by Michael E. Salla, PhD
August 25, 2005
from Exopolitics Website

On April 11, 2005, an affidavit was submitted to the Canadian Federal Court on behalf of an asylum application by Don Deppeller concerning harassment over his investigations of 'whistleblower' claims made by Dr Dan Burisch. The affidavit was publicly signed by Dan Burisch and photographed where both Burisch and the affidavit can be viewed HERE. In the affidavit, Burisch has confirmed many of the allegations made by Deppeller that he was placed under surveillance in the United States as a result of his activities to verify the details of the Dan Burisch story. Consequently, Deppeller felt compelled to leave the U.S. for Canada in early 2003 and eventually filed for asylum.


The affidavit is significant since Burisch for the first time has testified in a legal process over his alleged involvement in a number of classified projects. This gives support to earlier interviews involving Burisch where he allegedly was prepared to testify before Congress on the nature of his classified activities (see HERE.) In an interview on the Jeff Rense show on April 14, 2005, Deppeller outlined the nature of his investigations of the Burisch saga and why he initiated an asylum application in Canada.

Dan Burisch claims to be a microbiologist who worked on a number of highly classified projects including one that presumably provides a means for creating life - Project Lotus. Burisch allegedly interacted with an extraterrestrial called J-Rod and as a consequence has been able to pioneer some breakthroughs into a mysterious molecule called the Ganesh particle that provides the solution to how to generate life. As a result of his highly classified work in Project Lotus and other projects, Burisch has allegedly become privy to how a variety of secret committees operate to control extraterrestrial affairs.


The two main committees are the MJ-12 Group originally formed to deal with the extraterrestrial phenomenon; and an international committee called the Committee of the Majority formed in the 1960s as result of international efforts led by the Soviet Union to more widely disseminate extraterrestrial technologies to the international community. For an article summarizing the Burisch see: Exo-Comment-12

What makes the Burisch Affidavit, and his case more generally, absorbing for many of those investigating his claims is the perspective that Burisch is allegedly aware of an Extinction Level Event (ELE) coming towards the Earth in the 2012 time frame. In the affidavit he states:

"some implications of these projects … are of such a grave nature that, were the general world human population to know the entirety of the information contained within them, the resultant reactions of portions of the present human population may vary from "no reaction" to potential 'panic'."

This event which threatens to kill off 90% of the human population is apparently the driving rationale for why disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence and associated information has not occurred.

According to an interview Burisch had with long time UFO researcher, Bill Hamilton, this ELE is associated with some kind of "convergent time line paradox" where humanity splits in two after the ELE, and from this two groups of extraterrestrials are involved. One is the 'Zeta Reticulums' or 'J-Rods' who are physically degenerated humans from the future. The other are Nordic looking humans from Orion who are the descendents of humans able to survive the ELE in the future (see HERE). In the affidavit, Burisch states that there has been a treaty signed between the clandestine government authorities and the extraterrestrials in order to fully deal with the consequences of the forthcoming ELE event that generates two separate branches of humanity in the future:

"You have also been a party during the negotiations of a treaty known as the "Tau-9 Conference for the Preservation of Humanity", between present human authorities and certain individuals representing themselves as extraterrestrial peoples, with their origin alleged to you as the star constellations "Reticulum" and "Orion." You have had physical interaction with at least one such extraterrestrial."

Burisch and Deppeller describe the Nordics as benevolent and very spiritual which is very consistent with the many 'contacteé reports' that began in the 1950's (see HERE). In contrast the Reticulums/J-Rods have two factions. One is friendly to humanity and wishes to assist in coming up with solutions to the forthcoming 2012 ELE. The other is unfriendly and is seeking to take whatever advantage it can be performing widespread abductions and genetic engineering with human population up to 2012. So these three extraterrestrials factions are presumably interacting with humanity and the 'controllers' of extraterrestrial information, MJ-12 in ways which reflect different agendas and priorities.

Burisch claims in his affidavit to have worked directly with MJ-12:

"You [Burisch] have been formally associated with the group known as Majestic 12, since 1986, were formally dissociated from the public on June 8, 2004 (then at the instruction of Majestic 12), and were professionally dissociated from Majestic 12, albeit under emeritus status, on March 21, 2005…"

According to Burisch and insiders sympathetic to his efforts to release information, the MJ-12 Group is split on the issue of disclosure. The larger international committee, the Committee of the Majority has apparently been dissolved as a result of conflict between MJ-12 and the larger financial and cultural interests that make up the Committee of the Majority known more generally as the Illuminati.

So what we have then from the Burisch affidavit and other material is a very complex story involving two factions of human controllers (MJ-12 and the Illuminati) and three factions of extraterrestrials (J-Rods -friendly and unfriendly- and Nordic Orions.) This means that events leading up to the ELE in 2012 is a five tiered conflict between actors with different agendas and activities in their interactions with one another, the human population and secret control groups. Apparently, the very future of human life is at stake and supporters of the Burisch material, such as Deppeller advocate preparing for a possible catastrophic event that wipes out 90% of the population.

