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The Transcript of Dr. Burisch’s “Last” Interview of Sept. 18, 2002

[BH is Bill Hamilton, DB is Dr. Dan Burisch]

BH: Okay, now this was unusual, right? You were taken to the Dulce facility.

DB: This was the first time I was taken to the facility at LANL, yes [Note: Los Alamos Nat’l Labs]

BH: Go ahead and just describe as you would.

DB: I was initially I was not told why I was being taken up first to Watertown, then over to the Sector 4 facility [Note: the infamous S4, outside of Area 51]. I was asked to view certain slides from the Sector 4 facility which showed the papilloma [sp?] virus, and these slides were set up under a transmission electron microscope. There were maps[?] there.


I was asked what my knowledge was of the papilloma virus, I told them it was limited, and then they told me they needed to take me to another location. We boarded an aircraft, a very small Lear jet, and we flew east - we HAD to have gone east, for the general geography was east after landing, I boarded a chopper, I think it was a Blackhawk chopper to the best of my knowledge, as I’m not an expert in military aviation. The Blackhawk was “blacked out”, no pun intended, and we flew from the airstrip to what I was told was part of LANL.


From there I was loaded into a white van [Note! Note!] and taken up a road which was very bumpy. They finally, after about 15 minutes, allowed us to raise the blinds on the van. I saw a couple of road signs, one of which was a square white sign with black lettering that said “R4”. I was then told we would be taken to (myself and 2 other gentlemen) a facility code-named “Sweetness”. They asked me if I had ever heard of the “Dulce Facility” or the alleged “Section D”, as you mentioned [here Dan smiles as he leans towards Bill]. I believe that’s what you’re referring to the other day.


I told them I’d heard of it briefly, that it allegedly existed, that there was a lot of unique tinkering that went on in the biological field in that facility. The van rounded to the left and stopped in front of a large door, where we were met by 2 gentlemen, one of which was wearing a US Marine Corps uniform and the other who wore a grey polo shirt, with black collar, and a red patch, very prominent red patch with a black triangle ---something written in the triangle you had asked me about the orientation of the triangle, and it was an equilateral triangle, with the center point facing down flat on top it bothers me when I can’t remember a pattern, but as God is my witness I can’t remember what was inside the triangle.


So we went inside, to the left, where a guard greeted us and provided us with an orange badge. We went within a series of roll-up doors, to a small foyer, with an elevator to the right, which took us down to the first level down while we were going through the foyer I noticed there was an “FM1” sprayed on the door. The FM1, I don’t know what that meant, I have not been told. If it’s anything like the 4-1, for Sector Four Level One at Papoose Lake, I would make the assumption that the “1” stood for “Level 1”. The “FM” I don’t know. After travelling down one floor, we exited this turned into a crazy bit of funny business [here Dan smiles wryly] exited the elevator, and they changed our badge for a blue badge.


We re-signed in and were fingerprinted at that point, brought into a small room, and were told that they had some business that they needed to attend to with regards to the papilloma virus, and asked if we had been briefed on the papilloma virus. At that point, myself and the 2 other gentlemen kind of looked at each other and went “UMMMM?!?!?” [Dan makes a weird sound and chuckles], just what we had been asked a few hours ago.


They basically looked disturbed, like someone had dropped the ball. We then went with our blue badeges in hand to a second set of elevators, went down one more floor, exited, where they gave us our orange badges back (or what looked like our orange badges). Following our orange badges, we entered into a -well I’ve never been to the New York subway, but it looked like a small monorail system, like something out of Disneyland this business ’it’s a small world’ monorail.


We travelled about several hundred yards on the monorail, exited, were greeted by a staff scientist, who then told us he would escort us down the hallway to show us our areas of responsibility. At this point they had a near civil rebellion on their hands because we didn’t know what the hell they wanted us for. I was starting to get worried at this point, because they were basically taking us further and further into the facility and gradually doors were going to lock.


But given the number of guards they had in the facility, and I should’ve said all along the way, there were people with what looked like AR-15s, clearly not a place to fight. So we went down the hallway and into the briefing room, at which point we were requested to perform an analysis of plasmic recombination involving restricted enzymes on a variety of tissue to remove segments of retrovirus fragment and to possible, associate that retrovirus with the genome of a papilloma virus.

