by Gary D. Goodwin
from TheMillenniumGroup Website


What if the Earth was in danger of a massive catastrophe? Would the common man know? If the authorities with expertise in the field had foreknowledge of this coming event, would they share the information with us? 

If a great catastrophe were coming, and our government knew, why wouldn't they tell us? Wouldn't they want to give us a chance to be prepared for such an event? Is it because they're more interested in protecting the financial markets than human life? 


The advent of Hale Bopp has been an Earth shattering event, not only to the scientific world, but also to the entire community and ecosphere of the Earth, regardless of the media or apparent attention from the scientific community. The phrase "Earth Shattering", is not used lightly here. An event that some believe began in early 1990's or before, continues to affect the Earth and its inhabitants, and will continue to affect them for sometime.


This page has attempted to give a truthful and informative account of this monumental saga for history to judge. This page has also documented and challenged the ineffectual and sometimes very misleading representation that has been provided by the government-supported scientific community. We have given them every opportunity to answer the challenges. But the only answer that comes is the compelling and indisputable affirmative answer in the form of silence.

To believe that Hale Bopp has not been and is still not a threat to the Earth is as good as hiding one's head in the darkness of sand. We have time and time again documented an increase in every thing from earthquake activity to weather effects to solar and planetary changes. In fact a change in the entire global and solar system ecosystem has, and is, taking place. And let it be stated in clear terms, here and now, that the end of these effects is not close at hand. There continues to be an incredible outpouring of solar response, weather disasters, and a general global activity that has not been a part of the contemporary human experience.

What's ahead?


Either out of denial or ignorance the answer must be, who really knows? The fact of the matter is, that Hale Bopp has not left the solar system YET. We would encourage you to review the writings of those that have contributed to The Millennium Group. There are many others that understand that science has not been "business as usual".

And one other strong point -there is one undeniable fact that this page has put forth; that is - that the Earth, our Earth, is not the "Island of Safety" that many would have you believe. There are changes coming. These changes are on a magnitude that will be completely out of control for anyone - even Uncle Sam. This is not "gloom and doom", but has been rationally and scientifically proven out.


The hope is that this message will encourage the human race to prepare themselves. Prepare themselves, not out of panic, not out of fear, but now - in a time of rationality. Prepare themselves, not only with physical needs, but emotionally and spiritually necessities. Others would have the reader believe that this call to preparedness is irrational, "a hoax", "on the edge", "a fantasy", etc.. This is just not the case. There are a multitude of supportive evidences and those that have provided this information are reliable and reputable, without guile or intent to deceive.

The information will continue to be provided. Due to its bulky size, there may be reductions. Many of the pages that are here are in their original publicated form. So they may seem out of date. However I feel it is important to preserve them so that people reading for the first time will have a better understanding of this adventure from the beginning.


Most of the primary work will turn to upcoming events and the organization now known as The Millennium Group. An update on the status of Hale Bopp and its effects will continue to be published from time to time however.


Finally, may we all give a guarded welcome to the NEWEST PLANET OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM - HALE BOPP.




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