1. A Declaration Of Adherence To Cosmic Law

  2. Finding Our Way Back Home 

  3. Finding Our Place in the Cosmos 

  4. The Importance of Ethics in ET - Human Interactions

  5. Exopolitics and the Politics of Fear 

  6. Exopolitics: Effects of Higher Consciousness on Human Psychology 

  7. Zen For The Intelligence Analyst And Operative

  8. Do We Inhabit A Simulation?

  9. Exopolitics: Toward a Greater Religious Understanding 

  10. Exopolitics, A Modern Perception of an Age Old Problem 

  11. Why Christians Need To Act Like Christians 

  12. The Evolutionary High Road 

I have put a high emphasis on ethics in the UFO/ET field because ethics to a large degree determines the quality of life we live and that includes our relationships with other extraterrestrial life.


I want humanity on earth to have the best relationships with other space faring societies and with those societies that are the most advanced ethically.


The last thing I want to see is for the military and economic elite to create a situation where their worst fears are realized by focusing on those less ethical races much like ourselves.












A Declaration Of Adherence To Cosmic Law

  • We the people and all nations on earth hereby declare that we intend to become an enlightened civilized space faring race and that we will abide by all moral and ethical principles contained in cosmic law or universal ethical law.


  • We affirm that every individual intelligence throughout the cosmos have certain inalienable rights which include life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, as well as freedoms of assembly, speech and religion.


  • We affirm that these rights are self evident and are founded upon universal ethical law.


  • We further affirm that the laws of humanity on earth and in space shall be in harmony with universal ethical law.


  • We furthermore declare that we will not support nor will we assist any power on earth or in space that abide by laws not in conformity with universal ethical law or laws that deny the inalienable rights of any intelligent individual or species.


  • We the people do recognize the right to defend ourselves from hostile acts, be it between ourselves or between ourselves and other intelligent life existing in the universe, providing that our defense is in harmony with universal law.


  • We further recognize that we will not initiate a hostile act against another intelligent individual or race on earth or in space unless we are confident that a hostile act has been committed and have identified a specific perpetrator. When we attack a specific perpetrator we are sure is hostile we will by all means possible attempt to contain any collateral damage to innocent parties.


  • We the people recognize and affirm that technologically advanced civilizations have had free access to earth space for at least thousands of years and some since planetary creation.


  • We recognize the claims made by other advanced civilizations supersede our claim to earth by thousands and millions of years. Even though our space fairing civilization is still primitive as measured by most other civilizations frequenting earth space we do have a right to negotiate our planetary claims.


  • We affirm under universal law as a new space fairing civilization that we do have certain planetary and space rights that must be considered by advanced races. We intend to negotiate our planetary and space rights with due diligence and in a timely manner.


  • We intend to negotiate these rights immediately as individuals by our thoughts and actions until formal open transparent negotiations are forthcoming.


  • We further state that we do not recognize any treaties with other intelligent races made in secret or under duress by any party other than ourselves. Only treaties made after complete total disclosure as well as open debate and consensus has been achieved will be considered valid.


  • We do admit and confirm some misguided and misdirected individuals and groups operating covertly and in secret have taken hostile actions against ethical space fairing races and civilizations in space as well as on earth.


  • We condemn these criminal elements embedded in our society that indiscriminately attack ET spacecraft and disrupt earth based networks involving earth human contact and negotiations with ethical ETís. By these criminal hostile acts these covert groups and those elite organizations who support their immoral and illegal actions have forfeited any legitimate right of negotiation in the present and in the future.


  • We affirm that these criminal outlaws operating outside of cosmic ethical law will and are accountable for their immoral actions even while they still believe themselves to be untouchable and outside the law. We intend to bring those guilty of immoral and unethical acts to justice as soon as is feasible and prudent.


  • We ask forgiveness for these criminals and authorize the ethical ET civilizations and races to take whatever ethical steps necessary to assist us in bringing these criminal outlaws to justice. The present situation of lawlessness exhibited by humanity on the new space frontier is unacceptable and must be immediately replaced by the rule of cosmic ethical law.


  • We the people define cosmic ethical law as a body of rules recognized by all civilized enlightened beings throughout the universe. Furthermore, Cosmic law serves to value and protect all life regardless of intelligence. Cosmic law provides, checks and balances, restraints and guidelines upon advanced intelligence limiting interference in the evolutionary processes of lesser evolved species. Cosmic law orders the affairs of all advanced ethical beings in the universe.

    Cosmic ethical universal law incorporates these rules or laws:

    1. Be truthful.

    2. Be loving.

    3. Do no harm.

    4. Use only ethical means because the means and end are one.

    5. Actions have consequences. Right action leads to beneficial consequences.

    6. Individual and collective experience is determined and segregated by the forces of attraction and repulsion.

    7. Value free will, each individual and collective learns at their own pace determined by cosmic law. Suggest but do not force.

    8. Do not limit the rights, liberties and freedoms of others unless infringed upon.

    9. All beings have the right to self defense but this should always be the option of last resort.

  • We the people intend the above document to initiate a process to specify and codify ethical cosmic law into all earth human law or international law which should be subordinate to universal ethical law.

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Finding Our Way Back Home

I have been a student of lifeís mysteries for most of my life on earth. In reality we are all students existing in profound ignorance of both ourselves and our environment whether we wish to admit it or not.