BH: What was the source of this tissue?

DB: The source of the tissue was listed with a J number and a K number. The 2 scientists that were with me did not immediately know what that meant. Given my experience at Sector 4, I knew fairly quickly that I was dealing with a J-Rod sample.

BH: An extraterrestrial biological source?

DB: Yes. The J-Rods are still defined, despite what we know concerning the issue of the Paradox, as “Extraterrestrial Biological Entities”, given the dissociation of time between Earth and where they end up.

BH: Right.

DB: I don’t do things without reason. The 2 scientists that were with me I didn’t know from Adam previous to the meeting, but I kinda spilled the beans and I let them know about the K-24 samples. The K-24 samples from Sector 4 specifically involved the research project having to do with Project Aquarius for which I was one of the Working Group leaders. Ummm ....pardon me, but these are very difficult things to say with a camera staring at me [Dan is nervously toying with his glasses as he speaks.]

BH: Proceed at your own pace.

DB: [smiles darkly] I have no choice!....BUT. [laughter from the hallway; Dan stops and stares darkly at the doorway for a moment]. Following my spilling the beans, now proceeded the interrogation; they wanted to know why I told them about the K-24 samples, and it’s the old axiom if you’re asked why? you ask Why Not?. The interrogation was ceased fairly quickly at that point, and we were brought into a Clean Sphere environment, external capsule Clean Sphere, where we were told what the real purpose of the project was. [loooooong pause ] ummmm I have to be VERY careful [smiles grimacingly]

BH: Is this something that ...

DB: [interrupting, in a rehearsed, anunciated monotone:] Having had no previous experience with biological warfare [looks around (and I don’t have a polygraph hooked up to me here) repeating] Having had no previous experience with biological warfare materials, it came as quite the surprise to me that they could possibly be considering the usage of an alien retrovirus recombined with a terrestrial viral genome for possible use in BCW activities, or at least possible activities that could move toward biological warfare as applied terrestrially. [looooong pause]

BH: Hunh! [looooong pause]

DB: The potential for its use in that kind of environment was inconsistent with my ethical boundaries. It would have exited the ethical boundaries I place upon myself as a scientist, and that I believe society places on me as a scientist, it would also far divert from moral boundaries I believe my Creator has placed upon me as a human being. Therefore my answer was No. [pause] And I thought that was it, and I don’t mean my participation thought that would’ve been ’all she wrote’. They agreed to house me in the facility, where I went with my cute little orange badge to a residential unit a little further down the tram line and one level below that (they did not change my orange badge when I went the level below). My experience during the time I stayed there was horrifying. You know when you hear human beings screaming in pain?

BH: Yes : [looooong pause; he grimaces, sighs in anguish with eyes closed, obviously in pain at remembering]


DB: I think I’ve said all I need to say about that.

BH: So, have you seen any similar activity at the Papoose Lake site, S4?

DB: (nodding his head yes) Yes, S4, Level 3 .which is basically considered the ’housing unit’ ts been called different things; the ’Museum’, the ’Housing Unit’, the ’Hall of Tortures’ ...the ’Animal Retention Facility’. One of the horrifying things about the S4 facility is travelling in the elevator system and there is enough of a sound conduit in the elevator system where you can hear the sounds of the ’test subjects’ from the 3rd floor while you are in the elevator system on various other floors, and the sounds are akin to what I heard at the Dulce facility. Every once in awhile you could hear the sounds of other vertabrates dogs, cats, monkeys, screaming some of which are just natural behaviors due to how they’re being kept, in sterile -when I say sterile I mean not conducive to a [?] environment, more like a housing facility such as a kennel, and occasionally you can hear the sounds of [here he chokes up] your brothers and sisters

BH: Now the J-Rod was kept on the fifth level, the bottom-most level, in a clean environment?.....

DB: [nods] A pressurized hydrogen Clean Sphere, yes.

BH: Part of what the J-Rod breathed; was that different from our own nitrogen/oxygen atmosphere; that was different from our own in what respect?

