1. To Hell With The Mainstream

  2. Advanced OS For A Super-civilization 

  3. The Real Threat to National Security 

  4. ET Reality and Societal Collapse 

  5. Creating a Bright Future (Part 1) 

  6. Creating a Bright Future (Part 2) 

  7. Beyond Dog Eat Dog

In this section I have begun to understand the societal forces that have been behind the UFO/ET cover-up. Some of these articles do not even mention exopolitics as they are written for a broader audience than the exopolitical field.


This is another way to generate general interest in my concepts and to gently move a more skeptical propagandized audience to consider the field of exopolitics as a viable field of study.












To Hell With The Mainstream

Mainstream politicians, media, corporations are always talking about the need for change, unity and new ideas and that these things are to be found in the mainstream. Itís all just so much propaganda because the mainstream is not where new ideas, change and reform originate from. Mainstream society is like a muddy southern river where the mainstream is forever getting clogged with silt, logs, vegetation and other trash in general.


In the same way mainstream society is clogged with entrenched special interests, corporations, institutions that may talk change and new ideas but in fact suppress change and new ideas because this innovation and creativity threaten these entrenched established interests. The mainstream would have you believe that they are the solution but in truth they are the problem.

So what does a muddy southern river do when the mainstream clogs up?


It creates a secondary channel on the fringe that cuts off the mainstream into an oxbow and the secondary channel becomes the mainstream for a time before it also becomes clogged and is cut off by the ever flowing water. Itís the same with a society, the answers to the hard questions, the creativity the innovation comes from the fringes of society. It is on the fringes of society that a new channel forms allowing free flow of information that has become suppressed in the mainstream.


Of course the new channel has to cut through a lot of crap and many secondary channels become dead ends but it is here where the future of society rests. I believe the rapidly evolving internet is such a secondary channel fast to become the new mainstream.

Havenít you ever wondered why the mainstream corporate media and other entrenched established interests deny, ridicule, and generally suppress the fringe elements of society?


New creativity , innovation, thought, that rises up into mainstream society is first ignored if possible by established interest and their propaganda media outlets hoping that these things will just dry up if they are not given attention.


If that does not work then the propaganda presses begin rolling to discredit and nullify innovation, creativity and change. Itís all crackpot they say. The established interests fear and instinctively know that new innovation and creativity will give rise to competing interests at best and to their own extinction at worst.

The truth is that creativity and innovation dry up in the mainstream for reasons I have mentioned so the big lie that mainstream government, industry and media would have you believe and act upon is that the fringe is frightening and worthless place so the reasonable public has no need to go there for new ideas or innovation.


But some of still do go there in spite of the propaganda, ridicule and fear mongering heaped upon us. We look at the mainstream and find it is already panned out, corrupt and in a state of collapse. We have nowhere to go but to the fringe to look for new ideas, innovation and answers. Some of us are cutting a new channel that will one day replace the main channel. We are still, small weak but our powers are growing while the mainstream societal power is strong but growing weaker.

All through my life I have studied anomalies to the established world view because I have seen that anomalies are the windows and doorways into a hugely expansive world view full of new ideas, creativity and innovation. Early in my life I settled into a study of extraterrestrial realities now called exopolitics. I have endured the ridicule from the mainstream propaganda media who are the propaganda lapdogs of the established entrenched interests. These interests have been hugely successful in suppressing extraterrestrial realities to the general public while they feverishly exploit these realities to strengthen their stranglehold on national and global society.

The fringe certainly has its share of wild speculations and conspiracies but there really are real truths and conspiracies as well a bright new ideas, concepts and answers to societyís problems here. I see it in my field of exopolitics and other fields as well such as alternative medicine that has been so suppressed by the drug monopolies and other health care monopolies. I see it in innovative new energy technologies that are vigorously suppressed by big oil resulting in extreme environmental destruction and global warming.


Mainstream global society is collapsing under its own corrupt weight but other streams are beginning to flow outside the mainstream and one day some of them will become the mainstream of the future.

