-  Amazing Facts about Plants and Consciousness


 -  Are Plants more Intelligent-Conscious than People?


 -  Can we Know what Animals are Thinking? - Animals Think, therefore…


 -  Consciousness is Rising, even in the Animal Kingdom


 -  Do Plants Respond to Pain? - Scientists Conduct an Experiment to Find Out


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 -  La Conciencia de las Plantas


 -  La Conciencia está Aumentando incluso en el Reino Animal


 -  La Humanidad está Despertando a La Inteligencia de La Naturaleza


 -  La Inteligencia (...¿y la Conciencia?) de Las Plantas


 -  Las Ballenas También Lloran a sus Muertos


 -  Las Plantas son Más Inteligentes-Conscientes que las Personas


 -  La Teoría de Gaia - Main File


 -  Living Close to Trees Comes with a Number of Health Benefits

 -  Mineral Evolution


 -  Mushrooms - Fungi - Main File


 -  Plant Consciousness


 -  Plants are Smarter than You Think


 -  Plants 'Talk' to Each Other Using Nanoscale Sound Waves to Help Them Grow - Study Suggests


 -  Porqué los Animales Comen Plantas Psicoactivas


 -  Respect Nature - Don't Bite the Hand That Feeds


 -  Rocks Evolve Too - Geologists Claim


 -  Scientists Discover Plants that Can Learn and Remember


 -  Speak to the Trees - A Spiritual Perspective on Nature


 -  Ten Fascinating Facts about Plants


 -  The Amazing Phenomenon of Singing Plants

 -  The Dignity of Living Beings with Regard to Plants


 -  The Emotional Lives of Animals


 -  The Intelligence (...and Consciousness?) of Plants


 -  The Theory of Gaia - Main File


 -  Un Estudio Científico Demuestra que los Animales Comprenden el Concepto de Justicia Mejor que...


 -  Why Animals Eat Psychoactive Plants


 -  Why the Modern Day View of Wild Animals is Wrong


 -  Wood Wide Web - Secret Communication of Trees

  Additional Information  

 -  A Novel Tool-Use Mode in Animals - New Caledonian Crows Insert Tools to Transport Objects


 -  Disturbing Aerial Photos Show what Killing Billions of Animals for Meat is Doing to The Environment


 -  Earth as a Dynamic Body - Electrically and Electromagnetically



 -  Edible Plants 'Talk' to Animal Cells, Promote Healing - Amazing Food Science Discovery


 -  'Ellos' Quieren que Comamos Carne


 -  For The Love of Gaia


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 -  Las Plantas Pueden Extraer Fuente de Energía de Otras Plantas

 -  Nurturant Behavior Toward Dead Conspecifics in Free-Ranging Mammals - New Records for...


 -  Por el Amor de Gaia


 -  Satanic Reality


 -  Scientists Discover that Bacteria Have a Collective Memory


 -  The Cosmic Serpent - DNA and The Origins of Knowledge


 -  'They' Want Us to Eat Meat


 -  Towards Understanding Plant Bioacoustics


 -  Una Realidad Satánica


 -  Una Reflexión Demasiado Incomoda


 -  Various 'Thought Provoking Images' Show what Humans are Really Doing to the Planet

 -  Vocal Fold Control Beyond the Species-specific Repertoire in an Orang-utan

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 - "Mother Trees"


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