DB: In the respect that the larger partial pressure was hydrogen, and in so doing we have a pressure differentiation and a temperature difference. It was an extremely cold facility, in the Clean Sphere. There was insufficient oxygen in the gaseous mixture to support human life, human as we understand it presently. In other words, if I had been introduced into the Clean Sphere, not wearing the TES [suit] I would have died rapidly, from asphyxiation and from cold.

BH: Was the mixture flammable?

DB: [nods vigorously] Yes! Well, not flammable at the temperature it was being maintained at. Yes, it was extremely cold I don’t remember the exact number [degrees] t’s been a long time since I was in there.

BH: So when was the last time you were in there? ’94, was it?

DB: ummm : ’95?

DB: [smiles knowingly] Oh, you’re probably referring back to the Q94 document that is, in fact, a date [murmuring as BJ comes in to the room] the infamous “109a”, and b, c, d, & e unfortunately, the rest of the document didn’t didn’t leak

BH: Now this latest [here Dan interrupts, finishing his thought, obviously experiencing painful memories, saying “I’m sorry just thought about how it got out, and what happened to my friends .”]

BH: Now this request, which you turned down at Dulce, and they weren’t too happy about

DB: I re-turned the request down the following morning, at which point I was threatened to be maintained as a permanent resident [smiles sardonically] and I asked whether or not I would be taken to the ’kennel’, would that be the result of my residency, and they kinda laughed it off almost scurrilously, and I was transported later that afternoon back to the Air Force base here at Nellis, from where I was taken back to Watertown [insider slang for Area 51] and released [chuckles darkly] to my own recognizance

BH: Did you feel like you gained further insight into what the Program was about, and what Majestic was doing.

DB: [interjecting] Well I know full well what Majestic is doing on a few different levels; I don’t know all the activities, I wouldn’t be privy to them, but I know full well about the activities involving the association of the J-Rods, I know full well about the ’work’ that they have undergone involving Raindancer, which is a compartmentalized project within the chemtrail project, [Duncan Kunz should fall on his sword now], and I know full well what their involvement is regarding BCW work (Biological and chemical warfare) involving the retroviruses.

  • A: I agree with trying to help, but moving cautiously,

  • B: The second of the two, I am in disagreement with the philosophy, because it was the employment of a heli-case restriction virus, and

  • C: I am in total disagreement with due to moral and ethical reasons.


BH: Now, was there any indication to you that we’re still caught on a timeline that is probably headed for future catastrophe?

DB: [lonnnng pause .he mulls the question over] You’re talking about the Doctrine of Convergent Timeline Paradox?

BH: You might want to talk about that a little bit

DB: Well, as I understand it, as I understand I’ve got no personal, how can I have personal experience with a time paradox? [shrugs shoulders, gestures pleadingly, smiles almost incredulously] aside from living in the reality within which we exist. But from what I understand from what I’ve read, and from the conversations to which I’ve been privy, we are in fact living in a chimera a reality chimera, which hodge-podges together the reality time-line that we would normally associate with moving from A to B, cause to effect, with the nexus being the passage of clock-time, and a hodge-podging together superimposed onto that in our reality of errors that we made in our future, to attempt to go back into our past to correct the problems of our future.


Those results have hodge-podged a rather than splitting a time-stream as maybe such people as Michio Kaku would posit. Now I’m no theoretical physicist. I’m just a lowly biologist that looks at patterns, but it hodge-podges together, in a real sense to us, those things which happened are to happen in the future with our present timeline due to an interruption of the time-stream. Instead of splitting into two time-streams, what happened is as soon as we mucked around with something, we overlaid a second time-stream into the present reality. And the problem with that is, as I understand we did it more than once, so what we have is a snowball effect. A time-stream, upon time-stream, upon time-stream [loops his hand continuously in the air]

BH: Okay, I understand what you’re saying a loop within a loop

DB: Yes, more of a well, from my framework, moving from A to B [here loops his hands again, and points to where the loop returns to rejoin the string] looping like this, and each of those nodes would be an overlay of a time-stream. So the more we muck with it, the worse we get.

BH: And the critical period of time is coming up within about ten years?