So donít let your curiosity be stifled, through ridicule and fear. Embrace donít shun the fringes of society. Learn to discriminate and mine the ore for the nuggets and the diamonds. If you do you will be richly rewarded. You worldview will expand and you will break the mainstream chains if you persist and are reasonable. A bright future will open up before you and for society as a whole if you take the time to investigate the fringes of society.


It is on the fringe that the future awaits us all.


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Advanced OS For A Super-civilization

In prior essays I have speculated that a model for a more advanced organizational system (OS) for human society might be found in the way our bodies are organized and maintained. I also speculated that nature is evolving our society into a super-civilization with our developing technology being the infrastructure that will organize and sustain people the same way cells are organized in a body. In order for such a very advanced society to develop and function there must not only be the technological hardware but also the software as well.


There must be a standard operating system that will organize and coordinate people throughout the societal network just as is now the case in computer networks and the internet.

I have speculated that the Internet is a rudimentary nervous system in an early stage of development that is already organizing individuals into specialized groups and integrating them together. I have predicted that these loosely forming internet groups are coalescing in much the same way that cells clump together in early embryonic formation. I believe this kind of individual human differentiation is the same evolutionary process as that of cell differentiation and will lead the creation and maintenance of what could be called a super-civilization or stellar civilization.


Such an advanced organizational structure will be far superior to our present primitive autocratic organizational structure that mimics the pyramid food chain of nature where individuals exist in a state of competition and mutual predation. In order for our civilization to evolve further there must be more cooperation and less competition or we simply canít get much further without collapsing because of internal conflicts.

What I would like to see is a group of people come together from different disciplines to explore and elaborate on this idea for a standard operating system for a super-civilization. I can see that the fleshing out of this rudimentary concept and its possible implementation will require coordination between computer programmers, computer scientists and social scientists. Such a group could explore ways to create not only the software and the hardware but also how to restructure society through the implementation of such an advanced system.

Itís clear to me that the operating system must be individually orientated so as to enhance individual virtues and discourage vices while at the same time maximizing individual innovation, creativity and liberty. There must be a creative real time dynamic between the individual and society that will allow for individual liberty and freedom on a continuous moment to moment basis while at the same time continuously supporting society as a whole.


Certain rules of individual and group conduct must be permanent and inviolate as those protecting individual human rights and liberties, while others must be flexible and dynamic to accommodate the rapidly changing dynamics between individual and society.

Once the concept gets fleshed out by the group then experiments could proceed on the Internet with individual volunteers participating in small scale social experiments. This would serve to further refine the concept and implementation of the operating system software being developed. At this point perhaps a super-civilization game could be constructed in which individuals across the globe could participate and provide input into the process.


At some point this game could then become integrated into real life.

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The Real Threat to National Security

I would suggest that the real threat to national and global security is not terrorism but global entrenched special interest control over populations worldwide. In fact the terrorism threat appears to be managed by the Global Elite through government and media as just one more sophisticated means to control and subjugate civil populations.


The rise of global civilizations in the western world in the past 200 years has given rise to entrenched special interests and global elite that are intent on turning the planet into a global plantation with them the elite, as masters, and everybody else including the Asian societies as servants and slaves. This elite vision of a new world order is just the old feudal autocratic order repackaged for modern times. Let there be no doubt about it, the so called New World Order is a dark vision for all of humanity and if fully implemented could lead to a dark age for global society.

This dark regressive vision of a global feudal order was conceived by western wealthy autocrats in the 19th century and has been propagated through the corporate owned and controlled mainstream propaganda press globally. There is a huge amount of resources being mobilized to force this dark vision upon global society.


I have previously discussed in other articles how vibrant civilizations emerge and rise on innovation, creativity and civil liberty, but decline and fall when innovation, creativity and liberty is suppressed by elite entrenched special interests.


I have suggested that the very qualities that give rise to a society or civilization contribute to an eventual decline and fall because these qualities not only build a civilization but also build entrenched special interests. It is these entrenched special elite interests that are the main real threat to a society with all other threats both inside and outside society as secondary.

It is clear that entrenched elite special interests have learned to manage both real and imagined threats to national and global security so as to enhance their power and control over civil populations. The net result is the destruction of individual and collective civil liberties and the suppression of individual and collective creativity and innovation so necessary for a vibrant civilization. In the 1830s President Andrew Jackson recognized that concentrated wealth in the hands of the few was a threat to the republic.


