1. Exopolitics On The Cutting Edge

  2. There’s Gold In Them There Spaceships! - Newly Emerging Scientific Disciplines

  3. Transition To A Post UFO/ET Disclosure World

  4. Exopolitics Drives National and International Politics (A little briefing for the board) 

  5. Briefing (Part 2) 

  6. Briefing (Part 3) UFO/ET Related Human Mutilations

  7. Why People Like Robert Collins Deserve Respect 

  8. Exopolitics - Disinformation Games?

  9. The Fulford Revelations - Asian Secret Society Challenges Illuminati

  10. U.N. Tribunal For Crimes Against Aliens? 

  11. Trans Species Genome Modifications for War Or Peace 

  12. Can We Reach Technological And Cultural Parity With ET? 

  13. Can We Achieve Parity With ET? (Well, Maybe) 

  14. The National Security State A Slave Society

  15. Will Increasing Geopolitical Tensions Blow The Lid Off The Cover-up? 

  16. Extraterrestrial Civilizations and Global Security 

  17. Sacking of the Exopolitical Temples 

  18. Congressional Safecrackers On The Loose

  19. Reflections From A Desert Cave On A Hawaiian Shore

  20. Exopolitics, A Modern Perception of an Age Old Problem 

  21. Putting Human Evolution Back On Track 

  22. A Call For Interlocking Civilian-Military Exopolitical Networks 

As I noted in the previous section I still am not happy with the way I have these articles organized into sections. The articles were written over a several year period so there is a certain evolution of thought with my latest articles showing some improvement over the earlier articles.


The process of organizing the articles into sections causes some confusion that I regret. When I wrote the articles I did not have the idea of a book in mind. There is also a certain duplication of material and rehashing of my ecological past in several articles that were designed for several different audiences.


Hopefully I can work out some of the bugs in upcoming drafts.







Exopolitics On The Cutting Edge

When there is a sincere and profound desire to know and express truth, combined with discipline and focus, a particular state of consciousness develops that I have referred to as merging into the telepathic net.


I have written about this in the past and it happens to me from time to time. I observe my consciousness shifting into that rarefied atmosphere where new concepts and ideas flood the mind.

Sometimes things move so quickly and profoundly it becomes difficult and a strain on the brain to get all the material down and fixed in 4D space. There is this very real problem of burnout, like putting a thousand watts through the filament of a one hundred watt light bulb. It takes time to tame this creative process and often one comes crashing down from these rarefied heights like Icarus who flew too close to the sun.


With time and experience one masters this discipline and somehow develops skills to handle these higher states of consciousness.

“In the depths of space huge clouds of interstellar dust swirl, the breeding grounds of new stars. The dust slowly aggregates becoming ever closer and hotter until suddenly out of the swirling clouds of dust and new star is formed that illuminates the space and dust clouds around it. Some stars quickly burn out in a few million years others slowly burn for billions of years before collapsing into black holes that congregate in the center of rotating galaxies.”


We ask, “Is not humanity like the spiraling clouds of interstellar dust where from time to time one individual or a group of individuals suddenly and spectacularly ignite for a time illuminating the rest of mankind through the darkness of space.”

“There will be those that find themselves attracted to new concepts and ideas so as to find them enlightening and liberating as there will be detractors who will find these things hard to stomach or even consider them delusional.”


They scream out, “There is not a shred of evidence to back up these claims, these outrageous ideas!”


We ask, “Is this not the history of mankind, new ideas spark intense controversy as those attracted to new ideas battle it out with those who find change hard to comprehend, cling to the old and are fearful of the new.”

Detractors who are suddenly exposed to a flood of new ideas find themselves struggling with the same aberrations of personality they so passionately rave against. Because critics are often unable to discriminate between crackpots and visionaries they erroneously lump them both together in the same basket and even fanatically pursue and persecute these subversive heretics. (The Greek word for free thinker or one who thinks for oneself.)

Living exopolitics is living life on the cutting edge.


Exopolitics is a new emerging field within a larger evolving field that I call astro-ecology or exo-ecology because human interrelationships and social systems are a part of nature like everything else. Those of us that work in the emerging field of exopolitics must stay focused and not become distracted by the detractors.


We have to forge ahead, so as to illuminate the path ahead for those that come after us, then pass on what we have learned to the next generation who stand on our shoulders just as we have stood on the shoulders of those before us. This is more than just talk for me as I articulate and record ideas and concepts on to the Internet for all who wish to receive them.

These ideas do not just spring out of thin air, out of the telepathic net on their own, but are the essence of a lifetime of discovery. New ideas come into the minds of those that are prepared to receive them, much like a radio receiver, and it takes discipline and focus to then fix these ideas in 4D space so that they can be shared with others who find value in them.

I am just now beginning to appreciate the creative processes of visionaries like Gene Roddenberry who could rightly be considered the father of exopolitics. The Star Trek series has illuminated the lives of not just a few people but millions and billions of people through several generations. The accuracy of his positive vision of humanities future is becoming more and more apparent daily as his visions become reality. The same could be said of Jules Verne and Tesla, their visions have withstood the test of time and have illuminated and motivated mass human consciousness.


These were men who truly lived on the cutting edge and made great contributions to the collective welfare of humanity.


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There’s Gold In Them There Spaceships! - Newly Emerging Scientific Disciplines

For those brave scientists who do not fear ridicule, or the loss of their day jobs, the UFO/ET field is yielding a rich harvest. This harvest is not just for technocrats interested in reverse engineering alien technology. (See Col Philip Corso’s book, The Day After Roswell).


Like with any newly emerging field of endeavor the investigating scientists must be both intelligent and discriminating, else they become discouraged, lost in the maze of information and disinformation.

New scientific disciplines are evolving out of the UFO/ET field, and once again in old age, I find myself with a front row seat, on the leading edge of scientific discovery. Since early childhood I have been surrounded by very creative individuals. I was born into a family of early ecologists, which at the time was a newly emerging field of scientific inquiry in itself. Most establishment scientists miss the boat because they turn away from emerging fields of inquiry thinking that it is all crackpot.


The truth is that any new field because it is young, consists of elements of both reality and unreality. Only the most brave, creative, imaginative and discriminating individuals and groups forge ahead into newly emerging domains. These people are strong and bright enough to stand up to the inevitable fear and ridicule heaped upon them by their peers.

Because of the UFO cover-up by world governments, the UFO/ET field has become a intelligence agent’s playground, a mental battlefield between those who seek the truth and those intent on suppressing the truth. (See Richard Dolan’s excellent well documented book, UFO’s And The National Security State.) I predict that many of the young people today that have become interested in exopolitics will one day use their understanding gained from this suppressed and ridiculed field to become leaders in new emerging fields of scientific inquiry that we can only dream about today.


Regardless of what the propagandists say, UFO/ET investigators are on the leading edge of scientific inquiry despite the denial and ridicule of the subject. Those that have taken the time to do their homework, know that most extraterrestrials that have traveled to earth are advanced in all disciplines. After all they got here before we got to them didn’t they? Some scientists are trying to figure out how to get from here to there. (See Stardrive site.)

I predict that even with the cover-up still in force, the evidence becoming publicly available in the UFO/ET community will eventually result in tremendous advances in science, technology, politics and religion. It is difficult to conceptualize or even imagine the advances to be made when the cover-up ends and the existence of extraterrestrial races become widely admitted and known.

I see young creative minds rummaging through the UFO/ET evidence on the internet and this gives me great hope for the future. I have some personal knowledge of newly emerging fields of science and those very creative young individuals that grew up to found new sciences. It is the young who are most open to new ideas and concepts. Sometimes it takes one or more generations to overcome establishment dogma and propaganda. Science was suppressed by the church for hundreds of years. Now the tables are turned and the establishment scientists with their own dogma, secret politics, and their peer review, suppress newly emerging sciences and even religion.

I lived my childhood amongst the best in the field of the natural sciences. One could almost say that I was born with a butterfly net in one hand and a fire torch in another. My toys were not inanimate objects but a great variety of wild creatures that I tamed to be my constant companions. In my young years I was a creature of the woods and fields of what is now Birdsong Nature Center. I roamed, hunted, fished, played and worked on the 565 acre property my parents owned and managed.


I was fortunate to have been born into a family of early ecologists. As a young man I learned ecology as an apprentice from some of the earliest and most respected men and women involved in the newly emerging field of ecology. Herb Stoddard was a close friend of Aldo Leopold and both are considered to be the fathers of ecology. Herb was my father’s mentor and like a grandfather to me.


He introduced my father to ecological principles and prescribed fire with the result being that my father, backed up by his brother Roy Komarek and my mother Betty Komarek, later became known by some as the father of fire ecology.

My experience has not been limited to land based ecology because Jack a close friend of mine is one of the earliest marine biologist-ecologists-environmentalists. Like most other ecologists he started as a collector and still does marine collecting for his company. I keep my sailboat at times moored on his “Living Dock” which is one of the titles of many marine environmental books that he has written.


He and his wife Ann own Gulf Specimen Marine Laboratories

Of course other people helped found the fields of ecology and fire ecology as well, but these friends and family steadfastly dedicated their lives to ecology. These early ecologists started out as museum collectors and evolved into ecologists, something the early taxonomists who worked with the collectors were not able to do. To understand ecology one must spend a lot of time outdoors in direct contact with plants and animals and not in smelly, dusty museum basements where the taxonomists worked. My father used to argue with the taxonomists who just could not understand ecology. They would tell him, show us a relationship, let us touch and feel it, there is no such thing!

I was prepared to follow in my parents ecological footsteps, but in my early twenties I quit after three years of college, two of them at the University Of Alaska at Fairbanks. I struck out on my own a very scary thing to do. The University of Alaska was a small college with few courses to choose from. I had yet to have a single class in wildlife management my major, and I was flunking two years of French which like the other courses had little to do with ecology. I did not feel I was getting educated, only indoctrinated. I could not articulate it at the time but unconsciously I knew that academia was all about obedience and conformity and little about free thinking and creativity.

I would like to make it clear that I believe that there are some bright academics who have managed to avoid having their creativity stifled and suppressed by academia. My concern is with those academic elite, those high priests of science, who are no different from the high priests of our religious past. Credentials and position, just as with the high priests of old, are everything. It’s not about true scientific inquiry at all, but about control.


These scientific autocrats, living in their institutional ivory towers divorced from overall reality, are no different from other autocrats outside of science. This idea promoted by academia that one cannot do good science without a degree is pure rubbish! It’s the same thing as saying, you can’t know God without a high priest for a intermediary.

Neither my father nor Herb Stoddard had formal degrees and they did excellent science.

My father had to drop out of college in the great depression to help support his family and went off mammal collecting in what was to become the Smokey Mountains National Park. Herb Stoddard started off as a museum taxidermist and bird collector and soon began studying the Bob White Quail in Southwest Georgia in the 1920s which led to his ecological discoveries.

My father Ed Komarek Sr. did get a honorary doctorate from Florida State University for his ecological work late in life. My mother had a degree in Botany from Florida State University. Neither Herb nor my Dad had much appreciation for advanced degrees feeling that the educational process stifled creativity and promoted excessive specialization in the ecological field.

These early ecologists were generalists who were able to grasp broad concepts’ because their creativity was not being stifled and their focus narrowed through overspecialization and academic indoctrination. They like my friend Jack abhorred academic arrogance and ignorance and fought against it all their lives. It was a PHD that first let a fire get away from him on Tall Timbers Research Inc. that cost the institution several thousands of dollars. My father and his friends founded Tall Timbers

I struck out on my own to understand who I was and what life was really about, but I never in my wildest dreams would have considered that one day my early interest in the paranormal and UFOs would merge back into ecology in old age. I never expected to find myself squarely on the leading edge of newly emerging disciples of exopolitics, exobiology, and astro-ecology. Somehow in a strange twist of fate I did follow in my parents footsteps after all.

It makes me think that somehow our lives are generally planned out ahead of time and that consciously we are just along for the ride. I wrote about this in a article on the evolution of free will. I don’t believe we have much free will yet, because so much of who we are and what we do is shaped by unconscious evolutionary forces. Only after we understand ourselves and our reality will we have any significant free will. We have a very long ways to go. This is my answer to the age long debate over free will, that has been going on for thousands of years.

We know that ecology was not the only discipline that emerged out of earlier broader disciplines. Chemistry evolved out of alchemy, astrophysics out of astrology as did ecology out of the natural sciences. New scientific disciplines were founded not by specialists but by generalists. The minds of specialists seem too limited and focused to be able to easily grasp large concepts. Only after a field has evolved to a certain point by generalists does the specialist come into his or her own. Formal training often can be an impediment to the contextual awareness of a generalist.

Establishment scientists, religious scholars, sociologists, politicians, psychologists often fail to appreciate the early origins of their disciplines and those few very creative individuals that founded those fields. More often than not founders work not for a paycheck, but for the love of scientific inquiry. My father often commented that the quality of work in science decreases as the paycheck increases. Establishment scientists are blinded and even suppress evolving new disciplines.