Those that are willing to admit ignorance have taken the first step toward acquiring true understanding and knowledge. Unfortunately many are unwilling and incapable of realizing this first step and so remain overwhelmed by illusion and mired in suffering.

It would be well to try to see ourselves and our earth based society as other more advanced civilizations might see us. It could be expected that slightly more advanced universe societies would see us as a backward primitive barbaric race with not much to offer universe society. On the other hand even more advanced races might see us in a more balanced and positive light due to a greater understanding and wisdom. More advanced intelligence could be expected to realize that adversity while initially crushing and suppressing of individual development, can and will eventually lead to accelerated learning and advanced character development.

I have begun to suspect that much more advanced intelligenceís are somehow running the show for the rest of us. It is becoming obvious to me that we are surrounded by an environment that is constructed and maintained using very advanced nanotechnology. This leads me to suspect that the universe or reality that we experience throughout our lives is more virtual than real. The fact that scientists looking into the nature of energy and matter find nothing solid tells me that things are not as the seem.

I have not been content to just act out my life on lifeís stage as presented with no consideration of the larger context in which we live. Those who unthinkingly act out various roles without considering the greater context and consequences are setting themselves up for great suffering until they get with the program. I have to had to put up with a lot of grief from such unthinking actors who falsely view those of us who do think and wonder, as misfits, who live out of touch with reality and on the fringe.


The reality is in fact just the opposite. I take it all in stride because I realize that we all have our own unique lessons to learn and that such folks just are not ready to move to the next level. They will eventually come around because suffering due to ignorance eventually causes individuals to break their isolation and to take personal responsibility for themselves. In time people are forced by suffering to reach out to the greater universe that surrounds and nourishes them.

Those of us that have a interest in exopolitics and astro-ecology are slowly chipping away at the very foundations of the virtual reality program in which we presently exist. This may well cause a collapse in due time of space-time reality as we know it. It may be replaced by a learning environment of a much more advanced nature.


This of course must scare the dickens out of those who are still strongly embedded and invested in what is now becoming a obsolete reality. I think this is the most fundamental basis for the UFO/ET cover-up by world governments and the special interests that keep them in power. Powerful institutions can suppress truth for hundreds of years as happened with the Christian Imposition so the same with the institutions of today.


Eventually the truth does come out even if it takes hundreds of years. Institutions adapt or are replaced with new institutions that can handle the new truths being presented.

So we are finding our way back home as we face our collective fears to search out the greater context from which we emerged into this life. We do seem to be eternal beings who somehow project ourselves or are projecting into 4D space-time reality in order to gain experience and develop character traits of importance. We truly do live in a school of advanced learning being directed by advanced intelligence that uses both carrot and stick to push evolution forward.


This all pretty much falls in line with the research done having to do with out of body experiences, psychological past life regressions and religious and scientific teachings.


I believe that exopolitics and astro-ecology will one day fit neatly into this greater scheme of things.


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Finding Our Place in the Cosmos

Some of you in the UFO/ET community may remember me as a co-founder of Operation Right To Know a UFO political organization that held demonstrations and other political actions in Washington and around the world. The purpose of this organization was to focus the attention of the UFO/ET community as well as the public at large on the fact that the UFO problem was as much a political problem as a scientific one.


It had become obvious to me that we could not do good science if the underling data was being manipulated for political reasons. I found myself following in the footsteps of the late Donald Keyhoe who understood the political nature of the problem in the 1950ís.


I am gratified that others have taken up this challenge.

My political activities were the most visible, but were only a small part of my overall activity in the UFO/ET field. My main focus has been and still is an attempt to gain a grasp of the big picture and our place in that picture. I want to know what the cosmic neighborhood is like, whoís in it, and what are the agendas and motivations of the other advanced intelligent species occupying this neighborhood and co-existing with us. Of course this is taking a pretty big bite in itself but it is dwarfed by the even greater perspective of the nature of life and reality as we know it.


There are always those who would say why bother to even try. I have found the endeavor to be very rewarding and feel I have been able in my life to vaguely grasp something of this lesser and greater whole and been a better person for that.

I believe that the meaning of life is to be found in our relationship to the big picture, the greatest overall perspective possible. Interestingly as I have gained a vague understanding of the cosmic neighborhood, this has in turn acted as a mirror illuminating the primitive and imperfect nature of todayís social, political, religious and scientific communities.


This has also highlighted my personal imperfections and caused me to work to remove these imperfections from myself so as to better be in tune with the universe as a whole. I realize that while the physical laws of the material universe can be manipulated by intelligent life, the over riding moral and ethical laws of the universe cannot be so manipulated. Life no matter how technologically advanced is still subject to the basic ethical and moral laws.

All species in nature work to manipulate their surroundings to a greater or lesser degree. The ultimate for advanced intelligent species would be the full and total control of mater and energy itself through the technological manipulation of the underlying information field. One day we may be able, like some in the neighborhood, to manipulate the material world just as we do the images on a computer screen.


We, however, will not be able to manipulate moral and ethical laws such as the law of affinities, the law of cause and effect, and the fact that truth can only be known by the truthful.

Those of like mind and emotion are going to continue to congregate together in the sharing of experience and there will always will be consequences, both constructive and destructive, in the thoughts and actions we and others take. The key to our living a good, happy life is the understanding and living of the moral and ethical laws and our not confusing them with mutable laws of the material universe that are forever subject to change. In particular this is true in our understanding of the activities of the cosmic neighborhood on, in and around earth.