The newly emerging robber barons of the age of industrialization had formed what was becoming a central bank that was privately owned, but deceptively called the United States Bank.

President Andrew Jackson recognized this bank for what it was, a powerful instrument of special interest social control not accountable to the citizenry. Andrew Jackson set out to destroy this bank even when the robber barons contrived a panic that led to a depression to stop him. The contrived panic and depression backfired and the bank was closed.


It was not until the early part of the 20 century that these same robber baron families became strong enough to once again institute a central bank now deceptively called the Federal Reserve Bank.

The so called ďindependentĒ Federal Reserve Bank, other ďindependentĒ central banks around the globe, all now work together with the newer ďindependentĒ World Bank and so have become a powerful, unaccountable to the citizenry, mechanism of global social control. These powerful private banks support the dark ďnew world orderĒ vision of their fore fathers from the time of Andrew Jackson.


Are these banks capable of triggering a depression or even instigate a Third World War to further their interests? You bet they are.

What seems to have been overlooked today but surely was not missed by the people of the 1830s was that the economic elite and their entrenched interests had no respect for individual life and liberty except for themselves when their interests were threatened. The elite of the 1830s had no compunction against triggering a depression to further their interests after all. There is a long history of massive destruction of life and property by elite entrenched interests.

The Roman emperor tyrant Nero was suspected of ordering the burning of Rome so as to expand his palaces which he was quick to do after the fire. Hitler ordered the burning of the Reichstag so as to foment hatred against the Jews. Tyrants canít rise to power and do horrible things without the support of entrenched interests. After all wealthy Americans played a large part in rearming Germany after the First World War.


Today it is alleged that not only do special interest profit from wars by funding both sides of the conflict but set about to contrive wars and other forms of conflict like terrorism so as to further their entrenched interests.

In these more sophisticated times entrenched interests push for excessive government regulation and laws that intrude into the lives of citizens, suppressing creativity, innovation and liberty. At the same time they propagandize the pubic through their corporate controlled mainstream media to give up their civil rights so as to become obedient servants. The use of the mainstream news media and the entertainment media to incur mindless consumption and obedience to authority is extremely distressing to those who value freedom of thought and individual liberty.

It is also distressing to see how the mainstream media propagandizes and demeans those people who seriously try to unravel and expose fraud, corruption and special interest control over populations by labeling them conspiracy theorists.


Of course there are excessive imaginary conspiracy speculations rampant, but what does one expect of a population that has become extremely distrustful of all authority because of very real secrecy, conspiracies and cover-ups by governments and media controlled by entrenched interests. One might even suspect that entrenched interests would not be beyond covertly supporting outlandish conspiracy speculations so as to then rile against them.

While the public does not quite understand the process of their enslavement through government regulation and mainstream media propaganda, they nevertheless feel a great unease and foreboding. They know deep down in themselves that their society is on the decline and that their individual situation is becoming ever more precarious.


The public realizes that government no longer works for their individual interest as it should but for wealthy individual and corporation interest. Widespread apathy and fear for the future abound on an everyday basis. Life for the average person becomes more and more of a struggle as populations at the grass roots increasing feel the burdens increasing being shifted onto their shoulders from those higher up the social ladder. Corporate leaders gain ever increasing salaries and tax benefits at the expense of the rank and file who find their wages falling, and taxes rising behind the ever rising cost of living.

The sense of societal collapse in evident not only with peoples worldwide but is ever evident in the increasing rate of environmental destruction. Historians have cited environmental destruction as a main factor in societal collapse but to me this is only a symptom of the broader trends in humanity including that of increasing special interest control over governments and populations. Global warming can be directly related to the global fossil fuels monopoly that suppresses innovation and creativity in the energy industry that could lead to alternate clean cheap energies.

Those with an interest in national and global security should look very closely at the real threats to national security exercised by the global elite special interests and keep their eyes on the ball regardless of the antics and manipulations to distract them. The global elite have their people and their loyal servants throughout all governments, intelligence agencies, media both public and private, looking after their special interests undermining the public interest and national security. The global elite are creating a wide swath of destruction across society that is the most massive and all encompassing national security threat every faced by humanity.