Nowhere is this more evident today that in the field of exopolitics or UFO/ET research, a field that has been suppressed and ridiculed for 60 years because it threatens older autocratic organization structure. Soon it will be widely know that life has evolved elsewhere about the universe and has come to our shores long ago and has had a wide influence on earth and our culture, even our humanity. We can expect quite a uproar after the fact, from ignorant, arrogant establishment scientists and journalists when they find out how badly they have been deceived by the perpetrators of the UFO cover-up. They will be last to know.

As has happen so often in the past, those that have been persecuted and ridiculed by establishment autocrats as crack pots, will one day be considered visionaries and the fathers and mothers of new disciplines. Sure there are some real crackpots in this field like any other, but that’s not the point. The UFO/ET field is like a gold mine with lots of ore and some very important nuggets. It was the same for astrology and alchemy.


If a person has the ability to negotiate through all the confusion and deception to get at the nuggets, they will be richly rewarded. UFOology is no different that other broader fields of alchemy and astrology which have so advanced mankind’s understanding in ancient times.

Because of the 60 year extraterrestrial cover-up many mainstream scientists, sociologists, psychologists, politicians etc. have a lot of catching up to do. They will continue to be made vulnerable out of ignorance and arrogance post disclosure in future years, to misleading partial releases of evidence of extraterrestrial life, just as they have been vulnerable to the cover-up itself. It is of tremendous importance that all people are informed of the whole truth in a well thought out balanced manner, and not continue to be manipulated by propaganda techniques of collective mind control perpetrated by autocratic regimes.

Today’s scientists have been indoctrinated for sixty years to believe UFO research is simply crackpot science. Today’s scientific establishment thinks it ridiculous to suppose that astro-ecology, exobiology, advanced technology etc. could have a sound foundation based not on travel to other solar systems, but based on what travelers from other solar systems bring to earth.


Only those scientists that have been involved in classified projects would know better. Unfortunately these mainstream scientists have chosen to remain silent to keep their jobs or even to use their reputations and public exposure to propagandize their fellow scientists in return for access to secret extraterrestrial knowledge.

Scientists propagandize and suppress the truth to their fellow scientists through front organizations like SETI and The Committee For The Scientific Investigation Of Claims Of The Paranormal. The so called scientific committee does not even do scientific investigation and even its name is deceptive. SETI is simply a exercise in misdirection based on the illusionist’s art.


The UFO/ET debunkers even while they work diligently on covert classified projects involving ET contact use their scientific credentials and their front organizations to suppress public awareness. See The McDaniel Report.

These organizations work closely with the mainstream media to deny the evidence and ridicule UFO/ET investigators. Other organizations like the tabloid; The Weekly World News founded by counterintelligence professionals trashes the subject with silly fabricated stories at every supermarket checkout counter. When something serious begins to break in the mainstream out comes a silly fabricated story on the event.


What is being done to the public is simply despicable!

We should not expect autocratic regimes responsible for the UFO/ET cover-up to stop propagandizing the public, post disclosure, just because the governments they control have presented evidence that proves extraterrestrial life exists and has been coming to this planet for a very long time. I expect the public to be continued to be bombarded by propaganda and partial releases of evidence. Autocratic regimes will apply fearful spin in support of the military industrial complex so as to continue to suppress overall context. In nature nothing wants to die and this goes for social organizations as well as individual life.

When the overall context eventually comes to public awareness the public will see there are better more democratic organized societies that are organized the same way our bodies are organized. I have written about this theory of social evolution in other articles in detail. I believe that in the future after the cover-up ends, overt autocratic regimes as well as more covert autocratic regimes that hide behind a thin veneer of democracy, as here in America, will give rationalizations and excuses for the cover-up in abundance.


This will be mostly propaganda with a kernel of truth, for the real reason is that if mankind continues to evolve, autocratic regimes overt and covert, will be replaced by newer more advanced forms of organization structures that do not involve the predator-prey, master-slave, elitist, organizational structure.

This is the real reason behind the UFO/ET cover-up and why we in the field of exopolitics have to fight a info-war against a formidable adversary not unlike what Ed Komarek Sr., even when threatened with jail, had to do against Smokey The Bear anti-fire propaganda. My father and his ecologist friends stood up to the powerful United States Forest Service that had almost unlimited resources and eventually won because truth was on their side. Those of us involved in exopolitics must keep the faith for we too will prevail one day.

I find myself moving ever further out on the leading edge of scientific and social discovery supported by the developing evidence in the UFO/ET community. The extraterrestrial races being reported are many in number and of great diversity. Such would be expected from a universe as large as ours. Some of these beings are human like ourselves, some are humanoid and many are completely different from us.

What accounts for all this diversity of intelligent life coming to earth? It must be that as nature evolves different evolutionary strategies some work out one way on one planet and another way on another. Scientists have even speculated that had not the dinosaurs been wiped out or severely suppressed leaving a niche for mammals, there would be a intelligent reptile on this planet rather than a intelligent mammal. This thinking is not new.


UFO crash investigator Len Stringfield wrote a lot on this and there are pages devoted to this in a little known book called, UFO Crash At Aztec by William Steinman with contributions by Wendelle Stevens.

I have taken this train of though ever further and predict that post cover-up it will be widely know as fact that natures different evolutionary strategies and artificial evolutionary strategies produce very diverse intelligent planetary and space faring species with a wide variety of motivations and agendas. As an example consider the different evolutionary strategies of interior skeletons vs. exoskeletons and how they seem to lead to very different types of intelligent species coming to earth. Some extraterrestrials coming and involving themselves with mankind look similar to insects and seem to have a hive mentality while many other extraterrestrials are humanoid and have interior skeletons and social structures similar to ours.

When one takes this great diversity of life coming to earth with its diversity of interrelationships, it should be easy to see and conceptually grasp the fact that the new field of astroecology is going to become a huge discipline hand in hand with exopolitics. So to all you young scientists out there, if you have the stomach to stand up to the elite propagandists and risk ridicule and your paycheck you will be richly rewarded for your investigation into the UFO/ET phenomena.


I predict that the most notable scientific and religious achievements in the fields of physics, ecology, biology, genetics, religion, sociology, politics, artificial intelligence, technological development, etc. will be seen to emerge out of this propagandized and disrespected UFO/ET field of inquiry.

My fire ecologist father told me at the end of his life that all that he dreamed of came true. He said he was fortunate to have lived long enough to see the success of his labor. He saw in his lifetime the Forest Service abandon its anti-fire policy and propaganda campaign, to adopt the need to control burn forests and grasslands so as to maintain ecological diversity and debris removal to protect against catastrophic wildfires. I can only hope that I too may live long enough to see the end of the UFO/ET cover-up and the propaganda campaign by world governments.


Even if I don’t, I will die knowing that in my small way I have made a contribution.


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Transition To A Post UFO/ET Disclosure World

There is going to be a large UFO/ET credibility gap in the minds of the general public in regards to established institutions post disclosure.


More and more people are beginning to realize that their right to know the truth about intelligent extraterrestrial life coming to earth has been suppressed by establishment institutions both government and private.


It is possible and even probable that much of the uninformed public will continue to be susceptible to mainstream propaganda even after the propagandizing institutions have admitted to lying and deceiving the public. The propagandists will say, “sure we lied and we are sorry, but now you can trust us to tell you the truth.” Yeah right! Many people are like the comic strip character Charlie Brown and want to believe in their institutions so badly that they will continue play the role of the perpetual victims. The truth is that propagandists and deceivers are not going to change their delusional habits overnight, but will only shift tactics to adapt to the changing external conditions.

On the other hand there will be those who will have lost what little faith they have remaining in their mainstream institutions. They will feel betrayed by their government, scientific, religious and journalist leaders and will look to new untainted leaders with a history of telling it straight to the public. I suspect that we involved in the field of exopolitics could be overwhelmed by the needs of the public for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.


We may not even get a lot of help from the UFO/ET establishment who remain mired in factional infighting with each faction in its own little clump of trees proclaiming indigently that they have the complete view of the whole forest and everybody else is wrong. It is the blind men and the elephant delusion played over and over again.

We in exopolitics who consider the broad model to be the model most in harmony with the facts catch hell from all factions.


We exopoliticians need to do is build up a reserve of material that is easily accessible to all media that really want to both inform themselves and their readers, listeners and viewers. In fact I find that we are being guided to do just that. Credible website’s, online newspapers and internet radio are developing that have a interest in informing the public as to the overall perspective in regards to extraterrestrial life.

Just recently a mainstream newspaper in Canada has played it straight in regards to exopolitics instead of propagandizing us like Washington Post did recently. Once some mainstream media begin to play it straight and get past the giggle factor, its going to put a lot of pressure on the rest of the media to play it straight also. That could result in a very rapid end to the UFO/ET cover-up and a switch of tactics by the propagandists away from cover-up toward misleading partial disclosures.


Some of the public will be fooled, but I believe that more and more people will catch on to what’s being done to them and they are not going to like it at all.

What I find myself doing at present is building up a volume of exopolitical essays, articles and cases on my blog site that can soon be organized into a book format that will be freely available to individuals and the media. In my case mainstream and internet print media can come to my internet site and get what articles or cases they want to satisfy the needs of their readers as to the overall perspective or context.

The media can go elsewhere for more detailed localized perspectives throughout the UFO/ET community. I think because of my ecological background I am best suited toward conceptualizing the overall perspective. I am a generalist like my parents and their friends and I will leave the details to the specialists. Part of gaining perspective is to know ones place in the scheme of things, what one is good at and what one is not. We each have our respective roles to play in the upcoming post disclosure world.

I am thinking that as disclosure unfolds I could also be useful to mainstream radio but I have my doubts about mainstream TV. I am not particularly photogenic nor do I have academic credentials which are important for mainstream media institutional credibility. I think people like Steve Basset, Dr. Michael Salla and Alfred Webre JD are best suited to be mainstream broadcast media exopolitical spokespersons. I most likely will continue to work behind the scenes on broad conceptual exopolitical infrastructure making it available free through the internet.

I do feel that for exopolitics to do its job in the future it must struggle not to become autocratic and a closed society divvying out information for power and profit.


I can see the way the UFO/ET establishment is going already and the forces of autocracy are already beginning to have a damaging impact on exopolitics. We must get our power from increasing information flows, not by restricting information flows, else we too like the UFO/ET establishment get side lined and will get dropped from the leading edge of both discovery and advancement in regards to extraterrestrial life.


This is why I am so insistent on trying to keep all my material openly available to all.


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Exopolitics Drives National and International Politics
(A little briefing for the board)

Exopolitics Drives National and International Politics and I will try to make my case to the board as best I can so as to prompt board members to begin a serious investigation.


The word exopolitics was coined as far as I know by Dr. Alfred Webre an insider in the Carter White House who worked in the Carter Administration attempting to fulfill Carter's pledge to the tell the truth about UFOs after he saw one in Georgia


The effort as explained in a article in UFO magazine was squashed by the Pentagon and it was rumored that President Carter asked then CIA head George Bush to give him access to the information. That access was denied on the grounds that he Carter did not have the right to know and would make the information public.

President Regan himself saw a UFO while flying in a small plane in California. 


He a staunch advocate of the Star Wars program stated twice to the press something to this effect.

“What if the earth were invaded by aliens would not the people of the earth unite to fight this threat?”

If you believe the cover story that Star Wars and the militarization of space is simply a missile defense shield you really need to so some investigating.


Its a fence as Dr. Webre states, meant to keep ET out and us in! The really bad thing is that it won’t keep unethical ET’s out but ethical ETs may respect our desire to be left alone like the primitive islanders who shoot arrows up at our helicopters in the Indian Ocean as explained by Dr. Webre in the UFO magazine article. What this could lead to might be rather horrible to contemplate.

Interestingly the other author of a exopolitics book Dr. Michael Salla is well credentialed also and worked as a diplomat on the East Timor Conflict.


I would hope that Moveon activists will take this subject seriously first admitting their own ignorance of the subject and then be willing to do a little investigating. If Moveon really wants to effectively act in the realm of international and national politics they need to understand both the agenda, motivations and deceptions of both the Bush Dynasty and other wealthy interests so as to discover their weaknesses.

My next post will cover what really drives the Bush agenda and the drive to militarize space. I hope others on this board will help me out as I can’t do all this alone. I can bring the horse to water but I can’t make him drink. I have done my home work not is the time for the Moveon board to do theirs.


I challenge the board to prove me wrong! My blog is:


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The Agenda and Motivations Behind the Bush Dynasty and the Star Wars Program, remember folks the Elder George Bush was the head of the CIA and like Reagan a strong supporter of the Star Wars Program.


Dynasties like the Bush Dynasty know the truth about exopolitics and you don’t, putting you at a extreme disadvantage. Remember that the Skull and Bones Society to which the Bushes and John Kerry subscribe is a ancient order going much farther back than the SS lapel on the uniforms of the Nazi SS.

This symbol alone links these folks to a ancient order of black magicians who use deception, misdirection, misinformation etc. as tools for social control. The very foundation of the black mysteries is based on a exopolitical foundation if my intuitions are correct. The primary motivations of the world’s secret government headed by a cabal of wealthy families are greed and fear.

