1. The Broad Model of Exopolitical Reality

  2. Prelude To Invasion 

  3. The Case For Celestial Humans

  4. Case For Celestial Humans (Part 2)

  5. Case For Celestial Humans (Part 3)

  6. Where Do Extraterrestrials Come From

  7. Date With The Gods 

  8. The 1950s Contactee Movement Revisited (Part 1) 

  9. The 1950s Contactee Movement Revisited (Part 2) 

  10. The 1950s Contactee Movement Revisited (Part 3) 

  11. Counterfeit Contactees

  12. Strategies For Friendly Contact (Part 1)

  13. Strategies For Friendly Contact (Part 2) 

  14. Concurrence Between Heaven And Earth 

  15. On The Hybridization of Humanity

  16. Resistance To Civilian Contact

  17. Addendum: Current Exopolitical Model 

  18. Ancient Religious Exopolitical Model

  19. Cosmic Conflicts

  20. Col. John Alexander - The Shadow Government's Fix It Man

  21. Jim Moseley Interrogates John Alexander 

  22. Who Was James Black

  23. Memorandum For The Record

  24. Communiqué To: Majority, MJ 12 and MASINT

This section contains articles that involve my efforts to gain conceptual situational awareness of the over all UFO/ET situation as well awareness of government and elite reactions to extraterrestrial contact. I have attempted to organize my articles into seven different sections as best I can.


This is a far from perfect arrangement regarding the content of the articles so I hope the reader will bear with me as I work to improve the way the book is organized over time.











The Broad Model of Exopolitical Reality

The Broad Model of Exopolitical Reality or Model of Intelligent Diversity derives from sound ecological and social principles. Man is part of nature and the natural world, so it should be of little surprise that mankind’s diverse complex social interactions within natural and artificial environments are observed in nature. Scientists and laymen alike are becoming more aware of the increased complexity and diversity of thought, emotion and action as individual species grow in intelligence and in complexity so as to best adapt to ever changing environmental parameters.

Species are constantly adjusting and adapting strategies of both competition and cooperation in order to maintain and reproduce themselves in environments that contain fluctuating amounts of limited resources. This results in a diverse complex web of agendas, motivations, and even ethical considerations in cooperative interactions. While ethics may not be a significant factor in predation, they are of utmost importance in cooperation strategies because in order to cooperate species have to have rules of behavior in order to organize and maintain these cooperative strategies.

It only makes sense that the same ecological principles that apply to earth could be true for environments elsewhere about the Universe. The only difference should be a exponential increase in complexity and diversity of agendas, motivations and ethics of beings more highly evolved than ourselves. As can be observed in natural environments on earth, species growing in intelligence and sophistication break the constraints of the niches in which they develop, looking to expand and flourish outward and onward.

It is quite reasonable and logical to consider that we are not isolated from the ecology and politics of the rest of the universe by space- time constraints and that other creatures have found their way here by learning how to crack the space-time barrier using technologies now referred to by physicists such as Dr. Jack Sarfatti as metric engineering.


Jack has a new book out called Super Cosmos. More information can be found at:


(At this point is the inevitable question asked by the uninformed, “Well where are they and if they are here why does it really matter?” The first part of the question can be answered with just open your eyes and study the evidence and the second part of the question is that nothing other than our human evolution is at stake.)

Another thing that happens in nature is that when a species is able to extend its range into other environmental niches there are going to be encounters with other species that are only begrudgingly going to make room for the invading species. In order to survive the invading species must rapidly and effectively adjust its strategies of competition and cooperation as do the invaded species. It’s a fact that ETI activity on and around earth jumped many fold corresponding with advances in rocket science in the late 1940’s and 1950’s and was first concentrated in areas where rockets and atomic bombs were being designed and tested.

When we left earth and entered space we broke out of one environmental niche into a larger one and became a invading species.


Those that occupied that larger niche responded quickly so as to adapt to our intrusion. In this situation we as the invading species are at a disadvantage because this larger environmental niche is already filled with intelligence more technologically advanced who seem willing to allow us access to this greater reality but on terms that they can easily dictate. In a situation like this it inadvisable to attempt competition strategies lest it attract enemies, rather I suggest cooperative strategies are in order.

In the late 40’s and 50’s our leaders had poor situational awareness as could be expected and so they reacted with hostile competitive strategies rather than cooperative ones in an attempt to bully their way into this larger niche just as happened during the European voyages of discovery.


For better or worse this time the situation is reversed and the larger environment niche is not occupied by primitive peoples as was the case previously in our history. Now its time to face the music, reverse course, confess and seek forgiveness and seek good relations with those out there who would do us no harm and sever all relations with those who would do us harm.

As in the 1940’s and 1950’s I believe we again are at a evolutionary crossroads. We have a second chance to achieve a bright evolutionary future.


Lets get it right this time else we either are colonized by predatory alien races or fall back into our preexisting environmental niche because of widespread conflicts and environmental degradation brought about by a failure to adapt to the environmental challenges on the space frontier.


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Prelude To Invasion

In the time of European voyages of discovery and conquest it is widely believed that superior technology and disease were the main factors in enabling the Europeans to conquer and subjugate the rest of the world. Personally I think the lack or conceptual or situational awareness was the most significant factor. If the less technological peoples had understood their precarious position soon enough when they had the capacity to repel the earliest settlements then they could have used the time gained to better organize and adapt to the European intrusions. Japan would seem to have been an exception.


They got it right, resisted and limited the intrusion to small bases from which they could develop the situational awareness and weaponry that they needed to keep the Europeans at bay. Surely this historic example has not been lost on exopolitical military strategists.

I think that exopolitical military strategists have attempted to use this tactic to contain ETI intrusions but has had unintended consequences and instead has facilitated unfriendly ETI infiltration and subversion in preparation for invasion and dominion over earth’s indigenous societies. The reason I believe that these tactics have failed is because the situation we are facing is very different from what Japan faced. This might have been a good strategy for Japan in the 1800’s but it is a good strategy wrongly applied to our much more complex exopolitical situation of today.

I believe our situation is different because the exopolitical environment outside of earth at this time is very different from what Japan was faced. We are the invader, the invasive species that has broken the grip of gravity and entered the space environment to find space and even earth already populated by large numbers of space faring races with complex agendas of competition and cooperation.

Most of these races are more technologically advanced that we are but are not uniformly hostile as were the European invaders. In facing resistance to our expansion beyond earth we have used hostile competitive strategies rather than cooperative strategies in an attempt to lay claim to the space around earth and beyond just as the European invaders did in the past. This has been a big mistake because in so doing we have attracted other competitive predatory species and repelled the species that use cooperative strategies and could have been our allies.

Through a combination of poor situational awareness and the application of hostile predatory tactics we have created for ourselves a most dangerous situation.


By our not well thought out actions and questionable ethics we have opened the door to invasion rather than a collaboration with collaborative species. Its not going to be easy to close that door. In order to close the door on the predatory races we will have reverse course, dismantle the culture of fear, deception, compartmentalization and excessive secrecy that began in earnest with the passage of the National Security Act of 1947 soon after the crash near Roswell New Mexico.

The National Security Act of 1947 created a super secret covert government that undermined and subverted legitimate constitutional government in the U.S. and elsewhere in the name of National Security.


This in turn opened the door wider to invasive alien predatory species who can best adapt and exploit such a system and closed the door further to those ETI who mean us no harm and who choose cooperative rather than competitive tactics in order to survive.


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The Case For Celestial Humans

There have been no ET cases more heavily discredited and debunked than those that relate to the existence of celestial human space faring societies coming to earth to interact with terrestrial earth humans. This is no accident. The military and the intelligence community realize that if UFO/ET investigators are able to verify the world’s religions and clear up the confusion in the minds of the religious, a powerful force for truth will be unleashed.

There is much detailed information available in ancient Hindu texts for the existence of extraterrestrial humans who make war amongst themselves and destroy many ancient cities in what we now realize was the cradle of human civilization in the Indus Valley. I will limit my discussion here to the Bible as it and the Christian faith it inspires is much closer to home.


I live in Southwest Georgia a area still known as the Bible belt and I am surrounded by fundamentalist Christians. Some of my friends have been pressing me to reread the Bible over the years and I have begun to do so. I am doing this with eyes opened by a lifetime of experience in the UFO/ET field. It is obvious to me that the Bible is based upon human extraterrestrial contact. Human evolution on earth has been manipulated for better or for worse by space faring celestial races of humans.

Genesis is the first chapter of the Bible and in the very first chapter of Genesis it states,

Let us make man in our own image and in our own likeness.”

In chapter two God walks in the Garden of Eden. He does not float or fly but he walks! Chapter three God walks in the Garden of Eden in the cool of the day and after Adam and Eve have eaten of the forbidden fruit God says,

“The man now has become like one of us, knowing good from evil.”

In chapter four Cain kills Able and is kicked out of the Garden of Eden and goes to the land of Nod and finds a wife there. It appears that Adam was the first of a new line of genetically altered humans but that other humans lived outside the Garden of Eden.

In chapter five it is said again,

“When God created man, he made him in the likeness of God.”

Chapter six clearly shows that the celestial human were so closely related to terrestrial humans that they could interbreed.

“When man began to increase in number on the earth and daughters were born unto them, the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful and they married many of them they chose.”

Later in this chapter it states,

The Nephilim were on the earth in those days and also afterward when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them.”

In chapter eleven the Lord came down to see the city that men had built along with the Tower that was later to be called the Tower of Babel because he was displeased by man’s progress and confused the men’s language causing the men to disperse. In chapter sixteen the Angel of the Lord found Hagar near a spring in the desert beside the road to Shur.


The Angel tells Hagar to return home and Hagar says,

“You are the God who sees me,” for she said, “I have now seen the one who sees me.”

Notice here that Hagar calls the Angel God!

In chapter eighteen it says,

“The Lord appeared to Abraham near the great trees of Mamre while he was sitting at the entrance to his tent in the heat of the day. Abraham looked up and saw three men standing nearby. When he saw them he hurried from the entrance of his tent to meet them and bowed low to the ground.”

He said, “If I have found favor in your eyes, my Lord, do not pass your servant by.”

The reader should notice once again that Abraham calls the three men or one of the men Lord! Then Abraham goes and puts together a meal and the three men eat it while Abraham stands nearby.

“When the men got up to leave, they looked down toward Sodom, and Abraham walked along with them to see them on their way. Then the Lord said, “Shall I hide from Abraham what I am about to do?”

Then the Lord said, “The outcry against Sodom and Gomorrah is so great and their sin so grievous that I will go down and see if what they have done is as bad as the outcry that has reached me.”

Two of the men turned away and went toward Sodom but Abraham remained standing before the Lord and began to negotiate with the Lord to save the two cities.
In chapter nineteen the bible says,

“The two angels arrived at Sodom in the evening, and Lot was sitting in the gateway of the city. When he saw them, he got up to meet them and bowed down with his face to the ground.”

“My lords,” he said. “Please turn aside to your servant’s house.”

Then the angels blinded and dispersed the crowd of men who want to have sex with them and later the Angels lead Lot and his family out of the city before they destroy it from the sky by raining down burning sulfur upon it.

All this and I have only got as far as chapter nineteen in Genesis.


Put this together with the descriptions of God and his Angels coming and going back and forth from Heaven in fiery chariots, clouds, and whirlwinds, and wheels within wheels there is a large amount of evidence confirming extraterrestrial human contact in just this one sacred text. This is just one sacred historical text confirming the existence of celestial space faring humans interfering in the affairs of terrestrial humans. All this from sources almost completely separated around the earth. How much ancient evidence do we need.

No wonder the military and the intelligence agencies want to discredit the existence of celestial human interactions with terrestrial humanity. These space faring humans have not gone away, they are still interacting with humanity in a more subtle manner and perhaps more ethical manner than they have in the past. There are some very good human contact cases and not only with individual humans but with groups of humans as well.


I and my friends are pursuing these cases with new interest and vigor as we become more aware of exopolitical realities.


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Case For Celestial Humans (Part 2)

In the first part of this article I discussed the role of celestial humans in earth’s history. It appears that these same celestial humans are still here effecting humanity for better or for worse. In order to free ourselves from the UFO/ET cover up and other mind control programs being imposed upon us we need to understand the underling dynamics of the mind control programs and the perpetrators of those programs. We need to do this so as to develop effective strategies to use in our defense.

Many of us realize that one of the most important drivers of the cover up is to maintain a monopoly on ET technology by a powerful worldwide oligarchy. What is not as well understood is that the existence of ethical celestial humans presents a great threat to earth human leadership and the control the oligarchy exercises over humanity. Earth humans and celestial humans seem to have a lot in common and share a common spiritual and genetic heritage.

As word on the existence of ethical celestial humans leaks out, earth humans dissatisfied with the current earth human leadership’s ability to satisfy basic humans needs, will begin to defect and look toward the celestial humans for leadership. In fact we can see this struggle developing throughout history between the politicians of the day and the celestial humans in both the political and religious spheres.


The rulers of the past had little understanding nor defense against the superior technology of the celestial beings but now the situation is changing. Today we see huge sums of resources being spent in exotic weaponry and a drive for the militarization of space in a attempt by the oligarchy to stop ethical ET intrusions into earth human affairs that threaten the earth human leadership to its very core.

If the oligarchy is unable to stop these intrusions and more and more people become dissatisfied with the current world leadership and defect over to the celestial ET’s for guidance this will cause either a complete collapse of the current power structure or force it to restructure and become more accommodating to the needs of humanity. This is why I am placing such importance on current ethical celestial human contact cases.

As can be seen this is a primary reason for the heavy debunking of celestial human encounter cases from the 1950’s onward when earth leaders realized the situation. While most of the contactees of the fifties are dead like George Adamski see web page:


Daniel Fry see web page:


Howard Menger I am not sure if he is alive or not.


See web pages.


Dr. Frank Stranges is still alive the author of the book Stranger in the Pentagon.


There are also other cases of celestial human contact even abuse against these celestial humans. See the case of a human from Tau Ceti in the 1991 Journal of Facts.


There is also a reference to contactee Billy Mier who also claims to be dealing with celestial humans.


For more information on Billy see:


Report at the following site titled I Met A Man From Another World or attached to the comments section of this article.  and another case in 1940 here. 

People should not be put off that many of these celestial beings claim to reside on our planets, moons and even the sun as these beings seem to be able not only to travel great distances in space in time but even live in other dimensions. Obviously in our three dimensions these places are not inhabitable by humans.
Recently I have been researching the celestial human contact cases in South America. I give special thanks to Steve Moreno for putting me on to this case.


The first and most interesting case involves Sixto Paz Wells the founder of the Rama Mission. See web page at: While Sixto Paz Wells founded the group it involves many more contactees who have had contact with celestial humans.

Searching Sixto Paz Wells name on the net will give you a lot more information and it seems his story has held up well over the years even though Sixto’s brother’s story is more troublesome and seems to have hurt the group as a whole. Also associated with the Rama Mission Group is Ricardo Gonzalez who also has had direct contact with celestial humans and who is best researched on the net as much of his stuff is in Spanish. This can now can be easily translated with net search engines.

This Rama group is not a cult but has many serious and rational individuals involved with connections to both the Peru and Spanish governments. There have been arraigned flyovers filmed by reporters of the mass media. Already on my blog I did a review on Charles Silva and the book, Date With The Gods, about his experiences with a celestial human named Rama. Interestingly both contacts happened at about the same time in 1974 seemingly independent of each other. There are other independent accounts on the web like those at:


Also see at the following site that Wendle Stevens was on many of these other celestial human cases.

Aside from the Rama group is another contact group that is very significant that I will call the Ummo Group. I read a book on this years ago published by Wendele Stevens the following shows how significant this human contact case is.


A very well placed contactee and researcher in Russia is Dr. Valery Uvarov. This case may be as significant as the Rama case and also involves a number of people. A article on this celestial human contact case can be found under, Tom Dongo Interviews Dr. Valery Uvarov at

I keep adding more cases to this blog as they are passed on to me. Here is another case from the Australian outback from Leneesa’s blog and can be found in the comments section of this article or at her blog site somewhere. I have been putting more cases as I find them on the comments section of this article. Lightning Strikes At Otter Cliffs a celestial human case can be found on Lennesa’s blog or below in the comments section.

Bill Hamilton has some known and little known contactee’s along with his experiences here. and the Brian Scott case here by Bill and by Brian himself.

I am still researching and the list of contactees with celestial humans continues to build. Also don’t forget that Travis Walton also had contact with celestial humans. See 


Travis Waltons experience is less of a abduction and appears to be a accident when he ran up and got a violent electrical discharge off of the craft and had to be picked up and healed.

What this all means is that one primary reason for the UFO/ET cover up and the mad rush to militarize space is to keep disgruntled earth humans from defecting to the ethical celestial human camp. It seems that the present governments of the world would rather destroy our civilization rather than risk giving up control over their respective populations Ultimately this mad policy will fail I hope and world governments and the power brokers that control them will be forced to become more respective of the needs of their citizens.


Hopefully a new leadership should emerge that will work together rather than against ethical celestial human races to move earth humanity forward into a enlightened age rather than backward into a new dark age.


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Case For Celestial Humans (Part 3)

In this post I would like to speculate on the possibility that the problems of earth bound humanity that have been so aptly pointed out in celestial human contact cases may be symptomatic of a far greater and widespread problem amongst celestial humanity in general. I have a background in land and wildlife management having grown up in a family of ecologists. I would like to make some comparisons that may be applicable to management problems associated with celestial human’s interactions with earth humanity.