DB: [starts to half-nod diagonally] The critical period, according to the history [here face breaks into incredulous smile] of which has not technically been written yet if you walk outside and say this [gestures grandly towards the door] they will charge you with incoherency! [laughs, then whispers “I had to say that!”] The history has not been written yet, if you walk outside here [now he is extremely serious]. But according to the history books that I read, there is a ’difficulty’, unless they further overlaid something in the time-stream that either corrects it or gets us out of the paradox in which we live, which I don’t know how the hell that would happen. I don’t pretend to understand that kind of stuff. Put a slide in front of me and I’ll do a micro on it, okay? [here he is smiling and addressing his response to BJ] [returning to Bill and the camera] but yeah, around 2012. We’re talking about the famous Dec 21, 2012, the Mayan issues the Catastrophe is alleged to have and to occur around yeah, that date .and what we can do about it I have no clue.

BH: But we have a split, so to speak, in the human ?

DB: [nodding] Following the Catastrophe, there is a split between those individuals that take a more spiritual path and will move forward to places such as the Moon and Mars and then onward from there to Orion, and those folks who take a more rudimentary path because it’s the alleged ’spiritual’ nature of humankind, from their philosophy at that time, which led us to not deal with the pressing problems of the day because we were too busy fighting our petty religious battles, that then go off into a more ’logical’, ’mathematical’, ’numerological’ philosophy. Those folks who then progress SLOWER because of the lack of ambition - spiritual ambition - then gradually moving off to the Reticulum area, who then become the J-Rods.

BH: Now, by what process do they become (J-rods); is it some kind of radiational mutation that takes place in their cell structure?

DB: Well the adaptive radiation occurs time past the Catastrophe this is according to what I’ve read. Now the only thing I can say for sure, say for damned sure, is the interaction with the being that I had at Sector 4 [S4]. Now I can say nothing authoritatively about the peculiar adaptive radiation that occurred toward Orion, the spiritual half of the species, following the Catastrophe aside from the few things I’ve read about it and petty chat going on at, uh, Jehovah’s [Jehovah’s?!? Did we hear that right?!? -ed.], but the J-rods undergo adaptive radiation to the form that we see presently uh, the word ’presently’ is kind of relative when it comes to these issues now but, ’presently’ due to time and exposure after they’ve moved off to Reticulum.


The height began to decrease as a function of microevolutionary changes. The eye size, the same; the eyes started getting larger which by the way is an interesting thing, because as the eyes were getting larger, and this was before the true darkening occurred, via the cover lenses, and the double lensing, the double lid system that they have [here Dr B toggles his fingers to describe the double eyelids of the J-rods] which is a very beautiful architecture, but something happened, with their travelling back into time. It’s part of the problem here they actually landed in the Land of Enchantment [tag line for the State of New Mexico -ed.] before the structures changed for their eyes.

BH: [slowly, amazed] The land of enchantment .

DB: [knowing nod] Um-hm. 1947.

BH: Okay. New Mexico, right?

DB: Yes, and I’m not so certain how close the young lady was and how this all fits in even in my own life. Miss June Crain. [remember that Dr B’s given surname was Crain, which he changed in ’95 at his own request; June Crain is mentioned in much of the lore surrounding Roswell -ed.] But the little folks which were obtained there were not fully, what I would say, fully “greys” at the time, and could not be considered fully J-rods at the time because they had not moved later on to the Gliese system to gradually hopefully try to correct the problem that they’re making worse for us but [here Dan heaves a huge sigh] paradoxes

BH: So this may...

DB: I can sound incoherent! [laughs out loud toward BJ, she laughs too]

BH: So this may have been at some point where they had developed space and time travel, but not at the later stages, maybe the earlier?

DB: Well their evolution hadn’t even been completed at that point. Completed to the point where I had had experience of meeting the ’gentleman’ that I met at Sector 4. [pause] It’s difficult we were trained to call them ’specimens’ and they’re just frankly not specimens. People are people. But they had not developed the darkening system yet. In fact that was a microevolutionary change which occurred because of the particular solar issues which were going on on the planet that we - meaning the shorter folks - moved off to, and these changes were just beginning to take place at the time that they were working the time travel issues and landed in ’47, so their eyes actually contained a structure which while larger were very similar to ours. Which they don’t have now.