Information is power and the information derived from alien technologies is responsible for great wealth as discussed in whistleblower’s Col. Corso’s book The Day After Roswell


This wealth then becomes a powerful tool of social control undermining political movements across the globe. What is not as well understood is the other motivation that of the fear of celestial human intervention in world affairs that has been going on since ancient times and into the present. Anyone who really studies the Bible, the ancient Hindu and Sumerian texts ought to be able to see the obvious.

Read my post on my blog, The Case for Celestial Humans. You will see I have done my research and I give my sources! 


The cabal’s worst fear is that their cattle may jump the fence for greener pastures as Dr. Webre suggests. Then they have two choices either reform and treat their people better or collapse as mass defections to the ethical celestial humans take place. Neither choice is not very agreeable to the Cabal.

I know this sounds fantastic and Mark Felt remarked the same to Bob Woodward and told Bob that a fantastic covert program was undermining all politics not just Watergate.


The way to break the back of the dark, secret, covert, Cabal and the Bush family in particular is to expose their very exopolitical foundation!!!!!


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UFO/ET Related Human Mutilations

(Warning, graphic and disturbing pictures)


I would be amiss if I did not inform the board that all ET contacts are peaches and cream. The good news for what I am about to disclose is that the unethical ETs must be few in number and weak else they would not need to infiltrate our governments to subvert democracy and create a fascist system of secret control.


The intent of this unethical contact, a form of communication, is to scare the elite with wide spread cattle mutilations around the world as well as add in a few human mutilations to spice things up a bit. Cattle mutilations are widespread and very blatant while cases of human mutilations have been effectively suppressed.


There have even been witness to cattle mutilations by ETs. It is only in Brazil where the military is cooperating with the UFO/ET community that something like this can get into the public domain.

Be warned the pictures at the end of this following report are very disturbing and graphic.


The military and the elite has done a very good and predictable job of circling the wagons, building defenses and a system of autocratic control that can easily controlled from the top down by only a few unethical ET.


Christians should not have too much trouble understanding this if they really studied their bible. If and when the exopolitical cover up ends you can expect a controlled release to the mainstream propaganda press of only unethical ET contact and not ethical ET contact. Can you imagine when scenes like these get on the nightly news. It will have everybody digging into their wallets to fund even more secret black budget programs to further subvert democracy, destroy human rights and increase social control.

See The Coming ET Threat Will Be A Lie from the lady that worked with Werner Van Braun and Fairchild Industries.  


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Why People Like Robert Collins Deserve Respect


(Note: I have received some constructive criticism about this paper being a bit harsh and I believe that is valid criticism. I have been reluctant to put this paper up on my blog till now because of this. The reason for my being so tough is because of the pounding some honest intelligence folks have taken by those who are not very well informed. In the past I too have been guilty of being indiscriminate in my dealing with people that have intelligence backgrounds. Some people deserve a pounding for disinformation and misdirecting but others do not.)


Robert Collins has stated that the UFO/ET situation is first and foremost a intelligence problem and that most people just don’t have the intelligence skills necessary to understand this field.


He’s right, and there are precious few individuals who have both the proper intelligence skills, either from military training, or from self education, to sort through the lies and confusion to gain a basic understanding of the subject.

I would argue that even intelligence training in itself is still not good enough, because it takes people who are psychologically and emotionally capable, to run collection and analysis networks competently. My advice to the new people coming into the field of exopolitics is to become informed and understand the big picture by studying intelligence gathering and analysis, and then work to build competent local and national networks. Don’t waste your time and the time and resources of others by simply recycling uninformed opinions, beliefs, fantasies amongst you and your associates.

Good, honest, sincere, competent people working to get the truth to the public are constantly being maligned by large numbers of ignorant and foolish exopolitical enthusiasts as well as a few insincere counterintelligence people in the debunking organizations and the civilian intelligence networks.


Certainly there are those with intelligence backgrounds who have worked to deceive, mislead and generally keep the public in a state of denial over the existence of extraterrestrial life coming to earth in high technology spaceships. Unfortunately the ignorant and the foolish cannot distinguish which intelligence people are trying the best they can to end the cover-up from within and without, from those who are hell bent on maintaining the UFO/ET cover-up.

Instead of admitting ignorance, the foolish take out their confusion and stupidity on those who are trying to be of help which only furthers the aims of those who wish to maintain a cover-up. The many ignorant and the foolish become willing pawns of the few who have infiltrated the UFO community and the debunking community at the highest levels.


In my estimation foolish or insincere people make statements like, “Show me the evidence.”, or “There is no evidence to support that.”


Other foolish people are guilty in the trafficking of imaginary fantasies based on either fact or fiction. This only postures ignorance, foolishness and impotency for all the world to see across the Internet and is egged on by those counterintelligence specialists in the field who know how to exploit such ignorance and foolishness to their advantage.

Come on people wake up and become informed by building and participating in competent civilian intelligence networks. For those that are in such networks, keep a close eye on the activities of the leadership so as not to be led astray. If high quality information flows up the chain of command and only sightings flow down to the rank and file, that is a warning sign. If your leaders are making statements like, “Conventional science can resolve the problem.” or, “A cover-up has not been proved.” Then watch out.

Either the leadership is ignorant or incompetent or your organization has been infiltrated and is being misled to serve simply as a collection arm of government intelligences agencies that does not threaten the cover-up.

The public has been misled over the years in many different ways. One of the ways has been to get the public to erroneously think that the problem is a scientific problem that can be solved by standard scientific methods. The UFO/ET exopolitics problem is and has been first and foremost a intelligence and political problem.


There cannot be scientific solutions if the scientific data is being manipulated for political and intelligence purposes. One cannot do good science unless one can have confidence in the data. The intelligence and political problems must first be resolved before scientists can become effectively involved in public exopolitics. Until such a time people should be identifying and supporting, not denigrating honest and competent people with intelligence skills.

Another way the public is being misled is to steer the public to rely on authority figures in the field who have beliefs and opinions not supported by strong competent intelligence gathering and analytical networks. Counterintelligence people are skilled in intelligence matters themselves and work to contain the public knowledge through these authority figures either deliberately or used as pawns.


They steer the public away from viable solutions to end the cover-up. The truth is that the public is embroiled in a intelligence war and unless we wise up to learn and play the rules of the game properly we will continue to remain in a state of confusion and denial, a kind of information bondage or slavery.

Until the UFO/ET cover-up ends, the public should be more respectful and appreciative of sincere people with intelligence training like

  • Robert Collins

  • Ron Pandolfi

  • Wendle Stevens

  • Darrell Sims

  • Bob Dean

  • Kit Green etc...

Certainly everybody has personal faults, but one should study the totality of the person’s intelligence gathering and analytical abilities before passing judgment.


Since the days of Donald Keyhoe, a battle has waged both inside and outside of government for the people’s right to know and continues to this day. It’s those honest truthful people who have intelligence training who can help the rest of us break out of the intelligence orchestrated cover-up and information bondage. These people should be supported in their work, not undermined or savaged. Lets start thinking how we can support honest sincere intelligence professionals and not out of ignorance sabotage their activities.

If members of the public want to really understand what is going on in the exopolitical field then they must study and apply intelligence techniques in their everyday search for clarity and understanding. Furthermore intelligence work is both a art and a science. Not only does one have to be properly trained in data collection and analysis and the running of intelligence gathering and analytical networks but one must be psychologically competent.

What I mean by being psychologically competent is that the individual digging for the truth must be honest, truthful, diligent, open minded in their personal lives else psychological and emotional factors obscure their ability to properly collect and analyze the data.


Psychological imperfections such as arrogance and greed for instance, severely distort data collection and analysis.


While the intelligence community understands the importance of training for the proper scientific collection and analysis of information, they fall very short in understanding the imperfections within their own minds that contribute to flawed intelligence. The current political situation involving the war on terror is a clear example of what I am talking about.

I no longer have much patience with the opinions of those in the field of exopolitics who do not run their own intelligence gathering networks and who are not psychologically competent in intelligence gathering and analysis. When I began to realize that I was dealing with a intelligence problem I read books on the intelligence community.


I build my own personal intelligence network by publicizing sightings and contact cases through newspapers and broadcast media in my local area. I became known as one knowledgeable of the subject in my local area. I started receiving calls and letters putting me onto large numbers of sightings, a few direct contact cases, as well as the personal experiences of military retirees who had worked in classified programs.


When Bob Dean in public said that he read that their were several ET types including human types while in NATO I took him seriously because I have personal sources that have told me in confidence the same thing.

Then we have the problem of properly evaluating all this data collected in both public and private domains. I found myself running networks in both the private and in the public domain. I set about comparing what I was being told privately and in confidence by those who did not want to go public for very good reasons to what was coming out in the public domain. In the private conversations and friendships I gathered not only the core story, but other very important emotional psychological information that only personal contact and friendship allows.


Such comparisons between private and public networks allowed me to filter out much of the confusion and deception in the public domain while still using the public networks to help build a general model of the situation. I found that both public and private networks complemented and strengthen each other in a way that either alone could not do.

Because of this lifetime of interest, work, data collection and analysis, I feel I have a pretty good idea of the overall situation even though the resolution is not what I would like. I don’t think I can get much further until either the cover-up ends, I become involved in classified programs or I develop personal relations with the ET’s themselves.


For this reason over the past few years I find myself going from being involved rather intently in the field for short periods when I think I can accomplish something useful, to otherwise involving myself in other activities.

I know I can speak with confidence in saying that most all these arguments and banter across the Internet in the exopolitical field are rather useless and a waste of time. If you really want to know the truth then stop wasteful social batter and the sharing of uninformed opinions and perspectives to start building competent information gathering and analysis networks in your local areas.


As a necessary first step my advice toward escaping the personal and collective mental and emotional prison is that the ignorant and the foolish admit their ignorance and stop denigrating others. I say spend less time chattering amongst peers to listen to what the knowledgeable have to say. Then get to work and become a intelligence operative yourself.


Knowledge and understanding are based upon proper collection and analysis of data.


It’s the only way to make sense out of such a complex confusing subject.


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Exopolitics - Disinformation Games?

I have commented previously that the UFO/ET field is an intelligence agent’s playground and that novices and experts alike have to be careful.


The best way to keep from getting burnt too badly, is draw from a wide variety of sources that have been time tested. Spectacular new, emotionally engaging controversial cases, must be dispassionately viewed in the light of earlier time tested cases.


I have been hoaxed a time or two myself and have learned from the experiences. It just goes with the territory, if one wants to keep a open mind. The damage to me has been slight because I draw from so many sources and if the accuracy of the cases are only 50% I am still in good shape. I have a very diversified portfolio of cases upon which I draw my conclusions some of which I am putting up on my blog mixed with my essays.

The first thing that a person needs to realize when they venture into exopolitics is that they are entering into a information war. One side wants to get the truth out to the public and the other side is intent upon keeping the truth from the public. It is often the case that those who value truth have trouble understanding and protecting themselves from those who don’t want them to have that truth.


For that reason the truthful can easily be led astray in the battle for their own minds.


Sun Tzu in The Art of War states,

“that to be successful in the battlefield one has to both know oneself and to know ones adversary.”

Its not enough to just know ones self. One has to also know the adversary.


In the field of exopolitics hoaxes range from simple, to very sophisticated counterintelligence operations. A simple hoax may be of the Dan Burish type where a couple of low level individuals build up a story over time that has some basis on previous UFO/ET evidence. The idea of a clean sphere for a sick alien seems to be based on earlier cases that involved the construction of protected environments for various ET species.


The fact that the idea of a sick alien case has not been confirmed by others, the testimony of Kit Green, and the fact that many close to Dan have become disillusioned, leads me to believe this to be a simple hoax. Simple hoaxes like more sophisticated ones rely on building up a story, not only engage the mind, but also the victims emotions. The idea is to so involve the individual in the story so completely, that they loose perspective of their overall situational awareness to become vulnerable to manipulation and predation.

The motive for a simple hoax is often based on both the need for attention and hope for some financial reward rather than a attempt to suppress the truth of the UFO/ET situation.

The motivation for the more sophisticated counterintelligence operations is to effect perception management, situational awareness, of the targeted individuals and society as a whole. While the jury may still be out on the Serpo stories I must insert a word of caution. While there is still a small chance that the stories are not disinformation the window is closing fast with the release of the Reagan Briefing Story.

Serpo is looking like another one of those sophisticated counterintelligence operations involving several expert individuals who work together as a team. Us old timers remember the Bennewitz disinformation operation run by AFOSI that discredited UFO researcher Bill Moore


Bill admitted taking part in it by reporting back on Bennewitz’s mental breakdown. While Victor Martinez who is the mouthpiece for the DIA 6 may not realize it, Bob Collins may be the only person between himself and the edge of the cliff. It is very possible that Bob is right and that this is a disinformation operation drawing from the UFO/ET literature to throw novices off track from the revelations in his book Exempt From Disclosure.