Before human beings were on the earth, nature managed and shaped the natural landscapes through the forces of nature. Wind, rain, and fire sculptured landscapes into a diversity of ecosystems and habitats that provided for a diversity of plant and animal species. Plants and animal species adapted and they themselves worked to alter their environments to better suit themselves. Certain species of pine such as longleaf pine not only adapted to fire by developing a thick fire resistant bark but they increased the resin content of their needles so as to use periodic natural wildfires to their advantage and burn out the competition near the tree and in the forest as a whole.

When man came onto the scene he used fire to manage the land just as any other animal or plant attempts to manage it’s environment. No self respecting hunter- gather wants to slug through bramble infested with ticks and chiggers to hunt and gather food, so man used fire even more frequently than nature alone to clear out the underbrush in the forest and fields so as to create open park like forested savannas and prairies.


This practice was so complete and widespread that animal and plant species have adapted to man’s activities as they would to any other of nature’s forces and any attempt to revert back to ecosystems that existed before man would be catastrophic to the plant and animal species on earth today.

So we can see that ecosystem management and even management for a single species of animal or plant involves a very complicated understanding of the environment and all the various relationships that exist between the plant and animal species in that environment. If this were not enough, the actual practice of land management is complex in itself.


Managing for a variety of species and habitants requires a lot of experience. A long term management plan must be developed through experimentation on a small scale where failures are limited and success can be ramped up to manage on a large scale. Additionally the plan has to be implemented and applied in a consistent manner over a long period of time.

This is easier said than done because the land manager may become distracted by other things, fail to burn on time, or not burn at all one year and so consequences develop that take even more work and expense to correct. The manager can even go into denial and make excuses as to why he or she did not burn that year, even while perfectly good conditions existed but were not taken advantage of because the land manager was other wise occupied.

Another almost impossible problem is that when a group of people with a diversity of interests and little experience are involved together in management, management policy and implantation shifts from year to year depending on whose idea of the proper management is being applied at any one time. Management by committee rarely works well for this reason. Its like ten artists are attempting to paint one picture and the resulting product is a mess.

I think if we study ancient religions we can see an attempt by various celestial humans to manage humanity throughout history but in a neglectful and sporadic manner based more on self interest and exopolitical interests rather than in humanities best interest. In my estimation these celestial beings have acted more like neglectful parents rather that good advisors.


While the intentions may have been good much like a group of inexperienced land managers but result has been catastrophic for humanity on earth. When mankind explodes a atomic weapon and begins to move into space, suddenly we have a lot of visitors in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s. Just as interesting it appears that the initial surveillance was done in haste and lacked good planning as the implementation of the plan resulted in the crash of several spacecraft and occupants that fell into earth human hands.

The visitors first over fly sensitive facilities like around White Sands where rockets are being tested, around Los Alamos were atomic research is going on and around Roswell New Mexico where the Army - Air force has its only atomic bomb wing at the time and manage to crash at least one craft that falls into the hands of earth humans.


Over the next few years reconnaissance spreads out making a even more prolonged study of technological and social developments worldwide and even more crashes take place for a variety of reasons and more craft fall into earth human hands to accelerate already out of hand technological developments by earth humans. It seems to me celestial beings just were not paying attention until suddenly their was a big problem that effected them.


To make things worse they must have suddenly realized that a covert group of unethical celestial beings had broken the blockade, the quarantine, and had slipped in and had become embedded in earth human’s upper echelons of power.


What a mess!

When a neglected child grows up and gets into a lot of trouble we know that the problems of that child are often symptomatic of inherent family problems. The destructive problem did not just happen all of a sudden but developed gradually when the child was not corrected and guided properly from a young age. Suddenly the surprised family who have been in denial all along and have neglected the child’s development suddenly get involved and become very upset when something really bad happens. The first reaction of the parent is to blame the child for their bad behavior.

If they are reasonably good parents they will try to get the child some help and if things go right the therapist not only works with the child but the family as a whole to get all to accept responsibility for the problems of the family and to take corrective actions together. What good parent would say, go ahead and commit suicide, maybe in your next life you will act properly. That is exactly what some factions of celestial humans seem to be implying. Let them destroy themselves and start over once again!

We have heard a lot of stories from those who claim contact with celestial beings in which the beings are quick to point out mankind’s faults but slow to point out their faults to mankind. This seems to be typical human behavior so perhaps there really is not much difference between celestial human beings and ourselves. We may not only share a common genetic heritage but a cultural and psychological heritage as well.

With humanities knack for experimentation there may be more varieties of humans in the universe than we have dogs and cats and no telling how many other intelligent species with at least some human genes in their genome. I can only imagine the complexity associated with such creative experimentation let alone attempts to organize and manage such a diversity of creation.


It’s about time that all parties confront their collective denial and accept responsibility for the current serious situation on and off earth.


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Where Do Extraterrestrials Come From?

Those of us deeply involved in exopolitics realize that humanities understanding of matter and gravity is very limited. What we consider to be the material universe seems to be but one small subset of a much greater context that can only vaguely be conceptualized. Those of us that have a deep and abiding interest in intelligent extraterrestrial life visiting our earth are a bit ahead of the physicist’s learning curve. We are dealing with visitors that not only have a very advanced understanding of physics, but also make practical use of that physics to travel through not only space but dimensions as well.

The early contactees were heavily debunked because their extraterrestrial human contacts said they came to us from inhabitable planets in our solar system. If the debunkers and skeptics had not been blinded by their skepticism and had studied the contactee stories in a little more depth, they would have been able to see that there was much more to this than meets the eye.


Most of the time the extraterrestrial humans just did not volunteer additional information because of the contactees limited understanding of the universe and in particular our solar system. Still, one can see not only in the early contactee literature, but the mainstream UFO/ET community as well, speculations that much more was going on here. It all boils down to the open minded researcher-investigator being able to ask the right questions.

Early mainstream UFO/ET investigators like Otto Binder were already speculating about the ability of craft to materialize and dematerialize right in front of witnesses.


On page 163 of his book, What We Really Know About Flying Saucers, Otto states:

“The above two phenomena – of saucers that “fade” from sight and the cloud-wrapped cigars that seemingly form out of mists- can both be interpreted as a physical object “materializing” and later “dematerializing” in the earths skies, rather than “flying” here from some remote point in the universe.”

He then quotes a booklet called From Other Worlds, by Beckley and Gallant.

“The UFO’s and related phenomena may be coming from a world having an octave higher degree of vibration in relation to ours. This could be very possible indeed, involving the concept of “worlds within worlds” one interpenetrates the other.”

In support of this interpretation Otto cites a 1944 Foo Fighter case.

“Then came the most astonishing thing, as he reported later at the intelligence briefing. His right wing went directly through a cluster of disks with absolutely no effect on engines or plane surfaces.”

Next he cites a 1959 Russian report:

“One of our pilots flew right through a giant “fireball” UFO. When given a searching examination afterward neither he nor his machine was found to bear the slightest trace or mark.”

Cases such as the above as well as the ability of ET’s to walk through walls at will, but still appear just as material as we are when touched, indicates to me that this is not some kind of stealth technology but truly a material frequency changing technology. I would hope that if I or somebody else who might get into a conversation with a ET should be sure to ask the right questions this time to get down to the bottom of this matter. I also suspect that by this time high level insiders should know what is going on and perhaps those who have contact with these insiders should also be sure to ask the right questions.

If I understand Contactee Howard Menger correctly, his ET friends have told him that our individual selves minus our body transmigrate and incarnate in these various material dimensional worlds around heavenly bodies in a way that links all cosmic races together.

Is this some form of quantum entanglement? It would seem that advanced cosmic races have figured out how to use advanced technology to move physical bodies from one dimension to another just as the disembodied travel. I realize this is really far out for some but it reminds me of what a high powered lobbyist friend of my sisters told me after my sisters death. He said a friend of his family was very high up in government investigations of UFO/ET and this person said that it is all greater than anyone can possibly imagine.

I did a word search on gravitational dimensional shells and interesting enough came upon articles by the Canadian Scientist Wilbert B. Smith from the early 1960s that were a bit too technical for me. 


This was the very same man that was involved in Project Magnet and who made inquires in the U.S. and publicly stated that the subject of UFOs was classified above even the atomic bomb. It would seem that the Canadian and U.S. governments were onto this idea of multidimensional frequency shells around heavenly bodies as long ago as the 1950s.

This whole idea about gravity being so weak has puzzled physicists for a long time and some have speculated that it was weak because it was leaking into other dimensions. I go a step further and speculate that gravity may be holding matter together in different dimensional or material frequency zones around heavenly bodies. Such an idea would go a long way toward explaining that ETs travel both through time and space but also through dimensions. This has got to be a very complex situation where ETs really could be coming from habitable material frequency zones or shells not only about heavenly bodies including the sun but also heavenly bodies in solar systems across the universe.

Intuitively pondering upon this subject, I believe that the space ships don’t actually dematerialize into another dimension from our dimension but rather they stay of a material nature when they phase shift. What I understand to be happening is that the powerful modulated magnetic fields around the ship disassociate the craft and occupants from the three dimensional material field in which it is embedded. Once this happens the ship and occupants then phase shift into another dimensional 3D material field where they then appear to materialize as they reduce the modulated magnetic fields allowing the ship and occupants to become fixed or imbedded in that new material field.

Apparently the same thing happens when an intelligent being becomes disembodied; it is no longer embedded in the material field in which it was born. The disembodied individual then can move between dimensions until it again is born into or constructs a body that is once again embedded just like a ship on a particular material plane. Out of habit and interest the individual may continue to incarnate into the same material plane or it may even incarnate in many different material 3D dimensions, shifting from one place to another as desired. The only difference seems to be that with a body the individual remains fixed in its 3D space while a ship with occupants can move from one material plane to another.

It is evident that the public is so far behind in the understanding of these matters that post disclosure, its going to take quite awhile to catch up.


The best I can do at this time is just to provide some direction for specialists to pursue once they are able to cut through he UFO/ET propaganda that blinds them from investigating UFO/ET cases. It is the generalist’s job to try to accurately grasp the big picture, or over all outline, and the specialists job to fill in that outline accurately.


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Date With The Gods

My main interest and intent in the field of Exopolitics is not to prove that ET spacecraft exist, and that various ET races with different ethical levels are very active on, in and around earth. I am already convinced of this fact. What I am interested in is to gain from the wisdom that the ethical ET’s have to offer and share it with my fellow human beings. Therefore my main interest is in cases of contact where individual civil liberties are fostered and respected. I am not interested in cases of contact nor do I wish to involve myself with unethical ET races that violate basic human rights and liberties.

It is my intent to first communicate indirectly with ethical ET races and civilizations through those who already have achieved contact and hopefully from there enter into face to face discussions and negotiations with ethical ET races. Of course I understand that benevolent ET interactions with earth humans has been thoroughly trashed, both by frauds that claim contact but don’t have it, and by those that believe all ET’s to be dangerous and unethical.


Its been my job to sort through the garbage for those golden nuggets and diamonds that have been trashed and tossed aside by the UFO/ET community along with the waste. I intend to concentrate my time on benevolent contact cases where there are actual sighting of craft in the vicinity of the contact person by other individuals. I know of a number of contact people, some who I am in contact with.

I am not yet in contact with Charles Silvia author of Date With The Gods, but I intend to be soon, as well as my good friend and fellow investigator Steve Moreno. Date With The Gods is a obscure book first published in 1977. The ET contacts began in 1974 which is the same date as two other large contact cases that Steve Moreno has been investigating for years one in Peru and one in Canada.


Charles Silvia was the man known as David, in Shirley McLain's well know book, Out On A Limb. Shirley’s credits David as her mentor for a number of years and possibly her lover, as Charles seems to be quite the international jet set playboy. His sexual affairs seem to have landed him in hot water a few years back when he was accused and convicted in the US under molestation charges.

From what I have read on the internet it seems that some healing therapies applied to a couple of ladies went to far and crossed over the line. He was deported back to Peru with a girlfriend where it says in the articles a number of years ago that he was trying to be allowed back in the US. Of course all this is enough for traditional mainstream investigators to pitch this case into their circular file because of the shallowness of their investigations.


Anybody with any sense should realize that all people have their dark sides and a case should not be thrown out simply based of human failings. Anybody investigated thoroughly enough is going to find skeletons in every closet. Important contact cases should be thoroughly investigated and the pluses and minuses totaled up at the end of the investigation to determine the legitimacy of a contact case.

The edition I have been sitting on for years was published in 1986 so I must have acquired it about that time. When I first read it I suspected that all the material on the ET’s was fabricated and used by the author to some how push his Christian Apocalyptical beliefs on members of the public who believe in UFO’s. If I had know at the time of his connection to the book, Out On A Limb that I had read around this time, I would have taken a much closer look. Instead the book sat around my cabin with other books for years and occasionally I would pull it out and read a little. I always seemed to find something interesting but not enough to really get back in the book again.

About a year ago with nothing better to do I found myself rereading the book with a lifetime of involvement within the UFO/ET community behind me. I became even more intrigued and told my friend and fellow contact investigator about it and read some passages which caught his interest but never seemed to stick with him either. But over the past several months as he told me about his two major contact cases he was working on I began to see parallels.

The extraterrestrial lady in Date With The Gods was called Rama and the group down in Peru that Steve has been working with for years is called the Rama group. Charles first met with his ET friend and lover in 1974 the same date apparently that the Rama group began. The large contact case in Canada also began in 1974. When I started communicating this with Steve it began to blow his mind and he finally found a used book on the Internet and is now reading it. Could it be possible that a alliance of ET races that are human like ourselves is interacting with all three groups? Another interesting correlation is that Rama refers to her group as the brothers and this connects to other ET contact groups around the world that deal with human going back into the 1950’s.

The apocalypse was supposed to have taken place by 2001 but that has not happened. Rama tells Charles that they are the apocalyptical angels of the apocalypse here to maintain balance in the Universe. The ET lady did say to Charles that the time was known only to God but the ET’s were pretty definite that it would be by the end of he century.


What happened?


Things still seem to be heading in a very destructive direction worldwide. Were the ET’s wrong, is Charles lying, or has the date of the apocalypse slipped or is being modified because of some unforeseen circumstances even by the ET’s themselves? I have a lot of questions to ask Charles if and when I catch up with him.

The tack that the ET’s are taking in the book is in support of Christianity a religion that they say they had something to do with from the beginning. I also suspect they may have had something to do with the foundation of other religions around the world like in India and are also supporting those religions as well as cleaning up the accumulated garbage that has confused the world religions over the years.


When I did a word search on Rama I came up with the ancient scriptures of India that go back at least six thousand years. The word for spacecraft in Indian Sanskrit is Vimana and this is what Charles’s ET’s called their spacecraft. Interesting correlations in that Rama said their group had major underground bases at the poles and a number of minor underground or underwater bases elsewhere, one being under Lake Titicaca in Peru that Charles was flown to. With all that UFO activity in Northern India of late is that one of their bases being upgraded?


Rama also says they have a base on Ganymede and elsewhere in the solar system but apparently in another dimensions as some of these places are habitable.

Here is a example of this upgrading and rehabilitation of Christianity on page 231.


Rama says,

“Christianity in your world is divided beyond hope. I couldn’t turn you on to religion because I wouldn’t know which church to send you to. Knowing Jesus is having the strength to look for wisdom and understanding, to live in perfect harmony with yourself and your fellow human beings, which is life’s greatest joy.”


“I say to you, follow Jesus’s teachings, that doesn’t mean you have to embrace a religion. You people on earth have made religion a screwed up mess in this part of the universe.”

Not only does Charles describe his relations with ETs but also his work for the CIA and under one of their top people Richard Welsh who was assassinated in early 1976 when Charles was writing his book. All through the book Charles is talking about real places, real people and real events. All this stuff can be correlated.


He gets into why he was recruited by the CIA and how he was helping American business interests in Peru and spying on some school friends of his who attained high level posts in Peru’s government. He talks about how the world is being run by one group of people who are immoral and without scruples. That these people’s greed and avarice are bringing the world to eventual destruction.


The more and more I reread this book the more I am intrigued.

If a person wants a copy of this book there may not be many used copies around as this book is out of print, so if you are interested in this best act fast. Steve only found eight used copies on the internet when he got his.


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1950s Contactee Movement Revisited (Part 1)

I read a lot of contactee stories from the 1950’s when I first got interested in UFO/ET as a young man. I did not know what to make of these stories and just moved on. Now that I am much older and have quite a lot of experience under my belt I found myself rereading the book, From Outer Space by Howard Menger.


As we all know these contactee stories were heavily debunked in the 1950’s and 1960’s and to a point where most mainstream UFO investigators to this day easily dismiss these cases of human extraterrestrial infiltration into our society. I believe this is a big mistake.

First, the very fact knowing what we know now about the propaganda campaign propagated against the public since the 1940’s ought to be cause enough to revisit these old cases. Second, in light of current knowledge of human ET encounter cases and a possible meeting between human ET’s and Eisenhower in 1955 is another reason to take a good look at these old cases. Third, I have local contactee friends that have been providing me with stories for many years that are no different from these old contact cases.


The only difference between these newer local cases and the very public cases of the 1950’s is that the human ET’s seem to have changed tactics in light of resistance from earth humans as well as some other races that have been troubling them and us. Forth, this discussion of tight fitting ET flight suits having a slight glow with invisible pockets, a kind of small square image recording device that fits into the palm of the hand and projects a holographic image, electromagnetic propulsion systems, doors on craft that just open up and are invisible when not open, view screens etc. all compare well to what we know today about ET technology from crash retrievals.