But that may account for the varying opinions between the darkened eyes and the structure of the eyes that the eyewitnesses provided from I guess it was the Brazel ranch or something like that I understand there was some sort of differential between the two descriptions. I have not seen any of the bodies or anything like that from the Roswell issue, so I can’t speak for certain. You asked me to free-wheel in this situation, so I [here Dan leads forward and gestures apologetically toward Bill and the camera]

BH: Right. And you didn’t get briefed specifically on what happened at Roswell then?

DB: In the briefing books there were mentions kay?.... And there was probably a very heavy specific briefing in there, but when I was first brought up to the Groom area [part of the Area 51 complex -ed.], when we were provided with the briefing books, frankly I didn’t care. I thought I was up there, to be very honest with you, to work some sort of bio-remediation project?....uh, more leaning to what ended up in reality as the Raindancer program.


You know, the Raindancer and the chemtrail program because I was extremely interested at the time not only in the histology and the histopathology but I was also extremely interested in biospherics, which is what got me interested in, what forwarded me in with the NASA folks, and the AVL [???] project, the biological laboratory project, etc etc so I wasn’t particularly interested, and in fact, in fact, before I experienced the ’gentleman’ in the Clean Sphere, I frankly thought, honestly thought, that people who believed in aliens were tin-foil heads. [Here Dan shrugs his shoulders and shakes his head, then chuckles wryly saying “egg on my face!”]

BH: Were there not any other aliens at the Dulce facility, or were you not made aware of any?

DB: I was, in fact, made aware in a conversation that there are processes underway where they are, in fact, producing hybrids [pause]. And it is just, inconceivable; we’re in the middle of a paradox as it is; we’ve got our own progeny making our paradox worse [pause] and we’re ADDING to it! God only knows where this is going to lead to, simply because we’re proDUCING these, these, I don’t want to say monsters because I don’t know WHAT it is, to be very honest with you. I do know that we’ve taken the process of natural selection and thrown it out the window! [Dan is getting passionate now]. And not only have we done that, we’ve done so willfully and with negligence toward our own future! It’s extremely angering to me because I’m watching us (boy, I’m gonna hafta watch my language here!) I’m watching us muck our world up worse, with indifference

BJ (BJ Wolf): and also with arrogance

DB: Or almost! As soon as you add 2 things together which are not meant to be together [here he turns to Bill and gestures with his forearm] It’s the old thing, if you want to go into the popular movies of dinosaurs and men being separated by 65 million years of history, in that hat Jurassic Park movie or whatever, the rape of the natural world, well by God he got it right! We’re raping her! [Dan is really impassioned now; you can tell this is what has gotten him so angry]... and damn us for it! Damn us for it!

BH: So, what do they hope to accomplish by producing these hybrids?

DB: That they didn't tell me!

BH: And what do they hope to accomplish by producing hybrids?

DB: That they didn’t tell me. Not specifically. I can theorize that what they’re doing is taking the Aquarius project and they’re taking it to the next step the next level, if you will. Kinda like taking the atom bomb and turning it into the hydrogen bomb, no matter what evil comes out of it.



BJWolf: At the end of the Q94 document, you make some rather strong statements against doing exactly this


DB: Wild types [at this point Dan’s demeanor becomes grim and passionately determined] See the problem is this: we have viruses which are resident within our genome. When you begin combining, cloning if you will, for lack of a better term, the retroviruses which are present in our genome - what we would say naturally - and god only knows what’s REALLY in there because of the reality with which we’re dealing and those things which we know are NON-resident what are we possibly going to release? Can anybody tell us what the origin of viruses are?


They tell us they are evolutionary archives; throwbacks from time immemorial in the evolutionary history of life on earth. “Really?” [Dan asks rhetorically] I was asked about inconsistencies a little while ago about USN vs. USMC. I brought out a consistency having to do with my own birthdate 1960 vs. 1964... and I said “gosh gee whillikers, I was awful young then”. Well how young were we when life evolved on this planet? [at this point Dan is as animated as Bruce Willis at his most vehement] Or in fact was seeded? How young were we then? How do we know? We don’t.


Thus is also causes the resident danger within the project within which I am currently working.



