by Joe R.
December 2005

from ExposureOfHiddenInstitutions Website


Following are some additional thoughts about the transnational intelligence group Le Cercle and its links with the monarchist Templar organizations.


This article doesn't imply that all the thousands and thousands of people involved with these organizations have anything to do with the international intelligence agencies and secret plots.



May 2004, Andrew Bertie, head Sovereign Military Order of Malta
worldwide, attends the wedding of the Spanish Crown Prince Felipe.
King Juan Carlos of Spain is both a member of the Order of the Garter
as well as from SMOM. He's also head of the Golden Fleece Order.



Le Cercle is clearly managed by people representing the British Throne and some powerful interests in the City of London.


Queen Elizabeth II is head of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, an order descended from the Knights Hospitaller (which absorbed the possessions of the Knights Templar in the early 14th century).


Another great influence on Le Cercle has been (and possibly still is) the Vatican's Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM), also descended from the Knights Hospitaller.


SMOM is headed by Andrew Bertie, descendent of Mary Stuart and a cousin of Queen Elizabeth II. One of the founders of Le Cercle was Otto von Habsburg (once heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne) who was the longtime president of the European Council of Princes.


This Council of Princes is now being headed by HRH Prince Michael Stewart. In the past, the Council has been funded by the CIA (because of its anti-communist sympathies), an intelligence agency set up and headed by members of the Knights of Malta.


On the Stewart's/European Council of Princes' website you can see how,

  • the European Council of Princes

  • The Order of St. John of Jerusalem

  • The Sovereign Military Order of Malta

  • the Ordo Draconis

  • Freemasonry

  • the Knights Hospitaller

  • the Knights Templar,

...are all intertwined with each other.


A lot of people might have already read about this, but the fact that it's all published on an official website is quite extraordinary.



Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta,

better known as the Knights of Malta


After reading some of the writings of Nicholas de Vere, I wondered if he carried the same ideas as the Stewarts or the other royal and noble families of Europe.


De Vere claims in a lot of detail that an ancient (non-extraterrestrial) Dragon race once interbred with humanity.


A relatively small amount of people still carry their genes, which means they have a small difference in their genetic makeup. Of course, some people, like de Vere, have purer Dragon genes than others, which makes them much more wise than all the other ordinary peasants.


It also gives them special powers (to communicate with god-knows-what) through the practice of royal witchcraft. In short, they're destined to rule, because common ordinary peasants don't have the ability to develop any of these special powers. But as usual there's a lot of infighting about who's got the most pure genes.


And on top of that, de Vere accuses the Catholic church of having replaced the kings of Europe with ordinary humans and to have done everything in its power to destroy his Elven-Fairy-Vampiric-Archdruid-Dragon race.



Most Venerable Order of St John of Jerusalem


You might think de Vere is making everything up, but it is true that the extinct Earls of Oxford, who he claims he is a lateral descendant of, were among the bluest of blue blood family lines in England.


Those that were introduced into the Knights of the Garter were the 9th Earl of Oxford in 1384, the 11th Earl of Oxford in 1415, the 13th Earl of Oxford in 1486, the 15th Earl of Oxford in 1527, and the 20th and last of the Earls of Oxford in 1660.


The 20th Earl of Oxford, Aubrey de Vere, was also the last Earl to be a member of the Privy Council. In these positions they were close advisors to many kings and queens of England and were surrounded by families as Cavendish, Cecil, Spencer, Stuart/Stewart, Arundel, Plantagenet, and others. In many cases these families intermarried.

After reading de Vere used to be head of the British Dragon Court, I wanted to know if this was the same Dragon Court you can find on the website of the Stewarts. I certainly don't believe de Vere, or any other royal for that matter, is more divine than the common man in the street, but I find it very interesting that the nobles of the United Kingdom and the royal families of Europe might actually be interested in Dragon genes and the 'divine right to rule' concept.


Can't remember I heard anything about this in my biology classes.


From the website of the Ordo Draconis (Sarkany Rend), where Prince Michael Stewart is Grand Master of, we can read something that is very similar to what de Vere is claiming:



Dragon Court officers in New York city


"...Shortly after this foundation, Szigmond was crowned Holy Roman Emperor in 1411 and, although the Court's ancient origins were steeped in pre-Christian lore, Pope Gregory XII was obliged to approve his Emperor's establishment, for the nature of the Dragon is such that its princely tradition surmounts the mundane constraints of denominational dispute.