This image recording device seems similar to the device that holds a ET history known as the Yellow Book. Something else I have not heard anywhere is that the ET men don’t have a problem with facial hair on their worlds but when on earth for awhile they have to shave. Menger remarked that on his moon trip is facial hair quit growing. What could be causing this effect I have no idea but it could be important.

From what I am hearing from my local contactee sources is that extensive contact and infiltration into earth human society has continued unabated since the 1940’s. What is different today from the 1950’s is that what once was a very overt infiltration has morphed and gone underground due to resistance from world military, economic and government elites.


From what I am hearing is that the human ET’s intent to turn things around on earth has not wavered even though tactics have had to be modified so as to adapt to changing external conditions. It also seems that there continues to be a high turnover rate amongst individual ET’s with earth educated ET’s being constantly replaced with new recruits. I am speculating that there are two reasons for this, one being the stress involved, and the other being growing interest in earth affairs by more ET individuals and groups.

Howard Menger gives a very broad perspective on extraterrestrial humans and their relationship to earth’s indigenous people.


He is saying that there are different human races living in parallel worlds around other planets, moons and the sun of our solar system as well as elsewhere about the universe. One of the main criticisms by the uninformed and skeptical is that the rest of the solar systems seems to be inhospitable to life at least complex life forms. But Menger makes it clear that these ET humans are living not in our dimension around the inhospitable planets, moons and sun, but in other hidden to us dimensions.

It looks to me that maybe what we have are habitable finite dimensional shells or zones around large accumulations of mass that are held together by some processes of gravitation and quantum entanglement. I have heard of speculations by physicists that gravity is weak because it is holding together mass in other dimensions.


Menger talks about being in orbit around the moon for 10 days according to his watch having his body adjusted on a molecular and atomic level before setting foot on a inhabited moon. This compares well to what some of the Rama folks in Peru have been saying since the 1970’s, that their human ET contacts go in and out of other dimensions even here on earth.


There is some really interesting physics going on that physicists should be taking a good look at.

But Menger’s broad view is even broader and he says that his ET friends tell him that all these parallel worlds are connected and that souls transmigrate between these different parallel worlds. He is talking about this way back in the 1950’s and in a big way on the Long John Nebel radio show that reached millions of people just as George Noory and Art Bell do today.


While we can see from cases like the 1958 Fontes Briefing that the military was freaking out about a ongoing alien invasion and trying to shoot down craft and mostly getting shot down themselves in the process, while Howard is helping his human ET friends infiltrate into earth society. He is cutting their hair, getting them earth clothes, briefing them on local ever-changing language, going about helping them install transceivers about the country that have a range about 25 miles to monitor earth humans etc.


He says his ET’s are vegetarians, the men don’t like having their shoulder length hair cut off and the ET women can’t stand bras. The only time he knew them to be really upset and angry was when they themselves were being infiltrated both by earth humans and it seems at least one other ET race causing them and their contactees a lot of trouble.

In fact a contactee friend of mine believes that things have only gotten worse over the years with some troublesome ET’s and that this friend thinks a ET war may be brewing. Other than that the human ET’s are keeping a lower profile, not much has changed in regard to their activities and their long range plans of earth humanity. My friend said that a mutual contactee friend even got clothes for his ET’s so they could walk around Wal-Mart and feel and touch things. Another contactee that I know about says he calls some ET’s stupid ET’s because they have had to ask about simple things like what is Christmas?


Its obvious that many ET humans are still dropping in cold turkey without going through any formal courses on earth affairs. What does seem to have changed is that human ET’s now favor involvement and infiltration with lower economic social classes because when people talk it won’t be taken seriously causing them security problems. Social class divisions restrict information flow to the military and economic elite that give the ET’s trouble.

Its even kind of funny in that all this infiltration and interaction with earth humans is happening right under the military’s noses, right around their military bases where they engage in cat and mouse games with ET craft and have their Blue Beret Teams stationed. It seems that our military has all this hard power just as Fulford claims, but little soft power. Our military is enamored with technology and it is getting us into no end of trouble even in terrestrial affairs. This all makes our military and intelligence community look like the Keystone Cops when compared against the ET military and intelligence community.

America’s terrestrial HUMIT intelligence is pretty bad but it would seem that extraterrestrial HUMIT intelligence is even worse. Those of us that have taken the trouble to become informed have seen plenty of cases of human ET’s involved in earth affairs, so all this infiltration should come as no surprise.


Even Bob Dean has commented that the military brass at NATO were very upset at these human ET’s that look just like us infiltrating our planet. Its obvious from the Fontes Briefing, The Three Star General Report and other cases that the military was very paranoid about this in the 1950’s and 1960’s with a reactionary faction of the military even today just as paranoid, dangerous and delusional. This mentality about shooting first and asking questions later is pretty dangerous and stupid if you ask me.

I thought Menger was quite clear about the motives of his ET friends and that it was in their and our self interest to turn things around on earth. In light of the much bigger picture of soul migration and the interconnectiveness of these parallel dimensional worlds this makes since. It would seem that earth human devolution is harming others in the cosmic neighborhood in ways that are difficult for us to understand and the celestial humans are determined to get things straightened out here even if they have to fight us and other troublesome ET’s in the process.

In fact other UFO investigators are beginning to comment that there are just too many crashes for it to just be due to equipment malfunction. Not only are earth forces still fighting with some ET groups but ET groups seem to be fighting amongst themselves not only around earth but on a much wider universal scope. Why should we think conflict ends with us when we see conflicts between predators and prey all through the natural world.


If the world’s military and economic elite would just observe more and act less, things would be better for everybody concerned. But no, earth humans have to make it hard not just on themselves but on everybody else as well. So what is new? The immensity and reality of the situation is just mind boggling for anybody who tries to get a handle on it both inside and outside of government.


As usual our worst enemy is ourselves!


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The 1950s Contactee Movement Revisited, (Part 2)

It has been apparent to me for some time that the evolving exopolitical movement of the new century has its roots in the contactee movement of the 1950s. It’s important for us to understand those roots and the underlying evolutionary forces that drove the contactee movement of the 1950s and which is also driving the resurgence of UFO/ET activism in the new century.


I recently wrote an article on Howard Menger and am now working my way through one of my old books on Adamski. It’s called, UFO... George Adamski, Their Man On Earth, by Lou Zinsstag.

Lou was a friend of Adamski, and the niece of Carl Jung. She was a contactee herself, but only one of many contactees in a network of which Adamski, Howard Menger, George Van Tassel and Daniel Fry were the most publicly prominent. It is becoming very clear to me that this earth human network was linked in a very complex way to a very large extraterrestrial human network. While several contactees were very public, there were a large number of other contactees that worked behind the scenes and that had more limited contact with the various ET humans.

I think it is a mistake to concentrate on just the public figures of the contactee movement of the 1950s because they represent just the tip of the iceberg. This is another one of those situations where it’s easy to obscure the totality of the forest when viewing the forest through several prominent trees. It’s the nail that stands up the highest that feels the hammer or the highest tree that get hit by lightning.

Likewise it’s the contactee or UFO/ET investigator that is the most prominent that feels the brunt of the mainstream propagandist and the critically biased uninformed UFO/ET researcher. It’s interesting to see how mainstream propagandists attacks in the 1950s on the most obvious contactees then led to further attacks by UFO/ET investigators and groups like NICAP on all contactees. Donald Keyhoe and NICAP felt the whole UFO/ET field was being discredited by the contactees when in fact the real culprits were the propagandists supported by the military and economic elite. I have experienced this phenomena myself when I was involved with Operation Right To Know and I see it beginning to happen again today in exopolitics.

As I work back through material and memories accumulated through my lifetime, the overall picture of ET human interactions is beginning to take shape in my mind. While I never have had direct contact with ET humans I have nevertheless felt a telepathic affiliation all my life. In investigating UFOs in my local neighborhood I have found myself on the fringe of a human ET network that seems to be dealing with the same human ET’s of the 1950’s but in a much less overt manner.


The very same things that were going on more overtly in the 1950’s are still going on covertly. It’s clear that contact has not dissipated since the 1950s but simply had to go underground due to worldwide autocratic military and elite resistance.


Contact may have covertly accelerated.

This is the way things look to me right now. The rapid advances in technical knowledge in the first part of the twentieth century led to space travel and the atomic bomb. The human extraterrestrials who had been monitoring developments on earth became very concerned both from self interest and secondly our interest as well. It became clear to the extraterrestrial humans that something had to be done about earth because we earth humans had become a clear and present danger to their societies in way that we can only begin to imagine.

Starting in the 1930’s the extraterrestrials began an accelerated push to deal with the danger and had planed on a rapid overt intervention to get earth humanity back on the right track. Unfortunately for humanity as a whole and the ET’s as well, things were much worse here than was initially realized. Widespread military and elite autocratic resistance began to emerge in the 1940’s and accelerated in league with the ET’s intervention. By the late 1950s it was evident to the ET’s that there would have to be a change of tactics and a much longer covert approach to extraterrestrial contact and intervention.

Being that these human ET’s seem to live to be about 800 to 1000 years old, the time span of this intervention is really still quite brief for them. Because of our much shorter life spans the transition seems to us to be taking a very long time. What the ET’s seem to have decided to do is to wait a generation or two for our societies to adapt to their presence and for the elite fear factor to dissipate before they made another more overt push.

I believe the rapid emergence of exopolitics is this second push toward overt contact by the human extraterrestrial races. So far I don’t see the severity of resistance that was evident in the 1950s and I think this is due to covert behind the scenes interactions with autocratic world leadership to dissipate that resistance. It seems to have worked and world elite autocrats and military leaders seem to be relenting and slowly dismantling the institutions that were behind the resistance effort.


The reason that I am so interested in these old contact cases that involved official interactions with human ET’s is that I am told they are still ongoing to this day and the ET’s are getting tired of the foot dragging by high officials in government, the military and in industry in regards to the cover-up. It would seem that the ET’s are themselves adding to the pressure to disclose by threatening to once again go publicly overt if officials don’t fess up.

A second complicating factor was when the human ET’s stood down; a gap opened up that allowed less friendly ET’s to establish contact with governments in the 1960’s. This resulted in the acceleration of the abduction phenomena where people were being treated the same way we treat lab rats. These new ET relationships involved Faustian agreements that were really not in the interest of the elites or the public. In the early 1960’s Adamski alluded to this about the time of his mental deterioration and dementia.


He said a new group of ET’s had taken over. This new group of ET’s interacting with world autocratic leadership is pretty well outlined in the Robert Collins book, Exempt From Disclosure.

Coinciding with this new push by human ET’s we seem to have a reduction in abductions that may mark a reduction in the involvement of world governments with the less friendly ET’s. What it looks like to me is that autocratic elites have had to learn the hard way that resistance to the friendly ET’s was not in their interest nor in the interest of humanity as a whole.


At this time it is quite evident that world autocratic elites have not only suppressed human evolution on earth endangering humanity itself, but have even put the whole planet in danger of environmental destruction. World elites really have no option but to cooperate with the friendly human ET’s wither they like it or not. It is becoming obvious to us all that world leaders have failed their respective publics and really screwed things up on this planet in the past century.

I seem to have some guidance as I work back through my memories and my accumulated literature on UFO/ET. I have always been interested in the big picture and it seems to be coming into focus. In order to understand the present, we need to be able to understand the past and how things got to this point in our history. I think it is my job to help out in this process by conceptualization of the situation and then to publicize these concepts and evidence on my blog and perhaps later in book format. In the previous article I took a new look at contactee Howard Menger and his contactee and ET networks and now I want to take a new look at George Adamski and his networks.

The book UFO… George Adamski, Their Man On Earth is written by Lou Zinsstag an associate of Adamski and a contactee herself. The book I have is one of those books published by Wendelle Stevens that is not widely known. It is obvious that Lou Zinsstag is very intelligent and I see from this book that well know author Tim Good has spend a lot of time working through her files and even co-authored a book with her.


There is some really good information here, just not on George Adamski, but on those other not widely known contactees that made up the network. As I said before I think it is a big mistake to only concentrate on the most public contactees that made up these networks.

Every person has their frailties and propagandist-debunkers are very good at finding error in one person of a network and then using that to debunk the person and the whole network. I find that most establishment UFO researchers, with people like Timothy Good being an exception, have fallen under the propagandists spell, woven so many years ago.


I have heard a lot of people popping off publicly discrediting these early contactee networks when they have not really studied them in any depth and are only regurgitating the propagandist’s line. Or that they are relying on a personal experience, a partial truth that is out of context with the totality of the situation. If Tim Good spent years trying to get to the bottom of the Adamski case and failed, then we aren’t going to get to the bottom of it either until the UFO/ET cover-up ends and the U.S. government opens its files. Anybody who says they have, are blowing smoke.

In the Lou Zinsstag book is a description by Adamski of the dress of his extraterrestrial contacts that matches those of other contactees like Howard Menger.


On page 24,

“I saw no zippers, buttons, fasteners or pockets of any kind, nor did I notice seams as our garments show. It is still a mystery to me who this garment was made” …

Not only does this fit Menger’s accounts of the space suits but other cases like the one I have about the humanoid that died in Sweden.

On page 25 is a reference to an official scientific interaction with a human ET in the 1950s. It would seem that the Eisenhower meetings were not the only official covert meetings with human extraterrestrials at that time, top scientists and engineers were meeting with the extraterrestrials as well.


The first reference is detailed in a letter from Waveney Girvan, dated September 17, 1962.

“… a colleague at the office where I work … approached me with a sensational story. She had not previously realized that I was interested in the subject. Her brother, she tells me is an extremely important expert with one of our famous aircraft firms. Five years ago, he was invited to the United States with several of his colleagues in the industry to inspect a landed saucer and meet its pilot.


He went, and the pilot was exactly as G.A. has described such a person; He communicated by telepathy and he told those assembled that beings like himself had infiltrated among us. In other worlds, I have confirmation that G.A. is telling the truth. From that follows – van den Berg is telling the truth and that his invention is the most important of all time. I am redoubling my efforts to bring this man to England first rather than to the United States.”

Lou says,

“The second came from our friend John Lade, Adamski’s first co-worker in Great Britain. It was a copy of his letter addressed to Richard Hall, then secretary of the organization NICAP, Washington (President; Donald Keyhoe).


The letter says, “Waveney Girvan wants me to tell you that we had a leak of information through a man who a few years ago was called to an international meeting on your side to view a saucer, of the type resembling two saucers one above the other. The pilot (who was longhaired, ski suited, and of distinctly Aryan appearance) addressed the gathering of scientists and aeronautical experts telepathically and we are told that it was an extraordinary experience to hear the audience break through the silence by laughing together sometimes thus proving that they were receiving successfully.


However, as the pilot proceeded to describe the motion power of the craft the audience lost grip and even the most advanced scientist present could no longer follow the concepts offered them.” Lou wrote a letter following up on this. “On April 4, 1963, I wrote a letter to Henk Hinfelaar in New Zealand , in which I stated: “… They (Waveney and John) are still trying to get into contact with the airplane engineer whose sister talked to Waveney. As it came out, she should not have done this and is now strictly forbidden to do it again; Her brother signed a silence warrant in the U.S.A.”

There is more material in this book that shows that the engineer in question had to deny the event ever happened.

Another very interesting alleged official meeting crops up on page 37. This is reference to an Adamski related event where a pilot and plane was picked up in mid air and sucked into the hangar of the extraterrestrial craft. Hmm, I guess I better type in this account on page 36 before I get to the official scientific meeting on page 37.


Lou says,

“This just the record, and for my own satisfaction. Mrs. Wissler gave a detailed account of a most remarkable story which, as far as I know, never went into print.”

“Among others, Adamski told us the story of a pilot whose plane was stopped in mid-air while an enormous cigar-shaped space ship with a large hangar door opened, approached his plane and sucked it in. The men in the space ship (who said they were from Venus) showed the pilot around and were very friendly. They spoke in perfect English, telling him that they were observing, in growing numbers, the inhabitants of this Earth and all their actions. They pointed out their concern with our atomic bombs and said that they would never allow our planet to be capsized by them, because such an event would disturb the magnetic fields in the whole solar system (not only ours) and might lead to heavy disturbances on their own planet.

After having spent more than two hour in the ship, the pilot asked the men for some kind of written evidence as an explanation for the lost hours in which no fuel was used in his plane. They not only complied with his wish but asked him to hand out their manuscript to the high personality in the Pentagon (name withheld by G.A.). The pilot stood by, watching them put up a long and carefully written letter.


He was told that the one-page page letter was full of information and that every single one of their symbols was full of meaning, because they were not single letters but rather whole sentences. These symbols consisted of small circles, about the size of a German Pfennig (smaller than a penny). The circles were filled in with lines, dashes, dots, rather like hieroglyphic signs, reminding the pilot of Egyptian, or Indian, writings. One little circle was close to the next.


The pilot watched the men putting down the signs, a procedure which took the better part of half an hour.”

Adamski continues,

“This letter was brought by the pilot to the Pentagon, as suggested, and he asked for a few copies for himself. He got four of them; one for himself, one he sent to the President (Eisenhower), one to the Pope (Pius XII), and one for me. A few months later he came to Mt. Palomar to hand it out to me. He had read my book and believed what I said. I had to give him my promise never to reveal his name.”