BH: Which is the Staarflower project


DB: It’s a subset of the Staarflower project. I originally... it’s named the Lotus. Staarflower was the umbrella project above it.



BH: Now I see that spelled two ways tarflower and Staarflower.


DB: The way I originally envisioned it was Star, and then you see it the way that ’They’ applied it, within the actual classification system which was Staar.

BH: Does that refer to a group?

DB: Well that in fact does, well it’s a “beanbox”. We refer to them as ’beanboxes’. I’m in a particular beanbox which is called Aquarius. There’s a Staar beanbox, and that group specifically deals with time issues, issues involving the larger millieu of extraterrestrial interactions, and with the historical issues involving the imprints of the extraterrestrials on civilizations past, and how those imprints affect us today. That’s as I understand it, but see that’s not my beanbox.

BJWolf: I’ve gotta go back to something before you started talking about STAAR

DB: (rooting around in his chair) We each get our own little funky funky Aquarius uh

BJ: I’ve gotta go back to something you said: “Terrestrial viruses are an archive”. However, previously you had said that they had asked you to “manipulate non-terrestrial source material and lock it up with something that was terrestrial” so if we’re trying to tap a source material that is extraterrestrial and viral in nature are we going back into the extraterrestrial history to try to find an extraterrestrial ancient virus that we don’t know anything about the extraterrestrials now?

DB: Well first of all I didn’t say that. First of all I have to correct you that viruses were evolutionary archives, I said that “it is currently thought that viruses are evolutionary archives”. Secondly, are we dipping into the primordial soup of the human genome and possibly going to capture other encoded retroviruses and activate them as a result of the present time-dipping of our ladle. [Here Dan is the deadly serious scholar with the forefinger punched into the temple of the ponderer].


Yes, possibly we are. Thirdly. [here he takes off his glasses, shuts his eyes in a dark grimace, resting his temple against his fingers] Do we know for certain WHEN the certain percentage of the human genome, which we know as virally and at some uh uh ...other fragments Viroid fragments. Do we know the percentage that came via natural selection ----micro-evolutionary change. I’m not going to have myself classified as a monkey’s uncle here [both Bill and BJ are laughing] although I could accept it, if that is the ultimate reality, why not! If I can accept what I’ve seen already in my life I’d have to be able to accept that .Will we be able to discern between the two, I think is the question : That is my question : The answer is “NO”, unless we are receiving more information from the Orion folks, (whoever the hell they are, truly), the ’spiritual’ ascended beings or whatever I don’t know, I don’t have any direct experience with them ...or are receiving more information from the J-rods than to which I am privy, then the answer is, (if we’re not), the answer is “No, we don’t” . If we are, “possibly”. I don’t know what the nature of the information would be that’s coming from them, because they’re not providing me with that information.

BJ: What you get is compartmentalized just exactly what it is they think you need to know [here Dan’s body language is saying ’Duh!’ ’Of course!’]

DB: Look. If it comes out that we are in the fix that we are in what is that going to do????????? how is it going to help or hinder? Hell, I don’t know!!! Would the collective mind of present humanity bring us toward a positive answer? Look at the state of the world! [here BJ is pacing back and forth behind the camera, and Dan follows her with his line of sight]

BJ: It couldn’t get much worse!

DB: What are we going to do? Are we going to hand this to Kofi Annan and the United Nations??!!?? Hah hah!!!!! And I’m not meaning to belittle the man!, he’s an intelligent, wonderful man! [here Dan looks and sounds like Bruce Willis at his most earnest] but what in the hell’s HE going to do with it?? What in the hell’s he going to do with it?!? What is the collective mind of humanity, given our present mentality, DO?!??? This may bring us to a faster demise by increasing more ore fractionation of the human populace.!!!!


We haven’t even figured out yet that THIS god [points to the left] and THAT god [points to the right] and THIS god {again] and THAT god [again] ARE ALL PART OF THE SAME GOD!!!!! So how in the hell are we going to figure out that problem?? No matter what you want to call Him, It, Her, whatever ...the beautiful thing from which we come!!!! People want to own everything, EXCEPT the solutions. The thing which will free us, is if we own the solution, but ’They’ want to own the process of getting to it.