If the citizenry of the United States and the rest of the world do not wake up to the real threats to global security then society will continue to erode from within and without. Human global civilization and the global environment are both in severe decline and directly linked to entrenched special global interests. We like Andrew Jackson should again recognize the threat and make war against those who are bringing about worldwide societal collapse.


Itís very difficult to create and implement a bright vision for our future until we expose the obstacles to that bright vision and redirect global resources away from the eliteís dark, regressive, repressive, feudal vision for global humanities future.


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ET Reality and Societal Collapse

There have been many reasons cited by historians for the decline and collapse of civilizations.


Most of these reasons could be considered but obvious triggers to the decline and collapse such as invasion from outside with the real cause in my opinion being the growth and corrupting influence of internal entrenched established interests and institutions.


Because of the numerous secondary and symptomatic reasons presented its easy to overlook this most fundamental factor.

It should be obvious to all that as civilizations mature and begin to decline there is a corresponding rise of entrenched special interest and a loss of individual and collective civil liberty, freedom, happiness, innovation and creativity. Civilizations are founded upon innovation and creativity and a surge of innovation and creativity is what gives rise to a new civilization and is what sustains it through maturity and into old age.

The real reason civilizations decline and collapse is that they sow the seeds of their own destruction in that creativity and innovation build established entrenched institutions and interests that then begin to suppress new creativity and innovation when this threatens special interest control and influence over civil populations.


This suppression undermines the very creative and innovative foundation of the civilization resulting in a decline and perhaps even a collapse of society. I would suggest that the UFO/ET cover-up is just another major example of the suppression of individual and collective creativity, innovation, civil liberty, freedom and happiness within society by entrenched special interest.

Creativity and innovation arise in populations because people develop a curiosity and a desire to understand the truth about their lives and their environment. The wisdom and understanding gained from this search for truth leads to advances in technology, science, religion, medicine etc. This leads to a general prosperity and the rise of a civilization and the creation of great accumulated wealth for both individuals and institutions.


When a civilization reaches maturity it become comfortable, healthy and with less time being spent on general survival considerations more time is left for socialization and entertainment. This in turn sows the seeds for the inevitable decline and possible eventual collapse because innovation and creativity in the populace that supports the society begins to wane in favor of comfort and entertainment.

The people in a mature society end up not having to work so hard because they are living off those that came before and soon they come to value socialization and entertainment more than work or involving themselves in politics, innovation and other creative pursuits that advance a civilization.


Comfort and entertainment become the main concerns of everyday life and as society declines; people cling ever tighter to comfort and entertainment and willingly give up their civil rights, creativity and anything else for these things.


The tyrants of ancient Rome before the fall were fond of saying, give the people ďbread and circusesĒ and they will be compliant and not rebel. Today itís the same thing: money, entertainment, obedience, and propaganda are valued more highly than truth, innovation and creativity.

In a sense we can say that the people of a society in decline are rapidly losing touch with reality because they value comfort and entertainment over truth and liberty. Everybody lives and parties for today with little regard for tomorrow and when tomorrow comes there is a day of reckoning. Neither a society or a person can go for long out of touch with reality before something bad happens where both society and the individual are forced to either get back in touch with reality or else. Reality checks like recessions and depressions come as a society evolves but become increasing more severe as a society devolves into a decline and even collapse, if the people donít rise to the occasion.

Another interesting feature of a societal decline is that the news that people get from their social environment becomes increasing laced with entertainment and propaganda as the sources of news are concentrated and taken over by established entrenched special interests.


Special interests become so powerful, controlling and predatory that they intrude in a massive way into the everyday affairs of individuals suppressing individual creativity, innovation and liberty through not only government but by pushing propaganda through the news media as well. The established interests, institutions become stronger and more predatory upon the societal populations and the populations become ever weaker.


Unless there is some sort of correction to the decline the net result will be collapse.

Young, strong vibrant, creative, innovative societies embrace change and flourish while societies in old age suppress these positive factors. It just so happened that the extraterrestrial neighbors came knocking when American and European societies had matured or were on the decline.