A copy of this ET letter was circulated and viewed by others.

This was not the only incident of a pilot visiting with George Adamski and giving out detailed information. On page 34 of Lou’s book is another very interesting account of an official scientific meeting involving extraterrestrial humans.


Lou says,

“Lucy McGinnis wrote to Captain H.C. Petersen, our co-worker in Copenhagen. It was published by Henk Hinfelaar in New Zealand, in June 1960:”

“…. The incident to which I believe you have reference took place about seven or eight years ago – maybe longer, I forgot the year although I well remember the time the report was given to G.A. A young pilot who had been to the café a number of times and had talked with G.A., came in for lunch one day. This man told G.A. that he was in a hurry, but had something he though G.A. would be interested in knowing. He then told about piloting an American plane to Australia where he landed on a vast airport, but did not give detailed information as to its location.


He said that a gigantic spacecraft was already there. He was introduced to a group of scientists from other planets ad told he was to take them to a scientific meeting in Scotland. The reason for them having to travel in one of our planes was that there was no landing field in that part of the world large enough to accommodate their ship.

The young man told G.A. that all of these men were very good looking, friendly, and intelligent. He liked them very much and was very impressed by them and their conduct. He remained in Scotland with his plane while the visitors attended the conference. Little publicity was ever given to this scientific conference although, we are told, scientists from every nation in the world were also present. When the conference ended, the young man returned them to their ship in Australia, then returned to the States. He told G.A. that he had come to see him immediately but was leaving again the same evening for another flight.

Naturally, many of our memories have faded through the years. We cannot give you this young man’s name because G.A. made a practice never to ask the names of people giving him information, although many showed him their identification and credentials. He deliberately forgot their names, because he never wished to in any way endanger them for their information given him. This was easily done in a café where hundreds of people from every part of the world came and went, month in and month out.”

Miss Wissler’s notes continue:

“Later on Adamski said that there was already a lot of proof in the Pentagon (for his statements), hundreds of pieces of evidence being stored away and hidden in a special part of the building which could be entered by only two or three people. He maintained that nobody at the Pentagon denied the existence of UFOs nor denied them to be in possession of proof. Yet, he said, they think it wise to let the truth come out only slowly, in small amounts, for better adjustment not only of the people but also of the industry …”

Lou says,

“Today, this statements sound rather naïve but we have to remember that it was made in 1959, when things looked much brighter for UFO researchers.”

It was about this time that Adamski was severely threatened and he talked about being encircled. This was also the time that his mental state began to deteriorate and the contactee network he was involved in began to break down and fall apart. This seems to coincide with the breaking off of contact with his ET friends. Maybe one day the whole truth will come out about what really happened to humanity and the world at that time.

I think that my regular readers can begin to appreciate that there is a shared responsibility for the past and present undesirable extraterrestrial – earth human situation. The human ET’s seem to have acted aggressively without enough consideration of the possibility of an extremely negative reaction by elite autocratic world military and economic interests. They failed to properly access the feeling of fear and helplessness of the military, as well as the entrenched autocratic economic interest’s greed for money and power over their fellow human beings. For this reason they had to adjust tactics at the end of the 1950’s and become less overt and more covert in their interactions with earth’s humanity.

On the other hand earth’s economic and military elite are also responsible for the past and present undesirable situation in that they have suppressed and propagandized their respective publics in direct violation of humanitarian and democratic values. There is simply no excuse for their violent repressive tactics against the ET’s and the general population of this planet.


Their actions have been criminal and barbaric. It is not that the public can’t handle ET visitation and infiltration; it’s the elite that can’t handle the interactions and interventions for reasons of fear and greed. The mass media also has a shared responsibility for the present undesirable situation in that they allowed and participated in propaganda operations against the public for the past 60 years making them not public watchdogs but elite lapdogs.

Recently there has been some encouraging news. Rather suddenly some critical elements of the mass media, major newswires and major newspapers have begun to play it straight about the UFO/ET subject. This seems to indicate a change in policy at the highest levels of government. Let’s hope this lasts. If the media is “allowed” to play it straight, the cover-up cannot last much longer. Of course they may not really be playing it straight quite yet if ever. The media lapdogs will continue to propagandize the public by misleading partial releases of information to the public.

I expect the propaganda press to continue to support existing national and international institutions and to rationalize their and the world government despicable actions against ET’s and humanity as a whole through misleading partial releases of information. Tigers don’t change their stripes easily.


I see it as my role and the role of my associates to keep all culpable institutions feet to the fire and to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth to the public.


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The 1950s Contactee Movement Revisited (Part 3)

In this third Contactee Movement article I am still quoting from Lou Zinsstag’s book George Adamski, Their Man On Earth. I would like to move on to other contactees of the 1950’s but there is so much good material in this book. This book was copyrighted in 1990 and hopefully I won’t get into trouble by quoting from it so extensively.


The book says,

“Extensive parts of this publication may not be reproduced for sale without written permission by the publisher or the legitimate heirs of the author.”

This book is published by Wendelle Stevens but as I am not reproducing this for sale, I hope Wendelle won’t mind me promoting his book. I have a phone number of his around here someplace and if I can find it I will try to get in touch with him.

It’s pretty obvious from the material in this book that George Adamski was more of a political person than Howard Menger and worked closely with the American intelligence agencies.


On page 44 we have the following: In 1959 Adamski said that his relationship with the intelligence agencies began in 1949.

“In 1949, some military persons came into the café at Palomar Gardens and asked him to photograph what was going on in space.”

Adamski said,

“I believe that our government deserves all the true information of a clear-cut nature that it is possible to give, because the better we are informed, the better we are prepared for anything that might come.”

It’s really a national disgrace and a shame that he was treated so badly by those same intelligence agencies that he had helped. Many of his best pictures and movies were never returned either.

Here is another quote from an Adamski letter that shows how important and concerned the human ET’s were with atomic atmospheric testing.


I have presented evidence on my blog of two crashed spaceships from the early 1950s that got their human occupants fried from being too close to these explosions when they went off. Dr. Salla is going to like this:

“….Four of the top men from the Guided Missiles Research Center in California interviewed me and asked me this question: “How can space ships go through a cloud right after an atomic explosion without being affected?”

I said, “How would I know.”

“Well, we know that you know”.

“The only way a man would know would be, if he was in one of those ships to know just what takes place. Do you mean that I have been in a ship and I should know?”

“We know that you know”, was all that they said. Well, then I told them just what the answer was, and they said it was good.”

On page 51, it says that in 1955 Adamski wrote a letter to a trusted friend Mr. Ragaz. This letter shows that already at that time Adamski knew who was behind the cover-up and who it was that was afraid and who could not handle the truth.

“…. It is not the people who are afraid of flying saucers but all indications show that the money pots of the world are. For, just think of the effect, once the propulsion power of these ships becomes known – a power as free to everyone as the breath we breathe! What would happen to those who control the monetary system of the world! And it seems as though it were these who have put censorship on the truth, whereby publications are no longer free as they previously were. All these branches in the media business must have money to continue.”

In response to a similar question from Lou, Adamski states,

“…. It is quite understandable, for the ones who control the press and all outlets of information fear the truth, so they keep it from the public the best they know how. They are the people that control the monetary system of the world, so your nation would have the least amount of information on the subject that is world wide. That does not mean the activity of space people is less there than elsewhere. This monetary group may even go so far as to place people in your organization …”

On page 59 Lou discusses a personal contact with a spaceman. “Suddenly, I saw a man entering the door farthest away from where I sat. He drew my attention at once because he looked fresh as a daisy, happy, and very healthy. His face had a beautiful sun tan, and his step was quick and elastic. He had deep blue eyes and high cheek bones. He looked foreign and I though that he might be a Norwegian, or a Canadian.


His dark blond hair was kept backwards. He wore a white shirt with an open collar, quite unusual for a theatre visitor in the early sixties. His jacket was blue and his trousers grey, a bit too short for his legs as I noticed. There was something in his gait which struck me as odd as I saw him meandering through the groups of people standing in his way. But the oddest thing was that, from the first moment, he never looked at anybody else but at me, smiling broadly and very friendly.

I thought that he was taking me for somebody else and tried to avoid his eyes. But I simply couldn’t, I had to follow him with mine. His smile was constantly increasing, his whole face was smiling and there was something like a victorious touch in his expression as if he wanted to say:

“At long last, I tracked you down and here I am.” It was so disconcerting that I could not help smiling back which was very unusual. Suddenly, the world “alerted” came to my mind probably because he looked so wide-awake and happy.

And it was this word which make the “penny drop” in my head and now that he was quite close to my table, not more that three meter away, I forcefully threw the thought at him, formulated like something as “Are you or are you not a spaceman?”

And as soon as the stranger saw the thought dawn on my face, his smile increased and his eyes sparkled beautifully as if to say:

“At long last, she has got it finally”.

And he nodded his head clearly, several times, his smile vanishing for a moment. Slowly, he turned around on his heels while with his arms and hands he made a gesture which underlined the head nodding, and very quickly he left through the next door.”

All these contacts by others like Lou clearly show that the ET’s were dealing with a lot of people not just the most public contactees. The rest of the book gets into what appears to be Adamski’s dementia either induced or natural that became obvious with the Saturn report and lead to the break up of the contactee network.


I saw this sort of thing happen to my own father where in his early seventies he suddenly began to exercise poor judgment, had a bad car accident and then died over many years piece by piece from multiple strokes. Some seem to think that Adamski was abandoned by his ET friends but I think this was something natural that even they could do nothing about.

Adamski’s mental deterioration coincided with elite military and economic interest exertion of fearsome pressure on the public contactees worldwide and on the contactee movement as a whole. I think the ET’s changed their tactics at this point and backed off realizing that it would take a much more time consuming and sustained effort to reduce the resistance to their activities before they could move forward once again. I think that the time has now come and as I have previously stated, exopolitics represents part of this second push toward full disclosure of their presence. I believe their strategy is and has been to overtly work with the world’s autocratic elite while at the same time covertly and discretely working with ordinary people in preparation for full disclosure.

We on this planet can thank our lucky stars that these friendly human ET’s seem to be exerting the most overall control over developments on his planet. If some of these less friendly races were able to become dominant we would be really be in much more trouble that we are now. We could end up colonized and enslaved; the militaries worst nightmare of the 1950s would have come true.

If you ask me I think we owe this group of friendly ET’s a debt of great gratitude. Certainly they have been working in their own interest as well as ours but in a win – win manner. I believe if it had not been for their infiltration and intervention, the autocratic military and economic elites of this world would have made this planet uninhabitable by attacking each other with nuclear weapons by now. Even today the world elites are still trying their best out of greed and fear to create environmental collapse abet at a much slower pace than atomic warfare.


This sorry state of affairs reminds me of an old Star Trek episode where a bunch of gangsters were running a planet requiring an intervention by the crew of The Enterprise.


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Counterfeit Contactees

People who claim contact with friendly extraterrestrial beings are commonly called contactees. This term first came into being as far as I know in the 1950’s with the widespread public and media controversies around several prominent controversial contactees including George Adamski and Howard Menger. Later in the 1960’s the word abductees came into widespread usage due to a rapid rise of abduction cases publicized by the famous Betty and Barney Hill abduction case. Those who research both contactee and abductee cases have had to deal with fraudulent contactees and abductees.

Before I go any further and as usual I must make this disclaimer. I don’t negate the abductees and abductee research. I have concentrated my attention on contactee cases because I feel there is great benefit from studying this sometimes neglected area of investigation and research. Abductee researchers, while they have been of great benefit to abductees, seem to have a strange myopia when it comes to friendly ET contact, believing that only unfriendly or indifferent contact is real. By concentrating on friendly contact I try to compensate for this, in my mind, a glaring conceptual error on the part of abductee researchers.

I prefer to think about delusion, imagination and outright fraud in contactee and abductee cases as a spectrum that begins with, true face to face contact - telepathic contact - imaginary contact - delusional contact, and ends with fraudulent contact. True face to face contact backed up by testimonial and other evidence and fraudulent contact backed up also by testimonial and other evidence are pretty clear cut. The grey area in between the two polarities is much more complex and difficult to understand.

To make understanding even more difficult the investigator of contact and abductee cases also has a spectrum range beginning with the investigator that believes just about anything told to them - to the investigator that believes all of these cases are imaginary or fraudulent. Every investigator has a bias based upon personal psychology and past experience. These biases filter or color witness testimony and evidence presented.

I have been studying contactees, abductees, researchers and investigators, active in the public domain for as long as I have studied UFO/ET. I then compare this with my personal experiences with both contactees and investigators and arrive at what I hope is something close to the truth. It really takes a lifetime of work in the UFO/ET field to begin to tackle the realities and unrealities involving extraterrestrial contact.

This idea of contactee legitimacy is very controversial, not only in the mainstream, but very much so in exopolitics. Most people are heavily emotionally invested, be they contactee or investigator. I am sure to have just about everybody jumping on me for even trying to tackle this very sensitive area within the exopolitical community. It’s a lousy job but somebody has to tell folks what they don’t want to hear.

I have found it very interesting that controversial contactee George Adamski was on to this problem of counterfeit contactees as early a 1955. On page 64 of Lou Zinsstag’s book on Adamski it refers to an article written by Adamski in Flying Saucer Review with the title, Flying Saucers Versus The Supernatural. It was written in 1957.

Adamski says,

“…. Many advocates of the supernatural base their arguments on the tremendous speed necessary for interplanetary travel. They triumphantly point out the fact that anybody of flesh and blood could not survive at these speeds.”

“…. Now, consider the possibility of free flight through space in craft not confined to an orbit. This is our ultimate goal. So why try and wrap those people who have already reached that goal, in a cloak of mystery? Why would a “spook” need a space craft??”

“….. Promises (of a spiritistic nature) are near-to never kept. But these promises do not come from the brothers. They all come through mediums who do not understand themselves or their mind, nor what they are tuning into. Instead of receiving messages from the brothers as so may claim, they are but hosts to impersonators ….to discarnate entities.”

In the same year 1957 a correspondent in Germany received these lines from Adamski:

“…. May I give you here a word of caution that you might find yourself involved in unnecessary problems at some later date? In this country and I understand, throughout the world, many people are now claiming contacts with the space people through mediumistic channels. But the space people have told me on numerous occasions that because people of earth have little understanding of themselves, they have not used such channels for communication. It would not be wise.


Thus, the entities who speak through mediums, according to my information are nothing but impersonators. This is not to belittle mediums in any way, but it is to say that most of them have much to learn before they can be sure of just what they are receiving and from whom and where.”

Lucy McGinnis said Adamski told her this in December of 1955:

“Mr. Adamski is constantly endeavoring to keep the reality of the visitors on a physical basis. People must be made to understand hat these people are human beings, of flesh and blood, not disembodied entities. It is too bad that so many of the spiritualists have discarded their “Indian Guides” and replaced them with space people. This is so confusing in the minds of many people.”

Lou Zinsstag goes on to say,

“Indeed the lunatic fringe gave George Adamski a lot to do for the rest of his life. More than anything else, the messages propagated by mediums in those later fifties put brakes, again and again, to his work’s expansion.”

Lou goes on to say.

“Already in 1959, he had often hinted at a dangerous anonymous silencing agency at work, sustaining the mediumistic theories and propagating them through secret channels without being themselves related to such groups.

The duty of this agency was, so he said, to dispel the growing apprehension of people of some consequence in science and industry and to kill their interest in UFO reports.


It was their business to blur a dawning image of a new form of energy coming our way, displayed by space craft in our own atmosphere, apparently without using our kind of fuel, nor our newly developed expensive flight techniques.

“Their apprehension is well founded”, he added, “They have good reasons to propagate the spiritistic explanation.”

In the field of exopolitics even today as in the 1950s investigators and researchers are plagued by counterfeit contactees and their networks. Our problem is analogous to that of a secret service investigator who has to spot and deal with counterfeit money. Some counterfeit money is poorly counterfeited and easy to spot, but other counterfeit money made by experts is very difficult to spot. It takes a skilled and trained secret services employee to spot very good counterfeits and sometimes even the expert gets fooled.

Counterfeit contactees fall into several categories just as Adamski pointed out.

  1. A sincere honest person with an overactive imagination who may or may not have had some kind of contact or other event that triggers the imagination.

  2. The sincere but deluded individual unconsciously seeking attention and power over others.

  3. The contactee impersonator out to make a buck or a skeptic out to make a fool of a believer.

  4. Counterintelligence operations intent on disrupting and contaminating public understanding of contactees and contactee networks by supporting and publicizing counterfeit contactees.

Exopolitical investigators and researchers today mostly have only to deal with the first three categories as far as I know in regards to contactee cases.


Counterintelligence operatives were a problem in the 1950s and the damage done has continued into the present. This residual disinformation and propaganda effect is still very prominent in the minds of establishment UFO/ET researchers causing them to shy away from contactee cases. As far as most establishment UFO/ET researchers are concerned, if the contact is friendly, then it can’t be true.

General disinformation operations through tabloids like the Weekly World News with their atrocious fabricated stories are the more sophisticated evolution of the trashing of contactee testimony. This seems to be good enough to maintain this residual propaganda effect from the 1950s counterintelligence operations in the minds and emotions of establishment UFO/ET investigators and the public. Exopolitical investigators have broken down this mental and emotional obstacle and now not only actively investigate contactee cases, but search them out as well.