(Transcription note: There is a break here.)

D. Burisch: The clean sphere would raise up through a diaphragm iris from the floor. They kept him (J-Rod) in a separate location - I don’t know what they were doing while he was being staged there before we came in. They never told me that, OK? However, the 4-5 designation was given specifically to make him comfortable because of the addition of the two numbers, which is in fact why they built a 9-level base. And there have been a number of people in the past - Robert Lazar, I believe mentioned nine.

But going in, there would be an entry team, usually a team of one when we would go into the clean sphere. We would be given a medical and suited while catheterized and plugged... ... (first words about degeneration of something are not clear) which was associated with a heat loss problem due to the peripheral nerves.



"LINDA HOWE QUESTION: Then how could J-Rod be in a very COLD hydrogen atmosphere?

I was asked specifically to find out the origin of that problem having no idea at the time about this time paradox business and all of that. No clue whatsoever about it. I was basically just trying to help a fellow being. Finally, it was determined that the only way would be a cloning effort, or clone therapy, genetic therapy. The only way to proceed with that therapy would be to produce hybrid associations between present genomes, human genomes - (very hard to hear)- a present human genome with their (J-Rod) present genomes. We tinkered a little bit with (says something here not understandable) fresh human medium - (I’m not going to get into the origin of that fresh human medium.) - so that we could by associating genetically the fresh human media with his medium, a partial alleviation of the peripheral neuropathy.

This then lead to the next level - that we were chatting about earlier - and it also lead to the end of the Q-94 document referenced earlier.


Sure. That’s not a problem at all. We speak in America freely. In 1986, I was told to “Be All You Can Be.” (military slogan?) I was not told there would be a circumventing of the United States Constitution for me to be all I could be. I was not told there was a certain ???? of the United States Constitution in the group for which I worked. I feel a pressing need for freedom and having grown up in a reasonably free environment, having signed myself into the slavery that I now find myself within, it’s pretty easy for me to say, “Enough is enough.”

Now, on to the higher values that people would probably want to say the real reason why I want out - I just gave that’s a personal reason I want the hell out.


They probably know I’m seated her today (room in Las Vegas, Nevada library). I’m sure they do. I’m sure they do. Now, whether or not they want this information evolved and are aware that I am sitting here, or they are just aware that I’m sitting here, I don’t know. I don’t know. That’s the big question: is what I heard was a project called PATCHWORK, which would be a spoon feeding of the people of the information, because I only know a certain amount. I don’t know everything.

Who is running the show? You asked who is running the show?


I’ve come to know a group - I shouldn’t say I’ve come to know the group. I’ve come to know of the group called the Committee of the Majority. This committee is built of thirty-three men. They are Masonic-based and they are people who set in the highest positions of privilege and power within the U. S. government and other governments.


As I understand, yes. It would be difficult for me to name names of people and I don’t know for sure are seated there. It would also be dangerous to the very cause that I set here for freedom (for myself.)



Majestic 12 is a group of scientists and scientific advisors who work for the Committee of the Majority. Now, I have had occasion when I was involved with Project Aquarius to have to send to the so--called Majestic 12 the documents which you are privy, the leaked material from my deceased friends. And I had association with them on that level. One of the Majestic 12 - or I should say was alleged to be a member of Majestic 12 - was present at the clean sphere when I was in the clean sphere. I’ve mentioned his name before. This might be risking again my freedom because of the very problems we face now as a society. So, I’ve got to be careful about that whether or not that sacrifices my freedom.


(DB): His first name is Zbigniew. That’s as far as I will go. I had personal experience with that man Zbigniew. He was in fact present at Sector 4 when I was involved with the J-Rod. Going out from Project Aquarius, I had come to a closer association by means of up and down the line, the conduit, with the Committee of the Majority. I believe that the Majestic 12 group only associated with particular extraterrestrial projects that are going on that are going on within the community and not associated with the entirety of the scientific projects which are going on within the community. The project we are currently working with, for instance, is not per se an extraterrestrial subject-based project. So, the fact that I’ve been told not to route things to the Majestic Committee of 12 concerning the documents that I’ve been producing is kind of indicative to me that they are only dealing within a certain subset of the scientific projects. More than that, I don’t know or can’t say. I would just be stabbing in the dark.