The entrenched special interests became very threatened in the 1950s and began to vigorously suppress the truth of extraterrestrial reality to the people around the world at the same time they worked feverously to secretly use extraterrestrial knowledge to strengthen themselves at the expense of the rest of society. This in turn has in my opinion hastened the decline of mature North American and European civilizations worldwide and has suppressed the rise of young emerging Asian civilizations.

The recent open political UFO/ET discussions in the Japanese Parliament were in my opinion indicative of a developing secret power struggle between east and west over the suppression of ET technological innovation for the private sector by North American and European countries. This power struggle between east and west seems to be reaching a crisis point as Ben Fulford former Asian Bureau Chief for Forbes Magazine has indicated.


The newly emerging civilizations in Asia are embracing technological innovation and creativity and can see the value and competitive advantage that open knowledge of ET reality can bring to their growing civilizations. While European and North American societies resist, propagandize in the media, and generally suppress the knowledge of ET realities we can expect the newly emerging societies to embrace these realities as the truth about extraterrestrial realities becomes more widely recognized.

Today we have a classic case of older mature societies on the decline coming up against the power of newer emerging societies. Something has got to give. It is the entrenched European and North American interests that have the most to lose from open understanding of ET reality and are the ones primarily behind the UFO/ET cover-up.


The North American and European entrenched interests include: The fossil fuels industry that suppresses cheap energy technologies reverse engineered from ET technology that threaten their energy monopoly. The military industrial complex suppresses reverse engineered ET technology for global military advantage. The industries and corporations with special access suppress ET technology and knowledge because they want to continue their special access monopoly that is making them trillions of dollars through exclusion of competition.

Itís becoming increasing obvious that the real reason there is a UFO/ET cover-up is that extraterrestrial reality is really going to shake up and advance society tremendously. A huge surge in creativity and innovation will be unleashed and this will be bad for the entrenched status quo interests worldwide mostly in Europe and North America and very good for the emerging societies of Asia.


I believe it is this inevitable shift of power to Asia that western elite interests fear the most and open knowledge of extraterrestrial realities will only accelerate this shift and hasten the decline of western societies and the rise of the eastern societies globally.


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Creating a Bright Future (Part 1)

Itís becoming increasingly clear to me that in order to create a bright future for earth humanity we must engage not only the grass roots of society but the elite as well. We can see that human society today follows natural evolutionary processes of competition and cooperation because humanity is part of nature.


We live roles as both predator and prey that are interchangeable at any particular moment. In our autocratic organizational structure nobody is secure for very long as insecurity reigns. Even the top dogs can abruptly fall down through organizational levels right to the bottom when they are old, arrogant or careless. The top dog can even die by attack from another top dog or just as easily become the prey of a street predator that scales the castle wall.

When we have situational awareness and control we are the predator and when we lose situational awareness and control we are become the prey. All of us interacting together create a pyramid shaped food chain within human society. This autocratic organizational structure involves a dynamic process whereby individuals and groups are continuously rising and falling from top to bottom. At any particular time the toughest, smartest and most efficient predators occupy the eye of the pyramid while the less efficient predators at any particular time find themselves at the bottom of the pyramidal food chain feeding everybody above them.

Both master and slave should ask themselves is there a better way to run a planet?


This simple question then begins the process toward a better future for everybody. We canít find answers if we donít first ask the question. The question begins the search for answers which then become apparent and can be acted upon. I have been asking his question a lot lately and I have been discovering answers.

The answer to a better future for everybody is that we all need a societal organizational structure that is much more advanced than the present regressive autocratic idea of a global plantation made up of a few masters and a whole lot of wage slaves. This elite idea of a new world order is not new world order thinking at all, but just the usual old world order thinking repackaged in a more illusionary and sophisticated wrapper.


Itís not going to get us out of the collective insecurity and misery we are creating for ourselves no matter what our societal status. Slaves will always be rebelling so as to escape the master and the master will always be afraid of attack by the slaves. Autocracy is a recipe for long term individual and collective insecurity and unhappiness.

