than the left hand path it was now on, warriors would become diplomats. That humanity would become an enlightened race and accepted into the ethical celestial networks. The right hand path is the path of truth and left hand path is the path of deception, secrecy and delusion as stated in the religious teachings of the East. All of reality is based upon the interaction between constructive force and destructive force and one will either evolve or devolve depending upon which path is taken individually and collectively.

There will be many who read this that will think I am simply nuts. This is understandable because a person in a three dimensional reference framework will perceive the thoughts and actions of a individual in multidimensional reality as insane. While to a person in a multidimensional frame of reference these same thoughts and actions will be seen as quite rational and that it is the individual in three dimensional space that is in fact deluded. We can expect this struggle to intensify as it seems that humanity is being assisted by higher celestial networks to move into multidimensional reality.


The motives of the higher celestial networks seems to be a combination of self interest and a honest desire to help humanity on earth. The self interest is reflected in the idea that in an enlightened society warriors have evolved into diplomats. This ideal guides higher intelligence activity on earth.

The true warrior has the warriors edge and this edge comprises of both foreknowledge of events before they manifest into three dimensional reality and a love for all beings of the universe no matter how deluded or advanced they might be. A ideal true warrior never has to fight a battle and dissipate energy in conflict because with foreknowledge of a event the situation can be rectified before it degenerates into conflict. If a warrior becomes involved in conflict all lose some more than others but all lose. If the potential conflict is resolved before it becomes manifest in a friendly and loving manner everybody wins. This is the message that higher intelligence wants to communicate to the military.

Furthermore higher intelligence is trying to communicate to the Intelligence Community that the focus and structure of the Intelligence Community is biased in favor of threat and against opportunity. The imbalance between threat and opportunity favors unethical celestial races of beings because the community has been blinded to the existence of ethical celestial networks and their importance in counter balancing the unethical celestial networks.


The Intelligence Community needs to be reorganized to remedy this imbalance before the trap snaps shut on the whole of humanity.


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Illuminating The Dark Side

It is reasonable and prudent to attempt to identify and defuse obstacles to a mission in the early stages of planning and deployment before they become severe and threaten the mission at some later time. Prompt action taken early will save much larger expenditures in the future and may even save the mission from disaster at a later date. A good planner will carefully survey the environment in which the mission will evolve and will study both the success and failures of previous similar missions within this environment.

My mission is to facilitate earth human contact with ethical celestial beings. The environment the past fifty years has not been favorable to those with a mission to establish open ethical sustained contact because powerful, corrupt established interests have been and are threatened. There are legitimate national security concerns involving unethical celestial activity or the possibility of such activity. Unfortunately the national security establishment’s vision has been clouded by fear, greed, corruption, deception and excessive secrecy.


Its perception of, and reaction to, celestial beings has been mostly indiscriminately hostile, destructive to both humanity’s interests and the interests of ethical celestial beings but beneficial to unethical celestial races.

The fifth column that so concerns the national security establishment does not operate in the light of day. Those of evil intent reside much nearer to home hiding in the very institution that is itself responsible for national security. Here they lie protected, secret and deceptive, pointing the finger away from themselves and toward the innocent.

Its easy to see in the texts of world religions that both ethical and unethical celestial beings have established contact with earth humans for thousands of years. This contact has accelerated rapidly after World War II. I have discussed various aspects of this in my paper, The Case For Celestial Humans. Contact in the 1950’s and 1960’s seems to have been with individuals and small groups.


A small Ummo contact group in Spain involving ethical celestial humans in the 1960’s was disrupted and suppressed by what appears to have been CIA agents.. Larger contact groups came into existence in the 1970’s. There is a very significant case involving over thirty individual’s at one time in Canada that began in 1974 that has been researched in depth by investigator Steve Moreno of Psi Applications. This group seems to have been vigorously and brutally crushed by the security services of both Canada and the U.S..

Interestingly at this same time Sixto Paz Wells and some others were contacted by ethical celestial humans near Lima Peru in 1974 and together formed what is now called the Rama Mission.


This contact by ethical celestial humans has not been crushed and is still ongoing. The group seems to have come under covert attack in the early 1990’s and as a counter measure to this attack the group dropped its formal non-profit status and formal organization. The international organization dissolved into small independent cells worldwide but the individual cells still remain active and in contact with ethical celestial humans. Furthermore Sixto Paz Wells has been denied entry into the United States to further suppress his activities here.

Now in the early part of the twenty first century an even more organized contact network is evolving within the domain of what is now called exopolitics and the newly created Exopolitical Institute. If the past is any guide we can expect trouble soon from the national security establishment unless we can engage and defuse the concerns of the many good men and women of the armed forces, the rank and file, who may be wrongly manipulated into attacking us and harming our mission.


A part of our mission should be to tell truth to power so as to blow back up the chain of command to those of evil intent and purpose so that justice may be served.


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