by Amitakh Stanford
(republished from the Nara Site)
6 April 2005

from XeeATwelve Website


As I have advised, the alien wars would heat up and be obvious to the awares by April 2005. The Vulturites and the Reptilians are now flinging unseen "arrows" all about the globe and causing many unnatural disasters.

One of the reasons the Reptilians launched the Indian Ocean tsunami was to take out an entrenched Vulturite resistance in and around Ache. This has strengthened the Reptilian hold in Indonesia. On the superficial level, it appears that the ties between Australia and Indonesia are now strengthening, but this is only an appearance. Neither side trusts the other because their alien alliances are in opposition in the alien wars.

Many of the upcoming "natural" disasters will occur where there are large concentrations of aliens among the human populations. These are the main targets of both the Vulturites and the Reptilians in this surreptitious alien war.

Antarctica's and other large glaciers house many under-ice bases where aliens in their alien forms (bodies) reside.


Incidentally, aliens too, like humans, harbor class 4 and class 5 consciousnesses as well as higher consciousnesses. Some aliens are viable True-Light beings and others are not, regardless of their alien race. It is because of alien activities on the Antarctic continent that many abnormal temperature readings have occurred recently. Many places have reported sharp changes in temperature within minutes.


I have discussed this with regard to the 1st January 2005 incidents near the Siple Dome and McMurdo Bases in Final Reflections #15.

Another such rise occurred on 26th March 2005 at the Clean Air Base, which is very close to the South Pole. Clean Air reported MINUS 47 Fahrenheit and one hour later reported PLUS 54 F - a swing of 101 in one hour! Thereafter, the base stopped reporting temperatures. When it started reporting air temperatures again, Clean Air Base reported PLUS 69 F (20 C) on 4th April 2005.


Shortly thereafter, the base stopped reporting air temperatures.

The most dramatic occurrence was on 3rd April 2005 at Amundsen-Scott, which is right on the South Pole. This base went from MINUS 84 F (-65 C) to PLUS 177 F (81 C) within minutes - a swing of 261! Amundsen-Scott is at 9,285 feet of elevation (2,830 meters). Imagine how much of the glacier melted while it was 177 F on that mountain!

These anomalies were all caused by alien activity. The Siple Dome/McMurdo Bases were affected by Lemurian blasts ignited under the Ross Ice Shelf aimed at trying to free their two mother crafts that are locked in the ice. The Clean Air and Amundsen-Scott incidents were done for other reasons. These three examples are not the only alien-driven heat waves on the Antarctic continent this year!

The examples above confirm the activities that are happening on the Antarctic continent. Smaller and larger-scale testing of the glacial ice on the continent has also been conducted. The purpose of these tests has been to learn how much force/heat/energy is necessary to annihilate a glacier. These tests are being carried out by very powerful aliens - the Olcars, a species of advanced aliens who manifest in a manner similar to the fictional character Darth Vader in Star Wars.

Ultimately, because the Olcars were advisors to the Anunnaki Elite, even in their small numbers they have power beyond the Reptilians/Greys, Vulturites and other smaller groups of aliens. However, the Olcars rarely reveal themselves, except to ones they consider dangerous, or to those who persistently stand in their way.


Since the Olcars rarely get involved, it appears that the Reptilians and the Vulturites are the most powerful opposing alien forces on Earth.


Up until very recently, it appeared that the Olcars were sitting out this alien conflict between the Reptilians and the Vulturites. But it seems that the Olcars have now taken an interest and want authority over the victors so the victors will respect the Olcars as the ultimate power and authority on Earth. However, the Olcars seem to have no interest in governing the Earth at this time.


If they should decide to fully engage, the other Reptilians are no match for them.

Here is an incident in which I was involved with the Olcars:

Early one morning, at about 3:15 a.m., I was unexpectedly confronted by two of them. The day before, I had closed down a "doorway" which the evil aliens had been using to harass innocent people. I had also "unscrambled" the artificial, miniature energy grid surrounding their "invisible doorway". This upset the evil aliens so much that the Olcars had to personally confront me, instead of sending the Greys or the Reptilians like they usually do.

I was suddenly awakened from my sleep and sensed alien enemies nearby. As soon as I opened my eyes, I saw two Olcars emerging from mid-air into the room where I had been sleeping. I had had a long day and was exhausted, so I did not awaken as quickly as I normally would. Hence, the Olcars caught me by surprise and shot an invisible beam at me as I looked up at them. By the time I shielded myself, I had already been hit. My face was burning with excruciating pain. This was one rare instance in which I needed to fight back with a method reserved for emergencies. The two Olcars retreated as soon as I fought back.

After they had left, I felt a severe burning pain on my face. The skin on my face felt very dry, very tight. I suspected I had received radiation from the alien beam. On examining my face in the mirror, I noticed that small blisters had started to spring up all over my face, which was red and felt raw. For a moment, I wondered if I should get medical help. I decided to wait. Meantime, I returned to the bedroom to see if I could find something that would soothe the burning sensation on my face. I left the light on as I somehow felt the light might deter the evil aliens. By then, I was a little annoyed with the whole incident.

I sensed they were lurking about so I stayed awake and kept watch.

At about 4:30 a.m. I heard a space craft of the Light approaching. Coinciding with this came a sense that the evil aliens had now dispersed. I gave a sigh of relief, and murmured to myself,

"I wish you all had come earlier!"