In the Deppeller interview, Jeff Rense suggests that secret preparation for an ELE is the only thing that can explain the illogical policies of secret controllers (MJ-12 and Committee of the Majority/Illuminati) that are systematically exploiting, abusing and mishandling the global environment and planetary resources. The logic Rense suggests from observing global events, and fully supported by Deppeller's research into the Burisch affair, is that an ELE is highly likely from the perspective of the controllers.


Consequently, disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence needs to be done in a way that doesn't panic the global population over the likelihood of an ELE in 2012 which has led to the controllers putting in place a process for ensuring continuity of government and survival of the human race.

Analysis of the Burisch Affair

The first point to be considered in analyzing the Burisch material is firstly how accurate is it and is Dan Burisch genuinely a whistleblower? There is considerable controversy over the Burisch material with some claiming it to be hoax and Burisch little more than a liar (see: On the other hand, researchers such as Bill Hamilton, Ron Garner and earlier Linda Moulton Howe, conducted extensive examinations of all the material and found the Burisch case to be credible. The most exhaustive research has been conducted by Hamilton who is the author of a forthcoming book that provides documentation supporting Burisch's testimony and credentials (see

Burisch's behavior does not indicate any intention to deceive others or to profit in some way from his alleged activities in classified projects. Burisch's affidavit clearly outlines the main aspects of his former classified activities and makes it considerably easier for researchers to consider his case serious enough to investigate. Furthermore, the affidavit clearly points out that Burisch is prepared to sign legal documents that attest to the veracity of his claims and risk perjury for fabricating his testimony. This definitely helps establish Burisch's credibility as a whistleblower over classified projects involving EBE's.

Discrepancies in Burisch's claims and available documentary material are allegedly due to the ability of the 'controllers' of all extraterrestrial related information to manipulate secrecy by withdrawing, destroying or manipulating public records such as university degrees. Burisch claims that this occurred in his case. The has allegedly also occurred with other whistleblowers such as Clifford Stone, Bob Lazar and Michael Wolf.


I have written an article on how this is very plausible due to control system put in place to deal with possible whistleblowers or unauthorized leaks of classified information on extraterrestrials (see Exo-Comment-32). While there will continue to be controversy over whether Burisch is genuinely a microbiologist with a PhD who previously worked on one or more classified projects, there is in my view credible evidence discovered by Hamilton, Garner and Howe to support his testimony as genuine and not fabricated.

The Burisch affidavit helps considerably in supporting the seriousness of Burisch's claims and the merit in of a rigorous investigation of these. Henceforth, I will accept the evidence provided by Bill Hamilton, Ron Garner, and others, and accept that Burisch is a credible whistleblower.

The second point to consider is the accuracy of the information relayed by Burisch as a result of his participation in Project Lotus and other classified projects. Burisch has been communicating with a number of researchers and members of the general public since his case was first discussed by Bill Hamilton (see HERE). In this process, Burisch has leaked information concerning the forthcoming ELE and the dynamic between the different actors involved in extraterrestrial affairs (2 human control groups and 3 extraterrestrial factions).


This dynamic and many details has been released in consequent discussions between those following the Burisch case and sympathetic 'insiders' leaking information. It is clear that Burisch is only able to leak information since those controlling presumably accept it as the price for harnessing the information he has to share as a result of his unique interaction with J-Rod.

Those following the Burisch saga accept the integrity and honesty of Burisch and thereby formulate their conclusions about the leaked material accordingly. There is however the very real likelihood that Burisch himself is the victim of a disinformation campaign where he has been led to believe that he has information vital to the future existence of humanity. Burisch may therefore have been exposed to a series of deliberately staged encounters, interactions and information access that has led him to form erroneous opinions on the available data, and to transmit this to the general public since his sincerity and integrity is very obvious to those investigating him.

Furthermore, those 'insiders' leaking information that confirms various aspects of the Burisch material may be doing so in an effort to deliberately deceive and misinform. It is very possible that Dan Burisch is an unwitting accomplice to a cleverly staged disinformation campaign that has an agenda to maintain the secrecy system in place for extraterrestrial affairs. In short, Burisch is unintentionally part of a psychological operation orchestrated by one or more factions within the covert world of classified EBE related projects who wish to 'spin' public attention in a way that promotes their disclosure agenda (see Study-Paper-9).

The third point is the reality of a covert effort by MJ-12 to prepare the general public for an ELE in 2012. The apparent logic here is one of 'plausible deniability' that those ready for the truth about an ELE will be able to find it through the Burisch material, while those not ready for such a devastating ELE will dismiss it all as a fabrication.


Consequently, those following the Burisch case believe that they have been given access to classified information that can be relied upon for forming conclusive opinions about what lies ahead. This has led to a mind set where those following the Burisch case are preparing for a possible catastrophic series of events while most members of the general public are absorbed in the crass consumerism and survival issues.


This is evident in the Rense interview where Don Deppeller refers to the future 2012 event as likely, and there is a need to develop survival strategies based on self-sufficiency. Deppeller and others following the Burisch saga assume the ELE to be highly probable and speak in forlorn terms of maintaining 'hope' that such an event doesn't happen, but nevertheless preparing for such a catastrophic series of events.