After all, King David, Solomon and even Jesus were all pre-Christian dynasts of the line."

So, what this text is saying is that a person with the most pure (Dragon) genes is destined to rule. Religion doesn't matter. If I wouldn't have read this on the official website from the Royal House of Stewart & the Council of Princes I wouldn't have believed it that easily.


Below, you can find two email correspondences with Sir John Reid, Secretary to HRH Prince Michael of Albany, and Erin D. Lindsey from the I asked them a bit about their views on the Knights Templar and the relationship between de Vere and the House of Stewart.


You don't get too many answers, but they're still interesting.


Question to the Royal House of Stewart:




Dear Sir / Madam,

I recently came across your website and became a bit confused. For instance, there seems to have been a debate going on forever if modern Freemasonry originated from the Templars. Yet, now I see that at the Templar / Freemasonry section of your website that this notion has been more or less accepted. Is this true?

And do the Knights of Malta have anything to do with the Knights Templar? The red crosses look very similar.

Another thing I am very curious about is HRH Prince Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg. I read an interview with him in which he claims that his bloodline, like those of many other nobles, is descended from the ancient gods, who normally are just considered myths. So, my other
questions are:

What is the opinion of the Council of Princes about Prince Drakenberg?

Do at least some royal families, like the house of Stewart, have the same ideas as Prince Drakenberg?

I thank you for your time.





Reply from the Royal House of Stewart (10 days later):


Dear Sir,

Thank you for your e-mail.

To answer your various questions, firstly with regards to Freemasonry and the Templars, the Catholic dictionary does admit to the fact that Freemasonry evolved from The Order of the Knights Templar in Scotland.

Prince Michael's next book, to be published next May, deals with that very subject and lots more.

With regards to the gentleman styling himself Prince Drakenberg, he is neither a member of the European Council of Princes nor does the European Council of Princes holds his views as valid.


The title is self-assumed in any case. The only Order of the Dragon (Sarkany Rend) that is legal is that under the Grand Mastership of HRH Prince Michael of Albany and legally entered in the Courts of Hungary. Mr de Vere has nothing to do with the Order.

Yours sincerely,

Sir John Reid
Secretary to HRH Prince Michael of Albany.



So, what Sir John seems to admit is that these people believe that the Knights Templar fled to Scotland (and Portugal) where their philosophies developed into the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.


Then it's interesting to see when I look at the website of the United Grand Lodge of England I don't see any talk about Templars, only about medieval "stonemasons".


HRH the Duke of Kent, cousin of both Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, is head of that lodge.

The bottom part of his email doesn't really go into if de Vere and their Ordo Draconis had a common past or share certain philosophies. That's probably not by accident.




Question to

Dear sir / madam,

I have a short question. Below, I have pasted two urls:
Dragon court of which the Stewarts are members
Nicholas de Vere's Royal Dragon Court.

Do they represent the same society? What I mean is; is Nicholas de Vere head of the society the Stewarts refer to?



Reply from

To answer your question, Nicholas De Vere used to bellied with Laurence Gardner, Prince Michael Stewart of Albany, and the Royal Stewart House. But he broke with them around 2000-2001 when he fell out with Laurence Gardner, after co-authoring "Bloodline of the Holy

Around the same time, De Vere was replaced as head of the British Dragon Court by Baron Sir Richard Dufton.

In late 2003, Nicholas De Vere or persons claiming to be operating under his aegis launched the website at

I hope that this information is helpful.

---Erin D. Lindsey



Although the details aren't clear to me, it seems that what de Vere has been writing down is a genuine belief in many noble families and royal families, and known to the leaders of the Vatican.


In addition, de Vere and Laurence Gardner have been working together until de Vere accused Gardner of not giving him the proper credentials in the works he wrote.


Gardner has been the Presidential Attache of the European Council of Princes. This is the same Council Le Cercle founder Otto von Habsburg has been the long time president of and which today is headed by Prince Michael Stewart.

An interest in bloodlines, without the Dragon theme, is quite common in these aristocratic circles. As has been shown earlier on this site, the leaders of several genealogical organizations have been recruited in the Pilgrims of the United States.


Among them are the Order of the Crown of Charlemagne and the Order of the Merovingian Dynasty.





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