Just as I saw the forms of my ET friends approaching, I suddenly became very sleepy...

The next thing I knew I was wide awake and lying in bed. I remember thinking to myself,

"What a cosy bed, and the temperature is perfect. I could sleep here forever."

I was absolutely satisfied that I had had a terrific sleep and felt good and refreshed. As I lay contentedly in bed, I noted the familiarity of the things in the room, and, outside the window, the beautiful display of yellow alamandas and red bougainvillea.

Then, it suddenly dawned on me that the curtains had been drawn before I went to bed the night before. Hence, there was no way I should have been able to see the flowers through the drawn curtains, but I could. I tried to get up, but I could not. At that point, I realized that my hands were folded together so tightly that I could not free them. I looked around me and noticed that instead of the ceiling of the room above me, there was something else that was different - a cream colored hood about two feet above me. I had not noticed that before, nor had I noticed the curtains that were drawn across the window! I suddenly realized that the creamy cover above me was the color of the blanket.

I sensed something strange was going on. I felt like I was in a cocoon, yet with lots of space around me. As I turned my head to one side to examine my immediate surroundings, I found that I was tightly tucked inside the blankets. On examining the other side, I found the situation was exactly the same. I was securely tucked under the blankets with the blankets extending over my head and feet. I realized then that I was seeing with ET vision rather than viewing through the human mode.

I finally realized that I was in cyberspace, and called out to everyone in the house to come and see something that defies human physics.

I heard people come into my room and stand at the door only about five feet away from me. I heard them asking where I was before leaving the room. I heard them going into the bathroom, and then to the kitchen, calling out for me. Obviously, they could not see me in the room.

I replied that I was in the bedroom. Upon hearing my voice, they returned to the room that I was in. I said that I was in bed, right under the blankets. They sounded surprised and exclaimed that the bed looked smooth and there was no sign of anyone in it. If someone or something was under the blankets, there should have been a bump, or a shape, showing on the surface, but there were none of these things. I asked them to call the others so that they could come and witness this unusual event.

When the others from the house arrived and looked, they were amazed. It was as if I was not there. Yet, they could hear my voice coming from underneath the blankets.

Then, abruptly, the space within the "cocoon" collapsed. I could feel the blanket on my face and I felt suffocated by it. But I could not free my hands to remove it. Slowly, those in the room saw my body take shape under the blankets. I asked them to remove the blankets, but before they did so, to take note of how the blankets were tucked all around and over me.

Later, they reported that they were amazed at the way the blankets had been folded. The folding had been skillfully carried out, with the three layers of blankets folded over my face, then under my pillow. From there, they went beyond, right under the mattress. Every fold and tuck was so tightly, and specifically done, that it required some working out to undo them. By the time the blankets were pulled away to reveal my face, they had discovered that the blankets, as well as the sheets, on both sides of the mattress were neatly, tightly, and systematically folded on both ends and tucked underneath.

When all the blankets were removed, I was then able to move my body, but I still could not move my hands. They had been wrapped up in the bed sheets, one partially over the other, with the folding in a circular pattern.


My fully bandaged hands had been placed on my solar-plexus area, similar to an Egyptian mummy, with the rest of the bed sheet wrapped over my hands to keep them in place. They could not work out how it could have been done that way, but somehow it had been!


It took two people to unwind the foldings. Clearly, it was an artful folding with which earthlings are unfamiliar.

Then, I remembered the incident that had taken place a few hours earlier. I touched my face. It felt normal. The pain and burning sensation I had felt on my face earlier had gone. While my face was a little flushed, the blisters were gone. I was healed, not only of radiation burns to my face, but, more importantly, of injury to my subtle body that had been sustained in the attack.

Later that same morning, I found a small token in my suitcase, on top of my clothes. It was from my ET friends who had come to heal me in the night. It was their way of saying,

"All is well. We love you."

As soon as I picked it up to show the others, it slipped from my fingers. I looked everywhere. It was never found.

Aliens in their alien form have more powers than aliens in human bodies. In an alien body they can use alien powers to react to other aliens. In human bodies the aliens are disadvantaged because most of them lack these abilities to defend themselves against other aliens. Because of this, an agreement by all sides was entered into such that no alien would attack other aliens while they were in human bodies. Unfortunately, this agreement has not been honored; it shows the false civility of some of the aliens.


Broken treaties are familiar to any who know human history.

Now that the Olcars are making their presence known and are throwing their weight around, perhaps we can expect some interesting twists in the alien wars.

Many more attacks on alien strongholds will continue to occur during this alien war, but most of the attacks will appear to be "natural" events. Many disasters are coming from these alien wars. Be suspicious of any natural disasters that you hear about. Many of them will be anything but natural, especially with the Olcars coming onto the scene.

The timing of the death of Pope John-Paul II was a part of the alien wars.


John-Paul was trying desperately to hold on, but the Vulturite attacks upon him were too much in his frail state. Even the hour of the Pope's death was right on the time schedule set by the Vulturites for removing him. As I have said so many times, things are not always what they appear to be in this world of Virtual Reality.


For instance, the scheduled wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles and the death of the Pope are not co-incidental.

We are in the midst of open alien wars. The world will be a far more dangerous place from now on. As I have already mentioned in Aliens Behind the Super Powers and Super Alliances, the next pope "will cause many problems and much chaos to the Catholic Church and the world."