Collective and individual experience is segregated under the law of affinities. A group within the neighborhood living in several households may be sharing and creating very painful experiences for each other while another group of affiliated people are quite happy and satisfied, sharing and creating mutual beneficial experiences amongst themselves.

It can be seen through close observation that the microcosm is but a small reflection of the much larger macrocosm and is holographic in nature. The old saying, as below so above, is true. So humanity can expect as it extends its understanding out into the universe that the same moral and ethical laws that reign on earth will extend out into the universe. The only difference would be the orders of magnitude.

An investigator involved in extraterrestrial affairs should keep all of the above well in mind when they involve themselves in the cosmic neighborhood. The investigator will experience that which exists elsewhere in a manner similar to what they experience on earth but on a much grander scale.


Off world interactions with other intelligent species will be no panacea for their ills at home.


In fact things could be a whole lot worse off world for those who have yet to get their act together on planet. Such people will be drawn by the law of affinities to others off world that also suffer and do harm and unconsciously and consciously reject the advances of those that do good and so put the rest of us in jeopardy.

The fate of humanity on earth and in space will rest not so much with those of us that do harm or do good but with those that still sleep. I expect that somehow humanity will manage to muddle through and continue to slowly painfully evolve on and off planet. While a few very truthful and honest individuals now have the ability to tell cosmic friend from foe, it is going to be awhile before we as a species have the inner understanding and truthful nature to be able to distinguish between those who would do us harm and those who would be of benefit.

World governments and their militaries can be expected to continue to react in a confused, sporadic and threatening manner to extraterrestrial contact. Meanwhile citizen diplomacy can continue to play a role behind the scenes in a attempt to remedy the imbalance created between opportunity and threat. Itís long past time for diplomats to replace warriors who have dominated the field up to this time.

Perhaps things are beginning to change now that the United States intelligence community is overextended dealing with a real terror threat. I am gratified to see that some countries like Peru and Mexico seem to be breaking with the hostile US policy regarding ET interactions. This provides a real opportunity for citizen diplomats to peacefully contact ETís without excessive government interference.


It is dangerous for real citizen diplomats, as it is for the ETís themselves, to operate in the US and other countries dominated by the US and British hostile policies. On the other hand, imposters can freely operate and even find support within these intelligence communities so as to debunk the subject.

In order to tell friend from foe and to peacefully interact with other intelligent species elsewhere we must develop positive inner qualities side by side along with our technological abilities. Far too little emphasis at present is being placed on improving ourselves. If we really want to grasp the grand perspective we have to become a truthful and honest people.


Those that practice lies and deception may entertain themselves and play other painful games at the expense of others and themselves, but they will never come to know what reality is really about.


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The Importance of Ethics in ET - Human Interactions

The following is excerpted from a post to Dr. Michael Salla.

I did notice you mentioned integrity as a essential component in citizen diplomatic efforts involving ET contact. I really think this needs much more emphasis, as this is such a important part in dealing with highly ethical races of beings. I think you might want to do a paper on it.

An ethical life develops from a deep understanding of life and ones own self. Integrity is based on a solid ethical foundation. This can be taught to some degree, but mostly it must be developed through a understanding of lifeís experiences. We all grow up being exposed to and unconsciously accept various beliefs some which turn out to be true upon close inspection while others turn out to be false. By accepting beliefs that have validity and rejecting those that donít, we develop integrity.

Integrity is also based on truthfulness. Every lie that we speak or think fractures us a little and every bit of truth we gain makes us more whole and complete. It follows that deceivers have little integrity while the truthful have much. In order to know the truth about something one must be truthful and honest oneself. A deceiver cannot know truth even if he or she is standing on it as it will appear as another lie. Life becomes a house of mirrors.

We have to be truthful about ourselves, what we know, what we donít know, about life, about others. This is a very tall order. Most people just donít cut it. They try, but they have a lot to learn. If we manipulate others against their will, there will be destructive consequences for ourselves. If we interfere in the lives of others without their consent there will be destructive consequences. We are not separate from others but are all bound together by invisible and visible ties and connections. So what we do to another eventually reflects upon us.

So our inner state will to a large degree define our outer existence. This point is very relevant to ET contact. There is a universal law, The Law of Affinities. Those of similar nature will be attracted to and co-exist with others of similar nature. This tendency to group together and share similar experience is evident throughout nature and mankind.


The Law of Affinities makes a very efficient use of space and time, as various groups can exist in close proximity to each other and not interact or only interact to a small degree. One group of people in the neighborhood, local or cosmic, can share a very destructive set of experiences while another group in this same neighborhood can share very positive experiences. It gets interesting when diverse groups begin to integrate, this usually results in friction, conflict. This is where the diplomat can be helpful facilitating the process on integration.

With the proper technology and understanding the material universe can be manipulated, flexed and warped to such a great degree as to appear miraculous but the underling ethical values of the universe cannot be altered, they are the same every where and for all time.

While it may appear in the short run that one can get around these ethical laws, in the long run their will be accounting.

I think the bottom line in benevolent ET contact is this: Oneís degree of external success is going to be determined by oneís inner state of development and oneís willingness to improve oneself when in contact with advanced benevolent ET races. Itís been my experience that one must adapt quickly to heal the fractures exposed by higher consciousness within oneself else these exposed fractures will cause severe disorders of personality.