Because I have an ecologist background I tend to look to nature for answers to some of my questions about life and living. I live in natural surroundings and I see everyday all around me the ever-changing dynamics of the competition between predator and prey as they strive to survive and find happiness in a very insecure natural environment. On the other hand what I also see is cooperation between members of the same species and even between species for survival advantages. Most important when we observe these competitive and cooperative processes on a cellular level we can find answers to our questions about the best way to organize our society.

Since the beginnings cellular life on earth single cells, and viruses have been in dynamic competition with each other and one of the strategies for cellular survival has been to clump and organize together to create what we call bodies. The cells in the body sacrifice a considerable amount of individual freedom, independence and happiness so as to share in the much more sophisticated collective freedom and independence and happiness that a body of cells provide.

While a cell in a body may still be vulnerable to an attack by a bacterium or virus or even physical injury it still has more general security, comfort, resources and well being than a single celled organism out on its own in the very competitive outside environment. In return for this added security, comfort, stable resources and well being the cell provides a special service to the rest of the cells of the body. The cell in the body has living home for protection and nourishment while the cell out on its own has no collective protection or home.

In previous articles I have discussed how nature builds a bit then makes a bunch of these bits to form a larger bit and so on. I have discussed how an individual person is one bit in a civilization and that individual people properly organized can create super-civilizations that are analogous to our bodies. In a super-civilization there is more individual security, nourishment, and happiness because the citizens of that society are all amply supplied with protection, resources and recreation.


As in a body only during times of extreme danger and stress are resources autocratically rerouted to ensure the collective survival of the organism.

This seems to me to be a much better way to run a planet where the leaders ensure equitable distribution of resources and justice rather than what we have today where the leaders grow fat and wasteful of resources while the masses go hungry. In an autocratic society there is always going to be unrest and rebellion as the society fights against itself. Its obvious that such a autocratic society will only be able to advance so far without collapsing or imploding, then to once again as the phoenix rise again from the ashes of its own funeral pyre.

Our collective funeral pyre is composed of the accumulation of lies, deception, fear and greed accumulated over the past centuries. Even the top predators within society should be able to see this and that unless the situation is quickly rectified we will all go down together just as in the death of a body from cancer. The elite may even be aware of the situation also but are immobilized and unable to take action lest it only accelerate the lighting of the pyre. I have likened this to the catastrophic burning of Yellowstone National Park created by unnatural fire suppression by the caretakers of the park.


When the caretakers themselves became aware of the danger they in their arrogance tried to control burn the park themselves resulting in a fire that got away and burned up the park in a catastrophic fire. In a sense their own worst fear were realized and it was too late before they realized they were the problem not the solution.


I would suggest that the Elite of his planet get off their high horses and cede the planet over to true leaders who can cut through bodyguard of lies and deceit and can implement a more advanced organizational structure for the well being of all of humanity. Right now these new leaders exist but they are marginalized and otherwise suppressed by the autocratic leadership of today.

There are advanced leaders on this planet that know who can turn things around and are waiting and hoping that the current autocratic leaders will realize that their dark vision of a global plantation is regressive and destructive to both humanity and the environment.


The advanced leadership hopes and struggles under the suppression of the old to bring about a true new world order that will serve everybody not just a select few.


Only such an order will last and stand the test of time not trapped in cycles of creation and destruction.


Is anybody listening?


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Creating a Bright Future (Part 2)

I the article, Creating a Bright Future (Part 1) I proposed that a model for a more advanced societal organization structure could be found in how our bodies operate. Single cells in a body cooperate together for competitive advantage over single cell organisms and other multi celled organisms in the environment.


All the cells in a body are well taken care of in a remarkably equalitarian manner with resources allocated according to he needs of both cells and the body as a whole. Cells that donít cooperate go it alone, or in general become predatory are destroyed by the immune system, neutralized or excreted from the body. Such an advanced equalitarian system as in our bodies provides a higher standard of living, greater individual security and much higher efficiencies that an autocratic system of mutual predatory social control provides.

