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In appearance, the serpent-gods were tall, and walked on two feet.


They had a tail like a reptile, and a tough hide somewhat like a lizard but with a large amount of horny or scaly skin. Their hide was generally lustrous and smooth, somewhat like a chameleon, and probably varied in different hues of green and gray.

Scientists have theorized that the reptile form would be ideal for travel through space on long voyages. Able to hibernate or slow down their metabolism for long periods and immersed in a water or liquid environment, they could thereby survive the perils of space travel which have a deleterious effect on mammal forms.

The sons of the serpent-gods, the Nephilim of the Bible, which descended before the Deluge and mated with human women also dabbled in genetic engineering.

The patriarchs, god-kings, priests, generals, and other members of the aristocracy which ruled Man before the Deluge and after as well, were also part saurian. They displayed certain characteristics which set them apart from ordinary people - large patches of scaly skin referred to as "the badge of priesthood," and probably had horns and chin whiskers.

The Rephaim or warrior gods, the descendants of the antediluvian Nefilim, who protected the Middle East later, were large and fearsome warriors and probably exhibited many of the characteristics of their forebears. As they intermarried with humans, the saurian traits diminished.

When did the Serpent Gods leave, or are they still here?

The sightings of strange saucer-like objects (UFOs) throughout the centuries would indicate either their space ships have reappeared at intervals or that they may have been here all this time but hidden from human eyes. If they have been here for centuries, where would they find a place that is secure, away from prying eyes, and far from population centers?

It is also possible that seas and lakes hide the entrance to these underground bases which may be more widespread than we realize.

A great cultural shock

Mankind is probably not yet ready for the truth.





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"The Serpent-Gods And Immortality - 'Flying Serpents And Dragons'"

The Haggadah describes the serpent as tall, two-legged and with superior mental powers. A walking, talking REPTILIAN HUMANOID (the legged-serpent or a Saurian Being).

Ancient Jewish legends indicate that the clothes worn by Adam and Eve were not only made of reptile skins but that they protected them from predators:

"When they wore the coats, Adam and Eve were told, all creatures on earth would fear them."

The serpent skins were symbolic of the ruling race, and not only reminded Adam and Eve of their origin but also acted as a talisman to protect them from wild creatures.

The notion of the serpent as evil is a fairly recent one, for it is one that developed during the early Christian era. In actuality, the Biblical serpent is often connected with godly knowledge, healing and immortality. The Hebrew word for the creature who tempted Eve is "nahash" which is usually translated as serpent but literally means "he who solves secrets."

Even in ancient Greek the word serpent posed problems in translation.


In the Septuagint, the early Greek version of the Old Testament, the serpent is called "drakon." In ancient Greece the word "drakon" was used for all large fearsome creatures such as serpents, large reptiles, and other terrifying animals. Thus the term "drakon" carried over through semantic channels to the association of a large winged, legged serpent as dragon in Western literature and culture.

It is a most superb irony that a race of intelligent beings may really exist in our neighborhood of space who are reptilian and repulsive, and yet have founded human civilization.


Yet these "loathsome" creatures must have a technology sufficiently advanced to enable them to travel between the stars.


A race that could traverse space would certainly have achieved genetic engineering and the ability to regenerate themselves and thereby achieve long and extended life.




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"Dragons And Serpent-Gods In World Mythology - 'Flying Serpents And Dragons'"

The Nagas, the mysterious serpent-gods who dwelt in India in ancient days, were called "sarpa" or serpents. In her studies on Hindu religion, the theosophist Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky asserts that the Nagas or "sarpa" of India are "unquestionably the Jewish Seraphim as derived from serapi or sarpa meaning serpent."

Aratta is often mentioned in the Sumerian literature as a far-away land controlled by the goddess Inanna from her tutelary city of Uruk. According to the epic Enmerkar and the Lord of Aratta, it lay beyond Anshan (now Iran) and a journey to Aratta required the crossing of seven mountains and dreaded river Kur.

It has been suggested that Aratta may be the same as Harappa of the lost Indus Valley civilization. Harappa, along with Mohenjo-daro, was a city of the ancient Dravidians, the legendary serpent people who preceded the Aryan occupation of India.

The Ancient Book of Dzyan, probably the oldest of Sanskrit sources, speaks of a serpent race which descended from the skies and taught mankind. These Nagas intermarried with Aryans, producing kings and heroes.

The Serpent (can be found) as good and evil, in ancient Egypt.