The process is not unlike putting a amount of current in excess of what a light bulb is designed for. ďPoofĒ the fractures and impurities within the filament canít take the load. Unlike the filament in the bulb we do have psychological self healing capabilities if we learn how to use them and so can hold more and more consciousness without exploding or fizzling out. If you study the literature, study yourself and others, in such situations you will see what I mean.

Highly ethical ETís have some very difficult problems dealing with earth humans. The contacts start off well, but pretty soon the psychological fireworks begin, ďboomĒ, end of contact!

I think there are a few people who can handle high levels of consciousness for extended lengths of time and the ETís know who they are. But the ETís also know these people will be in danger from our own species if ETís make physical contact. They work behind the scenes telepathically so as to protect these people until they can become more openly involved. These special people our society must seek out and foster.

We must all work to reassure those whoís lives in the shadow government are in a state of fear. They must understand if they continue to remain in that state of fear the result may be a situation where their worst nightmareís of slavery and dominion can come true. The fearful must give up control of this matter to those who have become wise as serpents and harmless as doves. Fear is the real enemy. It must be conquered by every individual alone. This is a lesson common to everyone on and off planet that must be learned sooner or later.

The key to self understanding, life in general, is that good external relations both here and elsewhere come from the knowledge that inner emotions define external states of existence. With inner work we can change destructive inner emotions to positive ones and so improve things externally.


No matter how clever or smart we think we are externally, if we donít get the emotions, the ethical foundation right we are going to stumble and suffer serious consequences.

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Exopolitics and the Politics of Fear

I like many other people in our field have found my self wondering why we are such a emotional and fractious group of people. Yesterday while typing down some material on ethics, a thought appeared in my mind more or less ďout of the blueĒ.


It involved the term degrees of separation. On further consideration I got the impression that this term refers to a measurement of the level of fear within a individual or a society. Furthermore I also got the impression that there was a scale on a scanning device that measured levels of fear in degrees.

I found this interesting, made a mental note and went back to the train of thought I was writing down for Internet distribution. I woke up much earlier than usual this morning which I do not like to do and could not go back to sleep because I found myself reflecting on this fear thing again.

What a nifty little instrument I thought, I would love to go around in the UFO/ET community and scan a few people. ďgrinĒ I guess I better not say what people else things could get personal as some of these people I consider friends and valued associates.

I have often wondered why after all these years of accumulated evidence that their is still so much disagreement, infighting and discord within our community when the big picture is emerging more clearly than ever as decades of evidence continue to pile up. This inability to see the big picture is understandable for those new to the field but not so for those that have been involved for awhile.

I think the inability to see the handwriting on the wall is fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of being wrong, fear of what the truth might be, fear others will freak out if they knew the truth, fear that they would lose power over others, etc. Fear manifests itself in many different ways because of psychological differences. The psychologists that are supposed to understand these things are just as vulnerable to fear as anybody else.

Fear causes separation and dysfunctional behavior because it stimulates or creates various states of unconscious denial.


A person become dysfunctional to the degree that he or she unconsciously dismisses or downplays some evidence while accepting or exaggerating other evidence. The fear acts as a underling divisive force guiding belief in a erroneous fashion. When we act on incomplete or erroneous perceptual models of the big picture we do harm to ourselves and others.

I see different splits in our community. One of the greatest fractures is the gulf between the pessimists and the optimists.


You know who you are donít you? Is your emotion and thought really built on rational thinking as you would like to believe or is their a hidden unconscious factor distorting your perception and belief structure? Of course not!!!!! ďgrinĒ


Now this is where this nifty little instrument might really come in handy. Errr, well maybe, its possible, well okay maybe a little, now go away and leave me alone! Get my point. ďsmileĒ

So maybe you could be wrong and might a little tolerance for a opposing view be in order? Keep a close eye on yourself as you interact with others you really might begin to feel better about your associates. Learn a little empathy, put yourself in their shoes. What events in their lives, what experiences led them to think and feel the way they do. What events, experiences in your life caused you to think the way you do? This is what introspection and reflection is all about.

A second major spit is between those that desire exceptional rigorous evidence and those that feel the standards of rigor must be relaxed due to exceptional circumstances. The latter feel that until full we achieve disclosure the best we can do is develop a working model that approximates reality to some degree and use that to guide our actions in the best manner possible.

A third major split exists between those in deep fear and denial who work to deceive and confuse, and those sincerely interested in facing up to and removing the imperfections within themselves so they can see more clearly and rationally.

A lady in a recent post made a very good point.


She said something like, ďDo you really want to know? If not why are you here.Ē

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Exopolitics - Effects of Higher Consciousness on Human Psychology

In my opinion one of the most severe problems advanced ethical benevolent races of being have with interaction with earth humans is the fragility of the earth human psychology. It has been my own limited experience as well as can be seen in the legitimate accounts provided by contact people that contact with advanced ethical races is overwhelming. The shock to the earth human psychology should not be underestimated.

I recently had the privilege to read a document claiming to have been a poll by advanced ethical ETís interested in contact. I also read and signed the excellently written petition response to the alleged ET poll.


When I signed I made a note that this federation of ETís should be consulted in conjunction with the selection of individuals of distinction to represent earth.