Counterfeit contactees with an overactive imagination may have actually had a real experience of some sort that stimulated their imagination to a point where their imagination runs away with them. This type of counterfeit contactee is the most numerous and they very sincerely chat and discuss their experiences with others across the internet trying to figure things out. They are often sincere and can be loving people and as a rule are not dangerous.


These folks are often shy at first to discuss their experiences but usually get over it and even become chatter-bugs over time. I usually consider these people well meaning and harmless and I don’t try to rain on their parade, because sometimes they do have real experiences amongst all the mental and emotional chatter. One could say that these folks are just too open minded and will believe in just about anything at the drop of a hat with little power of discrimination.

The counterfeit contactee who is sincere but deluded is another matter altogether. Captain Robert Collins, author of Exempt From Disclosure, recently stated that he had been threatened by these types. Sometimes a real contactee will turn into a counterfeit contactee of this type as well. This type of counterfeit contactee is a very closed minded individual who has all the answers, and who has trouble listening to what others have to say.


They rant on in long diatribes of so called “channeled messages”, dredging up all kinds of stuff from the depths of their subconscious. When criticized they and their followers can become very hostile and even dangerous. They sometimes go off the deep end and if they are charismatic they can carry other people over the cliff when making dramatic catastrophic predictions that don’t come true. Other people who believe in them can become very disillusioned and leave the UFO/ET field altogether when these people crash and burn.

The contactee or abductee impersonator is an insincere con artist and different individuals may have very different motives and agendas. This could be a person out to make a buck at the expense of others or it could be a skeptical individual or group who decides to make a fool out of an investigator or other believers.


John Mack an abductee researcher was targeted by not one, but a well organized group of people connected to a well know skeptics group, The Committee For The Investigation Of Claims Of The Paranormal whose name is even a lie.


They have counterintelligence connections and are connected to SETI an organization that uses the illusionist’s art of misdirection and outright debunking in the mass media to propagandize the public in regards to extraterrestrial life. Abductee Ed Walters also has had counterintelligence operations run against him when he got to be too well known in the mass media.

Contactee impersonators seem to be much rarer than abductee impersonators because to date contactees have remained pretty much discredited because of counterintelligence actions taken against them in the 1950s and 1960s. As we in the emerging field of exopolitics become more credible we can expect to have done to us what abductees and abductee researchers have experienced in the past.

So with all these counterfeit contactees running around trying to get attention on the internet and elsewhere, the logical question is how does one spot a true contactee? I have found from personal experience that nowadays, unlike back in the 1950s true contactees keep a very low profile. The main reason for this as I have explained in other articles is that the human ET’s tactics have changed from open overt contact in the 1950s to much more covert contact that continues to this day. This could be beginning to change.

I started running into real deal contactees when I created my own intelligence gathering network in my local area and started to seriously investigate UFO sightings many years ago. Because I was persistent and open minded, I discovered that most of these sightings were collateral sightings, made by ordinary people going about their ordinary business.


The deeper I dug and the more involved I got, allowed me to track these collateral sightings to some very discrete individuals at the very bottom of the social economic ladder. I generally made a pest of myself and gained the confidence of these contactees and even had sightings of my own. It often took years to tickle information out of these people and sometimes they would get quite upset if I got on to something that I was not supposed to know about.

The human ETs that run these networks of contactees keep close tabs on their contactees telepathically and also use implants if permission is given. The contactee knows from moment to moment just how much and what they can talk about. If they do talk too much then the contact will be discontinued and the damage will be slight to the ETs programs because nobody is going to believe these contactees anyway because of their low economic and educational status. I have discovered that human ETs when they infiltrate our society have made very effective use of class barriers and other social constructs, so as to maintain security and integrity of their infiltration operations.

I remain at the edges of these networks and there is much my contactee friends have told me that I cannot talk about, but lately it would seem things are changing. I am not sure exactly why. Maybe it’s because disclosure is quickening and the release of information about ET networks can move forward at a faster pace to keep up with overall disclosure and provide overall balance.


I also think that the ET’s overall security situation and the security of their contactees is improving. Military resistance to their activities seems to be on the decrease perhaps due to an overall policy shift at the highest levels of government. All I can say is it’s about time!

In a nutshell, if the contactee is hard to find and difficult to crack, then the contactee most likely is the real deal. If the contactee seeks publicity and seems credible then the chances of the contactee being the real deal decreases considerably. That’s not to say that all public contactees are counterfeit. It’s just that its going to be tougher to tell the real thing from the counterfeit and its going to take a long while, of wait and see, to see how the case falls out.


Deceivers usually begin by making small mistakes and if they get away with this they can become overconfident and really make a big mistake exposing their fraudulent activity for all to see. All I can say for those investigating over the internet is buyer beware.

If you are really interested, sincere and have the patience, build up your own intelligence gathering network in your local area. Then as I said before, track the collateral sightings until you find the embedded contactees. If you are really good and you can keep your mouth shut, you might just meet an extraterrestrial. My contactee friends tell me that the reason I have not met an extraterrestrial so far is because I can’t keep my mouth shut either. Of course they are right.


But who knows, I am learning to better keep confidences as I age, realizing that even ET’s have their own security concerns and operations that could be disrupted by a careless comment broadcast by me all over the internet.


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Strategies for Friendly Contact (Part 1)

There are three basic strategies towards developing contact with advanced ethical ET races that I would like to discuss. In this discourse I will discuss the second strategy with the third strategy being a combination of the two.

The first strategy considered by most people is to travel to a area where ETV/ET activity has made it into the national or international news. Wither there is really is a increase in activity or simply a increase in reporting has to be established. It may even be that the perception of a increase in activity is due to the fact that they the ET’s are simply allowing their craft to be seen while real activity remains constant.

The second strategy that I personally have been pursuing is not as widely considered. My strategy has been and still is to borrow down into ET/ETV activity locally. This second strategy supposes that there is a large amount of ET activity going on everywhere under everybody’s noses but is simply not discovered or reported.

I built my own intelligence gathering network in the following manner. First I studied the literature in the ETV/ET field in depth then got to know many investigators personally and joined the organization MUFON as well as some other organizations. I realized at this point that this was much more than a scientific problem and the community was being steered away from seeing it as a political and intelligence problem. It was easy to see that you can’t solve a intelligence problem and a political problem with scientific solutions because the evidence is being tampered with, suppressed and obfuscated.

I began to read books on intelligence gathering and analysis as well as build my own local intelligence gathering network in my local area that encompassed about a fifty mile radius from Cairo Georgia. This included the capital of Florida, Tallahassee, and other Georgia cities like Bainbridge, Albany, Thomasville, Valdosta and several smaller communities. Over time I developed some high level intelligence connections on the Internet.


Early on I gathered through my network quite a number of lower level retired military with intelligence experience and connections who had had ETV/ET experiences while working for the shadow government in different capacities including crash retrieval and a individual who supervised a elite group of pilots who flew missions to photograph and study ETV’s in the 1950’s.

He had a file at his job site in which there were pictures of different ET types dead and alive taken by Jimmy Doolittle the famous general and aviator of the Second World War. Jimmy Doolittle’s involvement which I had never heard of before in the UFO community was confirmed by John Lear. In discussions with John he said that when he first got interested in UFO’s his mother got worried and contacted their family friend who was none other than Jimmy Doolittle. Doolittle said to her that yes UFO’s were real, but he could not talk about it.

I built my network in this manner.


First I began writing letters to the editor in local papers asking to be contacted by people who had seen UFO’s. When I picked up several sightings this way I then went to local newspapers to have these people interviewed asking that my name and phone number be published. At this point things really took off. I was not only picking up current sightings which were numbering about two a week but a huge number of past sightings by people who were afraid of ridicule.

These sightings seemed to cluster in certain areas and as I got to know the people who were having the peripheral sightings I burrowing down digging deeper and deeper, working down to the few people closest to the events. It was by generally pushing and prodding making a general nuisance of myself that I gathered more information from those few individuals closest to the sighting activity and the most close mouthed. It took years to build up enough trust to get much of the story beneath the story.

To this day I have to keep much of this information secret. Most UFO investigators never get this deep. Most don’t have the persistence, and few the integrity to gain the trust and protect the security interests of these individuals. An investigator gets a juicy morsel and goes public and people get hurt. That lack of integrity and trustworthiness stops the investigator in their tracts as the flow of information dries up. The investigator gets frustrated, moves on or even gets hostile to his contacts falling to find the fault within himself or herself. I think you can begin to get the point why I keep harping on this ethics thing.

There are not many highly ethical investigators with high integrity in the ETV/ET community I have found out from personal observation. A first group of investigators have the usual fragile human psyche but they have powerful ego defenses that keep them from getting to the bottom of the matter. On the other end of the spectrum are those who’s fragile psyche does not have the defenses of the first group and they get a little deeper but begin to fly off the handle into all kind of perceptions quite distant from reality. “grin” (Oh, not me you say.)


To make matter worse, both of these types who again are two sides of the same coin get to fighting amongst themselves. I tell you from personal experience that no matter who you are if you think your psyche is not fragile you are fooling yourself and you have a lot to learn from the school of hard knocks.

When one is able to dig deep enough, things really get interesting and heat up. I tracked down a individual who knew a lot but was not talking much. A friend of this individual was having a lot of sightings where this sighting cluster was going on so I started coming over with a camera. I got lucky I guess, because as it turned out later I was told that the ET’s at the time were distracted and upset because the shadow government had got their hands on one of their friends from a affiliated group of ET’s.

The craft came in from the east as a bright red light with a little purple almost at the center. As it decelerated the bright red light diminished to only a small spot by the time it stopped and was hovering over the trees. At this point one could see windows and other lights on what looked like a airliner simply hovering over the swamp with no sound. I think I was seeing the thing edge on. I had taken a photo with high speed film but when developed the craft could not be seen in the picture while the light coming out of a window of a house of even less intensity could be easily seen. The craft began to move and the red light got brighter then dimmed again as it slowed again and stopped a little further away.

This was the first craft I have seen and it kept my attention. Then my friend and I noticed that this other person had took off across the field with both my friend and I hurrying to catch up. The contact person got down into the swamp first and pretty soon there were some very loud strange noises and my lady friend became afraid. So damn, I had to deal with her for a little while and by that time the contact person came out laughing particularly at our friend who so wanted to have contact but got scared.

Apparently the ET’s got surprised and did not meet with the contact for long and in fact I was told by the contact person that one of them had dropped the little remote control thing that opened and closed the door on the craft. Like the thing people use now days to lock their cars. Later my friend went back the next day to poke around but did not look close enough and missed finding the door opener. The contact went back and retrieved it, kept it for awhile and then gave it back to the ETs. He would not show it to us. But he teased our friend about not looking around well enough.

That night I drove home and as I was driving down the long grassy road to my house I noticed two red lights fly over and across the corner of my property. They had followed me home to see where I lived. Later in a field the contact person took a picture of me in the field being scanned and later showed the picture to me. There were bands of light surrounding me but I had seen or felt nothing in the field. Later our friend and the contact person took a video of another type of craft of theirs that I was allowed to view.


The video then had to be erased as it was for my eyes only. Later I was told by the contact person that the ET’s would not interact with me directly because I had a big mouth and knew too many high level people in the UFO community. “grin” I have been trying over the years to keep it shut more but its hard as you can see from this post.

After the contact person became a friend and could trust me this person confined in our mutual friend and myself about a lot of things over several years. Often we would have to make a nuisance of ourselves and aggravate things out of him. He had very legit security concerns as well as did his ETs. I hope I am not overstepping my bounds with this post. But as the events mostly happen years ago I think I am okay at least I hope so. I think I remember him saying it was okay to put out some of this as long as I was very careful. He does not want the government to get its hands on him either. I think its time to get some of this out but I still have to be careful.

The ET’s he is dealing with are human, short and barrel chested.


Their civilization has not had a overt war for 2000 years but are locked into a low intensity conflict with some other groups that seem to be working with our government to keep this type ET out who won’t have anything to do with our government. They are a small group affiliated with other groups who are more involved with humanity.


They have been working in the local area for over 100 years. Their agenda is limited to some educational to their species and scientific work which involves taking water and soil samples and this is how the contact first met them. They also have a interest in the genetic blood lines of some Indian tribes as there is some kind of connections here from the past. They are from a local star about 12 light years away I think if I remember correctly.

They did eventually rescue their friend that was being held in a underground room loaded with explosives and sensors so could not be beamed out. The shadow government did get highly sensitive information out of this ET through interrogation and torture before the other ET’s were able to break him out. Not only does this information threaten this group but other affiliated groups as well, making it more difficult for them to operate here without being detected and shot down. It should not be difficult to see the benefit under these conditions that a person on the ground could be.

I don’t want to diverge too far here because what I am getting at is this. It seems that humanity and other civilizations like it that are emerging stellar civilizations are on the front lines of a mostly low intensity conflict at least on earth. This conflict between different ET federations can flare up into a high intensity conflict here or elsewhere in the neighborhood if certain bounds are breached. This is not unlike what is beginning to develop between China and the US as China become industrialized and more belligerent toward its neighbors or what happened with Germany causing the Second World War.

Because my intelligence gathering network gathered up so much material this really helped me get a handle on the big picture. What may shock some people is that this conflict is much closer to them than they think. An individual who seems to now have benevolent ET contact was when I met this individual having typical abduction problems.

After I had talked to this person in the beginning that night I was awoke in the middle of the night and was told mentally in not uncertain terms stay out of it. “grin” I practice the Tao and I decided not to follow this any further but made a telepathic note that this was too much for me and somebody else better handle it. Several years later this person got back with me and has had changed very much no longer fearful and very clear and loving. The fearful abduction experiences had ended. This person now feels that there is contact with benevolent ETs.

What really gets interesting is that in some cases I have studied various ET groups have interactions through families. A individual working for a agency in the government dealing with ET’s may have children who part ways, one involved in benevolent contact with ethically advanced races and another sibling going to work for the shadow government involved with less ethical ET races and becoming a very dangerous person for those on the receiving end.


Siblings having contact with opposing ethical ET groups can even share information between them protected by family bonds. The point I am making here is that the low intensity ET conflicts on earth filters down not only through generations of individuals but runs through whole families.


It even seems that the conflict even filters down into minds of individuals. I guess I’ll stop now and let that thought sink in.


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Strategies For Friendly Contact (Part 2)

In a prior paper I discussed the idea of burrowing down into the ETV/ET activity in a local area, something that can be done most anywhere to achieve benevolent ET contact. Another strategy I have yet to discuss is the use of higher states of consciousness to achieve ET contact. Most ET’s seem to have well developed telepathic capabilities and use a more advanced form of a internet. It seems to me that all living things are connected by a underling energy field which can be used as a medium of communication irrespective of space and time. This is what I call the telepathic net.

I have noticed that when interacting with close friends in a loving manner we synergize and achieve a higher state of consciousness than one could achieve alone. When I communicate with friends in this higher state of consciousness I have been able to better able to find faults in my psychology. I could also remedy those faults because higher consciousness tends to magnify all aspects of oneself both the good and the bad. Many chronic faults are not recognized because they stay under our radar so to speak, but when we interact with others these faults get magnified and are pointed out to us by others.

When I was a small boy I was surrounded by many of the best scientists in what was later to be called the field of ecology. So I can even say at a early age my consciousness was being accelerated by being in the company of such high level people. Later when I left the south to go to school in the University of Alaska in Fairbanks, Alaska, I developed a group of close friends at the University. Some of my false beliefs and prejudices that I had absorbed indiscriminately without much thought in the south came out into the open in heated discussions with my northern friends. This was the beginning of the collapse of my old unconsidered beliefs, not only false cultural beliefs, but also much more fundamental beliefs on the nature of reality itself.

This collapse took several years and was a very painful and difficult time for me because as they say old beliefs die hard. One day I hit rock bottom, lay down in a bed in a friends cabin in Alaska and said to myself that if this is all there is to life then I don’t want to live. At that very moment three beings that I could only describe as like dew drops shining in the morning sun entered my mind and gave me a thought form that when translated into words is;

“Your path is truth, your vehicle is honesty and the fuel for that vehicle is love.”

This marked the turning part of my life when I was about 23 years of age, a rebirth if you will, into a much greater perspective. It took a couple of years to overcome the inertia of the old belief system and replace it with the new greater perspective but since then my consciousness has been in a steady upward climb.

A second acceleration of consciousness occurred when I met and became close to several people who were also going through this transformation of consciousness.


Together we made another leap in consciousness. This may have even moved us up into contact with the telepathic net. We were often telepathic in some of our interactions but one evening we were in a field under the stars, five of us in a pentagon formation, and a question was asked telepathically what is our relationship to you.


The answer that came back to us was;

“Our relationship to you is like your relationship to your garden.”

That was enough of that for us at the time as the reader could well understand. End of communication. “Grin”

A third acceleration of consciousness happened to me on the internet over ten years ago when I became very active on the net and with a group of intellectuals many who were physicists. The moderator of the group was physicist Jack Sarfatti and this group continues to this day on the Stardrive website. I felt that many of these people even though they were high level had been left out of the loop pertaining to UFO’s. It occurred to me that I could be helpful to ending the cover-up if I could help inform those left out of the loop. These folks would not work under the security constraints and restrictions to their liberty that was required in the special access programs relating to ET’s.

I became Jack’s UFO fetch and carry man passing on information on ETV/ET material that I though relevant to their interests. Along with these physicists in this group were some high level intelligence operatives as well as some high level debunkers. Things got pretty hot when some of these physicists like Jack who also had some background in intelligence got into it with some of their buddies realizing that they were being disinformed.


