by Amitakh Stanford
6 April 2008

from XeeATwelve Website


There are two main Anunnaki alien groups in covert and overt battles for world domination. Humans are pawns caught in the middle of this brutal alien war. Likewise, the weaker alien groups are affected. They must align with either Reptilians or Vulturites or face the possibility of total annihilation.

The principle of divide and conquer has always been a main aspect of Anunnaki war strategy. This is being carried out through the human population on Earth. The history of this planet has witnessed many such events. The former U.S.S.R. and Yugoslavia are victims of divide and conquer. Even within nations, racial, religious, economic, political, educational and other sub-divisions are formed to cause inner-strife, or division for conquest or control.


Taiwan and Hong Kong served as Western divisions of China, the latter of which China has already reclaimed. Kosovo’s recent declaration of independence from Serbia is yet another example of the divide and conquer principle. China is well aware of the West’s desire to separate Tibet and establish it as a sovereign nation and is resisting this tremendously.


It could also cause China to move even faster in reclaiming Taiwan, which it sees as a part of China.

The Dalai Lama has accused China of “cultural genocide” by diluting the Tibetan population with non-Tibetans, and Tibetans are now rioting in the streets. Tibet has been encouraged by Kosovo to raise the issue of self-government. Underlying the Sino-Tibetan conflict is a long-standing feud within alien communities. Humans have been used to play out this feud under differing issues, all amounting to the divide and conquer principle. There is an important portal in Tibet that aliens are safeguarding, so the conflict could turn ugly as the alien group influencing China pursues guardianship of the portal.

Reptilians are influencing people to actively pursue CO2 reduction programs at this time. There are very devious reasons behind this push of carbon trading, emissions reductions and so on. As long as people believe that they can begin correcting environmental problems in such a slow, deliberate manner, they are lulled into the false sense that there is a great deal of time left to correct things.


This keeps the people from suspecting that the Earth’s remaining existence is very short. It further encourages people to accept extreme weather patterns, severe flooding and many other events as attributable to global warming.

As I indicated three years ago, part of the Olcar war plans involves the superheating and melting of glacial ice around the world. Aliens are now very actively melting ice on the planet and influencing humans to do so also. Whilst the air and water temperatures are rising, they are not rising at the rates represented by the rapid ice melting. In other words, part of the alien war is manifesting in unnatural glacial thaws. As might be expected, the Antarctic ice, anchored to a land mass, is less vulnerable to alien attacks upon it than is the Arctic ice, which is perilously floating atop water.


Thus, Europe is extremely vulnerable to a massive Arctic melt.

Storms around the world are becoming less and less predictable. Part of this is because of global warming, but much of it is being caused by aliens attacking various centers, or by aliens influencing humans to do so. That is, some of the storms now occurring are unnatural.

Aliens are using global warming as a license to cause all types of mischief worldwide. Global warming is being blamed for the recent break up of the Wilkins Ice Shelf in Antarctica. However, the ice broke away because of a blast. It was another casualty of the alien wars.

A recent alien battle in Southeast Queensland brought about an unexpected, hard and unprecedented frost. The media reported that the temperatures in parts of the area were the lowest ever recorded in March. Many areas were below freezing, yet it is still very early Autumn in a sub-tropical region. Such events would be highly unlikely were we not in the midst of alien wars. Despite meteorologists attributing the event to global warming, it is a by-product of alien battles.

When the battle was raging in the Southeast Queensland skies, a small alien craft was damaged. It landed on our property, seeking refuge. One of the occupants of the craft spent about ten minutes groaning in agony and gasping for breath. Its cry was heard around the neighborhood and alerted our dogs, who barked furiously.

As the world becomes more and more fragile, many things will happen that would alert thinking people that things are going wrong, but the ruling elite are quick to explain away events with seemingly plausible, rational reasons. They will also restrict the media from reporting oddities so as not to arouse suspicions of how precarious things are. For instance, construction site cranes are collapsing, as are buildings and other structures around the world. Subsequently, many large buildings, bridges, dams, roads etc. will be collapsing all around the world. These matters will be treated as independent events, if they are reported at all.


However, the ruling elites’ explanations for things will eventually become ludicrous to even the least aware people.

The Earth’s icosahedron is faltering due to the fracturing of the Virtual Reality. This results in “hiccoughs” and freak accidents in the air, water and on the land. These are already apparent. Automobile, rail and air travel will become more and more hazardous as the icosahedron winds down.

More importantly, aliens are directing beams at various targets. Sometimes an “accident” occurs that was intentionally caused by the alien activity, and sometimes a vehicle or structure is accidentally caught in crossfire. Either way, significant and freakish damage can occur.

Many things are changing dramatically. Things that used to work will become less reliable. For example, medications for allergies and other ailments will not be as effective for treating symptoms, and more adverse side effects will surface.