A fourth point is that those speaking about the Burisch case speak in ethical terms of the need for disclosure about the extraterrestrial presence and the likely ELE arriving by 2012 if not earlier. They assume that ethical concerns will persuade controllers to release sufficient information to prepare portions of the human population for an ELE while maintaining plausible deniability in order not to panic the remainder of humanity. The combination of extraterrestrial disclosure and the hypothetical ELE in 2012 is arguably the element that most reveals the goal of the psychological operation that uses the Burisch case.

The best means of gauging the truth about the information released by the Burisch affair is asking the question, "Who benefits from the release of such classified information?" The main beneficiaries are 'controllers' of extraterrestrial information who can manipulate public anxiety over a future ELE that is heralded by a body of data that is inconclusive and open to extreme forms of speculation by millennial organizations. It is worth reminding the reader that theories of impending global calamities first began appearing almost 30 years ago with the Alternative 3 documentary program first aired in the United Kingdom in a respective science show hosted by the BBC. It appears that those using the BBC to covertly promote public awareness of a possible series of future cataclysmic events badly underestimated a number of mitigating factors that impact on global affairs such as 'global consciousness' (see Exo-Comment-26).

The hypothesized ELE trumps all other global concerns and makes it possible for the "controllers" to release or maintain information according to their priorities and activities. For example, disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence becomes conflated with a possible ELE slated to happen by 2012. This makes it easier for those controlling extraterrestrial affairs to keep the secrecy system in place since those aware of the extraterrestrial presence are manipulated into believing that extraterrestrial disclosure is a secondary concern to the probable 2012 ELE.

The final point is that the Burisch case overly simplifies the available data on the extraterrestrial presence. For example, Sergeant Clifford Stone (ret) allegedly witnessed an EBE Guidebook between 1979-89 while performing his duties on elite ETV retrieval teams. The EBE guidebook detailed medical information and physical characteristics of 57 EBE groups currently visiting or monitoring the Earth (see Exo-Comment-35).


Stone served for 22 years in the US Army and has been investigated by a number of researchers such as Paola Harris, Linda Moulton Howe and the author. Stone and the testimony of other whistleblowers and contacteés suggests that the motivations and activities of EBE groups are far more varied and complex than suggested by Burisch or promoted by those insiders 'leaking' information to corroborate Burisch's testimony. According to Burisch, the extraterrestrials visiting the Earth are descended from modern humanity and are here because of their desire to avert the ELE that led to the future split in humanity.


This is inconsistent with the large body of evidence supporting an extensive number of EBE's interacting with humanity and/or monitoring the Earth (see Report-ET-Motivations). Burisch's response to an earlier comment from the author about his lack of awareness of extraterrestrial races other than the J-Rods, suggests that Burisch simply was not given access to other classified projects involving other EBE groups (see

In conclusion, there is considerable evidence to support Burisch's claims of having worked in number of classified projects as outlined in his affidavit and elsewhere. Further, there is considerable evidence to support Burisch's claims of a number of secret treaties having been organized with the covert "control" committees such as MJ-12. Nevertheless, the evidence for an ELE in 2012 or sooner is inconclusive at best, and a deliberate fabrication at worst. There is good reason to suspect that Burisch is an unintentional part of a psychological operation to conflate extraterrestrial disclosure with a possible ELE.


The conflation of extraterrestrial disclosure with an ELE would enable the 'controllers' of extraterrestrial affairs to 'spin' future disclosure in way that perpetuates their power and control. Also, the over simplification of visiting extraterrestrial races to three groups descended from modern humanity is a distortion and simplification of the available data pointing to a very complex human extraterrestrial interaction.

The conclusion is that those following the Burisch saga need to be very discerning as to how they filter the information being leaked by Dan Burisch as evidenced in his April Affidavit. While Burisch appears sincere in his efforts to assist Deppeller and leaking information, the hidden agenda is most likely to misinform that element of global society that would be the greatest obstacle to delay and/or spin extraterrestrial disclosure in a way that perpetuates the covert control exercised by those responsible for extraterrestrial affairs.


One solution to the likely psychological operation involving Burisch and 'leaks' supporting his testimony would be to continue to investigate the claims of Dan Burisch, but to systematically contrast these with the claims of other whistleblower such as Clifford Stone, Charles Hall, and Robert Dean who all comment on a variety of extraterrestrial races visiting and interacting with humanity. In this way, it will be possible to develop a more nuanced and accurate overview of extraterrestrial affairs and how different EBE groups interact with humanity, and the role played by different human control groups attempting to spin information about extraterrestrials in ways that are intended to alarm the global populace thereby perpetuating elite control of vital resources and political institutions.


Dan Burisch's affidavit and testimony is helpful in opening up the complexities to the exopolitical situation confronting us. Nevertheless, Burisch himself does not have access to classified information on all the 57 or more EBE groups visiting/interacting with humanity thereby considerably oversimplifying the exopolitical challenge before us, and very likely making him an unwitting accomplice to a psychological operation to misinform the public about extraterrestrial affairs.