The ancient Mayan book Chilam Balam relates that the first inhabitants of Yucatan were the Chanes or "People of the Serpent," who came across the sea from the East led by Itzamna, a serpent-god.

According to Chinese history, Asian dragons were present at the Creation and shared the world with mankind.

The Chinese dragon was unrivaled in wisdom and its power to confer blessings and as a result came to symbolize that most beneficent of men, the Emperor who was believed to have dragon blood.




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The Bloodlines of the Dragon

This line had descended through the Tuatha de Danaan (the Dragon Kings of Anu) on the one hand, and the Egyptian Dragon Dynasty of Sobek on the other. The latter strain included the bloodline of the Davidic House of Judah who married into the descent of the Merovingian Kings of the Franks.

The tenets of the Grail and Dragon traditions are implicit in defining that we should be at one with the earth, and cannot, therefore, presume dominion over it. Unlike those who wish to profit unjustifiably from dubious Merovingian descent.

This philosophy is embedded in the concept of individual gnosis, and lies at the very heart of the Draconian culture. It is evident in all aspects of life itself. Emanating from the ancient lore of the Elven Lords and Ladies of the Forest, this ancestral legacy forms the bedrock upon which this and all legitimately related Dragon Courts were originally founded.

Dragon sovereignty had evolved in Egypt from old Mesopotamia and its tradition was vested in Sobek, the sacred crocodile (the messeh or mus-hus).


It was from the practice of kingly anointing with the fat of the messeh that the Hebrew verb 'mashiach' (to anoint) derived, and the Dragon dynasts became known as Messiahs (anointed ones).

The PenDragons
By that time, the Grail Dynasty from David and Solomon had progressed into the West, notably to the Merovingian kings of Gaul, while related branches established kingdoms in Ireland and Celtic Britain. These lines were linked through marriage to parallel Dragon strains from Ham, Japhet and Tubal Cain (which had survived as the royal houses of Scythia and Anatolia).


The families had forged their own marital links with the early princesses of the Egyptian succession. The first PenDragon (Head Dragon) of the Britannic Isle (Pen Draco Insularis).


From this stock was King Cymbeline of the House of Camu, who was installed in about AD 10. The Celtic PenDragons were not father to son successors in a particular descent, but were individually elected from reigning family branches, by a Druidic council of elders, to be the overall Kings of Kings. The last PenDragon was Cadwaladr of Gwynedd, who died in AD 664.


At around that time much of Britain fell to the Germanic influence of the invading Anglo Saxons and Angle land (England) was born, as distinct from Scotland and Wales.


It is not often I display my the badge of priesthood, but it has been known to happen amongst friends.


There was one female at Alfred Webre's last meeting (November 2005) who absolutely INSISTED upon seeing mine, and upon doing so, stated that what she saw was merely "dry skin"... I just laughed at her and smiled - she wasn't looking close enough and was cautious about touching me. Hybrid scales are not very large sometimes, depending on where they are located on the body.

I much prefer the reaction of a male I once knew who, after I scraped off some scales into the palm of his hand, stated,

"Oh my god, they are all the same size and shape - like little diamonds! That's really cool!"

Much better reaction I think, yes. Luckily that day I was "shedding" somewhat, otherwise it's really quite painful to pluck my own living flesh out like that.

Now, the scales and degree of physical evidence aside... I'm just another person, in many ways, like any other hybrid living amongst us, yet my mission of peace and harmony with the environment and assorted peoples of (and near) the Earth is obvious by now after years of speaking publicly - it is why I came here, in this particular body, to speak out at the risk and peril of my own life.


There's really not much more I can say on this subject without repeating myself. Recap, review, study, learn... and PREPARE. Here's more data from my good friend TAL (LeVesque), who's helped with my research tremendously, along with several others.

What might seem "different" about me is my sense of strict protocols - like that of a knight. (Perhaps written of in your fables and such) Not a moment goes by when my energy matrix is not emitting the signal, "Respect or leave!" That never changes.


I help others whenever I have the energy to do so, with pride and honor, like any true warrior on an away mission would - but - I NEVER allow harm or ill-will to my being - and foul, offensive words or even thoughts against me are dealt with in the STRICTEST sense. If you are afraid of me, best just stay back and let me do my work in peace - perhaps you are just not ready for my appearance in your life yet.


Fools be warned... I can be completely silent/invisible when I "walk"... it's a gift from God/dess Him/Herself.


Project and BE peace, or respectfully step aside.


I respect ALL who show me this same inner strength and truth in their thoughts and actions.