The body is really a very advanced complex networking organizational system composed of myriads of smaller networking subsystems all integrated and functioning together as one conscious being. I have proposed that this is exactly the type of social organization structure that humanity is evolving into. The Internet is the overall technological network matrix through which individual humans are networked together in real time creating myriads of virtual networks or societies. I believe what is happening to human society follows the same organizational natural process that gives rise to more complex substances, life itself, and finally multicelled organisms with one mind and body.

I have proposed in other articles that what humans collectively are up to consciously and unconsciously is that we are creating a super-organism or super-civilization composed of billions of individual humans. Right now this is mostly an unconscious process with nature or God if you like being the primary driver of human evolution to this super-civilization organizational state of complex unity. We can however move things along more rapidly once we become conscious of the process. When we do this we take the responsibility of our future from nature or God and place it upon ourselves.

I think itís about time that the computer technocrats start thinking about all this and start consciously developing a societal super-civilization networking operating system that fosters cooperation, love, respect and other virtues amongst the civil population.


This operating system must at the same time discourage predatory practices and other vices by individuals and groups within the civil population that try to regress back to the more primitive system of autocratic feudal organization. In other words the regressive, repressive feudal old world order repackaged as the new world order must be stopped in its tracks. In its place must be substituted the more advanced system of social organization that I am talking about here. I hope what we are seeing today is the last gasp of the old feudal order rather than a global fall into another dark age.

Just as individual droplets determine the type of cloud so to we individuals collectively form our society. We clearly have a clear choice ahead of us. We together have a choice to move to a truly higher economic, political, social order or to regress back through societal collapse to a degenerate form of the old organization autocratic order.


The way this degenerate autocratic order is shaping up today is to become a sophisticated version of the old plantation system of a few wealthy elite global masters and many servants and slaves. It will like the old plantation system use fear as the prime motivator of social control except that mass media propaganda replaces denial of education, and money replaces bread for those who cooperative and the whip for the uncooperative.

We can, using partly the power of the newly emerging internet, stop this new old world order dark vision from becoming a reality and start substituting a brighter vision. It would seem that the hardware is rapidly falling into place that can support this brighter vision of the future. What we now need to do is start building the super-civilization operating system needed for our advancing civilization. I suspect the people that will start building this super-civilization operating system will fall out of the areas of artificial intelligence and robotics. Itís up to people like me in my own small way to point out the direction to a bright future for global society.

Itís a David and Goliath struggle but like little David I believe we do have natural evolutionary process on our side, or God for those that think in religious terms. The huge accumulated entrenched interest resources of the old world order seem insurmountable like Beast of the Apocalypse, but what seems like a invincible monolith power is really very severely strained by internal conflicts and extensive corruption. Itís an organizational structure in severe collapse with a very dark vision for mankindís future, a future full of sophisticated forms of fear, suppression, violence, enslavement, propaganda and war.

In the past those who supported liberty, innovation, and general creativity were able to defeat entrenched special interests by embracing advanced technological innovations of the time. The steam powered printing press allowed the abolitionists to flood the south with anti-slavery printed material. Andrew Jackson for all his faults pushed back for a time the plans of the wealthy elite to create a central bank that was undermining the very foundation of the Republic.


He lead the creation of the Democratic Party and appealed directly to independent farms and business people across the republic using advanced media and systems of communication. When the wealthy elite ridiculed and labeled the Democratic Party the Jack Ass party he turned the tables on the propaganda press and their ridicule and adopted the Donkey as the symbol of the Party.

Creativity and innovation can counterbalance the raw financial power of elite entrenched interests and monopolies. History has shown that when the internal corruption brought about by entrenched interests sets society on the road to collapse the populations can rally and with the assistance of new innovations and creativity stop the slide and reverse course. Itís been done many times before and we can do it again.


Once people look down into the abyss and see the horrible future presented, they can and do turn things around just in time.


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Beyond Dog Eat Dog

Thinking about extraterrestrial realities gives me added perspective on earth human evolution. I often find myself making comparisons between ethically advanced stellar civilizations and our own disorganized mutually predatory autocratic civilization. Anybody with eyes wide open can see that our society is organized and structured in a shape of a pyramid where the most sophisticated human predators occupy the eye of the pyramid.