I think that Bob may have gotten too close to the truth for some insiders comfort, just as had Paul Bennewitz in the 1980’s. The target this time seems to be Bob and his book.

Recently a individual on one of Bob’s Internet mailing lists tried to point out some of the psychology going on between Victor and Bob over the latest alleged Reagan UFO Briefing release. While I know that Bob is getting old and cranky like some of the rest of us, Victor ignores Bob at his own very great peril. I see two different possible scenarios here. One is that the DIA 6 are basically telling the truth and the other is that they are not.


If the alleged releases are mostly bogus, then judging from Victors elated and excited emotional state the perpetrators have him exactly where they want him and Victor is in deep psychological trouble. If these revelations are true then Victor has a right to be excited and elated and the more power to him. I always try to hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

Still, if I were in Victor’s shoes I would be doing a lot of research on counterintelligence disinformation operations with particular attention to the Paul Bennewitz case. What we in the public seem to be privy to is a ongoing struggle within the intelligence community for the peoples right to know involving a number of key individuals inside and outside of government since the time of Bennewitz. If Serpo turns out to be bogus, a lot of innocent people are going to be hurt and discouraged from involving themselves in the whole UFO/ET field and that would be a shame.

It has happened before and its going to happen again, I am afraid. Remember the old saying, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” Diversification is good. I trade a little in the stock market and when the optimism and hype build us on a stock, I know its time to sell. It’s not good to fall in love with the stocks in a portfolio either.


Are there similarities between the psychology of how stocks and UFO/ET cases are traded? You bet there are.


I’m not buying the DIA 6 stories, I’m selling. I don’t jump to conclusions quickly, I wait and study both stocks and UFO cases until the evidence builds up for or against. I hope I am wrong in this case as I always like to think the best of people.

For those who wish to follow daily developments in many areas of the UFO/ET scene check out the Open Minds Forum


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The Fulford Revelations - Asian Secret Society Challenges Illuminati

If the Fulford revelations and public challenge by a secret Asian society to the secret ruling families of earth is real, then we could be on the verge of truly unprecedented change and transformation.

Benjamin Fulford (see transcript of interview by Jeff Rense) claims to be a member and spokesperson for a secret Asian society determined to stop the implementation of plans for very large scale mass genocide by secret world elites around the planet and in particular Asia. Fulford says that the secret Asian society is in particular targeting the American elite, the descendants of the Robber Barons of the 1800’s, who did not disappear but simply went underground after they had established control over finance and the American economy by the early part of the 1900’s.

Fulford is an author of over 20 books in Japanese and an ex Asian bureau chief for Forbes magazine. He makes the astounding and unprecedented claim that a secret Asian society has been secretly watching the American and European ruling families consolidating power over earth’s humanity. This secret Asian society has been watching as these secret elites developed and implemented plans to subjugate all of humanity into a sophisticated slave society.


Fulford says the thing that galvanized the secret Asian society of 1.8 million gangsters and one hundred thousand assassins into action was the implementation of a plan by world elites, Global 2000, to reduce the Asian population by as much as 80% through the use of bio-weapons and other methods of mass destruction.


This Asian society believes that the SARS virus was introduced into Asia and was a genetically engineered virus made to kill almost exclusively people of Asian descent. The picture of the dead from SARS virus in Canada seem to confirm this view says Jeff Rense.

Even though there is little mention of UFO/ET in this long interview, it is, in my estimation, of great importance and interest to the field of exopolitics. People like myself and Dr. Michael Salla who also has a paper on the Fulford material believe that it is these very same secret world ruling families that have implemented and maintained the UFO/ET cover-up.


Celestial visitors have been perceived to be threat to the elites because, they the ET’s, are interfering with the elites plans of complete total dominion over the masses of humanity. I believe celestial visitors are mostly friendly and wish to have more open contact with earth’s peoples but are being prevented from doing so by these sophisticated gangster families that now seem to be secretly ruling the world. I believe it is up to earth humanity to deal with this problem, because something like Star Trek’s prime directive is in effect, that limits the actions of the cosmic visitors.

I believe that Fulford rightly points out that the secret societies, like the Masonic Order have ancient roots, and that many of the secret ruling families of today that use secret societies have ancestors that were Babylonian slave driver tyrants.



(Some of us suspect that the lineages may go further back to a time where feuding human extraterrestrial families made themselves out to be gods and harmfully interfered in human evolution on earth. It may well be that some human extraterrestrials today are trying to straighten out problems that their ancestors were responsible for.)


Fulford notes that when a ancient pastoral people in Babylonia, a society of farmers, were invaded by a pastoral people the Hixsoth, the Hixsoth discovered that people could be herded and exploited like their sheep and so began a process of subjugation that has become more and more sophisticated over the centuries. In early times slave masters controlled their slaves by controlling the food supply, today people are controlled secretly by controlling the money supply, wages and the use of sophisticated forms of Freudian/Pavolian mind control.

Today UFO/ET disclosure is accelerating and I suspect this disclosure coincides with a decline in the power of the world’s ruling families as more people get on to them. Fulford points out that the world’s ruling families are becoming desperate as they lose control and are taking extreme measure to reestablish their control. It is a very dangerous time for all of humanity and people need to be paying attention to what Fulford is saying.


I believe it will be well worth everybody’s time to read the Rense interviews of Benjamin Fulford as well as work to verify this material to see if it is truly authentic.


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U.N. Tribunal For Crimes Against Aliens?

I would like to suggest that a tribunal similar to the one now in effect in regards to crimes against humanity in the Hague be created to investigate and prosecute claims of crimes against aliens and claims of alien crimes against earth humans.


Such a tribunal might also be expanded to include earth human to earth human crimes in cases involving the extraordinary alien-earth human situation.


This is a issue that involves all of humanity and as such I believe that the UN would be the proper authority to investigate and prosecute. Until such time of public disclosure, secret classified tribunals staffed by people of conscience, should vigorously investigate and prosecute claims of alien - human crimes and work to see policy implemented that protects the civil liberties of both aliens and humans involved in secret classified activities.

I would like to suggest that I believe that only a small fraction of earth humanity and small fraction of alien life is responsible for crimes incurred and being incurred in the past and present. The evidence suggests that a ongoing low intensity conflict between earth humans and other extraterrestrial life forms on and about earth is real. The secret elite factions who are violated the civil rights of aliens and humans in secret ET programs to shoot down, capture, interrogate, torture and murder aliens need to be identified, isolated, defanged and then prosecuted.

In this paper I would like to concentrate on the importance of holding the few humans and factions responsible for alleged alien crimes responsible and accountable for any and all crimes against aliens that have taken place in the past and into the future. Most of us realize that America’s image around the world has been severely tarnished.


I would suggest that the same has been the case in regards to alien life in our cosmic neighborhood. Crimes against aliens even if they take place in secret and out of the public eye are crimes nonetheless and give all of earth humanity a black eye.

If the evidence now emerging is true, American and other militaries around the world are involved in crimes against aliens that could make earth civilization a pariah civilization in regards to the celestial neighbors for a long time to come. Do we want to be a designated a North Korea, a terrorist society by the rest of the cosmic neighborhood, leaving us no choice but to associate with other terrorist alien civilizations?

We all are responsible if we unknowing or knowingly allow criminals to control, dictate and implement dangerous and unethical policies at the highest levels that involves the abuse of our neighbors. Most of the German nation did not know about the concentration camps till after the war ended, because the abuses there were highly classified. As a whole society they were held collectively accountable by the rest of the world because they should have known and made it their business as good German citizens to know.

There are some of us within the military and intelligence community that would have us give blanket immunity to earth’s citizens that have abused aliens or other humans in regard to the alien matter. I believe a more partial immunity with some consideration for times and conditions would be much more just and applicable. Criminals in our courts rarely get consideration for the often despicable things that have happened in their past that led them to become criminals. It would seem that only the elite criminals get special consideration as in the latest pardoning of a high level official convicted of perjury.


What this does is create two different rules of law, one for the elite and one for the ordinary people. Of course this then leads the average citizen to lose of confidence in their leaders and in government in general. The rule of law must apply equally to all regardless of social status, race or other considerations.

Remember, just because you don’t know or don’t want to know of any atrocities occurring does not mean that they are not occurring. It’s your responsibility as a good citizen to be vigilant and not go into denial when evidence surfaces. You are responsible as a human citizen and a citizen of your country to immediately investigate even the hint of wrong doing. Many Germans were aware of the rumors, smelt the smoke but instead of investigating chose our of ignorance or fear to deny the rumors to their detriment and the detriment of the German society.

Today disclosure is happening with facts and rumors everywhere in abundance throughout the Internet and elsewhere that atrocities against aliens have been and are being committed. Today billions perhaps trillions of dollars of taxpayer monies have been pouring into Star Wars exotic weaponry by the out of control military industrial complex. Is this really a missile defense shield or are the weapons being developed to enforce a new version of manifest destiny?


Has a dark vision in America’s history been resurrected within the military industrial complex that now lay claim to the earth, its surroundings, the solar system, the galaxy, and the universe regardless of the claims other races have on the earth and the rest of the universe.

You as a citizen of earth and earth humanity have not only a right to know, but you have a obligation to find out the truth. A good citizen’s responsibility is to discover and promote truth and not hide you head in the sand and blame others for any atrocities that have or are now happening in regards to alien life. We suffer now and will continue to suffer as individuals and as a society for the destructive actions of elite classified factions involved in alien affairs.


In the end when disclosure become public knowledge will you be as the propagandized German citizens who were marched through the concentration camps to see the truth of their ignorance and inaction.


Below are a few cases out of many of alien abuse and potential alien abuse by world military forces. If folks run across more cases let me know and I will add them to this file.

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Trans Species Genome Modifications for War Or Peace

It could well be that the ultimate struggle or dynamic between intelligent races throughout the universe is being played out in the realm of artificial genetic modification of specie genomes.


The artificial modification of genomes may well have been supplanting natural evolution now for millions of years around the universe as more and more advanced intelligence’s develop and begin tinkering with genetic structures of naturally evolving species.

Even on earth mankind has been tinkering for thousands of years with the genomes of other species by selective breeding. In natural evolution genomes mutate in order to adapt the species to changing natural environmental conditions but artificial modifications of genetic structure radically change the rules of the game. I think we can find some insights to the bigger picture by looking at how mankind on earth has altered and adapted the genomes of other species to its own interests.

The wolf naturally evolved into a intelligent and efficient predator with a vibrant and complex social life. This came about so that the wolf could survive within a competitive environment, not only as separate individuals, but as efficient hunting groups. Through a combination of intelligence and social planning wolf packs can even take down a grizzly, a most fearsome competitor that no one wolf could do alone. When modern man came on the scene the wolf was already well established in ranges around the world and as man expanded into the wolf’s range a strange partnership developed between wolf and man.

Both man and wolf have always been in conflict but over time both species learned how to adapt to each other and even began to cooperate in the hunt to the benefit of both races and finally the wolf ended up in the village and on mans doorstep. Mankind began to artificially modify the wolf’s genetic structure through selective breeding so as to be useful to man in various survival strategies. Man artificially modified the wolf into a wide variety of forms into what we now call dogs who have become known as mans best friend.


Hence the wolf was moved from the wolf on the doorstep to pet and friend within the home.


The same thing happened to the cat. Other species also were artificially genetically modified to serve man’s dinner table like sheep, cows and grains.

Other types of experiments in genetic modification of genomes have not turned out so well. The importation of African killer bees into South America is a good example.


The intent was to introduce some hybrid vigor into existing cultured populations of honeybees but the killer bees got loose and their extreme aggressiveness proved to be a natural evolutionary advantage and they set about taking over the hives of both mans and naturally existing hives. Attempts have been underway to try to change the killer bees genome so that they will become less aggressive and not be a threat to man as they are now.


Could something similar be happening to us now with us instead of the bees being on the receiving end?

I am thinking that something can be learned here from mankind’s experience with artificial genetic modifications of other species genomes for mankind’s advantage that can be related to our relationship to extraterrestrial races. It’s pretty obvious from the evidence that something very major involving genetics is going on between other extraterrestrial races and our own and has been going on for hundreds of thousands of years.


We would seem to be race that is a product of both natural and artificial evolution and it would seem that we are no different from other intelligent extraterrestrial races in this regard. It would appear there has been a lot of trans-genome genetic mixing happening between other species and ourselves. I think that our position in this state of affairs could be similar to the wolf’s fate when it got involved with mankind.

What this would all seem to boil down to is based on basic ecological principles and the interplay between competitive and cooperative strategies of survival within a changing environment. It would seem to me that once species reach a certain level of intelligence and can begin to modify their and other species genomes artificially, a whole new level on interspecies interactions takes place.


Genomes become the ultimate battlefield in conflicts or the ultimate solution toward interspecies cooperation and mutual betterment.


In the case of conflict one hostile combatant might add excessive aggressive genes into the genome of the other combatant so that the excessive aggression causes the civilization to disintegrate through internally generated conflicts. On the other hand a more peaceful civilization might strive to insert genetic information into the genome of a hostile race to make that race more peaceful and less aggressive.