A real shouting match developed with each calling the kettle black so to speak and accusing the other of having been involved in disinformation operations in the past. There was a lot of interesting fallout from this little spat and I hope the material is still archived. One can learn a lot about a family during a fight.

Dealing with these high level people really pushed me to a higher level of consciousness and maybe attracted the interest of a ET. Several of these high level people seemed to have some contact with ET’s but weren’t talking about it very much. I think that one of the ET’s associated with somebody in this internet network got interested in me and began to communicate to me telepathically in images that I would have to then translate into words.


It seemed that the best way to communicate the depth of thought and feeling was through poetry. I may still have some of these possible communications around somewhere but mostly on the hard drive of a computer that is no longer working. I became very aware of how our words of communication have their roots in images from our collective past.

I am still not sure to this day whether I was communicating with a ET that was sitting in a ship somewhere or with something within my own unconscious or collective unconsciousness. The impression I had at the time was that this ET had a viewing screen next to where he or it was sitting that was so clear that it appeared to be a window looking out onto a scene on a African plain. It seemed that this ET could have been a historian of mankind’s history because I got the impression of a vast understanding of earth human history.

It seemed that it was difficult for this being to communicate with me because of the vastness of its understanding and feeling. The impact upon my own consciousness and personality was very powerful to such a degree that for weeks afterward when I met someone it was difficult not to break into tears because of the depth of feeling. It’s at this point that I really began to realize just how fragile was the earth human personality in general and mine in particular.

These prior adventures in higher consciousness have given me the idea that it is possible for a group of people to establish communication with ET’s using the internet. I can tell when the internet communications begin to interface with the telepathic net when I begin to answer questions before seeing the question, find myself posting the same thing at the same time as somebody else, feeling the same thing at the same time when not in internet communication etc. This type of synchronistic activity I believe is a indicator of a internet telepathic interface.

So the next step in my thinking is that if we can access this net when we raise our consciousness enough we should be able to establish contact with various ET races and even have negotiations. The ET’s could verify that the communications are real by showing their craft to selected participants and by other means. This may already be ongoing with the purported ET poll and the response to it from the exopolitics site.


The ET’s could have initiated telepathic contact with the individual in France who put the message on the internet to be picked up by Michael and inspired the 4contact forum some of us are now using.


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Concurrence Between Heaven And Earth

Both Dr. Alfred Webre and myself have argued the case for the old adage, as below so above. It would seem that we live in what appears to be a holographic or fractal universe where a small piece of the whole, in this instance earth affairs, mirror universe affairs.

We argue that similarities should hold true for physics, religion, ecology, sociology, politics and law throughout the universe. I have argued the case elsewhere for a greater celestial humanity of which earth humanity is but a small part and that this greater humanity is mirrored by earth humanity. Such a model of universe affairs has been very helpful, allowing me to make some sense out of our relationship to the overall scheme of things. I would like to pursue this line of thought further in this paper.

There has been one very powerful schism in conceptual thought throughout earths political and religious history that I suspect is common throughout the universe as a whole. This schism involves the argument whether an individual or collective is capable of determining their own destiny or whether some other self appointed authority should determine the individual or collective destiny. Throughout earth’s history rulers have argued that because their subjects are ignorant and foolish that they the ruler should control the destiny of the subject.

The priests who aligned themselves closely with ruling families make much the same argument in that it is they the priests who should be the intermediaries between the people and the gods because the people are incapable of having a direct relationship with God. The priest class have summarized that god given knowledge or universal knowledge is just too advanced for the ordinary individual and so it must be kept secret and given out in dribs and drabs to the masses.


On the other hand there have been those who have argued just the opposite and for their efforts have been vigorously suppressed even massacred by both ruler and priest alike.

It is my supposition that this schism in earth’s humanity is indicative of a larger rift in the greater celestial humanity. I have argued that most of earth humanity is not consciously aware of this greater humanity or their perceptions are greatly distorted as in the bible because of a quarantine imposed by universe society. I argue that even this being the case, there is still a unconscious covert interconnectivity that is both genetic and psychological which binds earth humanity together with celestial humanity. I also argue that this interconnectivity dictates a evolving symmetry of ideas and concepts on both sides that continues to this day.

Evidence for this kind of symmetry is evident upon close examination of earth human history where populations have existed in almost total isolation for long periods of time. These populations remained remarkably similar in governance and in religion even though there was little direct contact between the respective populations. I postulate that we are a fragment of a greater celestial humanity and more similar to celestial human and humanoid populations than we might think.

I feel very strongly that the celestial humans are just as split over many different issues of similar nature as are earth humans and that celestial humans and earth humans mirror each other even though direct contact is limited. I believe that as celestial humanity gets it’s act together we on earth will do the same with or without more direct contact in the near future.


In the intermediate future we should certainly reintegrate back into the whole of celestial humanity and universe society.


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On The Hybridization of Humanity

As I think more and more upon this greater humanity and its relationship to earth humanity I cannot but see the parallels between the early creation of hybrid seed corn. When I was a boy my father ran a fancy quail plantation for the rich and famous that was basically his day job that allowed him to pursue his scientific work when all was running smoothly.


John Hay Whitney the owner of Greenwood and former ambassador to Great Britain wanted to do something for the southern farmer that would also help the quail hunting. He and my father came up with the idea of developing hybrid seed corn and started a hybrid seed corn business on the plantation. The corn that the southern farmer was using had a low yield, much lower that the hybrid corn being developed and used by farmers in the Midwest.

The search for genetic material took the family on some very interesting adventures one of which was the development of a close family relationship with the Hopi Indians in the Western United States. My father was looking to develop better drought resistance in southern corn and the Hopi had a very drought resistance corn that they planted and grew in the desert. Greenwood Seed Company wanted that genetic material to breed into a corn hybrid they called Dixie 18.


So when a small boy the family was packed up into a station wagon in early fifties and in late spring for many years the whole family would go out to Hopi Land for a month where we would camp out in an apple grove if I remember correctly. My father before he became a ecologist was a collector of small mammals for the Chicago Museum and camping was no big deal and the whole family enjoyed this pursuit.


There were no hotels anywhere close to the Hopi’s at the time.

I used to hang out sometimes with my father at Greenwood as a small boy and I remember my father telling me something significant that I believe relates to the ET hybridization program for which there is a large body of evidence that has accumulated over the years. My father told me that artificially created hybrid corn while it had a much greater yield than the earlier natural varieties was much less hardy. In other words the modern corn as it was developed tended to loose it’s ability to stand up to complex environmental stress factors.


So the company was always on the look out for native corn and I remember my father bemoaning the fact that many of the early varieties of corn were no longer being planted and were being lost. It was a race against time to find and cultivate these varieties before they became extinct.

The reason the early varieties of corn were so important even though they were not high yield producers was because they had hardy genetic material that the company was always having to go out in the world to find in order to combat the loss of vigor in the hybrid corn. At this point I think the reader is beginning to get the drift of where this argument is going.


Under the old saying, as above so below, we can expect that the greater humanity in its engineering of universe society’s genetic structure has the exact same problem that Greenwood Seed Company was having with its hybridization program with corn. I am thinking that earth humans while not very productive, are nonetheless a rather hardy primitive species of human that are a very valuable resource that must be carefully managed and protected.

This idea surely makes a few folks uncomfortable but I think it could be key as to why some elements of universe society would rather that earth humanity not be incorporated into Universe Society so as to maintain this valuable primitive species of humanity for exploitation.


On the other hand I believe moral and ethical principles may trump the greater humanities self interest and the decision has been made at the highest levels to forgo this self interest for the greater good and to incorporate earth humanity into universe society. I suspect out there in extraterrestrial libraries are a large number of scientific papers with titles like, Genetic Upgrades To Advanced Specie Genome’s. In these papers might be found discussions about the benefits of maintaining retrograde primitive human populations for genetic exploitation.


Maybe the remote viewers would like to look into this.

I am well aware that many people feel violated by such genetic exploitation but is it really any different than what we do amongst ourselves. If we were not violating each other all the time, then I think we would have a legitimate right to complain. Until we stop violating each other, can we expect the universe to do otherwise? I believe we all attract onto ourselves others of similar nature so as to work out in group dynamics the lessons we need to learn collectively and individually.

If we can become more cooperative and less competitive amongst ourselves so as to build consensus and trust across our fractionalized society, then this in turn will attract more advanced beings to us. Then our and their learning and consciousness can combine into a much higher state of experience that we all yearn for. The door to a new world is opening before us.


Let us let us face and overcome our individual and collective fears so as to step through that doorway into a better world where cooperation is the norm and were competitive pressures will ease and become more manageable.


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Resistance To Civilian Contact

It is well know in some circles the role that Army Intelligence has played in the disruption of political movements within and without the United States and with the civil rights movement in particular.

Is Army Intelligence is being implicated in the disruption and interference of political movements in the field of Exopolitics as well?


This should come as no surprise as it would be quite natural for Army Intelligence to expand their often nefarious activities into the Exopolitical field being that the Exopolitical field is the more encompassing political arena.

In addition to interference and suppression of our most basic human rights and freedoms, evidence is mounting as to the suppression of the development of exotic technologies within the public domain to be used for peaceful purposes. See allegations by the late inventor James Black who died under suspicious circumstances shortly before he was to sue the United States and Canadian governments, Los Alamos, and John Alexander for the suppression and theft of his and Hutchinson’s patents and intellectual property. and 

I would be the first to point out that Army Intelligence and the military in general has the right to be involved in the suppression and disruption of unethical ET conduct on this planet. I assure Army Intelligence that should I or my associates discover unethical ET conduct in our investigations of ethical ET activity they will be contacted by me in a prompt manner. It is my intention to investigate ethical ET activity and interactions with ethical earth human beings in preparation for possible more formal future diplomatic relations and negotiations.

I believe the militaries indiscriminate hostile policy toward all ET races is counterproductive and dangerous and invites unethical ET activity and Faustian relations jeopardizing our whole civilization. It should be obvious that Dr. Henry Kissinger’s immoral approach to power politics as applied to extraterrestrial races has failed miserably and has endangered us all setting the stage where our worst fears are realized, that of alien invasion and colonization.

I would remind Army Intelligence and the military as a whole that the penetration of earth space by non-hostile ET craft and their occupants for purposes of surveillance as well as other diverse activities have been going on for at least thousands of years and supersedes any claim made by any nation on earth. The fact is, we are the new kid on the block carrying a big chip on our shoulder that is violating the rights of ethical ET races as they go about the conduct of their business on earth and in space.. Where it can be show that specific unethical ET’s in their spacecraft are in fact violating our space that is another matter altogether and defensive and offensive measures are with the realm of Army Intelligence and the military forces in general.

The operative word here is that hostile intent must be show and defensive actions may be taken against specific unethical ET groups but not indiscriminately including ethical ET groups as well. Where there is a question as to ET intent we should not shoot first and answer questions later but should hold our fire until we certain that ET activity is hostile. Such a ethical policy would prevent further alienating benevolent ET groups who’s help we sorely need and who are attempting to maintain a balance in the universe and on earth between constructive and destructive forces.

I specifically request that Army Intelligence refrain from disrupting developing benevolent ET networks in the United States and around the world until it can be proven that these networks represent a national security threat. These attacks against innocent civilians in themselves represent a threat to national security.


I request a halt to any and all attacks against honest law abiding earth citizens with lethal and non-lethal weapons who are endeavoring to work with benevolent ET networks. Specifically I would like to note allegations by Dr. Alfred Webre that attacks have been made on his person with exotic non-lethal weapons because of his support of contactee’s. This is not a isolated case.


The god given basic right of freedom of assembly and religion applies to all species regardless of their origin.


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Addendum - Current Exopolitical Model

I would like to take my speculations a bit further into the history as to why Army Intelligence may be involved in indiscriminately attacking and disrupting ethical earth human ET cells or what I call contact networks.


There is a friend of our family who once worked in Army Intelligence and who is very close mouthed about the ET stuff. Over a number of years of pestering he did slip up one time and tell me that he had seen pictures involving ET’s while working for Army Intelligence and they were so bad that he felt the truth should never be told.

I am assuming he is referring to cases of human mutilations.


Warning graphic and disturbing pictures are at the following site. 


Let’s put that together with the ongoing cases of cattle mutilations that any advanced ET should have been able to easily cover-up but instead blatantly leave the cattle carcasses as evidence of their presence for the public to discover and for the military to suppress. Excuse me folks but this is communication like that of a serial murder communicating with law enforcement. This communication is obviously being directed at the military and world elites not civilians.

In addition we have a huge body of abductee testimony that indicates interactions with unethical ET’s. Why are these people able to remember their abductions? Excuse me again, but if we can sedate other humans and animals so that they do not experience or remember a painful operation then why can’t ET’s seem to do this with their superior technology? The obvious answer is they want us to remember! I have to ask why, and the answer again is they are communicating a message by their actions.


I think the message being transmitted is:

“Stupid earth humans get used to having your free will violated. You in the military can watch and even participate as you are helpless and impotent to act in your citizen’s defense.”

The reader should please bear with me as I come up with a few more dots before I go to connecting them to show a pattern. We have all heard stories about how alien technology in the hands of the military is moved into the public domain and into the defense industry without is true origin becoming known. One of the best known cases is that from Col. Corso in his book The Day After Roswell. Interestingly Col. Corso worked for Army Intelligence. John Alexander is also a ex army officer. Is anybody beginning to get my drift?

We add to this interesting mix of dots, the evidence that Army Intelligence has been involved in disrupting political movements such as the civil rights movement we see it is not much of a stretch to see their involvement also in Exopolitical movements. I am beginning to see a pattern of highly ethical ET’s creating contact networks around the world in order to advance the human race.


That is a political movement.


But if these ET’s are highly ethical why then is the military attacking ethical ET’s and civilians cooperating with the ethical ET’s? One reason is obvious and that is that a few wealthy evil unscrupulous greedy people who influence world events to a large degree consider the present status quo just fine and don’t want any outside exopolitical influence of earth populations that they largely control through their financial networks. I think there is another more hidden factor. Let me try to connect the dots further.

I think there is a small group of unethical ET’s that are intent on dominion and colonization of earth.


They may not even constitute a civilization but could only be a faction, a group of renegades. Clearly if they were strong and large in numbers we would have been taken over long ago. So what’s going on and why aren’t the more ethical ET’s coming to our aid? I think they are, but our situation is a part of a much larger exopolitical problem than just humanity on earth. I think the higher ET’s view reality as a school and they are teaching humanity and the less ethical ET renegades as well.


What’s the lesson? It’s all about love, truth, ethics, true religion and cosmic law but let me get back to my point.

In connecting the dots what I think what is going on is that world governments and the greedy power brokers that run world affairs through their financial networks are being manipulated by these weak ET factions just as they the power brokers manipulate humanity as a whole.


The problem is when we manipulate others against their will we in turn become vulnerable to just the same kind of manipulation.


It all seems to me to be just, and accordance with cosmic law.

So how are the earth human manipulators being manipulated by the unethical ET’s?


The classic form of manipulation is carrot and stick. Entice with the carrot and punish with the stick. If I put myself in the shoes of a small group of unethical ET’s, I think I would use the carrot and stick this way.

First I would want to scare and terrorize the daylights out of the military and the elites so that they will circle the wagons, create a unified autocratic command structure that I can easily infiltrate at the very top and so gain control of most all of humanity. With just a little effort on my part I can cause the stupid humans to build the mechanism of social control that I need to rule and mine the masses.


Even better I can cause the stupid confused humans to attack all ET races indiscriminately not knowing friend from foe. So in one simple stroke I have the humans build my mechanism of control for me and additionally I split them off from the more ethical ET’s who for illogical stupid moral reasons will not fight back but have to withdraw.

These earth human manipulators are so stupid that with almost no effort at all I can sacrifice and mutilate a few humans to get the ball rolling. I then can continue to threaten the military whenever necessary by throwing a few mutilated cattle carcasses around about the country for the public to discover. I abduct people and experiment on them leaving the military helpless but to cooperate. I throw a few technological table scraps to the greedy power mongers and I feed the whole network of social control from the top down.

I protect the earth human elite and they protect me out of self interest and fear and they keep those damn ethical ET’s off my back. There is a added benefit that by having the elites build up Air Force Space Command star wars planetary defenses at great cost to the humans, I can use this now and in the future against the ethical ET races to keep them at bay in space as well as on earth. Covert special forces groups in the military like in Army Intelligence on the ground take care of the ethical ET problem on earth by constantly disrupting the ethical ET-Human networks on the planet. I don’t have to do a thing. I can sit back and enjoy the show. I am the puppet master. It’s truly a relationship born in hell!

I think the ethical ET’s have a plan but it is a more encompassing one. It may go something like this:

  • The ethical ET plan is based on the truth that life is virtual and a school where everybody attracts to themselves the lessons they need to learn.

  • The unethical earth humans and the more technologically advanced unethical ETs attract to themselves hellish painful lessons and in time many will see the error or their ways and come to the divine, to God, to love, to truth.

If over time enough unethical humans come over to the side of the ethical higher power and embrace creation rather than destruction then earth human civilization with grow and prosper on earth and in space. If enough people do not change their evil corrupt ways then the civilization will collapse technologically from internal and external corruption as it should in accordance with cosmic natural law, and new cycle of creation will begin again from scratch. It is the goal of the ethical ET’s to maintain the school and keep it running properly for the best of all concerned.