The reason I made this note in a otherwise remarkable document is that diplomatic training, credentials and intellectual abilities are not sufficient attributes in the selection of diplomatic ambassadors. Extraordinary factors are involved in the selection of earths ambassadors is a process that must include consultations with the ET ambassadorial contingent.

Off hand I can think of two factors.

  • The first is that we must expect earthís ambassadors to have the highest of ethical standards and I believe this trumps intellectual abilities.

  • Secondly because our psychology as individuals and as a race is so fragile individuals must be selected extremely carefully and with the greatest understanding possible.

Protocols must be created that protect the psychology and sanity of earth humans interacting with ET ambassadors and their stellar societies. I believe that prolonged unregulated exposure to advanced ethical stellar civilizations can be extremely harmful to earth human development so protocols must be agreed to protect earthís ambassadors adequately. Their may have to be a rapid rotation of all or most people involved with these advanced races.

As I have stated before higher consciousness which the ETís possess can be equated to electrical current and the human personality to a light bulb. A light bulb is designed to take a certain amount of current in the filament. If the current exceeds this amount the filament breaks down quickly and is destroyed. While we can improve on our psychology and heal ourselves when exposed to higher consciousness, if we have the desire and motivation, there still are limits.

I donít think I have heard of a true contact case yet where benevolent ET-Human interactions have not had to taper off or completely stop because of psychological problems with the contactees over time. The impurities, the fractures within our psyche are magnified to the extreme along with our good qualities when exposed to higher consciousness.

In my own experience and in the experience of others, I have time and time again seen cycles of great creativity amongst groups of individuals collapse into high negativity. The individuals walk around in a daze for several years before healing themselves to some degree from these effects of higher consciousness. Other people in some circumstances never recover and even fall into delusionary states of existence and even commit suicide. I have a friend in the ET field that this happened too years ago. I see some valued associates today in the field who could be considered delusional by psychiatric standards.

I state clearly and emphatically that unless you can find a way to regulate your exposure to higher consciousness states you are headed for big trouble. You can blame it on the negative ETís, you can blame it on the shadow government Psi-ops programs, you can blame your fellow investigators but in the end it is you who is responsible to yourself and for the predicaments you get yourself into.


Only you can learn from your own experiences.


You can fault the lesson rather than learn.


You have free will but there are harmful consequences to not learning the lesson being presented within the virtual nano reality field in which you are presently focused.


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Zen For The Intelligence Analyst And Operative

A background in both the natural sciences and in religion can been extremely useful in the gathering, analysis and modeling of exopolitical reality. I was born into a family of well know and respected ecologists where I received a good background in the natural sciences at a very early age.


My study of religion developed later in my early twenties following a existential crisis that forced me to educate myself in the nature of self and reality. I have intuitively always attempted to mentally grasp the biggest picture possible of life so as to able to guide my actions and the actions of others in a constructive manner.

Correct intelligence collection, analysis and modeling are as essential to the study of ecology as they are to the intelligence community. The ecologist attempts to grasp a understanding of the natural world just as the intelligence analyst attempts to comprehend a understanding of human world. Since humans are a part of nature it stands to reason that human culture can be understood using the same basic tools or concepts as used to understand the natural world.

If I sit out on my back porch and observe the life around the pond, I am using the same tools of observation, data collection and analysis, and modeling that a intelligence operative and analysis uses when stepping into another culture. Just as the ecologist must remove himself from his human culture and programming to understand nature, so to must the intelligence individual step out of his culture leaving the comfort and safety of the embassy enclave for he rigors of the culture he is attempting to understand and model.

The first step toward understanding nature or another culture is to get out of ones own shoes and into the shoes of the other, a very difficult task. The process is greatly assisted by religious understanding.


Zen Buddhism and Taoist thought provide very useful insights into the importance of self understanding to the understanding of both natural and human culture.

So just how does one step out of oneself and into nature or another culture. The first step is an awareness of just how we have become embedded or indoctrinated into the culture we are in and what is it that keeps us stuck in our self and our culture. I believe this involves the mental dialogue that is constantly going on in our heads. We share mental self and cultural reinforcements continuously amongst those we associate with and over time this mental dialogue can become a impediment to observation and analysis of ourselves, nature and human culture with disastrous results.

In order to step out of ourselves and our culture we must exert discipline over the mental dialogue of culturally reinforcing views and beliefs constantly streaming through our minds. This mental dialogue separates and distorts individual and collective perception of the outside world and keeps the individual or collective bottled up in their own mental imagery and in a state of conflict inwardly and outwardly. An extreme case of this are people with mental illness walking down the street constantly talking to themselves, oblivious to their surrounding.

Zen Buddhism and teachers of meditation understand this problem with the ever present mental dialogue and work to develop techniques and disciplines to deal with the problem.

The most useful techniques are techniques that focus the mind on one thing and hold it there. One learns through these techniques how to slow down and even drop the mental dialogue resulting in great clarity of perception, observation, and analysis of both oneself their surroundings. In other words one learns how to step out of themselves and their culture and into a greater reality unencumbered by preconceived notions and beliefs tied up in the streaming mental imagery. One really has to look no farther than ones own self to understand and resolve problems of the individual and of humanity.

I strongly believe that as more people grasp what is right before them, closer than even their nose, then the futile chase for that ever elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow will stop. The problems of humanity will begin to abate as we learn to stop seeing our own reflections superimposed on our surroundings both natural and cultural.