The New World Order is again pushing fluoridation of water, this time in Australia. This is part of the ruling elites’ sedation program. Besides, the Greys need fluoride in water supplies for their well-being.


Other toxins have been bombarding the Earth’s population for quite some time as part of the Anunnaki plans.

Many have scoffed at the proposition that fluoride is a lethal poison and have argued that dentists would not recommend it to the public if it were really dangerous. These people have not thought out their positions very well. In the past, the ruling elite have tricked people into ingesting many different poisons over long periods of time. An example of this is the long-standing use of lead in many things that would reasonably be expected to cause the toxin to enter human bodies.

In 1786, Benjamin Franklin sounded an alarm about lead poisoning, pointing out that lead type had injured printers, lead paint had injured painters and so on. He added that lead roofs caused rainwater supplies to be toxic and that lead barrel parts had adulterated rum and spirits.


He concluded his analysis with the following, which shows that despite the dangers of lead, the people kept using it:

“You will see by it, that the Opinion of this mischievous Effect from Lead is at least above Sixty Years old; and you will observe with Concern how long a useful Truth may be known and exist, before it is generally receiv’d and practis’d on.”

Of course, the dangerous applications of lead usage did not stop in 1786.


Lead pipes were subsequently used to supply drinking water, lead was added to petrol, and last year, it was still being used to paint children’s toys. The ruling elite keep their toxins flowing in the marketplace for as long as feasible, especially in third-world countries. Fluoride and lead are just two examples of this.

The Eagle (USA) is now frantically driving the Great Hawk (Europe) eastward. The push is irrationally fast and the territory is extraordinarily dangerous. The Bear (Russia) has been patiently appeasing, but it has given many strong warnings. The Great Hawk ignores the Bear’s warnings. This situation is precarious!

Whilst the Great Hawk pursues its eastward drive, the Eagle is also encouraging encroachment into the Dragon’s territory. The Eagle has spread itself way too far. The Dragon (China) will not succumb to threats of any kind. It will hold tightly to its own. Recklessly pushing the Dragon and the Bear simultaneously is a grave mistake that will devastate the Great Hawk, the Eagle and all its nests.

The West is hiding its recession by propping up the images of corporations. Share prices do not reflect the actual value of companies as much as they reflect the image of those organizations. Deception is everywhere. To allow the Great Hawk to lure more nations into its trap, the economic deception is absolutely critical. Very few countries would knowingly sign up to go through a deep depression led by the West. Fewer, still, would knowingly be a part of the Eagle’s further war plans.

The ENRON experiment has shown the ruling elite how gullible the public and private sectors are. The information from ENRON is being used to guide the ruling elite in how far they can push foreign and domestic investors with blatant share-price manipulations before the shell will crack. ENRON was a micro-level matter, concerning a single organization.


The ruling elite have pressed the result to the macro level and are openly manipulating entire share markets, trying to keep up the image of a healthy economy when they know it is facing certain collapse. As a consequence of the ENRON experiment, many unscrupulous corporate managers also know how much manipulation is possible before they are suspected. This has helped many otherwise weak corporations to keep their share prices artificially elevated to uphold the illusive image of prosperity.


The banking sector has used bonding theatrics to uphold their images also. This is just another chapter of the ENRON game being played out.

Ironically, the economic recession is part of the Reptilian scheme, but the Vulturites are turning it into a much more traumatic event by deceptively keeping share values so artificially inflated. This will cause the Reptilian-planned recession to become a full-blown, deep economic depression. The Vulturites are desperate and are manipulating so many aspects of the share markets that when the Reptilian attack scheme is unleashed it will severely cripple the entire Western economy.


Many public and private reporting agencies are intentionally distributing false information about the share markets and other world events to keep the economy hanging by a thread. The Vulturites are deceptively purchasing “days” of propped up image for the markets, but, the propping costs will soon be astronomical.

As I wrote last December, the American Democratic Party’s primary process has pitted a Vulturite-sponsored candidate against a Reptilian-sponsored one. The fighting seen between the two contenders is extraordinarily fierce and dirty. It is much more than the usual political filth. To unaware outsiders, it would appear that the two candidates would co-operate in the best interests of the party. However, things are not always what they appear to be because of alien influence in world affairs.

The Vulturites are fighting to wrest power from a long-standing Reptilian power base – the Democratic Party.


The American Reptilians are trying to reclaim total control of the Eagle after they have moved their base to China. If the Reptilians could successfully pull this maneuver off, they can swiftly take full control of the world. Thus, the upcoming selection for the Democratic presidential candidate is a major part of the alien wars. If Hillary Clinton receives the nomination, then the Vulturites are in a win-win situation regarding the presidency of the United States.

There are always plans within plans in the alien wars. If the Reptilians do not wait for the American election to happen, the conflagration will erupt beforehand.

The coming days are filled with peril. Hold onto your Will and trust your inner guidance.


They can carry you through the tumultuous times ahead.