It should be understood that what I have written above is a model to guide and explain my actions in the Exopolitical arena. I am not saying this is reality. This is model to guide my actions, my investigations as I learn and grow. Like any good theory it explains and makes sense of many disparate and otherwise up to now unexplainable things.


But it still is just that, a model, a theory, and must be adjusted to reflect changing perceptions of reality over time.


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Ancient Religious Exopolitical Model

My sure to be considered “outrageous” Exopolitical model appears to be similar to an equally “outrageous” Exopolitical model inherent in ancient religious historical texts from around the world that record a battle on earth and in space thousands of years ago. This battle seems to have taken place primary in the Indus River Valley in Northern India which has been termed the cradle of our present civilization.

Furthermore the Christian and Hebrew Bible also describe a celestial battle on earth and in space between ethical space faring civilizations and a renegade unethical group headed up by Lucifer. Lucifer and his celestial army lost the battle and retreated to bases underground in the earths crust called Hell in the bible.


The victorious celestial armies of God confined and imprisoned Lucifer or Satan and his renegade group to earth for thousands of years. This possibly indicates a very long life span for Lucifer and his fallen angels or the group is continuing to reproduce itself underground.

It predicts in the book of revelations that Lucifer will attempt a break back out back into space that he and his group has been planning for thousands of years. The plan entails assisting humanity to become a space fairing society then manipulating humanity to attack the ethical space faring races that hold him captive on earth and so escape back into space. It is predicted in revelations that this desperate escape attempt fails but humanity gets caught in the middle of this celestial conflict called Armageddon. Lucifer again is confined underground to hell where he plans one last final attempt in a thousand years.


Meanwhile the celestial army’s show itself to mankind in all their power and glory and this ushers in a new golden age of enlightenment.


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Cosmic Conflicts

The idea that space faring civilizations have been involved in warfare is not new. Ancient sacred texts from around the world describe these heavenly conflicts between extraterrestrials. The bible itself talks about this battle in heaven where Lucifer and his degenerate angels, the losers, are cast down and confined to earth by the heavenly host who continue to occupy the high ground of outer space. I believe conflicts between extraterrestrial races continue to this day and are common.

I have heard stories from contactee friends about conflicts between extraterrestrial races on and about earth including shooting down of craft . Some UFO/ET researchers are now beginning to point out that there seem to be just to many crashed spaceships coming down to earth to be accounted for by just accidents. While some of these could be have been shot down by humanity’s security forces there seems to be another factor involved.

If the universe turns out to be highly populated by very diverse advanced civilizations as evidence and reason suggest, then we should expect conflicts to erupt frequently. Everything we see in nature suggests that both competition and cooperation are widespread in nature as I have discussed in several of my prior articles. I have also discussed societal evolution from a natural history and evolutionary perspective where super-civilizations evolve just like everything else in nature by the creation of larger bits from smaller bits. So it would seem that no matter how advanced the level of organization, as in a super-civilization, there are going to be both competitive and cooperative evolutionary pressures.

These competitive and cooperative evolutionary pressures seem to have created very diverse creatures about the universe just as they have done on earth. It should not come as an unexpected insight that many of these universal relationships are predator-prey relationships.


The only thing different might be order of magnitude as well as sophistication of these relationships especially when these conflicts involve conflicts between super-civilizations. These crashed saucers coming down seem to indicate some sort of quarantine of earth is in effect and violators can be shot down if they violate quarantine.

We can see that when overt power fails for a predator in the capture of prey the predator becomes more stealthy, deceptive, and secretive. The predator has to change tactics so as to capture the wary prey or get around a parents defensives to get to the more vulnerable young.


I ask, if earth is a societal embryo on the way to becoming a super-civilization, might there be super-civilization predators who could be getting very sophisticated in breaking the quarantine if indeed one exists? This begs the question how would we expect a super-civilization predator to get at our vulnerable young embryonic civilization and perhaps feed on it as would a parasite?

Col. John Alexander “retired” was a special forces commander and is author of the book, Future War. He says that to deceive the enemy is a fundamental tenet of war. I believe the same is true for any predator from a virus attacking the body right on up to humans attacking each other in predator-prey, master-slave relationships in autocratic society.


John is very clear in stating that,

“The target of deception is the enemy’s decision-making process.”

I would take this a bit further and say the target is the enemy’s ability to conceptualize the situation first, then the decision-making process second. Before one can make a decision one has to conceptualize the environment one is in. We have to be able to see before we do.

I am thinking that the most sophisticated way to capture or parasitize prey is to attack or insert error into the adversary or prey’s conceptual framework. I wonder if John has ever considered the possibility that mankind is under attack by some predatory civilization that is so subtle and clever that all it needs to do to weaken our civilization is to insert error into our minds and the language we use to communicate ideas and concepts. I wonder If people in the national insecurity establishment have ever considered the possibility and that their own minds are under attack and that they have made themselves vulnerable by practicing unethical or predatory deceptive warfare practices?

This then begs the question, what simple logical and conceptual errors would be the most effective and subversive to the mind of human beings. One would most definitely be that the lie, that the end justifies the means. In the case of warfare the error would be, deception is justified to attack and subdue a enemy. The adversary that is best able to deceive wins the war which could be true but what about what happens afterward?


Just this one conceptual error alone could throw humanity into turmoil, conflict, and instability. Deception would beget deception creating more and more intense conflict between warring factions. What was once the national security apparatus become the national insecurity apparatus destabilizing and undermining the whole civilization.

I would hope that warriors like John Alexander will pay special attention to their own minds to see if they themselves are under attack by a very sophisticated, deceptive and dangerous enemy. They should ask themselves, are we who are supposed to protect and defend our countries simply spreading disinformation, lies and error so as to destroy our own society making humanity easy pickings for some cosmic predator? Perhaps a little humble pie is in order.

I say look to nature and consider the simple little aids virus that can shut down the bodies defensive systems and eventually kill the body. How does this virus do this? What if some cosmic predator craftily turned the national security apparatus back on itself, so as to attack the public it is sworn to protect just as does the aids virus. Could a crafty sophisticated predator be using these deceptive crafty means to get around the quarantine of earth.

Protecting extraterrestrial races who hold overt power may still have vulnerabilities that cosmic predators and parasites can exploit. Maybe there is something after all to the biblical stories of Lucifer and his fellow degenerates who were once highly evolved beings but for some reason began a process of devolution and had to be captured and contained. Maybe more advanced enlightened beings are unable to finish Lucifer off because it would destroy mankind in the process. Is there a enlightened cosmic plan that takes time to evolve meant to free mankind and afterward deal with the predators? Or is a cosmic super-civilization allowing the evolving embryonic civilization to get a little taste of what’s in store as it expands into outer and inner space?

I think the bottom line is that there is only so much enlightened civilizations can do for an evolving still embryonic civilization. If we here on earth can’t protect members of our own families from suicide or going to prison, why should we think that enlightened civilizations can do any better than we can with our families? The stark reality is that at some point free will kicks in and a person or a civilization is ultimately responsible for itself. So the vulnerability may not be with the enlightened civilizations but with our civilization.

This is what exopolitics is all about. We are struggling to conceptualize something that is greater than ourselves. We know there are many diverse advanced civilizations influencing mankind. We know that these advanced civilizations have interrelationships. We know all this from the evidence collected in the public sector. What we don’t have are the details, and that is what we all are trying to find out both inside and outside of the national security apparatus.


The problem is that secrecy and compartmentalization are so severe and the cover-up so entrenched that everybody has a difficult row to hoe. The UFO/ET cover-up needs to end now, for all of humanities sake?


It takes an integrated civilization where everybody has the need to know to evolve further or else our civilization collapses back into a more primitive state.


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Col. John Alexander - The Shadow Government’s Fix It Man

I have discussed in some detail where the oligarchy that control world affairs to a high degree have a vested interest in the status quo and are unethically motivated by both greed and fear to suppress multidimensional consciousness and awareness in the public domain. What I would like to discuss in more detail is the way the world militaries have inadvertently played into the hands of those of unethical intent who would suppress human evolution on earth.

The military has a rightful place in a democratic republic, and it rightfully should be focused on threats to national security. The problem is that because of the corrupting influence of power, world militaries and the U. S. military in particular, have ignored the democratic and republican restraints placed upon them. They have exceeded their authority and rightful place in a democratic republic and so have them selves become a major national security threat. Nowhere is this becoming more apparent than in the United States where the U.S. is being viewed worldwide as slowly slipping into fascism while much of the rest of the world is attempting to become more democratic.

As in the oligarchy, fear and greed seem to be the predominant factors that cause unethical elements within the military brass to subvert a democratic republic. The motivation of greed is understandable but the motivation of fear is not as quite as easy to understand especially under the current circumstances. I think exopolitical factors are involved and that possibly a few unethical celestial beings are behind the current climate of fear and have willfully and with evil intent stoked and intensified the fear that is naturally a part of the military mind set.

They have done this rather easily through a large number of cattle mutilations,, a few human mutilations, and attacks against civilians and military with beam weapons in Brazil and elsewhere and undoubtedly other atrocities that I am not aware of. In my estimation the world’s militaries have fallen, lock, stock and barrel for this ploy and in a very predictable fashion created powerful systems of covert autocratic control that can easily be controlled from the top of the chain of command. I have discussed elsewhere in my blog the agenda and motivations behind this unethical ET conduct.

All of us both in our personal affairs and in affairs of state have to balance threats vs. opportunities. I believe world militaries have overstepped their bounds by focusing almost exclusively on threats to national security regarding exopolitical realities and have intentionally and unintentionally suppressed diplomatic efforts by departments of state to reach out and negotiate with ethical celestial beings. This in itself has caused the greatest national security threat of all. By alienating potential celestial allies and so creating a imbalance between threat and opportunity one inevitably creates a situation where the military’s worst fear are realized. If ethical allies withdraw that leaves earth society to be colonized by unethical ET races.

Those reactionary factions around the world that are attempting to maintain the status quo in exopolitical affairs are faced with some very difficult choices. Either they allow ethical ET intervention to move forward without impediment to raise global consciousness or they risk colonization, dominion and loss of all human rights, liberates and self determination.

Much closer to home and on a much more personal basis I see this same theme of threat vs. opportunity being played out in John Alexander’s activities within the paranormal and exopolitical fields.


(On the back of the jacket of his book Future War, it is stated:

(Colonel Alexander participated in the landmark Council on Foreign Relations study of non-lethal weapons and chaired the first major conferences on the topic. His extensive military experience includes commanding Green Berets in Vietnam as well as conducting research and development in advanced weapons.”

“At los Alamos National Laboratory, he developed the concept of Non-Lethal Defense, which he presented to senior defense, industry, and academic officials. Politically, his work involved meetings with Members of Congress, White House and National Security Council staff, and the Director of Central Intelligence.” )

While John is well known in regards to his research in exotic weapons, his activities as trouble shooter for the shadow government are not as well known. Over the last few months I have had the opportunity to become somewhat enlightened as to John’s activities in the exopolitical field as well as in the field of the paranormal in general.


The most enlightening and troublesome were the revelations and accusations against John Alexander, Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), the U.S. and Canadian governments made by inventor James Black before his death under suspicious circumstances. Before his untimely death he was about to sue the aforementioned in a court of law for theft and suppression of patents, inventions and intellectual property. and 

John’s mode of operation seems to be rather straightforward. He makes friendly attempts to inquire and negotiate with an inventor, investigator or organization whose research activities involving the paranormal might be considered a national security threat and who might be having or about to have government troubles. Interestingly John has the remarkable ability to make a problem go away no matter how great, if a compromise is reached. Obviously I can’t give my personal sources in these cases.

On the other hand if the investigator, inventor or group are unwilling to compromise and are unreasonable then government harassment can increase tenfold and can even lead to very unethical drastic measures being taken. This seems to have happened with James Black who put principle before compromise. The James Black case has exposed John Alexander’s public cover. This case is very disturbing to those of us who knew James as a good and honorable man dedicated to full and open disclosure, who wanted his patents and intellectual property to be available to all of humanity for peaceful purposes.

Interestingly major reputable investigators who have become aware of this case in the UFO/ET field are scared to death of it. A very well know and respected mainstream investigator told me personally he would not touch the case! Obviously there are some very real national security threats as to exotic cognition’s and inventions that could be used against the United States by terrorists or other enemies but this is trumped by the need to move human evolution forward on earth.

Further evidence of death squads or hit squads operating out of LANL have surfaced recently with the beating of a whistle blower that was about to testify before congress as to financial improprieties at Los Alamos National Laboratories.


Of course the existence of American death squads being used not only around the world, but in the U.S. as well, is old news to us long time exopolitical investigators.

There is a interesting little book called Double Cross by Chuck Giancana, the brother of the greatest mobster west of the Mississippi Sam Giancana. Chuck wrote the book after the murder and death of his mobster brother Sam. Chuck did not participate very much in mob activities but was the single and only confidant of his brother. Sam divulged to Chuck what really was going on in the halls of power and how all U.S. presidents since and including Truman had been helped into high office by the mob. The first part of the book is slow and difficult reading because it is a attempt to explain to the reader the context the culture of the mob so as to present the stage for the revelations in the second half of the book.

One of the main reasons that John Kennedy and his brother were assassinated was because their father, Joe Kennedy was a mobster and double crossed the mob. Joe Kennedy had a history as a double crosser and went to far and stepped over the line when he used his sons, once the mob had helped get them into office, to double cross the mobsters to whom he was indebted so as to remove the debt. The other reasons had to do with secret elite groups within the secret U.S. government. The book also gets into why and how Marilyn Monroe was murdered. She was the lover to both the Kennedy brothers.

In this book it discloses how the CIA and the mob began to work together starting in the 1950’s with the creation of a multi million dollar slush fund for the CIA that was funded by the mob in a cooperative venture for covert activities in the U.S. and around the world. This is a very significant fact because it is evident that this slush fund has grown to astronomical proportions and is still funded through this unholy alliance between secret government groups and the mob involving drug and arms running around the world.


The other thing the book talks about are mob’s and the shadow government’s death and harassment squads and how they differ in composition and operations This little book makes for very interesting reading and is a simple first hand honest account of the inner workings of the mob and the secret government affiliation with the mob in the time frame of Sam Giancana’s lifetime.

What I have yet to determine about John Alexander and his activities is if his intent is based upon a sincere and devoted interest in the National Security of the United States. If it is and he is truly a reasonable and honorable man as attested to by many of his peers, perhaps there is room for a dialogue. If in fact his motives and intent are not sincere then there is little room for communication and dialogue. I expect to hear from John one of these days and perhaps he will tell me his side of the story.


I hope others that have information on John’s activities will get in touch with me so that I can update this work in progress so that we all can better understand a very important player in the exopolitical field.

Feedback: Mike Jamieson called John Alexander after reading this piece and talked with John for awhile and said that John was a good man and I ought not be so hard on him. Mike also heard from George Knapp that John had been to Afghanistan recently to advise on special operations in the area. John told Mike for me to check out the other party to James Black, Mr. Hutchinson who is also a inventor. I checked John Hutchinson’s web page but it was down but there is more on the man here.

It also has been rumored that Dr. Steven Greer called John Alexander the most dangerous man on the planet but I have been unable to confirm this. I emailed Dr. Greer but he would neither confirm nor deny that he made the statement.


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Jim Moseley Interrogates John Alexander

Supreme Commander Jim Moseley is UFO Gadfly Court Jester extraordinary, is a master of the shake the tree and see what falls out methodology, both to gather information and for entertainment purposes. Most people don’t realize that Jim has been active in the field of Exopolitics since the 1950’s. He started as a investigator of UFOs, but gave up that pursuit completely when he became totally confused in order to become the UFO field’s premier socialite.


He publishes the rag Saucer Smear


Jim’s specialty is to delight in pricking the over inflated egos of both researchers and debunkers alike. If you don’t have a healthy sense of humor you better not mess with Jim!

In the material below we find him hard at work attempting to elicit information and entertain himself with none other than John Alexander. I think he will find the allegations of the theft against John Alexander made by the late James Black an inventor, of interest if he has not already seen them.  and

I would like to state here that these allegations against the United States Government and the Canadian Government and John Alexander in particular are just that, allegations, and I hope I can reference here a refutation of those allegations should they come to my attention. My blog is a work in progress.


John Alexander is powerful and influential individual in the military establishment and these detailed and serious allegations floating around on the internet for years are damaging to his reputation and should be addressed in the public domain.


(On the back of the jacket of his book Future War, it is stated:

(Colonel Alexander participated in the landmark Council on Foreign Relations study of non-lethal weapons and chaired the first major conferences on the topic. His extensive military experience includes commanding Green Berets in Vietnam as well as conducting research and development in advanced weapons.” “At los Alamos National Laboratory, he developed the concept of Non-Lethal Defense, which he presented to senior defense, industry, and academic officials. Politically, his work involved meetings with Members of Congress, White House and National Security Council staff, and the Director of Central Intelligence.” )

I expect Jim to complain mightily about the length of the files and will admit to only a cursory examination of the material I am sure. The internet files show James Black died an untimely death subsequent to filing a lawsuit against Alexander. Jim is smart and very subtle. Be sure to read between the lines carefully in the following missive.


Thanks to Mike Jamieson for passing this piece on to me.


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Who Was James Black?

Everybody in the field of Exopolitics should know about the life and strange death of inventor James Black. It’s yet another story destined for the X-files. The body of James is dead but to some his spirit still lives and will not find rest until his story is better know to the public and his adversaries more exposed.