I find it even more interesting that increased intelligence through artificial genetic modification has adaptive evolutionary value. Increased species intelligence and technological development would allow a peaceful race to outmaneuver other hostile races without having to resort to overt hostile action.


So we can assume that within a dynamic environment of both conflict and cooperation evolutionary forces would push species to artificially modify their genome and that of their allies toward increasing intelligence at ever faster rates. I would hazard a guess that we earth humans are and have been since our inception caught up in a evolutionary race for genome superiority between competing extraterrestrial races.

What we have to do as a race is to work together as best we can to understand our situation and predicament so as to be able to exert our collective will in a manner that allows us to establish our independent identity and personal and collective integrity. We can only accomplish this if we are willing to share with other members of our species.


As long as people with access attempt to possess vital information to hold for personal advantage, or because of ego issues, refuse to tell others straight up what is going on we won’t be able to as a race to proceed in our development at a optimal evolutionary pace.

This whole elitist idea that I am smart enough to handle the truth, but others are not, is a great impediment to our individual and collective development.


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Can We Reach Technological And Cultural Parity With ET?

I think that those who have become well informed now realize that the idea of achieving technological and cultural parity with most ET’s in the foreseeable future is a pipe dream.


Most ETs are just too advanced. That’s the bad news.


The good news is that we are not in the near future to be conquered or assimilated by any ET race or group of ET races against our will because of the existence of a guardian group.

Notice I said against our will.


If we insist through our foolish actions to pursue a path that leads to enslavement or destruction then we will be allowed to do that. If on the other hand we choose wisely, a constructive evolutionary path, we can rapidly accelerate our collective and personal evolution through major artificial modifications to our genome and our technological environment. This we can do with the assistance of other ET races under the careful supervision of the guardian group.

It is becoming obvious to me that the reason we are not already conquered or assimilated into any particular ET group is because universe society has appointed a guardian group, cosmic ombudsmen if you will, to negotiate with various ET groups in our interest for the foreseeable future. This could be conceived of a sort of planetary park service where advanced intelligent interactions are strictly controlled, monitored and enforced.


This group would not be the Anunnaki races who have been as much a problem as a solution.

It would seem that the existence of a guardian group is a rather recent development historically speaking because the historical literature seems to indicate that our race was born of a time of chaos and lawlessness in the earth environs. This lawlessness seems to have come about by the unrestricted activities of competing technologically superior ET races that had a devastating impact on emerging civilizations such as ours.


I think this would be similar to what has happened to indigenous peoples around the world during the European expansion and conquest. Today indigenous peoples are only now trying to reclaim their history and their respective cultures after a devastating loss of both.

I believe humanity on earth is now entering a time of transition into more direct interaction with ET groups and I believe that the Earth Park Service is here to insure that mistakes as happened in the past won’t be repeated again. The guardian group is here to insure a smooth more orderly transition and assimilation into universe society rather than a chaotic, destructive transition and assimilation.

Until we have the ability to look after our own interests we must realize and accept the need for a group acting in our behalf.


Right now I see our negotiating position with other ET races as somewhere between that of a pet and a small child. I see this guardian group as acting as a buffer between ourselves and a large number of technologically advanced races. The reason a buffer is needed is so that our emerging civilization will not become overwhelmed by the much superior technological races who would wish to interact with us for a variety of reasons that would not be in our self interest.

I have noticed that all forms of life from single celled organisms to complex organisms exist within semi-permeable membranes. A membrane acts as a buffer between the fragile inner environment and the external environment. It would seem the same forces are at play for groups of individual organisms, emerging civilizations and cultures.


The membrane must be just right for survival. If it is too thin in will rupture and the organism dies or if too thick the organism suffocates.

With such a guardian group acting as a buffer we can look forward to a promising future within universe society if we individually and collectively choose of our own free will, a constructive path. This group is not our savior and will not violate our free will to destroy ourselves if that is what we really insist upon doing.


What they can do is cushion the transition into universe society and into a greater reality, but the rest is up to us.


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Can We Achieve Parity With ET?

(Well, Maybe)

In a prior article I made the statement that achieving parity with ET anytime soon was a pipe dream. Some sources say not so fast!


They believe that humanity has the chance to make a giant evolutionary leap that could put us in the exopolitical big league. This possibility seems to revolve around the radical idea that we have very advanced old technology in our genome, a sort of very advanced Internet. Some say that such technology if accessed can radically change us from a pawn on the chessboard of exopolitical superpowers to a queen of players if we can survive the trip across the board to the far side.

Up to this time, sporadically and on a individual basis, people throughout history have been able to do some very radical and fantastic things that have not been very well understood. There are now small groups of individuals around the globe who may have found the key to the unlocking of fantastic abilities through a initial preliminary understanding of the physics of DNA.


This understanding when linked up with today’s technology promises a grand future for humanity that is simply almost unimaginable at this time.

I have also been led to believe that certain groups of ET’s are assisting us for various reasons, of which I am unaware, to accelerate our evolution by helping us access the old technology locked up in our DNA. The race seems to be on, to try to keep this revolutionary knowledge for the common good of humanity, rather than allow it to be exploited by self serving interests to the detriment of humanity.

The primary source material of this radical new way of viewing ourselves is the book, Quantum Physics in for Radical Revision - DNA, written by two Russian authors.


The book has not yet been translated into English as far as I know, but there is a important review at the following site. 


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The National Security State A Slave Society?

The national security state is based on extreme secrecy, fear, lies, clearances, need to know, and special access.


The name national security is in itself a lie, and in my estimation it is the most advanced, sophisticated system of organized mass mind control and enslavement of humans ever invented. It’s true name should be national insecurity state. Regardless of its sophistication, it is still at heart a master-slave organization who’s roots go back into Sumerian and Babylonian times and who’s symbol has and always and will be the pyramid.

An indication of the incredible control that autocratic regimes have over their populations is that young people can within a period of several weeks be indoctrinated to kill and be killed in wars that are both unnecessary and futile. The fact that the military establishment can convert a peaceful person into a killer is so short of time shows that young people since birth have been trained not to think but to obey.


Children are forced to obey rather than think by parents who use the classic manipulative technique of reward and punishment upon the unsuspecting child. The child’s indoctrination into the mentality of the slave state is further reinforced by entrance into the public educational system who’s name is again a lie and should be called the public indoctrination system.

I got interested in this nation’s intelligence activities and the national security state because I realized long ago that the truth about extraterrestrial life in the universe was being covered up by elites around the world. (In my opinion there is no better book for both novice and expert alike than, Richard M. Dolan’s book, The National Security State.)


Elites are so strong worldwide and in America that they control governments and their security apparatus not just institutions. I realized that information about UFO/ET was a highly classified subject and that those with special access to this material were themselves involved in propagandizing the public.

I would like to make it abundantly clear, while I am a severe critic of the American national security apparatus and other countries security forces, it not my intent do denigrate but rather enlighten the rank and file who are or who sincerely believe that they are working for the interests of the Republic. I believe it imperative that those who serve, wake up to the fact that they are participating in a system that is dangerously subversive and undermining and destabilizing our Republic.

The national security state works contrary to republican and democratic values in all countries and is nothing other than a master-slave society run by tyrants, sophisticated gangsters at the highest levels. The reason the founding fathers did not want standing armies in peacetime was because they knew militaries were autocratic and could and would subvert republican and democratic organizational structures.

Some would argue that the national security state is a necessary evil needed to protect the American people from other national security regimes. This potent lie, is more propaganda perpetrated by tyrants running all national security regimes all over the planet not just here in America. I just don’t buy it! One cannot fight evil with evil without becoming evil.


I believe that the jig is up and national security slaves in these regimes around the globe are beginning to collectively recognize their true condition as expendable slaves and are now in rebellion? I just want to in my own small way add a little more fuel to the fire.

The founding fathers also believed an army was a necessary evil in times of war but feared the creation of a perpetual state of war and takeover of the Republic by the military. I say their fears have come true. What are we going to do about it? A master-slave society regardless of its sophistication, is autocratic by nature and is designed to serve an elite few predatory masters who occupy the capstone of the pyramid of power.


The elite masters live lavishly at the expense of their slaves, protected and nourished by an organizational structure that delegates authority, resources, need to know, rank and special access to all those below. Central to the master-slave society is the lie that slavery is good and that the masters with the highest clearance, access and need to know, understand the overall context of life better than anybody else and so should rightly rule.

The simple truth is any autocratic system of social organization of which the national security system is part and parcel, is founded and maintained by lies and division, and is by nature a unstable system that fosters cycles of tyranny, chaos and revolution. Because of this inherent instability, divisiveness, lack of integrity and ethics, it is a organization system that is prone to and is trapped in a cycle of creation and destruction, hence its symbol is also the phoenix that arises anew from the ashes of the old organization order. It is a system based on the most primitive natural process of competition and mutual predation.

Today’s national security state has long ago sown the seeds of its eventual collapse and destruction. These seeds have reached maturity and now bring forth a bitter harvest in America and other countries around the world, that now threaten civilization and even the earth itself. As the power of the national security state erodes from internal and external forces, the call for even more constraints upon individual liberties and freedom becomes ever more demanding and vocal. Masters and slaves together find themselves blindly plunging headlong into the abyss.

The national security state can collapse in two very different ways or a combination of these two ways.


The state can collapse internally as did the Soviet Union from both internal and external pressures or almost exclusively an external explosion as did the regimes of Germany and Japan in World War Two. The collapse can be generally peaceful as happened when the British regime in India collapsed or violently as with Japan and Germany. We must all work hard for a “soft landing” but be very careful not to sow destructive seeds that will rebirth the new old order.

Now is the time to sow constructive seeds for a enlightened new world order before the collapse of the old order completes its destructive cycle. If we don’t get this right the phoenix of the old will rise again from its own ashes. The true national security state is not one based on fear, lies and separation but one based on cooperation, love and unity. Only these enlightened qualities will make for true stability, security and happiness, and provide the proper foundation to a civilization that will endure.

I suggest that rather that try to reform master-slave organizations like the national security state we should chuck them altogether and replace them with security systems that do not favor elite control. In this I look to nature and suggest that the most appropriate model is in our own bodies, our immune system and our brain.


By and large the immune system works very well except when for some reason it attacks the body itself.


No system is going to be perfect, but nature has been working on defensive as well as offensive systems for a very long time and those interested in national security should look to nature to find a system compatible with democratic and republican values. I believe that the most advanced democratic and republican organizational structure in all respects is literally right under our very noses our own bodies.


I have discussed in detail in other essays available on my blog.


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Will Increasing Geopolitical Tensions Blow The Lid Off The Cover-up?

In a discussion at the Hawaii exopolitics conference I brought up this very subject to an to an individual known to have high level intelligence contacts.


I suggested that a country like Venezuela could in a effort to embarrass or destabilize the United States roll out a crashed saucer and bodies for public exhibition and blow the lid off the exopolitical cover-up. This was the only time that I saw anger in this person’s otherwise calm demeanor and I knew I had hit a nerve. Was this just geopolitical or something more?

I felt I was on to something and I thought I ought to pursue this line of thinking further. Recently John Lear suggested in some discussions on the Above Top Secret Forum that the U.S. government had a policy where they pressured and bribed foreign governments using foreign aid monies as one of the incentives to get foreign governments to give up their crashed saucers.

John Lear subscribes to the idea that other planets and moons in our solar system are inhabited by ET’s in our 4D space. I think this is a misperception that goes back to the contactees of the 1950’s. I believe that these other beings might exist on stars, planets and moons but in other separate but interpenetrating 4D space-time continuum’s other than our own.


This might be why gravity is so weak because it holds other 4D space-times together as well as our own. Anybody can take out a telescope and prove NASA is telling the truth by taking a look at our own moon and it is obviously lifeless in our 4D space-time continuum. So while I and John may not agree on this idea, I think he pretty aware as to how the U.S. and its allies can maintain a global exopolitical cover-up through a combination of threat and incentive.

I am willing to stick my neck out to suggest that if these geopolitical tensions keep increasing and the U.S. becomes more and more isolated there will come a time when a country or a block of countries will see it in their own best interests to attack and destabilize the United States by blowing the lid off the UFO/ET cover-up.


The exposure of the truth will change the present covert exopolitical skirmishes between the legislative and executive branches of government into an overt mother of all battles between the two branches of government and will drag into the fray the judicial branch as well. The revelation that a secret unconstitutional government of the United States created by executive order in the 1940’s is responsible for extreme and widespread human rights abuses and other crimes will throw the USG and other world governments to which it is allied into chaos and turmoil.

Hopefully it will all get sorted out in time but it may further weaken the U.S. and its allies for years to come, something that Americas enemies would love to see happen. In fact I just quite don’t understand why with geopolitical tensions the way they are that some of these enemies of America haven’t gotten together to show just how hypocritical American, British, and other so called democracies really are.


