from Bill Hamilton
October 2003

from Rense Website

I was just going through a massive amount of collected data on my friend Dr. Dan Burisch and found this introduction by B.J. Wolf. I will follow this with how it all ended.




I came to know Dr. Dan Burisch (formerly Dan Crain, Ph.D.) many years ago in Las Vegas NV. He and his family became friends with my family and I.... and eventually I came to know his story well. He asked me, in 1997 to write a book about one of his research projects. That became Eagles Disobey: The Case for Inca City, Mars and was released to the public in 1998. During that work I came to know a great deal about Dan's involvement in dark projects that are covertly funded by our military and government bodies - including his work up at Area-51, or as it is known by those who work up there: Watertown Strip.


Dan became afraid, desperately afraid for his life toward the end of the work on Eagles Disobey. He was terrified of retaliation from his dark project supervisors because he refused to stop looking into the anomalies on Mars - and because he had shared with me many of his experiences "up north" while he was employed in Project Aquarius, and had familiarity with Project Sigma, and Looking Glass.


B.J. Wolf

Toward the end of 1998 Dan disappeared. His residence was abandoned overnight, and nobody seemed to know where he had been taken. He turned up half way across the country, with most of his memories concerning his association with me and our work on Eagles Disobey altered or erased. I tried my best to remind him of his past, but he did not believe me until I showed him a copy of the book and photographs of himself sitting on my couch playing with the dogs.


He returned to his new location, but memories started to break through the conditioning to such an extent that Dan fled and was eventually recaptured and whisked off to a military base for re-conditioning. When they realized that they couldn't keep it up with out damaging his ability to think and function (remember, they wanted him to continue to work for them in his capacity as team leader and microbiologist) they decided to re-wind his memories and return him to Las Vegas under the careful observation of his spouse, who relays all communication up the pipeline, and signs much of her correspondence with her title/designation PsiOpSec.

I was permitted very limited contact with him during that time, mostly because he made life unbearable until they honored his demand to talk to me. But he was eventually moved again and housed at the Papoose Lab facility where he could conduct critical biological studies on captive entity they had housed in their lab, on Level-5. Contact was intermittent, but then, in early 2001 I got a strange email that caught my attention.


It was from Since I knew that Dan was involved with Majestic and MJ-12, I was immediately on alert. It turned out to be from a person inside the project Dan was working on, who was so upset with the situation that he felt compelled to seek my help. He was aware of my identity and long standing friendship with Dan because it was contained in the briefings he got prior to accepting his assignment, and figured I might be willing to assist. My contact is now dead. He was discovered communicating with me, and was involuntarily "retired".


His letters read as follows, and give a troubling glimpse into the prison-like world that was created to maintain control of Dr. Dan Burisch and force him to comply with the wishes of the 'powers that be' as he eventually came to call them.

Copy of email:

I have control of "her" ISP account. Free internet, via one of the biggest bitches you ever met! Oops! I hope you're not a big friend!? I am not supposed to be doing this, but I also have control over all of the referred material coming from him, going through her to the powers that are. I am one of the biologist-computer-geeks that has been put in place to watch over his research progress and act as the switchboard person to direct his efforts to the right people. The powers placed him back in Las Vegas after a big time accident at the Ranch.


An attempt to replace him into Las Vegas society failed due to alleged surveillance of him, so he was arrested and placed into custodial supervision. That is where he'll remain for the rest of his life I guess. Why they haven't erased him I'll never know. Danny is a nice enough guy, a weirdo, refuses to speak with anyone and only communicates to the powers in writing. When anyone pushes him into saying anything he only responds with the same crazy saying, "Nicky Knows!" He screamed it at me once. Any idea what it means?


Any who, is one of several spook-shadow addresses under the same name, so I feel confident in my shadow behavior. Danny writes, Mrs. "B----" (doesn't stand for Burisch :) ) passes it to the powers, and everyone is satisfied. He is taken twice monthly on field trips to Sunrise Mountain. He conducts work there and is taken back to his house. As I said I have control over the communications so - want a "cc:"? From what I have read, it'll be a wild ride! ... I also think that what he is working on should be seen by other folks somehow, it's about the origins.

B.J. Wolf spent years trying to penetrate the wall of secrecy and partially succeeded and tried to publish her findings to the world, but the "Powers that Be" caught up with her and now she is with "them". Her last message to me...

Sep 14, 2003

Things are not good. I didn't realize that whoever grabbed up all Dodie's things got a copy of the tape from June! Why the hell didn't Ron think! And now, my email is dead-in-the-water? I wondered why I wasn't getting any new mail. Every time I checked, it just said no new messages. I tried to get some help but the stupid tech-support kid on the phone didn't know what was wrong - he just said make another email account. But that doesn't explain why BJWolf007 is fryed! Or how it happened! Or what it means??? Was it a deliberate attack? Does it have anything to do with all those people I have seen watching me? I can't go to the store, or walk the dog without feeling eyes on the back of my neck. And they're so damned smug about it. When I turn and catch them looking at me, they don't drop their eyes, or look away. No! They just look right back at me, not quite smiling.

And they know there's not a damned thing they are doing that I could call for help or complain about. There's no law against looking at somebody. And it's rarely the same person more than twice. Damn it -Bill they're everywhere I go! They're always there! It's just too much. I feel like a net is closing around me - a net of people watching everything I do - every move I make. I am scared. If I could move tomorrow I would, and just fall out of sight for a while.

And now - the last straw! is gone. It's completely gone. What the hell is going on?




Then I started receiving messages in the mail from our inside contacts. The messages were accompanied by printed photos of B.J. This was not good. I wish I could answer her last question, but for now the lines of communication are down and the world is split between shadow and light. Someone wants to move all this back into the SHADOWS where it came from.


Bill Hamilton
Executive Director
Skywatch International, Inc.
Fiat Lux et Veritas

Bill Hamilton and Dan Burisch