I see that I for one am not going to get any peace either until I write and publicize this forward to the material on James that is archived at:  and


So who was James Black?

To better understand James we need to go back to a contact case that involved a mass abduction of over sixty people in Canada in the 1970’s. My good friend Steve Moreno is director of Psi Applications and is the investigator in this case who has dug into this abduction in great depth but in a somewhat sporadic manner as fits his personality.


This event was an attempt by a race of benevolent ET’s to open diplomatic relations with ordinary citizens, perhaps having been rebuffed by government authorities who were more interested in technologies for war rather than technologies, moral and ethical advice for peaceful purposes. While James has never admitted that he was involved with this group he did live nearby and I think somehow connected.

The cell that the benevolent ET’s developed was subsequently brutally suppressed and several people seemed to have been murdered by the US and Canadian governments. Still some lived and were scattered about the US and Canada who still cautiously spread the word. This was according to Steve Moreno who personally tracked down and developed friendships with a number of these individuals including James Black.

Anyhow James Black I intuitively believe (even though Steve Moreno assures me that there are no facts to back up my case other than he lived nearby where all the activity was happening) survived to recent times because initially he kept a low profile and had family connections. James was a inventor and invented and patented many exotic technologies. He personally years ago mailed me a copy of his flying saucer patent that converted rotary motion to lift suitable for spaceflight within the solar system. It was a very large document and very detailed.

He also sent me the specifications of some exotic star wars weaponry that included particle beam weapons, plasma beam weapons etc. That Phillips Laboratories had sent out to contractors to build. Needless to say I was very impressed. I talked to James by phone several times over the years and one time I got a friend of his on the phone who told me about his work as a fighter pilot in the 1970’s when he was scrambled and flew up to a huge triangular UFO over the Bering Sea. This friend said he turned his fighter upside down, and photographed the undercarriage of the craft before it flew away into space.

There was no doubt that James Black had one foot in the public domain and one on the inside of the shadow government. Over the years James became frustrated with both the Canadian and US governments when they suppressed his inventions. He became livid and very upset in later years just before his death, when he realized that not only were his inventions being suppressed, but that the inventions were being stolen to the material benefit of others in the Black Op’s field that operated outside of the law.

The reader should be very impressed by the little toy saucer that is lifted off of a workbench shown in the video clips in Steve Moreno’s archive down at the bottom of the archive. To anybody with any sense they should be able to see how important and valuable an up scaled version of this toy would be as a covert surveillance device, or ROV, for the Back Op’s folks.

It is at this point that James seems to have gotten into it with none other than Col. John Alexander who is deeply connected to Army Intelligence and Black Op’s going back to the Viet Nam war. I was told by a personal friend of James that John Alexander infiltrated James’s company that was going to exploit James’s inventions and then subverted and destroyed the company. This made James so furious that James was about to bring a lawsuit against John Alexander, Los Alamos, and the U.S. and Canadian governments just before his untimely and suspicious death.

I have talked with John Alexander over the internet years ago via email and he seemed a nice enough guy to me and I even read is book, Future War, but according to James Black he had a dark side and was still up to his eyeballs in Black Operations.


(On the back of the jacket in Future War, it is stated:

(Colonel Alexander participated in the landmark Council on Foreign Relations study of non-lethal weapons and chaired the first major conferences on the topic.

His extensive military experience includes commanding Green Berets in Vietnam as well as conducting research and development in advanced weapons.”


“At los Alamos National Laboratory, he developed the concept of Non-Lethal Defense, which he presented to senior defense, industry, and academic officials. Politically, his work involved meetings with Members of Congress, White House and National Security Council staff, and the Director of Central Intelligence.”)

We can see from the material available on the net that James made very detailed accusations and was about to sue John Alexander and others for the suppression and theft of his inventions just before he ended up dead in his hotel room.

I recommend that all serious investigators study the material available on the web very carefully and notice that a principal to these accusations is still alive and can confirm the accuracy of James accusations. I hope this short introduction to the life and death of James Black serves the reader to further delve into the particulars of the historical back ground of Exopolitics.

In my opinion James Black the dragon slayer, riding a divine wind, launched and carried out a kamikaze attack against Army Intelligence. He died but he knocked a scale off the dragon that others may exploit in the future. In my opinion these men who feel themselves above the law and untouchable have made a tactical error by having their cover blown.


I think this is the group that stands between us and benevolent relations with ethical ET’s. This covert group has a worldwide reach and has been growing in power for decades.


I seem to remember that the King family blamed Army Intelligence for disrupting the civil rights movement and for the death of Dr. King.


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Memorandum For The Record

I realize that many of you who have had contact with Jack Sarfatti and his Stardrive Network are appalled at the level of ethics being displayed there. I worked with Jack many years ago through the Internet as his fetch and carry man helping to get his group informed about UFO’s. Dan Smith who works closely with Ron Pandolfi , says he thinks I introduced him to Jack and I believe I was involved in the introduction of other people in the UFO/ET field like Steven Greer and Richard Boylan. In all this networking that went on Jack played me for the fool and I was willing to oblige because I could see what he was doing. I put the mission ahead of my ego.

Now Jack is at it again, but its for much higher stakes. Jack says he is too important to kill but read between the lines. Jacks playing a dangerous game and he knows it. Jack is playing the fool this time. Bill Hamilton said awhile back that he was going to quit talking to Jack because he was acting so stupid. I don’t think Bill really realized the importance of that remark. The key word is acting. Jack is a consummate actor who loves to play to a audience, and yes he has a lot to work with as to his dark side, but read between the lines folks.

Don’t take things at face value here. Remember we are dealing with intelligence folks on the Stardrive Network and things are rarely what they seem. Disclosure is being accelerated and high level people are harassing their bosses to allow them to tell their stories. There is now competition to tell all, rather than just the opposite just several years ago.

Jacks right smack dab in the middle of the intelligence community’s disclosure process.

Playing the left against the right, insulting everybody, getting everybody mad and talking, motivated. Think people, who is he not insulting and why? He is not insulting Ron Pandolfi, Kit Green, John Alexander for instance. There is a method to his madness. It would not surprise me to get a personal email from Jack telling the to shut the hell up!

This is where I think we are headed. There is a Holocaust type situation evolving in the deeper levels of the underground facilities associated with Los Alamos National Laboratories.


I have posted about the beating of the whistle-blower who was about to testify before congress and the strange death of James Black who was about to sue LANL, the USG and the government of Canada just before he died in his hotel room.  and

Now we have Dan Burish saying this:

Go to the first interview with Bill Hamilton for the complete transcript.


(Update: I know longer have confidence in Dan Burish)

DB: (nodding his head yes) Yes, S4, Level 3 ... which is basically considered the ‘housing unit’. It’s been called different things: the ‘Museum’, the ‘Housing Unit’, the ‘Hall of Tortures’, the ‘Animal Retention Facility’. One of the horrifying things about the S4 facility is traveling in the elevator system and there is enough of a sound conduit in the elevator system where you can hear the sounds of the ‘test subjects’ from the 3rd floor while you are in the elevator system on various other floors.


And the sounds are akin to what I heard at the Dulce facility. Every once-in-awhile you could hear the sounds of other vertebrates—dogs, cats, monkeys—screaming. Some of which are just natural behaviors due to how they’re being kept in sterile ... when I say ‘sterile’ I mean not conducive to a [?] environment, more like a housing facility such as a kennel. And occasionally you can hear the sounds of [here he chokes up] your brothers and sisters …”

“DB: The potential for its use in that kind of environment was inconsistent with my ethical boundaries. It would have exited the ethical boundaries I place upon myself as a scientist and that I believe society places on me as a scientist. It would also far divert from moral boundaries I believe my Creator has placed upon me as a human being. Therefore my answer was ‘No’. [pause]


And I thought that was it, and I don’t mean my “participation”. I thought that would’ve been “all she wrote”. They agreed to house me in the facility where I went with my cute little orange badge to a residential unit a little further down the tram line and one level below that (they did not change my orange badge when I went the level below). My experience during the time I stayed there was horrifying. You know, when you hear human beings screaming in pain?”

Lets start reading between the lines here. We have Jack playing the mad scientist with no regard for anything but physics. Saying he is too important to be killed, acting out playing the audience for all its worth. Maybe you begin to see the picture.


Robert Collins the coauthor of Exempt From Disclosure had this to say on the Stardrive network:

There are said to be over 200 TS/SCI/SAR compartments for just UFOs and that was back in 1986. Imagine what it is today. In those 200+ compartments are some of the people we talk too...RMC

Those that are planning disclosure like the MASINT must know something about what is going on at LANL at least I hope so. The problem is, I think the situation is out of control at LANL and the rest of the intelligence community can not deal with it, or won’t deal with it, so the best way is to air all the dirty laundry in the public domain. Just as the Jewish Holocaust was known about years before the end of the war and nobody did anything until the war ended the situation may be similar here. Perhaps the secret war with the unethical grays is ending with a stalemate, at least I hope so, and now the truth can be told.

There are higher powers at work here besides the grays or J-rods and Bill Hamiliton has told me that he believes Dan Burish is being protected by higher celestial beings who want the truth out now. A bright future lies with the ethical celestial beings if we are willing to reach out to them and away from the unethical celestial beings

There is hope for a bright future, lets work together on our individual and collective ethics so that bright future will be come our reality.


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Communiqué To: Majority, MJ 12 and MASINT

Note: I speak only for myself here as always and not for the Institute. Addendum by Dr. Michael Salla and Bill Hamilton.

Bill Hamilton tells me that the international umbrella organization Majority no longer exists and power in the United States has reverted back to MJ-12. We have entered a transitional period of accelerated disclosure with a breakdown in older chains of command now in progress. Older organizational structures are being supplemented by new organizational structures. The progressives inside of government have become strong enough to accelerate disclosure over the objections of the conservatives within these organizations and this is causing the breakdown of the old order. This transitional process will continue I believe until new organizational structures come into being and establish themselves under full and open disclosure.

I believe we are entering into a new era of understanding and cooperation between progressive government insiders in the know in regards to UFO/ET matters and those of us in the public sector. I am greatly encouraged that progressives within the satellite government like, Ron Pandolfi rumored chairman of MASINT, and individuals within Majority (now defunct or reorganizing) and its division MJ-12 have taken the lead in pushing for disclosure within their respective agencies. Individuals in these organizations are either speaking directly to investigators such as Bill Hamilton and his group, to retired military such as Clifford Stone or through backdoor channels as with Ron through Dan Smith.


A still rather fragile trust is developing between progressives on both sides of the fence and this trust must be carefully and systematically fostered! The push by the progressives is creating a spit right down the middle between the progressives in these secret institutions and the conservatives. This process may even be necessary similar to the creative and destructive natural processes of cellular division that realign the cellular material so as to create new cells and destroy old ones.


Old cells take note.

The progressives both on the inside and the outside face some critical challenges ahead. The insiders must admit that their respective institutions have carried on counterintelligence operations against not only the citizens of the United States but against the citizens of the world. The citizens of the world have been attacked with propaganda, disinformation, intimidation even murder the past 50+ years. The abuses have been many and in time their will be much public outrage when the public wakes up to the psychological and physical abuse against the citizenry that has occurred. This will become the mother of all scandals to be reckoned with in the future.

While secret institutions and individuals that have committed crimes against humanity must be held accountable, admit to their sins, repent and sin no more, those of us in he public domain must let go of our hostility and anger against those who have sinned against us. This does not mean that we will ignore or dismiss the trespasses against us but that we will release the destructive emotions pent up inside us for our own good and the good of humanity. I realize this is a tall order and that many UFO/ET investigators carry high levels of hostility toward the satellite government in general and this is understandable but just as the ones on the inside that have sinned and must repent those on the outside must forgive and release that hostility for more positive interactions now and into the future.

It is becoming obvious to me that disclosure is being accelerated and that there are great challenges ahead for both those in government and the private sector. Let us all move forward putting the past behind us but let us not forget so as not to repeat the mistakes of the past. While those of us in the private sector need to become more accommodating and less hostile, those on the inside must recognize the damage that has been done and must begin to make amends and set things right. The fact that disclosure should have happened openly right from the beginning of our interactions with UFO/ET is water over the dam.

Its small wonder that the public is ignorant, confused and befuddled and that private institutions dealing with UFO/ET matters are compromised and in shambles after the attacks of the past fifty years. These attacks have been made by arrogant elitist academics, and military professionals sitting in their ivory towers who have rationalized their attacks upon the public consciousness with phony biased studies having little to do with reality.


Severe damage has been done to humanity, lets make no bones about it. The question now is are those institutions that have used public funds and resources to secretly enslave and confuse the minds of the public willing to make amends and stop all counterintelligence, all intimidation, all terrorist actions against whistle blowers, UFO/ET investigators and the public in general?

In other words is the satellite government willing to begin repairing the damage and begin supporting those ethical progressives outside of government with sufficient funds so as to rebuild civilian networks now in shambles so they become capable in a short time to accept the flood of information from accelerated disclosure.


Furthermore the loss of public trust in the intelligence community in particular and government in general will be severe and compensating independent of government mechanisms must be rapidly put in place, independent institutions that can be trusted by the people to have their best interests in mind.

Let me put it bluntly to progressive insiders.


Those of us involved in the Exopolitics Institute are working diligently and at our own expense to put together a progressive institution in the public domain but for it to be seriously effective we need resources. Now is the time to begin to make things right and begin to undue the damage inflicted upon public UFO/ET institutions over the past fifty years. I suggest that progressives on both side of the fence expand the dialogue now developing and begin meeting as to how private institutions such as the Exopolitics Institute can be supported and funded in a manner that is efficient with wise use of resources.

Those of us that involved in the Exopolitics Institute are envisioning a NGO umbrella organization, a think tank that incorporates the most progressively minded and ethical individuals we can assemble under one roof. Most of these individuals are mavericks that have separated from the herd in search of truth no matter where it leads and so require a great degree of freedom of thought and action. Their work has been a labor of love and for most it has cost much in money, time and abuse. It is even possible that the Institute could become the public counterpart to or even super-cede the super secret Committee of the Majority.

I was fortunate to live through a similar process similar to what is now occurring in the new field of ecology as a few courageous maverick scientists sought to remedy decades of propaganda and fire suppression by the U.S. Forest Service that was severely damaging ecosystems around the world on a massive scale. The instrument, the institution that my father organized to combat the misguided policy of fire suppression, became Tall Timbers Research Inc.


Dr. Michael Salla and the rest of us are essentially attempting to do the same thing with the new field of exopolitics that is emerging out of the old UFO/ET field of study.

Those secret governmental organizations that have persecuted and suppressed our work for 50+ years ought to quit complaining amongst themselves about the low quality of the UFO/ET civilian intelligence agencies and the individuals that make up those organizations.


After all the insiders are in a large part responsible for the current state of affairs much as a slave who is said by his master to not be ready for freedom when it has been the master who created the institution of slavery and prevented the slave from learning to read and write in the first place. Yet time will prove that the first will be last and the last first as those that push others aside on the path have ended up falling into a pit of confusion and suffering of their own making because of their low ethical means..

The means and the end are one.

I challenge the intelligence community to step up to the plate for a change and stimulate back channel funding of one hundred thousand dollars seed money to the Institute once it achieves non-profit status. This is a pantry sum as compared to what has already been spent suppressing public consciousness. These funds would be used to assist in the development of a five year plan beginning in 2006 with a budget of 5-10 million each year for five years.


The seed money would be spent to provide a small salary to Dr. Michael Salla the principle organizer so he can continue to devote himself full time to this project and the rest would go for organization expenses such a high quality web page, networking expenses, travel expenses, and a fund to cover some of the expenses of the volunteers most involved in the networking, planning and development of the Institute.

This is a bare bones minimal investment that could accelerate our development and in less than a year’s time progress can be evaluated and if the financiers see fit, the Institute could be quickly ramped up to assist greatly the process of disclosure. The financiers should exercise little control over the Institute as it is imperative that the integrity and sovereignty of the Institute not be compromised.


Judge this institution by its fruits!

Addendum by Dr. Michael Salla:

Aloha Ed,

I applaud your efforts to get the insiders to reorient their thinking. As for supplying ‘backdoor funds’ to the Institute or any umbrella organization dedicated to exopolitics, that off course would always be a welcome development and real sign that the satellite government is walking the talk of preparing the public for disclosure.


I think it important to point out that the general public have already started funding the Institute though only in a small way but that promises to increase. In time, I think the Institute will be in a position that doesn’t require money from the insider community so now would be the time where such funds would be most effective and appreciated.


Good luck.


Addendum by Bill Hamilton:

I just wanted to add from transcripts of Bill Uhouse’s testimony:

BU mentioned that those in charge of Area 51 and S4 are what he termed a satellite government. He said that a division of Bechtel Corp, Bechtel-Nevada Corp is responsible for the whole site (Nevada Test site).

He also said, “This money they’re putting in - it’s not all black-budget (DOD money) that you hear about, and that Congress has appropriated. A lot of this money is money from large companies like General Electric, Westinghouse, I.G. Farben in Germany, for chemicals, that type of thing, [Lockheed, Bechtel, Johnson Controls].


They provide the bucks to pay guys like myself, to come up with new processes or ideas or new science developments.”

The rule is “follow the money”... Bill mentioned that his security oath was to end in 2003 (this, coincides with the T-9 treaty date, but it was postponed for 1 year).


Bill also mentioned that the satellite government may take over sometime after that date and we would no longer have a Republic!


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