These so called democracies can be exposed to be little more democratic than any other regime to which they are in opposition. It’s possible that the reason the cover-up has not already been blown is that there is complicity in all countries around the world having to do with exopolitics and that maybe it has been more advantageous to help maintain the cover-up and just blackmail the Echelon countries from time to time. Why kill the goose that has been laying the golden egg?

However, I think that if geopolitical tensions continue to increase further it will become more and more advantageous for the enemies of American and its allies to play the exopolitical card at a time and place of their own choosing. I am thinking that the time and place for this to take place may not be far off and its got to be scaring not only those leaders aware of the exopolitical cover-up, but high level intelligence professionals as well.


The way I see it is that the U.S. and its allies are increasing becoming boxed in and have painted themselves into a corner in which there are no acceptable options. I believe most everybody in the know seems to be simply hunkering down preparing for the exopolitical firestorm that is sure to come hoping it won’t come on their watch.


Only a few brave progressive souls high up in government are attempting to mitigate circumstances with a few controlled burns that in themselves could get out of control and set off the firestorm.


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Extraterrestrial Civilizations and Global Security

I was the first to publicly call for a Exopolitics Institute in one of my small papers published in the spring of last year and as far as I know I am the first to publicly call for a Extraterrestrial Civilizations and Global Security Conference in a recent paper. Those that know me realize that I can remain persistent and focused over long periods of time on issues I feel are of important in the UFO/ET field.


When I feel that my thinking is getting too far ahead of the pack I may disappear from the public eye until the public thinking catches up. I did just that when in the early 1990’s I realized that we were dealing with many ET races with a wide variety of agendas and motivations and that we needed to get a handle on just what was our relationship to these various ET races.

This was at a time when Mike Jamieson and I co-founded Operation Right To Know a organization that held UFO demonstrations in the United States and in other locations around the world. At this time most in the field knew that some UFOs were real and most likely extraterrestrial and that there was a government cover-up but that was about as far as the thinking went at the time for most in the field. There were some exceptions such as the work by Wendle Stevens. I ended up dropping out of the public eye until a series of UFO/ET related events got me back on the internet last year and I became involved in the new emerging field of exopolitics.

I am sure there are those who believe my attempts to reduce tensions and develop consensus between the exopolitical global peace activists and the exopolitical global security activists is a fool’s errand and that such is not possible at this time. I see this as simply a logical extension of the process of consensus building that began with the creation of the historic Hawaii Declaration.


Those that think I may be on a fool’s errand could be right and my thinking may once again be getting too far ahead and I should again take a break. I am certainly feeling the heat from both sides of the divide. Nevertheless I think this is important enough to give it a try and I plan to do just that.

I think as a first step the most committed on both sides should begin some internet discussions as to how we may begin to reduce tensions and develop consensus. Next we could begin work to make a extraterrestrial civilizations and global security conference a reality. My thinking is that until we can comprehend and focus on just what are the true global security threats rather than the myriad of perceived threats of all things exopolitical, any kind of peace making and consensus between the opposing parties will be impossible.

I expect a wide range of perceptions to be placed on the table ranging from that all things exopolitical are a threat to global security to that ET races are no threat to global security and that it is only the global security folks themselves that are a threat to global security. On the one hand we have committed people like Col. John Alexander and Dr. Jack Sarfatti who may feel that the global peace activists are a threat to global security and who advertently or inadvertently help terrorists.


On the other hand we have people like Dr. Steven Greer and Dr. Richard Boylan who may feel that ET’s are no threat and that people like John Alexander in the name of protecting against terrorism have blood on their hands and have themselves become right wing terrorists attacking political adversaries with left wing perspectives using covert high tech devices.


John Alexander supporters would of course cry foul and that this is just more demonizing of John by paranoid leftists. Could it be possible that there is both truth and illusion across the spectrum of exopolitical views and that a coming together could sort out the grain from the chaff to the benefit of all? What a radical thought!

I think that the extraterrestrial presence can become a unifying factor rather than a divisive factor amongst earth humanity if we are willing to rise above our differences and begin a serious dialogue amongst ourselves. There are various venues involving the internet, phone conversations and face to face meetings and even a conference where we can begin to sort things out.


Are we up to the task, I just don’t know, it could take a few more years but I would hope the sooner the better as such actions would most certainly promote and assist the disclosure process. Are there short term risks, of course, but I would think the long term benefits would be worth making the effort. I look forward to comments as always from all interested parties.


Those that may like to be in the loop regarding some of these internet conversations please let me know.


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Sacking of the Exopolitical Temples

All through history we have seen the rise and fall of powerful ruling families along with the priest class with which they were affiliated. This relationship between the ruling elite and the priest class was often a tumultuous one but each have depended upon the other to maintain their collective elite status in society.


Sometimes the ruling elite and the priests would combine where the king would also be the high priest and even proclaim him self or herself God. At other times there would be a division of labor between both king and high priest where the king dealt with material concerns and the high priest dealt with the spiritual duties as the mediator between the people and the gods.


Whatever their respective roles both king and priest both depended upon each other to maintain their exalted status and control over the people both materially and spiritually. I ask is it any different today?

Today we are becoming aware that there is a greater humanity to which we are intricately linked and that this greater humanity while much more technologically powerful are not Gods as they were considered in the past but are human beings just as we are. We are becoming aware that there have been social interchanges and a blending of genetic material between our race and that of other off world human races going on for hundreds of thousands of years. We and they are not separate even though we are at great disadvantage in interactions because of our still limited understanding and technological status as well as short life spans.

While over time our perceptions of the true nature of this greater humanity is growing clearer we still seem to still have this unholy alliance between the global ruling families and a secret exopolitical priest class that hold tightly and profitably to the exopolitical secrets. These exopolitical secrets are exploitable by both the ruling class and the priest class and as of old are being used to control the people rather than liberate them.


To a ruling class and priest class it is much more important to keep control than put themselves out of business by divulging their secrets. But it would seem that times are a changing. The extraterrestrial races and the public are getting fed up with business as usual and the social and environmental degradation of earth.


The high priests of exopolitical secrets have a choice to either divulge willingly or have their temples sacked by the people and their elected officials who grow stronger as the become better exopolitically informed.

In the past when empires fell it was a bloody business and the heads of the royalty and the priests ended up on the heads of pikes while a new group of royalty and priests took up the reins of power. I am hoping that his time it will be the people who take the power back to themselves and the revolution will be more peaceful than in the past and that democratic constitutional controls will be reestablished in both the political and exopolitical arenas.


It is my hope that it will be a democratic and peaceful people that will regain control of the temples and that the new intermediaries between the greater humanity and the earth human races will take their jobs seriously, honestly working for the common good and rapid distribution of the truth rather than toward their own selfish ends. Of course this is an ideal a goal and it will be a long time until this idea can be realized in its totality.


Still we have to try, each in our own way and manner to make this ideal our reality.

I realize it is a frightening thing to give up exalted status in society and to become just another human being on our planet. Yet there are benefits because the ruler be he priest or king is bound by the same chains as are their subjects. Both are confined to a inferior consciousness by the nature of their interactions.


In that vein I ask the high priests of the exopolitical secrets to give their tightly held secrets to the people to which they rightfully belong and then work to advise and assist so that all may attain a superior consciousness together. Resistance will be futile and it will be better for all of us that the exopolitical safes will be opened willingly rather than having to be blown open by various congressional committees in both closed and open sessions.


There is still time for a peaceful transition back to constitutional controls but the door is closing and resistance will not only make it more difficult on society but on resistors as well.


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Congressional Safecrackers On The Loose

It has become obvious to me that the R (republicans) & D (democrats) show has some powerful congressional backing. Congress now seems to be rightfully getting into the act in regards to exopolitics and all exopolitical players should be taking note. It would seem that the R & D show has tried the gentle touch in its dealing with Air Force’s secret exopolitical department but with the Air Force “archivists” resisting, the R & D show has now begun to use heavy handed tactics in order to crack the Air Force’s “exopolitical safe”.


These actions seem to have caught the attention of the other “archivists” out there amongst various institutions turning them into Nervous Nellies.


After all, who is next?

I think that now that the other “archivists” are paying attention it would be a good time for the R & D show to provide some guidelines and assurances that those that cooperate with Congress will not be dealt with in a heavy handed manner and that all due diligence will be used with the “archivists” so as to not disrupt their operations any more than necessary. The best way to open these “safes” is through mutual cooperation and in a timely manner so that there are no unnecessary disruptions and conflicts to those holding the exopolitical secrets.

I would think that another good place that Congress could be of assistance is to work with the global security forces so that there are no unnecessary disruptions to citizen diplomatic relations with benevolent ET groups. I have some knowledge of two ET conditioning operations, the one in Hawaii headed up by Joan Ocean and another by James Gilliland on the west coast of the United States.


I have some awareness of other operations in South America and in my local area. I believe it is very important for society as a whole that benevolent ET operations are not disrupted by various governmental groups trying to get in on the action. Both the ET’s and their earth human compatriots are more than willing to work peacefully and cooperatively with all people that have a interest in these affairs.


There is no need for anybody to use strong arm tactics as most everything is open and above board. I would recommend that those who missed out on the Hawaii Conference go to the Conference that James Gilliland is hosting on the west coast. I have been impressed with James and the ET conditioning operation going on there.

At the Hawaii conference Joan Ocean stated in her lecture that her records going back several years were subpoenaed by a government agency. I made inquiries and was told that this action was being taken by of all agencies, the National, Oceanographic & Atmospheric Administration or (NOAA). This is having a disruptive effect on ET operations in Hawaii as well as are the upcoming naval exercises in the waters off the coast of Hawaii using high powered sonar. Sonar is known to have destructive effects on porpoises and whales which strangely enough are involved in these ET conditioning operations.

Spectators to Joan’s lecture in Hawaii were impressed with how dolphins both in captivity and in the ocean both learned to blow sophisticated bubble rings at the same time and then manipulated these rings in a spectacular manner both with their tails and with their sonar. At the very least the dolphins provide a very important element in a complex ET conditioning operation because so many people come to Hawaii to swim to with the dolphins and who are then exposed to exopolitics.

I believe that Congress working behind the scenes can do a lot to reduce tensions between the exopolitical peace activists and their counterparts the exopolitical global security activists so that we can all work together to provide a cohesive and unified front in negotiations with peaceful ET groups.


Also Congress can exercise its authority in a even handed manner offering both carrot and stick to those that hold and reluctantly divulge exopolitical secrets. Congress will in the future be having a big role to play in exopolitical developments while at present they appear timid and unwilling to exert their legitimate constitutional authority.


When enough factual information is divulged then Congress can swing into action in a big way openly and the mother of all battles between the executive and legislative branch will ensue and the cat will be out of the bag forever.


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Reflections From A Desert Cave On A Hawaiian Shore

I have just returned back from Hawaii with over half of the required 40 days and nights required for this sort of thing. I guess I get the rest of the days and nights some other time.


As to any falling out with civil society, that has been somewhat exaggerated and nothing more than another tempest in a teapot due to the stresses upon us all at the Extraterrestrial Civilizations and World Peace Conference. Of course it cannot but help my status with the “uncivil Sarfatti crowd” those rogue barbarians outside the castle walls who been attacking civil society for its leftist inclinations.

The greater part of my “sins against civil society” seems to be that I had the compunction to scale the castle wall and fraternize with that other exopolitical network the Stardrive Network, “gasp”. I continue to work closely with Dr. Salla and the Exopolitics Institute even though I got knocked off the formal board of the Institute by Paola Harris. Michael and I are in agreement as to the necessity of phase two but this move to incorporate global security activists is controversial amongst the Institute’s base constituency and it may take some time for him to rally his troops for the cause.

These attempts of mine to reduce tensions between the exopolitical peace activists and the exopolitical global security activists have and are being resisted by many of the peace activists. This is of course a natural defensive reaction to attacks from the right. The leftist tendency in face of attack is circle the wagons, climb into bed and pull the cover over their collective heads.


Leftists are sometimes suspected by the right of lacking backbone even if their hearts are in the right place. I expect to piss off even more people both on the left and right as it’s a dirty job but somebody has to do it if we are going to continue the momentum of phase 1 into phase 2 of the on-off world action plan to bring earth humanity back into universe society.



(For a discussion of the embargo, the quarantine, and the 10 year plan to bring earth back into universe society read Alfred Webre’s foundation book Exopolitics.


Alfred was kind enough to give me a signed copy at the Hawaii conference which I read in the desert. Alfred intuits partly from historical data that there was a intractable and irresolvable exopolitical dispute that involved earth and this resulted in a embargo or quarantine of earth until such time as the exopolitical dispute could be settled.


It would seem that the exopolitical off world actors have pretty much settled things and now have a 10 year plan of action to bring earth humanity back into universe society. Ready or not here they come!)



My role in all this seems to be that of a Jack Of All Trades to support and assist in the execution of the on-off world action plan wherever I am needed.


The action plan as I intuit it has several divisions, two of which I seem to be focused on at present. One is educational, the other involves citizen grass roots diplomatic initiatives to create a global consensus between factitious global exopolitical networks. The off world actors are the organizing force behind this grass roots operation which could be considered a benevolent psychological operation to restructure humanity in preparation for formal acceptance into universe society.