Starting at the top with maybe 300 sophisticated predators or gangsters, the predator-prey relationships extend downward right to the grass roots. Democracy is so weak across the globe that it still remains mostly just an ideal or exists as creative illusion supported and maintained by autocratic predatory regimes to better control their respective populations.

I have pointed out in other essays that our global civilization is organized the way the rest of nature is organized on predator Ė prey relationships that use strategies of both competition and cooperation to survive in very competitive environments. In nature there is a shifting relationship between predator and prey, and a predator may be at one moment a predator but the next moment a prey. It is the same with human to human relationships.


We mutually prey on each other to get what we need or think we need to survive and be happy.

Still, at the same time we can also see in nature and in human society another evolutionary current. It is evolutionary advantageous for prey to cooperate with prey and predators to cooperate with predators to survive and be happy and any particular moment.

This is what started this movement early in lifeís development where individual cellular life began to clump and work together forming bodies of mutually cooperating individual cells. The cells that worked together best ended up having a competitive advantage over single celled organisms or less organized multicelled organisms. The battle of course still continues between advanced complex life forms with sophisticated immune systems and simple microbial life that adapts and changes rapidly to attack and get around the immune systems of more complex organisms.

What I believe is happening today is that humanity on earth is just beginning to envision and comprehend how beneficial it could be like for all of society and for each individual in that society if human to human cooperation was increased and predation decreased. For those at the grass roots of society that find themselves preyed upon constantly by their leaders it might be easier to comprehend a better way.


On the other hand it might be more difficult for the human predators higher up the food chain in society to give up their predatory benefits and position for a more collectively beneficial system. Ultimately it is going to be those with the most control that are going to have to see that the more advanced civilization in the long run will give them much more substantial benefit making it worth giving up their predatory benefits.

These predatory benefits arenít really as satisfactory as what they appear to be. No amount of wealth can buy happiness nor can it buy true security when the rabble prey have to be watched constantly else they turn the tables and the sophisticated economic predator ends up being demoted to prey by the masses.


The new predatory leaders and families emerge to take their place in the halls of power. So it can be seen that power over others and predation is a constantly shifting dissatisfying and insecure thing. Nobody really has security. Those at the bottom of the food chain donít have it because they are being severely preyed upon by the elite. The elite donít have it because at anytime developments can unseat them and they can find themselves falling from the top of the power pyramid to the bottom often very rapidly.

With all the power the predatory elite have, they really are just as unhappy in their relationships with others as those at the bottom of the food chain. It is this more primitive system of predator prey relationships that is fault and all people from top to bottom have to understand this and be willing to make short term sacrifices for long term benefits of a more advanced society.


I guess there is no way to hurry this evolutionary process up because it would seem that only suffering can move humanity forward while we are still at this primitive state of learning. It would seem that only after one gets tired of eating poisonous fruit that makes one sick that we individually and collectively quit planting poisonous trees.

I think the problem really boils down to being near sighted. Because we donít see the big picture in its totality we make judgments and take actions that seem to benefit us in the short term but devastate us in the long run.


I think more individual and collective knowledge and understanding about the big picture that involves extraterrestrial realities will really help us both as individuals and as a civilization. The better we develop this far sighted approach the better or immediate decisions are going to be in regards the long run.

More knowledge of extraterrestrial reality will help us to get out of the mess we now find ourselves in both in regards to the degradation of society and our planetary environment through a rise in consciousness. The degradation of society and our planetary environment are symptoms not causes. The causes are lower consciousness or awareness of us and our environment.


For example the fossil fuels industry must quit suppressing or be made to relent and instead embrace exotic cheap new ET reverse engineered energy technologies.


Otherwise it brings about its own demise as others pick up the torch and build whole new industries based on exotic technologies. The suppression of innovation by industry may help it in the short term but in the long term it will lead to the decline and destruction of the industry to be replaced by new industries that embrace innovation.

Because western societies are so hamstrung by antiquated special interests accumulated over the past century they are on the decline while the eastern societies are on the incline taking the lead in innovation.


At some point the declining western societies will loose enough global power and the ascending Asian societies gain enough power that a rapid global shift could occur devastating the western economies much more than the Asian economies leaving the Asian economies in the lead toward developing a more advanced society in the future.


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