This would be a great step in our human evolution and great boon to both our political and exopolitical understanding.


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Do We Inhabit A Simulation?

The article by this NY Times reporter stimulated my thinking further on this subject of our living in a artificial virtual reality or simulation.


The author makes a good case that within fifty years or more, simulations could become indistinguishable from reality if one were embedded in one. Furthermore, he makes the case that there could be far more artificially created simulations than realities and so the chances that are we are living in a simulation today could be high.

My thinking is that all the evidence accumulating with OBEís, NDEíS, reincarnation, UFO antics, etc. could be pointing to the fact that we could be living a simulation created by a very advanced super-civilization. For quite some time I have been thinking that reality seems to be a school that uses both carrot and stick to push individual consciousness and character forward. If we fault the lessons rather than learn and adapt we suffer, but if we learn the lessons we more forward into more and more satisfying lessons. Thatís the way it seems to work to me.

A very advanced super civilization could use simulations to great advantage. It could be used for the reformation of criminals for instance. Other beneficial uses might be historical research, entertainment, character development, ethical development etc. On the other hand less beneficial uses have surely been thought up by our military. Simulations for interrogation, entrapment, enslavement.


For instance could a simulation be cast upon a battlefield and so overlay the true reality?


Even more disturbing are there cosmic predators prowling about the universe that might use simulations and virtual reality fields to catch and hold individuals to bleed them of their vital mental and emotional energies. So if one were to determine if indeed one was in a simulation or virtual reality field it might be very important to figure out just what kind of simulation one were in.


Itís a brave new world out there.

I think simulations have exopolitical ramifications.

  • If we were to be living in a simulation how would that understanding effect our understanding of the rest of the cosmic neighborhood and the super-civilization that could be creating and maintaining the simulation?

  • Could some advanced intelligent beings, citizens of advanced civilizations move in and out and otherwise manipulate our simulated world from time to time to study and tweak it from the inside as well as outside?

  • Could some other ETís be more or less stuck in the simulation like we are and have to enter at birth and exit at death?

  • So can we determine if we are in a advanced simulation and if we can, what might we do about it?

The answer to this question is going to take much more brain power than I am capable of, so best bring in other perspective to move this line of thought forward.


Anybody want to elaborate on this?


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Exopolitics - Toward a Greater Religious Understanding

With careful observation we can see that the exercise of every thought, every action, has a impact on our environment and back on to ourselves. If we want to expand our consciousness, our understanding of who we are, and what life is about, we have to wake up and become awake and aware.


We must work to make the unconscious conscious every moment of the day. If we watch ourselves and others closely and with awareness and clarity, we can see that in every moment we choose between construction and destruction, life and death.

There is a reason why things happen to us, yet it may not be apparent if our vision is constricted. The reason we must deal with fear both inside and outside of ourselves, consciously and unconsciously, is to free ourselves from its grasp. This is a most basic of lessons for everyone both on and off planet. True religion provides a ethical foundation for right living.


Itís not about such controversial subjects as sex before marriage, abortion etc., nor is it about going to church or who you believe in. Religion is about fundamental ethical and moral laws that are permanent and inviolate. With enough knowledge and technology the material world and even the immaterial world can be shaped, molded, warped, in just about any way imaginable.


Not so for the ethical and moral laws. It does not matter how high or how advanced is the technical understanding or how powerful the ability to alter, manipulate energy, matter, space and time, the truth is that ethical land moral laws stand unchanged.

If we donít have a good ethical and moral foundation we are like the man who built his house on the sand on the beach. The waves rolled in, washed the sand out from under the house and the house collapsed. We see this happening everyday with people everywhere.


Some try to put the house back together with patches and props only to have the tide come in again and again to bring the house down. Some people are pretty clever and really do a excellent job with the props and the patches. (smile) They think they are pretty smart but they arenít. Some people are able to detach from the catastrophe and reach a fundamental understanding of the situation, learn from it, and go build their house on a rock.

What are these fundamental laws?


Here are two of the most important. The first is the Law of Affinities the other the Law of Consequences.


  • The Law of Affinities states: Those of similar nature are attracted to others of similar nature so as to share and learn from those experiences. The situation can be a bit confused in that those who appear to be of a opposing nature really are not. Itís that one has an unconscious trait in a regressive mode while the other has this same trait overtly like in the genetic structure. I have seen people shift back and forth from victim to persecutor for instance.


    On the other hand while a persecutor is attracted to a victim persecutors may seek the support and company of other persecutors and the same for victims. The problem with people locked into and trapped in this dualistic cycle is that both tend to think the source of the problem is outside themselves not inside. While both are in this cycle they explore different ways to deal with each other. Victims work to keep the persecutors locked up and the persecutors work to break out. These short term solutions may work for awhile but the problem remains.

    The other thing about the law of affinities is that it makes very efficient use of space and time. Many different affiliated groups gaining different experiences can exist near one another in the same neighborhood with various degrees of contact. A group of happy people can live in the same subdivision with another group of very unhappy people quite segregated from each other until somebody jumps the bounds and breaks into the happy peopleís house for instance. At this point there is interaction but it is shallow and pretty soon the situation resolves itself at least on a temporary basis.


    The same can be said for other groups.

    Scientists hang together and associate with each other in the neighborhood while the workers at the factory associate together. Its a rare person who crosses over who works at the factory but hangs with the scientists. This person who crosses over into many different segregated groups has much more variety of experience and can be quite helpful in bringing into the groups new perspectives and new information helpful to the groups.