I am of course not talking about the ten percent of the 100+ races who are not part of universe society that are a threat to both universe society and earth society and who run a malevolent psychological operation that inverts and confusions perception to the point where enemies appear as friends and friends as enemies. Of all the perceived threats that the exopolitical global security activists envision it is this ten percent that is the real threat and should rightly be considered the domain of global security.


I believe the military should get out of exopolitics as a whole and leave that which does not involve threat to other factions of society so as to focus exclusively on the real threats. Many of these other perceived threats are not real threats and only confuse the global security forces and divert attention away from the very real threats posed by that 10% of the 100+ ET groups that are hostile to earth society but attempt to portray themselves as friendly by helping earth security forces to try to run the blockade against arms in space.

The embargo of space weapons is rightly justified by universe society to contain earth based conflicts so that in the future the Americans and the Chinese don’t shoot up the neighborhood. The military brass just has got to get used to the idea that the high ground is already occupied and stop wasting large sums of taxpayer monies to break the embargo and redeploy elsewhere.



( I would really like to know just how much star wars weaponry makes it into space and becomes operational if any. Perhaps somebody on the Stardrive Network can tell me in public or in private. We all have heard the stories of rockets being diverted off course and having to be destroyed.)



I think that the reason that the American military is so hostile to the generally benevolent ET’s that run universe society is because of this embargo against space weaponry and we citizens see some of this because we are associated with benevolent ET groups.



(I just recently talked to James G. who told me that he got very sick right after John Alexander visited his ranch. So much so that James told me that he went to Las Vegas and had a showdown with John and told him something to the effect,

“If you are so interested in National Security why don’t you try to talk to these folks. You don’t have any idea what you are messing with.”

There will be those that will just chalk this all up to the demonizing of John Alexander but I see a pattern developing. I have heard from three different sources close to Brian O'Leary that said that he fled to Ecuador because he felt he had a heart attack in close proximity to John. Anyhow I would just as soon John keeps his hands out of his pockets if he is anywhere around me and the same could be said of some other folks.)


Come on, lets get with the program and stop this infighting and build a consensus between the exopolitical peace activists and the exopolitical security activists to carry us through phase two of the overall grass roots negotiating action plan. I believe that phase one was completed with the creation of the historic Hawaiian Declaration and phase two will be the coming of a consensus between the peace activists and the security activists in these matters. This will be followed by phase three that involves integrating the special interests and phase four that involves world governments and formal contact and negotiations.

The reason things have to be done this way from the bottom up is that from the top down any attempt by the ET’s to communicate with world governments gets grabbed by some secret faction that then builds a bureaucrat castle around the information in order to exploit it.



(Look at all the trouble the R & D show is having trying to pry into just one of those secret compartments involving the Air Force. For those who don’t yet get it, what the R & D show is about is a small skirmish that will soon become the mother of all battles between the Legislative and Executive branches of government. The educational group I am associating with from a separate compartment other than the Air Force got all bent out of shape when they came back from a trip and started reading their emails from the top down where Dan had got into it with Dr. Salla and mentioned “The Keeper of the Archive”. This prompted one individual to scream at me in a email that, I WAS PLAYING WITH FIRE and almost got me kicked out of their program.

Only after running through their emails did they realize that Dan was talking not about them, but the keeper of the Red Book a completely different “archivist”. These sources tell me that there are a number of “archivists” all encapsulated in their individual secret bureaucratic programs in various institutions and it would seem that some of these folks are getting a bit nervous as congress begins to assert authority in these matters.)



This universal grass roots consensus building campaign by on and off world folks is elegantly and intricately planned by universe society. Many of us seem to have incarnated to carry out such a action plan to reintegrate earth back into universe society whither we are consciously aware of what we are doing or just acting unconsciously.

In this regard to keep up the momentum of the Extraterrestrial Civilizations and World Peace Conference and the Hawaiian Declaration I suggest that Dan Smith chair a committee to hold in Washington DC a exopolitics conference called, A Extraterrestrial Civilizations and Global Security Conference, at the earliest possible date. Dan could be assisted by Dr. Salla, Steven Basset and myself among others.


This conference would try to differentiate the proper role for global security forces in the overall field of exopolitics and to specifically attempt to sort through all the perceived threats to get focused on the very real threats that do exist. Additionally as the global security activists get their act together, as have the peace activists at the Hawaii conference, they can meet with the peace activists to make peace between the factions and develop a common front and consensus in communications with ET groups.


I look forward to the time when Steven Greer and John Alexander sit down at the table and have a dialogue.

We may have to create yet another network with a broader constituency than the Exopolitics Institute to move through phase two so please stay tuned. :-) As I envision it, the ET’s are intent in forming a network infrastructure from the grass roots up, all around the globe. Some of these networks will give rise to future institutions others will serve their purpose and dissolve and reform into other groups.


Keep in mind that networks organize themselves around individual and collective obstacles like water flowing down a rocky stream. People participating in these networks should realize that nobody is indispensable and that both individual or group are always susceptible to being sidelined when their fear or ego become an obstacle to the overall action plan. Network architecture does not waste time trying to argue with anybody, it just deploys around resistance into areas of conductivity and interconnectivity same as a electrical current.

Dr. Michael Salla comments:

Thanks for this article which raises many important issues. I wish to comment on three of them. The first is the distrust you point out that exists between the peace constituency and the national security constituency. That distrust is very real and does lead to tensions as we all know and means prudence is required in making connections and collaborating where opportunities arise.


The historic way in which the extraterrestrial situation has been managed has lead to the fracturing and division of civil society, where resources and skills are skewed in favor of the national security community.

The deliberate targeting of civil society by psychological operations has led to much uncertainty as to who among former national security personally are reaching out to civil society to genuinely cooperate, as opposed to those wishing to infiltrate in order to weaken and destabilize. This has been a perennial problem and has led to several civil society organizations being infiltrated and ultimately compromised.


For example, what happened to Donald Keyhoe’s National Investigative Committee for Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) is one of many examples where such infiltration and subversion occurred to render ineffective an important organization.


So the relationship between civil society and the national security community is one filled with both opportunities and risks that need to be approached carefully. The recent ET Civilizations and World Peace Conference was itself the subject of a major psychological operation to destabilize and render it ineffective. Such actions only serve to heighten distrust since they produce an asymmetrical distribution of resources between civil society and the national security community.

The second issue is I think the very real conflict between promoting peaceful cooperation with extraterrestrials and national security priorities. This is no academic issue as evidenced by the ongoing campaign to weaponise space in order to target extraterrestrial civilizations as Paul Hellyer and others have noted. Opposition to space weaponisation from civil society is perceived as a direct threat to these national security priorities.


The tension here is very real and will lead to further conflict in the future when it comes to extraterrestrials traveling in outer space or in the Earth’s oceans. For example, just off the Hawaiian waters, we see this tension all too clearly in terms of the current battle between the US Navy and environmentalists over the thousands of marine mammals that are threatened by the Navy’s active mid-frequency sonar training.

Over 25,000 marine animals, whales, dolphins, etc., are scheduled to be ‘taken’ as a result of these exercises, which means they will be injured, killed, etc., as a result of the Navy’s need to train personnel in the use of this ‘active’ sonar for the alleged purpose of tracking stealth diesel submarines possessed by rogue nations. The real purpose of this sonar training off the coast of Hawaii is threefold in my mind.


One is to develop sonar capabilities to track Underwater Submersible Objects (USOs) that regularly operate in Hawaiian waters and are extraterrestrial in origin. The second is to devastate the cetaceans inhabiting the Hawaiian waters so their influence in terms of working with both humans and extraterrestrials is diminished. The third is to weaken the “consciousness grid” being developed in Hawaii where due to Hawaii’s remoteness and progressive population, is far more flexible and open than virtually anywhere else on Earth to integrating ideas and technologies that are being seeded by extraterrestrial civilizations.

So given these conflicting national security and peace initiatives, there is a real conflict here between civil society and the national security community that needs to be handled very sensitively.

The third issue is what you describe as moving to phase two. I heartily endorse encouraging those in the national security community to enter into a genuine dialogue with members of civil society. I think we can better consider such an effort to be part of a dual-track process. One track will be civil society continuing to develop consensus in terms of what it envisages in terms of cooperation with extraterrestrials. So the ET Civilizations and World Peace conference will be held again for 2007 and more will be done in developing consensus over key areas of human ET interaction and how we can most encourage peaceful relations with extraterrestrials.


An opportunity exists also for the forthcoming conference on Science, Spirituality and Transformation at Mt Adams, Washington State, being organized by the Sattwa Sanctuary and ECETI to contribute further ideas into this emerging process. Many of those present at the Hawaii conference will also be attending and the opportunity exists for ideas agreed to in Hawaii to be promoted through an action plan developed at Mt Adams. I encourage the general public to travel to Mt Adams and support the civil society process to promote peaceful relations with extraterrestrial civilizations.

A second track will be to create dialogue between civil society and the national security community as you envisage. By both sides bringing their respective visions and priorities to the dialogue some consensus can be found as to what lies ahead. I think your effort to encourage this through individuals with sufficient resources to fund such a dialogue will be very constructive.


That will be a major step forward insofar as key members of the national security community begin to directly interact with civil society in foray where resource asymmetries are not manipulated to the detriment or benefit of one side or the other.


For example, some members from the national security community may choose to go to the forthcoming ECETI conference to genuinely be open to the ideas presented, and to meet with and establish lines of communication with members of civil society engaged in the track one process.


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Exopolitics, A Modern Perception of an Age Old Problem

Exopolitics seems to be a modern take on a age old problem. A problem made more acute by the fact that we are becoming a space fairing civilization and entering into the domain of the Gods of old. Those of us wishing to contact and negotiate with ethical space fairing beings or with the celestial host find ourselves faced with the same obstacles of unethical ET or demonic activity made more urgent by the times.


While we in the Exopolitical field investigate sightings and contact with beings of a extraterrestrial or interdimensional nature many in the religious community speak of Gods, celestial angels, evil fallen angels confined to earth, and of the apocalypse and Armageddon. Could these two perspectives be one and the same? Can science and religion find common ground here?

Researchers and archeologists who have studied and researched ancient historical religious texts from around the world have in recent years been impressed by their historical accuracy. Archeologists and anthropologists have discovered and unearthed ancient cities and long forgotten civilizations by following clues in the old historical religious texts. Modern day researchers of past civilizations have developed new insights and perspectives on political conflicts between civilizations and races of humans that go back thousands of years.


Also recorded but usually ignored in these religious texts is a much broader and universal perspective that just that of humanity on earth. The old religious texts record and describe conflicts between races of space faring civilizations on earth and in space with earth bound humanity caught in the middle of these Exopolitical conflicts.

I believe that we who are working in the newly emerging field of Exopolitics have valuable allies within the world wide religious community if we can validate with our more modern understanding these religious teachings. Much of the confusion in modern religious thought results in the problems of translating the concepts of simple primitive ancient cultures into modern day sophisticated concepts and scientific understanding.


What was happening long ago is still happening today. What has changed is our perceptions, not the Exopolitical reality itself.


The struggle between ethical and unethical races on earth and in heaven continues to this day with humanity more than ever still caught right in the middle of conflicts that span thousands perhaps millions of years and through all space and time.

The battle lines between the opposing forces of good and evil, creation and destruction seem to run through emerging planetary and stellar civilizations, through our social and religious institutions, and even within our own minds. It is in times like the present that Exopolitical conflicts between ethical and unethical space faring civilizations may reach a level of high intensity conflict, or apocalyptic conflict never before experienced by these emerging civilizations.


One of the problems we have in the field of Exopolitics at this critical juncture is our inability to communicate the urgency and danger of the present day situation to mankind. Our attempts so far have been frustrated for decades by a strategic deception of denial and ridicule regarding ET activity. I have to ask just who or what is behind these powerful organizations of social control that keep the people ignorant of the truth and heading down the road to planetary disaster?

The ethical and unethical races use very different means and strategies to achieve their ends but these strategies are consistent and change little over time because they are based on cosmic ethical law or the rejection of that law. The unethical space faring races operate by infiltrating, subverting and controlling emerging civilizations before the civilizations have developed into a cohesive whole.


The unethical races over thousands of years gain control over the people’s minds as well as their bodies through sophisticated networks and mechanisms of social and mind control. By the time a civilization is ready to develop space travel and emerge into a stellar society the networks and elements of social control are entrenched and may seem to be insurmountable. In other words resistance may seem to be futile, for as is said in the bible, “Who can stand up to the Beast?”

But resistance is not futile because the ethical cosmic races are not sitting idly by while unethical races subvert emerging civilizations. Throughout the process of subversion they work quietly and behind the scenes to expose the machinations of the unethical. They see reality as a school and that there is a place for the destructive unethical forces in the teaching process.


This is why Lucifer lives in the Garden of Eden.