(DB): Yes, is the umbrella group. Again, as I understand, they are Scottish rite Masonic based. I think they might be a little lenient with me because my grandfather was a (high ranking) Mason. Maybe that’s why the leniency. But I don’t see the leniency, I see the fuse running short, starting to run short with me and I - you know, you can hear the clarion call in the distance.


(DB): Yes.


(DB): The only thing I know for sure is that their relationship with us is treaty-based.


(DB): As in the alleged Orion visitors and confirmed Reticulan visitors. It’s a treaty-based relationship. That treaty and negotiations for further cooperative work is due for re-upping and that re-upping is due in 2003.

Now, I’ve been kind of hurried up in the project in which I am currently assigned. I’ve been told to have a working model of this theory presentable by March 15 next year (2003). There might be coincidence having to do with those two dates, or it might be entirely coincidental. I’m not sure.

Why are they letting this happen? I don’t know. I have not been able to move right or left without getting watched, that I know.


(DB): I don’t think they are doing it out of their good graces!


(BJ): They had the classic look, the feel. They didn’t feel right. They were wearing black, they were wearing like a fedora (hat). It was terrifying. Instead of meeting Dan, I was met and I don’t know what these people were.


(BJ): No expression in their faces. It was terrifying. They spoke and it was like they had rehearsed what they were saying because they couldn’t speak naturally. It was wrong. The whole thing was wrong. It felt wrong. They walked wrong. They moved wrong. They were pale. I finally broke and ran. I was scared to death! I haven’t been able to go back to that park since. I can’t do it.

(DB): My experience - your description is consistent with gentlemen with whom I’ve had previous encounters. They would come in and observe what was going on. A few of them attempted to interact with me and frankly, I don’t care to interact with them. Like I said, it might look like a duck and it might quack like a duck, but if it ain’t a duck it ain’t a duck!

(BJ): I was made to feel threatened. I was definitely made to feel threatened.

(DB): : Their presence is threatening and the reason why it is threatening is because you can - have you had the experience of being in the presence of a dead body?

(BJ): Oh, yes, I have.

(DB): : An animated dead body, isn’t that approximately the same - an animated dead body?

(BJ): Oh, my God, that is so close it is unbelievable.

(DB): It’s not - this is going to sound like something out of an idiotic horror movie, but it gives - to not overuse the word, it gives an ’alien feeling.’ They sang me Happy Birthday one year, two of them.

(BH): They are like ghouls.

(BJ): That’s it!

(DB): I don’t know what the hell they are, to be very honest with you.

(BH): That (ghoul) is what we would think of.

(BJ): Yes, it felt ghoulish. When they walked towards me, it felt ghoulish, it felt like they were thinking about each step they took. They weren’t moving normally.

(DB): They seemed out of place. Or maybe it is that we feel out of place being around them. I don’t know. But they seem out of place.

(BH): : Dan, we should start wrapping this up. Is there anything you would like to make a statement or something as if you were talking to like the large audience I was talking to up in the Bay area. What would you like to say to the people?

(BH): Besides the fact that I don’t believe the Queen of England is a reptilian?!

(BH): Yes! (laughter) Is there some kind of statement you would like to make?

(DB): I could sit here and be self-serving with a statement. But there are things which are much more important than my selfish nature. We are walking toward, at the moment, a time of human destiny. The decisions that we are making at present are enhancing the potential for the ill-fated decisions that we are supposed to make in our future to occur.

I hope and I pray that we make the right decisions. However, I have no idea what those right decisions are. The only thing that I can hold to personally, taking off the guise of the biologist, is being a human being. the only thing I can hope is that whoever he or she or it is - we wish to call it Creator - that protective force that is surrounding humanity since its inception - I pray that he is listening to our weeping and pulls us back from a precipice made of our own designs.

(BH): I appreciate very much your giving this interview tonight and I’m not sure that you will be decorated or promoted for it. But ...

(DB): : I’d like to know in whose armies?

(BH): But I think we all appreciate it and whoever in the future listens to this and watches this tape, I think they will be given much food for thought.