    This would be a beneficial cross over. This Law of Affinities is universal and applies to the cosmic neighborhood as well. More advanced ethical ETís are not going to manipulate and exploit because this lower ethical stance is not only destructive to earth humans but bad for them too. To act in a less than ethical way with earth humans makes them vulnerable to the same afflictions that harass the lower ethical ETís.



  • The second law, The Law of Consequences states: There is a consequence for every thought and action taken. We have responsibility to be conscious and aware and learn how this law works and to remain in conformity with it once we understand it. Lawís of cause and effect, action vs. reaction fall under this law of consequences. The physical laws of all matter, energy, space and time also apply to psychology, to intelligence.


    No matter what you do, their are consequences. Some very clever people think they can avoid consequences, but in the end they are only fooling themselves. If you want the consequences that presently harass you to go away, then first admit you have a problem, change your behavior and hence the destructive consequences of the bad behavior. Some would say change your resonate frequency to a higher state of consciousness. Easy to talk the talk but hard to walk the walk.

    New age folks are just as prone to not walking the walk as Conservative Christians. I donít really see any significant difference between the groups. Newagerís are sometimes more sophisticated in their beliefs but just as delusional and dysfunctional as many of their conservative counter parts.( Remember what I said before, two sides of the same coin.)


    If you really want to evolve, increase in happiness, then quit lying, quit finding fault and making excuses and take responsibility. Take the beam out of your own eye before trying to take the splinter out of anotherís eye. If you have messed up and got yourself in a situation either consciously or unconsciously where someone is holding a gun on you, its up to you to figure a way out, not blame the other and get shot!


    Strangely some people would rather die than proved wrong.

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Exopolitics, A Modern Perception of an Age Old Problem

Exopolitics seems to be a modern take on a age old problem. A problem made more acute by the fact that we are becoming a space fairing civilization and entering into the domain of the Gods of old.


Those of us wishing to contact and negotiate with ethical space fairing beings or with the celestial host find ourselves faced with the same obstacles of unethical ET or demonic activity made more urgent by the times. While we in the Exopolitical field investigate sightings and contact with beings of a extraterrestrial or interdimensional nature many in the religious community speak of Gods, celestial angels, evil fallen angels confined to earth, and of the apocalypse and Armageddon.


Could these two perspectives be one and the same? Can science and religion find common ground here?

Researchers and archeologists who have studied and researched ancient historical religious texts from around the world have in recent years been impressed by their historical accuracy. Archeologists and anthropologists have discovered and unearthed ancient cities and long forgotten civilizations by following clues in the old historical religious texts.


Modern day researchers of past civilizations have developed new insights and perspectives on political conflicts between civilizations and races of humans that go back thousands of years. Also recorded but usually ignored in these religious texts is a much broader and universal perspective that just that of humanity on earth. The old religious texts record and describe conflicts between races of space faring civilizations on earth and in space with earth bound humanity caught in the middle of these Exopolitical conflicts.

I believe that we who are working in the newly emerging field of Exopolitics have valuable allies within the world wide religious community if we can validate with our more modern understanding these religious teachings.


Much of the confusion in modern religious thought results in the problems of translating the concepts of simple primitive ancient cultures into modern day sophisticated concepts and scientific understanding. What was happening long ago is still happening today. What has changed is our perceptions, not the Exopolitical reality itself. The struggle between ethical and unethical races on earth and in heaven continues to this day with humanity more than ever still caught right in the middle of conflicts that span thousands perhaps millions of years and through all space and time.

The battle lines between the opposing forces of good and evil, creation and destruction seem to run through emerging planetary and stellar civilizations, through our social and religious institutions, and even within our own minds.


It is in times like the present that Exopolitical conflicts between ethical and unethical space faring civilizations may reach a level of high intensity conflict, or apocalyptic conflict never before experienced by these emerging civilizations.


One of the problems we have in the field of Exopolitics at this critical juncture is our inability to communicate the urgency and danger of the present day situation to mankind. Our attempts so far have been frustrated for decades by a strategic deception of denial and ridicule regarding ET activity.


I have to ask just who or what is behind these powerful organizations of social control that keep the people ignorant of the truth and heading down the road to planetary disaster?

The ethical and unethical races use very different means and strategies to achieve their ends but these strategies are consistent and change little over time because they are based on cosmic ethical law or the rejection of that law. The unethical space faring races operate by infiltrating, subverting and controlling emerging civilizations before the civilizations have developed into a cohesive whole. The unethical races over thousands of years gain control over the peopleís minds as well as their bodies through sophisticated networks and mechanisms of social and mind control.


By the time a civilization is ready to develop space travel and emerge into a stellar society the networks and elements of social control are entrenched and may seem to be insurmountable. In other words resistance may seem to be futile, for as is said in the bible, ďWho can stand up to the Beast?Ē

But resistance is not futile because the ethical cosmic races are not sitting idly by while unethical races subvert emerging civilizations. Throughout the process of subversion they work quietly and behind the scenes to expose the machinations of the unethical. They see reality as a school and that there is a place for the destructive unethical forces in the teaching process. This is why Lucifer lives in the Garden of Eden.