The job of the ethical cosmic races is to maintain the school and keep a balance between creation and destruction so that each individual and society can choose between good and evil, ethical and unethical behavior. At the end of a virtual cycle some people will become as wise as the serpents that stalk them and as harmless as the doves that fly overhead. These people will leave this virtual school behind and move on to more advanced virtual schools and grades.


Those that flunk out, get recycled and start back over again if the civilization collapses or much later if the civilization makes it to become a space fairing cosmic race.


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Putting Human Evolution Back On Track

Proposed Short Talk For Exopolitics Conference In Hawaii June 5 -11. (Never given)

I am pleased to be here with you today in the wonderful state of Hawaii. I realize that most of you haven’t had the time or the inclination to dedicate your life toward gaining exopolitical understanding. You will have to rely to some extent on those of us that have tried to make some sort of sense of things. The field of exopolitics is no different that any other field in that there are a few experts who really have some understanding of what they are talking about and there many who don’t.

In this field as on the Internet there is a lot of spam floating around. You will find that as you investigate the first thing you are going to need is a good spam filter. This filter is going to have to be tuned just right or it can either block out important information and cast you into denial or it can send you over a cliff with your head full of outrageous speculation and fantasy. I wish you luck, you are going to need it. Try to remember when you get discouraged that where there is smoke there is bound to be fire and persist in your investigations.

When I run into people with little interest in UFO/ET they often ask. So what if ET’s exist and are coming to earth why should it matter to me? I don’t see it affecting me in any significant way, why bother looking into the matter? Why waste my time on this? I think that each of us that dedicate ourselves to the understanding of exopolitics should keep these questions in mind when dealing with the media and the general public. To be effective in turning our human evolution around we have to be effective in answering these questions.

My answer is this. Nothing less that your personal and collective evolution is at stake, so you should pay attention! What you can’t see can hurt you. Don’t be so short sighted as not to see the forest through the trees. Obviously our society and our planet is in a downward evolutionary spiral and the very survival of our species is at stake if we don’t get our evolution back on track. What you don’t see nor understand is that decisions relating to UFO/ET reality have been made and unknown to the public have been and are a major factor contributing to the problems of humanity today.

Environmental degradation from fossil fuels and social degradation caused by increasing warfare between nations can be directly linked to exopolitical errors in judgment made by our leaders in secret. These errors in judgment often made with the best of intentions have lead to extreme unintended consequences that threaten us all. When the old Soviet Union separated from the rest of the world the result was social and environmental degradation that resulted in eventual internal collapse. I say exactly the same things is happening on a much larger scale when world governments working in collusion have secretly separated humanity from the rest of he cosmos.

I started off life with a background in the natural sciences. Like many young people I thought I had things pretty well figured out until I fell into a existential crisis and came out knowing nothing. I started my quest for true understanding as a scientist in search for answers and soon realized that anomalies to the current world view were the windows into a greater reality that I was searching for consciously and unconsciously. This is what got me interested in UFO’s, in my early twenties, I treated the problem as a scientific problem solvable by scientific solutions.

In my investigations it was not long before I realized that the data was being manipulated for political reasons because of a cover-up at the highest levels. I saw this as a political problem not going to be solved solely by scientific solutions but by political solutions. I became a UFO activist co-founding with Mike Jamieson, Operation Right To Know, that held demonstrations in front of the White House, the Pentagon, the GAO, congressional offices and sparked demonstration elsewhere around the world.

I had started bumping into intelligence professionals early in my investigations and I realized I was in an intelligence operative’s playground so I studied up on intelligence techniques and became a civilian intelligence operative and analyst. I built my own private intelligence gathering network in my local area where I was picking up a couple of sightings a week from people that called in with in a range of about 50 miles.


I was lucky enough once to get in the thick of things myself and have a sighting of a craft. I met a lot of retired military folks that told me in strictest confidence about their experiences in the military working in special access programs dealing with UFO/ET. I even dug out a few local cases of direct contact with the occupants of the spacecraft that were flying about who were about as tough to gain in confidence of as the military folks. I realized that even ET’s had security concerns and worked to keep their contacts close lipped.


(Speak off the cuff on how to build a UFO/ET intelligence network on your own just as I did starting with just talking with your friends.)

I compared what I was being told privately with what was publicly available in the literature and so was able to triangulate rather well between the two separate data streams to cut out a lot of the chaff and get to the truth beneath all the human psychological distorting factors. Just visit the Exopolitics Institutes 4contact public board on the internet and you will see what I mean.

In the 1990’s I discovered physicist Dr. Jack Sarfatti and the Stardrive Group and learned from Jack how to synergize and network across the internet and around the world operating as a fetch and carry man for UFO related information and UFO/ET researchers. I became a net worker. In 1995 I had got about as far as I thought I could go at the time so I dropped off the scene..


About a year and half ago I started bumping into local UFO/ET cases and decided to check back on the net and within a couple of days had discovered exopolitics, something I had unconsciously understood since the 1980’s but had not consciously conceptualized well. I found myself turning into a exopolitical thinker in a developing exopolitical think tank we called the Exopolitical Institute.

Recently I have noticed the similarities between exopolitics and ecology so maybe I am in the process of morphing into a celestial ecologist. Everything in nature changes and evolves. My parents always hoped that I would follow in their footsteps and it may happen yet, but not in any way they could have envisioned. My parents studied natural evolution, I study human evolution. One has to ask, will celestial ecologists and sociologists soon be part of our future?

Please continue to bear with me as I delve into a synopsis of conclusions drawn from a lifetime of effort. Allow me to pass on still more personal background information so that you can better be able to understand and evaluate the exopolitical conclusions I have drawn to date. I was born into a family of well known and respected ecologists who were very knowledgeable and experienced in their field..


In the 1930’s my father started off his working career as a mammal collector for the Chicago Field Museum and mother was trained as a field botanist gaining a degree from Florida State University. My Mother came south to gain her degree and my Dad came south and ended up working for Herb Stoddard and the Cooperative Quail Association which had is headquarters on Meridian Road just in Georgia and about 20 miles north of Tallahassee Florida.


My Mom and Dad met when a professor from FSU took students on a field trip to Sherwood Plantation where Herb Stoddard and Dad lived and were doing ecological experiments. My parents soon fell in love and got married under a large Beach tree on Sherwood.

Herb Stoddard was a close friend of Aldo Leopold and both were the first of the ecologists. The new field of ecology was just emerging out of the field of the natural sciences which was dominated by collectors and taxonomists. Ecology is the study of relationships between plant and animal species but before you can study the relationships you have to identify and categorize the extremely diverse numbers of plants and animals. In those early years before I was born, much of the collecting and taxonomy had been done and it was then that a few people, mostly collectors not taxonomists, began to realize that plants and animal species were imbedded in a complex web of relationships that involved both predation and cooperation.

Some of you may be wondering what in the world does ecology have to do with exopolitics? It has not been till recently that I have consciously recognized the connection. Ecologists study relationships in the natural world, political and social scientists study human relationships. Because humanity is of the natural world, political and social science have ecological roots whether they recognize this fact or not.


Man is really no different from the other species that have the same complex internal and external social and political dynamics involving competition and cooperation. The only difference is that the more intelligent the species, the more complex the political and social dynamics of the species. So it should come as no surprise that if mans social and political dynamics of cooperation and competition are the same as lesser advanced species then these same principles should hold for species as advanced or more advanced than man. I think it would be safe to say that the political or social scientist is simply a ecologist who specializes in human relationships.

Dr. Michael Salla with a background in social and political science and I with a background in ecology teamed up with others to try to better understand what is happening in our field. Things began to get curiouser and curiouser. Michael Salla had already privately begun conceptualizing a Exopolitical Institute when I jumped back into the UFO/ET field and discovered, exopolitics, a word and concept that futurist, visionary and Carter Administration insider Alfred Webre either coined or brought into the public domain.

One of the first things I did when I did teamed up with Michael and Alfred is do a little paper on the need for a Exopolitics Institute along the same lines a Tall Timbers Research Inc., a ecological institution where my father was the primary organizer. Interestingly as so often happens in science, Michael and I came to the same conclusions totally independent of each other.


I think it was because we have similar backgrounds upon which we develop our concepts. I decided right away that it was Michael who was best qualified to organize this Institute and I should take a backup role. Its important to know ones place in the scheme of things and recognize ones strengths and weaknesses, something the military forgot and has a lot to do with creating the exopolitical mess we are now in.

Another very important concept that Michael and I share that I think derives from our respective backgrounds is what I call the Broad Model of Exopolitical Reality or The Exopolitical Model of Intelligent Diversity. This is the model of exopolitical reality that we both believe is best supportable by the facts. What we don’t have both inside of government and without is what the military terms situational awareness or in this case exopolitical situational awareness.

We in the civilian sector don’t have it because the Military Industrial Complex fresh out of World War 2 at the height of its power, took control of the situation,
compartmentalized and buried everything under extreme secrecy with the passage of the National Security Act of 1947 in response to the UFO/ET crashes near Roswell New Mexico. The military initiated a propaganda campaign against the public to disinform and suppress the truth. Government insiders don’t have it, because in compartmentalizing it all only a few select people have access to all the compartments. I think I am safe in stating that even these elite don’t have situational awareness either because of the stifling effect of the culture of excessive secrecy and lies in which they are imbedded.

Situational awareness is critical to the survival of every creature in nature and man is no exception. If the rabbit loses situational awareness he ends up as dinner for the fox. Our own human evolution on and off planet is dependent on situational exopolitical awareness. These natural ecological processes of competition, cooperation and natural selection are inherent not only in life but in chemistry and physics. Why should these basic processes stop with us and not continue into more advanced states of evolution? Dr. Richard Boylan and Dr. Steven Greer please take note.

It is my opinion that with the passage of the National Security Act of 1947 our evolution took a turn for the worse. This act placed exopolitics under military control outside of constitutional constraints and out of the public domain. We as a people collectively put our evolution in the hands of the National Security Apparatus which is rightly focused on threat in its mission but was wrongly applied to the exopolitical situation.


Today I believe that the Military, Industrial, National Security apparatus now has begun to realize that threat is only one half of the total situational awareness equation or coin. What has been ignored by these controllers is opportunity. Such a grave imbalance between threat and opportunity has led to very serious still secret exopolitical repercussions that could even result in extinction of our race either by an alien invasion or survival at best as a colony by a predatory intelligence.

What a mess, how do we get evolution back on track to a more optimal level? The answer is to be found in restoring the balance between competition and cooperation. Humanity has to come together. We have to dismantle the culture of excessive secrecy, deception, propaganda, in favor of openness and truthfulness. In other words it is ethics, truth, openness that allows for interspecies cooperation. Ethics are the rules we agree to abide by in order to work together to gain resources necessary for survival and to defend against predation.

Social scientists and ecologists operating in the public domain have the best background and social environment to properly conceptualize our exopolitical situational awareness with a focus on opportunities.


The military should focus on threat, that is its proper place in society. This is what it is conditioned and trained to do. The faster the military as an institution can learn from its past mistakes and recognize it rightful place in society the better. The faster we in the public can assimilate the huge back log of data that has been accumulated, compartmentalized and buried in the black world the better. We have got to remove the boundaries that limit our evolution and only keep those that are truly important to national security.

As The Moody Blues song goes, “Its a question of balance.”


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A Call For Interlocking Civilian-Military Exopolitical Networks

I have been giving a lot of thought of late about how to better increase contact and information transfers between military and civilian exopolitical evaluators.


The reason for this is that optimal exopolitical situational awareness for all of us military and civilian alike is only possible if special access programs become more permeable. These programs should only restrict exopolitical information that is clearly in the interest of national security.

Information flow is the lifeblood of a free and open society.


Threat, the providence of the military must be balanced against, opportunity, the providence of a free and informed society. As I have stated in other papers, optimal exopolitical situational awareness is essential in enabling a more optimal evolutionary track for our species and is critical in avoiding evolutionary catastrophe.


It’s becoming very clear to the progressives both inside and outside the box that this is so.

I think the first step is for individual and small groups of progressives on both sides of the aisle to locate each other via the Internet and start discussing amongst ourselves ways to better organize and communicate. Once we have located each other and developed some trust between ourselves we might want to organize meetings about the country and finally a conference.

I believe there is a large number of special access programs that have at least some involvement in exopolitics. We need to develop some kind of system of identification and classification of special access programs involving UFO/ET and then reach out our little net worker dendrites and develop contacts with access.


At this point we can begin to lobby both inside and outside of these programs for the program managers to go up through legal channels to get permission to declassify and communicate within allowed parameters. A grass roots political effort from the bottom up is what I have in mind.

At the same time we civilians can continue to contact and lobby pro disclosure high level intelligence professionals active in the civilian UFO/ET field that are retired officers but who still maintain contact with their networks as well as pro disclosure people who socialize with high level intelligence and governmental officials. In this way I think we can begin to put the non disclosure reactionary folks in a political squeeze.


Maybe we can even bring some of the fence sitters over to our way of thinking.

We could solicit and compile letters and small papers informally with contain advise, suggestions, leads to follow, those who might want to get involved etc. Perhaps there are those who could circulate this memo amongst their contacts for comment?


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