The job of the ethical cosmic races is to maintain the school and keep a balance between creation and destruction so that each individual and society can choose between good and evil, ethical and unethical behavior. At the end of a virtual cycle some people will become as wise as the serpents that stalk them and as harmless as the doves that fly overhead.


These people will leave this virtual school behind and move on to more advanced virtual schools and grades.


Those that flunk out, get recycled and start back over again if the civilization collapses or much later if the civilization makes it to become a space fairing cosmic race.


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Why Christians Need To Act Like Christians

Christ led by example and by moral and ethical persuasion not by military or political force.


Religion is not anymore exempt from confusion and corruption than other social institutions. As with all institutions religion should promote human liberties and freedoms not be corrupted into a institution of social control that deprives humanity of freedom and liberty.


Today confused, immoral and unethical Christians have embarked on a crusade to impose their confused and immoral beliefs on humanity in direct opposition to he teachings of Christ while at the same time turned Christianity into a personality cult.

True moral and ethical Christians must work diligently in a moral and ethical manner to revitalize Christian institutions that have become confused, immoral and corrupt. We have to do this not by military or political force but by the clarity of our thought and actions. Christians as well as Buddhists, Taoists, Hindus, and Muslims have separated themselves from their religions in a manner that allows them to not practice what they preach.


In this way the practitioner of a religion can play lip service and make a front of being religious for all to see while at the same time acting unethical and immorally in direct contradiction to ethical and moral religious teachings. By such actions the practitioner in fact worships evil rather than good. The true creative purpose of religion which is to provide ethical and moral values to live by becomes subverted and inverted toward destructive ends by destructive evil forces.

I am beginning to see that one of the confusions or illusions perpetrated and accepted by mankind is that the struggle between ethical and unethical celestial beings happened long ago and does not continue to this day and still effects everyday lives. Because of this deception, illusion or confusion people are unaware and fail to appreciate the great danger they and society are in because of these Exopolitical conflicts.


Religious people today fail to realize that the fiery chariots, and whirlwinds in the skies thousands of years ago are ancient descriptions of what today we call spacecraft. That the gods and devils of old are in a more modern scientific context are ethical and unethical space faring extraterrestrials attempting to effect the fate of humanity for better or worse.

In spite of this Exopolitical situation the ultimate fate of humanity rests with humanity.

Every moment of the day people exercise their free will or have the opportunity to do so. Evil unethical celestial beings work to exploit human weaknesses like fear, envy, greed, muddled thinking etc. to turn humanity into a unethical space faring race. These unethical beings use all unethical means at their disposal to colonize and exert dominion over a largely unsuspecting humanity while ethical beings use every ethical means possible to enlighten and free humanity.

We in the Exopolitical field have the opportunity to inform the religious community of the clear and present danger to humanity and to cooperate with those elements of the religious community who are receptive to the truth.


If we can revitalize and awaken the religious community to the dangers facing individuals and our newly emerging space faring race then we have done a great service to humanity and to ourselves.


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The Evolutionary High Road

In the 1950ís treaties seem to have been made in secret under the highest security between the United States Government and one or more extraterrestrial races. The late colonel Philip Corso, the author of the book, The Day After Roswell, believed these treaties amounted to a conditional surrender by the U.S. government in the face of technological power far superior to anything at the time.


These secret treaties have also been discussed by retired CIA operative John Lear whose father created the Lear Jet Company. The suspected existence of these treaties seems to be well known in certain secret circles. What is not as well known is that overtures by more ethical races were turned down as has been pointed out by John Lear and others.

What the American and world public needs to know is that collaboration with less ethical races and rejection of the advances from more ethical races set humanity off on the low road of evolutionary development that has continued to this day. The gist of what happened in the 1950ís is that the U.S. and world governments had a choice to begin a process that would bring about world peace and a more civilized enlightened society or to continue down a less civilized path by continuing the arms race and international conflict.


The choice was between good advise or technology. The military industrial complex chose technology. Thus began a culture of fear, lies, intimidation, great secrecy and greed that continues to this day and now threatens our very ability to remain independent and free.

Of course all is not lost as it would appear to those caught up in the web of deception and deceit facing a cunning, ruthless and technically superior foe. While those still living who were involved in the poor judgment calls of the 1950ís may regret their decisions, the die has been cast and it is up to a new generation to set things right.


The way out will not be easy because many have become complicit in the culture of fear and lies and so fear exposure.

What the people of the world need to know is that there is a way out of the current exopolitical disastrous situation and that is for all good men and women to come together and dedicate themselves toward dismantling the culture of excessive secrecy, lies and fear within the highest levels of government, the military and the intelligence community.


We can reverse our destructive devolutionary course over time and get our evolution back on track to where it needs to be.

I applaud the efforts of all people outside of government working for disclosure but we must not forget the many men and women within government and the military who are quietly, outside of the public domain, doing the best they can to turn the tide. These men and women get little respect for their efforts and are instead blamed for the mistakes made by the past generation and misguided individuals of this generation. The blame for the current exopolitical quagmire rests squarely on the shoulders of the citizenry as the leaders of a nation or of the world are themselves citizens and reflect the level of consciousness of society as a whole.


A great step toward optimal evolutionary growth can be the dissolution of the present culture of excessive secrecy, deceit, lies and fear that is so prevalent amongst world leaders and the military and intelligence community in particular.


Itís going to take everyone working together to resolve this exopolitical evolutionary disaster of which no one is without blame.


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